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A Look Back at The 10 Most Popular Star Trek Stories of 2015 January 1, 2016

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,List,Trek Franchise , comments closed


As we greet a brand new 2016, we say Q’Plah! to our dear friend 2015 with a look back at TrekMovie’s most popular articles of the year.

This Week In Star Trek: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Trek vs Wars + Lindelof Says Khan Secret ‘Mistake’ + New Trek Merch December 4, 2015

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Great Links,This Week In Trek , comments closed


While we wait for the first Star Trek Beyond teaser to drop, let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Trek this week around the web.

Great Links: Star Trek meets Storage Wars + Chief O’Brien Comicstrip + Picard Facepalm Cookies + more September 28, 2014

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed


The Great Links column is back again with tons of Star Trek in the zeitgeist fun, including showing up in this week’s episode of Star Wars. Watch a clip of that plus learn how to make Picard Facepalm cookies, experience the comicstrip ennui of Chief O’Brien’s boring job, listen to Philly morning drive DJ’s talk Trek, see Klingon Ballerinas (really) and much more.


‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Team Building Event Sparks Federal Investigation September 26, 2014

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed


Last May some of the people who work for NOAA took the afternoon off for a team building exercise to attend a matinee of Star Trek Into Darkness. The event resulted in a government investigation and (just released) 21-page report. Get the details below.


Watch: Scottish Leader Alex Salmond Warns Of ‘Wrath of Khan’ Voters September 24, 2014

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed


Once again politics and Star Trek are intersecting. This time it is the (soon to be former) Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who thinks those who voted no in last week’s Scottish Independence referendum may have buyer’s remorse akin to a certain genetic superman from the future.


‘Spock Candidate’ Wants Brazil To ‘Vida longa e próspera’ September 22, 2014

by Diego Rzatki , Filed under: Fandom,Great Links,Trek Franchise , comments closed


Another example of Star Trek intersecting with politics has cropped up, this time in Brazil. A rather eccentric hopeful in the October elections has been deemed the "Spock Candidate" by the Brazilian media. TrekMovie’s Brazil correspondent talked to the Gravuni to find out more.


GreatLinks: Starship Infographic, Takei Gets Clickholed, Star Trek Fans Mapped, Kirk v Internet + more September 16, 2014

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed


TrekMovie is bringing back "Great Links," our regular look at Star Trek in the zietgesit. See below for some of the places where Star Trek has been showing up.


See What Star Trek TOS Would Have Looked Like In Widescreen Cinerama September 10, 2014

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,TOS,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed


Star Trek was born on TV and well before HD so it has always been set in the rather narrow standard TV ratio, even on Blu-ray. But an intrepid fan has stitched together some screencaps to envision what the show could have looked like in widescreen, check out some examples below.


Canadian Town Of Vulcan Seeking $2 Billion To Start Building Actual USS Enterprise (OK, not really) August 21, 2014

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Great Links , comments closed


The people of Vulcan, Alberta Canada are hoping to build Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Not a model, but the real thing. There is even a $2 Billion crowdfunding effort to "Help Vulcan Alberta Build the USS Enterprise." TrekMovie talked to the people behind the effort to find out what is going on here.


‘Klingon Candidate’ Running For US Senate In North Carolina August 8, 2014

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed


A North Carolinian is hoping to bring some Klingon honor to the US Senate.  David Waddell, who gained notoriety earlier this year for writing a resignation letter in Klingon, is now running for the US Senate. More Star Trek meets politics details below.


Survey: US Workers Want Kirk & Picard For Bosses July 13, 2014

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed


In a new university survey, US workers picked two Star Trek captains above other fictional bosses for who would be most inspiring. Get the full results below, plus vote in our latest polls.


Delaware TV Station To FCC: Star Trek Re-Runs Address Local Community Issues July 7, 2014

by Brian Drew , Filed under: Great Links,TOS,Trek Franchise , comments closed


A television station found a novel way to adhere to FCC "public interest" regulations by claiming that airing certain episodes of Star Trek and some other re-runs are "matters of importance" to their local community. Find out how Star Trek is informing the citizens of Wilmington, Delaware below.


Great Links: Quark Meets the Apocalypse + Sir Patrick Lobster + Spock’s Space Fun Helmet + More November 2, 2013

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed

Has it been a week already? Believe it or not, it’s already time for another Great Links. This week in Trek on the Web: Armin Shimerman Kickstarts the Apocalypse; Sir Patrick Stewart in his most challenging role yet: a lobster; play Star Trek with the Official Spock Space Fun Helmet; and MORE!


Great Links: Zach Quinto in Xbox One Ad + Picardo Tweets + NSFWorf + Victoria’s Trek Secret + Ode to Spot Art + More October 26, 2013

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed

The great thing about the internet is that there’s always more new stuff to see, laugh at, or be disgusted by. This week’s Great Links brings you some of the best Trek stuff floating around the interwebs this week. Read Robert Picardo’s tweets (with pics of his Trek co-stars), a comic that redefines the meaning of NSFW, see Victoria’s Secret’s new line of Trek-inspired tops, and buy your very own sleeveless Trekkie innuendo tee shirt.

Star Trek/Star Wars Gags Abound On April Fool’s Day 2013 April 1, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Great Links,Humor,Shatner , comments closed

It’s April Fool’s Day and so people and sites across the interweb are having some fun, and there are a few cases where Star Trek is part of the gag. And this year it seems JJ Abrams cross-franchise work has inspired a lot of Star Wars/Star Trek gags. See below for a roundup of the Star Trek April Fool’s Day pranks 

Great Links: Spock Advice For 60s Troubled Teen + Uhura v Slave Leia + Google Making Trek Real + more March 17, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links , comments closed

TrekMovie’s column looking at Star Trek in the zeitgeist has returned. This week’s Great Links has Leonard Nimoy offering Spock-ish advice to a "teenage outcast in 1968, Google inspired by Star Trek (again), The Big Bang Theory getting early Trek toys, Uhura taking on Slave Leia, Star Trek fighting for Best Sci-Fi TV show, and more. Check it all out below.  

Watch: Preview Of Big Bang Theory Guys In Star Trek TNG Costumes January 7, 2013

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,TNG,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed

On Thursday the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory will once again venture into the world of Star Trek. This time it features the characters dressing up in Star Trek: Next Generation costumes and headed out on a road trip to a convention. Check out a video preview and image from the episode below.


Star Trek Trailer Fuels New Speculation + Watch Into Darkness/TOS Mashup + New Villain Poll December 7, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,Star Trek Into Darkness,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed

The new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer has sparked a lot of comments and speculation here and across the web. Some of that speculation has already morphed into the first mashup of the trailer. Some sees clues in wardrobe and even hairstyles. See below for a breakdown of some of the bigger recurring themes of the Star Trek Into Darkness Speculation Game around the web – and watch the new Gary Mitchell Mashup.


Watch: Daily Show & Colbert Report Go Star Trek (Again) + Futurama Too June 28, 2012

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,Humor,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed

Colbert and Stewart are Trekking again. Over the last couple of nights both of Comedy Central’s late night shows have thrown out Star Trek references. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart seems to have Wrath of Khan on their mind, while the Colbert Report sees the president as a Vulcan. Watch the clips below (if you live in the USA). Also this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s Futurama had a brief Trek reference, a screenshot of that below as well.


Happy Captain Picard Day June 16, 2012

by Staff , Filed under: Great Links,Humor,TNG , comments closed

Like First Contact Day (April 5) and Anniversary Day (September 8), today is a special Star Trek holiday. In future history June 16th will be celebrated on the USS Enterprise(s) commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard. How are you celebrating Picard Day 2012.

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