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Del J. Trame Memorial Chat


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1. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2014

Oh, wow, so quiet in here…….

(tumbleweed rolls by, a few crickets chirp)

2. Matt Wright - December 5, 2014

Sorry for the total reset, I was trying to find a way to bring over the last 20 or so comments from the old one, but the plugin that everyone recommends doesn’t work with the newer versions of WordPress :-(

3. Phil - December 5, 2014

Oh, well…..

4. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014

First Orci gets dumped and now all of our comments on Chat.

I smell conspiracy. :>)

5. marja - December 5, 2014

Are they on some thread somewhere in the archive, Matt? If not, oh well.

My God Harry! You mean … surely not …!

YOU are IANHerbert??!


6. AJ - December 5, 2014

Who cares?

“Star Trek” is in limbo again!

Happy 50th, everyone!

7. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014


marja, marja, marja………………I don’t like it when you call me names.

“Tickle your ass with a feather?”


“Um, I said, ‘it looks like we’re in for nasty weather.'”

8. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

“I smell conspiracy. :>)”

You’re just in time, Harry. I’m baking a fresh batch of conspiracy.

Wow, nice to see the place tidied up a bit, but you’ll never get all the stains out.

Back in the USSA, btw.

9. Aurore - December 6, 2014

…..So, what’s new???


And, now, something “old”.

A gentleman obviously having fun while sharing what he knows about my beloved franchise…

10. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 6, 2014

Wow. Double cool. Nice reset.

Now for some big Star Trek Continues news.
Dr.Who’s Colin Baker will be the guest star on Star Trek continues.
Geek o Meter is on overload.

11. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

For those who would like to look…

12. Marja - December 6, 2014

Mr. Ballz, I smell conspiracy. :>)

OH! You sell tumbleweeds!?

BTW y’all should see the cr*p IANHerbert is selling today on the Orci’s Out post.

When I read his posts, sometimes I think

“On the internet no one knows you’re a dog”

13. Phil - December 6, 2014

@12. I am. And considering he was on a very short leash for flaming/trolling, that’s he’s not holding back is a good indicator the site is on autopilot again.

14. Marja - December 6, 2014

I mean really, “The biggest star [Saldana] is a ‘Pregnoid'”? Yes, IANHerbert is just beggin’ for a dope slap. [Sigh] Perhaps a note to the moderator[s] is in order ….

15. Matt Wright - December 6, 2014

Crud, he’s still at it? I haven’t seen him post since this morning.
If he keeps it up I’ll likely just ban him since he was warned before. None of us have time to police stuff. Tony’s the only person who has the time, and as you all have seen he’s AWOL again…

16. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2014

Matt, we certainly appreciate your efforts in protecting the integrity of this site. Kudos!

17. Marja - December 7, 2014

Yes, where DOES Tony go, one wonders….

Thanks for steppin’ in, Matt. You guys rock.

18. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

15 — Matt — Which button do I hit to enter a fake rumor that Anthony is directing “ST3: The Farts Awaken, Hit the Snooze Button, Roll Over Until 2017″?

OK, other stuff. I guess more and more people have seen “Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: Mind-Sifter.” Some thoughts (sifted, of course.):

That is a long title. Phew!

There is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo muchchchchch echoooooo in the opening monolgue. Brian Gross is a little soft-spoken throughout, and his “Space, the final frontier…” gets lost in the reverb.

I liked that they kept the Big E’s skidding through space. On that point, the cgi modeling is excellent. Some of the ship movement is a little curvy for space. You don’t have air or water to bank off of, so to achieve the movement we saw would require constant attitude jets or something.

Mic-ing early on seems a little off.

Make-up is a real mess in places: Spock’s ears, Kor’s neck (like he man-tanned, but forgot to use a mirror.)

The musical cues, while faithful, feel a little stale at times.

And my last negative kvetch: the whole “Jim’s dead, let’s chew over how we feel and have a memorial” sequence is way too long. At 1:04 plus credits, there were places to cut this episode, and I would nominate that section, because it’s so similar to “The Tholian Web.”

Nuff bitchin’. There’s lots to like here. As I say, I wish Brian Gross would modulate his delivery, but in general his acting is equal to the task at hand. He looks good with his shirt off and blood dripping from every orifice. (Hmm, that didn’t quite come out right.) Gross can also deliver a snarky line. “I hate that guy!” — took me a second to connect the dots, but it’s a funny line. I look forward to seeing more of his interaction with Spock & McCoy.

Brandon Stacy is one of the best Spocks to date in fan fic. And there have been tons of Spocks. Jeff Bond’s McCoy is a real tribute to DeForest without getting lost in mimicry. Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. (That’s the best I can phrase it without being too spoiler-y).

It sounds like Drama 101, but I’ll point out that this production manages to… finally… nail blocking and shot direction. It’s a problem that has plagued virtually all fan fics. There’s nothing more distracting than watching actors try to figure out how to sit or stand on a tiny set or sometimes just to figure out what to do with their hips or hands while walking. Acting is a full-body action, and both actors and directors seem to have smoothed out that aspect of this production.

Also worth noting are the familiar names attached, including D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. Oh, and of course there’s the William Shatner cameo. He finally does one!

I give “Mind-Sifter” a B+, only because some of the story elements feel revisited. Notwithstanding that, it is watchable and leaves a pleasant emotional aftertaste. I look forward to more!

19. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Remember, when you tattle on someone, you’re really tattling on yourself for being a tattle-tale.


20. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

19 – Cygnus, thank you. It’s been a long time since I felt as though I was in 5th Grade.
As I grew older… say 12 or so… I began to see the reality that police cannot be everywhere while selfish a-holes can. Therefore, we all have to work together to stop the jerks or we’ll all fall under their abuse.

21. Phil - December 7, 2014

Tattle, my ass. Lets turn this into some good old fashion on line gambling, and start gaming who the new sock puppets are. 3:1 on Franco….

22. Marja - December 7, 2014

Phil, I was wondering who you were referring to. Seems to me I saw Franco on the boards a couple of months ago and his spelling was that of an English-as-a-Second-Language speaker/writer. Suddenly, it seems to have improved vastly ….

And Spock’s Bangs has been popping [pupping?] in, but I can’t remember if this is one of the Infamous One’s identities or not. I thought it might be b/c one post ended,

CmdrR, I saw Mind-Sifter too. As a longtime fanfic reader and writer, I was put strongly in mind of a hurt/comfort story, although from what I saw of Ms Maiweski’s comments, it may well have been out-and-out K/S. Don’t know for sure, and that’s pretty irrelevant to the production [thank goodness]. The abusive orderly goons may have been typical of the 1950s. I thought that went a little over the top though.

Things I loved: Cawley’s self-deprecating inclusion of a certain delusional figure [performed by Cawley?] and Kirk’s line, “I hate that guy!”

Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. Agreed, fully, especially re: her last scene. Did you notice the soft key-lighting on her face, just as was done in TOS? What a lovely lady, too, not a typical female actress stick figure.

Brandon Stacy! Holy shee, what a great Spock. His IMdb page shows quite some resemblance to a certain actor in NuTrek, whom I adore, so it was delightful to see Mr Stacy. I wish they had fitted his uniforms — and his ears! — properly. Spock deserves better! The pace of his speech is a little too deliberate, but I’m sure he’ll get that down. I really do hope he returns. He has the gravitas needed for Spock.

My main issue with the story is that Kirk’s character seems a bit pitiful throughout, lost in time. Very typical/appropriate in angsty fanfic stories, but not so much in filmed Trek — fanfilm or no — because Kirk is a man of action. He is TOO out of it, too passive — so unlike the Kirk I expect. His reaction to a certain signal was good, but there should have been more action on his part. It seems to me Kirk’s basic personality is not one of passivity, but urgency. This seemed to be mostly missing, except in the office scene.

There were also elements of Edith Keeler and a near-rehash of a fan favorite Third Season episode, also typical elements of written fanfic, right down to McCoy grabbing Spock’s command chair.

Again I agree with you, on Kor. His makeup could have been MUCH better. The actor even sounded like Colicos once or twice; too bad he didn’t manage it consistently.

Jeff Bond — did he play Christopher Pike in “In Harm’s Way”? — kept tryin’ to sound Southern, but it didn’t work any better than when President Obama tries droppin’ his “g’s”. His intensity served McCoy’s character well, though.

I thought Brian Gross did a great job — although I have finally grown to appreciate Cawley as Kirk, despite his black black hair! — and I agree on the reverb. I wonder if that was an unintentional effect of “surround sound”?

I will watch the episode again to see what I think, but I’ll tell ya — I’ll be looking forward to more of Mr Stacy as Spock, whooo-ee.

I think DC Fontana and David Gerrold add so much to the productions though … Phase II is standing out to me much better than it did when I first saw ST Continues. Now I think Phase II or New Voyages or whatev they’re gonna call it is ahead by a nose, or more.

I really enjoyed “World Enough and Time” — Takei and the actress playing Sulu’s otherworld daughter were just wonderful.

OK I have to ask this. Does anyone else think the Spock in “Blood and Fire” looks like Kevin Nealon, late of SNL and “Weeds”? The story was great, but “Kevin Nealon” was a bit distracting. I thought satire might pop up at any moment …. Will give this one a re-watch though, because of the science fiction story. Finally we see how disgusting and scary those bloodworms are!

23. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Here’s a neat bit of Trek-related news:

English tenor, Russell Watson, who performed the vocals on Diane Warren’s “Faith of the Heart,” for use as the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise, here reprises his performance as a wake-up song for NASA’s New Horizons mission.

The probe, which has been traveling in hibernation toward Pluto since 2006, has just awakened for the final leg of its journey. It’s interesting to note that, here, Watson performs the song not in the raspy voice that he used for the Enterprise theme—wherein he was trying to mimic the voice of Rod Stewart, who originally performed the song for the soundtrack to the movie, Patch Adams—but, rather, in a clean tenor:

24. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

And I think that Watson sounds better singing it clean. His raspy voice on Enterprise always bugged me a bit, and I’d never have guessed that the singer actually had a clear, powerful voice.

25. Marja - December 7, 2014

Cygnus, Agreed. The fakey Rod Stewart sound always discomfited me as well. Maybe they thought a clear voice didn’t sound macho enough for teen fanboys? Whatever.

I never knew the song was written for Patch Adams! — I’d always thought it was written for Enterprise.

I don’t exactly get the logic of singing to a space probe [or is he singing to the scientists monitoring the space probe?], but it still gave me some goosebumps. Now I may go back and watch some Enterprise eps.

26. Phil - December 8, 2014

There’d be outrage, outrage on the main threads…but if you still think Shatner and Nimoy, in ‘integral’ roles is such a hot idea, be prepared for the inevitable……

Funny stuff!

27. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Marja– agree with you that Mind-Sifter is not a good intro to Kirk or to a new actor playing him. I pasted my review onto P2’s Facebook page. someone — I assume she is connected to the production — got super defensive when I said Brandon Gross is soft-spoken throughout. She said it was just this script. But Kirk should BOOM in the monologue as well as when he’s going man to man with Kor. It doesn’t happen. I’d say it’s an area to work on in a very good production. I also agree that I want Brandon Stacey as Spock until he lands a big 3-picture deal in Hollywood. But, please, make the points sit on top of his ears… and get the color to match. I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.
Again, don’t anyone mistake my snarks for hate. P2 is really cookin, and totally worth watching.

28. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Brian Gross

My bad

29. CmdrR - December 8, 2014


Or stuff it. (said lovingly)

30. Phil - December 8, 2014

^^ Funny that Lucas is pulling a Shatner here….

31. Cygnus-X1 - December 8, 2014

Marja, he’s singing to the whole mission team, not just the robot probe. :-)

32. Marja - December 8, 2014

Cmdr R, I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.

It isn’t too bad when he’s wearing the blue tunic, but when he switched to the gold one MY GOD HE LOOKED PEA-GREEN. And you are so right about the ears. Almost ruined those great Spock scenes for me.

Cygnus, Well thank god for that ;-)

33. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

Ok. Star Trek Continues next Episode will be titled.
Star Trek Nit Pickey. Staring . All of us. Lol.

34. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

All in all Star Trek Phase 2 Mind Sifter was a good show. Great story, secent cast. Let’s not get to Nit Pcky. Lol.

35. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Emperor Mike…

Not to get too nit-picky here, but in Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2 Mind-Sifter, when Spock takes a mentally beaten Kirk in his arms, caresses him, then rips off both their clothes and reveals a tattoo on Kirk’s right buttock that reads “K/S forever” inside a heart… I was taken totally out of the drama because the heart encircling the slogan was red and not green, as is canon.

36. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 9, 2014

CmdrR That did not bother me so much as when the female lusted after Spock and she was trying to help Kirk.

37. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Doctor Hamlin is a woman of great passion.

I agree with Marja that she’s good because she’s not the typical “Kirk Girl,” aka a decade too young for him and built like a brick nacelle. I also see from IMDb that Rivkah Raven Wood trained at the Juilliard School of Drama in NYC and has done a bunch of Trek fan-fic. I’d like to see her do more… maybe with a better hair style, make-up, and wardrobe… but keep the glamour lens.

38. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

So much time on their hands…

39. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Somebody remind me…..who is THX-1138?

He’s been posting here for a long time, but I forget his particulars…anybody know his background?

40. Phil - December 9, 2014

Strange. Just got back from a memorial service for a client, and friend. A bit younger then me, too….and suddenly, all that bickering on the Orci thread looks really, really petty. More so that I willingly participated in it.

It’s a f**king TV show. Go have a drink someplace interesting. Walk on the beach. Naked, preferably. Tell someone you love them…listen to some Springsteen…and Beethoven.


41. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Yes, Phil, you are right about that. Relish each moment. Life is short.

42. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Sorry to hear about your friend, Phil.
I fully endorse random nudity in this chat. It’s a moral imperative in this short life!

43. 'Beach - December 10, 2014


Again, Harry?

44. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Somebody mentions nudity and here comes ‘Beach, back after months of lurkdom… Welcome back mon ami!

… And yes Phil, sympathies for your friend. Puts things in perspective…

Harry, THX-1138 is the alter-ego of Mongo… Remember him/her/it?

I believe he owns an art gallery… Or could be a musician. Or is that CmdrR? Sorry..

45. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

S. E.

Damned skippy. I am all about some nekkidity!!

46. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

THX-1138 owns an art gallery of sorts in the Pacific Northwest. I also think he is into music. Yes Mongo is his alter-whatever.

47. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

If I owned an art gallery, it would all be about nuditity. You would have to be naked to come in.

48. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

In your face, Shatner!!
Christopher Lee’s other career:

49. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yo, once more into the ‘Beach!

Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.

Silvereyes and ‘Beach, thanks for the refresher!

50. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Speaking of… I have this Apple TV gizmo, which enables you to watch trillions of shows from billions of different chanels and therefore neglect your life and reality in general… and there’s a show on there called bying naked, where you have these nudists wanting to buy houses in a nudist community (no, not colony! very politically incorrect!)… And they just show up naked…

Then there’s the show naked and afraid… They’ll do anything for ratings… Hey, I watched!

51. crazydaystrom - December 10, 2014

49. Harry Ballz

“Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.”

My friend was feeling Mary then he jumped for Joy! Later an ample lass caught his eye then he proceeded to Sally fourth.


52. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Thoughts on the Terminator:Genisys trailer?

I thought it looked intriguing…

53. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Damn. Forgot how to close the stooped italics thingy…

54. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Test test test

55. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Ouch and then some!!!

56. Marja - December 10, 2014

35, CmdrR, eeeuuuw, you just reminded me why I never got into that h/c K/S thing … I think my favorite line ever was something about Kirk searching Spock’s eyes: “hazel pools looked into brown depths” … LOL about the heart canon :->


40 Dear Phil, My sympathies on the loss of your friend. You are so right to focus on what’s important and forget some of the nonsense in life. I think we’d all do well to take your advice. Peace.


Welcome back, ‘Beach. Didn’t you used to have another name appended to ‘Beach?

And speaking of other names, didn’t “Spock’s Bangs” used to have another name consisting of two initials …? Hmmmmm

Guys I’ll check ya later.

Here is some seen-before Trek holiday music to lighten our spirits

57. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Harry starred on Naked and Afraid.
He was naked. The audience was afraid.


58. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.

59. 'Beach of the shortened online handle - December 10, 2014

56 @ Marja

Way back when we did this with stone knives and bear skins (or given the current topic, is that bare skins?) I started out as ‘Crazybeach’ (bonus points if you get that reference). Over time mostly from laziness it got shortened to just plain old ‘Beach.

60. AJ - December 10, 2014

Hey, ‘Beach! Welcome Back!

Silvereyes, once again, I am off to Aylmer, Quebec for a few days after the new year. No bagels this time, as I will be heading up from upstate NY.


Everyone tells me I should stock up on good old NY State maple syrup and bring it to Canada because what they have up there is not pancake-worthy, and is generally packed in hard metal tins and looks/tastes like/may be used as – motor oil.

I will try some when I am there. I know the souvenir hawkers sell it in Ottawa, but I have never ventured to see if it is available in actual food-based retail (I don’t generally use the product).

Also, though I am not a cop, my local hosts are threatening me with a trip to Tim Hortons for something called “Timbits.” Any advice? TH is American-owned now, but that in no way makes me feel any better about it.


61. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Did someone say. Beach and Nudity. Ok. I’ll go.

62. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014

AJ, when you go to Tim Hortons, you may want to order the Dark Roast coffee they just came out with. It’s a little stronger than their usual coffee.

Funny, I always thought Aylmer was in Ontario, not Quebec. Silvereyes?

63. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


That’s brave of you, Emperor Mike, no fear in exposing your short-comings.

64. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Well Harry. My Short-comings are bigger then most. Lol.

65. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

AJ, why are you putting sand in my underwear man?

First of all, if you got your taste of our bagels from Aylmer, QC, no wonder you still think your NYC bagels are better. Need to come to Montreal (St-Viateur St. or Fairmount St.) for true Montreal bagels.

Now, as far as maple syrup. I believe the province of Quebec is responsible for 80% of the world’s production. So, I don’t know who “Everyone” is that are telling you you should stock up on NY maple syrup… Maybe the same that are stocking up on Finnish vodka.

Also, if you go to a restaurant, like a diner type, and order some crêpes or pankakes or some other maple syrup compatible dish, it’s likely they’ll bring some syrup on the table in a non-descript glass container. This is not true maple syryp. This is corn syrup. In Quebec we call this “sirop de poteau” which means syrup made from telephone poles… You need to ask for real maple syrup.

… of course, even that corn syrup sh*t is better than NY syrup…

As far as Timbits. Please stay away from this. Ontarians like Harry will swear by them, but here in Quebec we have more sophistication, call it European-like flair, and know real food. Tim Horton’s coffee, even the new dark roast, is touch and go as far as taste. With all the adverts they are doing telling us it’s nice and bold, half the time it just tastes like pond water. Anyway, nothing beats a good cup of Starbucks.

Have fun in Aylmer!

66. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Harry, Aylmer used to be in Ontario, until the Quebec militia took it over in the 1984 Québec-Ontario war. Don’t you remember those thousands of naked Quebec soldiers, painted in blue with white fleur de lys on their privates? We got Aylmer, you got Toronto. I think we won.

67. Randall Williams - December 11, 2014

Regarding the departure of Bob Orci from the Director’s chair and with
ST fans wanting Frakes to direct (who has since contacted Abrams as well as Paramount that he would love to do it), here is another long shot:

Perhaps Shatner or Nimoy want to direct the film? Now that is a long shot!

68. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014


Silvereyes, the “Quebec militia”??

What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?

69. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

68 Harry

“What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?”

You forgot wife-beater-wearing, pot-bellied and five-o’clock-shadow adorned… And I believe the ladies in question were in fact their daughters, not step-daughters…

We Quebecquers come from prized stock.

70. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Q: what has eight legs and a collective IQ of 83?

A: the Quebec Militia Parade!

Q: what’s long and hard on a Quebecker?

A. grade 3

71. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Yay, now I know how to spell Quebecker. Thank you Harry!

72. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

By the way, where’s Aurore? Harry I think you scared her away…

73. AJ - December 11, 2014


I am only having fun with you Canadians, but I see you and Harry are now at war, so, divide and conquer. Quebec and Ontario at war…I feel like the Great Eye of Sauron setting all the players in motion….

As a matter of fact, most Americans eat fake maple syrup as well; the stuff in the tins on both sides of the border is quite good, but, I am not a regular user. Promised someone here I’d bring back a bit of both (not fake stuff, but NYS and Quebecois versions).

As for Aylmer, when I look up the weather, two distinct Aylmers come up- one in Quebec (just outside Ottawa), and one in Southern Ontario (halfway between Detroit and Buffalo north of Lake Erie). You now know this, Silvereyes and Harry, so don’t forget. I will also remember to make a feint for the dark roast when they offer me those Timbits next month.

74. LizardGirl - December 11, 2014

Ugghh! Why, why bother on the main threads?! Yeah, Phil, you got it! Star Trek is a freaking show! And now I need a freaking drink.

I don’t really know what to make of Bob leaving. I’m saddened, I guess. The guy can be loco sometimes, but who’s normal anyways? I was really looking forward to seeing what he can do.

And then we have this flashy (and really awesome) Star Wars teaser, followed closely by the info that Bob will not be the director for Star Trek. :(

Seeing as STiD was in theaters last year and we still have nearly two years to go. I’m not sweating bullets just yet. Next summer is when I think we should start to panic if things seem to be falling apart.

I hope they market it like Disney markets Marvel the Avengers. If that does well then I will be a happy girl.

75. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

73 AJ

If you mean the syrup tins I think you mean, then that’s actual, real maple syrup. And it’s quite good.

But no, not in a million years would I be at war with Harry! I have the greatest respect and admiration for that crazy Canuck (and for you too!). I just love to tease him… And I know he knows it’s just in fun.

Good luck with your Tim Horton’s experience. Cheers!

76. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Sivereyes, I agree, we’re great buddies! I especially appreciate how we connected on LinkedIn. I’ll always have your back!

77. CmdrR - December 12, 2014–2014—smaug

Hope the movie is as good…

78. Marja - December 12, 2014

74 LizardGirl, I left the director’s thread b/c TUP is being such a patronizing bully. Feck him. I thought every one of Phil’s responses were justified, as far as I read, that is. I stopped partway down b/c I like to be diplomatic for the most part and re: TUP, as Khan said, “he tasks me … he TASKS me.” Just want to take him down, patronizing mofo. GRRRrrr.

As to Frakes, ehhh, I’m not so sure, especially if the director has input on the script. Cygnus recently attached a Mr Plinkett review of ‘First Contact,’ which was [as with all Plinkett reviews] hilarious yet thoughtful. Check it out for some laffs.

See yinz later. Though not too MUCH of you, guys, unless you have the Hardbodies I yearn to look at ;-) …

Whew, it’s lucky we can’t post pics on here, I’d be a bit embarrassed to do so. No bikini lady, I. Now in my 20s …. THAT would’ve been do-able.

79. Silvereyes - December 12, 2014


80. CmdrR - December 13, 2014

79 – Now we just need a perpetual source of velour.

81. Aurore - December 13, 2014

@ 58. Mr. Ballz – December 10, 2014

“…Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.”


“Rock Hard ” a.k.a. Scary Ballz.

The man. The legend.

“Scaring ” people away wearing nothing but a smile…since ( at least ) October 18, 2011.

…And, THIS is no conspiracy theory…



(Post 1104) :

82. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Interesting ideas for ST4.

Since it appears that ST3 has been and is already a script of some sort. How about some ideas for the further adventures of the re-invented crew of the enterprise?.
Idea 1:
How about a three feature arc about a civil war within the federation with the Enterprise as the rebels?.
Idea 2:
Someone figures out how to bypass the organian peace treaty with technology and potentially starts a Federation/Klingon war?.
Idea 3:
Captain Pike reaches out from Talos 4 on his death bed to let the federation know that the future of humanity is about to be altered by militant Talosian youth. He leaves a cryptic message, but it all must be dealt with in real time. As the penalty for entering Talosian space is the last known crime sufferable by the “Death” penalty officially within the federation, it falls on Kirk and the Enterprise to figure out how to stop the crimes of the young Talosians without breaking Federation law.
Idea 4:
Your turn.

I just wanted to show that there are plenty of good reasons to follow up original story lines, or even create brand new ones. Yes I’m a nerd, OK?.
So, for those of you who “Loved” the newest features and still have no idea what I’m referring to, I rest my case.

83. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

From Wikipedia:
James Tiberius Kirk was born on March 22, 2233, in Riverside, Iowa.[1] He was raised there by his parents, George and Winona Kirk.[2] Although born on Earth, Kirk for a time lived on Tarsus IV, where he was one of nine surviving witnesses to the massacre of 4,000 colonists by Kodos the Executioner. James Kirk’s brother George Samuel Kirk is first mentioned in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and introduced and killed in “Operation: Annihilate!”, leaving behind three children.[3]

At Starfleet Academy, Kirk became the only student to defeat the Kobayashi Maru test, garnering a commendation for original thinking by reprogramming the computer to make the “no-win scenario” winnable. Kirk was granted a field commission as an ensign and posted to advanced training aboard the USS Republic. He then was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and returned to Starfleet Academy as a student instructor.[3] Students could either “think or sink” in his class, and Kirk himself was “a stack of books with legs”.[4] Upon graduating in the top five percent, Kirk was promoted to lieutenant and served aboard the USS Farragut.[3] While assigned to the Farragut, Kirk commanded his first planetary survey and survived a deadly attack that killed a large portion of the Farragut ’​s crew,[3] including his commanding officer, Captain Garrovick. He received his first command, a spaceship roughly equivalent to a destroyer, while still quite …………etc. etc. etc.

My whole point is, what if JJ decided to just make crap up about Darth Vader using an altered time line as an excuse?.
How would that fly?.

Anakin stole a floating bike and joined the Empire and assumed control of the entire army in less than a day, deciding that he needed a helmet and a calculator on his chest so he could rule properly.
Those that opposed him got the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign and choked to death.
This is tantamount to the amount of research that went in to making the last two Treks. Honestly, I just don’t get the disjointed take of the first two films. I get why people (Non Trekkies) like them, they just disappoint me beyond all get out.

84. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

None of my posts here qualify as CHAT-worthy?

85. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

I guess they were. Thanks.

86. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Now I guess they weren’t. But thanks anyways.

87. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2014

Hey, get a grip, Grip!

It’s late on a Saturday night, and some people are busy “shoving in their regards”!

88. Spockchick - December 14, 2014

@23. Cygnus-X1
Russel Watson is a lovely guy. He survived 2 brain tumours and as a result is pretty chilled.

Hey – someone cleaned up here!

89. CmdrR - December 14, 2014

Yeah, the maid says she found three Hello Kitty pasties and a 5 gallon can of Crisco. Not really sure whose they are. I found my light sabre condoms, so I’m good.

90. Phil - December 15, 2014

N. Korea keeps on releasing more info from the Sony Studios hack. Considering that STID was shot in part on Sony property, it’ll be interesting to see what opinions get offered up about their POV of the Trek franchise…

91. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Kim Jong Un says he should play Khan in ST3; wants Beyonce to take over as Uhura; engineering scenes now shot in a cheese factory.

92. Phil - December 15, 2014

The glorious and unified people of the Grand Peoples Starship Un-E-Prise are furious and inflamed that the imperialist pigs of the morally corrupt Klingon empire have insulted the impeccable integrity of the united earth North Korean peoples. We will rain fire on your planet with unending fury and show you no mercy and we will reduce your home world to a burned out cinder….

Hey, as long as it has a solid theme, it’s Oscar gold….

93. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Oh, by the way…

Congrats, Lt. Mommy.

94. Spectre-7 - December 15, 2014

Star Trek computer gaming news:

The full version Star Trek Armada 3: A Call To Arms, has just been released. It’s a modification for the game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

It’s fan-made but as a longtime pc gamer, I can tell you the devs provided an experience that is more Trek-like accurate than many actual Trek games of the past.

They aimed to recreate the Dominion War and if you’re a DS9 fan, you’ll see that your fleet looks almost exactly as they do is seasons 6-7

Have a look!

95. Spockchick - December 15, 2014


DO the light-sabre condoms glow in the dark?

96. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

95 – Spockchick — Depends who I’m with. Care to test ‘em out?

“Another Force. And Tatoo’ne.
Same old Falcon… Hey, that’s no moon!
Another sequel, that’s just no equal
To makin’ Wookie”

97. Spockchick - December 16, 2014


Are you sayin’ your lightsabre can be seen all the way over the pond?

Man, I’m impressed!

98. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

97 — Spockchick, I like to think of it as “hands” across the water… an elegant “weapon” for a more civilized age.

And mine is purple.

99. Red Dead Ryan - December 16, 2014


I’m surprised something so small could be seen from so far away! :-)

*runs and hides*

100. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

[Best Woody Allen voice] Like a French Bread! Small.”

101. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

102. Marja - December 17, 2014

CmdrR, perhaps it is purple and small but its brilliance is considerable ….
Ruh-roh, North Korea is threatening theatres showing Sony’s “The Interview” … the Dept of Homeland Security actually had to evaluate the threat [at taxpayer expense, not at Sony’s], for Spocksake, it’s JUST A MOVIE. I guess the Dear Leader can’t tell the diff between satire and documentary … although in his case the two are awfully close ….

103. Phil - December 17, 2014

Theaters are canceling showings of ‘The Interview’. Looks like the terrorists won, after all.

104. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

103 – As an only occassional Seth Rogan fan [40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is The End], and judging by the trailers for The Interview, I’d say the fans won.

105. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

I will say that the cancellation of The Interview’s release can only serve to encourage loose screws everywhere. Look for copycats. That’s extremely bad news.

106. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014

When it comes to people bragging about how big their light-sabres are, some here seem pretty COCKSURE of themselves.

Just sayin’, not trying to be a dick about it.

107. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Yeah, there was some lady on CNN defending the the choice to cancel the showings. Her rationale was that studios shouldn’t be making movies that make fun of assassinating dictators.

You know what the U.S government should do? They should hack into the North Korean computer systems and power grids and force the “Dear Leader” into watching clips of Erica Durance attempts at acting.

Oh, and then send them some sort of e-bomb that shuts off his electricity for a year or two.

108. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


It takes BALLZ to say something like that. Bravo! :-)

109. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

Well, Harry, at least some of us don’t burn ourselves on our lightsabres while going Han Solo.

110. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Never rub another Jedi’s lightsabre!

111. Phil - December 17, 2014

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

112. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Most of us here have a pretty good handle on the proper use of lightsabres.

I think.

Those who need more hands on training, I refer you to the Jedi Master Bator.

113. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

There’s a nifty pic of vintage Shat on a hog on the daily pic for 12/17.

114. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014


If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.

mmmmm, yes, that would explain a lot!

115. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


“If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.”

I’ve never tried that myself, but rumors are that it when some guy did it decades ago, his testicles went aflame and inspired the song “Great Balls of Fire”!

116. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Marja, I finally watched Star Trek New Voyages Mind Sifter.

I’m a little confused: What’s the relationship between Phase II and New Voyages? Thought that Phase II was simply the re-named New Voyages, but Mind Sifter having been just put out as a New Voyages episode suggests something else. They’re both produced by James Cawley, but obviously New Voyages has a different cast than Phase II. What’s the deal?

Anyway, Mind Sifter very slick and well put together. The scenes with Kirk and the Klingons are by far my favorite. The performances overall are all totally respectable. There are not moments where I was pulled out of the story by bad acting, though I didn’t particularly like Spock’s perpetual look of consternation. The actor playing him seemed to be playing him as very emotional—significantly different than how Nimoy played him.

The woman who played the nurse was very good. The guy who played Korr was very good. All the Klingons actually were very good.

Apart from Spock, my main complaint about this episode is the same complaint that I have about every Phase II episode: I think it’d make a better episode if it had been edited down to about 50 min, like a TOS episode. At 1 hour and 5 minutes, there was superfluous film that was a drag on the pacing and didn’t really convey any new information, particularly in all of the lamentations about Kirk being gone. There was nothing in those scenes that was so great that we needed it dragged out and reiterated as it was.

But, that aside, I would say the episode is a definite improvement over the last Phase II episode, Kitumba. Mind Sifter was tight, thoughtful, had good dialogue and I appreciated it addressing the issue of whatever happened with the Guardian of Forever.

Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?

Matt, you guys should do an article about this episode whenever you get a chance.

117. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Oh, and McCoy was also very good. Very believable.

118. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus-X1 – There were a few plot holes in Mind-Sifter, although as I’ve said, it is a fine production and well worth the viewing by any Trekkie. I kinda wondered what they were doing for so long before the Federation fleet showed up? On Klingon says “This will require some study” or some such, and I assume that the big bulk device is a library computer that won’t burn out like Spock’s tricorder as it records Earth history. However, I wondered why they didn’t just start lobbying disruptor charges through the Guardian and try to blow up Earth’s great leaders. Maybe the Guardian has anti-douche technology. Anyway, they left it behind when they beamed out, so Kor is screwed… again!! HAHA!

119. CmdrR - December 18, 2014


#$%ing Typonians! I thought we had vanquished them, but no….

120. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Not sure why one post got s-canned

121. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2014



122. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2014


“Deck the hallz with Harry Ballz…..Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!”

123. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus X-1 — “Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?”

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation. Good that it got left behind.

Posted this answer earlier, but it got s-canned. Guess there’s a limit to how many typos I can make…

124. Phil - December 18, 2014

@121. What, pitching a script to another holiday themed slasher flick?

Santa Claws II – Slay Ballz
It’ll be one hellva a Christmas!

125. Disinvited - December 18, 2014

#120. Harry Ballz – December 18, 2014

“Slay Ballz” has a certain ring; are you listening?
In the lane, Snow is glistening.
She’s a beautiful site. We’re happy tonight.
Walken’s in a win-ta-wonderland.

126. AJ - December 18, 2014


Christmas is NEXT Thursday, FYI.

Or, are you just in the spirit(s) early this year?

127. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

AJ, maybe Harry has had some kvas. I hope it’s not the other thing. Wouldn’t want to Putin the Ballz-man.

128. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, a tear is in my eye at the departure of Stephen Colbert (for now). If you blinked, you missed the cameos from Patrick Stewart, JJ, Eggs Cumberbun, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and more.

129. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

The real technology behind the Carol Marcus underoos scene:

130. Phil - December 19, 2014

Is there anything that technology can’t make better? Oh, wait, how do these bras keep North Korea from hacking in….

131. Phil - December 19, 2014

I think cheese 0rgy is on the banned list….

132. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello every one. Big parties and celebrations abound in the Empire for the
Emperors birthday.

133. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hey everyone. Sorry I have not been able to be on much. A lot going on. Got moved into my new house and the Empress is now happy. Got going in my new job and my birthday is today and Christmas is next week and then. New Years. Lol. I kind of feel like our friend Harry when he sees his dream girl. I just hope that it’s not in the form of an

134. 'Beach - December 19, 2014

Deck the Hallz with Ballz of Harry
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

Ladies now should all be wary
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

He’s offering up Bloody Mary’s
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

That he’s spiked with Old Dominion
Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, blah blah-blah-blah

Kinda strange in my opinion
Blah-blah-blah-blah blah-blah-blah-blah

Yeah. It’s stoopid. but it rhymes!

Apologies, Harry, Old Man!

135. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014


AJ, I’m just in a festive mood, early as it is.


CmdrR, somebody should do a parody video of “Putin On The Blitz”!


Nice, ‘Beach. Thankfully, I’ve never had to pull a “Cosby” on the ladies!

136. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And in Trek non-news…

137. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

More/the same speculation on the Orci beam-out:

138. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, I’m call spoiler alert expiration for Interstellar.

I wanted to know whether Murph saved mankind or just got them to go live in orbitals. What happened to the plant phage? I may have mentally missed a line or two. Wiki says Murph/Cooper’s work allowed for a mass evacuation, but again — what happened to the plant-killer? Gotta eat something, even on a space station. And if they’re all hanging out near Saturn (close enough that they found Cooper on a routine patrol of 43509409843509840345983509283 cubic miles of space), why didn’t anyone go and get Anne Hathaway earlier? Was her acting THAT bad??

139. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is # 134 then TPTB zapped 2 posts.

140. CmdrR - December 19, 2014


141. CmdrR - December 19, 2014



What Pyongyang Pinhead did I piss off?

142. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And they are back.
I am so confuzzled.

143. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is 138, my posts are gone again.

144. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello everyone A lot has been going on with me. Well Today is my 46th Birthday. Lol This past week My Wife and I just moved into our new House and we pretty much got it all settled. Next week is Christmas and then new Years. A Busy Busy Month. Lol.

145. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Erica wants to be slaped with Harry’s Ballz Fala la la la.
Ok. I guess that won’t work. He HE HE

146. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014

Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”

147. AJ - December 19, 2014

Here, The Daily Telegraph tears “nerdism” a new one, using the latest Hobbit film to maul those of us who err on the side of actually liking to have consistent universes and canon behind our beloved fantasy worlds.

I haven’t seen Hobbit 3 yet, and it’s supposedly pretty awful, but this guy is just being a dick:

148. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

144 – Happy birthday, Emp!
46? I vaguely remember that age…

146 – ‘Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”’ — Sounds like you like the attention Erica is showing you, Harry. Should we be buying wedding gifts?

147 – Could get beyond the vitriol of the first few graphs. LOTR was the problem and Hobbit 1-35 is pure gold? Um… no.

149. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

OK, this is the second group that’s saying Orci’s arse-kicking was due to his inability to morph his script into GotG redux. That would totally not surprise me. Suit: ‘Hey, that thing over there made money. You make that money that that thing made over there over here, NOW!’

150. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@148 CmdrR “Should we be buying wedding gifts?”

Here’s a thought, CmdrR………………%*$@#%$&*!!!!!!

151. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Harry, will she be changing her name to Durrance-Ballz, or will you become known in Hollywood as Mr. Durrance?

152. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

What I should have said, CmdrR, is go &%$@ yourself and the DURANCE you rode in on!

(with all due love and affection, of course) :>)

153. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2014

Don’t worry Harry, this is all merely an EN-DURANCE test!

It’s kind of like when Worf celebrated the anniversary of his Age of Ascension in the holodeck by being repeatedly jolted with pain sticks!

154. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Of course. In the spirit of the holidays and all.

155. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Pain sticks or ugly sticks? I thought I saw John Tesh make a face at Ms. Durance’s ceremony.

156. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 20, 2014

I hear Harry Mudd Ballz has had a Hard time with the Durance Test. Lol.

157. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@156 Emperor Mike

Yes, until I figured out the answer, Emperor Mike.

I got Durance to put a MUD pack on her face. It improved her looks for a few days………and then the mud fell off!

158. AJ - December 20, 2014

Is Durance even still working?

159. h - December 21, 2014

AJ, yes, she is, on a piece of dogshit program called Raising Hope.

If there is a God in heaven, it may have been cancelled by now.

160. PaulB - December 21, 2014

158/159 – Durance is not on Raising Hope, which was a fun sitcom about people actively trying to become better people.

Durance is on Saving Hope, which sounds like a dogturd.

161. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

“The Hobbit 3.” Went in with fairly low expectations, and came away pleasantly surprised.
It is not the bloated mess that 1 was or the misfired cgi nightmare of 2. I was never bored during this one, which is an odd compliment, but there it is. The tacked-on bits felt much more organic to the story than in the previous installments. Yes, the last 50-minutes is overblown gamer p@rn. AdmR kept asking who the crappy director was who kept bringing the bad guy back to die over and over again. Ha!
Still, I would eagerly send Tolkien fans to this one, where I would offer warnings about the other two. Together, The Hobbit is NOT a trilogy, it’s a trudge and it is NOT equal to LOTR by a long shot. But, Battle of Five Armies almost redeems the squishy first parts of this unexpected, unnecessarily trilogized saga.
Stray observations:
-Pretty sure Azok and South Park’s Satan shop at the same boutique for codpieces.
-Trolls is big, mean, ugly, and wicked stupid.
-Quick, unsay that before the nerds hear: in yet another effort to prove that this is a prequel, we hear tell of “Strider”… which would make him anywhere from 80-100 at the start of Fellowship of the Ring. Spry fellow.
-For a bowman, Bard rides a mean Foley filly (the full 4 coconut shells, I believe); and swings a mean axe.
-Battle Elk know how to “rack up” the head count. (Silly use of cgi in that one mass dispatch.)
-How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying Awards: Cumberbatch gets about 4 lines then folds like an origami swan. His voice is back as the necromancer for about a minute of film.
Not sure where Mikael Persbrandt was; did notice Bear Beorn, but Persbrandt gets a full pencil-drawn credit.
Andy Serkis does NOT get a credit, and Gollum is not in this film, but Serkis is listed as second unit director.
Benicio Del Toro gets a credit as a creative consultant.
…and finally…
-Don’t tell Neil DeGrasse Tyson: physics takes a major beating in this movie. But, you knew that already.
Again, not a movie that stands tall without LOTR, but well worth the time out from your holiday craziness.

162. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

I hear Durance is going to be on a new show.
It’s called. Losing Hope. It’s about a would be actress who wonders why she can’t Act. Lol.

163. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

No guys, it’s a medical drama called “No Hope”. Erica Durance stars as a patient (who preteneds to be a doctor) who’s acting abilities are brain dead but everyone insists on keeping her career on life support anyway.


164. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

Harry Ballz stars in “Hopeless,” the story of a Trekkie stuck in an emotional feedback loop involving a D-Lister 99.999999999% of TV viewers could not identify if you put her in front of them naked (Durance).

165. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

@160 PaulB

Thanks for the correction, Paul! I knew the word HOPE was in there somewhere, like I HOPE she’s off the air!

Hey, thanks for all the HOPE gags, guys! LMAO! Keep ‘em coming!

166. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Harry is caught in a temporal causality loop where he turns on the tv and is forced to watch Erica Durance. He decides to shoot the tv and himself to end it all, but it starts over again. The horrible events repeat themselves no matter what Harry does to break the loop. An eternity of being forced to watch Erica Durance. LOL.

167. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

166 –
What of Ballzurus?
What of Ballzurus?

168. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

New T.V Show. Hopelss Erica. About a Woman who is hopelessly in love with a Man who has to bring her to Justice at any and all cost.
Harry Ballz. Agent of Shield.

169. AJ - December 21, 2014

Just to think, Harry got all pissed off when Durance upended his fantasy of the perfect Lois Lane back in season 38 of “Smallville.” That IS what this is about, isn’t it?

Oh…and this:

170. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Harry really wanted her as Wonder Woman.

171. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker, Kirk has Khan, Picard has the Borg, and the Yankees have the Red Sox.

Oh, and Harry Ballz has Erica Durance. :-)

172. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

When you mention Erica Durance with Wonder Woman in the same sentence, you’re missing a few words. The full sentence reads…….

“Hey, anybody ever wonder if Erica Durance is a real woman?”

173. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Erica Durance is Harry’s Kryptonite.

174. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

Emperor Mike, as I’ve stated many times before, I just HATE seeing people with NO talent land roles they clearly don’t deserve.

I guess, sometimes, it’s an unjust universe.

175. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

123. CmdrR – December 18, 2014

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation.

Ah, thanks. That would make sense.

What plot holes did you see in Mind Sifter?

Good point about Interstellar. I guess the implication is that since it’s “the future,” and they’ve got the high tech to be living on a space station, then they must also have the high tech to deal with their basic needs like food.

176. Silvereyes - December 22, 2014

174 Harry

Then you must despise 98% of Hollywood… Durance is just one amongst hundreds of untalented idiots who are going on their looks to compensate for their lack of talent.

177. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014


Silvereyes, that’s a fair point, but it’s also where this really gets silly.

When it comes to looks, Durance didn’t deserve to be cast in Smallville. Go to any beach in California, throw a stick, and you’d hit any number of women who are FAR better looking than her.

178. 'Beach - December 22, 2014

Casting agents don’t give two steaming piles for talent. Screw talent. If the script calls for five-nine, red hair, boobs out to here, then that’s what they cast. Ability to act is a distant secondary.

In the end, it’s all about the money anyway. It’s all about box office. Roles get cast because of the audience that particular actor can bring in.

For sake of argument, some no-talent celebrity (say The Beibs) is cast as a vilain (Yes, i know how cosmically ludicrous that is. Stop laughing). He sure as haell ain’t cast for his acting ability. He’s cast because (aside from staggering stupidity on teh part of the producers) because he can bring hordes of screaming fan-girls and put their pretty little bottoms in theater seats.

Is this an example of monumental miscasting? Of course it is.

But it’s all about the money.

179. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Out to where exactly? And what movie is that??

180. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Yea, I know… this is a huge stretch in order to connect him to Trek, but what the heck.

RIP Joe Cocker.

181. Phil - December 22, 2014

Well, if Kim shuts off the internet tomorrow…the Post Office will save the day!

Merry Christmas.

182. Phil - December 22, 2014

Looks like we have a winner in the directors derby….

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