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JG Hertzler Joins Star Trek Renegades Cast – Project Just $25K Short Of Kickstarter Goal November 19, 2012

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In September TrekMovie reported that Tim Russ and Walter Koenig were reprising their Star Trek roles for a new independent movie "Star Trek Renegades." The project has just one week left for its KickStarter funding and they are only $25,000 short of their target. They have also just announced JG Hertzler had joined the cast, which now includes nine veteran Trek actors.


Join Live Video Chat With Tim Russ At 6PM (Pacific) January 9, 2012

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Today Star Trek: Voyager’s Tuvok Tim Russ is participating in a live video call in show, following an online screening of his independent Trek film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. The Q&A starts at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern). You can watch the video of the show below.


FanMade: New Phase II Enterprise + OGAM on DVD August 28, 2008

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This weekend both of the high profile fan-made productions, Star Trek Phase II and Of Gods and Men, will be holding showings at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Both productions have also just released news, with Phase II unveiling their new USS Enterprise and OGAM announcing plans for a DVD.


Review “Of Gods And Men” Act 3 June 14, 2008

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The third and final act of the independent Star Trek: Of Gods and Men saga is available starting Sunday June 15th. TrekMovie.com was given an early preview of this excellent action-packed conclusion, replete with Trekkie nods and a great starship battle.


Of Gods And Men Part 3 Coming In June + Exclusive Images May 22, 2008

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TrekMovie.com has an exclusive heads up on the third and final part of the independent Trek film, Of Gods and Men. Firstly we can break the news that Act 3 will be released on June 15th. We also have some exclusive images and a first look at a new poster, plus more information about Act 3.


Review – Of Gods and Men Act 2 March 13, 2008

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Act 2 of the Trek-celebrity-filled independent fan film Of Gods and Men (available this weekend) delivers a dark, yet fun midpoint for this long-awaited production. This second outing is stronger than the first first both technically and dramatically. Now in the heart of the story we get to see the actors (which is OGaM’s strong point) really push the edges on this different sort of Star Trek story. 

Interview With Tim Russ January 16, 2008

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EXCLUSIVE: It has been almost seven years since Star Trek Voyager returned home and went off the air, but just recently Tim Russ (Tuvok) is having a bit of a Trek renaissance. He directed (and appears in) the new independent mini-series Of Gods and Men. Plus he has a starring role as Tuvok in the centerpiece multimedia experience for Star Trek The Tour. Russ talked to TrekMovie.com about his latest Trek work as well as some other projects going on for the busy actor/director.


Of Gods And Men Part 1 Released + Review December 22, 2007

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At 17:01 PM part 1 of the long-awaited independent film Star Trek of Gods and Men was released. See below for a quick review [includes spoilers]


‘Of Gods And Men’ To Premiere December 22nd November 1, 2007

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After many delays the producers of “Of Gods and Men” have finally announced December 22nd at 17:01 EST (5:01 EST) as the release date for part 1 (of 3) of the Internet mini-series. OGaM is one of the most ambitious independent/fan Trek productions to date and is distinguished by having a cast made up almost entirely of professional actors, including Trek veterans such as Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck, Gary Graham and many others. The film was directed by Voyager’s Tim Russ, who also has a part. The OGaM team also announced they will be using the same technology partners that handled the ‘relaunch’ of the recent Star Trek New Voyages episode, after the initial release was hampered by the demand.
More information in the latest OGaM newsletter and the official site.

Of Gods And Men Delayed – New Preview Released April 15, 2007

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The highly anticipated ‘independent Star Trek mini-series’ Of Gods and Men is going to have to be anticipated a bit longer. The first installment of the 3 part mini-series was to be released for download today, but instead the team announced another delay. The stated reason is that the mostly volunteer production team haven’t been able to put in the time required while juggling their paying day jobs. They did however launch a newly designed website with lots of new features. They also released the first 3 minutes of the mini-series along with an amusing video poking fun at their own delay. For more check out startrekofgodsandmen.com.

TOSR on HD DVD?, Movies on iTunes? Trek Doc, and Shatner Making Moves In A Welcome Home News Roundup January 9, 2007

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There have been some reports that Trek Remastered may be released on HD DVD as early as this year. Last we heard they wouldn’t be finished with all the episodes until next year. TrekMovie is looking into this and will report back when we get it all sorted out. Of course HD versions of TOS-R are showing up on XBox Live already if you cannot wait.   

Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian claims that William Shatner made some unwanted advances on her when she was a guest star on T.J. Hooker. In an interview with retroCRUSH the actress says the Shat tried to ‘shove his tongue’ down her throat. She also says she wished she punched him in his corset. 


‘Of Gods And Men’ Delayed Until April January 6, 2007

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‘Of Gods and Men’ is probably the most anticipated fan (or independent) Trek film ever made. Unfortunately those who have been waiting to download it will have a bit longer to wait. Originally the first part of the 3-part miniseries was to premiere in late December, however TrekMovie.com has learned that it has been pushed back to mid April. TrekMovie recently got a heads up on this from inside the OGaM team, apparently the issue isn’t actually Part 1 which is ready to go, but all the effects work needed in the other two parts (especially part 3). The team want to have all 3 parts released closer together, hence the delay. Parts 2 and 3 will be released in May and June respectively.


Find Files For Fan Films Featuring Familiar Faces November 24, 2006

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Two of the big fan film projects have new releases out, both featuring original series talent. Star Trek New Voyages has the full episode of ‘To Serve All My Days’ featuring Walter Koenig in an episode written by Trek vet DC Fontana. And the web miniseries project ‘Of Gods And Men’ has an extended 5 minute trailer now available. OGaM features Koenig along with Nichelle Nichols and a myriad of other Trek luminaries behind and in front of the camera. Both STNV and OGaM aspire to become officially sanctioned Trek projects, but for now remain ‘fan films’. Although both still fall short of TV budget production values, they both are raising the bar for ‘independent’ Trek films.

Click the the images below for their respective download links…  



Interview: Grace Lee Whitney Talks Past and Future Rands October 16, 2006

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Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand) only appeared in 8 episodes in the first season of Star Trek before being let go amid some controversy. But fans remembered Yeoman Rand and she came back (as Lt. JG Rand) for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She went on to appear in three more Trek films (III, IV & VI) and even an episode of Star Trek Voyager (‘Flashback’). She is again reprising her role for the new independent Trek film ‘Of Gods And Men’. TrekMovie chatted with the actress about playing Rand again as well as her thoughts on a new Rand for Star Trek XI.


‘Of Gods And Men’…The Other ‘Trek Movie’ October 5, 2006

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TrekMovie visits with Of Gods and Men
The crew for the independent Trek web mini-series ‘Of Gods and Men’ (henceforth referred to as OGaM) did some location shooting in L.A. last weekend and TrekMovie.com was there. The first thing you notice when pulling up to the location is that this does not look like the proverbial ‘bunch of fans in a barn’ scenario. The scene looked like a typical L.A. filming location complete with honey wagons, equipment trucks, trailers, P.A.’s running around screaming into their headsets and extras milling about. What was different about this is that most of the extras had pointy ears. OGaM has turned a little corner of the San Fernando Valley into the planet Vulcan.


Texas Rockers To Do Music Video For Trek (Fan) Film September 2, 2006

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crush.JPGTMR got a tip that was so outlandish yet so detailed that we had to follow it up. We were told that a San Antonio modern rock band called ‘Electric Crush‘ were signed on to provide music for Star Trek XI, and specifically that they would be recording a Star Trek XI music video in L.A. on September 30th. This seemed like a joke and of course Trek XI composer Mike Giacchino has said he wont start working on the score for quite some time, but the tip’s specificity was curious. TMR contacted the band’s manager Keith Chester just for the hell of it and got a big shock when he asked “how did you find out?”. He went on to say, “yeah it’s for the new movie called ‘Of Gods and Men'”…and then it all made sense. Of Gods And Men is the much anticipated new independent (unlicensed) Star Trek movie with a cast and crew that includes a number of former Trek stars and writers. The Trek Report has confirmed the story with Sky Conway the producer and co-writer of the new fan film. Electric Crush will be filming a music video of their song ‘Taking Away’ on the set of ‘Of Gods and Men’ in late September. The song will also appear in at least one of the webisodes and any possible ‘behind the scenes’ DVDs. The first of three Of Gods and Men webisodes will be available in December at an internet near you.

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