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VIDEO: Nicholas Meyer on Star Trek II, Blockbusters and directing Star Trek Sequel (if asked)

Last night the Simply 70(mm) Star Trek Summer movie series continued at the Royal Theater in West Los Angeles. The guest for the night was Nicholas Meyer. Below you can see highlights and video of my chat with Meyer at the screening where he talks about making the ultimate Star Trek sequel as well as discussing if he would be interested in directing the next Star Trek sequel.  

Reminder: Saturday Midnight Screening Of Star Trek II in 70MM w/ Nicholas Meyer in West L.A.

Tonight the Summer STAR TREK Simply 70 Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays continues at the Royal Theater in West L.A. with a 70 MM showing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, preceded by a Q&A session with director Nicholas Meyer. And over subsequent Saturdays in June and July the remaining original cast Star Trek movies will shown with more guests, get all the details below.

VIDEO: See Leonard Nimoy As ‘The Terminator’ + more pix & vid of Nimoy, Saldana & Burton from E3

As reported earlier, Leonard Nimoy and Zoe Saldana were at the E3 gaming show to help introduce the Yoostar 2 Movie Karaoke Machine (and LeVar Burton dropped by too). We now have more video and photos from the event, including video of Nimoy inserting himself into a scene from The Terminator.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy and Trek Flick Comic Book Retrospective

IDW Publishing's new "Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy" collection combines their recent Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan adaptation with the 1980's DC Comics adaptations of the third and fourth Star Trek films into a single trade paperback collection. We review that collection, plus take a retrospective look at all the other Star Trek comic book adaptations. It’s time to go to the TrekMovies.

LA Times Film Fest: Leonard Nimoy Talks Star Trek, Fringe & More: Full Video & Highlights

Last night the LA Times kicked off their Hero Complex Weekend Film Festival with a showing of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, with guest Leonard Nimoy. Video from the event is now online, and you can watch the entire Nimoy discussion and Q&A below. We also have some highlights of his comments.

Reminder: Star Trek Summer Screening Series Starts Tonight With ST: The Motion Picture in Santa Monica

Just a reminder that tonight the Summer STAR TREK Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays kicks off in Santa Monica, with a big screen (35MM) showing of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And over subsequent Saturdays in June and July the remaining original cast Star Trek movies will show, each including a Q&A sessions with Star Trek celebrities, including Nicholas Meyer, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols,Walter Koenig and more. Get all the details below.

FSM Releasing Expanded Edition Of Horner’s Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Soundtrack

Last summer Film Score Monthly and Screen Archives Entertainment released the complete soundtrack to James Horner’s classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan score. Today they have announced this summer they are releasing a 2-disk expanded edition of Horner’s Star Trek III: The Search For Spock soundtrack. More details below including exclusive first look at the CD art.

TrekInk: 5-page Preview Of Star Trek Movie Adaptation #4 Comic – Includes Movie Easter Egg

This week IDW pass the half-way mark for their adaptation of the 2009 Star Trek movie with the fourth issue out of six. TrekMovie has a 5-page preview below, and if you look closely, you will spot a certain movie easter egg (from a Galaxy Far Far Away) has also worked its way into the comic.

Preview & Excerpts Of Star Trek Magazine #26 – including David Warner Interview

Issue 26 of the official Star Trek Magazine arrives on newsstands in the US tomorrow. This issue has a focus on the Star Trek films, with an extensive features on all eleven films. We have the cover, preview pages and excerpts below, including an excerpt from the exclusive interview with David Warner. 

Star Trek Films Showing At Summer L.A. Film Fests – w/ guests Nimoy, Koenig, Takei, Meyer + more

Star Trek fans in Los Angeles are in for a treat this summer with all of the original cast Trek feature films being shown on the big screen in two different film festivals, each with Star Trek celebrities, including Leonard Nimoy, Nicholas Meyer, George Takei, Walter Koenig and more. Get all the details below.

TrekInk: Review of ‘Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Harriman’ + Details On Rest Of Series

Recalled to active duty for a medical emergency, McCoy confronts his grief and the man many hold responsible for the death of Jim Kirk, captain of the Enterprise-B, John Harriman. IDW Publishing releases the second one-shot in their Captain’s Log series this week. Find out Harriman fares in our review below. Plus we have exclusive details on the final three issues in this series. Spoilers ahead.

Photos: Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana At Met Ball 2010

UPDATED: The 2010 New York Museum Costume Institute Gala (aka Met Ball) was held Monday night and Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk and Uhura were both there in their finest (with Zoe showing off her back tattoo). We have photos below, plus shots of more Star Trek guest stars at Met Ball 2010: Whoopi Goldberg, Iman and Padma Lakshmi.

TrekDeals: Star Trek Blu-ray Movies For $9.99 + TOS Blu-ray Seasons 50% Off

Right now you can save some money on Star Trek movies on Blu-ray. All five of the individually released Star Trek Blu-ray titles are on sale for $9.99 (at either Best Buy or Amazon). In addition, Amazon has all three seasons of the original Star Trek on Blu-ray for 50%+. See below for details and links for the discounts.

Great Links: Deep Thoughts On TMP Score & TOS Minimalism + more

Often TrekMovie brings you links to the humorous trivial Trek, from LOL Cats meeting Trek to silly viral videos. Today we have links to some more serious takes on Trek. First up a recently unearthed and very thorough analysis and history of the score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We also link to an interesting look at the ‘minimalism’ of Star Trek TOS.

Happy First Contact Day

Today in Star Trek future history is "First Contact Day". Regardless of your timeline, on April 5th, 2063 Dr. Zefram Cochrane is to became the first man to break the warp barrier (with a little help from the crew of the NCC-1701E), which will catch the notice of some passing Vulcans who initiate the ‘first contact’ between humans and aliens…and the beginnings of the United Federation of Planets and all that came with it.

Watch Last Eight Star Trek Movie Reviews From ‘At The Movies’

The balcony is going to close for the final for At the Movies, the long-running syndicated film review show has been cancelled. At the Movies made Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert household names and the show is still on the air now hosted by AO Scott and Michael Phillips, but it will end its run on syndication this year. In honor of this show, TrekMovie looks back at the Siskel & Ebert (and guest host) video reviews of eight Star Trek movies.

Shatner & Stewart Talk JJ Abrams Star Trek + More From San Francisco Star Trek Con

Last weekend Creation held an official Star Trek Convention in San Francisco. The event was headlined by Patrick Stewart and William Shatner who delighted the crowd with talk of Shakespeare, the new Star Trek movie and even pantyhose. The con also featured Trek stars such as Gary Lockwood, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik, Vaughan Armstrong, and even some Klingons Chancellors (J.G. Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly). See below for details and photos from the event

New Home Video Commercial Trumpets Return Of Star Trek

2009 was a big year for Star Trek and many feel is the year that Star Trek came back and was made cool again (although we always thought it was cool). This meme is the basis for a new TV commercial promoting the Star Trek on home video as a great holiday gift item. Check it out below, plus an overview of the year of Star Trek on home video.

Seth MacFarlane Still Wants To Do Star Trek Family Guy Parody Episode – Will Paramount Cooperate?

Seth MacFarlane’s animated FOX comedy Family Guy has long been rife with sci-fi references, which have culminated in doing full parody episodes remaking two Star Wars movies. And what movies does he want to do next? According to a new interview, MacFarlaine is still interested in taking on Star Trek, but will Paramount let him?  

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