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Book Review: Star Trek: The Rings of Time February 6, 2012

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TOS , comments closed

James Kirk and Shaun Christopher command their respective spacecraft towards a somewhat persnickety appointment with quantum entanglement and merged destiny as Greg Cox’s "The Rings of Time" hits the shelves of a bookseller near you. Read the TrekMovie review below.


Book Review: Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions January 2, 2012

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,DS9,Review,TNG , comments closed

Building on his previous Mirror Universe novel "The Sorrows of Empire", as well as the three MU anthologies ("Glass Empires", "Obsidian Alliances", and "Shards and Shadows" ), David Mack brings an entertaining and captivating story to life for fans of Star Trek’s darker side. Find out how it turns out the TrekMovie review of "Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions".


TrekIn2011: Best Star Trek Books & Comics December 30, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Comics,Review , comments closed

TrekMovie continues our 2011 retrospective today with a look at Star Trek on the printed page. We chose the best in books (fiction and non-fiction) and comic books (new stories, collections and covers). Find out what made the grade below.


eBook Review: Star Trek: The Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within + Catchup Reviews & News On Typhon’s Future December 6, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,DS9,Review,TNG,VOY , comments closed

The Star Trek: The Typhon Pact cross-24th century series saga continues with the release of Christopher L. Bennett’s e-book novella “The Struggle Within.” TrekMovie reviews that below, plus we take the opportunity to catch up with mini-reviews of the four previously released Typhon Pact novels from late 2010/early 2011. There is also news on the next entries in the series coming in 2012.


Book Review: Star Trek: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm November 30, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,ENT,Review , comments closed

With Earth essentially left to its own devices, the Romulans begin, bit by bit, to set the stage for the end of the human race in Michael A. Martin’s second and final installment of The Romulan War mini-series. The TrekMovie review below.


Book Review: Star Trek: Vanguard – What Judgments Come November 18, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TOS , comments closed

Years after the conclusion of operations at Starbase Vanguard, reporter Tim Pennington manages to track down an elusive Diego Reyes and begins to piece together the final act of the Vanguard Saga in the penultimate novel of the Vanguard series, “What Judgments Come”. The TrekMovie review below.


Watch: William Shatner Talks ‘Beam Me Up’, Dilithium, Economy, Celebrity & More On NYC Media Tour October 5, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Celebrity,Music,Shatner , comments closed

Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk has been in New York City for the last couple of days promoting his new book and CD. Bill spoke about "Beam Me Up" with GMA, the economy and Gold with the Wall Street Journal webcast, the Takei feud with Nightline, dilithium with Fox, and he even hangs with the ladies of The View. Watch the videos below.


Video of the Day: William Shatner Is Iron Man (and He ‘Rules’) September 29, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Music,Shatner,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed

A new must-see video from William Shatner is going viral. It features Star Trek’s original Kirk recording take after take of "I Am Iron Man" for his new album Seeking Major Tom. Check it out below plus find out why Shatner is headed to The View next week.


Book Review: Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TOS , comments closed

The evaluation of an abandoned planet by fourteen Enterprise crew members on two shuttlecraft; and the diversion of the mighty starship on – in essence – a milk run to supply a space station with medical supplies sounds innocuous enough, but Michael Schuster and Steve Mollmann present anything but in their new Star Trek novel, “A Choice of Catastrophes”. The TrekMovie review below.


Retro-Books Review: The Yesterday Saga August 10, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TOS , comments closed

Today TrekMovie begins a new series of periodic retro reviews of some classic Star Trek novels, so while we wait for the next new title we can look back on some of our favorites. The first entry will actually look at the two books of the "Yesterday Saga" by A.C. Crispin.    


Book Review: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow July 29, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Feature Films (TMP-NEM),Review , comments closed

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country left a lot of open-ended questions. While there have been a few visits back to that "Lost Era" over the years, none have addressed the medium-term repercussions of the Khitomer Accords and the devastation wrought by the Praxis detonation. That all changes James Sawllow’s brand new novel "Star Trek: Cast No Shadow." The TrekMovie review is below.


Book Review: Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified + Vanguard Series To End In 2012 July 19, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TOS , comments closed

It’s time to return to the Taurus Reach with the collection “Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified.” Contributors Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Marco Palmieri, and David Mack bring readers four novellas, spread across the Vanguard saga’s timeline, which promise to open up some new perspectives on the crew and the circumstances that are associated with the life of Starbase 47. The TrekMovie novel review below plus news on the end of the Vanguard saga.


Book Review: Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm July 14, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,VOY , comments closed

How do you take a species that could have been a throw-away contribution to the Star Trek ethos and weave a unique and intricate tale from their story? Well, just ask Kirsten Beyer; or, better yet, read the results in her latest contribution to the Star Trek: Voyager saga, “Children of the Storm.” The TrekMovie novel review below.


Book Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Indistinguishable From Magic June 28, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review,TNG , comments closed

TrekMovie continues catching up on recently released Star Trek novels to help with your summer reading list. Today we take a look at "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Indistinguishable from Magic," a new standalone novel from David A. McIntee which reunites engineers LaForge and Scott and brings back some of the concepts (and cast) of the former Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook series.


Book Review: Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock June 24, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,DS9,ENT,Review,TNG,TOS , comments closed

It is time for TrekMovie to start catching up on some of the latest Star Trek novels. Today we start off with a time travel adventure with Christopher L. Bennett’s "Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching The Clock" which does its best to stitch together many of Star Trek’s temporal anomalies.


Three New Official Non-Fiction Star Trek Books Coming In Late 2011/12 May 23, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,TNG,Trek for Kids,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Three new interesting non-fiction Star Trek books are headed your way in 2011 and 2012. Today CBS announced details and covers for the "Star Trek Book of Opposites," "Star Trek: Vault" and "Star Trek The Next Generation 365." Check it all out below .


UPDATED: Simon Pegg Wins Comedy Movie Award + Wants “Green Woman” In Star Trek Sequel May 11, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Celebrity,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

UPDATED: Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg won the Best Comedy Movie Award tonight at the UK’s National Movie Awards. At the show Pegg offered a suggestion for what he would like Scotty to get up to in the Star Trek sequel. In other Pegg news, Simon’s memoir “Nerd Do Well” is now available for pre-order in the US and he is coming to the states next month for a mini-book signing tour. Details below.


FedCon Day 3: Costumed Trekkies Record Broken + David Mack & Nicole de Boer Panels April 30, 2011

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Books,Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,DS9,Fandom , comments closed

It’s day three of FedConXX here in Düsseldorf, Germany, but the con is just as crazy as ever. In addition to setting the new world record for most costumed Trekkies in one place at one time, there were two Star Trek panels today: David Mack, author of Star Trek novels and screenplays for DS9 plus Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax, DS9). Read on for highlights.


New Cover for “Star Trek Vanguard Declassified” February 20, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Art,Books,TOS , comments closed

Often the most popular Star Trek book covers are those for the long-running Vanguard series, set on the 23rd century Starbase 47 (aka Vanguard). Today we have the cover for the next entry, "Star Trek Vanguard – Declassified".


Rick Berman Writing Star Trek Memoir + Talks Roddenberry, DS9, VOY & ENT February 9, 2011

by Staff , Filed under: Books,DS9,ENT,TNG,Trek Franchise,VOY , comments closed

Former Star Trek overlord Rick Berman has revealed that he at work on a previously promised memoir of his two decades with the Star Trek franchise. In a new interview, the ex-producer also talks about taking over producing Star Trek: The Next Generation from Gene Roddenberry, as well as creating Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

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