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Christies Trek Sale Brings in $7.1 Million – Enterprise D Sells For $576k [updated] October 7, 2006

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Memorabilia,TNG,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Article Updated: The Christies Trek auction is over and according to their release it brought in $7,107,040 (more than double their expectations). The highest priced item was the model for the ST:TNG Enterprise D for $576k, a new world record for Trek memorabilia. Other items that far exceeded expectations were McCoy’s TOS spacesuit for $144k and Picard’s flute from ‘Inner Light’ for $48k. Christies touts it as a truly ‘global event’ with bidders coming in from all over the world, however all but two of the top 10 items went to Americans.

could have been yours for half a $mil


Trek Auction Begins With Some Big Money [updated] October 5, 2006

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Memorabilia,Trek Franchise , comments closed

The auctioning of Trek’s history has begun and boy did Christies underestimate their prices. Not a single item has gone for anything close to their original estimates. For example: two empty Chateau Picard wine bottles (from Nemesis) were estimated to go for $700, in the end they went for $5500…for two empty wine bottles!. Christies and CBS Paramount had made around $250,000 off just the first 50 lots (out of 1000) which was at least double what they were estimating.Other highlights from the first 50 lots (note auction started with TNG films)

Enterprise E Captains Chair: $52,000 (est. $9k)
Enterprise E Blueprints: $2,400 (est. $600)
Picards Sextent
:  $5,500 (est. $300)
Ent-E Dedication Plate
: $7,000 (est. $600)
Ent-E Engineering Table: $13,000 (est. $1200)
Borg Alcove: $8,000 (est. $700)
Borg Mannequin: $12,000 (est. $800) 

Watch the auction live at

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