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TrekInk: March Star Trek IDW Previews + Catching up with Star Trek comics December 17, 2012

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IDW has released their March previews for Star Trek comics and we have the covers and details for you below. Plus TrekMovie catches up on some of the other recent Star Trek comic news to get you up to speed. There has been a lot of activity, including a stunning collection of Star Trek newspaper strips. Spoilers ahead.


Exclusive: Cumberbatch, Pine, Quinto, Urban & Cho Talk ‘Into Darkness’ And Future Star Treks December 14, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,ST09 Cast,ST: Into Darkness Sequel,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

At the Bad Robot press day, TrekMovie had time to quickly chat with some of the stars of Star Trek Into Darkness. Find out what Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and John Cho had to say about the movie. I also asked all the regular crew if they will stick around past the three contracted movies.


More Into Darkness Junket Videos W/ Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Cho, Urban, Abrams, Eve and Cumberbatch December 13, 2012

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More video interview clips have emerged from the Star Trek Into Darkness junket. This evening we have Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Karl Urban, JJ Abrams and Benedict Cumberbatch talking to Entertainment Tonight, plus more clips of Cumberbatch with Access Hollywood. There is also a warp speed video of cast naming favorite episodes, aliens and villains. Watch it all below.


Exclusive: Kurtzman On Villain Testing Crew + Lindelof On Changes 3D Brings To Trek + Abrams On Next Project

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TrekMovie had the opportunity to briefly chat with some of the people behind the camera for Star Trek Into Darkness at a cocktail reception at Bad Robot this week. Today we present Alex Kurtzman talking about the importance of the villain in the film and where the crew is on their arc. Also Damon Lindelof talks about how 3D has changed things this time around. And finally JJ Abrams talks about what he will do after Into Darkness


Watch: Cumberbatch and Quinto Reveal Into Darkness Villain Details + Chris Pine Talks Kirk Romance & More December 12, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

There are more MTV video interviews with Star Trek actors to share. Benedict Cumberbatch reveals some actual details about his villain character and Zachary Quinto reveals some more. Plus Chris Pine talks about whether or not Kirk has time for love in the new Star Trek Into Darkness. We also learn a bit more about Alice Eve’s character. Find out all the goodies below. SPOILER ALERT.


Watch: JJ Abrams Talks Into Darkness Villain + Says Movie Not Made Just For Trek Fans December 11, 2012

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Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams isn’t spilling all the beans but he did a video interview where he talked a bit about the villain in his new film and his motivation. He also talked about how (like with his 2009 movie) his focus was to make Star Trek Into Darkness work with all movie fans and not just Trek fans. Excerpts and video below (minor spoilers).


Exclusive: Kurtzman & Orci Talk Reveal Of ‘Into Darkness’ Villain Name

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Into Darkness character finally got a name, but this name didn’t exactly line up with what we had been lead to believe about the character. Luckily TrekMovie had a chance to dig deeper into this by talking to two of the film’s screenwriters: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. See what they had to say, but again beware of spoilers.


First Impressions Of Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Preview + JJ Abrams Talks ‘Darkness’ December 9, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

Tonight I had the honor to be invited to a special preview presentation of the opening 9-minute prologue from Star Trek Into Darkness which will be showing at IMAX 3D screenings of the Hobbit next weekend. A detailed play-by-play will be held until next weekend but I can report on comments from JJ Abrams, share my first impressions of seeing IMAX 3D Trek, and go into a bit of minor spoilers (at end of the article).


Pegg Teases Star Trek Trailer Speculation + Saldana Talks Cumberbatch’s Sexy Voice [+ New Zoe PHOTOS] December 7, 2012

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The big news this week is the Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer. And now two of the films stars are talking (a little) about it. Zoe Saldana weighs in on the sexiness of costar and villain Benedict Cumberbatch, whereas Simon Pegg seems to be enjoying sitting back and watching all the wild speculation. More details below plus photos of Zoe from an awards event last night. 


Abrams: Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX Is Mind-Blowing December 3, 2012

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Before JJ Abrams jetted off to Tokyo to show the Japanese press some of Star Trek: Into Darkness on IMAX, the producer/director showed up at an event celebrating 100 episodes of Fringe over the weekend. While there Abrams spoke a bit about how the Star Trek Into Darkness footage is "mind-blowing." More details below.   

Watch: Zachary Quinto Reveals Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Clip’ On Conan

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Remember a couple of months ago when JJ Abrams went onto Conan to make the big reveal a few frames of Star Trek Into Darkness? Well not to be undone, tonight Zachary Quinto appeared on Conan and showed his own entire special ‘clip’ from the movie. And you can watch the whole thing below. 

Abrams To Promote ‘Into Darkness’ In Japan (& Beyond?) + Paramount Announces Int’l Release Dates

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Once again director JJ Abrams is going global and taking footage on the road to help build buzz for his new movie. JJ will be in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday meeting with the press and showing off the preview of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie which will be shared with the public with IMAX screenings of The Hobbit, starting December 14th. More details on that below, plus Paramount has announced the international release dates for Into Darkness

Pine: William Shatner’s Kirk More Iconic Than Ford/Baldwin/Affleck’s Ryan November 26, 2012

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Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine is currently shooting on another big role for Jack Ryan. In a new interview promoting Rise of the Guardians, Pine discussed the differences in stepping into Jack Ryan’s shoes to Kirk’s space boots, noting how William Shatner is more iconic. Watch the video bellow.


Check Out The New Movie Universe’s Mirror Universe In 7-page Preview Of Star Trek Comic #15 November 20, 2012

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doctorTomorrow Issue 15 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe hits comic book stores. This issue begins a new two-part story that takes the new Alternate Universe into the Mirror Alternate universe. Check out a 7-page preview of the issue below.


Rumor: Into Darkness Quinto’s Last Star Trek? Unlikely [UPDATE: ZQ Tweets 'Simmer Down'] November 18, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ST09 Cast,ST: Into Darkness Sequel , comments closed

Looks like we have another ‘will Zachary Quinto return to the role of Spock?’ scare going on. In a new interview promoting his work on American Horror Story, Zach said something which could (if viewed in a certain way) be interpreted as possibly saying he might not return for a third Trek film, following Star Trek Into Darkness.


Abrams Not Interested In Directing Star Wars VII – Planning New Original Project November 13, 2012

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Since the recent announcement that Disney had acquired LucasFilm and they were moving forward with a new Star Wars film trilogy there has been a lot of speculation about who will be involved in these projects. One name that has come up is JJ Abrams. In a new interview the Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director says he has another idea for his next project. Details below. 


TrekInk Review: Star Trek #13 September 21, 2012

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics,Review,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS , comments closed

IDW Publishing presents a one-shot issue of their ongoing Star Trek series this week. Star Trek #13 features Cupcake in a poignant tale of what it really means to wear a red shirt in service to Starfleet. Spoilers and more after the break.


Karl Urban Talks ‘Character-Driven’ Star Trek Sequel + How He Approached Role Of McCoy September 7, 2012

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Karl Urban is back on the big screen in a couple of weeks, starring in the new Judge Dredd movie. While doing publicity he is trying hard to not talk about his role as Dr. McCoy in the 2013 Star Trek sequel, but some bits are sneaking through. Below we have some excerpts from recent interviews, plus the latest Dredd commercial. 


TrekInk: Review of Star Trek #12, November solicits, and comics news roundup August 24, 2012

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics,History,Magazine,Review,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

Scotty’s unauthorized transwarp beaming research comes back to haunt him with a furry vengeance in Star Trek #12. Meanwhile, IDW Publishing solicits more Star Trek comics for November 2012 and TrekMovie rounds up recent comics news. Some spoilers after the break.


Watch: Patrick Stewart Scalping Olympic Tickets With Simon Pegg In Funnny or Die Video August 9, 2012

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The only Star Trek TV captain not appearing at this week’s Star Trek con in Las Vegas is Patrick Stewart. And now we know why. It appears that Mr. Stewart is too busy in London making big money as an Olympics tickets scalper (or touter as they say across the pond). Watch the new Funny or Die video with Sir Patrick below, which also feature’s Star Trek’s Simon Pegg.

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