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  1. Hey Anthony Red Dead Ryan is getting pretty insultive on the STID reviews article comments. Calling fans “nutjobs” and “talifans” are starting to go over the line. I am staying out of the conversation and ignoring (unsuccessfully) his responses to other posters but I think you need to be aware.

  2. The original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, beams down to Hollywood Cinemas over Memorial Day weekend hosting showings of Star Trek Into Darkness & Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.
    Shatner will be meeting fans, signing autographs & posing for professional photographs in our lobbies!

    Friday, May 24th at Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge
    Saturday, May 25th at Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville
    Sunday, May 26th at Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge

    Show times, tickets & information at

  3. 'Beach begging for help | May 28, 2013 at 5:36 pm | Reply


    Sorry to go running to ‘Dad’ so to speak, but there’s a handle on the Sticky by the name of William Bradley that is simply trolling and flaming. He is really dragging the whole vibe down. Despite pleas by myself and several others he will not relent in his childish name-calling…well, you get the picture.

    If you could look into it, all appreciation, sir…

  4. 'Beach with Hat in Hand | May 28, 2013 at 5:52 pm | Reply


    Maybe check out Admiral archer’s Prize Beagle. He’s busy egging the other one on tonight. I want to go on record saying how it pains me to ‘run and tell’. But they will not listen.

    May not be the first to ask this, but was there a BND reference in the movie and we just missed it?

  5. @ Matt Wright

    Thanks for stepping in on the Sticky. It was getting a bit ridiculous.

  6. Hey Anthony,

    I love the site and have been coming since 2006 (I think).

    Anyway, I have a suggestion I’d like to make. With all the talk about Star Trek Continues and fan films in general, I wonder if you might be willing to open a thread where people could go and just post their ideas for a new series. I’m sure every Trekker has an idea for a series and may like the opportunity to make a sort of mini-pitch to other fans. I personally would be very interested to see if someone could develop an idea for a truly inspired take on Trek rather than another rehash of the TOS formula.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and attention.

  7. This Trek film I thought was awesome. I was however confused about the Khan situation. I do not remember there being any reference to Khan’s blood being regenerative in the Wrath of Khan, although I will have to review this movie once again to see exactly how Kirk defeated Khan. I was also suprised by the scene in the engine room where Kirk died. This was almost identical to Spoks death in the older versions. In that version Spok died and was shot out to Genesis, the planet created by Kirk’s son. There he was brought back to life as a child, aging along with the planet. Except for those two areas of conflict, I totally enjoyed Into Darkness. I believe we have room for at least one more of the young Captain Kirk. He was much older in the original Trek movies. Certainly older than simply a five year mission when compared to how this young Kirk would age. I would totally enjoy another Star Trek movie. The attention to detail is refreshing and explains many things the other movies with Shatner do not.

  8. graham maners | July 18, 2013 at 6:54 am | Reply

    I really enjoy your site. However, I think maybe you are limiting yourself. Why not expand to provide the same excellent coverage of the Marvel universe. Between Star Trek, Marvel and general SF there is a lot to keep you going. One site with a tab for each

  9. Oh my word, Matt, can you PLEASE stop OtherGuy from being such an asshat? He’s trolling and flaming, big time. Like 20 posts being nasty and repeating himself. Sorry to run tell dat but honest to god, he’s worse than Wm Bradley gets. Bradley’s patronising as hell, but at least he doesn’t say F U and things like that.

    Just when I thought we had some good discussions going … OTHERGUY SHOWED UP.

  10. This is on the “After Darkness” thread BTW.

  11. Hi Matt, long time visitor, and thanks for keeping the site going. Been attempting to post on the next movie Director/wrier topic, but for some reason my post keeps getting deleted and not sure why. No insults or profanity contained, just some thoughts on what the next movie could be about. Have posted only once before, a year or so ago, though that was deleted also, so perhaps its something I’m doing incorrectly?

  12. just do an update about Star Trek: Renegades

    they are currently looking for crowd funding

  13. So just how long does it take to moderate a comment? Or maybe I am on a zero tolerance list or something?

  14. @ THX-1138 – Since you posted this two places I’ll respond to both places…

    There aren’t any comments needing moderation currently as I post this.

    It won’t appear at the bottom of the comments, it will go back in the order (by the submitted timestamp) of where it would have been when you initially submitted it. So it may quite a few up from the bottom.

  15. Matt, please wipe CHAT. It’s kind of a hassle to get to the latest comments. Thank you. And if you hear from Anthony, tell him we miss him.

  16. hi guys, here’s two articles that mention star trek into darkness
    one funny and one more controversial

    1) the funny one:
    in a recent Cosmopolitan issue Spock and Uhura promote safe sex :)
    you can see the article in the scans that a tumblr user has posted:

    2) the more serious and a bit controversial article:
    At minute 7:49 he mentions Uhura and the fact that fans call her unprofessional for her argument with Spock and yet they will always give a free pass to Kirk for his own arguments with Spock and his own moments (plenty) where he’s being even more unprofessional.
    This guy questions if perhaps the problem is not the writers and how they write the female character but the fans, in particular the fangirls and what seem to be faux feminist arguments, that have double standards when it comes to female characters especially women of color.
    It might be a fair counter argument (and different perspective to add) to the slightly biased and controversial article you have posted here that accused the writers of being sexist and criticized the female characters in the reboot.

  17. M5 Tie-In (Dr. Daystrom) | February 16, 2015 at 9:47 pm | Reply


    I just had an opportunity to view Blood and Fire (Parts 1 and 2) and was blown away by the scale of the production, quality of the acting, intensity of the storyline! You and the crew deserve praise for creating a first class movie. The currents in Blood and Fire pull the viewer right into the drama with force, and the emotions triggered by the storyline evoke strong feelings of empathy for the characters and their plight.

    One suggestion – I wish the distribution was broader so that more people could follow your team’s efforts. Since grade school, I’ve been a fan of TOS, and never found an interest in TNG. While convalescing after a shoulder accident, I stumbled on Phase II, and have shared my find with other fans of TOS. Many were unaware of Phase II. Please continue the mission of NCC-1701 for another ten years! While your efforts should be applauded by all fans, this fan offers you sincere thanks for continuing the five year mission and sharing Gene’s vision of the future!

    How can fans help?

  18. I don’t know who’s in charge of this site now, but to whoever it is, I don’t appreciate my comments being censored in chat. There was nothing wrong with me pointing out an article I had seen on Shatner. Maybe it was an automatic process done by the site content filtering software but in that case, you should validate that censored articles are indeed not appropriate and should be censored.

    What happens now is that longtime visitors to this site have their thoughts and opinions censored for no reason. Frankly, chat is the only reason I come to this site now, since you post mostly irrelevant articles and you do so only once or twice a month. Add to this, if you decide to be overzealous with chat censorship, I’ll just go elsewhere to get no Star Trek news.

    Remains to be seen now if you’ll also censor this complaint.

  19. Some sort of coverage on Shatner’s and the recently departed Nimoy’s birthdays would be timely.

  20. Captain America | May 22, 2015 at 8:50 pm | Reply

    How callous and unprofessional. I post on the “Red Shirt: Memorial Day attempt at humor my objection, as a veteran, pointing out that the sacrifice of brave men and women in real life are not to be filed under “humor”, and the admin for this site DELETES my posting. That’s pretty low and uncalled for,I think. Have you no honor or shame? You’ll no doubt delete this one as well which only demonstrates you can’t take criticism. Honor the service and sacrifice of the brave military service members who are memorialized by Memorial Day. How disappointing that an opinion such as mine was deemed to be unworthy of remaining on the site. How disappointing.

  21. I’m a contributor on the first Startrek Renegades movie. I paid 50.00 in January 2014 but never received the DVD to this date and when I asked Ethan Calk for a refund he refused to reply. This is not the way to build a loyal fan base and I will never give them another penny. They truly run their company like a renegade and can’t be trusted to fulfill their obligations.

  22. Time to flip CHAT! It’s been one year since the last flip-over.


    Scotty had his already. Chris Doohan accepted the honor a week or so ago.

  24. Praetor Tal | May 13, 2016 at 6:26 am | Reply

    What, no obit for William Schallert (Nilz Baris)?

  25. Steve Parker | June 18, 2016 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    There is a review of the new Star Trek Continues episode on this site. I posted a brief negative comment concerning the quality of the acting in that series. It was deleted by the moderator without being published. I posted another comment questioning whether only positive comments were allowed and the same thing happened: deletion by moderator. So what gives? Is this a fluff site that only allows positive opinions about anything related to Star Trek?

    • Nothing was deleted, it was in moderation since the system hadn’t seen you post before. FYI: you’ve now posted with three different combinations of names and e-mails, that means each time you’re a new person to the commenting system.

  26. Star Trek: Beyond, is listed under the movie’s tab as having an August release day for Russia. Here in Russia, all the information is pointing to July 21st (same as Ukraine).

  27. HEROES & ICONS to air all STAR TREK series’ episodes complete and unedited down to fit modern commercial “hours”:

  28. I know. this may not be the place, but you didn’t make an article on it yet.

    I am 44 yrs old, watched TNG, ds9 & voyager, and all movie countless times. The OS a couple of times. Star Trek Beyond is not a star trek movie. It sucked. sure great software and effects were used, gr8 action scifi. Just not a star trek movie… .

  29. Hi guys, thought you might be interested in this history of visual effects in Star Trek article:

  30. In the Q2 Results Earnings teleconference Moonves says STAR TREK-DISCOVERY is already profitable:

  31. just wondering how to contact you guys to show off my star trek bridge basement?

  32. Lewis Brackett | August 16, 2016 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    In light of the latest ruling by the galactic tyrants at CBS Paramount; Its past time we Trek fans create our own starship universe!!!
    Outside of the Star Trek universe… I am a scribbler and an writing the 1st episode
    for a new series… Anyone out there interested?

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