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“Star Trek: The Compendium” rebate offer detailed August 19, 2014

by Brian Drew , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,DVD/Blu-ray,Merchandise,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback


Today, Paramount Home Video announced details about a mail-in-rebate offer for their upcoming “Star Trek:The Compedium” Blu ray release. More after the jump.

Star Trek: The Compendium Rebate Offer

As was announced previously, the studio will release “Star Trek: The Compendium”, a 4-disc set that will include all the retailer exclusive content for Star Trek Into Darkness, the IMAX version of the film, and the special edition Blu-ray discs for the 2009 Star Trek film.


Last fall’s home video release of Star Trek Into Darkness was controversial amongst many fans due to the dizzying amount of retailer exclusives, which forced fans to buy multiple versions of the film in order get all the VAM (Value Added Material) created for the film.  Fans complained, and Paramount Home Video has listened.  Today the studio announced a $5 mail-in rebate program for those purchased either Star Trek or Star Trek Into Darkness during their initial release.  The details, including the rebate form itself, can be found HERE.



Amazon has added a pre-order for the new Blu-ray set: Star Trek: The Compendium [Blu-ray], currently listed for $33.99.


TrekMovie will have a full review of the set closer to it’s release.


1. Captain James T Obvious - August 19, 2014

Any fan who buys this just approves of the way they piecemeal this item together. If you were upset about buying multiple copies of the same movie, and then buy the movie with all the special features in one; YOU are the idiot.

2. chuckunit - August 19, 2014

So, we can buy the same disappointing film plus more material? Good god… we were not born yesterday.

3. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2014

What’s that line from Animal House as the pledges are being paddled on the ass?


4. Elias Javalis - August 19, 2014

Already Bought Into Darkness 4 Times but thanks anyway Paramount!

5. ME!! - August 19, 2014

$5 is hardly enough to make up for the money some of us already spent on these two films (although anyone dumb enough to pay for multiple copies of Into Darkness just to get the extras that they should have KNOWN would be compiled onto one set…well…you know who you are…and it looks like some of you have made your presence known already!). However, it’s a start & good enough for me as one who happens to own only ONE copy of the second film. I’m looking forward to those extras that I NEVER saw because I was intelligent enough not to be baited into buying more than one copy. We saw the film on sale at Amazon, so we didn’t pay much for it to begin with & figure it was good enough till they eventually made this inevitable set available. Also looking forward to see the all new extras added to this release exclusively. Have fun with your four other copies, people.

6. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2014

Kid behind the counter: “Yes, sir, one crap sandwich. Would you like to pay extra to super-size that?”

7. Marja - August 19, 2014

#3 Harry, LOL

Judging from what folks have spent, I’d say $25-$35 would be about right.

8. Markus McLaughlin (@MarkusMcLaughln) - August 19, 2014

I never liked Into Darkness, so I won’t be purchasing a copy of it. I have the Special Edition 2009 blu-ray, I am happy with that! :D

9. AG - August 19, 2014

Is this what Star Trek fans are nowadays? Whining and crying little babies who are getting so bent out of shape over a movie? You do kind of give the rest of us a bad name…

10. Keachick (Rose) - August 19, 2014

I will likely get a DVD copy of the third movie as I have done with the last two films.

Perhaps they will release a Compendium of all three movies with all the extra bits and that will do me. This would the case especially if a fourth movie does not get announced because BR contract to Paramount to make three movies is completed and no new negotiations have taken place with Bad Robot or any other production company to make another Star Trek film.

11. Keachick (Rose) - August 19, 2014

edit: trying to think of the right word. The more appropriate word is “fulfilled”, not “completed”, as in “…make three movies if FULFILLED…”

12. Digsnutrek - August 19, 2014

I bought one copy and was very angry at the splitting of special features. I already have a copy of Star Trek 2009 and they want me to buy another along with STID and the features, which should have been released in a special format? What a bunch of *********. Anyways, I’ll think about it. I saw the deleted scenes on you tube, so maybe not! Besides, I want to save my money for Batman 66 coming out on bluray in November. I have been waiting for that for years.

Also, paramount needs to put out Star Trek Special Collectors Edition on bluray. I’m not buying repackaged theatrical versions, Paramount! Until you release them, I am happy with my DVD’s.

13. scotchyscotchscotch - August 19, 2014

Admittedly, I’m one of the idiots who will need to use this rebate… STID did, if nothing else, LOOK pretty darn good.

14. Calastir - August 19, 2014

Those two movies are Star Trek in name only.
It hurts to watch them.

I’ve seen fan films with more soul, so I’ll pass…thanks.

15. BeatleJWOL - August 19, 2014

Snagged the 2009 movie off eBay for less than $10 (bought the single-disc by accident :p), never bought STID cause I mean really?…oh yeah this set was made for me. ^_^

16. Ciarán - August 19, 2014

I am one of the very rare examples of people who absolutely love the JJ-verse Trek films. I have the special edition Steelbook BluRay of the 2009 film and have Into Darkness in many BluRay versions; 2 steelbooks, one of which is 3D, the other was an Amazon UK exclusive and then another from Sainsburys with an extra disc of special features (but still not ALL of them).

Now, I have to admit, I would buy this compendium in a heartbeat, but unfortunately, it’s only available in the USA. I even considered importing it here to Northern Ireland, but the discs themselves seem to be locked to Region A (North America only), and we can only use Region B. So I must wonder why they’re not releasing it in the UK.

17. Edward - August 19, 2014

At least, regardless of if this set should have been released last year or not, you are getting this and $5 in the US. Here in the UK we are getting nothing. We haven’t had any of the single TNG blu ray disc releases with extra features either apart from BOBW. So Paramount is only doing “the right thing” for some countries and not everywhere. We were as equally screwed in the UK with different retailers having exclusive extras too.

18. focuspuller - August 19, 2014

The rebate is to have a professional Wrestler of your choice, one of the big ones, to come to your home and give you one very good very hard punch in the face.

There’s your rebate!

19. focuspuller - August 19, 2014

And btw, I can honestly and happily say that I did not buy or own ANY version of In Darkness.

20. James - August 19, 2014

@16 Not rare. I loved it too. Complainers always have more of a ‘voice’ than those who liked something. It’s why protest parties often do well in local elections (in the UK) but then fall by the wayside in the real thing.

There was a poll on this website where the majority liked the film. Also, just check out the box-office haul and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes where is has a 90% fresh rating. It’s also done real well on home media despite the multiple releases of the film. It was the 3rd best selling film of last year for digital downloads.

I’m old enough to remember the poor reception that TNG was given back in the day. I’ll always remember people slagging off ‘Data’ as being a stupidly obvious name for an android, hating the kid and complaining about a bald and shouty captain. Not to mention that they ripped it for being derivative! Now that series is a beloved classic, in much the same way that these films will one day become.

21. Nemesis4909 - August 20, 2014

Wait, you have to buy it again and you get $5 back? That’s utterly ridiculous, they should be giving this away free.

Also, if you live anywhere but the US you get squat, thanks a bunch Paramount!

22. Platitude - August 20, 2014

I like both films a lot and it would have been nice to have all the Into Darkness bonus features and IMAX release, but there is no way I can justify buying these films again, especially with only a measly five dollar rebate. Obviously its more than most companies offer when asking fans to double dip, but still. This is too little, too late, Paramount. Should have just given us a quality release from the start.

23. Keachick (Rose) - August 20, 2014

So no Compendium for downunder either. Even if I managed to order this through Amazon.com, it would only play on region 1 blu-ray players or ones that are multi-regional. Australia/NZ is region 4, and even if I did get a blu-ray player, I would not be able to afford one that is multi-regional.

Come on, stop this bs, Paramount.

24. Captain Conrad - August 20, 2014

3D version is still separate! LAME!!!

25. I'm Dead Jim - August 20, 2014

My brother bought the STID (maybe I should just call it STD because it was kinda sexy but I later regretted it) blu-ray which came with a DVD version that he gave to me. That’s all I need.

26. BatlethInTheGroin - August 20, 2014

“Already Bought Into Darkness 4 Times”

Then you are a big part of the problem.

27. BatlethInTheGroin - August 20, 2014

“Those two movies are Star Trek in name only.”

Oh, cry me a river, melodrama-boy.

“It hurts to watch them.”

So don’t. Most people like them.

28. Dave Creek - August 20, 2014

I would disagree with this phrase from the article: “…which forced fans to buy multiple versions of the film….”

No one forced anyone to buy anything. If you don’t want Paramount/CBS to keep putting out these multiple versions, leave them on the shelf. Don’t encourage the behavior you’re trying to change.

29. samrock83 - August 20, 2014

Paramount just banked on die hard fans buying multiple copies – they took advantage of fans’ enthusiasm which is not unlike George Lucas pumping out different versions of Star Wars DVDs. For shame!

30. James - August 20, 2014

@29 – I’d imagine that Trek fans make up quite a small proportion of those people buying the discs.

The studios do this not to bash the fans but to make their retailers happy. retailers want to offer their customers special product perks and incentives for being loyal. Steelbook packaging, an exclusive poster, booklet, prop replica, action figure, badge or statuette? No problem! That’s awesome. But when you take actual disc-based special edition content and scatter it to the winds – and what’s more make it difficult for Blu-ray consumers to even find out about it until they walk into the store on street date – that really, really pisses them off.

This is happening on almost every major title now: Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, World War Z, Pain & Gain, Monsters University and on and on.

That Paramount are actually offering a rebate at all is pretty amazing.

31. Ahmed - August 20, 2014

@ 3. Harry Ballz – August 19, 2014

“What’s that line from Animal House as the pledges are being paddled on the ass?



32. Dan - August 20, 2014

So if you paid $20+ for one of the other versions I get a $5 discount for being jerked around. No thanks Paramount. Hopefully this is a sign that the retailer exclusives are going away.

33. Danpaine - August 20, 2014

25. I’m Dead Jim – August 20, 2014 “….(maybe I should just call it STD because it was kinda sexy but I later regretted it)”

That was very funny.

No WAY I’m buying this. My STID dvd is on par with a beer coaster in my house. Sorry I even bought that, actually.

34. Nony - August 20, 2014

No thanks, Paramount, I’m fine. I have a copy of ST09, and I don’t want STID.

35. OneBuckFilms - August 20, 2014

I’ll be going for this, and selling my Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-rays.

It’s not a perfect situation, but it costs Paramount money to do this, and I appreciate that they want to make things right.

36. Ahmed - August 20, 2014

@ 34. OneBuckFilms – August 20, 2014

“It’s not a perfect situation, but it costs Paramount money to do this, and I appreciate that they want to make things right.”

That’s the spirit!

Paramount is a company & we all know that corporations are people :-)

37. JAGT - August 20, 2014

And suddenly I feel terribly smart for NOT having bought STID from ANY retailer yet… oh wait, that was cause I didn’t like the movie that much…

38. Doyouwannadance - August 20, 2014

Not so ironically, I read that as Star Trek: The Conundrum.

39. Disinvited - August 20, 2014

# 34. OneBuckFilms – August 20, 2014

” I’ll be going for this, and selling my Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-rays.” — OneBuckFilms

This is, of course, your option but I am surprised given how acceptable these films supposedly made STAR TREK to the mass market that more aren’t just using the old ones for gifts to friends and relatives who haven’t seen them?

40. Brian Drew - August 20, 2014

@ Dave Creek

What I wrote was: “which forced fans to buy multiple versions of the film in order get all the VAM (Value Added Material) created for the film.” What I wrote is completely correct. If you wanted all the additional content, you were, in effect, FORCED to buy multiple copies. I was not, in any way, advocating fans go out and do just that.

41. MAXIMUS - August 20, 2014

Garbage promotion to make up for a garbage release for a garbage film.

42. danny johnson - August 20, 2014

Who wouldn’t want this, I’ll take it.

43. NX01 - August 20, 2014

I have to still have my original receipt. That 5 dollar rebate asks a lot. It is way to much to ask for 5 dollars. I will pic this up years from now when Amazon has a sale.

44. Digsnutrek - August 20, 2014

@20. I’m old enough to remember the poor reception that TNG was given back in the day. I’ll always remember people slagging off ‘Data’ as being a stupidly obvious name for an android, hating the kid and complaining about a bald and shouty captain. Not to mention that they ripped it for being derivative! Now that series is a beloved classic, in much the same way that these films will one day become.

Well said. I love the nu trek too. In fact, I still think the criticism for TNG is still valid.

45. Doug - August 20, 2014

Is this offer only valid in the US? What about international buyers?

46. ironhyde - August 20, 2014

5$ hahaha They’re really rude. Just sayin’ Postage to USA is $1.25 from Canada and, what, they want an original receipt? lol Good luck. Because I keep my receipts for movies I buy. Insane. This half-assed “listening” is worse than not trying at all.

47. THX-1138 - August 20, 2014

I didn’t really care for STID but since I am a ridiculous Star Trek completist I would like to have it on DVD at the very least. But being one of those folks that likes the special features on discs I was completely turned off by the idea of having to buy different discs at different retailers.

This does nothing to make me want to go out and purchase STID. I think my own little form of protest will be to keep checking the pawn shops for a cheap used copy. In your face Paramount!

48. Ryan Spooner - August 20, 2014

Who names these these…. “The Compendium”… really? It’s a box set of two movies with some special features for pity’s sake. Grr.

Also, don’t get me started on the idiocy of box sets of the first two movies of a planned trilogy (or more)…

49. Ryan Spooner - August 20, 2014

these things*

50. Craiger - August 20, 2014

Then they will come out with the Compendium with ST: 2009, STID and ST: 3.

51. JR - August 20, 2014

As long as they are charging $5.00 for the boxed set… that should be a great deal…. otherwise, save your money and keep this offer in DARKNESS.

52. Levi T - August 20, 2014

My biggest complaint is the IMAX version being
In 2D only.
When it’s original theatrical exhibition for the IMAX version was 3D
It was never screened in IMAX 2D theatrically.

53. Mr ATOZ - August 20, 2014

I’m patient. I’ll wait till the special edition box set of all three films when all is said and done. Not going to waste my money right now on this. I learned my lesson with the LOTR trilogy back in the day. Until then.. Redbox and cable reruns are good enough for me.

54. Disinvited - August 20, 2014

# 52. Levi T – August 20, 2014

” My biggest complaint is the IMAX version being
In 2D only.” — Levi T

Not really, because you are confused. JJ was never a fan of 3D and did not use 3d cameras to film. He did film certain sequences with real IMAX film cameras but that also prevented him from filming in 3D.

It is that film version that played non-3D in the original IMAX theaters capable of projecting IMAX film and is preserved on the blu-ray as what you call IMAX 2D.

The thing that you are calling IMAX 3D is a special 3D conversion done for IMAX’s other theaters known as Digital Cinemas whose only claim to fame over regular digitally projected theaters is the screen is a little larger and supposedly everything is tuned up to higher standards.

55. Spockboy - August 20, 2014

Something very familiar about that shot.

I’ve got it!



56. JRT! - August 20, 2014

TOTALLY buying this! I never bought it the first time around as I knew they’d be flogging this again and have a PROPER release. Patience is a virtue I guess.


57. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2014

@56 JRT! “Patience is a virtue”

Yeah, JRT, and so is frugality! Expunge the desire and don’t let Paramount win!

58. Levi T - August 21, 2014

Disinvited it is you who are not accurate.
Into Darkness only played in 3D in IMAX theatres.
It never played in 2D in any of the IMAX theatres showing it.

And your comment about not being able to shoot it in 3D because it was shot on IMAX film is also inaccurate.
I take it you never saw any of the dozens of IMAX 3D films that were shot natively in 3D on IMAX film and projected in 15/70 IMAX for many years before Digital 3D was ever even around.

Imax’s first 3D movie shot natively in 3D on 70 mm film was released almost 30 years ago Transitions

So again I will say my biggest complaint, is the lack of inclusion of the 3D IMAX exerience of Star Trek Into Darkness, as the movie was orginally presented in 3D IMAX in theatres and not screened theatrically in 2D for any IMAX showings durring its run.

59. SpaceBunny - August 21, 2014

People asked for this. While I imagine they felt it was worthwhile doing because enough someones would spend money on it, it’s still nice to see there are going to be more complete editions of the films.

I had read that they heard the concerns and disappointments over the previous separated releases and wanted to “make it up to fans” or some such. Obviously there’ll be people who won’t care or tell the difference, besides the more melodramatic types who have to stretch paragraphs out on why they loathe the new film(s) (whether they’ve actually seen it or not), but for everyone else who wants the complete films for their collection, this’ll be a boon.

This also gives me hope for The Motion Picture’s director’s cut making it to blu-ray someday, so I’m all for them going through this motion. That version of the film deserves to live on.

As for complaints on the rebate, I’m hoping no one expected to get this for free in recompense for the earlier releases. The rebate is a nice gesture, but that’s really as far as it goes. Either get it or don’t get it, use the rebate or don’t. It’s at least good for a small meal, I suppose.

60. Disinvited - August 21, 2014

#58. Levi T – August 21, 2014

I may be a little confused about some technological innovations IMAX developed outside of the IMAX format JJ chose, but I am not confused about that JJ was using what is consider “real” IMAX cameras which did not accommodate filming in 3D.


”Mindel upped the ante further by shooting about 40% of Star Trek Into Darkness in the huge 15-perf IMAX format, which captures a negative image nearly 10 times the area of a standard 35mm frame. Almost the entire story that unfolds outside the Enterprise spaceship was shot with IMAX cameras, usually mounted on Technocranes to facilitate movement. Some scenes were also shot 65mm 8-perf. In using the IMAX format on a narrative feature, Mindel and Abrams were following a trail blazed by Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister, ASC, BSC on The Dark Knight. In fact, Mindel and Abrams consulted with Nolan and Pfister, who encouraged them to go for it.

“Shooting IMAX was awesome,” says Mindel. “The footage is phenomenal. We saw printed dailies projected in a theater on a daily basis.”

In the finished film, the middle part of the more-square IMAX frame will be extracted and intercut with the widescreen, 2.35:1 anamorphic images. “Those scenes go supersaturated, because the color space is so good,” says Mindel. “The film sort of inhales the image. When you see it projected, it’s so soft and the colors are so deep. It’s stunning, and really moving. It’s a great way to work.” ” — KODAK

Also this theater is a Real IMAX film projecting one:


Note at the bottom, “Please note: All films at the Airbus IMAX Theater are presented in 2D.”


“Next Wednesday at 10:45 p.m., audiences will pack the IMAX theater at Udvar-Hazy to watch the newest installment of the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” franchise before anyone else. The film follows legendary BFFs Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) as they return to Earth, hunt the terrorist mastermind Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) and in classic Enterprise crew form, break a whole bunch of rules in the process.

Airbus IMAX Theater
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly
$15″ — Tim Regan / Friday, May 10th, 2013, “NorthernVirginia Magazine”

61. Disinvited - August 21, 2014

#58. Levi T – August 21, 2014

To eliminate any lingering doubts:


“Star Trek Into Darkness

Boldly go where no one has gone before in the Airbus IMAX Theater. Several scenes were shot with IMAX cameras and fill the theater’s six-story screen, immersing you in excitement. Visit the film’s website for showtimes and tickets.”

62. andré - August 21, 2014

I have both films in 3D. The second with no features. If they would have made their BD imax and features, downloadable for 5-10$ with a UPC of my product as ID, I would have paid for it. But that sheme of there’s (Having to buy the first film again) and the absolute insult for the ridiculous rebate…you can be sure I won’t buy it, neither will I encourage anyone to do so. That industry is cying there eyes out about piracy, then they do stupidity like that…well, what a better way to encourage it.

63. JR - August 21, 2014

@29… I think the re-vamps of Star Wars were more ‘add story’ and opportunites to remaster the orginals. The Trek versions have the corporate money-grab feel.

64. JRT! - August 21, 2014

LOL Harry! Sorry,but I actually LIKE the movies! lol. But of course,I’m not the biggest nitpicker when it comes to my entertainment. I enjoy it for what it is,s’all.

65. Shilliam Watner - August 21, 2014

I will not buy those movies a second time.

66. JimJ - August 23, 2014

Anyone ever hard of eBay? Get a deal on eBay when you originally bought the other two (or more)….then later, sell your old ones PLUS get the rebate. The only thing you have to buy now is The Compendium. It isn’t rocket science, people. Also, I just love how a certain faction of Star Trek “fans” always looks for an Into Darkness thread of any type so they can bash away and prove what “real fans” they are. To quote one of my favorite actresses: “So, if we’re done measuring dicks…” maybe we ought to just like whichever movies we like and stop complaining about the others. Not one single Star Trek movie is perfect. OMG, did I say that????

67. Lemingsworth Bint - August 23, 2014


68. Disinvited - August 23, 2014

##58. Levi T – August 21, 2014

And to really put this puppy to bed:


The Smithsonian’s own posting “Showing Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX” [no 3D] at the Airbus theater as of May 26, 2013 and that “IMAX 3D” didn’t arrive until May 31st to be exhibited in at the 3D upgraded Johnson IMAX.

And here:


on July 15, 2013 STID was on the Airbus roster with the Note: “All films at the Airbus IMAX Theater are presented in 2D.”

69. Chris Roberts - August 28, 2014

By the time Paramount are done, I’ll have never owned so many different versions of a film, which…
[leans forward and whispers confidentially]
…I didn’t really like.

If they released a version with a CGI Ricardo Montalban in it…

Sometimes being a fan bears a striking similarity to suffering from an illness.

70. Michael - August 30, 2014

I did purchase the Into Darkness 2 times? Canadian/.Best Buy, Target. BUT, I never triple dipped and bought it on iTunes for the commentary. This Compendium set interests me for the deleted scenes, commentary and especially IMAX presentation.

71. Michael - August 30, 2014

I still recall back in the day later on when TNG was being released on dvd season sets and about 3rd season(?) they started doing UK only bonus discs, not avail on USA releases, until DS9 / Voyager/Enterprise as USA Best Buy exclusives…..I paid HUGE $$$$ for them all on very hot and heavy ebay auction wars! Now my Blurays all have them ported over. I still saved those bonus discs, cuz I gave those TNG sets away to a friend recently.

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