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Exclusive: Interview with Star Trek: TNG-Enterprise Production Designer Herman Zimmerman September 26, 2009

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Yesterday TrekMovie put up our interview with Scott Chambliss, Star Trek’s new production designer. The man who held that position for the last couple of decades was Herman Zimmerman, who will join Chambliss at an event on Sunday honoring the design of Trek over the years. In an exclusive interview with Zimmerman below, we talk to him about his time with Trek, and also get his thoughts on the new Star Trek.


Scott Bakula On Fandom, Quantum Leap Future, & Enterprise Reference In Star Trek Movie September 22, 2009

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Scott Bakula, Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise, is out promoting his role in the new movie The Informant!, and in a new extensive interview he gets into what effect being part of Star Trek and Quantum Leap has had on his life, excerpts below. Bakula also says that he expects that he would not be involved in any future version of Quantum Leap. And in a separate video interview, Bakula talks about Quantum Leap, Chuck and more, including the Enterprise reference in the new Star Trek movie.


Bakula Talks ‘Informant’ & Open To More Quantum Leap + ‘Men of Certain Age’ Preview September 16, 2009

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This weekend Scot Bakula, Star Trek Enterprise’s Capt. Archer, is back in the big screen, co-starring with Matt Damon in The Informant!. The actor has been out promoting the movie and we have video of his TV appearance this morning and more. In other Bakula updates, we have a preview of his upcoming TNT show Men of a Certain Age, plus Scott talking about a return to Quantum Leap.

More Dragon Con Video: Nimoy, Shatner, Stewart, Phase II, Guest Stars + more September 10, 2009

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More video is now available from last weekend’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Below is much more showing Patrick Stewarts two appearances, plus an additional appearance from Leonard Nimoy, full video of the Phase II panel, clips from the Trek ‘guest stars panel’, an interview with William Shatner and also video of Trekkies in the big parade.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: Star Trek Enterprise – The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor’s Wing August 31, 2009

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The big event for Star Trek books this Fall will finally delve into a major point in Federation history. The trade paperback of Michael A. Martin’s "Star Trek: Enterprise – The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor’s Wing" comes out in October and TrekMovie has an exclusive excerpt below.


Rick Berman Talks 18 Years of Trek In Extensive Oral History August 26, 2009

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No one spent more time with the Star Trek franchise than Rick Berman, who was a producer from the pilot of Next Generation through to the finale of  Enterprise, overseeing the franchise for most of that time. In a (very) long 2006 interview now available online, Berman gives an oral history of his time on Trek and talks its rise, fall and rise again, as well as his legacy. You can watch it below and/or read some of the bullet-point highlights and key quotes.


Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart & More Headed To DragonCon’s TrekTrak on Labor Day Weekend August 24, 2009

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The biggest fan run convention is DragonCon in Atlanta, and every Labor Day weekend they have an impressive dedicated ‘TrekTrak’. This year is no exception with a huge line-up of Trek celebs including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart. Plus there are a number of Trek related activities and panels and more celebs, details below.


VegasCon09: Braga & Coto Talk Enterprise Season 5 + Star Trek 2009 & more August 10, 2009

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In what is becoming a new tradition for the annual Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, Manny Coto and Brannon Braga held a well-attended panel in the main ballroom to talk to the fans about their time as writers and producers on Star Trek, with a focus on Star Trek Enterprise, but also some discussion of the new movie, and their current series.


VegasCon09: Saturday – Guest Movie Actors + VOY Panel + Park & Takei

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Saturday at the Creation Star Trek Convention was just jammed pack with Star Trek celebrities. The day included a number of guest actors from the Star Trek feature films, including Christopher LLoyd, as well as stars from all eras of Trek, with George Takei, Linda Park and a whole panel of Voyager stars. We have the full breakdown below with pics, including a report from the evening events.


VegasCon09: Friday – DS9 & Enterprise Panels + Spiner + TrekMovie Events + Remembering Majel + more August 8, 2009

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The Creation Entertainment official Star Trek Convention was back Friday with DS9 and Enterprise panels, Brent Spiner, Bob Picardo and Ethan Phillips performing, and a number of stars remembering Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Stars talked about everything from the art of film, to the acting abilities of Spot the cat, to behind the scenes stories. We have a full report of the day (and final Star Trek showing) with pictures below.


SciFi Becomes SyFy – Still Airs Star Trek Reruns July 7, 2009

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This morning the Sci-Fi Channel, cable home of reruns for Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek The Next Generation, completed its rebranding and it is now SyFy. To celebrate the change, the channel has opened an "Imagination Park" in New York and is premiering a new series today (Warehouse 13). Details below 


Exclusive Preview Of Fall 2009 Star Trek Novels July 1, 2009

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This Fall Pocket Books has Star Trek novels spanning all the eras of Trek future history, from the 22nd century Romulan War, to the 23rd century Mirror Universe up through to the latest for the USS Voyager and USS Titan in the 24th century. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at the covers and jacket copy for the Star Trek books coming out September – December 2009.


DS9/ENT Trek Actors Talk ST09 On Video Game Show June 12, 2009

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This week the Jace Hall Show, a series mostly focused on video games on Sony’s Crackle Video Site, has a new episode which brings together a reunion of five Trek stars and guest actors from DS9 & Enterprise to talk about the new Star Trek movie, games and other stuff. Check it out below. 


Roddenberry Producing DVD Set Of Unseen Star Trek Behind Scenes Footage & Interview May 20, 2009

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Roddenberry Productions has just closed a deal with Toolbox Productions to to put together a new DVD set sourced from a library of 500 hours of unseen behind the scenes footage and interviews from the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Star Trek: Enterprise era.  Details below.


Preview Of Scott Bakula’s Guest Spot on Chuck + Bakula Talks About New Star Trek Movie April 5, 2009

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On Monday Scott Bakula, Star Trek Enterprise’s Captain Jonathan Archer, begins a three-episode arc on the NBC show Chuck. We have video and image previews plus some interview excerpts from Bakula talking about Chuck and about Star Trek, including how maybe the new Star Trek movie could prove that Enterprise should never have been cancelled.


Sci Fi Channel Changes Name to ‘SyFy’ — Really? March 16, 2009

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Starting in July, if you tune to the Sci Fi Channel to watch reruns of Star Trek The Next Generation or Star Trek Enterprise or Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica you will notice that the channel has a new name ‘SyFy.’ NBC Universal announced the change this morning saying that it will ‘broaden the appeal’ of the network. Really?


Jolene Blalock Appears Tonight In Trek Parody on TBS Comedy “10 Items Or Less” January 20, 2009

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Star Trek Enterprise’s Jolene Blalock will appear in a Star Trek parody on the TBS show 10 Items or Less, airing tonight. Blalock will be playing herself, having been lured to a "Star Trok" convention held in a grocery store, which is the main setting for the semi-improvisational comedy show.


Exclusive Video Interview: Braga & Coto Talk 24 and Enterprise November 23, 2008

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In 2003 Manny Coto joined the staff for Star Trek Enterprise where where he worked closely with co-creator Brannon Braga for the final two seasons. Now the pair are working together again on 24, which airs a 2-hour prequel movie on FOX tonight (Sunday). In August TrekMovie spoke to the Coto and Braga about 24 and Enterprise. Watch the video interview below.  

Excerpt: Star Trek Destiny III: Lost Souls October 22, 2008

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Two out of three books of David Mack’s big "Destiny" crossover trilogy are in stores now and today Pocket Books has released an excerpt from the third book "Star Trek Destiny: Lost Souls." See below for the entire first chapter of this book due out next month.


Library Computer: Review Star Trek Destiny Book 2 ‘Mere Mortals’ October 20, 2008

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This week the Library Computer takes in the second installment of David Mack’s Destiny trilogy, "Mere Mortals". Can this second part of this ambitious project live up to the high standard that "Gods of Night" set? (see TrekMovie review) See below to find out.


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