TOS-R Preview

First Look: Preview for Star Trek Remastered “The Cage” Airing Next Weekend

In the first weekend of May, the final new episode for the Star Trek Remastered series in syndication will finally air. Just in time for the buzz around the new Star Trek movie, comes the remastered version of the first pilot for the Star Trek TV series, "The Cage". CBS has given TrekMovie a first look at the promo trailer, check it out below.

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TOS-R Producers Talk “Ultimate Computer” and Share New Images

EXCLUSIVE: This weekend on the digitally remastered Star Trek airing in syndication we will be treated to a brand new version of "The Ultimate Computer." This effects-heavy episode features the USS Enterprise facing off against four Federation Starships in a wargame that turns deadly. The TOS-R producers talked exclusively with about the episode and also shared some new preview images.