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Eyeing new episodes, New Voyages launches 2015 Kickstarter June 13, 2015

by Bill Watters , Filed under: Fan Fiction,Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II , comments closed

c0a9444a13c8d1d6c36f2cacacfaade0_originalStar Trek: New Voyages/Phase II has been going strong for 13 years now, and it feels like they are just hitting their full stride. With nine full episodes under their belt and three more in various stages of production they’re turning back to the fans to help them keep moving along at warp speed with a fresh Kickstarter campaign.


D.C. Fontana To Judge Star Trek Fan Fiction Contest May 16, 2010

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Star Trek Fan fiction has been around since the first Star Trek series began in the 60’s, and now aspiring authors have an opportunity to have their stories critiqued by one of the original writers for Star Trek, Dorothy ‘D.C.’ Fontana. The ‘Starfleet’ Star Trek fan club has announced their second creative writing contest will be judged by Fontana, details below.


Wil Wheaton’s Shatner and Stewart Impersonations July 5, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Fiction,Humor,TNG , comments closed

Things are progressing over at the Kirk v Picard Script Writing Contest. They are about half way through and just picked the round two scene. finalists. In a new video Wil Wheaton actually acts out some of the moments from the round one finalists, including part of a scene written by contributor James Heaney (wowbagger). Wheaton hams it up, but also pokes some good fun at Wesley.  

Is Wil trying out to be the new Kirk? Keep track of the goings on at the Official Blog (run by yours truly)

Guardian Premise Selected for Kirk v Picard ‘Fanisode’ Contest June 20, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Fiction , comments closed

The votes are in and the ‘Guardian of Forever’ premise is the clear winner and will be the jumping off point for the Star Trek Kirk vs Picard fan fiction contest (I am sure it was the endorsement from Now that they have the device that brings Kirk and Picard together in conflict, mission director Andre Bormanis has set up the first ‘scene mission’ for the writers. The scene starts on the Guardian planet with Kirk and crew dealing with a freaking out Guardian causing serious problems in the space time continuum…and soon enough Picard and the Enterprise D show up. On the official blog for the event, Bormanis explains why he chose to have it start with Kirk. I sincerely hope there are some readers who are participating in this event as writers, and even as reviewers (either way you can win some prizes). I should note that after I covered the event in my previous article and interview with Bormans, I got to talking to the FanLib people they asked me to build and run the official blog for the event.

Premise Choices for Kirk v Picard Revealed – Include Khan and Guardian of Forever June 13, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Fiction , comments closed

The official site for the ‘fanisode’ writing contest ‘Kirk v Picard’ when live this afternoon. ‘Mission Director’ Andre Bormanis has laid out four choices as a possible premise for what has brought Captains Kirk and Picard together. One has Kirk appearing in cryongenic chamber in Picard’s time, another has Kirk and Picard both meet in present day Earth, another has Picard discover Khan (from Star Trek II) has destroyed the UFP in an altered timeline. The most intriguing (and the one leading the polls) involves the Guardian of Forever (from TOS "City on the Edge of Forever") malfuctioning/going crazy and sending out time quakes that bring Kirk and Picard together. The conflict rises from Kirk wanting to destroy the Guardian before it causes more damage and Picard defending it because it is a sentient life form. This set up is clearly made to show character differences between the action oriented Kirk against the cerebral Picard. For more details and voting check out the official site, or watch the premise videos with Wil Wheaton and George Takei. The winning premise will be chosen by June 19th, leading to the first ‘mission’ for potential writers.

New Official Fan Fiction Contest Pits Kirk and Picard June 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Fiction,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Star Trek fans have been creating their own stories since as far back as the 60s. Some of these fan writers have even got their work published. The first of these compilations was "The New Voyages" in 1976. For the last decade Pocket Books has issued a series of fan fiction compilations starting with "Strange New Worlds" in 1998, but that all comes to an end next month with the final planned book "Strange New Worlds 10."  However, CBS have just announced a new deal with for web-based fan fiction contest called ‘Kirk v Picard.’ The contest will have fans collaborate to write a script for an ‘episode’ of the ultimate captain showdown with the help of a virtual showrunner in the form of VOY/DS9 science adviser and ENT writer and story editor Andre Bormanis. The contest site goes live Wednesday June 13th [UPDATE: Site is now Live] and talked to Bormanis about the project.

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