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Takei: We all had problems with Shatner on the Star Trek set August 13, 2014

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George Takei is once again continuing his feud with William Shatner, this time in a sit down with Oprah. Watch the clip below. And in Out Magazine, George recalls a funny story from behind the scenes working on Star Trek.

Takei talks to Oprah about Shatner Feud

The Oprah Winfrey Network is teasing this Sunday’s episode of Where Are They Now, which will feature an interview with Star Trek’s George Takei. In the clip below, Takei continues to express his issues with William Shatner, saying…

We are still a family, and like all families we have our ‘problem uncle.’…We all had problems with Bill [Shatner] on the set. He was the star of the series and he knew it and he exercised those star powers.

Here is the clip:

You can watch the full episode Sunday, August 17 at 9PM on OWN.

Koenig Plays Wingman To Takei On TOS Set

Speaking of uncles, Out magazine has a new feature interview with Takei titled "The unlikely ascent of America’s gay uncle."  The article covers George’s new found fame on social media, his life-story and some Star Trek. Takei talks about how the cast were "cool" with his sexuality and he even recalled a fun story about how Koenig showed his openness…

[The cast would say] ‘Oh, George, OK,’ ” he mimics in a salacious tone. “They were very cool about it, but they knew.”

He remembers one morning staggering out from makeup and sipping coffee with Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in Star Trek, before heading into wardrobe. “Walter starts making this gesture, urging me to turn around, and I turn around and the extras were gathering, and there was this drop-dead gorgeous guy with the tight Starfleet uniform, great pectorals, and a chiseled face. My heart stopped. And then I turned around to look at Walter, and Walter [smiled]. He was helping me out, showing me this sensational, singular visual treat,” George says.


More from Takei at Out.com.


1. star trackie - August 13, 2014

Sorry George. Some names showed up in the opening credits. Others showed up in the end credits. If they showed up at all. Conventions and fanzines and novels may have elevated your character, but try and remember what you really were in 1966 and get over it.

2. Vger23 - August 13, 2014

George is such a great guy, but I wish he would drop the Shatner thing. It’s really painful to read sometimes.

3. Dman1701 - August 13, 2014

I’ve been watching Mr. Takei complain about Mr. Shatner for a long long time now. Recently it has become embarrassing, to the point that even TV hosts like Conan O’Brien and Bill Maher have started to take note of it.

At one time I thought Mr. Takei to be a classy individual, a personal favorite of mine based upon meeting him in public. Sadly, he has just become a sad character constantly dragging his so called “feud” with Shatner into every interview and appearance. The really sad part of this is that he no longer needs to do this in order to generate press attention. He complains about having had to operate under the shadow of Shatner’s ego, yet constantly keeps himself firmly stuck under it. What a shame to see a man going into his golden years stuck on a decades old gripe that really only he bothers to continue to trumpet. It’s not just pathetic, it is painful to watch.

4. TRP - August 13, 2014

George is a good person, and has the fans in mind and at heart. He told me that even with all the issues the cast had with Wm. Shatner, he realized that Shatner made the show. I think the interviews media conduct with him are as much about keeping the fires of the issue fanned so there is conflict and controversy. George is well aware of the role he played in the 60s and we are aware of how that role grew, to have his character ascend to the captaincy too, but people don’t want to hear about how everything was sweetness and light–they want dirt and grime. I can’t think of a nicer person to know from the original cast.

5. Cygnus-X1 - August 13, 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before, where a Hollywood actor just carries on complaining about a former co-worker for years and years.

Usually, it’s like one interview where they finally unburden themselves after years of keeping a lid on their resentment. But Takei is the Energizer Bunny. Or like a candidate for public office who wants to get his message out to as many people as possible.

George…Will. You. Just. Let it go!

Or at least change your message in some way. Broaden the story to include new information, or talk about your efforts at reconciling with Shatner. At least try to reconcile with him. At least try to make your Shatner Complaints Tour constructive instead of this constant drip drip drip of the same, old, tired, intransigent whining.

Shatner was a bigger star than you on the show. He used his star power to get what he wanted, and you’re resentful about that and about you not being a bigger star. We get it! Message received! Loud and clear!

6. Terry Snyder - August 13, 2014

You go George! George is old now, and probably is at the “tell it like it is” phase of life. He keeps talking about it because he keeps getting asked about it.
I love this whole cast, but frankly Shatner acts like a tool at every signing or opening I’ve been to. He was signing his CD in LA a couple years ago, and didn’t even look up as fans walked by to get their cd signed. I had my 10 year old son say “hi” very direct to him, which did cause his gaze to come up long enough to say “how are you”? And someone snapped a pic. George Takei is an absolute gracious man, when I met him at comic con, he was totally engaged with his fans and talked with them, Nichelle is the same and so was Jimmy Doohan. Walter I think is somewhat shy in person,

7. Ahmed - August 13, 2014

Again !!!

8. Doug - August 13, 2014

George, this is getting so old now….leave it in the past and move on…………PLEASE!

9. AJ - August 13, 2014

I get the impression that the Shatner “feud” is done on purpose at this point. It’s good PR for Shatner, who, these days is far less of a relevant celebrity than his old colleague, Takei.

10. Dman1701 - August 13, 2014

The problem is that George, not the press, drags Shatner and his 40 year old feud into every interview. During a particularly embarrassing appearance last year, a visibly uncomfortable Conan O’Brein pointed out to Takei that he “never misses a chance to attack” Shatner. This is a hint that maybe the person that is being diminished in all of this is Takei, not his old nemesis.

The fact of the matter is George is the person responsible for George’s choice to constantly, for decades now, bang his I don’t like Bill Shatner drum. We get it, we all get it. In fact host on TV shows get it too, and it is starting to wear thin and frankly tarnish an otherwise fine man and his reputation. At this point George has made complaining about Shatner part of his image. Whereas the other members of the cast, not so much. And really at this point, 40 years later, we have all heard George’s complaints, over and over. Seriously George, you are becoming an embarrassment with this ridiculous and largely one way “feud” of yours. Yes it kept you in the press for a long long long time, but now that you have had so much success on your own in recent years, maybe it is time to drop the classless whining about an old co-worker. After 40 years. ;)

11. Buzz Cagney - August 13, 2014

Poor George. His sexuality and Shatner appear to define who he is now. He certainly doesn’t seem to have much else to talk about.

12. B Kramer - August 13, 2014

George, good grief man, are you going to die of old age screaming ‘Shatttttttttttttttttttner!’ (like that old lady from ‘Seinfeld’ screaming ‘Bosco’ before she croaked) or put ‘Damn you Shatner!’ on your tomb stone? Time to move on a long time ago. Think of all the good times, forgive and free yourself. Be positive, jealousy is for little children. All the Best.

13. TUP - August 13, 2014

I am so sick of this guy.

How much does he get paid to give interviews disparaging William Shatner? What a piece of work. He’s supposedly a gay rights activist and yet the most interesting thing anyone has to talk to him about his William Shatner?

I know what he’s doing. He’s positioning himself for one of two things – to be the defacto Star Trek spokesperson when Shatner passes or he’s setting up the inevitable “I forgive William Shatner” prime time live interview. It wouldnt surprise me at all if he’s made overtures to Shatner about appearing together for some sort of embrace.

Reading These Are The Voyagers, back then these actors were all pretty complimentary of Shatner. So during the TOS movie era, Takei is whining about being portrayed as a bit actor getting paid a salary commensurate with his position while the stars got the big bucks? Let’s be honest, without William Shatner, what does Takei’s bank account look like?

And how dare he speak on behalf of the entire case. Kelley is dead. Doohan (who admittingly had issues for whatever reason) is dead.

I would love for Shatner do get more Trek work and INSIST that the entire cast be involved EXCEPT Takei. Cause Lord knows, if Shatner wanted to, he could have had GT booted from the films and didnt.

Takai needs to go away. Or these interviewers should spend the big bucks and get the guy they clearly *really* want to talk to – William Shatner.

14. Lt. Bailey - August 13, 2014

Maybe this feud business is getting to be too much, Geroge was not even at the Vegas Con a couple of weeks ago. This is surprising as he always goes to these things. I wonder if he or Creations had a some disagreement. You never know these days.

Aside from that, George is very kind to his fans and Trek fans in general. When my wife and I got to meet him at the Hilton Convention in Vegas back in 2006, he had a huge line of people for his autograph. We we finally got up to him to sign my photo of him, he spoke with us and engages us in conversation. I shook his hand and said “Warp speed Mr Sulu!” and he replied, “Aye, aye captain” My childhood dream come true ever since I first saw the show in the 60″s.

15. Steven Zortman - August 13, 2014

Can we copy and paste all of these comments in to his Facebook feed?

16. TUP - August 13, 2014

Aj – Shatner is far less relevant than Takei??? Are you kidding? The only thing Takei gets inteviewed about is Shatner. Shatner is, was and always will be a WAY bigger star than Takei and works a hell of a lot more than Takei.

Gee I wonder if GT expressed an interest in Shatner and was rebuffed. Because his “feud” is becoming really weird and screams bitter nutjob to me.

17. Buzz Cagney - August 13, 2014

#15 yea I too read that Takei more relevant than Shatner comment.
I did laugh at it.

18. Danpaine - August 13, 2014

I guess this “feud” and the flag-waving are all he feels he has left to keep himself relevant to the public and media anymore. Kind of sad.

I agree with most of you so far – he seems like a nice guy, but time to let this Shatner thing go. Kirk was a main character, Sulu was a supporting character. Move along, George.

May have a point there, #15….

19. Ahmed - August 13, 2014

@15. TUP

Interesting point.

20. Dman1701 - August 13, 2014

My own personal experience meeting the cast was very positive, with the exception of James Doohan. He was the only cast member I met that was brusque. He was very gruff both times I met him and I was a bit disappointed by that. However, back in my convention going days I always enjoyed George the most. He was personable and very open to fans and at that time (mid to late 80′) he was not indulging in the Shatner bashing that has so preoccupied him since. Which is why it is painful to watch what used to be my favorite and most “classy” of the cast, become something not very classy at all. It really is sad. I’ve just got to suspect that George and his handlers are aware of the growing sense of weariness from us long term fans and the public with the feud. I mean both Bill Maher and Conan O’Brien made comment on it this year.

George has managed to position himself to step out from Shatner’s shadow and the only person that keep dragging him back under it is George. It is honestly a very disturbing thing to watch, year after year, decade after decade.

Please George, enough is enough already. You come across as obsessed with Shatner, the constant insults and whining about him actually leave you coming across as the person with some “issues” you need to work out.

21. CmdrR - August 13, 2014

For the umpteenth time, Shatner WAS the star of the series. It was the 1960’s and that meant a series lived or died based on how devoted the audience was to its star. That Nimoy and Kelley shone and added to the Trek effect is a remarkable achievement. Read up on the history of Bonanza (my punching bag of 1960’s series because it got much better ratings but often managed to stink up the tube.) Check out how Guy Williams’ chance to become the fifth Cartwright got an arrow between the shoulder blades. Check David Canary’s rocky relationship with the series. THAT is TV as a business. Hell, look at what happened to Gates McFadden… then to Diana Muldaur. Bob Crane got one “Hilda” fired and another hired, because he was doin’ her. (They later married.) And don’t even get me started on GR’s relationships with his actresses. (plural) Do you think Shat was that bad by comparison??? I know Shat was tough, but he helped bring Trek to what it became… and still is. We love George Takei, but GT did not do that. Shatner (and Nimoy and Kelley) did. After 50 freakin’ years, TRY to understand why his ego was a vital part of all of it.

22. CmdrR - August 13, 2014

I work in TV news, which — trust me — has its share of oversized egos. At the end of the day, what matters is whether those egos are equal to the talent of the individual. I’ve been fortunate in that MOST of the time, it has been.

23. Rod of Rassilon - August 13, 2014

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

24. Sib - August 13, 2014

Let’s flip this back for a moment. If you’re a serious Star Trek fan, you probably know all of this already, backwards and forwards – you may even know someone connected to the franchise or storytelling.

But if you’re an “average” fan (what, 50% of the American public consider themselves fans?) it’s an area you probably don’t know as much about. This story is being produced for them, not for us.

It’s also an area that the media find interesting, and will ask questions about – because conflict often makes for great soundbytes, that imply a million things in just a sentence or two. I’m not Oprah – she’s interviewed thousands of people, but after I interviewed the first 100 or so people working in corporate video, I learned that the questions asked, and how they are asked, have a lot to do with eliciting the kind of response you want for your content.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Takei brought it up; almost certainly, she did. It would have been part of her research. It’s definitely an aspect that was covered in the new Takei documentary. And don’t make the mistake of assuming that because he responded to the question, that in the rest of his life he is constantly rehashing the experience over and over, based on this singular interview.

I do, however, suspect that the furor over the wedding invitation is probably a big deal to Takei because of what it meant to him on a personal, social, and political level. Ever read that website “Etiquette Hell”? It’s festering with people angry over various wedding related personal issues. Fact, my MIL is still complaining to relatives about what my husband and I did for our wedding over a decade ago – maybe we should take Takei at his word and consider this an extended family spat that will never be resolved, but an area that people will understandably be curious about.

25. Vultan - August 13, 2014


26. Javi Trujillo - August 13, 2014

Yeah, it’s been almost 50 years. Please let it go…

27. Mr Poolu - August 13, 2014

Shatner should’ve gotten Takei fired off TOS after a couple of eps. that way he could’ve avoided upsetting Takei for the next 50 years and Takei could’ve gone on to be the mega A list star he was clearly destined to become

28. Phil - August 13, 2014

George, these questions continue to come up because the interviewers know you’ll continue to whip the dead mule. So, if you just respond to them with ‘ancient history, nothing new here’ it’ll fade, those questions will stop coming, and you can be the agent of peace and harmony that your FB page keeps portraying you as, instead of a bitter old ass. Let it go….

29. Mr ATOZ - August 13, 2014

I’ve enjoyed meeting you many times, but move on George. You’re still fretting over something that happened 45+ years ago. Shatner doesn’t seem to be losing any sleep over any of this and has maintained a successful career ever since. George’s popularity these days are mainly due to how outspoken he is.

@11 Can’t agree with you more

30. Smoking Robot - August 13, 2014

A play had the main character die in the last five minutes and a doctor came in to see him at the very end.

They asked the actor who played the doctor what the play was about and he said ‘it’s about a doctor who comes in’.

Yup. That’s George

31. Finnigan - August 13, 2014

George, let it go, it’s getting old and stale. Concentrate on things that are truly interesting about you and Star Trek.

32. Nony - August 13, 2014

This is getting a bit tired, but I suppose if people want to know about his Star Trek experience, and unpleasant interactions with a co-star seemed to him to be a fairly significant part of that experience, he can’t not talk about it. At this point, if he doesn’t bring it up, the interviewer will anyway, so he might as well head them off.

Walter Koenig was the same way when I saw him a couple years ago – the bitterness when he talked about Shatner was palpable. It was funny but kind of depressing.

33. El Chup - August 13, 2014

Chalk me up as another tired of all this. Takei is a lovely man. Probably one of the most friendly and grounded of all the Trek actors I have encountered over the franchise. But this George is not reminiscent of that. A man who is experienced in publicity, social causes and even politics should long ago realise that the Shatner thing is flogging a dead horse. I am convinced that the only reason he carries on with it is for headlines so that he can then talk about the gay rights stuff he does. I think this is equally why his social media accounts are always posting jokes and memes, again to generate attention. But George needs to realise that you can’t go on milking the same cow forever. Sooner or later he is going to have to try and a new method of gaining attention to his campaigning or, as should now be the case, let that campaigning stand on it’s own two feet. Just banging on about a perceived 50 year old fued just looks very sad now, especially since it not longer achieves a reaction from Shatner himself.

34. Daoud, The Sinfonian - August 13, 2014

George seems to completely forget that everyone — including Shatner — supported him returning as Sulu when he took off to be in the Green Berets movie with John Wayne and missed quite a few episodes. In most other television series of that era… you leave for a movie, and you’re not coming back nor welcomed back. We’d have had Hadley at the helm for the last season and a half.
George’s constant carping paid off in having Sulu in such a major role by Star Trek VI. Sure, we didn’t get the Excelsior series, but come on. Sulu played by Takei rode in to the rescue on the last full-cast TOS movie. What more wantest thou!?!?!

35. JJ's Secret - August 13, 2014

I’m getting sick of him rehashing this over and over.. let’s move on, George.. it’s over. He was the star.

36. Red Dead Ryan - August 13, 2014

George Takei comes off like an obnoxious high school student. Always taking the opportunity to bash William Shatner. Sure, Oprah might have asked the question, but Takei could have easily taken the high road and responded in a mature, smart manner.

Instead, Takei is proving once again his inferiority complex, insecurity, and jealousy. Shatner is the far more successful performer, with an Emmy and a Grammy to boot.

It is Shatner (along with Leonard Nimoy) who is the elder statesman of Star Trek, not Takei. Sulu isn’t nearly as revered as Kirk is, and without Shatner, Takei’s career would have ended decades ago and Sulu would would’ve become an obscurity.

37. TonyD - August 13, 2014

Dear God, why do people continue to give this nobody a forum? He was a minor character on the show (his name didn’t even appear during the opening credits) and post Trek his career was all but invisible. His continued jabs just paint him in a bad light and undermine the causes he claims to represent.

Enough already! I never thought I’d be writing this but I wish he and his childish, petty, jealous complaints would just go away.

38. heyberto - August 13, 2014

I’d give real money if he’s shut up about Shatner.

And not because I think he’s wrong. It just sounds like that’s all he talks about. Some of that’s the media’s fault, but I don’t see where there is anything that’s news about it at this point. It makes him look petty and as if he’s latching onto anything that gets him press. I think the subject is tired and played out. If I were George, I’d refuse to talk about it.

39. Long Haired Sybock - August 13, 2014

Give it a rest already.

40. Long Haired Sybock - August 13, 2014

I couldn’t help but notice your pain. Stop sharing it with me.

41. Doyouwannadance - August 13, 2014

If Shatner is still allowed to cry about not being in any of the JJ Trek films, and Spock is still allowed to talk about how the Vulcan gesture came to be, and Nichelle is still allowed to talk about the importance of her meeting with MLK Jr. as well as the first interracial kiss, George can keep talking about the feud Bill started 50 years ago.

42. Topaz - August 13, 2014

This situation has been going on for so long that all of it is categorized, annotated and available to watch through cringing eyes. I love both George and Bill, but George really is the problem here and has been for some time. He could very easily stipulate he is done bashing Shatner anytime he wants, or take the high road if interviewers ignore the stipulation. But he seemingly relishes attacking Shatner. For Shatner’s part he has ceased even replying to George anymore, following this:


That was six years ago, six years ago George! You don’t need the press that bad man! Show some class and act your age.

43. Miles R. Seppelt - August 13, 2014

I am a big fan of George Takei but really the Shatner feud is getting old. Mr. Shatner was the star of the show, and consequently was in nearly every scene. Typically he’d have 40 or more pages of dialog to do per episode, compared to maybe 5 or 6 for most of the other actors on the series. Plus he had to do all the promo stuff for the series, give interviews, etc. Everything I’ve read indicates that Mr. Shatner really gave an A1 effort every single day – a total professional. So if the other actors have this feeling of “Shatner treated my badly!” well Boo Hoo – get over it! The guy had 8x to 10x the workload!! He simply didn’t have time to “be a pal,” stroke egos, or whatever it was they were looking for.

44. Brett L. - August 13, 2014

Yes, it’s old, but it’s what the media does. They keep asking George, so he’s going to tell them. He’s really not to blame except that he might consider saying next time, “you know, I’ve answered this question a million times over the years, let’s move on.”

45. Shatoupee - August 13, 2014

24–hit it on the nail. These media types like Oprah, etc., ask Takei about Shatner because they know it will illicit a response and a sound byte. I’ve seen Takei at conventions numerous times over the decades and he never brings up the Shatner thing, but invariably someone in the audience will ask him about the Shat and then it starts.

The secondary cast of Star Trek and numerous guest stars have bad things to say about Shatner during the filming of Star Trek. Not all of them, but a majority.

That said, I’m a fan of Shatner and Takei. LL&P to both of them.

46. Topaz - August 13, 2014

@ 24 & 44
Nobody in the audience or on stage at Late Night with Conan O’Brien asked Mr. Takei a question about Mr. Shatner. Yet he managed to drag him into the conversation about the new films and cast all on his own, complete with shots at Shatner’s weight. Which actually made O’Brien wince and he pointed out that George never misses a chance to bash Shatner.

The excuse that the press or someone will always ask about the feud is just that. It’s an excuse for poor behavior. George can stipulate through his press agent that he does not want to talk about Shatner anymore. And at 77 years old he is more than a big enough boy to not answer any question he does not want to. Of course he is now decades into a true “habit” which as noted by others has sadly become part of his shtick. Which is just regrettable.

I have also noticed that the Shatner jabs seem to be coming more and more frequently this last year. But then again, George has a new documentary that needed publicizing…….

47. DAK23 - August 13, 2014

Cripes… almost 50 years later and he still can’t let it go. Shatner has made very public attempts to apologize but this one just can’t grow up. Let it goooo.

48. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2014

George, if you are reading this, please note: we love Sulu and respect your life choice but get over the Shatner bashing. He was hired to be the STAR of the series. Did he get you kicked off the series or movies? No! So he may have been difficult at times, but there are NUMEROUS stories of behind the scenes cast feuds on TV. The 50th anniversary of Star Trek is coming soon. Time to make amends and prepare to celebrate the creation of a LEGENDARY FRANCHISE!!!

49. bjdcharlie - August 13, 2014

For crying out loud could someone print these comments and send them to old George — let it go sheesh

50. Keachick (Rose) - August 13, 2014

If George Takei were serious about letting go of this “feud” with William Shatner, he would surely request that questions about William Shatner not be asked by the interviewers. I believe other actors manage to make requests of a similar nature when it comes to topics that they would prefer not to discuss in public. However, it seems that George Takei has not availed himself of this opportunity.

Get help, George Takei. Surely this continued and rather obsessive antagonism toward how an actor apparently behaved nearly 40/50 years ago must bother your husband as well.

Not good. Not good at all…:(

51. PoorMansKirk - August 13, 2014

Star Trek fandom should shun George until he stops crying about this, I’m sure George never EVER acted like a DIVA ever to anyone. SURRE.

The only differnce between him and Shatner is that Bill is a cultural icon and George is a footnote at best.

52. Chingatchkook - August 13, 2014

George is crossing the line of feud to bullying. This is really getting ridiculous. Drop it already, please George. None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes.

53. Chingatchkook - August 13, 2014

#40- lol, that was funny

54. Ahmed - August 13, 2014

Somebody needs to take Takei to see Wayne from “The Leftovers”, he will hug the Shatner pain away from him

Or he may tell him this:


55. Cgrest - August 13, 2014

Shatner should write a new novel, post Star Trek VI, where Sulu is in command of the Excelsior. And a retired Captain Kirk takes command of the Excelsior to save the day one last time.

THEN Takei could really have some new material about Shatner to gripe about!

56. nyet - August 13, 2014

I was at a con in Los Angeles several years ago just after Shatner’s first book came out in which he bashed every damn member of the original ST cast except Nimoy. Takei, Doohan, Koenig, Grace Lee Whitney, and Nichols all addressed how they were treated by Shatner, lied to, betrayed, minimized, dismissed, looked down upon, etc. Shatner is not a good guy at all, in fact he is totally lacking in morality and decency and he brought this crap on himself. You reap what you sow. Takei is the only one of the secondary cast anyone is interested in speaking to these days so he speaks for all of them. I have no sympathy for Shatner and his overblown ego and ridiculous, over the top acting.

57. Cgrest - August 13, 2014

Its ok to wine like Takei about Bill Shatner forever after!

Yeah its lame, but the sentiment holds true lol

58. Son of Jello - August 13, 2014

RD-D2 and C3PO still hate each other. So its Shatner and R2 v Takei and 3PO,

Shatner You and golder rod are going down………….R2 and I will wait over here

R2 boop bleep bleep

Shatner. I think its just lubricating fluid from……………Im out

R2. beep bloop

59. Captain Pike - August 13, 2014

I’m in broad agreement with my fellow fans here.

I love Sulu, and Takei seems like a great person in almost all other respects, but he needs to bury the hatchet and let this go. It does nothing but diminish him in the eyes of others.

60. Trekbilly - August 13, 2014

George, c’mon man…let it go already!!

61. Son of Jello - August 13, 2014

Walter Koenig was the better actor anyway.

Did you hear the new a Babylon 5 movie 80-100 million budget.? hoooray, hooray hooray. Apparently Bruce may play President Clark

62. focuspuller - August 13, 2014

The man has been complaining about Shatner longer than I have been alive! That’s just ridiculous.

Move on already!

63. danny johnson - August 13, 2014

We understand George, your a nice guy, but, please let this go.

64. Lostrod - August 13, 2014

When I was in radio, I had the opportunity to interview Mr.
Takei and Mr. Doohan. The Takei interview was at a convention in Dallas around 1974. The interview was typical, but after I turned off the recorder he asked if I wanted to join him and some other guys for a jog the next morning. I passed.

The interview with Mr. Doohan was delightful. It was in California at a political fundraiser BBQ. The Wrath of Khan was still in production. He was in line for food with his wife when I asked if he had time for an interview. He got out of line and sat down for the interview. Some great stuff from the guy. When I turned off the recorder he said “Don’t you want me to do some promos for your show?” And ripped through a slew of radio promos as Scotty. Loved the guy.

I know the late Mr. Doohan had issues with Mr. Shatner, but I suspect even he would say it was time to lay the feud to rest …


65. CmdrR - August 13, 2014

61 – That is GREAT news!

So it begins…


66. Phil - August 13, 2014

Interesting…it’s not quite a unanimous verdict on a Trekmovie thread, but it’s mighty darn close….

Must be something in the water…..

67. Chuck - August 13, 2014

@20 – I met Jimmy Doohan at a con in Waterloo, Iowa, in ’76 or so, and he could not have been nicer. As a 12 year old kid, it made a huge impression on me.

As for George, cue the Frozen soundtrack: Let. It. Go.

68. Son of Captain Garth - August 13, 2014

#56: Shatner bashed the supporting cast in his first book? Wasn’t that Star Trek Memories? I don’t recall him bashing anyone but network executives, especially the ones who moved Trek in the broadcast schedule just as it was beginning to pick up steam in the 2nd season. I don’t recall him saying anything bad about the actors. He did say that he tortured Nimoy with practical jokes, like hiding Nimoy’s bike in the studio rafters and that they were a bit competitive about perks (I believe he called it a “favored nation” clause in the contract), but nothing mean.

My whole take on the feud thing is that Shatner, as the series lead, probably was a bit diva-like, which fed on the insecurities that most actors have and become magnified when they are leads. He didn’t get much approval growing up, apparently, and his behavior probably reflected it. On the other hand, Takei is clearly just jealous. He was a supporting character who worked in what, half the episodes at most? As Shatner pointed out, it’s not like he saw Takei every day and they were just co-workers–was he supposed to invite him to his house for dinner every night? It’s also not like Takei would have been the next James Garner if Shatner had just been a little nicer.

Shatner was probably never a warm person and he has loosened up over the years, but even still, how does that make him the nexus of all of Takei’s woes? Was Shatner supposed to take Takei under his wing when his own career was stalling? Was Shatner supposed to turn down TMP unless Takei got paid what he was getting? Was Shatner supposed to cast him in TJ Hooker? If he had, Takei would have complained the part wasn’t big enough, or that Bill once again failed to hang out with him. Hell, even Nimoy only got one guest shot and I think he directed an episode or two.

I’m sorry to drag anyone who cared to read my post through such a long diatribe, but I just wanted to articulate my utter frustration with what I see to be Takei’s unreasonable viewpoint. Maybe I don’t have all the facts, but no one on this board does and I did my best to be honest with what info I did have.

69. M J - August 13, 2014

Takei seems to be going all out recently with this Shatner hate.

I like that William Shatner is completely ignoring him.

70. Keachick (Rose) - August 13, 2014

Yes, I cannot recall reading anything about Shatner saying anything bad about his fellow TOS cast members, but I do recall reading a book, an autobiography written by George Takei (that is how I found out about how Americans of Japanese descent (families and all) were forced to lived in internment camps during WW2). The book was so vitriolic in its criticism of William Shatner, with George Takei picking on Shatner at every turn, even though the author told of how Shatner spent any time he had off from filming pounding the concrete to keep fit and trim/shed pounds or talking to his children on the phone because he could not be there in person etc etc. Takei also wrote how he annoyed the other cast and how they would bitch about him behind his back, except that it was sometimes within earshot. The only person who refrained from saying anything bitchy or nasty about anyone was DeForest Kelley – RIP. Leonard Nimoy remained quiet also, but was more sociable than Shatner.

I wondered what the hell was the matter with George Takei. His obsession, hatred and jealousy is like nothing I have read and it just keeps going on…

Shatner, in his book Star Trek Memories (written with Chris Kreskie), clearly had no time for those he called “the studio suits” and “bean counters”, but he was not critical of other actors. I have not known him to ever be, at least not in public. I suspect that Shatner can be aloof at times; others may suggest that he could be shy or even tired and singularly focused, but apparently only others can suffer from these things.

71. Buzz Cagney - August 13, 2014

Babylon 5 coming back?! Now that’s something to get interested about.
Maybe Walter will be able to get George a part in the show? On second thoughts probably best he doesn’t, cos, well, y’know, Walter is one of the stars and George, well, won’t be.

72. dmduncan - August 14, 2014

Oh lordy. When is the Shatner story going to run out of milk for George?

James Doohan was much more graceful.

73. Kevin In Choconut Center - August 14, 2014

I’ve only seen two cast members over the years. For Shatner, I sat 20 feet away but didn’t get to meet him. James Doohan sat at a table signing autographs for free after his appearance on stage. He risked missing his flight out of Syracuse, New York to make sure every single fan got that autograph. I appreciated that as I was the very last person in line. Though he was tired, he smiled when I said how much I had enjoyed his work through the years.

74. VOODOO - August 14, 2014

This is getting really tired. Takei has so much to offer, but insists on bashing Shatner every time someone puts a microphone in his face literally a half century after the events.

Shatner may or may not have been an ass on set, but let it go at this point. Everyone loves George, but at this point he is losing some if his dignity in his never ending quest to bash William Shater. Mr. Takei is better than that.

75. LogicalLeopard - August 14, 2014

Shatner being a jerk in 1966 is believable.

George Takei not having made his peace with Shatner and/or himself so he can MOVE ON AFTER ALMOST 50 YEARS is unbelievable.

76. Mike C. - August 14, 2014

George is the only TOS actor I’ve seen in person. I’m happy to say that he did not complain about Shatner then.

I think it is PR. Old, stale PR, but PR.

77. Mel - August 14, 2014

To those who said, that the press keep asking Takei questions about Shatner and he is only answering them, that isn’t always the case. Just watch this video with Conan O’Brien:


He was only asked, if he was curious about getting a role in the new movies and then he started bashing Shatner completely on its own.

78. T'Cal - August 14, 2014
79. T'Cal - August 14, 2014


80. GG - August 14, 2014

While I’m sure it’s true that Mr. Shatner maybe wasn’t the nicest guy in the world back then, I think his co-stars took it WAY too personally. And, in his defense, Shatner didn’t publicly badmouth any of them before George started dissing him.

The old TV show was just a snapshot in their lives and careers. These actors made peanuts for their work back then, and worked job to job, living out of apartments or their cars, living paycheck to paycheck. They took what they could get. And, I have no doubt that Shatner was probably VERY protective of his starring role, and how he was marketed and perceived. Just like the other actors, he was young, had a family, he was probably broke, and never knew how long the job would last, or when the next paying role would come along.

And, as much as we as fans would like to think that they were really a loving family just like their characters on screen, the truth is, it was just work. Like all of us, we have many jobs and co-workers throughout our whole lives. Some co-workers, we become great and close friends with, while other co-workers, we’re just friends at work, but don’t hang out together outside of work at the end of the day. Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley were closer, because they did more together. It’s not at all unusual that Shatner maybe didn’t feel as close to the others at the end of the day. We all have jobs like that. I just think it was all taken way too personally. Shatner may have been cocky and insensitive as the “star” of the show, but I don’t think he had any ill will towards them.

81. TUP - August 14, 2014

Let’s not make excuses.

I’m only halfway through the first issue of These Are The Voyages, but no one is saying Shatner was anything less then an awsome person to work with.

The actors in old interviews are all very complimentary of Shatner as an actor and person. They talk about how affable, giving and professional he was, how he was the leader of the cast and kept everything light. Its talked about how he was able to laugh at himself and poke fun at himself (even poking fun at his weight during the first season when he was reluctant to do a scene in Charlie X with his shirt off because he hadnt been able to work out in weeks due to the production schedule.

Nothing about what a monster he supposedly was.

I think what likely happened is, these bit guys stopped getting roles outside of Trek. And when the films came about, all anyone cared about was the three leads. It seems to have driven the other cast crazy that they werent considered equals. Again I say, Takei is very lucky Shatner wasnt the monster he claims or else he would have had Takei canned. I guarantee that had Shatner agreed to return for the films on the condition that Takei not, Sulu would have been axed.

I would also highly suspect that as eager as guys like Takei were to collect a pay day, they likely resented the tough negotiations of the leads who made sure to get 7 figure cheques.

Takei is bitter. If he wanted to end the feud he would respond to questions about Shatner by complimenting him. End of story.

82. pilotfred - August 14, 2014

he not in your life anymore,i have worked with some Pratt’s as well i don’t any more,guess what i cant even remember some of their names or even give a dam,they are not spoiling my life why are you letting the
shatner memory do the same

83. Richard Greene - August 14, 2014

My, Oh My… Lest we should forget, here’s our weekly reminder that George Takei and some of his peers didn’t like William Shatner back in the TOS days.

So be it.

From all appearances, the other cast members have dealt with whatever issues they may have had and made their peace with Shatner. All except George that is. Now, here 50 YEARS later we’re still having to listen to him harp about something that has been blown way out of proportion in the intervening years. Any interviewer who continues to give Takei a platform for spewing his venom should be ashamed.

This bitter, old, one-sided feud of Takei’s is old news to anyone who is even remotely interested in Star Trek. I would ask and expect TrekMovie.com, the fan source for everything NEW in Trek, to live up to its name and cease posting stories that serve only to stir the pot and give Takei the attention he so desperately seeks.

If everyone stops paying attention to him, maybe he will go away and get on with his life. I certainly want to get on with mine without ever having to hear about this again.

84. Anthony Thompson - August 14, 2014

George is a class act and great with the fans. Truly personable. And now he’s a Facebook phenom to boot! Always a pleasure to hear from Mr. Takei, the king of all media!

85. Adam Bomb 1701 - August 14, 2014

#6 – I had an similar experience with Shatner when his book “Up Til Now” came out in 2008. I found out at the last minute that he was making a personal appearance to promote and autograph the book. So, on a whim and some encouraging from a co-worker, I went. When my turn came, the Shat didn’t even look at me when I spoke to him. I was disappointed with his conduct, but chalked it up to a 77-year old man keeping a schedule that would wear down someone half his age.
I did approach Walter Koenig and James Doohan at a 1974 New York convention. Mr. Doohan (with a full beard) even posed for a picture with me. Harlan Ellison was there, and even he posed for me.
Anyway, Takei should give the feud a rest. He older now, and has fewer days ahead than behind. Two TOS cast members have passed on, so George should count his blessings, and not spend any more time spewing bile.

86. ME!! - August 14, 2014

#1 & #2 said it all. I’ll second both comments. Enough already, George. We get it.

87. Anthony Thompson - August 14, 2014

79. TUP

You haven’t reading the Cushman books too closely, then. Or perhaps you haven’t gotten to the book chronicaling the second season, when Shatner’s behavior became more of an issue. The opinions about Shatner from cast, crew and guest stars is about split down the middle. Some loved him; some thought he was merely annoying and others (particularly Doohan) despised him.

88. Paco - August 14, 2014

Like most of those who have responded, I find it painful to watch George continue to embarrass himself with this one sided “feud” of his. Ironically, we have people here stating that George is a “class act”. Funny thing about that claim is that complaining publicly and frequently about events from a half century ago are not actually all that “classy”.

If in fact George is a “class act” then he should start acting classy and stop with the constant complaints and insults. I’ve read all of the books about and by the cast and the only one that goes to lengths to attack Shatner is Takei’s. Shatner has never complained about any of his cast members, he settled whatever disputes or disagreements he had with the cast years ago. Even inviting Koenig on his “Raw Nerve” show to bury the hatchet. He invited George as well, obviously burying the hatchet was not on George’s agenda. So he refused and did so in a loud and public way. Using the invitation to simply complain more about Shatner. That was half a decade ago too! At this point in time, Takei’s odd fixation with Shatner is just pathetic and tiresome. And sad too.

89. Danny Johnson - August 14, 2014

Pleeeaaaasssse, let this go, George.

90. Robert Jamison - August 14, 2014

Too all of you yelling for George to “let it go,” he’s probably talking about this because the interviewers ask him questions about it.

91. Long Haired Sybock - August 14, 2014

It seems therapy is needed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny4lRibuh9A

92. Paul - August 14, 2014

This is so tiresome now…….

Shatner WAS the lead actor for all of TOS. Every episode + 6 movies. I doubt Takei had 1 hour screentime with lines to actually read in 80 Episodes of TOS + 6 movies.

We get it Takei dislikes Shatner because he was a diva but come on how is that grounds to continue a feud for almost 50 years. No wonder Paramount never ever want to speak to Takei about TOS beind the scenes documentaries all he has to say revolves around Shatner he has little else except Naked Time episode & ST6 becoming the captain.

I doubt Shatner ever had more than a few moments with Takei off camera in almost 50 years they barely know each other (no surprise why is it). Shatner was the lead actor/star player Takei was always just a bit player if Bill hated him he could have easily asked Gene to replace him for someone else its not like he did much outside of 1 episode + 1 movie is it!

Shatner even asked Takei to discuss it on camera but he refused on Howard Stern or was vague about it.

Paramount executives notice these things they are not likely to ever let Takei have any scenes in Star Trek 50th anniversary celebrations are they!

93. Cgrest - August 14, 2014

@ #68 I think you nailed it right on.

Takei was a supporting actor, and I don’t think he did much on TV after that. If he had been a recurring actor on numerous TV shows he probably would have a different outlook on being the star of a show versus being a casual supporting actor.

94. Scooter - August 14, 2014

George needs to get over it. I guess he feels the best way to stay in the spotlight is to say “oh my” and complain about Shatner.

95. Red Dead Ryan - August 14, 2014

George Takei did have a recurring role on “Heroes”, but apart from that and some guest stints on “Futurama” and “The Simpsons”, not much else.

The real shame here of course, is that his gay-rights and anti-racism activism is now in the shadow of some petty grievance against Shatner.

He might not have much of a career as an actor anymore, but he could be using his energies for his causes instead of continuing the fifty-year-old grudge warfare against Shatner.

If he’s never going to be friends with Shatner, then he should at least move on and focus on his causes. At least then he’ll have something positive to remember him for.

96. B Kramer - August 14, 2014

BTW speaking of George, he has other fish to fry:
(Shields up Mr.Sulu)


His answer:


97. Disinvited - August 14, 2014

# 67. Son of Captain Garth – August 13, 2014

“Shatner bashed the supporting cast in his first book? Wasn’t that Star Trek Memories? ” — Son of Captain Garth

Shatner’s first book was ”Captain’s Log: William Shatner’s Personal Account of the Making of “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier””, but I don’t think he bashed any actors in it?

98. Lutan - August 14, 2014

Let it Go George….It has been forever…Old Dudes with grudges…There are fewer days ahead than behind…Get Over it…. Sulu was not a star of the show. This dude’s ego is massive ……

99. Keachick (Rose) - August 14, 2014

I have just read both links. There is such cynicism, dystopia around. Now, it seems, that people cannot say that they are hurt or offended in any way without being called a whiner or whatever. Talk about socially accepted bullying and victimization on an ever increasing scale. In the Stephen Fry response, the *f* word was also used and in another, somebody wrote that people don’t give a *f* about how someone might be offended, but it does seem that this poster did give enough of a *f* to write this disparaging comment.

I found the picture of the woman standing up from her wheelchair neither funny or unfunny. I was indifferent, as in – so what? It was an ordinary picture of someone making use of what she had around her and obviously summoning up enough strength to stand up and reach for what she wanted.

The general behaviour of posters finding it hilarious, so funny, I think, is rather childish. It is something I can imagine a child might do, because the child’s sense of humour has not matured that much and/or they don’t know any better.

100. KenL - August 14, 2014

I am so tired of George Takei, who I do like, milking the whole “Shatner was an ass” thing. Mr. Takei, William Shatner was the star, and you weren’t even his sidekick. I’m sorry Star Trek wasn’t about the adventures of Sulu, but it wasn’t. Get over it.

101. Disinvited - August 14, 2014

Well, Shatner is Canadian and Canada did have Internment for its Japanese citizens in WW II just like the U.S.

Plus Shatner’s Kirk was the embodiment of the all-American boy. The same ones who did round up Takei and his family and imprison them.

Although Takei claims that as a child he was oblivious to it all personally, I have found that as the eldest of a large catholic brood that each of my younger siblings seemed to pick up from the age of two on, the prevailing attitudes of the adults around them towards others.

Could it be that George, unknowingly, is harboring the resentments of all the adults interned with him toward the archetype that Shatner came to perfectly embody? And that on top of that, any personal flaws Bill had or has is exponentially magnified for him by this?

102. Baroner - August 14, 2014

George should shut his hole (finally).

103. MacDamion - August 14, 2014

I love George Takei.

…but, we have to acknowledge that tv-shows in the 1960/70s and 1980/90s were different. While the shows of the 1980/90s had large central cast members, the majority of the shows in the 1960/70s only focus on a few stars.

William Shatner, Defrost Kelley, and Lenard Nimoy were the stars of the show. While this doesn’t take away their importance, the ‘supporting’ were not suppose to be in the foreground.

I love everyone of these actors.

I just wish George understood what is means to be a ‘supporting’ actor.

If “Star Trek: TOS” was created in the 1980/90s, the show would have focused on all the bridge officers. …but, it wasn’t.

George just has to live with that knowledge.

I love you George.

104. M J - August 14, 2014

To me, as someone who has been publicly critical of William Shatner in the past, well, this is the Shat’s finest moment. He is showing tremendous class by not even responding in the slightest to George’s latest anti-Shatner hissy fit.

105. GG - August 14, 2014

@ 6

… frankly Shatner acts like a tool at every signing or opening I’ve been to… … George Takei is an absolute gracious man, when I met him at comic con, he was totally engaged with his fans and talked with them, Nichelle is the same and so was Jimmy Doohan. Walter I think is somewhat shy in person…


Well, isn’t it possible that Shatner is simply not that comfortable around strangers? Why is Koenig “shy”, but Shatner is a “tool”? What about Howie Mandel? He has doesn’t like to touch people, or be touched (phobia). Does that make him an a-hole if he doesn’t shake a fan’s hand? Maybe Shatner just isn’t “into it” when it comes to talking to a bunch of strangers. I agree, it’s unfortunate for fans, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s trying to be a dick.

106. M J - August 14, 2014

@105 I ran into George Takei at a bookstore in LA in the early 80’s. He talked to my friend and I for 15 minutes — great guy. It’s hard to see him, as an elder person, still show all this petty hatred and jealousy for someone — and very odd that he seems to take such a delight in telling these stories about Shatner.

Went to see Nimoy in his Van Gogh play in I think the late 70’s or early 80’s…a bunch of us Trek fans waited in the cold to try to get his autograph as he left the auditorium. He made a beeline for his limo and ignored us.

107. Disinvited - August 14, 2014

Shatner did a convention skit written by Robert Smigel.

Takei did a convention script written by Steve Franks, Anupam Nigam, and Tami Sagher

I laughed more at Takei’s fictional convention.

108. Mikey1091 - August 14, 2014

I really am getting sick and tired of this feud. Kiss and make up already, for God’s sake!

109. Son of Captain Garth - August 14, 2014

#97 Disinvited: Thanks for correcting me. I’ve only read Star Trek Memories and Movie Memories. I liked them both and I can say that I don’t remember any bashing of any actor in either of them–except that Persis Khambatta was struggling a bit in portraying Iliya.

I think part of it also stems from Takei feeling he got screwed in life. Not only from Trek and acting in general, but also from racism and homophobia that was much more socially accepted when he was growing up and all the way through the late 80s. If I recall correctly, he did get the short end of the stick when running for office in either the late 70s or early 80s in California when the election authorities ruled that his appearances on TOS that were airing on TV counted as campaign speech and so it limited his ability to buy commercial time.

My point? All of these slights, etc. probably eat at him and Shatner is a convenient locus upon which to focus his frustration.

I don’t think that Takei is quite as gentlemanly as some are saying; if I remember correctly, he took a few shots at people in his own book and cattily criticized Nimoy’s appearance in TMP, noting how old-looking he had become. Was that really necessary?

Anyway, I’m probably spending more energy on this than I should. Live long and prosper–unless you’re a Steelers fan.

110. Ryan - August 14, 2014

I once got the chance to phone interview George Takei, post deployment to Iraq, and he was the rudest, most shockingly non-understanding persona I’ve ever had the bad luck of dealing with– Not to mention I was about a week or two removed from deploying to Iraq, which he knew well before we did the interview.

And you know what? I’ll keep ragging on him in forums for this over, and over, and over again because he apparently thinks it’s OK to keep crapping on someone for decades (Bill Shatner)….

Get over it, dude!!!

111. Jack - August 14, 2014

Put it to rest, George. It was three TV seasons nearly 50 years ago. I get that you’re happy to finally be in the spotlight.

112. Jack - August 14, 2014

BTW, anyone know whether it’s true that his husband does all the great tweets and Facebook stuff in George’s name…

113. M J - August 14, 2014

@110. Wow! I am wondering what has happened to Takei late in life to make him so bitter? As you see from my earlier post, when I ran into him in the early 80’s, he seemed like a really nice guy. But now, he’s obviously become a jerk.

In a weird way he is now taking on the same traits that he is constantly criticizing Shatner of having. How ironic is that?

114. Jack - August 14, 2014

okay, last one: hasn’t everyone, including Sulu, agreed for years that Shatner was never egotistical, unfriendly or unprofessional on set or in the presence of costars — and the famous jockeying for more lines was entirely behind the scenes?

115. Trekbilly - August 14, 2014

“frankly Shatner acts like a tool at every signing or opening I’ve been to”

Hmmm…my experience was just the opposite.

Maybe you caught him on bad days? I had my picture taken with him in Dallas a couple months ago and he held my hand while the picture was being taken. He was nothing but nice to both me and my son. Then again, I didn’t try to talk his ear off. I thanked him for all the great years of Trek and other performances, gave him a pat on the shoulder and went about my business.

I have to say, after all the years of hearing what a “jerk” he is in person, I had my guard up and was kind of dreading meeting him because I didn’t want my image of him “as Kirk” to be shattered by rude behavior.

I was very pleasantly relieved that he was nothing like I had been hearing. You know, we all have our childhood heros and he was definitely mine growing up in his role as Kirk. I told him that and he smiled and thanked me for coming to see him.

It made for a great memory and I can say that on the day William Shatner leaves this earth for the real “final frontier”, I’ll be heartbroken.

116. M J - August 14, 2014



117. I Khan Believe it's not Butter - August 14, 2014

George, George, George…enough already.
Star Trek is approaching 50 years.
Well pass time you moved on with your life and drop this entire feud thing once and for all.
No one cares any more and it makes you both look like jack asses.
Do what I do after a break up…ignore them for ever and pretend their dead in your like.

It’s about time you found a new provocation…like gardening, pasta making or knitting.

118. Disinvited - August 14, 2014

# 109. Son of Captain Garth – August 14, 2014

“Thanks for correcting me. ” — Son of Captain Garth

You are welcome.

And I agree with the larger theme of Takei’s life and struggles that you draw attention to. It could very well be that Shatner is just too convenient a focal point for all of that.

One other thing I’d like to draw attention to, is that people often forget that the late night talk shows, Conan included, have writers and they are used to make suggestions and feed lines to guests to raise the YUK factor.

Robert Smigel, who was responsible for Shatner’s GET A LIFE!, was the writer responsible for setting up this attack comedy style to Conan’s NBC late night talk show and the tone set then is still there and encouraged.

When I used to watch him on NBC there were times I could easily tell the interview was “written” and then other times they could have fooled me.

119. Phil - August 14, 2014

@ MJ….you’ll understand this if you are who I think you are. Out on probation, are you?

120. M J - August 14, 2014

I assume so. All of a sudden, I am no longer blocked. Something has changed — whether it’s Anthony’s returning and feeling sorry for me (and giving me a second chance), or just an IT glitch, I am not sure.

But as I said on the other article, regarding my past extreme sock-puppeting, I apologize to everyone, and it won’t happen again.

121. Late night Trekkie - August 15, 2014

The one I feel bad for is Takei’s husband. He must hear the stories every day.

122. TUP - August 15, 2014

Yes I am only half way through the first These Are The Voyages book so I havent got to Season 2. One story i did read which I thought was great, was a guest actor was pretty much ignored by Shatner. It came out that Shatner was dealing with a failing marriage and under intense pressure to carry the show and very long production days. He was filming a scene with this guest actor and kept breaking down. When he finally got through his lines, he bee-lined out of there forcing the other actor to do his lines to a hand off-camera.

A few months later, the actor ran into Shatner at a bar. Shatner called him over and while introducing him to his date, explained what a jerk he had been and apologized.

If Takei was so principled why did he take money to appear at Shatner’s roast? Hmmmm? Why did he take money to appear in all those TOS movies? Didnt feel so strongly then I guess.

Its like the laughable story from WoK where Shatner flubbed his lines about Sulu’s promotion to get it axed from the film. Yeah Im sure Shatner gave a crap. If he wanted to, he could have had Takei axed from the film, not one line.

But just you watch, Takei’s last play here is to “apologize” and “forgive” and then everyone will talk about him and he will get to do a fresh round of interviews addressing the “end of the feud”. Very transparent.

123. Anthony Thompson - August 15, 2014

110. Ryan

You’re not Dead or Red?
You must have had an attitude when you were speaking with Mr. Takei. I’ve never heard of anyone else who has had an unpleasant encounter with him one one one. He’s very friendly and gracious.

124. Anthony Thompson - August 15, 2014

119. M J

M J, I’m disappointed in you. Your moniker should be: MJ – The Even Grander Return. BTW, who were your sock-puppets?

125. Anthony Thompson - August 15, 2014

115. Trekbilly

You paid extra for a photo. Perhaps Mr. Shatner is more civil towards those like you who are less miserly toward him. ; )

126. Chuck - August 15, 2014

Let’s ignite a grassroots campaign telling TrekMovie, TrekToday and other sites to just stop reporting every instance of George Takei bashing on William Shatner (as well as any of the return fire from Shatner). We’re NOT that starved for every little Trek tidbit. It is not news, nor is it helping to promote the franchise or TOS in a positive way.

Heck, even Kate and Jeri handle their personal relationship, or lack there of, with more discretion. And their issues are far more recent, rather than 50 years old.

How many other Star Trek actors have handled their differences with silence and professionalism? Bingo! We don’t know, and we don’t need to know.

Maybe even mainstream media will notice and follow suit.

One can dream… But many can make it happen!

127. spooky - August 15, 2014

Takei just sounds like a bitter old queen. Move on Takei… let bygones be bygones.

128. Son of Captain Garth - August 15, 2014

You know, I realize that this post deals with a contentious relationship between two big Trek names, but the thing I find ironic is that we’ve all been incredibly civil towards each other in giving our viewpoints.

I’m not being sarcastic; it’s just refreshing that: a) there’s an almost unanimous agreement regarding our fatigue with the whole issue and b) those who disagree-while they may not have a popular viewpoint–are treated with respect. Fancy that.

129. M J - August 15, 2014


Well said, Cap.

130. joeferg - August 15, 2014

Ok, George, we get it. You had a problem with Shatner 40 years ago. Get over it. ( or should I say, “get a life” ) And yes he was the star of the show.

131. STFAN - August 15, 2014

Now that’s a drama queen.

132. DarExc - August 15, 2014

Shatner is full of himself, anyone can see it and people choose to like him or not knowing that. Pointing it out at every chance one gets and obsessing about him is just pathetic though. Does George Takei ever talk about Trek without insulting Shatner? Maybe he has nothing else to say about it?

133. REM1701 - August 15, 2014

MEMO: To George Takei, LET IT GO! It’s coming up on 50yrs & you’re still “bitter”. Nevermind Shatner, what does that say about U?

134. Son of Jello - August 15, 2014

83. Richard Greene – August 14, 2014

Its actually a monthly cycle. http://trekmovie.com/2014/07/19/george-takei-star-trek-cast-were-cool-about-him-being-gay-talks-shatner-feud-roddenberry-video/. Some people become consumed by their anger it becomes their entire identity.

135. Trekbilly - August 15, 2014

“You paid extra for a photo. Perhaps Mr. Shatner is more civil towards those like you who are less miserly toward him. ; )”

LOL!! Well…maybe…I’ll never know. I got to check off an item on my bucket list — I met William Shatner. Lucky for me, he was nice. I’ve met some other celebs who were rude. Harlan Ellison comes to mind.

136. runner - August 15, 2014

Takei’s cache as a celebrity is actually very, very thin. He has two things to thank for his recent rise to fame: Coming out of the closet, and his continued public bashing of Shatner. That’s it.

137. paustin - August 15, 2014

Jesus George move on already

138. Shilliam Watner - August 15, 2014


139. NX01 - August 16, 2014

Over the years, I went from not caring about George, to really liking George, to being so annoyed by George that I can’t stand listening to him any more. For the love if IDIC, drop it already. We frelling get it!

To paraphrase the great Will Wheaton – Bill is living rent free in George’s head. Sheesh.

140. Sybok's Secret Brother - August 16, 2014

Dear George,

Please stop talking about Shatner now. We know. We heard the first 20,000 times.
Please move on with your life.
Your fans

141. Trekmovie - August 16, 2014

“To paraphrase the great Will Wheaton – Bill is living rent free in George’s head”

LMAO!!! How true!!

142. Son of Captain Garth - August 16, 2014

#129: Thanks, MJ!

#124: I know what you’re referring to, but ever since that damn Red Hot Chili Peppers thing, I can’t bear to think of the term “sock puppets.” I’m scarred for life.

143. I am Roger Corby! - August 16, 2014

Sour grapes from the peanut gallery. Who cares what this particular narcissist has to say about other narcissists in an industry that requires narcissists to exist?

144. Kev - August 16, 2014

TRP at the start there, I dont know, as I’ve never met the man and he does come off as a good soul.

but if it really is him just keeping this up, and not the media, shame on him.

as we’ve lost alot of people who were involved in star trek over the past 40 years in the past couple of years.

and to give bill credit he did try and bridge the gap with a few of them, plus with the background info that Nimoy gave about how Gene acted around then in the TOS era and how Bill has explained himself over the years.

I really dont blame him or hold an ill will, quite the contrary I cant see how someone couldnt like Bill, atleast at his state in life right now.

plus TV and Movie contracts were very different back then, hell just look at how the Stephen J Cannal Company ran things with the rockford files.

the star there may have been a sweetheart but, mr Cannal sounded like he did some really shifty things just like Gene did.

plus I remember that the thing that George said about Bill getting Jelious that he had his own ship in ST6, was really him saying, what are you doing? all of the action is going to be on the enterprise for the movie.

not the excelsior. and he was right, plus they moved that plot line about the mapping Gasious annomalies over to the Enterprise to give Mccoy and spock one last good old banter .

kinda solidifiying what he said., so theres alot of things were hearing without context and information.

and if George is keeping it going shame on him, however if its the news media then whatever, we cant help it

hell you should see just how shamefully they were recently here in MA with some poor kid who got killed on his birthday, cameras everywhere saying how do you feel.

it makes me wish Bones had walked on screen and just started yelling at them, saying what the hell is wrong with you people.

145. Jack - August 16, 2014

As someone expressed much more eloquently above, even if Takei does keep getting asked about Shatner, it’s really time to decline discussing it. It’s an old, old, old story — and the griping makes Takei look far more self-absorbed than Shatner.

146. Jack - August 16, 2014

“We are still a family, and like all families we have our ‘problem uncle.’…We all had problems with Bill [Shatner] on the set. He was the star of the series and he knew it and he exercised those star powers.”

This is starting to sound like Sarah Palin complaining that President Obama acts like he’s more presidenty than everybody else.

147. Martin - August 17, 2014

I too wish that George would just stop it already. I saw him at a mall appearance about 26 years ago and he went on about it then – talked about how they didn’t get along with Shatner, made fun of Shatner’s toupe.

For as tolerant as he would like everyone else to be, he certainly doesn’t seem very tolerant of differences between his personality and that of Shatner. I have never heard him say that Shatner did anything bigoted or hateful, just that Shatner was self centered and egotistical. Shatner can’t be the only star in Hollywood who is this way.

I also undestand that everyone tends to ask him about it… he could acknowledge it without the label of problem uncle or anything else and just say “I have talked about that in the past and at this point I no longer wish to dwell or discuss that any longer – I wish him well”. He is interesting enough that he doesn’t need to rehash this tired story over and over. Sadly, one of them probably won’t be around another 10-15 years. If Shatner were to pass first, is George still going to continue to babble on about this?

148. Keachick (Rose) - August 17, 2014

#145 – “This is starting to sound like Sarah Palin complaining that President Obama acts like he’s more presidenty than everybody else.”

Truly? Did she actually say that?

149. Observer - August 17, 2014

Some posts in here read, like one and the same person has written them with different nicks and e-mails.

If I am right, then I’d just say, George don’t bother with those.

It is however the typical reaction of a big diva being winey when someone doesn’t agree his public acting and performance on the set.

It is unfortunate that they didn’t have the luck back then like TNG where there was far more time for single characters who even had their own episodes.

Also people consider it to be normal that one can have a wound point in the past that might travel with him through all his life. Something very deep can’t even be fixed by the best therapy. Some people even chose to carry own their pain because it defines them. Wasn’t that what the climax conclusion in Star Trek V was, Shat?

I think however if both would find a project in common where they could work together as equals then a bit of it might flow away and on the other hand every good show lives by conflicts. So when do we get “Takei vs Shat – Quest for Titans”.

150. Trekbilly - August 17, 2014

No politics please.

151. MacDamion - August 17, 2014

149. Observer,

I kind of agree.

“Star Trek: The Original Series” (1966-1969) was considered a failure; therefore, the show was cancelled after three years.

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (1979) was originally met with harsh reviews by movie critics and fans.

Between the years 1966 and 1987, the way we made television shows had drastically changed. “Star Trek: The Original Series” was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the series was created in 1987, the year “Star Trek: The Next generation” launched, I can see how the show would have seven leading roles.

Only one problem… “Star Trek: The Original Series” needed to become a failure, so that the franchise could build an audience for “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. “Star Trek”, the franchise, took twenty years to build a fan-base, which could be used to launch another series.

During the franchise’s twenty year hiatus, the fate of the franchise was still up in the air. No one knew it would spawn a seven year run show.

152. TrekkerChick - August 17, 2014

George? To borrow a phrase…

Get a life.

It’s been DECADES.

I’ve forgiven or let go of anger directed to the specific people who’ve, literally, hosed me professionally (one, to save the remaining 2 years of his career – only for be fired for threatening physical harm on a co-worker), at lot more recently than the 1960s.

153. Anono Chapino - August 17, 2014

George has become such a pathetic, petty little man. Sad.

154. All aboard the good ship Enterprise - August 18, 2014

Such a shame that George didn’t get his own show as Captain of the Excelsior, not only would that have probably been so much better than the dire series, “Enterprise”, but I’m sure it would have killed this feud too for obvious reasons.

155. Shannon T. Nutt - August 18, 2014

I like George a lot, but he really needs to get over the Shatner hate. I think it’s more for “show” now than anything else. I think Bill has mellowed a lot in recent years as well

156. Spock's Second Favorite Organ - August 18, 2014

Oh, I don’t know; seems to me that Takei has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing.

157. Al - August 18, 2014

He’s right. Shatner was the star. Takei was a contract player who got lucky and has done NOTHING since.

158. Kevin - August 18, 2014

There’s always one bad apple in the bunch: George Takei in this case. Try Hard, loser.

159. RetroWarbird - August 19, 2014

Media and fandom alike have certainly expressed a little too much (perhaps) interest in the whole perceived Takei/Shatner rift, but like George has said himself, the cast were all pros and nailed it while the cameras were rolling. That’s what counts most – and a little ego aside, some of the work Shatner was doing is highly underrepresented for how good, theatrical and self-aware it was. Of course it’s really in recent years I’ve learned just how much Shatner has a similar background and is on the same wavelength as I am. It’s a catch-22 describing Shatner as having an ego when he was the driving force of elevating art through artifice (Nimoy drove that in a big way, too), as well as his instrumentality in the groundbreaking “interracial” kiss (in modernity it’s hard for me to narrow my unified perception of humans into terms like “interracial”).

Key takeaway though, and thing to smile about, is that in spite of the usual “office drama”, the tacit acceptance of George’s sexuality. Not that it was uncommon in Hollywood (or anywhere), or openly talked about (well, there were ‘worst kept secret’ types like Cesar Romero), but for what it was. In hindsight, what could have been better than Takei’s Sulu being the keystone to Star Trek exploring sexual politics? Something the 90s series were pretty cowardly about as well, but if timespace allowed for do-overs, that’d be the place. Or fan films, anyway. RETCON it, fandom!

160. Anthony Thompson - August 19, 2014

George just did the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. Jeff Bezos of Amazon had recently challenged George, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Time for Bill and Patrick to step up!

161. TUP - August 19, 2014

I saw Shatner say he was going to do it. Hope he does.

162. Leslye - August 19, 2014

Shatner did respond and participated in the ice bucket challenge.I haven’t seen that Patrick S has responded yet.

163. Danpaine - August 19, 2014

Shatner already did it, on Saturday. On his Facebook page.

164. Horatio - August 19, 2014

Thats it. I’ve had enough of George Takei. STFU already George. We’re sick of it and I’m sick of you.

165. Anthony Thompsoin - August 19, 2014

163. Horatio

I believe that angry outbursts like yours might be rooted in the fact that George is Asian and gay.

166. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2014


Anthony Thompsoin

“I believe that angry outbursts like yours might be rooted in the fact that George is Asian and gay.”

I didn’t get that vibe. Perhaps you’d care to back up your claim?

167. JohnnieHF - August 19, 2014

I think George could have turned the corner on his feud with Bill – He could have just stopped after saying “we are all just one big family,” and left off the part about the uncle. He also could have just said, “and all families have squabbles at times.”

168. Yanks - August 19, 2014

Oh my….

George, please just shut up already.

Shatner’s response to the whinny George at Shatner’s roast was classic.

“George, you may not suck my ….”

You were just the helmsman, he was the Captain. Get over it.

169. Buzz Cagney - August 19, 2014

I’d like to throw a bucket of water over Takei.

170. Disinvited - August 20, 2014

Takei was on CBS:THIS MORNING. Not a mention of Shatner. He was all about his documentary and his friends from STAR TREK support. Said the most important part of his celebrity is the opportunity to educate in regards of the very real history of the Internment of Japanese American citizens during WW II, a history that he lived.

171. Snark - August 20, 2014

Really starting to wish the incompetent captain in STAR TREK GENERATIONS (whose mess Kirk had to clean up) was Sulu.

172. Disinvited - August 21, 2014

Takei was on TAVIS SMILEY tonight promoting TO BE TAKEI. No Shat.

Mira Sorvino, a TOS fan, was also on promoting her new sf series, INTRUDERS.

173. Yanks - August 24, 2014

I’ve already set ‘Intruders’ to record!!!

(I want to hear the X-Files theme :-) )

174. Dom - August 24, 2014

Let’s put this into perspective: Takei appeared in roughly half the TOS shows. He even left for half a season to do a movie. He was never a lead actor in the show. In the absence of the big four, Nichelle Nichols and Walter
Koenig have more right to speak for Star Trek.

And yet, fifty years, half a century later, Takei’s still griping about the lead actor of a show he wasn’t even in all that much. Two and a half years out of a seventy-plus year life. And he took the cheques for six movie appearances across 13 years which would have involved a few weeks filming the odd scene with the guy.

It’s pretty demeaning and I wouldn’t listen to a word he says. TOS was about Kirk, Spock and McCoy (and Scotty as an on/off lead.) Everyone else was a supporting actor. Had Takei not returned after his film, I have no doubt another pan-Asian character would have replaced him and Sulu would have subsequently had as big a role as Chapel or Rand did in the Trek films.

He’s coming over as a bit of a nutter now: like a mad old uncle who sits at the end of the table, covered in bits of dropped food, stammering on about someone he served with in ‘the war.’

Shatner’s had a successful life. Egotistical or not, he went on to make TJ Hooker, play Kirk in seven Trek films, make a killing from the dotcoms, get involved with book writing, play himself for laughs on chat shows, run a stud ranch… He’s worked hard and done well.

George has sat on the sidelines seemingly jealously sniping about Shatner for decades. When it comes to ego, George should look at himself and wonder what gives him the right to sit in any kind of judgement at all.

175. Rick Cromack - August 24, 2014

A few facts:

1. Mr. Shatner was an overbearing diva, and remains one.
2. Mr. Takei would do well to get over it, fifty years on.
3. If we’d stop paying attention to this senseless feud, maybe it would go away.

176. Li'l Shat - August 26, 2014

A few more facts:

1. Mr. Shatner hasn’t aged well.
2. Neither has Mr. Takei.
3. Mr. Nimoy gets all the sweet cameos in the new movies.
4. Staying above the fray pays off.

177. Li'l Shat - August 26, 2014

Although, the second Nimoy cameo is gratuitious, annoying, just a paycheck, and only serves to cripple the new crew’s autonomy.

Still, Nimoy got the gig and not Shatner or Takei. Class acts get gratuitous paychecks, always remember that.

178. B Kramer - August 26, 2014

Bill in many interviews says that he’s doing better creatively, business wise, personally etc better than ever despite his age. So your comments are nonsensical.

179. Disinvited - August 26, 2014

# 177. Li’l Shat – August 26, 2014

” Class acts get gratuitous paychecks, always remember that.” — Li’l Shat

I live in SoCal and what you describe is NOT the Hollywood I see.

And as for aging “well”, my family has been visited by copd. I could describe that as many things none of which would include the word.

180. Valley Forge - August 29, 2014

@6. Terry Snyder; @85. Adam Bomb 1701

Shocking. When I met William Shatner, I thanked him for being there and he looked me in the eyes and said, “Good to see you.”, with a smile on his face. I read once that he tends to rush due to the limited time that the conventions have allowed.

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