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Nimoy & Orci Comment On President Obama’s Similarities to Spock

There has been much written connecting President Barack Obama to Star Trek, spurred on by Obama’s own references to the franchise. In a new feature article today, the AP draws a specific comparison between the President and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. The article also has comments from the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, and Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci, excerpts below.

Viral Video Leads To ‘Klingon Empire’ Website

The Klingons were created in the 60s to be the Star Trek stand-ins for the Cold War ‘Red Menace’. This week an impressive new video was uploaded to YouTube titled ‘Klingon Propaganda’, which runs with the notion by creating a motivational cartoon from the Klingon perspective in the style of 20th century Communist Propaganda. And it is so well-made, it raises the question as to whether or not it is ‘Fan Made’ or something more.

Great Links: Big Bang Theory Treks (Again) + Anime Enterprise + ISS Talks To Vulcan + more

Once again we take a look at Star Trek in the zeitgeist. This week a Great Links favorite, The Big Bang Theory, returned for a new Season, with tons of Star Trek fun. We have details below, plus ISS Astronauts talking to Vulcans, the return of "THIS IS A DISASTER!", Starships as Anime characters, and much more, including the latest Trek ref on Colbert Report.

Great Links: Ghostbusters 3 via ST09 + She Worf + Warehouse 13 Trekked (again) + Kirk v Alien + more

The new Star Trek movie has inspired so much, and now apparently it may help bring back the Ghostbusters. Star Trek is also inspiring the producers of Warehouse 13 who have gone three episodes in a row with Trek refs. We have video of that below, plus Star Trek 2009 on anime trial, Kirk v Alien and Wof as you have never seen him.

Great Links: Everybody Loves Star Trek Edition

2009 is certainly a year which has Star Trek on the ascendancy. In this week’s Great Links, we can see more and more examples of how people are out there showing their love for the final frontier. Up this week we have a big time director, beautiful women, and a new TV show, all showing their love. If only we can get Takei and Shatner to share the love (more on that below too).

Great Links: Star Trek vs Everyone Else Edition

This week’s Great Links is all about the conflict of the franchises, with Star Trek taking on all comers. First we have another one of those 100 Best Sci-Fi lists (with some Trekness of course), then we have early voting on the best of 2009, another flare-up in the Star Wars v Star Trek war, and then some signs that the end of the war may be in sight.

Viacom Chief Touts Star Trek As ‘Unqualified Blockbuster’ As Film Reaches $380M Globally

The Star Trek box office performance is almost in the history books, but the film is still out there and has finally hit the $380M globally. Yesterday Viacom’s CEO touted the film to investors as a ‘unqualified blockbuster’ and talked up the future profit potential of Trek as well. Details and the latest box office below, plus another Star Trek musical interlude.

More Star Trek Oscar Buzz (w/ Abrams Response) + Weekend Box Office + more

The talk these days seems to be moving on to the Blu-ray release and the sequel, but JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is still in theaters, and still making news. Today’s ST09 Tidbits brings you Entertainment Weekly’s prediction that Trek will be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar (and a comment from Abrams). Plus we have the latest box office data and more.

Star Trek Passes $370M + Studio Chief (& Orci & Kurtzman) Talk Trek Future + Urban’s Big Mouth

Star Trek just finished its 8th weekend in general release and it is still in the top 10 for ticket sales. We have all the latest box office details below, plus the head of Paramount talking up the future of the franchise. We also have more from Bob and Alex and Karl Urban getting a mouth full.

Star Trek Shows Up At Country Music Awards

As the number one movie in America, Star Trek seems to be working its way into all demographics. It showed up at the MTV Movie Awards, The Kids Choice Awards, and was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards. And last night Star Trek worked its way into the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards. Check it out below, plus find out what Star Trek star picked up a CMT award.

Star Trek Nominated For 5 Teen Choice Awards + Chris Pine’s HS Yearbook Photo + BO Update

In another possible sign of the resurgence of the franchise, the new Star Trek movie has been nominated for five Teen Choice Awards. The film itself received a Best Movie nomination, along with nods for a number of the actors. All the details below, including how you can vote, plus we have a look at Chris Pine’s high school yearbook photo and the latest box office update.

NYC Mayoral Candidate Talks Star Trek – Is Trek The New Thing In Politics?

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. a candidate for mayor for the largest city in America and, as revealed in an article to day in the New York Times, he is also a Trekkie. The article also reveals that he has the support of none other than the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. Thompson joins what seems to be a growing list of Trekkie politicians.  

ST09 Tidbits: Trek Crosses $225M Domestically + Bana Reluctant Nero + NASA’s Lesson From Trek + more

Before it finished its fifth week at the domestic box office, Star Trek crossed the $225M mark yesterday. We have all the box office details below, plus the Trek lesson of the day (this time for NASA), Eric Bana talking about how he was reluctant to take the role of Nero, and a student project envisioning the Star Trek movie inside a mobile device.

ST09 Tidbits: Orci On Shatner Scene + Kirk Babies + Star Trek Inspires Star Wars Reboot? + more

Star Trek has passed the one old month mark, but it still makes news. Today we have a collection of tidbits from video of Bob Orci talking Shatner (and wearing a funny hat), some details on the baby Kirk, Star Trek inspiring people to think of a Star Wars reboot, and more, including the latest box office numbers.

ST09 Tidbits: Ryder For More Trek + Star Trek Tech + More Trek Baseball + Fri Box Office

The Star Trek movie is now in its fifth weekend, but it still makes news. We have some new comments from Winona Ryder on what she would like to do in Trek next. Plus the latest box office has Trek topping a new chart. We also have some new interviews cover some of the technology behind making Star Trek and another baseball team going to the final frontier.

TrekMovie After Dark: Trek XXX, Mr. Skin Trek, Trek Corsets & ST09 Erotic FanFic

In the last few days a few things have come across the desk at TrekMovie HQ which are a bit on the risqué side, but we still wanted to share them with you all. So tonight we have a special ‘After Dark’ feature, including a clips from Star Trek XXX, Mr. Skin taking a look at Star Trek celebrities, plus Star Trek corsets and new ST09 erotic fanfic.  [warning article contains adult themes]

ST09 Tidbits (Superman Edition): Winona As Jor-El? JJ For Next Superman? + more

When you saw Winona Ryder’s Amanda in the new Star Trek movie was your first thought about how much she reminded you of Jor-El from Superman The Movie? Well we have her thoughts on that, plus Kevin Smith talking about how Star Trek proves JJ Abrams is the man for the next Superman, plus a scientific look at Krypton Vulcan, and more.

Trek Tidbits: Church’s Jellyfish + JJ Talks Success + Bob & Alex Talk Sequel + Trek In Space + more

Star Trek is headed into is third weekend and yet it still makes news. First off we have a new image from Ryan Church of Spock’s ship. Also JJ is talking about how he thinks they made the film a success and Bob and Alex are talking (a little) about the sequel. Plus Star Trek is back in space, on the Jimmy Fallon show and even inspiring parenting advice and more.

JJ Abrams Responds To Fan Theories + Star Trek #1 At Wed. B.O. + more tidbits [UPDATED]

Are there hidden messages in the new Star Trek movie, some fans think so and so JJ Abrams has actually replied to some in a new interview. See below for more, plus in our latest box office update, more Pine gossip, and links where some are taking some lessons from Star Trek. [UPDATE: Star Trek is adding more screens for third weekend]

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