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Brannon Braga talks TNG, VOY, ENT, Star Trek Movies + more September 21, 2011

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From The Next Generation to Voyager to Enterprise — and Star Trek movies in between — Brannon Braga has had his hands in hundreds of hours of Star Trek. The writer/producer’s next project, however, is Fox’s prehistoric time travel series Terra Nova from producer Steven Spielberg. Braga took some time to reflect on his time with Star Trek in a new interview with StarTrek.com.


Connor Trinneer: Enterprise Didn’t Kill Star Trek Franchise August 11, 2011

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Charles "Trip" Tucker III may have been killed in the series finale, but actor Connor Trinneer bristles at the suggestion that the cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise killed the Trek franchise. The actor also says that (unlike most fans) he really liked the finale. More from Connor below.     


Star Trek Las Vegas Con Preview (including TrekMovie Panels) + Watch Panels Streaming Live August 9, 2011

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This Thursday the annual big Star Trek convention kicks off at a new location with an impressive line-up of celebrities, events and more, including a number or TrekMovie.com fan panels. See below for a convention preview, plus details on how you can watch many of the big panels panels live over the web.


Watch Shatner’s SDCC Online Q&A + Captains Panel Report & Photos + Comic Khaaaan Yell [UPDATED] July 23, 2011

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At SDCC Friday William Shatner did an online Q&A where he got questions on the 2009 Star Trek movie (hasn’t seen it), the ST2009 scene written for him (hasn’t read it), other Star Treks TV shows (hasn’t seen those), favorite episodes (isn’t sure), favorite Trek costumes (the ones showing boobs), and more. Watch the full video, plus a report and pictures and video from his The Captains panel with guests Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula, including audience Khaaan" yell.  [UPDATED: Full panel video]


TNT Cancels Scott Bakula’s Men of a Certain Age July 16, 2011

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Earlier this month Star Trek: Enterprise’s Scott Bakula finished up the second season for his TNT show Men of a Certain Age. Despite critical success, TNT has just announced they will not be picking up the show for a third season. While you wont be seeing Bakula on TNT, both LeVar Burton and Jeri Ryan will be appearing on TNT shows this year. Details below.


Netflix Begins Streaming Star Trek TOS, TNG, Voyager & Enterprise July 1, 2011

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Just as TrekMovie scooped, this morning Netflix began streaming hundreds of Star Trek episodes. As of now all of the original Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise are available for commercial-free streaming to Netflix subscribers.      


Brent Spiner Talks Typcasting, Death Of Data & Bringing Back Soong For Star Trek Sequel June 29, 2011

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On Monday Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner participated in a online live webchat promoting his webseries Fresh Hell. The chat ended up with a lot of talk about Star Trek and Data. Spiner talked about Trek typecasting, the death of Data, and even lobbied to "Bring Back Soong" for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Details below, plus the full video.


Con Report & Photos: Star Trek New Jersey 2011 – Dorn, Nichols, Visitor, Auberjonois, Trinneer, Keating + Shatner & more June 27, 2011

by Frank Jay Gruber , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,DS9,ENT,Shatner,TNG,TOS , comments closed

Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek convention in Parsippany, NJ was already set to be a fun con, but then William Shatner showed up with a camera crew and made it even better. See below for TrekMovie.com’s full report on the con with details and pictures of celebrity guests Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating and more.


Book Review: Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock June 24, 2011

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,DS9,ENT,Review,TNG,TOS , comments closed

It is time for TrekMovie to start catching up on some of the latest Star Trek novels. Today we start off with a time travel adventure with Christopher L. Bennett’s "Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching The Clock" which does its best to stitch together many of Star Trek’s temporal anomalies.


Anthony Montgomery: Enterprise Characters In Star Trek Sequel Could Bring Closure June 15, 2011

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Celebrity,ENT,Star Trek Into Darkness , comments closed

Anthony Montgomery, Ensign Travis Mayweather of Star Trek: Enterprise, thinks that the cast for the last Star Trek TV show had more in them, and in a new Q&A suggests that some Star Trek sequel movie cameos might bring some closure for the fans of Enterprise. Excerpts below.


Simon Pegg Hates Star Trek Enterprise Theme Song + Writing Next Comedy Before Star Trek Sequel June 10, 2011

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Simon Pegg is a big fan of Star Trek, but apparently not Star Trek: Enterprise. The new Scotty has some choice words for the series, and especially the theme song. Pegg is also talking about writing his next comedy before he starts shooting the next Star Trek. Details below.     


Watch: Garrett Wang Explains Why He Wants To Get In Holodeck With Christina Hendricks May 26, 2011

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Syfy Germany has released a few brief video interviews with Star Trek stars from FedCon XX, including Garrett Wang explaining how he would use a holodeck to change his chances of dating Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Robbie McNeill casting doubt that we will achieve Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek future.


Happy Birthday, John Billingsley May 20, 2011

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Today is the birthday of Star Trek: Enterprise’s Dr. Phlox. John Billingsley turns 51 today and TrekMovie would like to wish him a big happy birthday. We also check in to see what John has been up to recently.     


CelebWatch: Zoe Saldana & Chris Pine Attached To New Projects + Pix Of Zoe At Cannes & More May 16, 2011

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News coming out of the Cannes Film Festival has Star Trek stars Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine both attached to new movies in development. We have more details below, plus pictures of Zoe at Cannes from today. CelebWatch also has the latest from Patrick Stewart and Linda Park and a summary of this week’s celebrity appearances. .


Dominic Keating On How He “Loved” Enterprise Finale & His Star Trek 2009 Auditions May 4, 2011

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: ENT,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

One of the more controversial elements of the four-year run of Star Trek: Enterprise was the series finale featuring TNG guest stars. In a new interview, Enterprise actor Dominic Keating breaks from his co-stars and expresses "love" for the often-derided episode. The actor also talks about his auditions for the 2009 Star Trek movie. Details below.


FedCon Day 2: Bakula On Star Trek 2009 & Promised Enterprise Movies + Sirits On Crashing Enterprise(s) + Robbie McNeill, Paul McGillion & Richard Dean Anderson April 29, 2011

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Celebrity,ENT,Sci-Fi,Star Trek (2009 film),TNG,VOY , comments closed

Friday was epic at FedCon XX with Scott Bakula talking about JJ Abrams Star Trek and promised Enterprise movies, Marina Sirtis explaining crashing the two USS Enterprises, Paul McGillion lobbying for return to Star Trek, Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang bantering and Richard Dean Anderson talking about hopes of a collaboration with Jonathan Frakes. Dive in for all the details below. 


CelebWatch: Jeri Ryan Talks Star Trek Mafia, Park’s New Play, Mulgrew’s New Movie, Picardo Planetary Roast, Fedcon Preview + more April 26, 2011

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Celebrity,DS9,ENT,TNG,TOS,VOY , comments closed

It is time once again to catch up on some more Star Trek celebrity news. Linda Park is in a new play, Kate Mulgrew is in a new movie, Bob Picardo is doing a Planetary roast, Jeri Ryan talks Star Trek mafia, and a bunch of celebs are headed to Fedcon this weekend. Details below.


Netflix Update: All Star Trek TV Series To Begin Streaming In July April 6, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DS9,DVD/Blu-ray,ENT,TAS,TNG,TOS,TOS Remastered,VOY,Web , comments closed

In February we reported that CBS and Netflix had cut a deal to begin streaming a number of CBS series, including all of the Star Trek TV shows. Some CBS shows have begun to appear on streaming, so TrekMovie checked with Netflix get an update on the Star Trek roll-out, see below for exclusive details.  


Brannon Braga: Terra Nova Has Star Trek Feel & New Kind of Time Travel + Wondercon Video April 5, 2011

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Bob Orci isn’t the only Star Trek writer/producer who went to Wondercon. Trek Vet Brannon Braga was also in San Francisco to prmote his upcoming time travel series Terra Nova, which he said has a "Star Trek feel". He also talked about how the show ill address time travel and more. More below including video.


Happy Birthday, Jolene Blalock March 5, 2011

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Today is the birthday of Star Trek Enterprise’s sexy sub-commander Jolene Blalock. The T’Pol actress turns 36 today and we here at TrekMovie want to wish her a great b-day, and we also catch up with what she is up to.  


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