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Watch Marching Bands Playing Star Trek Music January 1, 2010

by John Tenuto , Filed under: List,Music , comments closed

Today is a day for college football bowl games, and that means half time shows. What does this have to do with Star Trek? Well one of the signs of the impressive return of Star Trek to the mainstream in 2009, was the music of Star Trek being played by marching bands at college and high school football games. Below we have some of the examples from this season.


Happy New Year December 31, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: List, , comments closed

2009 has a been a great year for Star Trek. The new Star Trek movie is just part of an overall resurgence of Trek with a new kind of enthusiasm. So tonight Trekkies should go out and celebrate the year that was, and look forward to a bright future for Star Trek. The staff at wishes all of you a happy new year. And for those imbibing on this evening, TrekMovie reposts our previous guide to Trek’s greatest moments in drinking!


TrekIn09: Best Star Trek Fan Productions Of 2009

by Staff , Filed under: Fan Productions,List , comments closed

Star Trek fans don’t just sit around and wait for the next thing to come from CBS and Paramount, many of them like to ‘roll their own’. Today TrekMovie picks our favorite audio and video Star Trek fan productions of 2009.


TrekIn09: Best Star Trek Home Video (& Audio) of 2009

by Staff , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,List,Music , comments closed

2009 has been a huge year for home video releases so instead of lumping them in with our Best Merchandise of 2009 they get their own article that picks the best of the various releases for the year. 


TrekIn09: Top Star Trek Celebrity Stories Of 2009

by Staff , Filed under: Celebrity,List , comments closed

The celebrity stars of Star Trek, past and present, are just the gifts that keep on giving. As we continue our year end retrospective today we take a look at the top Star Trek celebrity moments and stories from 2009. 


Merry Trekmas December 25, 2009

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Today is Christmas a time to come together as a family. The team at want to thank all the visitors for coming here to our home on the web today and all year, and we wish you a very Merry Trekmas (and Christmas). Below we have collected some Christmas videos from each of the Star Trek TV families.


TrekIn09: Best Star Trek Merchandise of 2009 December 24, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: List,Merchandise , comments closed

It seems appropriate for today’s entry in our look back at Star Trek in 2009, to focus on the year of Trek merchandise.  Because of the renewed interest in Star Trek and the promotion of the new feature film, 2009 was a banner year for Star Trek collectibles. It was difficult to choose, but we have made the calls and present the Best Trek Merchandise for 2009.


TrekIn09: Star Trek Buzzwords of 2009 December 23, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: List,Merchandise,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , comments closed

Today TrekMovie begins its annual look back at the Star Trek year that was. We are going to start off by doing our own version of the NY Times tradition of the ‘buzzwords‘ of the year. These are the words and phrases that became part of the lexicon here and with the fans when talking about Star Trek in 2009.


Happy Treksgiving November 26, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: DS9,List,TOS,Trek Franchise , comments closed

The future history of Star Trek introduced us to many new holidays, like the Federation’s First Contact Day, the Klingon Day of Honor and the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. However, some current holidays persisted into the future, including the American holiday of Thanksgiving, with its traditional meal.


Star Trek Turns 43 September 8, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: List,Trek Franchise , comments closed

It was 43 years ago today when Star Trek was born, or at least when it aired its first episode on NBC. Since that time Star Trek has been through a lot with ups and downs along the way. Today we take a trip down memory lane, counting the years since Star Trek was new.  


7 Trekkie Suggestions For 4th of July Activities July 3, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: List , comments closed

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, a day for Americans to celebrate their independence as a nation and a people. TrekMovie has some suggestions on how Trekkies can celebrate the holiday, including joining George Takei at a fireworks show, seeing Chris Pine demonstrate democracy, re-enacting "The Omega Glory" and more. 


A Father’s Day Tribute To The Dads Of The Star Trek Movie June 21, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: List,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

For a movie that promised not to be "your father’s Star Trek," the new Star Trek film sure has a lot of fathers in it. Today on Father’s Day, celebrates the dads of the new Star Trek.


20 Facts About Star Trek V: The Final Frontier June 14, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Feature Films (TMP-NEM),List , comments closed

TrekMovie finishes out our 20th anniversary coverage of Star Trek V The Final Frontier with 20 fun facts all about William Shatner’s turn in the director’s chair.


The Collective: New Star Trek Gift Ideas for Mothers Day May 9, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: List,Merchandise , comments closed

Looking for the perfect last minute Mother’s Day present for your Trekkie Mom? Like the Enterprise itself, The Collective saves the day with gift ideas, including news about the newest Star Trek licensee, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and some collectible items available at movie theaters.


TrekMovie’s Guide To Kirk Fu April 19, 2009

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Humor,List,TOS , comments closed

We’ve seen some of the new Captain Kirk’s fighting sprit in some of the new trailers, and according to his Dossier, the new Kirk is an instructor in hand-to-hand combat. This all fits with grand Star Trek history, and so with that in mind, TrekMovie has taken a look back at the original Kirk fight moves in a little something we like to call: TrekMovie’s official guide to Kirk-Fu.


A History Of Star Trek Movie Titles March 15, 2009

by Thorsten Wulff , Filed under: Feature Films (TMP-NEM),List,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS , comments closed

One of the new elements of the Star Trek trailer that premiered last week was a new logo, which was actually introduced by Paramount a week before (launching an big discussion). Today TrekMovie takes a look at the history of Star Trek title fonts from TOS through to the past movies to today.


Great Lists: UGO Ranks Trek Babes + More New Trekified Lists January 28, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,List , comments closed

Who are the ultimate Star Trek babes? This deep and profound question has been debated from basements, to dorm rooms to couches across the world for decades. Today friend-of-the-site Jordan Hoffman of UGO has taken up the challenge with their list of Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women. So in a ‘Great Lists’ edition of our Great Links column, we look at that and other new Trekified lists.

(more…) Celebrates Martin Luther King Day January 19, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: List,TOS,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a day when Americans celebrate the life of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And today TrekMovie takes a look at how the man and his message impacted the world of Star Trek.


Trekkies of the Year – 2008 January 3, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: Fandom,List , comments closed

Over the last week has been looking back at 2008 and and picking the highs (and some of the lows of the year). Today in the last installment of our 2008 retrospective, we pick the ‘Trekkies of the Year.’


Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Fan & Independent Productions January 1, 2009

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Fan Productions,List , comments closed

Yesterday we covered the best ‘official’ Star Trek productions from Paramount, CBS and the official licensees, but they are not the only ones putting out content for Trek fans. Many other fans (and professionals) produce Star Trek for you viewing, listening and reading pleasure and here are our favorites for the year..

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