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Del J. Trame Memorial Chat


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1. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2014

Oh, wow, so quiet in here…….

(tumbleweed rolls by, a few crickets chirp)

2. Matt Wright - December 5, 2014

Sorry for the total reset, I was trying to find a way to bring over the last 20 or so comments from the old one, but the plugin that everyone recommends doesn’t work with the newer versions of WordPress :-(

3. Phil - December 5, 2014

Oh, well…..

4. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014

First Orci gets dumped and now all of our comments on Chat.

I smell conspiracy. :>)

5. marja - December 5, 2014

Are they on some thread somewhere in the archive, Matt? If not, oh well.

My God Harry! You mean … surely not …!

YOU are IANHerbert??!


6. AJ - December 5, 2014

Who cares?

“Star Trek” is in limbo again!

Happy 50th, everyone!

7. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014


marja, marja, marja………………I don’t like it when you call me names.

“Tickle your ass with a feather?”


“Um, I said, ‘it looks like we’re in for nasty weather.'”

8. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

“I smell conspiracy. :>)”

You’re just in time, Harry. I’m baking a fresh batch of conspiracy.

Wow, nice to see the place tidied up a bit, but you’ll never get all the stains out.

Back in the USSA, btw.

9. Aurore - December 6, 2014

…..So, what’s new???


And, now, something “old”.

A gentleman obviously having fun while sharing what he knows about my beloved franchise…

10. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 6, 2014

Wow. Double cool. Nice reset.

Now for some big Star Trek Continues news.
Dr.Who’s Colin Baker will be the guest star on Star Trek continues.
Geek o Meter is on overload.

11. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

For those who would like to look…

12. Marja - December 6, 2014

Mr. Ballz, I smell conspiracy. :>)

OH! You sell tumbleweeds!?

BTW y’all should see the cr*p IANHerbert is selling today on the Orci’s Out post.

When I read his posts, sometimes I think

“On the internet no one knows you’re a dog”

13. Phil - December 6, 2014

@12. I am. And considering he was on a very short leash for flaming/trolling, that’s he’s not holding back is a good indicator the site is on autopilot again.

14. Marja - December 6, 2014

I mean really, “The biggest star [Saldana] is a ‘Pregnoid'”? Yes, IANHerbert is just beggin’ for a dope slap. [Sigh] Perhaps a note to the moderator[s] is in order ….

15. Matt Wright - December 6, 2014

Crud, he’s still at it? I haven’t seen him post since this morning.
If he keeps it up I’ll likely just ban him since he was warned before. None of us have time to police stuff. Tony’s the only person who has the time, and as you all have seen he’s AWOL again…

16. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2014

Matt, we certainly appreciate your efforts in protecting the integrity of this site. Kudos!

17. Marja - December 7, 2014

Yes, where DOES Tony go, one wonders….

Thanks for steppin’ in, Matt. You guys rock.

18. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

15 — Matt — Which button do I hit to enter a fake rumor that Anthony is directing “ST3: The Farts Awaken, Hit the Snooze Button, Roll Over Until 2017″?

OK, other stuff. I guess more and more people have seen “Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: Mind-Sifter.” Some thoughts (sifted, of course.):

That is a long title. Phew!

There is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo muchchchchch echoooooo in the opening monolgue. Brian Gross is a little soft-spoken throughout, and his “Space, the final frontier…” gets lost in the reverb.

I liked that they kept the Big E’s skidding through space. On that point, the cgi modeling is excellent. Some of the ship movement is a little curvy for space. You don’t have air or water to bank off of, so to achieve the movement we saw would require constant attitude jets or something.

Mic-ing early on seems a little off.

Make-up is a real mess in places: Spock’s ears, Kor’s neck (like he man-tanned, but forgot to use a mirror.)

The musical cues, while faithful, feel a little stale at times.

And my last negative kvetch: the whole “Jim’s dead, let’s chew over how we feel and have a memorial” sequence is way too long. At 1:04 plus credits, there were places to cut this episode, and I would nominate that section, because it’s so similar to “The Tholian Web.”

Nuff bitchin’. There’s lots to like here. As I say, I wish Brian Gross would modulate his delivery, but in general his acting is equal to the task at hand. He looks good with his shirt off and blood dripping from every orifice. (Hmm, that didn’t quite come out right.) Gross can also deliver a snarky line. “I hate that guy!” — took me a second to connect the dots, but it’s a funny line. I look forward to seeing more of his interaction with Spock & McCoy.

Brandon Stacy is one of the best Spocks to date in fan fic. And there have been tons of Spocks. Jeff Bond’s McCoy is a real tribute to DeForest without getting lost in mimicry. Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. (That’s the best I can phrase it without being too spoiler-y).

It sounds like Drama 101, but I’ll point out that this production manages to… finally… nail blocking and shot direction. It’s a problem that has plagued virtually all fan fics. There’s nothing more distracting than watching actors try to figure out how to sit or stand on a tiny set or sometimes just to figure out what to do with their hips or hands while walking. Acting is a full-body action, and both actors and directors seem to have smoothed out that aspect of this production.

Also worth noting are the familiar names attached, including D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. Oh, and of course there’s the William Shatner cameo. He finally does one!

I give “Mind-Sifter” a B+, only because some of the story elements feel revisited. Notwithstanding that, it is watchable and leaves a pleasant emotional aftertaste. I look forward to more!

19. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Remember, when you tattle on someone, you’re really tattling on yourself for being a tattle-tale.


20. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

19 – Cygnus, thank you. It’s been a long time since I felt as though I was in 5th Grade.
As I grew older… say 12 or so… I began to see the reality that police cannot be everywhere while selfish a-holes can. Therefore, we all have to work together to stop the jerks or we’ll all fall under their abuse.

21. Phil - December 7, 2014

Tattle, my ass. Lets turn this into some good old fashion on line gambling, and start gaming who the new sock puppets are. 3:1 on Franco….

22. Marja - December 7, 2014

Phil, I was wondering who you were referring to. Seems to me I saw Franco on the boards a couple of months ago and his spelling was that of an English-as-a-Second-Language speaker/writer. Suddenly, it seems to have improved vastly ….

And Spock’s Bangs has been popping [pupping?] in, but I can’t remember if this is one of the Infamous One’s identities or not. I thought it might be b/c one post ended,

CmdrR, I saw Mind-Sifter too. As a longtime fanfic reader and writer, I was put strongly in mind of a hurt/comfort story, although from what I saw of Ms Maiweski’s comments, it may well have been out-and-out K/S. Don’t know for sure, and that’s pretty irrelevant to the production [thank goodness]. The abusive orderly goons may have been typical of the 1950s. I thought that went a little over the top though.

Things I loved: Cawley’s self-deprecating inclusion of a certain delusional figure [performed by Cawley?] and Kirk’s line, “I hate that guy!”

Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. Agreed, fully, especially re: her last scene. Did you notice the soft key-lighting on her face, just as was done in TOS? What a lovely lady, too, not a typical female actress stick figure.

Brandon Stacy! Holy shee, what a great Spock. His IMdb page shows quite some resemblance to a certain actor in NuTrek, whom I adore, so it was delightful to see Mr Stacy. I wish they had fitted his uniforms — and his ears! — properly. Spock deserves better! The pace of his speech is a little too deliberate, but I’m sure he’ll get that down. I really do hope he returns. He has the gravitas needed for Spock.

My main issue with the story is that Kirk’s character seems a bit pitiful throughout, lost in time. Very typical/appropriate in angsty fanfic stories, but not so much in filmed Trek — fanfilm or no — because Kirk is a man of action. He is TOO out of it, too passive — so unlike the Kirk I expect. His reaction to a certain signal was good, but there should have been more action on his part. It seems to me Kirk’s basic personality is not one of passivity, but urgency. This seemed to be mostly missing, except in the office scene.

There were also elements of Edith Keeler and a near-rehash of a fan favorite Third Season episode, also typical elements of written fanfic, right down to McCoy grabbing Spock’s command chair.

Again I agree with you, on Kor. His makeup could have been MUCH better. The actor even sounded like Colicos once or twice; too bad he didn’t manage it consistently.

Jeff Bond — did he play Christopher Pike in “In Harm’s Way”? — kept tryin’ to sound Southern, but it didn’t work any better than when President Obama tries droppin’ his “g’s”. His intensity served McCoy’s character well, though.

I thought Brian Gross did a great job — although I have finally grown to appreciate Cawley as Kirk, despite his black black hair! — and I agree on the reverb. I wonder if that was an unintentional effect of “surround sound”?

I will watch the episode again to see what I think, but I’ll tell ya — I’ll be looking forward to more of Mr Stacy as Spock, whooo-ee.

I think DC Fontana and David Gerrold add so much to the productions though … Phase II is standing out to me much better than it did when I first saw ST Continues. Now I think Phase II or New Voyages or whatev they’re gonna call it is ahead by a nose, or more.

I really enjoyed “World Enough and Time” — Takei and the actress playing Sulu’s otherworld daughter were just wonderful.

OK I have to ask this. Does anyone else think the Spock in “Blood and Fire” looks like Kevin Nealon, late of SNL and “Weeds”? The story was great, but “Kevin Nealon” was a bit distracting. I thought satire might pop up at any moment …. Will give this one a re-watch though, because of the science fiction story. Finally we see how disgusting and scary those bloodworms are!

23. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Here’s a neat bit of Trek-related news:

English tenor, Russell Watson, who performed the vocals on Diane Warren’s “Faith of the Heart,” for use as the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise, here reprises his performance as a wake-up song for NASA’s New Horizons mission.

The probe, which has been traveling in hibernation toward Pluto since 2006, has just awakened for the final leg of its journey. It’s interesting to note that, here, Watson performs the song not in the raspy voice that he used for the Enterprise theme—wherein he was trying to mimic the voice of Rod Stewart, who originally performed the song for the soundtrack to the movie, Patch Adams—but, rather, in a clean tenor:

24. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

And I think that Watson sounds better singing it clean. His raspy voice on Enterprise always bugged me a bit, and I’d never have guessed that the singer actually had a clear, powerful voice.

25. Marja - December 7, 2014

Cygnus, Agreed. The fakey Rod Stewart sound always discomfited me as well. Maybe they thought a clear voice didn’t sound macho enough for teen fanboys? Whatever.

I never knew the song was written for Patch Adams! — I’d always thought it was written for Enterprise.

I don’t exactly get the logic of singing to a space probe [or is he singing to the scientists monitoring the space probe?], but it still gave me some goosebumps. Now I may go back and watch some Enterprise eps.

26. Phil - December 8, 2014

There’d be outrage, outrage on the main threads…but if you still think Shatner and Nimoy, in ‘integral’ roles is such a hot idea, be prepared for the inevitable……

Funny stuff!

27. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Marja– agree with you that Mind-Sifter is not a good intro to Kirk or to a new actor playing him. I pasted my review onto P2’s Facebook page. someone — I assume she is connected to the production — got super defensive when I said Brandon Gross is soft-spoken throughout. She said it was just this script. But Kirk should BOOM in the monologue as well as when he’s going man to man with Kor. It doesn’t happen. I’d say it’s an area to work on in a very good production. I also agree that I want Brandon Stacey as Spock until he lands a big 3-picture deal in Hollywood. But, please, make the points sit on top of his ears… and get the color to match. I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.
Again, don’t anyone mistake my snarks for hate. P2 is really cookin, and totally worth watching.

28. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Brian Gross

My bad

29. CmdrR - December 8, 2014


Or stuff it. (said lovingly)

30. Phil - December 8, 2014

^^ Funny that Lucas is pulling a Shatner here….

31. Cygnus-X1 - December 8, 2014

Marja, he’s singing to the whole mission team, not just the robot probe. :-)

32. Marja - December 8, 2014

Cmdr R, I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.

It isn’t too bad when he’s wearing the blue tunic, but when he switched to the gold one MY GOD HE LOOKED PEA-GREEN. And you are so right about the ears. Almost ruined those great Spock scenes for me.

Cygnus, Well thank god for that ;-)

33. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

Ok. Star Trek Continues next Episode will be titled.
Star Trek Nit Pickey. Staring . All of us. Lol.

34. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

All in all Star Trek Phase 2 Mind Sifter was a good show. Great story, secent cast. Let’s not get to Nit Pcky. Lol.

35. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Emperor Mike…

Not to get too nit-picky here, but in Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2 Mind-Sifter, when Spock takes a mentally beaten Kirk in his arms, caresses him, then rips off both their clothes and reveals a tattoo on Kirk’s right buttock that reads “K/S forever” inside a heart… I was taken totally out of the drama because the heart encircling the slogan was red and not green, as is canon.

36. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 9, 2014

CmdrR That did not bother me so much as when the female lusted after Spock and she was trying to help Kirk.

37. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Doctor Hamlin is a woman of great passion.

I agree with Marja that she’s good because she’s not the typical “Kirk Girl,” aka a decade too young for him and built like a brick nacelle. I also see from IMDb that Rivkah Raven Wood trained at the Juilliard School of Drama in NYC and has done a bunch of Trek fan-fic. I’d like to see her do more… maybe with a better hair style, make-up, and wardrobe… but keep the glamour lens.

38. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

So much time on their hands…

39. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Somebody remind me…..who is THX-1138?

He’s been posting here for a long time, but I forget his particulars…anybody know his background?

40. Phil - December 9, 2014

Strange. Just got back from a memorial service for a client, and friend. A bit younger then me, too….and suddenly, all that bickering on the Orci thread looks really, really petty. More so that I willingly participated in it.

It’s a f**king TV show. Go have a drink someplace interesting. Walk on the beach. Naked, preferably. Tell someone you love them…listen to some Springsteen…and Beethoven.


41. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Yes, Phil, you are right about that. Relish each moment. Life is short.

42. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Sorry to hear about your friend, Phil.
I fully endorse random nudity in this chat. It’s a moral imperative in this short life!

43. 'Beach - December 10, 2014


Again, Harry?

44. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Somebody mentions nudity and here comes ‘Beach, back after months of lurkdom… Welcome back mon ami!

… And yes Phil, sympathies for your friend. Puts things in perspective…

Harry, THX-1138 is the alter-ego of Mongo… Remember him/her/it?

I believe he owns an art gallery… Or could be a musician. Or is that CmdrR? Sorry..

45. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

S. E.

Damned skippy. I am all about some nekkidity!!

46. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

THX-1138 owns an art gallery of sorts in the Pacific Northwest. I also think he is into music. Yes Mongo is his alter-whatever.

47. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

If I owned an art gallery, it would all be about nuditity. You would have to be naked to come in.

48. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

In your face, Shatner!!
Christopher Lee’s other career:

49. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yo, once more into the ‘Beach!

Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.

Silvereyes and ‘Beach, thanks for the refresher!

50. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Speaking of… I have this Apple TV gizmo, which enables you to watch trillions of shows from billions of different chanels and therefore neglect your life and reality in general… and there’s a show on there called bying naked, where you have these nudists wanting to buy houses in a nudist community (no, not colony! very politically incorrect!)… And they just show up naked…

Then there’s the show naked and afraid… They’ll do anything for ratings… Hey, I watched!

51. crazydaystrom - December 10, 2014

49. Harry Ballz

“Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.”

My friend was feeling Mary then he jumped for Joy! Later an ample lass caught his eye then he proceeded to Sally fourth.


52. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Thoughts on the Terminator:Genisys trailer?

I thought it looked intriguing…

53. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Damn. Forgot how to close the stooped italics thingy…

54. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Test test test

55. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Ouch and then some!!!

56. Marja - December 10, 2014

35, CmdrR, eeeuuuw, you just reminded me why I never got into that h/c K/S thing … I think my favorite line ever was something about Kirk searching Spock’s eyes: “hazel pools looked into brown depths” … LOL about the heart canon :->


40 Dear Phil, My sympathies on the loss of your friend. You are so right to focus on what’s important and forget some of the nonsense in life. I think we’d all do well to take your advice. Peace.


Welcome back, ‘Beach. Didn’t you used to have another name appended to ‘Beach?

And speaking of other names, didn’t “Spock’s Bangs” used to have another name consisting of two initials …? Hmmmmm

Guys I’ll check ya later.

Here is some seen-before Trek holiday music to lighten our spirits

57. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Harry starred on Naked and Afraid.
He was naked. The audience was afraid.


58. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.

59. 'Beach of the shortened online handle - December 10, 2014

56 @ Marja

Way back when we did this with stone knives and bear skins (or given the current topic, is that bare skins?) I started out as ‘Crazybeach’ (bonus points if you get that reference). Over time mostly from laziness it got shortened to just plain old ‘Beach.

60. AJ - December 10, 2014

Hey, ‘Beach! Welcome Back!

Silvereyes, once again, I am off to Aylmer, Quebec for a few days after the new year. No bagels this time, as I will be heading up from upstate NY.


Everyone tells me I should stock up on good old NY State maple syrup and bring it to Canada because what they have up there is not pancake-worthy, and is generally packed in hard metal tins and looks/tastes like/may be used as – motor oil.

I will try some when I am there. I know the souvenir hawkers sell it in Ottawa, but I have never ventured to see if it is available in actual food-based retail (I don’t generally use the product).

Also, though I am not a cop, my local hosts are threatening me with a trip to Tim Hortons for something called “Timbits.” Any advice? TH is American-owned now, but that in no way makes me feel any better about it.


61. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Did someone say. Beach and Nudity. Ok. I’ll go.

62. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014

AJ, when you go to Tim Hortons, you may want to order the Dark Roast coffee they just came out with. It’s a little stronger than their usual coffee.

Funny, I always thought Aylmer was in Ontario, not Quebec. Silvereyes?

63. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


That’s brave of you, Emperor Mike, no fear in exposing your short-comings.

64. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Well Harry. My Short-comings are bigger then most. Lol.

65. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

AJ, why are you putting sand in my underwear man?

First of all, if you got your taste of our bagels from Aylmer, QC, no wonder you still think your NYC bagels are better. Need to come to Montreal (St-Viateur St. or Fairmount St.) for true Montreal bagels.

Now, as far as maple syrup. I believe the province of Quebec is responsible for 80% of the world’s production. So, I don’t know who “Everyone” is that are telling you you should stock up on NY maple syrup… Maybe the same that are stocking up on Finnish vodka.

Also, if you go to a restaurant, like a diner type, and order some crêpes or pankakes or some other maple syrup compatible dish, it’s likely they’ll bring some syrup on the table in a non-descript glass container. This is not true maple syryp. This is corn syrup. In Quebec we call this “sirop de poteau” which means syrup made from telephone poles… You need to ask for real maple syrup.

… of course, even that corn syrup sh*t is better than NY syrup…

As far as Timbits. Please stay away from this. Ontarians like Harry will swear by them, but here in Quebec we have more sophistication, call it European-like flair, and know real food. Tim Horton’s coffee, even the new dark roast, is touch and go as far as taste. With all the adverts they are doing telling us it’s nice and bold, half the time it just tastes like pond water. Anyway, nothing beats a good cup of Starbucks.

Have fun in Aylmer!

66. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Harry, Aylmer used to be in Ontario, until the Quebec militia took it over in the 1984 Québec-Ontario war. Don’t you remember those thousands of naked Quebec soldiers, painted in blue with white fleur de lys on their privates? We got Aylmer, you got Toronto. I think we won.

67. Randall Williams - December 11, 2014

Regarding the departure of Bob Orci from the Director’s chair and with
ST fans wanting Frakes to direct (who has since contacted Abrams as well as Paramount that he would love to do it), here is another long shot:

Perhaps Shatner or Nimoy want to direct the film? Now that is a long shot!

68. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014


Silvereyes, the “Quebec militia”??

What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?

69. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

68 Harry

“What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?”

You forgot wife-beater-wearing, pot-bellied and five-o’clock-shadow adorned… And I believe the ladies in question were in fact their daughters, not step-daughters…

We Quebecquers come from prized stock.

70. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Q: what has eight legs and a collective IQ of 83?

A: the Quebec Militia Parade!

Q: what’s long and hard on a Quebecker?

A. grade 3

71. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Yay, now I know how to spell Quebecker. Thank you Harry!

72. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

By the way, where’s Aurore? Harry I think you scared her away…

73. AJ - December 11, 2014


I am only having fun with you Canadians, but I see you and Harry are now at war, so, divide and conquer. Quebec and Ontario at war…I feel like the Great Eye of Sauron setting all the players in motion….

As a matter of fact, most Americans eat fake maple syrup as well; the stuff in the tins on both sides of the border is quite good, but, I am not a regular user. Promised someone here I’d bring back a bit of both (not fake stuff, but NYS and Quebecois versions).

As for Aylmer, when I look up the weather, two distinct Aylmers come up- one in Quebec (just outside Ottawa), and one in Southern Ontario (halfway between Detroit and Buffalo north of Lake Erie). You now know this, Silvereyes and Harry, so don’t forget. I will also remember to make a feint for the dark roast when they offer me those Timbits next month.

74. LizardGirl - December 11, 2014

Ugghh! Why, why bother on the main threads?! Yeah, Phil, you got it! Star Trek is a freaking show! And now I need a freaking drink.

I don’t really know what to make of Bob leaving. I’m saddened, I guess. The guy can be loco sometimes, but who’s normal anyways? I was really looking forward to seeing what he can do.

And then we have this flashy (and really awesome) Star Wars teaser, followed closely by the info that Bob will not be the director for Star Trek. :(

Seeing as STiD was in theaters last year and we still have nearly two years to go. I’m not sweating bullets just yet. Next summer is when I think we should start to panic if things seem to be falling apart.

I hope they market it like Disney markets Marvel the Avengers. If that does well then I will be a happy girl.

75. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

73 AJ

If you mean the syrup tins I think you mean, then that’s actual, real maple syrup. And it’s quite good.

But no, not in a million years would I be at war with Harry! I have the greatest respect and admiration for that crazy Canuck (and for you too!). I just love to tease him… And I know he knows it’s just in fun.

Good luck with your Tim Horton’s experience. Cheers!

76. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Sivereyes, I agree, we’re great buddies! I especially appreciate how we connected on LinkedIn. I’ll always have your back!

77. CmdrR - December 12, 2014–2014—smaug

Hope the movie is as good…

78. Marja - December 12, 2014

74 LizardGirl, I left the director’s thread b/c TUP is being such a patronizing bully. Feck him. I thought every one of Phil’s responses were justified, as far as I read, that is. I stopped partway down b/c I like to be diplomatic for the most part and re: TUP, as Khan said, “he tasks me … he TASKS me.” Just want to take him down, patronizing mofo. GRRRrrr.

As to Frakes, ehhh, I’m not so sure, especially if the director has input on the script. Cygnus recently attached a Mr Plinkett review of ‘First Contact,’ which was [as with all Plinkett reviews] hilarious yet thoughtful. Check it out for some laffs.

See yinz later. Though not too MUCH of you, guys, unless you have the Hardbodies I yearn to look at ;-) …

Whew, it’s lucky we can’t post pics on here, I’d be a bit embarrassed to do so. No bikini lady, I. Now in my 20s …. THAT would’ve been do-able.

79. Silvereyes - December 12, 2014


80. CmdrR - December 13, 2014

79 – Now we just need a perpetual source of velour.

81. Aurore - December 13, 2014

@ 58. Mr. Ballz – December 10, 2014

“…Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.”


“Rock Hard ” a.k.a. Scary Ballz.

The man. The legend.

“Scaring ” people away wearing nothing but a smile…since ( at least ) October 18, 2011.

…And, THIS is no conspiracy theory…



(Post 1104) :

82. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Interesting ideas for ST4.

Since it appears that ST3 has been and is already a script of some sort. How about some ideas for the further adventures of the re-invented crew of the enterprise?.
Idea 1:
How about a three feature arc about a civil war within the federation with the Enterprise as the rebels?.
Idea 2:
Someone figures out how to bypass the organian peace treaty with technology and potentially starts a Federation/Klingon war?.
Idea 3:
Captain Pike reaches out from Talos 4 on his death bed to let the federation know that the future of humanity is about to be altered by militant Talosian youth. He leaves a cryptic message, but it all must be dealt with in real time. As the penalty for entering Talosian space is the last known crime sufferable by the “Death” penalty officially within the federation, it falls on Kirk and the Enterprise to figure out how to stop the crimes of the young Talosians without breaking Federation law.
Idea 4:
Your turn.

I just wanted to show that there are plenty of good reasons to follow up original story lines, or even create brand new ones. Yes I’m a nerd, OK?.
So, for those of you who “Loved” the newest features and still have no idea what I’m referring to, I rest my case.

83. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

From Wikipedia:
James Tiberius Kirk was born on March 22, 2233, in Riverside, Iowa.[1] He was raised there by his parents, George and Winona Kirk.[2] Although born on Earth, Kirk for a time lived on Tarsus IV, where he was one of nine surviving witnesses to the massacre of 4,000 colonists by Kodos the Executioner. James Kirk’s brother George Samuel Kirk is first mentioned in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and introduced and killed in “Operation: Annihilate!”, leaving behind three children.[3]

At Starfleet Academy, Kirk became the only student to defeat the Kobayashi Maru test, garnering a commendation for original thinking by reprogramming the computer to make the “no-win scenario” winnable. Kirk was granted a field commission as an ensign and posted to advanced training aboard the USS Republic. He then was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and returned to Starfleet Academy as a student instructor.[3] Students could either “think or sink” in his class, and Kirk himself was “a stack of books with legs”.[4] Upon graduating in the top five percent, Kirk was promoted to lieutenant and served aboard the USS Farragut.[3] While assigned to the Farragut, Kirk commanded his first planetary survey and survived a deadly attack that killed a large portion of the Farragut ’​s crew,[3] including his commanding officer, Captain Garrovick. He received his first command, a spaceship roughly equivalent to a destroyer, while still quite …………etc. etc. etc.

My whole point is, what if JJ decided to just make crap up about Darth Vader using an altered time line as an excuse?.
How would that fly?.

Anakin stole a floating bike and joined the Empire and assumed control of the entire army in less than a day, deciding that he needed a helmet and a calculator on his chest so he could rule properly.
Those that opposed him got the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign and choked to death.
This is tantamount to the amount of research that went in to making the last two Treks. Honestly, I just don’t get the disjointed take of the first two films. I get why people (Non Trekkies) like them, they just disappoint me beyond all get out.

84. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

None of my posts here qualify as CHAT-worthy?

85. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

I guess they were. Thanks.

86. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Now I guess they weren’t. But thanks anyways.

87. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2014

Hey, get a grip, Grip!

It’s late on a Saturday night, and some people are busy “shoving in their regards”!

88. Spockchick - December 14, 2014

@23. Cygnus-X1
Russel Watson is a lovely guy. He survived 2 brain tumours and as a result is pretty chilled.

Hey – someone cleaned up here!

89. CmdrR - December 14, 2014

Yeah, the maid says she found three Hello Kitty pasties and a 5 gallon can of Crisco. Not really sure whose they are. I found my light sabre condoms, so I’m good.

90. Phil - December 15, 2014

N. Korea keeps on releasing more info from the Sony Studios hack. Considering that STID was shot in part on Sony property, it’ll be interesting to see what opinions get offered up about their POV of the Trek franchise…

91. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Kim Jong Un says he should play Khan in ST3; wants Beyonce to take over as Uhura; engineering scenes now shot in a cheese factory.

92. Phil - December 15, 2014

The glorious and unified people of the Grand Peoples Starship Un-E-Prise are furious and inflamed that the imperialist pigs of the morally corrupt Klingon empire have insulted the impeccable integrity of the united earth North Korean peoples. We will rain fire on your planet with unending fury and show you no mercy and we will reduce your home world to a burned out cinder….

Hey, as long as it has a solid theme, it’s Oscar gold….

93. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Oh, by the way…

Congrats, Lt. Mommy.

94. Spectre-7 - December 15, 2014

Star Trek computer gaming news:

The full version Star Trek Armada 3: A Call To Arms, has just been released. It’s a modification for the game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

It’s fan-made but as a longtime pc gamer, I can tell you the devs provided an experience that is more Trek-like accurate than many actual Trek games of the past.

They aimed to recreate the Dominion War and if you’re a DS9 fan, you’ll see that your fleet looks almost exactly as they do is seasons 6-7

Have a look!

95. Spockchick - December 15, 2014


DO the light-sabre condoms glow in the dark?

96. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

95 – Spockchick — Depends who I’m with. Care to test ’em out?

“Another Force. And Tatoo’ne.
Same old Falcon… Hey, that’s no moon!
Another sequel, that’s just no equal
To makin’ Wookie”

97. Spockchick - December 16, 2014


Are you sayin’ your lightsabre can be seen all the way over the pond?

Man, I’m impressed!

98. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

97 — Spockchick, I like to think of it as “hands” across the water… an elegant “weapon” for a more civilized age.

And mine is purple.

99. Red Dead Ryan - December 16, 2014


I’m surprised something so small could be seen from so far away! :-)

*runs and hides*

100. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

[Best Woody Allen voice] Like a French Bread! Small.”

101. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

102. Marja - December 17, 2014

CmdrR, perhaps it is purple and small but its brilliance is considerable ….
Ruh-roh, North Korea is threatening theatres showing Sony’s “The Interview” … the Dept of Homeland Security actually had to evaluate the threat [at taxpayer expense, not at Sony’s], for Spocksake, it’s JUST A MOVIE. I guess the Dear Leader can’t tell the diff between satire and documentary … although in his case the two are awfully close ….

103. Phil - December 17, 2014

Theaters are canceling showings of ‘The Interview’. Looks like the terrorists won, after all.

104. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

103 – As an only occassional Seth Rogan fan [40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is The End], and judging by the trailers for The Interview, I’d say the fans won.

105. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

I will say that the cancellation of The Interview’s release can only serve to encourage loose screws everywhere. Look for copycats. That’s extremely bad news.

106. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014

When it comes to people bragging about how big their light-sabres are, some here seem pretty COCKSURE of themselves.

Just sayin’, not trying to be a dick about it.

107. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Yeah, there was some lady on CNN defending the the choice to cancel the showings. Her rationale was that studios shouldn’t be making movies that make fun of assassinating dictators.

You know what the U.S government should do? They should hack into the North Korean computer systems and power grids and force the “Dear Leader” into watching clips of Erica Durance attempts at acting.

Oh, and then send them some sort of e-bomb that shuts off his electricity for a year or two.

108. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


It takes BALLZ to say something like that. Bravo! :-)

109. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

Well, Harry, at least some of us don’t burn ourselves on our lightsabres while going Han Solo.

110. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Never rub another Jedi’s lightsabre!

111. Phil - December 17, 2014

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

112. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Most of us here have a pretty good handle on the proper use of lightsabres.

I think.

Those who need more hands on training, I refer you to the Jedi Master Bator.

113. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

There’s a nifty pic of vintage Shat on a hog on the daily pic for 12/17.

114. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014


If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.

mmmmm, yes, that would explain a lot!

115. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


“If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.”

I’ve never tried that myself, but rumors are that it when some guy did it decades ago, his testicles went aflame and inspired the song “Great Balls of Fire”!

116. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Marja, I finally watched Star Trek New Voyages Mind Sifter.

I’m a little confused: What’s the relationship between Phase II and New Voyages? Thought that Phase II was simply the re-named New Voyages, but Mind Sifter having been just put out as a New Voyages episode suggests something else. They’re both produced by James Cawley, but obviously New Voyages has a different cast than Phase II. What’s the deal?

Anyway, Mind Sifter very slick and well put together. The scenes with Kirk and the Klingons are by far my favorite. The performances overall are all totally respectable. There are not moments where I was pulled out of the story by bad acting, though I didn’t particularly like Spock’s perpetual look of consternation. The actor playing him seemed to be playing him as very emotional—significantly different than how Nimoy played him.

The woman who played the nurse was very good. The guy who played Korr was very good. All the Klingons actually were very good.

Apart from Spock, my main complaint about this episode is the same complaint that I have about every Phase II episode: I think it’d make a better episode if it had been edited down to about 50 min, like a TOS episode. At 1 hour and 5 minutes, there was superfluous film that was a drag on the pacing and didn’t really convey any new information, particularly in all of the lamentations about Kirk being gone. There was nothing in those scenes that was so great that we needed it dragged out and reiterated as it was.

But, that aside, I would say the episode is a definite improvement over the last Phase II episode, Kitumba. Mind Sifter was tight, thoughtful, had good dialogue and I appreciated it addressing the issue of whatever happened with the Guardian of Forever.

Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?

Matt, you guys should do an article about this episode whenever you get a chance.

117. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Oh, and McCoy was also very good. Very believable.

118. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus-X1 – There were a few plot holes in Mind-Sifter, although as I’ve said, it is a fine production and well worth the viewing by any Trekkie. I kinda wondered what they were doing for so long before the Federation fleet showed up? On Klingon says “This will require some study” or some such, and I assume that the big bulk device is a library computer that won’t burn out like Spock’s tricorder as it records Earth history. However, I wondered why they didn’t just start lobbying disruptor charges through the Guardian and try to blow up Earth’s great leaders. Maybe the Guardian has anti-douche technology. Anyway, they left it behind when they beamed out, so Kor is screwed… again!! HAHA!

119. CmdrR - December 18, 2014


#$%ing Typonians! I thought we had vanquished them, but no….

120. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Not sure why one post got s-canned

121. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2014



122. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2014


“Deck the hallz with Harry Ballz…..Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!”

123. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus X-1 — “Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?”

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation. Good that it got left behind.

Posted this answer earlier, but it got s-canned. Guess there’s a limit to how many typos I can make…

124. Phil - December 18, 2014

@121. What, pitching a script to another holiday themed slasher flick?

Santa Claws II – Slay Ballz
It’ll be one hellva a Christmas!

125. Disinvited - December 18, 2014

#120. Harry Ballz – December 18, 2014

“Slay Ballz” has a certain ring; are you listening?
In the lane, Snow is glistening.
She’s a beautiful site. We’re happy tonight.
Walken’s in a win-ta-wonderland.

126. AJ - December 18, 2014


Christmas is NEXT Thursday, FYI.

Or, are you just in the spirit(s) early this year?

127. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

AJ, maybe Harry has had some kvas. I hope it’s not the other thing. Wouldn’t want to Putin the Ballz-man.

128. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, a tear is in my eye at the departure of Stephen Colbert (for now). If you blinked, you missed the cameos from Patrick Stewart, JJ, Eggs Cumberbun, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and more.

129. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

The real technology behind the Carol Marcus underoos scene:

130. Phil - December 19, 2014

Is there anything that technology can’t make better? Oh, wait, how do these bras keep North Korea from hacking in….

131. Phil - December 19, 2014

I think cheese 0rgy is on the banned list….

132. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello every one. Big parties and celebrations abound in the Empire for the
Emperors birthday.

133. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hey everyone. Sorry I have not been able to be on much. A lot going on. Got moved into my new house and the Empress is now happy. Got going in my new job and my birthday is today and Christmas is next week and then. New Years. Lol. I kind of feel like our friend Harry when he sees his dream girl. I just hope that it’s not in the form of an

134. 'Beach - December 19, 2014

Deck the Hallz with Ballz of Harry
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

Ladies now should all be wary
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

He’s offering up Bloody Mary’s
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

That he’s spiked with Old Dominion
Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, blah blah-blah-blah

Kinda strange in my opinion
Blah-blah-blah-blah blah-blah-blah-blah

Yeah. It’s stoopid. but it rhymes!

Apologies, Harry, Old Man!

135. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014


AJ, I’m just in a festive mood, early as it is.


CmdrR, somebody should do a parody video of “Putin On The Blitz”!


Nice, ‘Beach. Thankfully, I’ve never had to pull a “Cosby” on the ladies!

136. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And in Trek non-news…

137. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

More/the same speculation on the Orci beam-out:

138. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, I’m call spoiler alert expiration for Interstellar.

I wanted to know whether Murph saved mankind or just got them to go live in orbitals. What happened to the plant phage? I may have mentally missed a line or two. Wiki says Murph/Cooper’s work allowed for a mass evacuation, but again — what happened to the plant-killer? Gotta eat something, even on a space station. And if they’re all hanging out near Saturn (close enough that they found Cooper on a routine patrol of 43509409843509840345983509283 cubic miles of space), why didn’t anyone go and get Anne Hathaway earlier? Was her acting THAT bad??

139. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is # 134 then TPTB zapped 2 posts.

140. CmdrR - December 19, 2014


141. CmdrR - December 19, 2014



What Pyongyang Pinhead did I piss off?

142. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And they are back.
I am so confuzzled.

143. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is 138, my posts are gone again.

144. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello everyone A lot has been going on with me. Well Today is my 46th Birthday. Lol This past week My Wife and I just moved into our new House and we pretty much got it all settled. Next week is Christmas and then new Years. A Busy Busy Month. Lol.

145. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Erica wants to be slaped with Harry’s Ballz Fala la la la.
Ok. I guess that won’t work. He HE HE

146. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014

Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”

147. AJ - December 19, 2014

Here, The Daily Telegraph tears “nerdism” a new one, using the latest Hobbit film to maul those of us who err on the side of actually liking to have consistent universes and canon behind our beloved fantasy worlds.

I haven’t seen Hobbit 3 yet, and it’s supposedly pretty awful, but this guy is just being a dick:

148. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

144 – Happy birthday, Emp!
46? I vaguely remember that age…

146 – ‘Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”’ — Sounds like you like the attention Erica is showing you, Harry. Should we be buying wedding gifts?

147 – Could get beyond the vitriol of the first few graphs. LOTR was the problem and Hobbit 1-35 is pure gold? Um… no.

149. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

OK, this is the second group that’s saying Orci’s arse-kicking was due to his inability to morph his script into GotG redux. That would totally not surprise me. Suit: ‘Hey, that thing over there made money. You make that money that that thing made over there over here, NOW!’

150. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@148 CmdrR “Should we be buying wedding gifts?”

Here’s a thought, CmdrR………………%*$@#%$&*!!!!!!

151. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Harry, will she be changing her name to Durrance-Ballz, or will you become known in Hollywood as Mr. Durrance?

152. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

What I should have said, CmdrR, is go &%$@ yourself and the DURANCE you rode in on!

(with all due love and affection, of course) :>)

153. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2014

Don’t worry Harry, this is all merely an EN-DURANCE test!

It’s kind of like when Worf celebrated the anniversary of his Age of Ascension in the holodeck by being repeatedly jolted with pain sticks!

154. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Of course. In the spirit of the holidays and all.

155. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Pain sticks or ugly sticks? I thought I saw John Tesh make a face at Ms. Durance’s ceremony.

156. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 20, 2014

I hear Harry Mudd Ballz has had a Hard time with the Durance Test. Lol.

157. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@156 Emperor Mike

Yes, until I figured out the answer, Emperor Mike.

I got Durance to put a MUD pack on her face. It improved her looks for a few days………and then the mud fell off!

158. AJ - December 20, 2014

Is Durance even still working?

159. h - December 21, 2014

AJ, yes, she is, on a piece of dogshit program called Raising Hope.

If there is a God in heaven, it may have been cancelled by now.

160. PaulB - December 21, 2014

158/159 – Durance is not on Raising Hope, which was a fun sitcom about people actively trying to become better people.

Durance is on Saving Hope, which sounds like a dogturd.

161. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

“The Hobbit 3.” Went in with fairly low expectations, and came away pleasantly surprised.
It is not the bloated mess that 1 was or the misfired cgi nightmare of 2. I was never bored during this one, which is an odd compliment, but there it is. The tacked-on bits felt much more organic to the story than in the previous installments. Yes, the last 50-minutes is overblown gamer p@rn. AdmR kept asking who the crappy director was who kept bringing the bad guy back to die over and over again. Ha!
Still, I would eagerly send Tolkien fans to this one, where I would offer warnings about the other two. Together, The Hobbit is NOT a trilogy, it’s a trudge and it is NOT equal to LOTR by a long shot. But, Battle of Five Armies almost redeems the squishy first parts of this unexpected, unnecessarily trilogized saga.
Stray observations:
-Pretty sure Azok and South Park’s Satan shop at the same boutique for codpieces.
-Trolls is big, mean, ugly, and wicked stupid.
-Quick, unsay that before the nerds hear: in yet another effort to prove that this is a prequel, we hear tell of “Strider”… which would make him anywhere from 80-100 at the start of Fellowship of the Ring. Spry fellow.
-For a bowman, Bard rides a mean Foley filly (the full 4 coconut shells, I believe); and swings a mean axe.
-Battle Elk know how to “rack up” the head count. (Silly use of cgi in that one mass dispatch.)
-How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying Awards: Cumberbatch gets about 4 lines then folds like an origami swan. His voice is back as the necromancer for about a minute of film.
Not sure where Mikael Persbrandt was; did notice Bear Beorn, but Persbrandt gets a full pencil-drawn credit.
Andy Serkis does NOT get a credit, and Gollum is not in this film, but Serkis is listed as second unit director.
Benicio Del Toro gets a credit as a creative consultant.
…and finally…
-Don’t tell Neil DeGrasse Tyson: physics takes a major beating in this movie. But, you knew that already.
Again, not a movie that stands tall without LOTR, but well worth the time out from your holiday craziness.

162. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

I hear Durance is going to be on a new show.
It’s called. Losing Hope. It’s about a would be actress who wonders why she can’t Act. Lol.

163. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

No guys, it’s a medical drama called “No Hope”. Erica Durance stars as a patient (who preteneds to be a doctor) who’s acting abilities are brain dead but everyone insists on keeping her career on life support anyway.


164. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

Harry Ballz stars in “Hopeless,” the story of a Trekkie stuck in an emotional feedback loop involving a D-Lister 99.999999999% of TV viewers could not identify if you put her in front of them naked (Durance).

165. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

@160 PaulB

Thanks for the correction, Paul! I knew the word HOPE was in there somewhere, like I HOPE she’s off the air!

Hey, thanks for all the HOPE gags, guys! LMAO! Keep ’em coming!

166. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Harry is caught in a temporal causality loop where he turns on the tv and is forced to watch Erica Durance. He decides to shoot the tv and himself to end it all, but it starts over again. The horrible events repeat themselves no matter what Harry does to break the loop. An eternity of being forced to watch Erica Durance. LOL.

167. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

166 –
What of Ballzurus?
What of Ballzurus?

168. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

New T.V Show. Hopelss Erica. About a Woman who is hopelessly in love with a Man who has to bring her to Justice at any and all cost.
Harry Ballz. Agent of Shield.

169. AJ - December 21, 2014

Just to think, Harry got all pissed off when Durance upended his fantasy of the perfect Lois Lane back in season 38 of “Smallville.” That IS what this is about, isn’t it?

Oh…and this:

170. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Harry really wanted her as Wonder Woman.

171. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker, Kirk has Khan, Picard has the Borg, and the Yankees have the Red Sox.

Oh, and Harry Ballz has Erica Durance. :-)

172. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

When you mention Erica Durance with Wonder Woman in the same sentence, you’re missing a few words. The full sentence reads…….

“Hey, anybody ever wonder if Erica Durance is a real woman?”

173. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Erica Durance is Harry’s Kryptonite.

174. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

Emperor Mike, as I’ve stated many times before, I just HATE seeing people with NO talent land roles they clearly don’t deserve.

I guess, sometimes, it’s an unjust universe.

175. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

123. CmdrR – December 18, 2014

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation.

Ah, thanks. That would make sense.

What plot holes did you see in Mind Sifter?

Good point about Interstellar. I guess the implication is that since it’s “the future,” and they’ve got the high tech to be living on a space station, then they must also have the high tech to deal with their basic needs like food.

176. Silvereyes - December 22, 2014

174 Harry

Then you must despise 98% of Hollywood… Durance is just one amongst hundreds of untalented idiots who are going on their looks to compensate for their lack of talent.

177. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014


Silvereyes, that’s a fair point, but it’s also where this really gets silly.

When it comes to looks, Durance didn’t deserve to be cast in Smallville. Go to any beach in California, throw a stick, and you’d hit any number of women who are FAR better looking than her.

178. 'Beach - December 22, 2014

Casting agents don’t give two steaming piles for talent. Screw talent. If the script calls for five-nine, red hair, boobs out to here, then that’s what they cast. Ability to act is a distant secondary.

In the end, it’s all about the money anyway. It’s all about box office. Roles get cast because of the audience that particular actor can bring in.

For sake of argument, some no-talent celebrity (say The Beibs) is cast as a vilain (Yes, i know how cosmically ludicrous that is. Stop laughing). He sure as haell ain’t cast for his acting ability. He’s cast because (aside from staggering stupidity on teh part of the producers) because he can bring hordes of screaming fan-girls and put their pretty little bottoms in theater seats.

Is this an example of monumental miscasting? Of course it is.

But it’s all about the money.

179. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Out to where exactly? And what movie is that??

180. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Yea, I know… this is a huge stretch in order to connect him to Trek, but what the heck.

RIP Joe Cocker.

181. Phil - December 22, 2014

Well, if Kim shuts off the internet tomorrow…the Post Office will save the day!

Merry Christmas.

182. Phil - December 22, 2014

Looks like we have a winner in the directors derby….

183. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014

Winner? Justin Lin??



Leave it to Paramount and Bad Robot, they f*ck it up every single time!

184. Red Dead Ryan - December 22, 2014

Justin Lin is a pretty good action movie director. The past few “Fast & Furious” movies have been pretty fun and exciting. Great characters, mind-blowing action and heart-stopping chase scenes.

Basically, he’ll maintain the pace, the style, and the excitement of the first two Bad Robot movies.

And it’s perfectly fine by me!

185. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

For you, Harry.

To final straws:

186. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

And this:

187. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014

Thanks, Cygnus-X1!

The Stern cartoon truly depicts how I feel right about now.

188. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

Well. When it comes to Star Trek Fast and Furous. Lol.
I will have low Expectation’s for the new Trek Movie.

189. 'Beach - December 23, 2014

Well, all that being said about Lin, i can honestly say i can go into his Trek movie with an open mind, becasue i have never seen any of the FF Franchise. It point blank does not interest me in the slightest.

I do think it’s unfair to judge what he may do with Star Trek against what he has done with fast & Furious is unfair to him, and to the franchise.

My two quatloos. Take from it what you will.

Everyone have a very merry and a very happy, and a hopefully prosperous…

190. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

Are we close enough now to the big day? Good!


191. Craiger - December 23, 2014

Emperor Mike, Jordana Brewster ST: 3 as Yeoman Rand. Or maybe Durance as Yeoman Rand? :)

192. Phil - December 23, 2014

Close enough, Harry. Merry Christmas!

193. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

@191 “Durance as Yeoman Rand?”

How about Durance as a Horta? You wouldn’t have to spend a dime on make-up!

194. CmdrR - December 23, 2014

**best Brooklyn accent** “Ballz, burned to a crisp!”

Yes, I would love to see some lovely actress don the pineapple wig. Not really sure who, but Emily Blunt can do no wrong.

As for Admr Lin, I was quite impressed by “Better Luck Tomorrow,” because of its concentration on complex characters and relationships. I have not seen a single Fast or Furious frame. However… we knew damned well that Paramount would only pony up big bucks for an actioner, so let’s just hope it’s an actioner with an ounce of brains attached.

195. AJ - December 23, 2014

Ugh. I’m in Russia over Xmas, which is known here this year as “Thursday.”

As you obviously all know, Russians celebrate Christmas using the Orthodox Christian calendar, so the day is actually January 7th. I’ll be stateside in one week for 13 days.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

196. CmdrR - December 23, 2014

AJ, you will have to celebrate with Saints Smyrnoff and Stoli.

197. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

From the Empire.
I want to wish everyone a nice Christmas and may you all get Agonised. Er Get an Agoniser.

198. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

I want to wish all my friends here a very Warm and a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year.

199. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

I just watched Mind Sifter.

For an amateur production, it was pretty darn good. Hearing the Alexander Courage music, and the way they lit some of the shots, made me realize how lucky we were to catch “lightning in a bottle” with TOS back in the 1960’s.

200. Cygnus-X1 - December 24, 2014

199. Harry Ballz – December 23, 2014

I thought it was pretty darn good, too.

My usual complaint about the pacing and superfluous film in the Phase II episodes. But, that aside, it was a tight, well executed episode with some nice writing and performances.

Someone said that they saw plot holes, but I didn’t notice any.

I’m still confused about the relationship between New Voyages and Phase II, though they appear to be produced by the same people. Is it just two different casts, but everything else is the same?

201. CmdrR - December 24, 2014

Lock phasers on the hearth and set to “Yule.” Fire!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, a Trekkie Christmas, and a snarky New Year!

Roddenberry Trek Us, Everyone!

202. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2014

#200. It is the same people. They just wanted to get to the Orignal Phase 2 before they went on the TMP time frame.

Harry. I saw Mindsifter 3 times and I just love the Story. The Acting was pretty good. Especially the new Kirk. James Cawley has done a remarkable job.

203. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2014

May everyone have an Agonising. Er Merry Christmas.

204. Aurore - December 24, 2014

@ Everyone.

Happy Holidays!

(Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!)

205. Matt Wright - December 24, 2014

Just saw this and wanted to jump in on it:

138. CmdrR – December 19, 2014
OK, I’m call spoiler alert expiration for Interstellar.

I wanted to know whether Murph saved mankind or just got them to go live in orbitals. What happened to the plant phage? I may have mentally missed a line or two. Wiki says Murph/Cooper’s work allowed for a mass evacuation, but again — what happened to the plant-killer? Gotta eat something, even on a space station.

Remember that’s an effect of the Earth’s environmental collapse. It’s not something that would necessarily follow you to a totally artificial world, as I recall they had good biological samples preserved in the NASA bunker.

And if they’re all hanging out near Saturn (close enough that they found Cooper on a routine patrol of 43509409843509840345983509283 cubic miles of space), why didn’t anyone go and get Anne Hathaway earlier? Was her acting THAT bad??

They’re in O’ Neil cylinders, positioned near Saturn. It wasn’t a routine patrol. You could call it a routine orbit…

Anyway more importantly, you’re forgetting the time dilation. For Hathaway’s character she had just gotten there. They were just starting to plan a rescue for her in what appears to be the future relative to our heroes, but objectively these two events are fairly close together.

206. CmdrR - December 24, 2014

Matt —

Thanks for responding. I know a lot of people have questions about Interstellar. I’m not blasting it, it’s just that it’s the kind of movie that doesn’t spoon feed me.

I can follow you (not the film) on the positioning of the O’Neill cylinders and the time dialation. So, I guess they like Anne Hathaway’s acting better than I do. I got that Murph’s dotting of the i’s on the anti-grav/heavy lifting project would create cheap/large space habitats. Of course, there are manifold logistical problems beyond building great big centrifuges.

I’m not 100% sure about the health of the plants, since the film doesn’t really talk about the source of the plague. It does imply that it’s a result of overpopulation. I don’t know that humans couldn’t bring the pathogen with them, since it looked as though they still use soil to grow crops, as opposed to employing hydroponics. I would have liked a little more in that area; maybe a montage. Ridley Scott is so good at throwing out tantalizing bits. I would also have liked to see more about how science triumphs over human stupidity (i.e. Moon Landing deniers teaching public schools.)

That said, I absolutely love that we got a thinking sci-fi film with enough action/movie stars/kissy romance in it to put butts in seats. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it… Paramount??

207. Stephen Walker - December 24, 2014

Just in:
The Navy’s USS Ranger aircraft carrier, which stood in for the Enterprise in ST IV, is set to be scrapped and dismantled after preservation groups failed to raise funding. Ranger was one of the first four Super Carriers, decommed in 1993.

208. Silvereyes - December 24, 2014

NOW it’s not too early Harry…

Merry Xmas to all, or Happy Holidays…

I’m sitting in front of a fire, eating Xmas pudding with custard and tea, with my beautiful wife… In merry old London UK… Who needs a white Xmas!

209. Disinvited - December 24, 2014

#208. Silvereyes – December 24, 2014

Indeed, a Wife Christmas trumps it every time.

Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays if you are having them. If not, find something to smile about no matter how insignificant it may seem. Peace on earth. Goodwill to all.

210. VERG - December 24, 2014

So Mind sifter came out December 1st. And there hasn’t been one peep about it on trekmovie. This makes me sad. It’s the BEST episode to come out of Star Trek Phase II (Now back to New Voyages) yet. If you haven’t seen it yet you should. Please post something about Mind Sifter on trekmovie. Make sad emote :( Happy again.

211. Red Dead Ryan - December 25, 2014

Been watching the old Star Trek movies. Most of them sure don’t hold up too well.

Right now, I’m trying to watch the piece of crap movie that is “The Final Frontier”. Shatner should not have been allowed to direct that movie.

And earlier I watched “The Voyage Home”. Cheesy and dated as heck. The music was awful. The only soundtrack out of all the movies that I could say that. Even “Nemesis”, “Insurrection” and “The Final Frontier” had great scores, even though they aren’t good movies.

The best of the “Original Six” are “The Wrath Of Khan”, and “The Search For Spock”.

“The Motion Picture” has great visuals and beautiful music, but moves at a snail’s pace.

212. CmdrR - December 25, 2014

Well, somehow Horta Claus has done it again — circling the Earth in an AMT model of a shuttle on Christmas Eve, delivering gifts to all the good little girls and boys. Too bad he had to jettison the sack with Harry’s gifts and ignite them. But, wow did that Saurian Brandy burn well! Even R’doff the Red Nosed Klingon was impressed. Here’s to hoping everyone got a special gift this Christmas! As for me, Helen is waiting under the mistletoe. Noel, Noel!!

213. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Merry Chriastmas to all.
I hope everyone enjoys their Personal Agoniser’s.

214. CmdrR - December 25, 2014

A merry face palm?
Make it so!!!

215. Red Dead Ryan - December 25, 2014

Can’t wait for this….based on the documentary “Man On Wire”. “The Walk”. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Pettite.

216. Disinvited - December 25, 2014

#211. Red Dead Ryan – December 25, 2014

It isn’t so bad as it is just misplaced alongside the likes of Goldsmith. I think the bells and tubas were supposed to somehow lend it a nautical air but it always sounds like Christmas to me – which reminds me:I usually give it a spin this time of year as it serves as my “unofficial” Trek Christmas album.

217. Disinvited - December 25, 2014

# 213. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – December 25, 2014

” I hope everyone enjoys their Personal Agoniser’s.” — Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

That sounds like you’ve given them the Lee Merriweather upgrade? In which case I’m switching my box’s name tag with D’Amoto’s as I’m sure he’ll appreciate the lack of complete cellular disruption on the morrow’s morn.

218. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Watching Star Trek First Contact. Troi is Drunk and passes out. Now who here has never passed out with Troi. Lol.

219. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

#217. LOl.

I am watching The Cage. Thought I wouldd go back to the beginning of Trek

220. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Flash to Bridge!. Durance was reported to be lurking around.

221. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2014


“lurking”? To lurk implies the person has stealth or guile. Someone limber of limb, who can slide past you and hide in the shadows.

The lumbering bloated shape of the Durance has none of these traits.

Now if you had said, “Durance was reported LUMBERING around”, you might have something.

222. Spockchick - December 26, 2014


I never thought I would wade in re Durance, BUT. There are only two Lois Lanes; the very beautiful Margot Kidder, who had a peaceful, serene look to her, and Teri Hatcher, who was feisty and funny and also beautiful. Both of them have amazing eyes, expressive, deep and dark. When I saw Lois on ‘Smallville’, I was all;

What. The. Actual. Fck.

Tragically miscast.

Anyhoo, happy holidays to all the lovely chatters.

Lots of love

Peggy x

223. Cygnus-X1 - December 26, 2014

205. Matt Wright – December 24, 2014

Makes sense.

224. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Harry. LMAO. That was funny.

225. Craiger - December 26, 2014

Harry and Mike,

226. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

I had this weird dream once where the Enterprise was approaching Space Dock. The big doors on Space Dock were open, and underneath it was labelled “Enterprise”. As in this is where the ship was supposed to dock. The Enterprise was supposed to go in, but didn’t, as the ship somehow didn’t slow down, missed the entrance, and slammed into the side of the space station and exploded.

Turns out Erica Durance was at the helm. :-D

227. CmdrR - December 26, 2014

226 — That’s a malicious lie, RDR!
Everyone knows Erica Durance flies starships as well as she acts… which conclusively proves she could NOT hit the broad side of a space barn!

228. Matt Wright - December 26, 2014

@ 206 CmdrR —

Yeah the movie is far from perfect when it comes to science (obviously). Even with it being heavily influenced by physicist Kip Thorne, there is quite a bit of dramatic license taken. The film is definitely criticized for the questionable biological science used in the film (i.e. the crops).

P.S. You said Ridley Scott in your post, but I assume you mean Christopher Nolan (the director/co-writer the movie)?

229. CmdrR - December 26, 2014

228 – Brain fart. Yes, Nolan of course. (Was thinking of the shortcomings of the somewhat-brilliant Prometheus.) It does seem as though the studios and/or directors want to hit emotional points and are willing to bend science to get there. (e.g. Red Matter + Star = Nova/Time Portal… Father/Daughter bond = 5th Dimension People taking Cooper Up, Up, and Away… Daddy issues = going to space to confront one’s Creator –Prometeus & Contact.)

230. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014


Thanks, Spockchick! I appreciate your opinion.


Thanks, Emperor Mike!


My eyes!! The pain! Craiger, you’ll be getting a letter from my lawyer!

p.s. they obviously had to use a wide-angle lens for that photo!


Good one, RDR! (Beavis&Butthead chuckle) HEH, HEH, HEH!

@227 True, CmdrR!

231. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

There is also an alternate version of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” in which Luke Skywalker doesn’t exist, and Erica Durance is the Jedi-in-training.

During the Death Star/X-Wing battle scene, Erica Durance has the chance to fire a torpedo down the Death Star vent to end the battle. Obi Wan Kenobi’s ghost is giving her the instructions, but, due to her blatant hubris and egotism, his words fall on deaf ears as she steers her X-Wing wildly into the Death Star canyon, doing barrel rolls and other hot dog manuevers. Han Solo clears the way for her as the Millenium Falcon sweeps in and destroys two of the three TIE fighters. Durance’s showboating antics distracts Han Solo, and ultimately allows Darth Vader to destroy the Millenium Falcon.

Durance has the chance to fire the torpedo into the vent, but is once again distracted from doing so because she spilled hot coffee all over the console. It short-circuits the targetting systems. Kenobi tells her to “trust her feelings” and she subsequently pops open the cockpit window and tries to lob a homemade grenade into the vent, but she accidentally bounces the grenade off the rear of her spacecraft and into space, where it hits another X-Wing fighter, seriously damaging it.

The Death Star laser is eventually activated, completely obliterating the Rebel fleet, and dealing a fatal blow to the Alliance.

Erica Durance is the sole survivor. She’s living her life in shame on Mustafar, where Obi Wan Kenobi is giving her hell for f@cking it all up big time.

And in that universe, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the flame of the Rebel Alliance was snuffed out in a brief moment of epic incompetence and idiocy.

232. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014

RDR, nice story, but you went too far……as soon as you got to the part about the Durance popping open the cockpit window, she gets sucked out into space and drifts into the Death Star vent, her bloated corpse effectively blocking the opening, thus preventing any torpedo from entering the vent.

The Rebel Alliance is defeated, chalking up their failure to what will be soon called The Elephant Debacle, or, in layman’s terms, ….The Fatso F*ck-up!

233. Cygnus-X1 - December 26, 2014

228. Matt Wright – December 26, 2014

I think the most interesting license taken with the science is regarding time as tantamount to a spatial dimension. Einstein introduced that idea with General Relativity as a convenience, but there’s no consensus on whether it’s actually that way in reality. Some say time is an illusion. Some say that it’s a different kind of dimension than the spatial dimensions. Nolan obviously takes Einstein literally and posits that temporal dimensions are no different than spatial dimensions. But, if you try to work through that concept in your mind, it’s pretty hard to conceptualize in practical, functional details.

It’s easier to do the reverse, and conceptualize spatial dimensions as being tantamount to temporal dimensions for lower-dimensional realms. For example, if you imagine the 2-D space of the surface of a table with a hole in it (an extra-dimensional portal), and then imagine a 3-D apple falling downward through the hole in the table, from the point of view of a 2-D person on the surface of the table, the apple passing through it would be constantly changing shape, with the 2-D person only seeing the apple’s cross-section at any point in time. This would make it seem like the apple was more of an “event.” If you asked the 2-D person, “What does the apple look like?” He’d respond that it looks like something that oscillates between different sized circles (assuming Mr. 2-D could see all the way around the apple), rather than like an object with fixed spatial dimensions. So, the third dimension of the apple now resembles a temporal dimension. Is the reverse just as true? In Interstellar, it is. Is it so in reality? That’s a good question, and one example of the movie giving us something to think about. That’s good sci-fi.

234. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014


Harry, she had a lot of “dumb luck” go her way. She not only wore a seatbelt, but the force gave her the ability to briefly withstand the loss of oxygen. Kind of like how Anakin (before he had his remaining limbs chopped off) and Obi Wan were able to survive the conditions on Mustafar due their Force abilities.

She was a Jedi-in-training, and turned out to be a big curse on the remaining Jedi Knights, who would end up ceasing to exist not long after.

Erica Durance was the curse put upon the Jedi by the Force. Yoda had failed to anticipate the bad karma that resulted from encouraging Obi Wan Kenobi to train her.

And a few years after, Durance accidentally falls into a volcano on Mustafar, destabilizing the planet to the point where it explodes.

235. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

Anyway, back in the real universe, Erica Durance should have played a piece of kryptonite on “Smallville”. She managed to kill Tom Welling’s career.

236. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Ericka Durance was the Role model for The Shadows on Babylon 5. When you look at her she is so Hidios that your eyes roll through her. When she Speaks it is like hearing a scream. She is very powerful though. As she destroys other’s with ease. Worse yet. Just one Durance is like a Fleet of Shadow Vesels. Only one person could stop her. Captian Harry Ballz.

That my friends is how J Michael Starzinski created Babylon 5. the Shadows is based on Durance and Captian John Sheridyn is based on Harry Ballz.

237. AJ - December 26, 2014

Heads Up: The 50th Anniversary Star Trek film is being directed by a “Fast and Furious” director with Bob Orci off the masthead as a writer.

Does this mean we get Vin Diesel? Is some sort of “Groot” just an inevitable outcome now for ST3? Will it be a plot-hole & maguffin-free lusciously complex exploration storyline with humor, sentimentality, nods to the fans and lovable merchandisable aliens? Does Justin Lin have any real chance of making a decent film, or is he just running on the “good ensemble cast director” reputation? (JJ also has it).

And, is it destined to suck?

238. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014

Oh, it’s destined to suck all right. I’ve only seen clips from the last F&F movies and they’re GAWDAWFUL!!!

It’ll be all action, no story and countless explosions.

RIP Star Trek.

239. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Well Guys. Looks like we will just have to keep watching Star Trek Continues and Phase 2.

240. Matt Wright - December 26, 2014

@233. Cygnus-X1

Yep I found it all fascinating. When I got home from the theater I immediately looked up tesseract, because I remember it being a sci-fi device more than anything else (as in the “A Wrinkle in Time” book series). It is of course also a “real” (if anything that exists purely as a mathematical exercise is real) 4D shape. Which as 3D beings we perceive as different cubes. Akin to your excellent 3D apple falling into a hole in a table as seen from a 2D being’s perspective example.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a nice little video about the time as a dimension idea:

241. D - December 27, 2014

I agree, Star Trek like many current re-makes are about getting explosions on screen and selling the same characters we knew and their toys with poor writing and medicore films.

After the main cast from TOS left, the generation movies were really hit and miss, I liked first contact though i think done these days more action would’ve suited it better, and i don’t think nemesis did well despite looking beautiful.

Khan and Search were always the best two.. to me at least there was that strong connection, even four was good, five was.. on par with a episode, and Six was strong but could’ve used more time to expand on plot.

But these new movies.. ugh.. taking the same characters from an earlier point in the time line and throwing them together doesn’t mean they’ll just work.. in fact kirk has changed spock can’t know he’d be best choice to be the captain and they could’ve run with that.

Kirk was the best captain but he doesn’t need to be in the new universe.. but they are copying the stereo types and limited plot ignoring character growth, i’ve seen paint have more character building over the time it takes to dry.

No Trek has been perfect, but the mission was interesting and you always watched it was a great idea there is a limitless universe in voyager and deep space nine i feel they capped the size, and TNG kept coming back into the federation.. but they still explored.

I know why they didn’t give franks the directing job, because he’d take it in the way fans want.. and the people making these movies think we don’t know what we want.

Lord of the rings, the Hobbit, Captain America – most the marvel movies, Giving fans what they want.. seems like a failure of an idea doesn’t it?
Making strong female leads comic book story lines, not “Serious” enough for the public..

They’re fucking morons, Startrek 9/10 are ‘nice explosion films’ but should have been another film with another name but those fuck wits don’t want to risk making a new series which will not bring in old fans to see it opening day.

Robocop, Transformers and on and on.
Same shit different day, Poor choices fucking morons.

The fan project seems like it’ll blow away the movies and is where everyone should put their money so we get more of it.
Axanar ; something to watch!

242. Spockchick - December 27, 2014


I loved those books so much. was thinking of them again watching Avengers Assemble yesterday. May see if I can read them again.

243. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

That’s why NDT gets all the chicks.

“Tyson argues that in a hypothetical fifth dimension time could function in an non-linear manner which would essentially make questions of time paradoxes irrelevant (because all of time is happening at once).”

The above is a deep cut from the same interview, I think. It’s from:

So, the “aliens” from the 5th Dimension sent Coop back because the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

Yes, and I’ll KEEP making 5th Dimension jokes until someone laughs!!!!

244. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

238 – Oh, it’s destined to suck all right. I’ve only seen clips from the last F&F movies and they’re GAWDAWFUL!!!

It’ll be all action, no story and countless explosions.

RIP Star Trek.

Harry, if Lin upholds his reputation for using an ensemble cast well in an action setting, that will be a great start. I would love some brain chow mixed in with the action, of course. But, mostly, I want an original story with characters I know and love on a ship I dream about. Lin seems qualified. Let’s all watch the first 2 eps of True Detective Season 2 — which Lin is directing — and check back here. (I think that’s coming up next month!!)

245. Craiger - December 27, 2014

CmdrR what if they did a scene like this with Zoe.

246. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Sorry my last post was for Harry.

247. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Craiger — before or after Zoe had her twins?

248. Craiger - December 27, 2014

CmdrR how does she look after she had her twins?

249. Craiger - December 27, 2014

They could have a Kirk fight scene like this:

250. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014


Craiger, I appreciate you posting that clip, but ironically, you kind of made my point for me.

Is that scene well edited? Sure. Is there an exciting pace? Check. But, here’s the thing….

Is the action depicted in the scene even possible by human standards? No, not by along shot.

Two men could not fight flat out like that for that long. Can’t be done. Even in STID, for all it’s faults, had a scene where Kirk keeps punching at Khan, who allows it. After seven or eight blows Kirk is exhausted and merely stops because he can’t continue. Oh, but not in the F&F clip. The two men just keep going at it like automated cyborgs.Inexhaustable. Patently absurd.

251. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Harry did you see the F&F bikini clip? Post #242.

252. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

Yes, Craiger. That part I LIKED. Thank you. :>)

253. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Is she better than Durance?

254. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Craiger – read my post #93. Zoe just had her twins. I know Hollywood does wonderful/horrible things in order to help a woman get her figure back, but I wouldn’t expect to see Zoe in anything revealing for a little while.

255. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

A couple of days ago I watched “The Interview”. It sucked a$$.

James Franco is a decent actor, but he’s no good at comedy.

256. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

“LEGO Star Trek: The Troubles With Tribbles”:

Unfortunately, no barfight.

257. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Every incremental detail paints an uglier picture. Still hoping for the best.

258. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

@253 Craiger “Is she better than Durance?”

Craiger, Ernest Borgnine in a thong is better than Durance!

259. Silvereyes - December 27, 2014

Something must be wrong with me, but come on guys, Durance is a gorgeous babe and that skinny stick in that video at post 245 has a scrawny a$$… Sorry Harry!

260. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Harry don’t ruin one of my favorite shows Airwolf with that mental image. LOL.

I also saw Fast Five is on again tonight on Bravo at 8 PM Eastern, 7 Central.

261. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

The fight scene between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in “Fast 5″ was a lot of fun to watch. One of the best scenes in the movie.

These movies aren’t meant to be “realistic”, they’re supposed to be fun. Which they most definitely are.

262. Marja - December 27, 2014

Damn, I’m away from the board for a week during Christmas rush and I missed a BUNCH of crude, rude, hilarious posts

…. missed youse guys!

Hope all y’all are having a super holiday season!

263. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

262 – **belch, fart, groin scratch**

Oh, Hi Marja. We missed ya!

264. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

RDR, I respect your opinion, so I will just have to take a “wait and see” attitude”.

265. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2014

Hi Marja You just missed Harry and Durance. They secretly love each other lol

266. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

Another southeast Asian airliner disappears without a trace:

267. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

I’d say, “DURANCE SUCKS”, but that would be redundant, as that’s how she carved out a career.

268. PaulB - December 28, 2014

I’ve just figured it out. Harry Ballz IS Erica Durance. (Like John Harrison was Khan!)

It all makes sense now. She is trolling the Internet as an anti-Erica crusader just to assuage her guilt over an unearned career. She uses the guise of Harry Ballz to flagellate herself. (She heard the name in a list of things audiences would rather see than her face.)

Of all the roles she has played, I like Erica’s Harry Ballz the best! :)

269. Craiger - December 28, 2014

Harry, here is Durance’s bio and trivia about her:

270. CmdrR - December 28, 2014

What’s sad is that when you add it all up, there is more attention spent on Erica Durance in this one chat room than in all of Hollywood combined.

I think they call that obsessive-repulsive behavior.

271. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2014

No question. Harry is obsessive-repulsive of one Erica Durance. Lol

272. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

You guys keep bringing up Durance. Here’s an idea…….quit poking the bear.

273. Red Dead Ryan - December 28, 2014

I agree….let the sleeping dog lie.

There are other actors and actresses to pick on. Variety is the spice of life, remember?

Anyway, I just watched “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”. What a terrific movie.

274. Silvereyes - December 28, 2014

Yes, enough of this Durance BS. The joke was getting old 2 years ago…

275. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

@272 “let the sleeping dog lie”

Ha, good one!

@273 “The joke was getting old 2 years ago”

Her career was getting old 2 years ago.

See, it’s like potato chips. I just can’t stop myself!

276. Phil - December 28, 2014

Maybe it’s time to avoid the message boards for a bit. The bulls**t is flying fast and furious again…

Okay, I’m not sure how we an turn FF references into a drinking game, but it might be worth a shot…glass…

277. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2014

Yes. It is getting Old. Just like Durance. Oops.

Yes. X Men days of Future’s past is an Awesome Movie. I loved it.

278. CdmrR - December 29, 2014

Saw “Unbroken.”
Um, sorry Angie… but I would recommend that people read the book instead.

279. CmdrR - December 29, 2014

It’s about time someone did a comparison…

280. Marja - December 29, 2014

274 and 275 Mr Ballz and Emperor Mike, ba-DUM-bah! All I can say is, I’ve never seen an actress suck the air out of a scene the way she did in one sample clip that was put up here a while back — some fantasy movie with a dragon. Wow. It was an “amazing” performance all right.

If y’all like musicals, and in particular Stephen Sondheim musicals, see “Into the Woods.” It is over two hours, so young’uns and the impatient may be stirring in their seats a bit, but the song “Agony!” is hilarious, and other songs with their thoughtful, deep lyrics, brought tears to my eyes.

281. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2014

@277 Marja “suck the air out of a scene”

Well, Marja, if someone was needed who had experience at “sucking”, it would be her!


282. AJ - December 29, 2014

Off to the good old USA in an hour.

See y’all on the other side!

283. Marja - December 29, 2014

278 I love being your straight man [woman]!

284. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2014

Ok. Harry and Marja. You should take it on the road. Lol.

285. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2014

Hey CmdrR. That is a great Article. The Writer os so correct in saying the Tech of Trek will out do the Star Wars. Not even close. They may have the Force. But we have a Q

286. CmdrR - December 29, 2014

I might like Sondheim.
I do like Chris Pine and I lurvs Emily Blunt, but the thought of Johnny Depp in yet another “zany” role makes my heart sink. the trailer for “Mortdechai” should explain why it’s coming out in January.

Tell me “Woods” goes light on the Depp.

Btw, I highly recommend seeing “Unbroken” in… print. Angie made an emotionally monotone flick out of a very good book.

287. spockchick - December 30, 2014

@282 AJ
you will be closer to all but further from me! Have a goodd trip!

288. Marja - December 30, 2014

285 CmdrR, Fear not. I think he’s on screen for a total of mayyyybe 7 minutes, if that. They say he modeled his costume on a Tex Avery cartoon — I can’t imagine what. Did Tex Avery ever draw a wolf in a Zoot Suit?

Yeah, not gonna see “Unbroken.” Plenty of other movies this time of year to look forward to before the early Spring Seasonal Dearth of good pictures.

282 AJ, Welcome home, Comrade :)

289. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

Marja — Mortdechai appears modeled on Terry Thomas, a gap-toothed Brit character actor from the 60’s whose movies included It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Capt. Jack Sparrow is famously modeled on Keith Richards; that one works. Willie Wonka is Michael Jackson, though Depp denies that. Whoever he modeled Barnabas on, the result was a gay clown.
Here’s the Tex Avery wolf:

My point is that Depp has flat out done enough of these “broad” characters. Either he needs to act or quit. “Transcendence” can’t really qualify as acting; more like sleep-walking.

290. Red Dead Ryan - December 30, 2014

Johnny Depp’s acting, I find, tends to lack “Depp-th”!

291. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

Hey, you’ll never believe what I found on the interweb… a time-waster! I know, right?!

I’ve got it set for “speculative fiction,” aka sci-fi, but there are other genres.

As of now, I’m adding “bridge bunnies” to my personal lexicon.

Hey, you could drink tomorrow night… but THIS is just as pointless and won’t give you a headache!!

292. Phil - December 30, 2014

Depp seems very typecast into ‘caricature of’ roles these days, and like Jim Carrey from a few years back, the public seem to have grown tired of it. Lets face if, if you mentioned Depp playing a character in Trek now, Harry Mudd comes to mind immediately. Go back prior to POTC, and he could have been considered for just about any male role he would have wanted….

293. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

292 – Maybe drunken Riley. If Riley wears white-face and gives bedroom eyes to Spock.

Harry — your gal is back! (Dec. 30)

294. Phil - December 30, 2014

@293 – Maybe Captain Koloth…with a feather boa.

295. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

292 — All of the flower children Headin’ Out to Eden… Ya, Brother!

296. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2014

Oh Good. More Red Shirt Diary.

297. AJ - December 31, 2014

Greetings from New York.

Here is a funny ‘fake’ trailer trying to make sense of the mess of the new “Terminator: Genisys” timeline mess which will obviously exist when that film is released:

298. Aurore - December 31, 2014

@ 297. AJ – December 31, 2014

“Greetings from New York…”


Greetings from…here.


Thank you for the link!

299. CmdrR - December 31, 2014

Happy New Stardate, everyone!

300. Phil - December 31, 2014

More Trek vs. Wars chatter. I will say hey were a bit hard on Treks grasp of science….though Trek still wins

Happy new year!

301. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2014

Is it time? Good………


302. Aurore - January 1, 2015

Best wishes for 2015, everyone.


303. spockchick - January 1, 2015

happy new year to all xxxxx

P x

304. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2015

Happt new year everyone.
Festival! Festival!!! Festival!!!!!

305. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2015

Sorry for my typo. Still in Festival Mode. Ha Ha

306. AJ - January 1, 2015

Happy Happy!!!!

307. Spockchick - January 1, 2015

happy happy joy joy!

love Stimpy

308. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2015


And just for a little bit of Play-(dil)-doh fun:

309. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2015

Hmmm, how many PLAY-DOH NECKLACES will be tried over the weekend?

310. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2015


Probably 69.

311. CmdrR Space-Time is Curved - January 1, 2015

Happy 2012!

312. CmdrR - January 1, 2015

308 – Mr. Bill!! Oh no!!!!!

Barbie: “Mr. Bill, oh YES!!!!”

313. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2015

I’ve just watched my first few episodes of Game of Thrones. What a great show!

314. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

Drogon burns Lake Town while playing with matches… Daenerys is from the future… Tyrion sells Herbalife…

Oh, did I say spoilers?

It’s quite a ride, Harry. Enjoy.

315. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

One more:

Olenna Tyrell used to be a spy… and a damned sexy one back in the day…

316. B Kramer - January 2, 2015

“Spectre of the Gun” TATV S3 excerpt:


317. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2015

Aw, Donna Douglas, who played Elly May on The Beverley Hillbillies, has died at the age of 81.

318. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015


Glad to see you’ve started watching “Game Of Thrones”!

319. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 2, 2015

I tried to watch that but could never get into it.

Just like when I try to watch Walking Dead. Every time I tune in, it’s a character drama, and with NO zombies ever to be seen!

I just can’t hang out all day waiting to be entertained without a good sci-fi backstory.

320. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

“The Walking Dead” was great for the first three seasons, but the quality has dropped off considerably. For the fourth season, and the first half of season five, it’s become a soap opera based on melodrama. There’s fewer zombies. Too many boring “filler” episodes. There’s going to be a spin-off, which probably won’t work. It’ll be more of the same.

“Game Of Thrones”, on the other hand, has somehow managed to stay fresh and interesting after four seasons. Characters get killed off and replaced, new places are visited, and new conflicts erupt.

321. spockchick - January 2, 2015

@317 Harry
Aw, bless Donna. Poor Elly-May. I always imagine her as the model for Daisy Duke. Also each time I see ‘Helga’ from class Christmas film ‘Trading Places’, I think of Elly May. I hope she is floating on an air bed in the sun, on the cee-ment pond!

322. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

kewl stuv

TrekMadeMeWonder — not enough zombies? They’re sliced, they’re diced, they’re set on fire. My problem with TWD is that there is no discernible plot. They have no goal post. (Washington DC was a McGuffin, of course.) It just feels like YEARS of my life wasted watching pointless gore… especially since they killed Shane & Lori, who provided the most interesting plot lines, also Merle. (imho The Governor was a snore-fest of a villain, plus the d*ck killed Andrea.)

323. Phil - January 2, 2015

Smithsonian is hard at work on the Enterprise model..

324. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

And some handy information for Harry…

By your command!

325. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Yeah, I hated how the old doctor was killed off. The Governor blew big time.

326. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 2, 2015

321. CmdrR

Dumb luck. I never see Zombies on that show. I ussually only habg for a couple minutes. But I always check, but only every so often.

BTW. Thanks for that link above.

My mouth droped when I saw this linked from your post above.

Totally AWESOME! That model IS pure Trek magic.
How JJ could not bring that back is very telling of how these past couple movies have been put together.

Hey, I have an idea. With this new restoration and the ship being somewhat available, why can’t we get the original Enterprise, Trek’s BIGGEST star, into the third BR movie?

327. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Is this just artwork, or is Neill Blomkamp going to take the reigns of the “Alien” franchise? Either way, very intriguing:

328. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

327 – Some folks openly question whether Ridley Scott can keep going with Alien, because of commitments and, frankly, his age.
We could do a LOT worse than Blomkamp.

It would be so sweet to see a real TOS Enterprise find its way into ST3… even if it’s only like the hanging model that didn’t make the cut in STID.

329. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Blomkamp said he’s a big Trek fan, but was once asked if he wanted to direct a movie, but he said the current direction of the franchise wouldn’t be compatible with his ideas.

In other words, he doesn’t want to work with a studio — in this case, Paramount — that dictates how he should make his movies.

330. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

RDR – “he said the current direction of the franchise wouldn’t be compatible with his ideas.”

Blomkamp has “ideas.” Paramount wants a movie about two explosions getting into a two-hour fistfight over a scantily clad chick.

331. Spockchick - January 3, 2015

I loved district 9 zo much and never tire if it. Blokamp’s films are a perfect example of what happens when it is one person with a vision, not this ‘film by committee’ that hollywood seems to be going in for. And ‘Chappie’ looks wonderful, I can’t wait for it to be released

332. Bud Weiser - January 3, 2015

It is beyond strange that while covered the original making of the movie “Mind Sifter” from the folks at Phase II, New Voyages. It was just released to zero information on this site. Did you folks use a “MindSifter” on yourselves?

333. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2015

Well. James Cawley is not happy with trekmovie. Trekmivie did not say anything about Mindsifter. So I emailed Anthony and tips to get them to do one.

334. CmdrR - January 3, 2015

332 – It’s a GOOD flick. TM should do a piece on Mind-Sifter.

335. Disinvited - January 3, 2015

#269. Craiger – December 28, 2014

How does a bird phobic survive growing up on a turkey farm?!!!

I’m guessing Harry would say, “They recognized her as one of their own.”?

336. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2015

@334 Disinvited

Well, I guess growing up on a turkey farm is where she learned how to gobble.

337. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2015

@334, 335.

The turkey farm is also where she perfected the art of “laying an egg”, performance-wise.

338. Matt Wright - January 3, 2015

@ 332 — I think we’ve lost our fan films editor, when Tony goes AWOL all the contributors tend to wander off, so we need someone to keep up with that kind of news :-/

339. AJ - January 4, 2015

I made it half way through Mind Sifter, cut it off to go do something, and never had the inclination to go back. I had been looking forward to it as well.

The effort and love that go into those productions are admirable, and the FX are a treat, but even the best ones, Mind Sifter included, are just a step away from unwatchable adult fanboy-squee action-figure playtime.

I suppose it takes the aforementioned love, plus guts and lots of free time to put something like that out, but these little shows so consistently under-perform in so many ways, that it’s become tiresome to endure the long build-up and ultimate disappointment + on-line backlash each episode generates.

If we had real Trek in production that wasn’t so embarrassing in its consistent mismanagement and low quality bar, perhaps it wouldn’t make a difference. It actually doesn’t.

340. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

338 –
TM Fans: That’s mutiny, mister!

Tony: Yes, sir.

341. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2015

Well. Maybe we here in the Live Chat need to take over the Ship. I think we can figure it out.

342. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

339 – “even the best ones, Mind Sifter included, are just a step away from unwatchable adult fanboy-squee action-figure playtime.”

AJ, in many cases I would agree with your assessment. Certainly, there is a slew (or whatever the plural of slew is) of plus-sized fans in ill-fitting costumes standing in front of crappy green screened stills doing their version of Trek. I think with other productions, notably ‘Mind-Sifter’ and ‘World Enough and Time’ and possibly ‘To Serve All of My Days’… the story stands on its own enough to deserve a viewing. Yes, some of the P2 and STC have missed the mark. Again, fans got incredibly lucky with the talent and staff that went into TOS. But, I’ll give credit where it’s due and say that sometimes these productions get it right. If you don’t want to watch after 10 minutes, fair enough. For me, until we get a really well-planned Trek back on TV in some form (13 eps per year on cable with Rand in a sonic shower, Puh-LEASE!!!) then I am happy someone out their is sharing the love.

343. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

to folo on 333 – as seen on Anthony’s Facebook page:

James Cawley
Thank You for completely ignoring the release of “Mind-Sifter”.

344. Cygnus-X1 - January 4, 2015

I can understand the lack of patience with the fan films. You have to make certain allowances and manage your expectations most of the time. But, still, it’s interesting to see where they succeed and where they fail. And, overall, I think that Mind Sifter is a strong production and also a progression from the last Phase 2 episode.

My main problem with the Phase 2 episodes is the pacing. In every episode, there is invariably 5-10 minutes of superfluous film that could have been cut to make a tighter, more compelling episode that also (perhaps not surprisingly) happens to conform with the approximate running time of the TOS episodes. Being that this issue is so consistent, I have to assume that the Phase 2 folks simply like it that way and it’s their style of choice.

But, the performances in Mind Sifter were all pretty solid. Some of the other productions (like Farragut) have performances that I do find hard to watch and that take me out of the moment frequently. But, the performances in Mind Sifter—while not as compelling as Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley—aren’t bad. My one complaint there would be that I didn’t particularly care for the way that Spock was played as constantly stressed out and dismayed.

But, there have been some fan episodes that I’ve enjoyed so much that I’ve watched them more than once. STC’s Lolani and Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection come to mind.

You have to appreciate fan productions in the same way that you might appreciate a less than top-notch recording of less than polished musicians playing original music that is actually very good. Sometimes the performances are problematic enough that you just don’t want to sit through it. But, many times, if you can overlook the less than top-notch performances and production values, you can really get into a fan production. And even the production values have come a long way. I didn’t have any problems with the production value in Mind Sifter, as a TOS-style production. And everyone seems impressed with the production value in Axanar, myself included.

Anyway, some people enjoy off-off-Broadway plays and some people have no interest. If you don’t enjoy these fan productions, then you just don’t enjoy them. But, if you can look past the amateur actors, there are some very rich and enjoyable stories to be found.

345. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2015

I just “binge-watched” the first 3 seasons of Game Of Thrones!

What a great f*cking series!!!!

Probably one of the very best things ever produced for television!

Why can’t Trek be this good? Oh, that’s right, for the very reasons AJ cited @339.


346. CmdrR - January 5, 2015

So Harry, how’d you like the Red Wedding?
In fact, if I’m ever invited to a wedding in Westeros, I think I’ll hide.

347. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

Well. Sorry Harry. I just can’t help my self.
If you want to really Torture somneone. Make them watch a Bige Viewing of Durance. It will Drive them really Crazy.

348. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

I enjoy most fan production’s. I see them and treat them for what they are. My 2 faves are STC and Phase 2. STC Fairest of them all was one of the best I have seen and Phase 2s Mind sifter is the best ever. It was as close to TOS as it could possible be. What I love about STC is they have a real Doohan playing Scotty and every now and then I think he is the orignal Scotty. Chris Doohan has done a superb job in his Dad’s footsteps. Vic has done a good job in playing Kirk.
I just watehed Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection Ep. I thought that was a well done Ep. A Couple of the actors were not all that good. But the one who played the Andoren did a great job along with a couple of other’s. But all in all was a great Story worthy of a Tos Ep.

349. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

I will say this about James Cawey. He is one of us. He is always lookng for props of Tos and always trying to make as Authintic of a Production of Tos as possible. He has some actual Tos Writter;s helping him. The best move he made was to take himself out of Kirk’s chair and get a really good actor to come in and make Kirke his own. Brian Gross has done that and made me belive he is Kirk. I just wish they would get Chris Doohan over to Phase 2 as Scotty.

350. CmdrR - January 5, 2015

Best TOS credits in nearly 50 years!

(link totally stolen from TM’s Twitter feed)

351. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

I hope the next Trek series gets the ten-episode-a-season treatment like “Game Of Thrones” does. In the case of GoT, the writers manage to make each episode epic, without any boring storylines as filler. They give you a full meal, and yet, leave you wanting more. Not easy to do in this day and age.

Not to mention GoT, being on HBO, isn’t interrupted by gazillions of dumb advertisements.

But, alas, neither Paramount nor CBS has any clue (or possibly desire) to break Star Trek out of its box and make it truly special.

352. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

A potentially new TIE Fighter from “The Force Awakens”:

353. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

He’s either a genius, or some guy in a garage with too much time and money on his hands:

354. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2015


Yes, CmdrR, the Red wedding was cool! Bloodbath on line one!


Emperor Mike, I give anyone about 7 minutes on a Durance binge-watch. At the 7 minute mark, they all claw their own eyes out.

355. Cygnus-X1 - January 5, 2015

349. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – January 5, 2015

I agree. Gross makes a better Kirk, I have to say.

Mignogna has shown steady improvement in that role, from the first STC vignette to the recent Fairest…. Haberkorn is my favorite of the fan Spocks. He’s really made that character his own, and that’s not easy to do within the bounds of that character. Doohan is obviously very good in his role.

I like how Phase 2 and STC have different styles and feels; I just wish that Phase 2 would strive to make their episodes tighter like STC does. Mind Sifter showed definite progress, though, in all other respects. The scenes with the Klingons were great.

356. Phil - January 6, 2015

@353. Hey, he thinks he’s about six months away from a proof of concept test. Who knows….

357. CmdrR - January 6, 2015

Lightning is FTL?
Who knew?

358. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2015

Earlier today, I watched “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”. What a terrific movie.

“Rise” is great as well. A great example of how to properly reboot a franchise.

359. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2015

Ok. Here is a Link to Real Road sign’s LOL.

360. CmdrR - January 6, 2015

359 – Dammit! Now I can’t take my broccoli on vacation in Somalia.

361. LizardGirl - January 6, 2015


OMG! Did you cry? I totally cried on both Rise and Dawn. I watched Rise at home because I was like “this looks like crappola, I’ll just rent it from the library when it comes to DVD”. Then I watched it and was literally crying. Then I brought it over to a friends house for movie night. They were like “what the heck is this?”. Then by the end of it, they were all crying.

So I saw Dawn in the theaters. and was awed. You’re tense during most of the movie, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what’s going to happen but still have to watch it play out. Well, I’m glad you got to see those movies.

Favorite scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:

As well as a quick IGN review of that movie:

362. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2015

I’m ripping Orci a new one over on the July 8, 2016 thread. IT FEELS GOOD!

363. AJ - January 7, 2015

Greetings from freezing Canada (just outside Ottawa).

It is NOT cold in the US (20F with wind in NYC). It IS cold in Canada. (+4 F with wind and blowing snow, going down to -18).

364. Lurker - January 7, 2015

Hey Paramount – you better take a look at this before you really green light the next movie:

365. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

364 – Great. Another vote for science = boring.
That’s kinda what we’re fighting AGAINST!

366. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

I know, this is boring. It doesn’t have the Millennium Falcon banking and making noise — both impossible in a vaccuum — but, it’s the best we can do!

367. AJ - January 7, 2015

Some Benedict Cumberbatch humor from the New Yorker:

368. Cygnus-X1 - January 7, 2015

363. AJ – January 7, 2015

It is NOT cold in the US (20F with wind in NYC).

8F tonight in NYC. Colder with the wind.

Don’t sell us short.

369. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

OK, surely THIS will get Harry excited!

An explosion equal to 100 million supernovae. Hell, Jerry Bruckheimer’s erection is now visible from space!



Jeez, you people…

370. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

Congratulations on the couple’s Khan or daughter.

371. Phil - January 7, 2015

It is not cold in the US…or at least my corner of it – 80 in sunny SoCal today.

And after The Lone Ranger I wasn’t counting on a Bruckheimer erection for quite a while…..

372. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2015

Ok. It’s 16 here in Dallas. For us. That is just flat out COLD!!!! We like it HOT here. Like 100 to 105 or so. Not this 16 CRAP!!!!!

373. Phil - January 7, 2015

61 here now….

374. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2015

@369 CmdrR “surely THIS will get Harry excited!”

Geez, CmdrR, two black holes move closer to each other, with the anticipation of an explosive union?

Sounds like two lesbians having sex.

Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

A: A Lick-A-Lotta-Puss!

375. crazydaystrom - January 8, 2015

374. Harry Ballz –

“Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

A: A Lick-A-Lotta-Puss!”

We always called it an Etta-Lotta-Puss. But I know that’s just the common term for that creature. I’ve always wondered what the Latin name for it was. Now I know. Haha!

Thanks Harry. You’re ever and always a real education. :-)

376. Lurker - January 8, 2015

Back to the slopes for JB:

377. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

I hear that Neil will be skiing downhill while explaining string theory.

378. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

2 flying prehistoric lesbians?


**runs to his cave, eaten by T-Lez**

379. Silvereyes - January 8, 2015

371, 372, 373

What a bunch of wusses… its 40 below here! Stop complaining.

380. Phil - January 8, 2015

@379. Wait just a dog gone minute…I wasn’t complaining, I was bragging!

381. Phil - January 8, 2015

Well, I guess we now know why A-pat-a-sore-ass went extinct. Spanking dinosaurs just never got past the foreplay…

382. Phil - January 8, 2015

Lets see. Foreplay.

383. B Kramer - January 8, 2015

Elvis – ST connection on his 80th:


384. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2015

Q: What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?

A: Well hung!

385. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

# 366. CmdrR – January 7, 2015

Give me the right array of retro rockets and I’ll duplicate any maneuver in zero G . As anyone who’s felt the need for speed knows, you might waste a lot of fuel, but fuel economy is not what being cool is all about!

#379. Silvereyes – January 8, 2015

What’s -40C compared to Chicago’s -21F?

386. Phil - January 8, 2015

Frozen solid, as opposed to hard. Very, very hard.

387. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

384 – That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating — kinda like rockets suddenly appearing all over the underside of the Enterprise.

388. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

Why is a lesbian like a member of congress?

Neither does d^ck.


18 tonight in Hotlanta.

389. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

From the “BREAKING: Next Star Trek Film Set for July 8, 2016″ per Kayla Iacovino’s suggestion

# 945. SkiesSeven – January 8, 2015

” It’s [Recent Paris Shootings] a typical case of mass killing.” — SkiesSeven

Typical? The only thing I find typical is that automatic weapons were used. Most of the individuals killed were named out loud and dispatched with a single bullet to the head. That’s not a “typical” mass killing; more like a typical mass execution.

390. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

# 387. CmdrR – January 8, 2015

“That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating…” — CmdrR

Says the guy who lost his pink to the guy in the supped up ’54 that in now way should have been able to beat him except for its NOX boost.

Hey, if you want me to concede there’s no way military issue ships would have such a fuel wasting contraption you might convince me except all I can think about are those cool contemporary hovering Harriers and all the fuel being wasted when they impossibly hover.

Besides even so, Han had the Millennium Falcon supped up to do unexpected things for its class of ship. When it came to it having banks of retros to do “impossible” maneuvers he’d be “All about the banks… about the banks…no trouble.” to borrow a popular diddy.

And another thing, just because the ship and its contents are in a 0G area of space doesn’t mean the contents of said ship can take unmolested an instantaneously change in course at high velocities. In the absence of Treknology, you’d have to resort to some sort of maneuvers to safely decelerate the contents and acelerate them in the new course. When I mentally project that, I see curves which could be mistaken for “banking”.

But then when I think of some of those other maneuvers Han pulled in EMPIRE maybe they do have Treknology?

391. Silvereyes - January 8, 2015

385 Disinvited

I was actually meaning -40F, not Celsius for the sake of my American friends who are still in the Stone Age of the imperial measuring system. So yeah, much colder than the balmy -21F in Chicago (although with the wind blowing in from the lake, even 75F is chilly in the Windy City).

I must point out though that -40 is where the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet. So -40F = -40C

392. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2015

Hey Silver Eyes. Did you have any Stone Knives and Skins We Simple Americans can use. LOl

393. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2015

Now Playing in Texas. Frozen. A Live Action Movie.

394. Phil - January 9, 2015

Design flaws? No!!

395. CmdrR - January 9, 2015

RIP Rod Taylor

396. CmdrR - January 9, 2015

Phil — Not really worried. Plenty of letters left in the alphabet.
Meanwhile, let’s nitpick Altman’s grammar, shall we???

“In “That Which Survives,” we discover you can make the Enterprise explode by screwing around with the bypass valve in the matter-antimatter integrator room, “adjacent to main engineering — which is easy to get in and out of, especially for beautiful women without midriffs,” says Altman.”

Beautiful women without midriffs? Eeeeeoooww. But, a midriff is like, my fourth or fifth favorite part of a beautiful woman. I think he means… Lord, I hope he means “beautiful women with exposed midriffs.”

397. Disinvited - January 9, 2015

# 387. CmdrR – January 8, 2015

“That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating…” — CmdrR

Says the guy who lost his pink to the guy in the suped up ’54 that in no way should have been able to beat him except for its NOX boost.

Hey, if you want me to concede there’s no way military issue ships would have such a fuel wasting contraption you might convince me except all I can think about are those cool contemporary hovering Harriers and all the fuel being wasted when they impossibly hover.

Besides even so, Han had the Millennium Falcon suped up to do unexpected things for its class of ship. When it came to it having banks of retros to do “impossible” maneuvers he’d be “All about the banks… about the banks…no trouble.” to borrow a popular ditty.

And another thing, just because the ship and its contents are in a 0G area of space doesn’t mean the contents of said ship can sustain intact an instantaneous change in course at high velocities. In the absence of Treknology, you’d have to resort to some sort of maneuvers to safely decelerate the contents and accelerate them on the new course. When I mentally project that, I see curves which could be mistaken for “banking”.

But then when I think of some of those other maneuvers Han pulled in EMPIRE maybe they do have Treknology?

398. Disinvited - January 9, 2015

# 396. CmdrR – January 9, 2015

” Beautiful women without midriffs? ” — CmdrR

Good catch near the dangling preposition.

But we should note this was the 1960s with its “no belly button” rule which made televised midriffs appear odd, unnatural and indeed, absent.

399. AJ - January 9, 2015

Hey, Silvereyes! I am sitting in the Montreal bus station with a hot ticket down to NY City in an hour. Experienced that -40 thing this week…Fahrenheit still seems warmer…Back in Russia Monday!

400. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2015


401. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2015


402. Marja - January 9, 2015

A belated Happy New Year to all!

Been absent cos I lost access to $20/mo internet f neighbor’s. They are moving. I am on my cellphone so you’ll be seeing a lot more typos :-p

Movies by committee: more like movies by budgetary teams. They are the ones who decide how much bang for the buck they need. That usually means morning CGI banngs cos they invest so much money in hopes of huge returns from Asian audiences who are impatient with plot or character development … the more spectacle the “better” … sad state of affairs predicted a decade ago. ‘Tis a shame and a pity that it came true.

Harry that July 18 thread is still going? Oh you mean the one about the release date …

I think Erica Durance should change her first name to “En” … then we could say the surprising En Durance … [ wince ]

403. Silvereyes - January 9, 2015

399 AJ, hope you had the opportunity to visit a little bit of our fair city. Too bad you had to be here in this cold! Safe trip back to NYC and Russia!

404. Marja - January 9, 2015

AJ Sorry the weather’s been so much like Russia’s this week :-/ Hope you enjoy NYC. Have a good trip back from the cold US to cold Russia …

405. Phil - January 9, 2015

Yeah, Marja. I may have mentioned this already, but saw the trailer for the Mad Max reboot. It seems to have been turned into a CGI particular as well. Finally caught Lone Ranger on cable – all CGI did was hurt that effort. Knock off all the graphics, and it might have been a decent movie.

Happy new year to you as well….

406. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2015

Anybody know why Orci is viciously attacking me on the July 2016 thread?

407. Mike Barnett - January 10, 2015

I’m guessing that this post from the other thread paid some role. So your bait was successful. Pat yourself on your back, which you seem to have no problem doing.

173. Harry Ballz – December 25, 2014
A story? Bob Orci says he has a story??

Hell, if a few of us here sat around over beers, spitballing ideas, WE could come up with a story!

To paraphrase Scotty, “coming up with a story is easy, writing a great script is hard!”

Oh, and I do mean GREAT, not that paint-by-numbers garbage we’ve had to endure, like STID.

(oops, was that my outside voice?)

408. CmdrR - January 10, 2015

406 – aaaaah-aah-ah-aaaaaaah, bitter dregs.

Harry, it sounds like Boborci is nipping into the Tranya and lashing out at those he can lash out at without getting knocked even further down the Hollywood pecking order. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

As for your script… seriously, everyone’s got a reject pile. Why don’t you nurse along another entirely new story. Here’s a thought: ST universe, but not the E, or maybe the E crew is just in the background a little.

409. Phil - January 10, 2015

Well, in the big picture, no. Just an observation, plenty of people pile on Orci/BR in open media, the terrific trio has been at it non stop here pretty much since BR came on board the Trek franchise. (My son, the Dr. Who fan, tells me it’s pretty bad on DW message boards as well). So, maybe Bob’s dog died, the cute girl he thought he was picking up at the bar turned out to be a guy, he just found out his FA has pissed away his retirement accounts, who knows why he’s having a bad day. If any of us knew each other in real life, we’d be barking at each other from time to time. Not to sure I’d take it personally. While we’d like to think we ‘know’ the guy, none of us are his friends, so him snapping at Harry (or the terrific trio) shouldn’t be taken personally.

410. Spockchick - January 10, 2015

@409 Phil

Wise Phil, I am sure you are right. stuff that happens in life can make reactions escalate, especially online.

Everyone here is a real person, Harry, Bob, Marja, CmrdR, Silvereyes, RedDeadRyan, Disinvited, AJ, Commander Mike, sorry if I forget chat chums. I have already kicked the metaphorical dog this week (hubby) due to work stress. Not sure of my point here, but I like being here. Love, Peg xxx

411. crazydaystrom - January 10, 2015

408. CmdrR –

“…it sounds like Boborci is nipping into the Tranya…”

It really does. My guess as well.

412. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

@407 Mike Barnett “Pat yourself on your back, which you seem to have no problem doing”

Over the last couple of years I’ve read a few comments like this one. I honestly don’t think I’m egocentric, but some people here think I am.

Personally, I think I’m a real pussycat about most things.

Also, as Dizzy Dean once said, “hey, it ain’t bragging if you can do it!”

413. CmdrR - January 10, 2015

So basically what you’re singing Harry is…

Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble
When you’re perfect in every way
I can’t wait to look in the mirror
‘Cause I get better lookin’ each day

(Shatner recorded the definitive version of this song — it’s on the flip side of Rocket Man.)

414. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

Hey, I’ve got plenty of flaws, just like everyone else here!

I simply try to focus on the positive.

415. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

my posts keep disappearing.

416. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

oh, great! that’s the one that stays up!

417. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

My posts keep disappearing from the July 2016 thread.

And I’m not even saying anything bad!

418. AJ - January 11, 2015

The whole thing with Harry’s script is kind of depressing. It poorly reflects on the corporate ownership of Star Trek when its head writer starts bashing fans with profanity and lies. It also reflects the sorry state of Trek at the moment. Utterly rudderless. Happy 50th.

419. CmdrR - January 11, 2015

I kinda feel bad for Orci in that since his profanity-laced post is getting so much attention here, it’s likely to go mainstream. Harry, you could be famous afterall. I suspect what we’re seeing is a rant prompted by his losing the director’s gig. Well… THIS ain’t gonna help. Hollywood isn’t likely to fork over $200M (or whatever) to the control of someone (not counting actors) who behaves like that in public.

420. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2015

Harry. Your Post keep diapering because of a certen woman who shall not be named.
Riuns and Hides.

421. CmdrR - January 11, 2015

Wow, it’s true. ED can suck the words off a page!

422. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015


Erica Durance

Erectile Dysfunction

Coincidence? I think not.


423. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015

AJ, Orci just came back on the thread and replied to your post by saying he has never lied.

424. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2015

Well. I just put my 2 cents on on the Orci thred. LOl. I let Orci and them have it a bit.

425. Marja - January 11, 2015


Well Harry I am gonna have to check out that thread again! Now you will be as famous as Ahmed!

I suspect old Bob is feeling pretty er ballz kicked just now, in general, not just by our Harry. Do y’all think he might have a really stinking temperament … ? So much so that Pmount doesn’t want him in charge of much of anything? And as y’all are saying maybe he’s having a “kick the critical Trekfans” meltdown moment because of the professional kick in the ‘nads or something entirely unrelated. About 5 minutes of “debate” with TUP or the other Sons of the Neverwrong does it for me. Why not Bob as well. Though he should not ( nor any other ) be using bad language TO another person here. He may know how to write scripts that sell but aren’t interpersonal skills equally necessary? Whew

426. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015

Marja, if Orci has been kicked around by Paramount, then it’s exactly at that moment we see if he’s got any class. It’s easy to be nice when you’re flying high, quite another when you’re feeling pressured and really low.

Jusging by Orci’s explosions of anger, I’m willing to bet he’s either bipolar or diabetic. That’s me trying to let him off the hook, because if he’s neither of those things, then he’s just an asshole!

427. LizardGirl - January 12, 2015

Or he could be human.

428. CmdrR - January 12, 2015

boborci is still monitoring the July 8 thread. He’s very circumspect right now — so… lowercase b boborci, sted of Bob-screamin-orci.

429. Silvereyes - January 12, 2015

426 Harry

Well said, as usual my friend. Or he could have been drunk. In either case, there’s no excuse. If you can’t handle the pressures of your job, find something else to do. And yah, you’re going to get flak from Trekkies after dishing out that load of crap that is STID. Deal with it!

With the kind of writing he’s been doing, he’s in no position to judge your work and certainly not your potential as a screenwriter.

So, I opt for the a$$hole option…

430. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2015


Thanks, Silvereyes. I saw your recent post on the 2016 thread. Nice.

Oh, and AJ, you wrote a great post as well.

431. Silvereyes - January 12, 2015

430 Harry

As you once told me, I have your back.

And as a plaque says on my wall in my office, “Don’t let the bastards wear you down!”

432. CmdrR - January 12, 2015
look for:
2015 January 12

Always looking out for you to find new time-wasters. This one lets you score points or destroy all life in a solar system. Fun.

433. Phil - January 12, 2015

I’ll take destroy all life in the solar system for a hundred, Alex….

434. CmdrR - January 12, 2015

Dig it!

435. Lurker - January 13, 2015

CmdrR – January 12, 2015

Dig it!

Awesome collection – thank you for posting that link.

436. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

New “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer!

437. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

“Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice” trailer!

438. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

The “Dawn of Justice” trailer is fake, btw. :-)

“Age of Ultron”, that’s the real deal, my friends!

439. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015


440. CmdrR - January 13, 2015

There’s only one super-hero franchise worth my $13.50 ($17.50 for 3-D):

441. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015


That looks like a live-action version of a “Simpsons” parody.

Aye carumba!

442. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015

Take a look at post 1231 on the 2016 thread. Orci is still harping about our feud.

I feel like telling him, “Let it go, Bob. I have.”

443. Disinvited - January 14, 2015

#442. Harry Ballz – January 14, 2015

I’m still mulling over the big reveal that he regards his life’s blood professional output as “trivial.”

If, fundamentally, Bob Orci doesn’t respect what results from his efforts, how the hell does he expect to convince anyone else of its significance?

As for that which Bob won’t let go, it still shocks me knowing what he said in the past about Gerrold and that he has your email address, that he didn’t just blast you in email instead of what he said that he would not do to a fellow writer?

And now he’s working on a carefully worded apology? What’s he doing? Running it by legal? I wonder what his blast would have looked like if he had the forethought to do that then?

Maybe he’s just letting his better half level his head. At least, I hope it is that.

444. CmdrR - January 14, 2015

Harry is white on the right side.
Roberto is black on the right side and chortles like The Riddler.

This may not end well.

445. Phil - January 14, 2015

Sir Patrick may annoy me any time he choses…

Actually, I have a story. This was a while back, my boss (previous employer) calls me into his office – and says, you won’t believe this: I got bumped to first class (the guy did travel a lot), and I thought I recognized the voice of the guy next to me….sure enough, Patrick Stewart. Was even nice enough to sign an autograph. It was interesting that he chose to share that little adventure with me, considering that he really wasn’t that pleasant of a human being to work for….

446. AJ - January 14, 2015



I suggest you tell him, on that thread, if you “feel like” it. And then don’t ever mention it again.

Of course, now we’re all waiting for the “apology” coming soon, whatever that means.

447. Disinvited - January 14, 2015

# 445. Phil – January 14, 2015

“It was interesting that he chose to share that little adventure with me, considering that he really wasn’t that pleasant of a human being to work for….” — Phi

What I find telling is he knew enough about you to know that you’d be interested in the story but didn’t think enough of this employee to get you an autograph too or give you the one he got.

448. Red Dead Ryan - January 14, 2015

I’ve only read about half the comments on the “2016” thread. The conversation sure went off the rails in a really ugly fashion.

Bob has been pretty calm on the boards for the most part ever since he first posted, but I guess some of the rude and crude posters have finally managed get to him. Either that, or he’s just revealed his true self.

I don’t know.

449. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015


here’s the thing….I was one of many who strongly criticized STID. Some other people, in the many months gone by, went into mind-numbing specifics about how bad it was as a movie. I truly believe some people posting on this site were a lot harsher than me with their comments regarding STID.

So, with that in mind, why did Bob single me out for the shitstorm? I obviously touched a nerve.

450. Red Dead Ryan - January 14, 2015


He also slammed your script. I was thinking for a bit that it might have been an imposter, but I scrolled down and read Matt Wright’s post stating that it was indeed Bob.

It’s a good bet that not all is well in paradise.

451. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015

I’m beginning to suspect that Bob is bipolar.

452. PaulB - January 15, 2015

#443 Disinvited: “And now he’s working on a carefully worded apology? What’s he doing? Running it by legal?”

Orci’s either trying to find a real writer to do his apology for him, or he’s looking at other people’s apologies to find parts to cut & paste into his own.

One thing is certain: Orci is showing zero class. He is representing the Star Trek brand, and he is being an a-hole about it.

I don’t care what his personal problems are, he should be able to behave like a professional.

453. Cmdrr - January 15, 2015

AJ – am I the only one who reads “Hold your breath” as a mean-spirited version of “don’t hold your breath”?
Sounded to me like Orci was telling Harry to drop dead.

454. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

# 452. Cmdrr – January 15, 2015

“Just hold your breath. Apology coming soon.” – Bob Orci

Seems clear to me he means the opposite of your “don’t hold your breath”.

Does it come across as a rude introduction to announce that he is planning to apologize? Perhaps, but I think he was sincerely trying to deflate his ego balloon with a little humor.

455. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

Disinvited — and I’m really not arguing with you, just trying to understand the mind of Orci — this was an earlier post in the same thread which was echoed many times before Boborci’s comment:

463. Dennis – December 29, 2014
@442. Ahmed

Go ahead, hold your breath waiting for that Captain Worf TV series. The so-called Prime Universe is poised to return. LOL

Para’s covered by Sam Irwin’s “even a blind pig finds an acorn now and again” principle. Quite a little cult, though.

To me, I see: “Hold your breath and die, you idiot. How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you later. So, yeah, I will apologize soon so keep waiting because it should take me really much time at all to type “I’m sorry” but I just don’t have the time right now but keep watching this thread!!”

456. Mike Barnett - January 15, 2015

451. Harry Ballz
“I’m beginning to suspect that Bob is bipolar”

Dr. Ballz, I have a sore throat with a minor fever. Do I have to flu? Thanks in advance for your diagnosis.

457. Mike Barnett - January 15, 2015

My illness must be getting to me.

458. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

#455. CmdrR – January 15, 2015

Ok, I now understand your reasoning. But Bob told Mike Hall to hold his breath and not Harry. So it could be, under your interpretation, he was telling Mike to drop dead. Now I’ve got to reread Mike’s posts wrote to see what Orci’s beef might be with him

459. Silvereyes - January 15, 2015

458 Disinvited, you’re over-analysing. I’m with CmdrR, Orci’s comment is sarcastic, in an a$$hole kind of way.

456 Mike Barnett, you don’t have to be a doctor to make a comment like Harry did. We all get what he means, and that he’s not making an official medical diagnosis.

Orci is representing the franchise, and needs to watch what he says and how he says it. It’s called being professional and diplomatic. He’s behaving like a vindictive 13 year old mean girl. Now I really want to see a movie written by this idiot (more sarcasm).

See? this is not helping Star Trek. My guess is he’s already fired and has nothing to lose.

460. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

As to diagnosing Boborci’s condition… I’m certainly not going to throw away my imaginary medical degree and call him bipolar. I might be willing to go with sphincteramus giganticus, but would equally be willing to bet on him being part drankalottascotchelopod or suffering from what Freud dubbed Wunderkind-go-boom Syndrome.

I admire Bob’s ability with the tools of Hollywood. I do not see a “vision” in his work, however, and that is sorely needed for Star Trek. I have openly challenged him to go for a vision in this 3rd movie. Maybe he did. Maybe the suits said “Hello no, Bob!” We don’t know.

I do know that dickishness is not a helpful trait no matter where one is in life.

461. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Hmmm, my post got censored. It had a word in it that rhymed with “dick”.

462. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Whoops, spoke too soon! There it is!

463. Red Dead Ryan - January 15, 2015

Reminded of that hip-hop song from the early nineties:




464. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

#460. CmdrR – January 15, 2015

You know Harry, when he says bipolar he’s not referring to his mental state.

465. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

And now it’s gone again.

I was referring to a certain person as an arrogant little pr**k.

Three guesses who!

466. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

464 – Disinvited. Hmmmm, so THAT explains why Harry got caught trying to break IN to a penal colony.

467. AJ - January 15, 2015

Is Bob the new Erica Durance?

468. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

AJ, if neither had made it in Hollywood, Durance would be a hostess at Denny’s and Bob would be the guy selling you a bag of oranges by the on ramp to the highway.

469. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

@458. Disinvited

Hall said that Orci “owes “Mr. Ballz” an apology.” & Orci replied rather sarcastically with his “Just hold your breath. Apology coming soon.”

470. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

And that was my first comment here!

471. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Welcome aboard, Ahmed! Good to have you here.

472. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

Thanks, Harry :)

473. Spockchick - January 16, 2015

hey Ahmed! Greetings from Scotty-land :-)

474. Disinvited - January 16, 2015

#469. Ahmed – January 15, 2015

Yeah, I see this angle now.

I keep trying to find an another one for his redemption like maybe he took a peek here on The Moderators open suggestion and didn’t like what he saw Harry saying. But Bob doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who’d waste time moving his retribution over to another thread. I’d fully expect he couldn’t contain it and would blast him here if that were the case.

Maybe Cyg is right and Orci’s 15 minutes of fame is spent in Hollywood movies? Rejected for Spider-man. Rejected for Trek. I wonder if subconsciously he’s gearing up to burn his movie bridges?

I’d like to see his rejected script published a la as to resolve what Paramount’s bug-a-boo about it was. I know this is a new Paramount but I don’t think most studios care one wit about plagiarism suits believing they can wear the average writer’s economic power down in legal expenses long before it can threaten their bottom line. As revealed by Paramount in their Art Buchwald $150,000 settlement:

“This decision is a victory for Paramount and clearly a loss for Buchwald and Bernheim [He got $750,000]. Their lawyers spent more than $2.5 million and three years for this award.” — John Scanlon, Paramount spokesman

475. Aurore - January 16, 2015

“Is Bob the new Erica Durance?”




@ 468. Mr. Ballz.

What you said was just….so mean…so…”DISRESPECTFUL”…

YOU owe Mr. Orci an apology.

Apologise to him. Do it . Soon.


476. CmdrR - January 16, 2015

Aurore, as a wise man once said:

444. CmdrR – January 14, 2015
Harry is white on the right side.
Roberto is black on the right side and chortles like The Riddler.

This may not end well.

I am not holding MY breath.

477. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2015

Ahmed. A Personal Welcome from the Emperor of the Terran Empire

478. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2015

Careful Harry on Holding your Breath to long. You might have visions of Erica.

479. Phil - January 16, 2015

Science Friday – NASA’s MRO has discovered what was thought to be Britain’s long lost Beagle 2 lander. Turns out it actually landed successfully, but did not completely deploy.

Am I the only one who misses the science Saturday feature?

480. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2015

Yeah, I miss the Science Saturday article too. It’s also regrettable that we’ve stopped getting the Sci-Fi news articles a few years ago.

Ah, well. At least we can continue to b#tch about the lack of anything new in Star Trek.

481. Phil - January 16, 2015

Apparently it’s the 10th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of BSG. The articles showing up are making the inevitable comparisons to Trek, and what RM was able to do on BSG that he wasn’t able to do with Trek. I’d guess there is probably a study in contrasts there, between RM’s BSG and JJ’s Trek, as both attempted to create something a bit different then the original.

482. CmdrR - January 17, 2015

It’s about frickin’ time!
I tracked down the details on the third movie:

483. crazydaystrom - January 17, 2015

482. CmdrR

That was just a bit of sadistic cruelty!!!

484. Spockchick - January 18, 2015

@481 Phil

Thanks for that link, it was really interesting. I can’t believe it’s 10 years! Possibly my favourite piece of modern Tv ever. It is pitch perfect in many ways and as real sci-fi should be: using science fiction to explore the contemporary mores and politics. And the low budget spawned incredible creativity, as constraint always does. Too much budget often results in too little brains.

485. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

483 – In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “Ain’t I a stinker?”

I notice there’s no histrionics on the set of THAT sequel… and they’re working with frickin’ sharks!

486. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

Giant frozen balls beyond Uranus!

487. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

Sir Patrick has been X’d-out.

488. Red Dead Ryan - January 18, 2015


We’ll see.

489. Phil - January 19, 2015

@487. At some point, there may be some wisdom is dialing down the cast and focusing on the story, as opposed to creating a film where the attempt is made to shove in as many characters as possible. I can’t shake the feeling that DC/WB trying to do this with their upcoming Batman/Superman movies is going to backfire, coming across as nothing more then a desperate attempt to play catch up to Disney/Marvel. The last X-Men movie I saw in theaters was The Last Stand. Marvel’s Avengers was the last trip to the theater I made for that franchise…..and I think I attribute that to CGI fatigue. I’d be the last person to suggest that I represent the average movie-goer, but when all that’s being offered is spectacle, after a while the response is going to be indifference. I enjoyed Mad Max, but the reboot seems to be a CGI driven spectacular…and I have no desire to partake.

490. CmdrR - January 19, 2015

489 –
I agree with your points, Phil. I would only add that, to me, spectacle has to have real world roots. I absolutely have seen all the fake cg flames, explosions, planets going boom, guys bouncing amongst buildings, etc. that I care to. If I don’t believe a single frame of the action, it’s just visual noise. I really prefer practical effects or a clever mix.

491. Phil - January 19, 2015

@490. Finally caught The Lone Ranger on cable, remembering that I had asked here just how in the hell do you spend 250MM on a western? Well, load the flick up with CGI nonsense, that’s how. Horses in trees, locomotives doing things no locomotive ever did, carnivorous bunnies, well, as you said, visual noise. The funny thing is, take all that crap out and you had a passable movie.

492. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2015

“The Lone Ranger” looked good visually, but the story and acting stunk, apart from Tom Wilkinson.

I really like the Hans Zimmer score, though.

493. Marja - January 19, 2015

470 Ahmed, A belated “WELCOME to the nut house* “, friend!

*with all due respect to Mr Ballz

494. AJ - January 19, 2015


Phil, as fan of Superman 1978, I can say that not having any new Superman films in the offing is terrible, but what’s worse is what’s coming. I don’t care much for Batman, but the other DC Superheroes (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash) are just silly and dated. Flash and Green Arrow seem to work for fans on TV, but as you say, DC\Warner is just shoving in as many as possible now to make up lost ground on Marvel/Disney. It’ll be like Kirk and Spock in the older films, plus all the others vying for screentime.

Also, sorry, but Aquaman has been so destroyed for me as a serious film property due to Family Guy parodies and Entourage, and seeing Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones play him is just going to be so “WTF” for me, that I will have no reason to care.

495. CmdrR - January 19, 2015

AJ — I had to look up Jason Momoa — I’m just not as good a fanboy as I should be. OK, he played Khal Drogo in GoT. Gotcha. Also see he was Ronon on Stargate: Atlantis, which is what I’m guessing landed him as The Man from Atlantis — oops, wrong show/wrong decade. Anyway — I was also not a fan of Aquaman, but I will say the Justice League animated features have gone a long way to reforming that character and WonderWoman into something general audiences might take seriously. Well, as seriously as they can take a guy who talks to lobsters. (I squid you not! That’s in the new animated flick.) What I find difficult to take in any version is that Superman at any point EVER needs back-up. Especially since the movies have basically turned Supes into Space Jesus.

496. Phil - January 19, 2015

Yeah, Man of Steel really did load up on the Messiah references. I suppose calling them Easter eggs would be a tad sacrilegious …..

497. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2015

@ 494-496

(best Beavis&Butthead imitation)


498. AJ - January 20, 2015

Hah! Harry got a Superman boner again!

499. Marja - January 20, 2015

I will probably go see “Wonder Woman,” even though I think the casting is all wrong [typical anorexic actress] — she should be built like an Amazon, not a ballet dancer.

As for the rest, I couldn’t care less, especially after the overextended, endless “Man of Steel.” And, as pointed out above, why would Supes need any assistance from anyone …?

Some of these extensions of comic book franchises make no sense. At least Marvel makes it fun/funny. But even that is getting wearying with all the CGI. Endlessly booooooring.

500. Marja - January 20, 2015

The aptly named Kevin Malarkey has just withdrawn his book about his son [who was in an auto accident, and according to his dad’s account, saw angels and had a visit with Jesus] from Tyndale House publication: “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.”

501. CmdrR - January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, DeForest “Bones” Kelley.
Hypos of happy juice all ’round!

502. Phil - January 20, 2015

In recent years, the comics/movies have made Supes pretty vulnerable. Despite Krypton being a long way away, there seems to be plenty of Kryptonite on mother Earth…and apparently it can be manufactured now, as well. There seems to be some question about how quickly he powers down after sunset, and apparently he’s pretty normal in a Kryptonian atmosphere.

I don’t recall ever having a Mint Julep, Dr. McCoy. Not even sure where I’d find one in southern California….

503. Red Dead Ryan - January 20, 2015

FOX is considering bringing back “The X-Files” on tv, with Gillian Anderson and David Duchnovy reprising Scully and Mulder.

Not sure I’d wager anything at this point, though.

504. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2015

Found this Really weel done Fan Edit of the Classic Battlestar Galactia. If you loved the old series. You will love this one.

505. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2015

This is the Fan Edit I have ever seen.
Battlestar Galactia 1980 as it should have been and as Galactica Series should have ended.

506. AJ - January 21, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch continues to get more famous by being funny…

507. CmdrR - January 21, 2015

Emperor Mike —
Fake beard, bowl-cut child genius, no Apollo, no Starbuck (except for one ep with a painful ending) and scaled-back sfx.

Yikes. Galactica 1980 had ALMOST receded from my memory.

Check Richard Hatch’s pitch for a new series (which predates RM’s by about 5 years):

508. Phil - January 21, 2015

Galactica 1980…..oh, boy. There is an interesting tidbit on Wikipedia, though. Donald Bellisario’s original pitch for the show was for Starbuck and Apollo to be time traveling around earth’s history. The studio said no, and Bellisario re-tooled the concept to make Quantum Leap. No idea how much truth there is to that, but it is interesting.

509. Disinvited - January 21, 2015

# 508. Phil – January 21, 2015

” Galactica 1980…..oh, boy. There is an interesting tidbit on Wikipedia, though. Donald Bellisario’s original pitch for the show was for Starbuck and Apollo to be time traveling around earth’s history. The studio said no, and Bellisario re-tooled the concept to make Quantum Leap. No idea how much truth there is to that, but it is interesting.” — Phil

More than you know as the 1980 series actually had the grown-up stepson of Apollo and his best bud do just that in chasing the bad guy, Xavier, through Earth’s history. It was clear that it was the setup for this a series arc and only got cut short when it was clear renewal wasn’t in the cards.

510. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 21, 2015

Hey guys. If you watch the fan edit and what he did you will be amazed. I hated the 1980 verson. But this one is also complete with some extra cgi and the way he edited it. You don’t see the crap. What you will see is the cyclone attacking earth. Not just the bit in la. But New York London and even jets takeing them on. Even the cylon base ship attacks earth. I’m telling you. This is how galactica should have ended. It also has the ship of lights in it. Also some clever editing of footage of other movies and some decent cgi.

511. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 21, 2015

Beam me up Scotty!!!

512. AJ - January 21, 2015

Star Trek: Two Hours in Engineering

513. AJ - January 21, 2015

Thoughts making the rounds on Trek’s 50th:

514. CmdrR - January 21, 2015

Totally welcome news.
This may mean a delay but even so….

Nick Frost as Harry Mudd, speaking to the Klingons: “Hullo, ya c¥n+s!”

515. CmdrR - January 22, 2015

Sheesh, Harry, did you or Silvereyes design this???

516. Phil - January 22, 2015

Hi, Miss Canada, we’d like you to wear this….
You. Have. To be. Kidding.

Apologies to William Shatner

517. Silvereyes - January 22, 2015


20 – 14 on the scoreboard… for a hockey game? So it makes sense now. This was designed by an American!

Doesn’t fit our understated and humble disposition though…

518. CmdrR - January 22, 2015

517 – If the scoring were actually that high, maybe Atlantans would actually watch hockey instead of sending all of our hockey teams to Canada. “Ooh, Mommy, I got 3 all in the same game !!!” Sheesh.

519. AJ - January 23, 2015

As Star Trek is now reborn as a comedy, here is Shaun Cassidy mauling Ilea’s theme from TMP:

It’s funny, right?

520. Phil - January 23, 2015

While I do enjoy working with the general agency I’m contracted to, they do sponsor a…..curling team. I have to admit to mixed feelings here – shoving a rock across ice isn’t a sport. Except when it is.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a slow morning….

521. CmdrR - January 23, 2015

519 —

Uhura, motioning with twin phasers: “In case of Shuan Cassidy singing, Da Doo Run Run to the exits on either side of the starship.”

No really, that is some kind of awful!

522. CmdrR - January 23, 2015

Some old lady is making news again…

523. Phil - January 23, 2015

Shaun Cassidy is still alive?

524. crazydaystrom - January 23, 2015

522. CmdrR – January 23, 2015

“Some old lady is making news again…”

A beloved old lady for sure. I pray they do right by her.

Thanks CmdrR.

525. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Why do the Gorn rarely leave their homes?

526. CmdrR - January 24, 2015

525 — O Lord…


527. Phil - January 24, 2015

Why, I don’t know. Why do the Gorn rarely leave their homes?

Sorry, couldn’t think of a witty ‘knock knock’ joke reply…

528. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Because they tend to be agornaphobic.

529. Harry Ballz - January 24, 2015

I thought they don’t go out because they’re afraid of catching GORN-ARREA!

530. Ahmed - January 24, 2015

@528. Cygnus-X1


Reminds of the Spacers in “The Naked Sun” with their acute agoraphobia.

There is also a Spanish science fiction movie that came out last year “Los Últimos Días” aka “The Last Days” where most of the human race came down with agoraphobia! The breakdown of society due to that was done very well. You guys should check it out, it is available on Netflix.

531. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Harry, that’s why they’re so strict about wearing condoms.

Even when making their Gorno movies.

Ahmed, I’ve added it to my queue.

532. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

I admit, I watched a Gorno back in college. The actors moved so slowly! Then they smoked a meal worm afterwards. No thanks!

533. PaulB - January 25, 2015

Gorno actors never get rich. They get paid scale.

534. AJ - January 25, 2015

Haven’t seen too many gornos: I caught “Gorn with the Wind” and “Gorn in 60 Seconds.”

535. Harry Ballz - January 25, 2015

Well, I just called Orci “a spoiled arrogant child” over on the Pegg thread.

536. Ahmed - January 25, 2015


Prepare yourself for an onslaught from Keachick, the self-appointed defender of Orci :)

537. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

I’d be very surprised to see boborci or his Mirror Universe twin, Boborci (with the goatee and uppercase B) show up again in these threads. Harry, nothing you say/do can hurt Orci worse than having his directorial debut yanked out from under him. I would be surprised indeed if Orci is a presence on Trek at all from now on. Oh, he’s not to be pitied. He can still put together projects for decades to come just by name-dropping Transformers and ST09 among others. But, he’s been publicly humiliated. And unless “The Mummy” is a crapload better than it has a right to be… or “Van Helsing”… or “Now You See Me: The Second Act” (don’t get me started on what a piece of shite the first one was)… then, at 42, Orci has got to be wondering whether he’s still the “wunderkind” he was five years ago.

538. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

And now for something completely different, a man pulling on his shirt.

539. AJ - January 25, 2015

Some “Aliens” humor from The Oatmeal:

540. Harry Ballz - January 25, 2015


CmdrR, to be blunt, Orci started in TV and probably should have stayed there.

He got way above his pay grade and has now gotten burnt.

With his kind of arrogance, I’d like to see him relegated to doing TV commercials!

541. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

Harry — Please wish that on me, as well. I could use the millions!

542. AJ - January 26, 2015

This weekend, I watched a marathon of back-to-back Russian TV shows detailing endlessly how the US was the enemy of Russia: US Navy end-runs around the Black Sea fleet, an arms race in the air, US financing of dictators in Latin America as a precursor to our obedient ‘puppet regime’ in Kiev, which has co-opted that country’s fascists to oppose the brave pro-Russian freedom fighters in the East. I frankly haven’t seen propaganda of this type in Russia since the 1980s.

Meanwhile, those same separatists declare they will “take no prisoners” as they open a new front in Mariupol, and then, once they’ve killed 30 people, including children, blame the Ukrainian side for mistakenly opening fire first during an attack they openly declared before the shooting started.

The whole country is crumbling financially. It’s just amazing to me how docile and gullible the population is here. Their leaders tell them to “eat less” and prepare for a long time of troubles while their leadership displays brazen incompetence, running Russia into the ground and modernizing its military while its population dies out due to lack of births.

Then, the Russians get officially offended when Obama (Public Enemy No.1) lumps them in with Ebola on his list of priorities, when the Russians portray him and the USA as supremely focused on Ukraine and the undermining of Russia as top priority. Russians ask me what the Americans think about the whole thing, and I answer “most of us don’t even care, because we don’t really know much about it. Not a national priority. And our gas prices are low.”

Truly a ‘twilight zone’ over here.

543. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

AJ — I wish I could say U.S. politicians were more capable or that U.S. voters were less gullible, but it ain’t so. I seriously wonder whether there isn’t a mechanism in our brains that when we get too much food and breed to heavily, we get stupider so large numbers can die out. I seriously hope that doesn’t involve war and nukes and a dozen other man-made nightmares.

544. AJ - January 26, 2015

CmdrR: I’ve spent so much time here, and Russia at this time, despite its long and varied history, is today simply like the drunk who doesn’t think he has a problem, and who is surrounded by friends and loved ones who overwhelmingly do.

It’s annoying to see such a large group of intelligent people get convinced by poorly produced TV that the world works a certain way, and back a leader (85% approval) who would be hanging (theoretically) from a gibbet with all his cronies at this point in any other free society. I guess we have our FOX News crowd, and as you say, we may live simply to breed cannon fodder for whatever wars the leaders can dream up to steal natural resources.

545. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

AJ, you mention the media. In Russia, it seems as though Putin has his gov’t mouthpiece putting out “poorly produced” tv propaganda. Here, tv has become a pandering tool desperately trying to compete with the internet; ignoring info dense investigations in favor of celeb-driven dreck and crime-intense, easy-to-get distractions.

On the political front, the GOP is seriously reassembling the cast of Loserama 2012 for a sequel next year. Trump, Romney, and Palin included!! On the Dems, it’s all Hillary all the time. The prospect of facing off with any of these must give Putin a hard-on that’s visible from space.

546. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2015

Good Morning Campers.
To the ones in the Northeast U.S
Good Morning my Frozen Firends.
For any Aussies. Happy Austrailia Day.
For the Empire. Happy Agony Booth Day.

547. Ahmed - January 26, 2015

@ 540. Harry Ballz – January 25, 2015

“CmdrR, to be blunt, Orci started in TV and probably should have stayed there.”

Even on the TV front, he is having some problems.

His new series “Matador” on El Rey was renewed for a second season & then weeks later, the network canceled it!

On Fox, “Sleepy Hollow” is having serious ratings problems & the executives weren’t happy & made it clear this last week. The show now is on the bubble.

The only good news that CBS renewed his other new show “Scorpion”

548. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - January 26, 2015

Well Hawaii Five O is doing well. But thats about it for Orci.

549. Ahmed - January 26, 2015

@548. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire,

I was following the other series that I mentioned & totally forgot about Hawaii Five-0 which I stopped watching after the 2nd season.

550. Disinvited - January 26, 2015

# 547. Ahmed – January 26, 2015

” The only good news that CBS renewed his other new show “Scorpion.” — Ahmed

Hmmm… I know he had no say over scheduling but you DO know that SCORPION is on the same time as SLEEPY HOLLOW? Seems fate has allowed him to shoot himself in the foot with that one.

551. Ahmed - January 26, 2015

@550. Disinvited,


I rarely watch shows on live TV, usually catch them On Demand.

552. Cygnus-X1 - January 26, 2015

Regarding Russia and Putin, the brain-drain and capital flight out of Russia since the invasion of Ukrain (and the consequent trade sanctions by the US and Europe) indicates that, at least, the professionals and people with money aren’t buying the State propaganda.

And with oil now bringing in only half of what the Russian economy needs it to bring in, the Ruble is losing value quickly. Putin has raised interest rates and told companies not to trade Rubles in a desperate measure to keep inflation under control, but the Russian economy is sliding fast into a long-term depression. Let’s see what happens to Putin’s poll numbers after a year of economic depression in Russia with no end in sight.

553. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2015

Anyone want to spend $40 to $60k for a Hand Phaser used on the Orignal Series. Here is the link

554. CmdrR - January 27, 2015

553 — The control buttons are missing! That phaser is stuck on “kill.”
Actually, what I think is hilarious is down below, they offer us the chance to buy Wesley’s early seasons sweater. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!

555. Silvereyes - January 27, 2015

#552 Cygnus

As a beloved hero once said:

“I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things… Take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive!”

556. Marja - January 27, 2015

545 CmdrR i would laugh but it’s scary tragic and sad. I was watching a Frontline about Putin’s Russia and laughed sadly at the parallels to the near future I see for the US. MONEY buying govt influence and corruption everywhere.

547 Ahmed Remember how we were saying Orci was too overtasked? Maybe not for very much longer. Sad for Bob but a good object lesson I suppose.

Sorry I’ve been scarce. Need to get myself and computer to WiFi hotspot when my health improves :-p

Personally I am optimistic about Pegg cowriting Trek3.

557. CmdrR - January 27, 2015

Marja — Wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope it’s nothing you caught in this chat… although they have shots for that.

TPTB want a world gov’t… not for brotherhood and freedom, but because the 1% of the 1% want to own the whole frakkin’ thing even as they poison it.

558. AJ - January 28, 2015

Well, those who listen to the Russian propaganda and believe are NOT the ones parking their dollars overseas.

Keeping the masses occupied with “bread and circuses” is an age-old way of jerking off the masses while those in control do their thing. What sucks here is that people I know who would generally be onto it have fallen hook line and sinker for the party line; they pull State-sponsored false “facts” and events out of their backsides which make them sound suddenly insane during a normal conversation.

Russia could so easily reverse course, but as Madeleine Albright once taught us as a substitute professor while I was at Georgetown, all foreign policy has domestic roots: distract them with Crimea now because you know they’re all in for a long-term oil-price crisis. Manage your rich allies (highlight the ones bringing their dollars back; have the State pay back the oligarchs for money seized overseas) and screw your rich enemies.

Also, our bad is NATO getting too close for comfort, though it’s an alliance which seems to have lost its relevance now seeming relevant again. Go figure.

559. CmdrR - January 28, 2015

At least Starfleet is honest.
Hey, what’s that beer bottle opener on Admiral Robocop’s desk that looks like a starship… and what happened to the funding for exploration??

560. Disinvited - January 28, 2015

#556. Marja – January 27, 2015

Get well soon. What’s hi name is coming through town to tellyou all how the VA can actually help with that, now.

Enterntainment news from television says Sony has hired Kristen Wiig to write, direct and star in their next sequel in the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise.

Hope she doesn’t squander the opportunity to turn some of the standard stereotypes about female scientists on their ears.

561. Harry Ballz - January 28, 2015


I’m so sick of Melissa McCarthy! A little of her goes a LONG way!

She is maybe funny as a supporting character, but NOT as a lead.

I’m SO sorry she is cast in the next Ghostbusters. Jesus!

562. Cygnus-X1 - January 28, 2015

Get well soon, Marja!!

While you’re convalescing, maybe you can figure out where this weird sound comes from: when Kirk does his WALL OF DESTRUCTION drop-kick, as the Andorian is knocked to the floor, there’s a sudden sort of *thump* that sounds like hitting an empty plastic container with a metal spoon. If I’m not mistaken, that sound effect has been eliminated from the re-mastered version. Here is, I believe, the original:

563. Red Dead Ryan - January 28, 2015

The original “Ghostbusters” movies are way overrated, so I have no problem with an all-female reboot. They really aren’t that good, even though I used to like them when I was a kid twenty five years ago. The fanboys have gone bonkers on the interwebs.

The director deserves a lot of credit for going against the Hollywood norms of male-only leads in blockbuster movies.

564. AJ - January 28, 2015


There are no “Ghostbusters movies.” There is only “Ghostbusters.”

And re-booting a profitable ’80s franchise with a gaggle of SNL castmembers is hardly “going against Hollywood norms.”

Kristen Wiig is ridiculously funny, and as soon as I get over my current conniption over the reboot NOT having original cast members (you are right about that), I will begin looking forward to the film. At least it’s based in New York; the original is considered one of the “great” NYC films.

565. Phil - January 28, 2015

@563. No issues with the first one, the problem being the story really didn’t lend itself to sequels – Ghostbusters II Now, With Even Bigger, Badder Ghosts! Hate to say it, the all girl Ghostbusters is going to have a similar problem that STID had – if all they are doing is dropping women into the same (or similar) story, it’s going to have a ‘been there, done that’ feel….

566. Cygnus-X1 - January 28, 2015

If there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.

567. Marja - January 28, 2015

562 Cygnus … or a wooden spoon … Thanks … laughter is the best medicine!

Thanks all for your good wishes. I have a weird fever that has been coming and going over the last few weeks. Pon farr?

568. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 28, 2015

Ghostbusters with all females.

Actually. Ghostbustets. Lol.

569. Red Dead Ryan - January 28, 2015

Yeah, I definitely agree that “Ghostbusters” should have been a one-off.

But, they aren’t rebooting it for us, they’re doing it for the new generation of moviegoers.

Bill Murray, as great an actor as he is, wouldn’t draw too many into the theatres.

If I’m not mistaken, “Back To The Future” is also getting a reboot. Not sure why, though. Those movies hold up pretty well, despite some mis-prognostications.

570. Disinvited - January 29, 2015

# 568. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – January 28, 2015

” Actually. Ghostbustets. Lol.” — Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

I’ve been debating with myself as to whether Kristen will or won’t do a “Ghostdusters” [sic] gag.

571. AJ - January 29, 2015

“Ted 2″ Trailer.

Guaranteed Seth McFarlane will say he ripped off (“was inspired by”) the premise from TNG “The Measure of a Man.”

Looks terrible.

572. Cygnus-X1 - January 29, 2015

567. Marja – January 28, 2015

I have a weird fever that has been coming and going over the last few weeks. Pon farr?

And that brings us to this YouTube clip, which has been around for several years now, but holds up rather well, I think:

573. Cygnus-X1 - January 29, 2015

571. AJ – January 29, 2015

That Ted sequel does look stereotypically less good than the original.

Though, that courtroom scene is kinda funny. And Samuel L. Jackson is the black guy in every movie is a line in a movie where Morgan Freeman is the black guy. This one might be OK to see under the influence a bit after 4 o’clock and a few drinks, but I definitely won’t see it sober.

574. Cygnus-X1 - January 29, 2015


He’s definitely ripping off Measure of a Man. Also, that sperm bank scene where Marky Mark knocks all of the specimen containers onto himself was a bit in a Family Guy episode.

575. CmdrR - January 29, 2015

571 – AJ,

What happened to Sir Patrick? Who the hell is the generic Brit narrator?? Also, did I miss Mila or is she missing this film??

Also, the poster. Ted is — urm — making bear gravy. In the first movie Norah Jones specifically points out that he has no junk, to which Ted replies that he’s written Mattel many angry letters about that. So… what is he knocking the stuffin’ out of??

Actually, the movie could be cute. It all depends on whether they caught McFarlane on a day when he gave a poo.

I will give Gonadbusters — urm — Bustergirls — urm — Ghostbusts — urm — that movie that’s a reboot of something that made money 30 years ago — a chance. I lurve Kristen Wiig and am hoping Melissa McCarthy stops shy of poaching Sarah Silverman’s territory of grossness, as she has in too many of her appearances.

576. CmdrR - January 29, 2015

OK, listened again. That may be Sir Patrick’s voice… but it’s almost as if it’s played at the wrong speed or he phoned it in (possible) at 3 a.m.. Also checked and Mila is in the sequel, albeit way down in the credits. So, thinking Elizabeth Hurley in Austin Powers II.

577. Phil - January 29, 2015

Mila apparently had the good sense, or a prior commitment, to take a pass on Ted 2. Michael Dorn has a role, apparently the Captain Worf pitch didn’t go quite as well as he thought it would.

It seems like the Hollywood Reboot Mill is grinding on overdrive right now. Ghostbustiers, Really Mad Max, Fantastic Foursome, etc….yeah, I know the entertainment industry is a wasteland, but you’d think they’d at least try to do something interesting.

Speaking of interesting, there is apparently an Ebola case in Northern California, so at least we’ll have a few weeks of hysteria on the national news channels…..

578. CmdrR - January 29, 2015

Phil — You’re right (and some of the ent reporters are wrong) that Mila is NOT in the film. Along with Picard and Worf, you do get Major Kira and a boatload of ComicCon attendees.

579. Red Dead Ryan - January 29, 2015

I saw that “Ted 2″ clip earlier today. Doesn’t look as good as the first, but will see it anyway.

Stephen Collins had been fired from the film during production when news broke that he’s a pedophile.

580. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 29, 2015

Am I the only one that thinks the new Age of Ultron just seems just…. a little bit hollow.

I know. I know. How could I say that?

But, I mean, I am just not getting the vibe that this is going to be an amazing movie.
Which is weird. How could it miss. It just looks a bit too “formula” for me so far.

One of the small things that bother me is when Ultron appears in the trailer it looks like his robot allies explode through the wall behind him, yet it looks so cgi and pasted together and a bit uneventful. Hefully the unconnected followup shots will eliminate this feeling I have about that scene.

Although the freak-fest that will be the iron man Huik battle does look interesting and I am sure I will not miss it,

581. AJ - January 29, 2015

The latest trailer that makes me feel “hollow” is for JJ’s “Star Wars” film. I remember feeling excited when the “Phantom Menace” trailer debuted as well. And, considering how JJ scraped the bottom with STID, there is really no reason to think his version of SW won’t do the same, even with Hamill, Ford and Fisher along for the ride.

The film is “too big to fail” but as with “Episode 1,” expectations are soaring based on a one-minute trailer reel and an overload of corporate hype.

582. Ahmed - January 29, 2015

@ 581. AJ – January 29, 2015

“I remember feeling excited when the “Phantom Menace” trailer debuted as well.”

I still remember going to an Internet cafe late 1998 to watch Episode I teaser trailer. Back then we were using dial-up & with the constant buffering it took literally 45 minutes to downland the two minutes trailer! But I left that cafe very excited.

Flashforward to October 1999 when the movie was finally released in Egypt & it was such a letdown!

583. Red Dead Ryan - January 29, 2015

The new main dinosaur of “Jurassic World”, the Indominus Rex:

584. Red Dead Ryan - January 29, 2015

I still have high hopes for the new “Star Wars” movie. J.J Abrams is a good director.

585. PaulB - January 30, 2015

#581/582 – I actually went to the theater to see “The Waterboy” just to catch the Episode I trailer on the big screen. I’ve never forgiven George Lucas for making me suffer like that just to get the crap he gave us.

586. Cygnus-X1 - January 30, 2015

I held out hope against hope that each subsequent SW prequel-sequel would get it right. But none of them did. Ep. 3 was the best, but it had plenty of cringe-inducing moments (“Noooooooo!!!!”).

I have almost no interest in Disney’s Star Wars directed by JJ Abrams. The SW bubble of my childhood has been burst. Permanently. My expectations are so low that (assuming I bother to see it in the theater), if it doesn’t have elements as cringe-inducing and annoying as Jar Jar Binks, I’ll probably walk away feeling fine about it having entertained me for a few hours. I’m not expecting that the movie will give me anything to consider or think about afterward or contain any scenes that become classics, as the original trilogy did.

JJ Abrams is a good director of individual scenes, and a good producer of the genre of movies that he produces, but he’s a very superficially-minded filmmaker who lacks the sort of vision to make a meaningful movie. The only hope for SW7 being decent is Lawrence Kasdan. If he wrote a good script, and JJ doesn’t dumb it down and pander to the audience, then it could be a good movie. But, I’m assuming that, as with most sequels, the time for SW has long passed. There’s very rarely capturing lightning in a bottle.

587. Randall Williams - January 30, 2015

With the lack of output coming from Bad Robot and absolutely no word or
interview with Justin Lin regarding the next Trek film, this is following a
rather disturbing pattern seen with other non-related filming projects
which ended up in the colliqual “Development hell” status. Projects
such as the Isaac Asimov movie “Rendevous with Rama.” I hope not.

588. Ahmed - January 30, 2015

@587. Randall Williams

I think you meant Arthur C. Clarke who wrote ‘Rendezvous with Rama’. I think it is hard for them to make that movie, after all it is a story about First Contact without any BAAAAAAAAD aliens!

589. Phil - January 30, 2015

I’m taking the liberty to reprint the chat page mission statement at the top of the page….

This page is for off-topic discussions. Usual rules of decorum apply (family friendly, no flaming, trolling, being annoying, etc).

Chat has unofficially been a bit of a sanctuary from the bickering that goes on on the main boards. It matters little to me how much one loves or hates the current incarnation of the franchise – but if you’ve made that point, repeatedly, on the main boards, it’s not necessary to drone on here about it, either.

590. AJ - January 30, 2015

Well, if it’s any consolation, both Empire and ROTJ had different ‘guest’ directors (Irwin Kershner & Richard Marquand) whose individual contributions to those films would be hard to notice.

Maybe JJ’s will be as transparent as those were. I doubt it. I don’t quite understand why he is considered a “good” director. What is his showcase piece? That Spielberg tribute with the kids? LOST? All his films just seem to be numbered franchise actioners.

On the other hand, Lucas’s direction of the prequels was quite heavy-handed, and in concert with the content and performances, they reached nauseating depths of awfulness (and made $2.5 billion).

591. Phil - January 30, 2015

Well, that’s the problem with an artistic endeavor, the very definition of good is going to have different meanings for different people. There isn’t a checklist of things to do that, once accomplished, make something good. Sometimes it just takes time for an audience to see value in a product. Abrams and Lucas are very serviceable for creating solid entertainment projects that can attract an audience – not sure either of them are suited for heavy drama. There are plenty of people who will never give an inch that Spielberg is a hack for giving us 1941 and Twilight Zone: The Movie, and never acknowledge The Color Purple or Schindlers List. As much as we’d like to think that all writing, all directing should be of the highest quality, ever, it will always be an elusive goal. I doubt George Lucas could make American Graffiti again if he wanted to. I also doubt that JJ Abrams has had the opportunity to make his yet.

592. Disinvited - January 30, 2015

#589. AJ – January 30, 2015

If the answer to your question is what got him the gigs, I’d say it would have to be ALIAS/MISSION IMPOSSIBLE are his signature pieces.

593. Ahmed - January 30, 2015

@591. Disinvited,

I’d add ‘Lost’ pilot as well. It was the most expensive TV pilot at the time & it felt like a mini movie.

594. CmdrR - January 30, 2015

Randall & Ahmed — I’d kill (well, I’d maim) to see a really well done version of Rama.

Whatta ya know, the Ramans are the same folks who brought us the whale probe!

I read this book SOOOOO long ago, but remember loving it, as well as Rama II. (I have not hit books 3 & 4 and have no plans to unless someone tells me they’re great.) I think Rama II has the right plot to turn this into a mass-appeal movie. It’s got the aliens — kinda.

Anyway — It’s not happening this summer, that’s for sure.

595. Cygnus-X1 - January 30, 2015

I don’t think that JJ Abrams has an interest in making an American Graffiti.

He’s got his own, highly successful production company that churns out a lot of TV shows and movies. That’s what JJ Abrams does. He’s not an auteur filmmaker who expresses himself or presents ideas through TV or film. He’s not Francis Ford Coppola looking for a chance to make The Conversation.

JJ runs an entertainment factory for the masses. None of his products will ever be awful, and none will ever be outstanding. They’re all aimed right down the middle, designed to entertain the average person while he’s watching, but not leave him with anything to think about afterward.

When I think of JJ Abrams, I think of Lost. A very popular TV show with the appearance of being cerebral that was actually (as the writers have since admitted) shallow, superficial and meaningless—designed to fool the audience into thinking that there was meaning where, in fact, there was none.

And, if you can put aside your partisan hat for just a brief moment, you’ll see that same strategy at work in both ST09 and STID. Both movies had “confusing” plots that were designed to make the audience feel like something really smart was going on (too smart for us to “get”), but really it was just problems with the internal logic of the plot and/or a failure of explanation—flaws in the writing masquerading as elusively cerebral concepts. Consider the following specific examples:

ST09. The poorly explained time-travel plot device. Even my friends who are quicker than I am walked out of ST09 confused about the time-travel element. And there has been no shortage of people commenting at this site over the years, asking about the time-travel in ST09. Does it overwrite the entirety of canon from TOS onward? Are they in a different universe or in the past of the same universe? How can it be both? Do events in this “reality” affect the reality where Spock comes from? Etc…

The only reason that I understood it is that I’d had the benefit of Bob Orci’s very detailed explanation for months prior to seeing the movie. The fact that all of 30 seconds (I’ve timed it) are spent explaining what is actually happening with regard to the central plot premise of the story, and then only in the vaguest of terms (“an alternate reality”) which does not differentiate classic time-travel devices from the MWI time-travel in ST09 (indeed Orci stated several times that the ambiguity was intentional), was not an accident in a 2 hour movie. You think they couldn’t find an extra 60 seconds to alleviate our confusion about THE CENTRAL PLOT PREMISE OF THE STORY in a wall-to-wall action-packed 2-hour movie?

Abrams and Orci didn’t particularly want the audience to clearly understand what was happening in ST09. They wanted the benefit of confusion to redound to them, and so it did, as people walked out of the theater feeling that the movie was smart and mysterious, all because it didn’t bother explaining the central plot premise.

STID. Marcus and Khan, twists and turns. As with ST09, there’s been no shortage of people turning up at this site to remark that STID had a confusing plot. What actually happens? What was the whole thing with the torpedoes about?

If you just consider a Star Fleet admiral who’s been successfully running a covert shadow organization for years, who has access to the highest technology in Star Fleet and plenty of personnel under his command, you would think of an intelligent, plotting, deliberate, circumspect, cautious individual. He has to be cautious, by definition, in order to keep his secret organization a secret! Further, this particular cautious admiral is so cautious that he’s been plotting a preemptive war against the Klingons for some time, in aid of protecting humanity from them.

So, what does this cautious, circumspect admiral do? He takes a bunch of torpedoes containing secret, genetically-engineered cryogenically frozen human war criminals that had been drifting out in space for 300 years—highly dangerous people whom the admiral intends to kill—and gives them all to a young starship captain with the orders to fire them at a terrorist on a faraway planet—but, don’t look inside of the torpedoes, no matter what sort of abnormal issues arise from these abnormal torpedoes! Make sure you don’t look inside, or my years of extremely important planning and preparation to save the Earth will all be ruined!

And, that, right there, is the plot twist of STID simplified down so as to be easily understood. Even if you loved STID, you have to admit that it’s a stupid plot twist not worthy of the actors or the characters. It’s not hard to think of much better ways that those characters and actors could have been utilized within the framework of a general War on Terror-themed story.

But, largely owing to the fast pacing of the movie, people walked away not thinking that the plot was stupid, but rather that it was confusing. And why was it confusing? Because it was smart and went over my head. Bravo, JJ Abrams, you genius! You’ve done it again! You’ve fooled us into thinking that a failure on YOUR part was actually a failure on OUR part! BRAVO!!!

596. CmdrR - Father of LtR, who is 21 today! (I'm so FRAKKIN old) - January 30, 2015

AJ —

At least Kershner didn’t say, “I know what! We are guaranteed to have a hit if we take the lines word-for-word from a movie fans already love.”

597. Cygnus-X1 - January 30, 2015

Great interview. And a great example of what a director with insight into the characters can add to a movie script.

598. Phil - January 31, 2015

@595. You presume a lot. Unless JJ is whispering sweet nothings into your ear, your assumption that he has no interest in expanding his artistic horizons is sheer speculation.

Set aside my partisan hat? These little backhanded compliments continue to exhibit a pattern of thought from you that’s a little disturbing. First, it’s pretty clear you don’t actually read my posts (or anyone else’s, probably), because if you had, you couldn’t refer to me as partisan – but when your goal is to marginalize anyone who doesn’t agree with you, then reality be damned. Your constant shots at foreign audiences border on xenophobic, at best, and racist at worst – but you do what you have to do to rationalize your position, I suppose. Second, you just seem to presume the stupidity of anyone who hasn’t been properly enlightened by your wit and wisdom yet. Really, you wrote eight paragraphs to explain plot points from the previous two movies…assuming that I hadn’t seen them, perhaps? Gee, once ol’ Cyg explains to me what I really saw, then I too, will understand that BR and their minions are a cancer on the fine art of filmmaking. Right. I’ve (and many others) been incredibly consistent in my position that opinions are free to vary, understanding that Trek, like any other artistic endeavor, people are going to see in Trek whatever they value. And for that crime against the franchise, you feel free to slander, question peoples sanity, or are just off the rails with your condescension for any opinion other then your own. No one owes you an explanation for liking, or disliking the last couple of movies…yet for whatever reason you seem compelled to try and strip the joy from anyone who happened to like them, and usually in as insulting a fashion as possible.

I’ll close with this – I’ve been privileged to be in a position to help theater programs in the local HS in the community where I live as part of a booster organization and now on a conservatory – I watch the teachers struggle to get the kids to get in touch with their artistic side…and when they do, the result is amazing. Even more so that the efforts were severely sabotaged by a group of parents who held similar views as yours to what ‘proper’ theater should be…and pretty much stripped the life out of the program as a result. Thankfully, we’ve been able to clean up the mess. And I have no problem telling someone now to leave their bias at the door. We get it, you hate the current production company. Despite your stated position that it’s your inalienable right to post whatever unflattering information you see fit, all it does is alienate you, and bring down the room as a whole…and it’s really not appreciated. The next time you’re whining about all the hostility, go look in the mirror for the reason instead of blaming others.

599. Harry Ballz - January 31, 2015

I watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” tonight.


I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10, and the .5 is only for it’s quirky originality.

Oh, and Chris Pratt is NOT movie star material.

He’s just a TV actor who got VERY lucky.

600. Marja - February 1, 2015

Not to pile on exactly but I do tire of the same statements over and over; it seems like we’re arguing the same points again and again. Taking a vacation from the main boards for awhile (until there’s some NEW news). Like Phil I often feel like saying, Okay, I get it, you didn’t like the movies, I get it.

601. Spockchick - February 1, 2015

@600 Marja

Hope you are feeling better Lt. Honeyrack!

602. CmdrR - February 1, 2015

“Chris Pratt is NOT movie star material. He’s just a TV actor who got VERY lucky.”
Yo, Grumpy Ballz! All actors who you can name are the ones who “got VERY lucky.” 99.9% of those in the profession are also selling Herbalife to survive. Pratt is fine, as far as it goes. 2014 was a banner year for him, with The Lego Movie and GotG. I’m fine with him stepping in to milk the dinosaur one more time in Jurassic CG. Of course, Hollywood never focuses on just one thing, so Pratt is also mentioned in conjunction with The Magnificent Seven and Indiana Jones. I’ll read the reviews, but don’t expect to rush out to see either of those last two.

Marja — if you aren’t feeling better soon, the men of this chat room have volunteered to come over and feel you up… urm… cheer you up. Hope you’re startin’ to shine!

603. AJ - February 1, 2015


GotG was much better the second go-round (I watched it on a plane). The first time I saw it, I was expecting quite a bit more, including clarity vis-a-vis Thanos and all the little doo-dads that seem to meet something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (destructo-spheres and Tesseracts, etc.).

When you realize it’s just a cute ‘n’ quirky space buddy comedy with some serious Marvel loyalty shout-outs (which you can forego) and big merch/OST potential, it lightens the burden of having to seek out any depth or continuity. Severely light entertainment.

604. AJ - February 1, 2015

Sorry,I meant “mean something” in my last post…

605. Harry Ballz - February 1, 2015


Grumpy, CmdrR? Uh, no, I don’t think so. I simply recognize talent when i see it, and I comment when I don’t.

Case in point….sure, I could rattle off names like DiCaprio, Cumberbatch, Redmayne, all who have buckets of talent. I mean, it leaps off the screen at you.

But, no, for this discussion I’ll even cite (as an example) EVERY SINGLE ACTOR IN “GAME OF THRONES”, big parts and small (well, except for the young chubby guy, he’s not very good lol). All these actors have better acting chops than Mr. Pratt, but where is their recognition?


606. CmdrR - February 1, 2015

Actually, I think Hodor and Groot are the same guy.


I am Groot.

Hodor. Hodor.

I am Groot.


I am Groot.

Harry Ballz: (between them in the middle seat) “Lord, 6 hours to Quebec. Stewardess, I need 24 Mooseheads and some earbuds!!!”

607. Cygnus-X1 - February 1, 2015

598. Phil – January 31, 2015

Wow, you really took my comments in a way that I had not intended and did not predict.

I wasn’t necessarily singling you out as a partisan—I meant “you and your” as much in the sense of one and one’s—though, you, Phil, do seem extremely partisan with all of your complaints about people criticizing BR Trek and Orci. That’s almost all that you talk about. You’ve even got your own name for the purposes of marginalizing such people—“The Terrific Trio.” To see you accuse me of doing (by my comments in #595) what you are doing now, and do on a regular basis, is something that I cannot make sense of.

In fact, your response to me here is far more partisan than I had expected. My comments were about two movies and the company that produced them. They were not about you, Phil. If you are offended by my tendency to synopsise the subject matter before making a point about it, you can blame my past writing teachers for getting me into that habit.

In this case, my main point was about the confusion in ST09 and STID which, judging by the reactions of people here and elsewhere (critical reviews), seems to have worked to JJ’s advantage. And I don’t think that was an accident, just as the intentionally nonsensical plot of Lost wasn’t an accident (as we now know from an associated writer). I think that this is a valid point and have provided supporting references from the subject matter to back it up. Sorry if that offends you.

@595. You presume a lot. Unless JJ is whispering sweet nothings into your ear, your assumption that he has no interest in expanding his artistic horizons is sheer speculation.

Well, just the fact that he’s been running his own production company for years and hasn’t done any such projects. And the productions that he does do are about as far removed from an auteur project as I can reasonably imagine.

Hey, it’s been great chatting with you, Phil!

608. CmdrR - February 1, 2015

Dammit man! I’m a doctor, not a cartoon dragon!

Shat’s Super Bowl spot:

609. Disinvited - February 1, 2015

# 599. Harry Ballz – January 31, 2015

” He’s just a TV actor who got VERY lucky.” — Harry Ballz

You mean like Tim Allen, who oddly enough, was in that other GALAXY movie?

610. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 1, 2015

And the Award for the most Bone Headed Play calling of any and all Super Bowls goes to. Seatle Seahawks. Harry.People in all of Washington and Oregon feel your pain.

611. Harry Ballz - February 1, 2015

@609 Disinvited “Tim Allen……that other GALAXY movie?”

Hey, Disinvited, I enjoyed Galaxy Quest a hundred times more than GOTG!

And the special effects were better, too, which is funny considering how many years prior it was made.

612. CmdrR - February 2, 2015

OK, Grumpy Ballz.
So, how did you like ST3? I especially liked it when Lt. Perry rode the Sehlat while fending off the shark creatures.

613. Silvereyes - February 2, 2015

I guess it’s too much to ask for this site to post something like this:

After all, it’s only Trek news… So difficult to find too, just did a Google on my lunch break. 2 secs…

614. CmdrR - February 2, 2015

‘…the villain “supposed to be Bryan Cranston-like.”‘

The Enterprise is closing on a derelict vessel.

Kirk: Spock, is that a Fleetwood Bounder… 1994?

Spock: Much older. A 1986 I would say.

Chekov: Ve’re close enough to smell dem.

Spock: Illogical, Ensign, since smell cannot travel through —

Chekov: No, really. Dat ting smellz like cat peess!

Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Lt. Honeyrack beam over to the RV.

Lt. Honeyrack: A man from the 20th century…

Walter White: 21st century. And now the 23rd. I’ll be taking over your ship, Captain.

Kirk: Whuh?

Walter White: I am the one who knocks.

ummm… and that’s where I ran out of parody. Anyway… Cranston is certainly welcome, although I’m mostly interested in seeing McCoy really take part this time.

615. AJ - February 2, 2015

Wow- Bones’s wife…Will we see their daughter, Joanna? That’s digging deep into the lore right there.

Nice find, Silvereyes.

616. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2015

Sivereyes to the rescue!

Well done, sir!

617. Disinvited - February 2, 2015

# 611. Harry Ballz – February 1, 2015

” Hey, Disinvited, I enjoyed Galaxy Quest a hundred times more than GOTG!” — Harry Ballz

Me too but we were talking about in what light you regard Tim Allen, the television actor?

618. Phil - February 2, 2015

Rumors, rumors everywhere, but not a bit of news that’s fit to print.

619. Phil - February 2, 2015

(Everyone in the room) Harry hated it!!!

Oh, and everyone needs to get lucky every now and them.

620. Phil - February 2, 2015

So, would that by Malcolm in the Middle Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston, or Godzilla Bryan Cranston?

Good lord, just took a look at the guys filmography…the guy has had a role in just about every TV show made in the last 25 years. Definitely a working actor….

621. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2015

@617 Disinvited

Oh, don’t get me wrong, some TV actors have made the transition to feature film, and it was well deserved. DiCaprio and Cumberbatch are two that come to mind. I thought Tim Allen was good in Galaxy Quest, but the movie was so good, that certainly helped him a lot.

622. Phil - February 2, 2015

@621. Yeah, but Galaxy Quest was tailored for Allen’s brand of humor, so people who went in expecting Tim Taylor in space weren’t disappointed. Had he taken the Jim Carrey approach and played it any other way it would have been a disaster (not a fan of Jim Carrey…)

623. Red Dead Ryan - February 2, 2015

Let’s not forget Cranston as Dr. Watley from “Seinfeld”.

624. Red Dead Ryan - February 2, 2015

He also appeared on an episode of “The X-Files”.

625. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2015


And, Phil, not to complicate it even further, but we know Allen was riffing his character off of Shatner’s Kirk in TOS. I also felt he was portraying the role of EVERYMAN, and how any of us would feel caught up in those circumstances.

All of this put together, along with a well written script, certainly made for an interesting character.

626. Marja [aka Lt. Honeyrack] - February 3, 2015

624 RDR, He was creepy as frikk in that X-Files episode.

I think I would really enjoy some Harry Mudd-type humor and if Cranston can deliver I’m down with that. There are plenty of actors who’d be funny as hell. For some reason when someone brought it up ages ago my mind leapt to Jack Black.

DEN OF GEEK &c. sound like “just rumors” to me, but I’d certainly welcome more female characters. And McCoy’s ex? Only if she’s not played for stereotypical “divorced-bitch” laughs.

But, GAWD, not another black-hat villain like Khan or Nero! Bore, bore, bore!

PS, Spockchick, thanks for your well wishes. I and my honeyrack are just fine now!

627. AJ - February 3, 2015

Funny, but true info about Commander Data’s technical specs as stated in 1989 vs. today’s supercomputers.

The other bits are quite eye-opening as well.

628. CmdrR - February 3, 2015

626 – The one about rebuilding the fleet after the Borg attack on Wolf 359 basically follows the Hollywood rule that battles get bigger. Either that, or the Trek universe intersects with the Futurama universe and Reagan’s head in a jar was in charge of the military build-up. Wonder what the galactic debt is?

629. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 3, 2015

Here is some more Star Trek Casting rumers.
Might see Dr. McCoys Ex Wife.

630. Phil - February 3, 2015

Yeah, but by the end of the war the Navy was rolling out a ship a day. No idea how many tanks were being built, but the Axis just could not keep up.

Trek has been very footloose with the concepts of speed for a while now. It looks really cool to have a couple of starships gracefully floating by exchanging broadsides, but even at todays orbital velocities (remember, Federation ships are chugging along at speeds up to just under light speed with impulse engines), by the time Kirk clenches his fist and dramatically utters ‘fire’ your target is already 20 miles downrange. Anti-gravity gets chatted up from time to time – if you are standing on a planet, and nullify the effects of gravity for just one second, you will find yourself 143 miles above the surface of that planet…and very dead.

I enjoy sci-fi, but the made up stuff is still nonsense, regardless of what the defenders of Treks scientific accuracy may say…

631. CmdrR - February 3, 2015

Phil — Good point. There are some very, very hard science stories out there. I just plowed through Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy. While I highly recommend it, there are two things to keep in mind:

1) It’s about 2,000 long with a great deal on rocks, hence my use of the verb “plow.” I kinda skimmed the 137-512th areology lessons.

2) Even though he’s certainly done his homework, but the end of his books we’re on our way to other solar systems in a matter of 20 or so years. I just don’t know that conventional rockets will ever achieve this kind of thrust or be able to carry enough propellant of any kind to get us to an appreciable fraction of the speed of light.

My point is that in order to make for entertaining sci-fi, many (most?) authors throw in b.s. science. (Red Matter anyone? Unobtainium — which I prefer to call by its orginal name of Upsidaisium*) I have no problem with someone grafting in just a bit of nonsense so long as we don’t get the Pokemon Effect: “My special power beats you!” “My special special power beats your special power!” “My extra special special power power trumps all other special powers!” “MY ultra-special power…” That is, technobabble must NEVER provide the solution to the problem posed in the story. It has to be about the characters.


632. Silvereyes - February 3, 2015

631 CmdrR

“That is, technobabble must NEVER provide the solution to the problem posed in the story”

There goes 100% of the plot resolutions of Voyager!

… How I despise that show, especially Janeway…

633. Harry Ballz - February 3, 2015



Ooooh, Silvereyes, welcome to the “Villains of Verbal Venom” club! :>)

634. CmdrR - February 3, 2015

Janeway: Quick Mr. Kim, reverse the metaphasics on the tetrion flow!

Kim: Uh. Yes, I have a button for that… um, this blue-green one.

Silvereyes: Jesus. They’re all blue-green… and tetrion flow isn’t even a thing.

Janeway: Silence, silver-eyed alien, or I will have you pecked to death by ducks!

Tuvok: I believe that would violate the Prime Directive, not to mention the dietary habits of vegetarian aquatic fowl.

Silvereyes: This show is the worst Trek ever!!!

Janeway: You mean the worst so far…

Archer: Let me tell you about how a gazelle learns to walk…

Silvereyes: Aaaaaaarrgggh!!!

635. CmdrR - February 3, 2015

So, audiences will get THREE Star Wars movies in the time it takes Paramount to put out ONE Star Trek film?

636. AJ - February 3, 2015

Technobabble was NOT invented on VOYAGER. It was a Geordi LaForge thing before that.

Never forget re-jiggling the deflect dish to emit a negative tachyon pulse, or whatever such nonsense they thought up for “All Good Things.”

637. Marja - February 4, 2015

634 CmdrR,

Lt. Honeyrack: Oh God, of all the ships in all the Starfleet, why did I get assigned to THIS shit– I mean ship

635 CmdrR, Well, ol’ Disney has tons of megabuck$ to throw at Star Wars. Sometimes I really hate being a fan of the science fiction franchise that labors under a studio that just can’t seem to get its shite together.

Put your stuff in one sock, Paramount!

638. Silvereyes - February 4, 2015

AJ, true Voyager didn’t invent technobabble, Geordi was an expert, but Janeway and her minions took it to a whole new level…

CmdrR, good story that captures reality quite well, however you forgot a face-palm somewhere in there…

639. Mitchell - February 4, 2015

@Marja Oh you have won the internet today. I salute you!

“637. Marja – February 4, 2015

Well, ol’ Disney has tons of megabuck$ to throw at Star Wars. Sometimes I really hate being a fan of the science fiction franchise that labors under a studio that just can’t seem to get its shite together.

Put your stuff in one sock, Paramount!”

640. Silvereyes - February 4, 2015

633 Harry

“Ooooh, Silvereyes, welcome to the “Villains of Verbal Venom” club! :>)”

I call it the “Get-off-my-lawn-you-young-whippersnapper” syndrome. It begins at 50…

Really, either the global population IQ is decreasing by 5 points every year, or I need some strong medication.

641. Silvereyes - February 4, 2015

Not much more than we didn’t know already, except filming starting April 15th in Vancouver.

642. CmdrR - February 4, 2015

“…either the global population IQ is decreasing by 5 points every year, or I need some strong medication.”

Hahahahaha. Silvereyes, don’t be ridiculous. What do you mean “or”?

643. AJ - February 4, 2015

Watch the Brits take Hollywood in these very funny Vanity Fair shorts:

“Batman – played by a Brit–
Superman – played by a Brit-
Spiderman – played by a Brit-
Even Abraham Lincoln was played by a Brit…for f*ck’s sake…”

644. Harry Ballz - February 4, 2015

…and Captain Kirk was played by a Canadian!


645. Ahmed - February 4, 2015

Captain Picard was played by a Brit! :)

646. Harry Ballz - February 4, 2015

…..and Scotty was played by a Canadian!


647. AJ - February 5, 2015

Daredevil on TV, and now X-Men in the works:

Is this just another boat that Star Trek will miss?

648. CmdrR - February 5, 2015

Dammit, we’re losing the drone war now…

649. Disinvited - February 5, 2015

Breaking:Amy Pascal steps down from helming Sony. Stays on the payroll but no longer calling the shots.

650. CmdrR - February 5, 2015

No reason. Just like it:

651. CmdrR - February 5, 2015

This belongs on the main page. Congrats, George!

652. PaulB - February 5, 2015

#648 CmdrR:
Begun the Drone War has.

653. Silvereyes - February 5, 2015

650 Well sure, East Vancouver… What else do you expect?

654. CmdrR - February 5, 2015

653 — I think it’s the work of a brilliant physicist who’s working on a star drive device.

Panel van with shag carpet = Chick magnet.
Images of Star Trek = Chick repellent.
Put them together = gravity neutralizer!

655. Cygnus-X1 - February 5, 2015

Star Trek 13: Kirk & the Gang Meet Scooby-Doo & Friends

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, Fred, Daphne, Thelma, Shaggy and Scooby all pile into the Mystery Machine and drive to the site of a reported incident that sounds an awful lot like *ZOIKS!* A KLINGON INVASION OF EARTH!!!

In the end, they discover that it was really just Old Man Withers dressed up as a Klingon trying to scare people away from the wharf so that he could buy up beach-front property at distressed prices. And he woulda gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those rotten kids!

656. Marja - February 6, 2015

654 cmdrR Well reasoned sir and a laff!

655 cygnus … I thought Withers worked for Mr Burns … oops wrong cartoon … but perhaps the magnificent Enterprise crew can prevent a nuclear crisis in Springfield!

657. CmdrR - February 6, 2015

I really need to read this series. Have been waiting for the price to drop a bit.
This article has some saucy excerpts.

658. Harry Ballz - February 6, 2015

Gawd, my eyes glaze over as I read all the stupid posts on the Simon Pegg thread.

659. Phil - February 6, 2015

Yeah, it’s almost down to everyone being distracted by any bright, shiny object that pops into view….and then arguing about it.

Of course, given some of the serious s**t that’s hit the news in the last few days, petty bickering is a bit of a relief.

660. Red Dead Ryan - February 6, 2015

Well, you know you’ve seen it all on this site when a poster on the Simon Pegg thread decides he’d be a better creative consultant on the new movie than Bob.

And it doesn’t help matters that neither Paramount nor CBS have any tangible long-term goals with the franchise. Disney is leaving Paramount in the dust with the resurrection of “Star Wars” on the big screen, and the expansion of the Marvel cinematic universe.

661. Cygnus-X1 - February 6, 2015

656. Marja – February 6, 2015

That was Smithers in The Simpsons. As in:

LISA: It could be a mutant from the power plant.

MR. BURNS:That’s preposterous, everyone knows our mutants have flippers – oops, I’ve said too much. Smithers, get the amnesia ray.

SMITHERS: You mean the revolver, sir?

MR. BURNS: Yes, and be sure to wipe your mind clear when you’re done as well.

662. Cygnus-X1 - February 6, 2015

That Trek-boob van is awesome. If I was still in my 20s and lived in Vancouver I would totally buy that for $9,500.

663. CmdrR - February 6, 2015

Barf: I know we need the money, but…
Lone Starr: Listen! We’re not just doing this for money!
Barf: [Barf looks at him, raises his ears]
Lone Starr: We’re doing it for a SHIT LOAD of money!

And ANOTHER franchise is moving forward while ST3 hangs out takin’ it easy. grumble grumble grumble

664. Phil - February 6, 2015

@660. Consider the source….no surprise there at all.

665. Red Dead Ryan - February 6, 2015


I wonder if Bill Pullman will be back? Unfortunately, we lost John Candy over twenty years ago, and Joan Rivers almost six months ago.

As for Trek, the epoch of its popularity was in the nineties. Times were different back then. “Star Wars” was on hiatus (until 1999), superhero flicks were few and far between, and much there was much less competition at the box office as well as on television.

Simply put, CBS and Paramount have their wheels stuck in the mud while sci-fi fandom has moved on.

666. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 6, 2015

I would love to see a new Spaceballz Movie. I loved the first one.
Great. I’m Surranded A$$Holes. Keep fireing A$$holes.

667. Harry Ballz - February 6, 2015

“How many assholes we got on this ship?”


668. Disinvited - February 6, 2015

# 666. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – February 6, 2015

” Keep fireing A$$holes.” — Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

But sir, if we keep firing A$$holes, who’s going to direct?

669. Cygnus-X1 - February 7, 2015

Will Wheaton on why he left Hollywood after Star Trek: TNG.

670. Randall Williams - February 7, 2015


For those of you who may not be aware, the world-wide working title
for the upcoming 2016 Star Trek movie is …

“Star Trek Into Oblivion”

Source: IMDB.

Right frame: click on “Release dates” and then scroll down to
“Also Know As (A.K.A.)”

671. CmdrR - February 7, 2015

ST Into Oblivion? Kinda hope not. Sounds like one of those buzz words they spend an idiotic amount of money testing.
Star Trek Into Trouble
Star Trek Into Danger
Star Trek Into Leather
Odd that they would continue with a trend from a movie that performed so poorly they had to lower the budget on the third sequel (usually a cash cow just by the power of threes.)

672. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 7, 2015

Star Trek. In the wild blue yonder.’
Star Trek. Space Ballz.
Star Trek. Wars.
Star Trek. Harry’s Space Ballz.

673. AJ - February 7, 2015

With all credit to Harry:

“Star Trek into Uranus”

674. Harry Ballz - February 7, 2015

Star Trek: Goes Ballz Deep

The crew of the Enterprise explore a black hole and have trouble escaping from it.

675. AJ - February 7, 2015

ST Into Oblivion sounds like a fake, cynical title referencing the franchise’s current direction.

676. Phil - February 7, 2015

No it’s not. Anyone can edit IMDB, I can go in there and change it to read:

Star Trek: Lassie Come Home

Or, to recognize Alice Eve’s birthday….

Star Trek: Ample Nacelles

Either way, Simon Pegg wins.

677. CmdrR - February 7, 2015

Star Trek: Goes Ballz Deep

No Harry, that was already done during TOS.

Do read the linked article on 657.

678. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 7, 2015

Star Trek. Ballz of fury.

679. Red Dead Ryan - February 7, 2015

At this point, “Star Trek Into Oblivion” is a fitting title, unfortunately.

Another line from “Spaceballs”:

“I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Let’s see how well you use it!”

And the reprisal of the chest-bursting scene from “Alien” at the end of the movie was classic. It was the same actor too.

680. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 7, 2015

In case you did not notice in Space Ballz. The Scene where they show them going to the Restraunt to eat. If you look at the Space Ships you will see the Falcon from Star Wars.

681. AJ - February 7, 2015

Five minutes of Internet time you will never get back:

“35 Stars You Didn’t Know Were on Star Trek”

682. Marja - February 8, 2015

Star Trek: Fast and Curious.

It covers the need for speed factor … and might get those tiresome fans who insist Trek should involve some Science fiction to shut up …

JK, I would love to see some science fiction up in that thing too.

Shee-it, Paramount, I suspect JJ saw the writing on the wall. I am really starting to hate this studio with the power of a thousand burning suns …. stupid time wasters may have cost ST to leave the movies behind … then begins the grappling with CBS DAMMMMMNNN YOU SUMNER REDSTONE

683. AJ - February 8, 2015

Star Trek: Ballz of Fury Deep Into Uranus

Top that one, Mr. Pegg.

684. CmdrR - February 8, 2015


OK, if the King of Jordan is spending $1.5B oilbucks on SpockyWorld, why can’t he cough up a few measly hundred million to finance a new Trek TV show??

Yes, I knew Mick Fleetwood was a guppy.

685. Lurker - February 8, 2015

JJ mentioning Simon Pegg as ST writer:

686. CmdrR - February 8, 2015


687. Ahmed - February 8, 2015

@684. CmdrR,

“OK, if the King of Jordan is spending $1.5B oilbucks on SpockyWorld, why can’t he cough up a few measly hundred million to finance a new Trek TV show??”

The King is not as rich as the oil sheiks of the Arabian Gulf :)

Their main source of income is coming from tourism since that Jordon is not an oil producing country like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

King Abdullah is funding some of the $1.5B, not all of it. The rest is funded by investors from the US and the Gulf countries.

688. CmdrR - February 8, 2015

I didn’t know that.

689. Ahmed - February 8, 2015

@688. CmdrR,

You’re welcome :)

690. Red Dead Ryan - February 9, 2015

Well, Bob ain’t posting on this site anymore. AP is on another months-long hiatus, and the next movie is still struggling to get going.

“Star Trek Into Oblivion” sounds about right.

691. CmdrR - February 9, 2015

Not much of an update, but beggars can’t… you know get any frakkin’ news…

from Film Divider (which other online folks say is an iffy source:

–Now about Star Trek 3, JJ Abrams said, “[Simon Pegg] and I had talked quite a bit about story, he had a lot of wonderful ideas. It just sort of felt obvious that he would be a wonderful person to work on the story and help craft the story, so he’s working on it.”

692. Disinvited - February 9, 2015

# 690. Red Dead Ryan – February 9, 2015

” “Star Trek Into Oblivion” sounds about right.” — Red Dead Ryan

Where’s the love for the new team in a statement bereft of optimism like that? Am I mistaken? I thought you were all about the NOT hate?

693. Red Dead Ryan - February 9, 2015


I was commenting on how Paramount seems to be screwing around, not knowing how to handle their property. I have faith in the writers, the producers, the actors, etc. but not the suits running the studio. They obviously felt that revenues weren’t as they were hoping, and instead of just simply making small corrections they ended up meddling in the scripting process and bumped out Bob Orci. In the meantime, there is no new tv series planned, limited merchandise, and not much else going on while Disney and Warner continue to expand their superhero empires. As a result, “Star Trek” is getting left behind, and struggling to build on it’s fanbase.

694. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 9, 2015

How about Star Trek. Supernatural.
The Winchester’s Come aboard as Star fleet Security to investagate Stange Occurenaces on the Enterprise.

695. Ahmed - February 9, 2015

@694. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire,

Sam & Dean in space!

I will watch that as long as Castiel is with them :)

696. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 9, 2015

#695. Well. Why we are at it. Let’e get Crawly in there as the true villian. He can team up with Trelane. LOl.

697. Ahmed - February 9, 2015


As long as it is Crawly, King of Hell from last season and not mummy’s boy of this season :)

698. Ahmed - February 9, 2015

Spider-Man Returns to Marvel; New Movie Coming in 2017

699. Marja - February 9, 2015

I wonder if AP’s main connection with the movies was Bob Orci. If so, he may be on hiatus for a LONG time.

Either that or he’s waiting for Paramount to get its shite together. And he may be on hiatus for a LONG time.

700. Ahmed - February 9, 2015

@699. Marja,

LOL, sound like the perfect Kobayashi Maru scenario

701. Harry Ballz - February 9, 2015

Anthony is like Roddenberry during the run of TOS. He walked away from his baby.

702. Disinvited - February 9, 2015

#693. Red Dead Ryan – February 9, 2015

Thanks for explaining and I think we can both drink to that. This has been my standard beef with old Paramount since way back when. But what I find puzzling is this new Paramount seemed to have totally cleaned house. How did it get reinfected with this wrongheaded micromanagement of Trek mindset?

703. AJ - February 10, 2015

If you look at Disney, Fox, Warner’s and Sony as “tentpole” leaders, Paramount seems to be standing still. Apart of Transformers and GI Joe, the only true franchise they have left (Godfather and Spongebob aside) would be “Star Trek.” Transformers is nothing to be proud of. It prints money, but it is a runny shit sandwich in a world of gourmet dining.

They just don’t have the mentality to run anything like ‘Star Trek’ as a film franchise. Their execs look at what was big in the summer and say “Oooh, Let’s make one of those!” and leave us to hope against hope they won’t f*ck it up again (with bad/nonexistent PR when they make changes to the creative team).

Maybe the thing with CBS actually owning it makes a difference. I don’t pretend to understand how that works. Yet, the success of the films definitely influences worldwide acceptance of the brand, and any chance of it coming back to TV, let alone having longevity on the big screen.

704. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 10, 2015

I for ne am very excited about Spiderman being back with Marval. Spidy being in there with Captian American and Iron Man will be very cool. Now if they could find a way to get the Xmen and the Fantastic 4 to get with all of the Avengers in 3 massive Movies simular the the Lord of the Rings would be Momumental to say the least.

705. Phil - February 10, 2015

Spiderman moving back to Marvel let a little air out the argument that Orci destroyed that franchise, too. It’s pretty obvious that Sony put it on hold, anticipating a change of management. Still, with so many studios moving toward massive CGI extravaganzas on these tentpole movies, the anticipation that a couple of these 200MM features will meltdown must be growing. It’ll be interesting to see if Paramounts insistence on Trek coming in at the 150MM range will end up driving a better product.

706. Ahmed - February 10, 2015

@ 705. Phil,

“Spiderman moving back to Marvel let a little air out the argument that Orci destroyed that franchise, too.”

LOL, you are really delusional.


“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ just wasn’t the billion-dollar hit that Sony’s Amy Pascal had been looking for last year — and needed to be in order to keep full control over the character. That movie became the lowest grossing film of Sony’s five Spidey films to date, and forced the studio to instantly start rethinking its plans for the character, even giving up a piece of the franchise.


Didn’t destroyed indeed!

707. Harry Ballz - February 10, 2015

Oh, man, I got off a great joke about Orci in the Simon Pegg thread @ 1458.

708. Red Dead Ryan - February 10, 2015

Spider-Man is going to appear in “Captain America: Civil War”. I wonder if they’ll recast Spider-Man, or bring back Andrew Garfield? There’s rumors that J.K. Simmons will reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson either in CA3 or in another reboot.

709. CmdrR - February 10, 2015

708 – AS-M was an ordeal of overblown cgi over character… and gawdawful pacing. Jamie Foxx vanished as soon as his character transformed. Dane DeHaan was so menacing his Green Goblin politely stepped aside when the other villains took their turn. They shoehorned in Paul Giamatti just to offer a throw-away scene at the end. Clue for Orci et al: If you need 3 villains, your villains are forgettable. Forgettable villains = movie death. And that’s not to mention the fact that both AS-M movies threw out the preceding three (better) movies and redid the franchise’s greatest hits vol. 1. WHY? AS-M had no reason to exist. When I go Spidey shopping, I will ignore them!!

Ever and always, it comes down to writing. If there’s no idea, no character development, no theme… then all the Korean keystrokes in the universe will not save a bad script.

710. THX-1138 - February 10, 2015

Total derail here:

I called someone a bonke knerck today.

Made me a tad misty.

Carry on.

711. THX-1138 - February 10, 2015

And I decided to read through the comments…….

Who is THX-1138?!? What are his particulars?!? Jeez, Harry, weed is legal in my hometown. I thought the Canadians weren’t doing quite as much of it. I am a FB friend of yours. Check your friends list for Crom’s sake.

Maybe someone who can remember me and is FB friends with Harry could message him on the book of faces with my real name (sorry, I aint gonna post that here, no way no how).

Yes, I own an art gallery. Yes I live in the NW of the lower 48. Yes I am a professional musician. And Mongo and I are one and the same, although the site won’t allow any more Mongo posting so I am afraid he is no more.

Feeling less than special right now.

712. Harry Ballz - February 10, 2015


THX, please understand, of course I know who you are, but a couple of things…first, at the time I posed that question, it seemed like somebody was posting under your name and it didn’t sound like you. Second, to be brutally honest, now that I’m pushing 60, my memory in general is getting spotty. I’m razor-sharp on some things, but kind of mushy on others. It’s a little distressing when I think of the implications.

I enjoy when you pop up on Facebook.

713. Red Dead Ryan - February 10, 2015


I agree with you about the ASM movies. Especially the second one. The fight scene visuals were video-game-ish, with too many villains, and a lame, reheated plot. The first movie as pointless reboot, retelling the same story we already knew, and one which was done much better by Raimi. Even the highly flawed “Spider-Man 3″ was more entertaining.

I did enjoy the ASM-2 score by Hans Zimmer, though.

714. Lurker - February 10, 2015

My three daughters refused to see the ASM movies in the theaters since they were big fans of the first three. We would go to the midnight showings for the Raimi movies and have a lot of fun.

However, my grandson likes the new movies because Peter Parker has a skateboard.

Anyway…its about time Spidey sees action in the MCU. Sony totally screwed it up with the reboots.

715. Silvereyes - February 10, 2015

711 THX

Not wanting to pat myself on the back, but I’m the one who refreshed people’s memory on you, my friend. But, really, Mongo no more? Unacceptable…

Mongo! We’re stronger with you than without you!

Surely sockpuppeting rules can be curbed for our hairy friend… Please make it so!

716. AJ - February 10, 2015

I think Raimi’s “Spiderman 2″ is one of the best superhero flicks ever made, and don’t expect anything Marvel does with the character to really top it. As they say, it was a reflection of the classic “John Romita Spiderman” which resonated with Raimi when it was being published.

Also, when you mix Spidey in with Cap and Iron Man, his presence will be diluted, with no Aunt May, reduced JJJ, and probably none of his classic villains (or girlfriends/teenage angst). Spidey is as much about Peter Parker as it is about the Webslinger, so it remains to be seen just how successful shoe-horning him into the next Cap film will be.

717. AJ - February 11, 2015

JJ is messing with the dates again:

Though “moving up” here implies making it earlier, I take it?

718. THX-1138 - February 11, 2015


It’s just and act. I aint actually cheesed off or anything; it just struck me as funny when I started to sift through the old comments above. The “fake outrage” routine. And don’t lie: Facebook isn’t the only time you enjoy me popping up (can you get banned for comments like that in here yet?).


I’ll give Mongo a try again, maybe things have changed. He makes me feel like Clark Kent, though. I think he had more friends here than me, which is understandable since he was infinitely nicer and more human than myself. Anyway, if I can pry Mongo away from the dog’s dish I can guarantee you that his first comments would be in here. If he’s successful I should let him run things for a while. I sorta like the big guy, too.

So, Star Trek. Is that still a thing?

719. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 11, 2015

If Marvel does Spidy right. Thet can include his villians in the Captian America and Avengers movie and have them team up with the other baddies. Or at least for Captian America have his Baddies at the end of Capt to join forces with the Avengers baddies. That way he along with the rest of the Avengers will team up againt some realy bad baddies.
Marvel seems to have a handle on theor Super Heroes.

720. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 11, 2015

You know. Now to think of it. Sine Mongo was made head of the Empire Security things have been pretty quiet. Except for all the screeming coming from the Agony Booth. Lol.

721. MONGO - February 11, 2015

Mongo say hi Emperor Mike mans! Mongo in mirror universe Ognom.

Ognom say GRRRR! Because it mirror universe. Mongo not really growl at peoples.

722. CmdrR - February 11, 2015

717 – Seems like a Christmas flick, but hey — what do I know? I only watch movies. I’m trying to keep my expectations so low I can’t possibly be disappointed. I can’t even tell you how little I want to see a post-menopausal, post loony Carrie Fisher in character. It’ll be like finding the slavegirl costume in my mom’s stuff. Eeeeooow.

723. Red Dead Ryan - February 11, 2015

The next Spidey solo flick willl apparently take Peter Parker back to high school, and establish how he becomes Spider-Man.

724. Phil - February 11, 2015

Third times the charm….

725. Phil - February 11, 2015

@718. Fake outrage is ruling the day on the main boards. I, for one, would welcome a little levity without having my sanity questioned with every f**king comment….

So much for levity…

726. Disinvited - February 11, 2015

# 725. Phil – February 11, 2015

“Fake outrage is ruling the day on the main boards.” — Phil


727. MONGO - February 11, 2015

This why Mongo take over for THX mans. Him fake outrage polarizing.

728. Red Dead Ryan - February 11, 2015

More info on the Spidey re-reboot:

729. CmdrR - February 11, 2015

“Star Trek 3: The Tholian Webslinger

Kirk vanishes into unstable space while Scotty gets drunk on Scotch and Klingon downers.”

Paramount Suit #1: Pegg, you’ve been at this for a month and this is all you’ve got?

Pegg: Tha’s no’ all, ye wankerz! They’s three new womens in the cast. We’re gettin’ Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emily Blunt.

Paramount Suit #2: You’re right. That’s plenty of script. Oh, you remembered to leave room for 115 minutes of cgi battles?

Pegg: An’ was three-sheeetz-ta-the-wind by ten ayem!

730. CmdrR - February 11, 2015

((That’s a joke, folks. I truly have high hopes for Simon Pegg’s script.))

731. Phil - February 11, 2015

@726. I find your lack of fake outrage…outrageous. :-p

732. Marja - February 11, 2015

Good see Mongo back.

696 Emperor, or maybe the Crawleys from Downton Abbey. That’s pretty popular. Star Tek into Downton. And they get to do time travel. YAWN

702 Dis, or you could simply go with the assumption that Paramount don’t give a rat’s arse about Star Trek.

733. Marja - February 11, 2015

Harry Ballz, you got off?

718 THX … I hope Mongo not go near kittybox. Sometime dog like eat there.

726, Dis … and Phil … how dare you say such things! You insult every one of us who continue to display our fake outrage! Why, you are nothing but tin plated dictators with delusions of grandeur! Your fozzers was a ‘amster and yor mozzers smelt … of ELDERBERRIES! !! Neither of you has my super science credentials or writing expertise so just leave this board bc you have NO IDEA what True Star Trek means! It means science and IDIC, the latter of which I seldom observe bc I am so much better and smarter than the likes of you! Go sulk in the corner and change your sanitary napkins!

Just poking more fun at fake outrage … not you guys

734. Marja - February 11, 2015

739 CmdrR, “And what’s more I’ve got all the ladies in bikinis for a sweaty hot tub scene! Kirk appears to Uhura while she’s near nekkid … and for the ladies in the audience Spock and Sulu fence while wearing only workout tights to reveal their charms. Oh an’ let’s have Beyonce do one o’ hair sexy dahnces … she could be an Orion woman …

“Wha’ can Ah say … I’m absolutely pissed … want some o’ my whisky? Fer some reason it’s green … So in the movie everything not cgi turns strangely sexual. An’ let’s not forget McCoy getting drunk with Nurse Chapel … I like Christina Hendricks for tha’ part cos of her ample nacelles … if ye know wha’ ah mean.”

735. Marja - February 11, 2015

726 Dis … I am more fake outraged than you!

736. Harry Ballz - February 11, 2015

@732 Marja “Harry Ballz, you got off?”

Well, Marja, that’s a little personal, but, yes, I did. I try to “get off” every chance I get!

737. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 11, 2015

I am so Fakely Outraged that everyone is not really Outraged that several is Fakely Outrageously not Outraged. This is just so Fakely Outragous.

738. CmdrR - February 12, 2015

Marja — Now yer talkin’, Lass! We can see the bloody thing before our wee pub crawl and again after through bloody eyeballs.

739. CmdrR - February 12, 2015

And a good Thursday to all and welcome to “Who Asked for It?” the post that asks the burning question “Should I click on that or can I go back to scratching myself?”

Today on “Who Asked for It?” a look at Trek’s Never-Neverland, including the sitcom and the oh-so-tasteful one about cannibals:

“I’ll just have a leg of Chekov.”

“But is he kosher??”

740. MONGO - February 12, 2015

Mongo not eat Kitty Roca.

741. Phil - February 12, 2015

Star Trek: The Wrath of Hannibal Lecter

Does this taste funny to you?

742. CmdrR - February 12, 2015

Mongo, maybe you’d prefer Furbacca Roca??

743. CmdrR - February 12, 2015

This is all your fault, Trekkies! If you — even one of you — had just passed him on the street and said, “Hey, Shinzon! How’s it going, dude?” this would never have happened:

744. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 12, 2015

So Star Trek Continues will get an Engine Room. Now that is Cool.

745. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2015

How about a fun fake Star Trek trailer? Alex Luthor has put together a trailer of an upcoming movie about Star Wars v. Star Trek. He uses film clips from both franchises. Enjoy.

746. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2015

More Star Trek discussion. A couple of commentators at IGN believe Star Trek needs to come back to TV. They talk about focusing on TNG universe. Of course, Star Trek belongs to TV. Deeper ideas could be explored than the movies. Here’s the video.

747. Disinvited - February 13, 2015

As if there was any doubt, turns out she was fired after all:

“Amy Pascal broke her silence today at the Women in the World conference at the St. Regis Hotel in downtown San Francisco, in an onstage interview with journalist Tina Brown.

“All the women here are doing incredible things in this world. All I did was get fired,” said the departing Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairperson, settling in for a free-flowing conversation with Brown.” – ‘Hacked Hollywood Mogul Amy Pascal on Sony Attack: ‘All I Did Was Get Fired’'; February 11, 2015, 9:29 PM PST; Nellie Bowles;

748. Marja - February 13, 2015

738 CmdrR. Ya beauty!

740 MONGO. Good Mongo. Kitty roca bad for you. Residual protein but UGH. Mongo well mannered.

749. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2015

Well, if Amy Pascal had been a man, she wouldn’t have been fired. Brad Grey isn’t doing such a bang-up job at Paramount, but, unfortunately, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Anyway, it’s great that Mongo is back. His musings are good levity around here.

750. CmdrR - February 13, 2015

Review: Jupiter Ascending

Mila Kunis free-falling in tight clothing is worth the ticket price right there. But, oh there’s so much more…
The plot? She’s queen of the universe by virtue of a DNA trick that puny Earthlings are too stupid to understand… and three spoiled brats wanna get her. Got it? Good. Move on.
I want to back up by saying that I read numerous bad reviews on this Wachowski flick by critics who called it a confusing mess. Confusing? In places, certainly. A mess? No. Bruckheimer & Bay make messes. This is candy-colored… candy. Seriously, they got the visuals right this time. (You do NOT need 3D). The large-scale locales appear immense and yet retain a (somewhat) plausible weight. Physics is a joke, as usual, but it’s much less offensive this time than in way too many movies made in recent years. Part of that successful balance of b.s. and bravura is Channing Tatum. He handles the physicality of his role of Caine (part wolf, part chicken, part male stripper, ALL Starland Express skater) exceedingly well.
The movie pay homage (that is it does NOT totally rip-off) several other films we have all seen. Terry Gilliam has a cameo! Or if the W’s (now brother and sister) did steal, I just wish they had stolen some better dialogue. “You hurt me. Now, I will make you pay for that.” Seriously, comes from a sentient velociraptor and that’s the best threatening line they could come up with??
Which brings me to aliens. It’s more like an invasion by the denizens of Toys R Us. My favorite is elephant boy stepping into the Admiral Akbar role.
Negatives? I’ve already mentioned the serious lack of sparkling dialogue. The plot is also weighed down by having three villains. I have to think really hard to remember why #1 and #2 stopped trying to capture/coerce Mila, except that it was #3’s turn. He goes last because he’s the biggest scenery-chewer.
Don’t take my snarkiness the wrong way. This is NOT a great film. It’s a fun film. It’s not important, it’s enjoyable. The acting is not terrible, it’s serviceable to an actioner. And if all that makes Jupiter Ascending nothing more than eye candy… then, it’s the tastiest eye candy my blues have munched in some time.

751. CmdrR - February 13, 2015

Dang it…

Starlight Express.

See the movie. You’ll see what I mean.

752. Ahmed - February 13, 2015

@750. CmdrR,

How could you forget that Caine is part dog as well? :)

“Jupiter Ascending” is a fun movie with excellent visual effects but I think Kunis was miscast; however, she had some of the funniest lines in the movie.

I was expecting a lot more from the Wachowskis siblings this time, but the plot was not original at all. I guess that I will have to wait for their Netflix series “Sense8″ for something different.

The movie is not doing well at all in the domestic market but in Russia (no surprise) & other international markets it doing much better. Still, Deadline is reporting that WBs will not support any future projects from them.

753. Ahmed - February 13, 2015

Did you guys catch Zachary Quinto last night on his new show “The Slap”?

The crucial scene of the first episode, in fact the entire miniseries, was the one where Quinto’s character slapped a boy. That was a very powerful & unusual scene for a network TV. Some people thought that he actually hit the kid for real!


No, Zachary Quinto didn’t really slap a kid on ‘The Slap’


The episode is up now on NBC .

754. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2015

I didn’t know Quinto was doing his own show. I guess that means he’s done with Trek after the current film, if the movie actually gets made.

755. Ahmed - February 13, 2015

@754.Red Dead Ryan,

If you’re talking about “The Slap” it is a limited series.

Beside appearing in “Agent 47″ remake this summer, he is planning on doing small productions until someone from Star Trek give him a call!


As he awaits word on when production will begin on the third “Star Trek” film, the first without director J.J. Abrams at the helm, Mr. Quinto said he and his production company, Before the Door, would consider getting involved in a second season of the shot-in-Pittsburgh moviemaking competition series “The Chair” if Starz orders another edition.

756. CmdrR - February 13, 2015

I think Mila needed better dialogue and a much better couple of scenes with Wolfboy Peccingham. (Her “I love dogs” is among the few organically funny lines. But channing plays a splice with wolf in him.)
I know the film is getting killed in the US. That is a shame. Ot is such a near miss. A little subversiveness could have turned it gold. If we found out that Soilent Soda was MADE FROM PEOPLE a little earlier, then Sis’s bath would have had more sting to it. Woulda been cool to have her open a twist top, get a “no winner play again” message, and give a swig to her cat. Or say, “Irish– always tastes a little off.”
Again, most of the film is so close to being biting and far more memorable.

Still — A fun time at the movies.

757. CmdrR - February 13, 2015

That was in reply to you, Ahmed.

758. Ahmed - February 13, 2015

@756. CmdrR,

It was a fun movie & I was actually planning to see it again, just for the visuals, but for stupid reasons they are screening the movie in 3D only here in Calgary!! I hate watching movies in 3D, so I will wait for it to come on Blu-ray to watch it again.

759. Marja - February 13, 2015

750 CmdrR, If only the movie had had better editing. Still it was a fun ride, even with Mila dropping long distances, screaming all the way, only to be rescued by Channing, I don’t know how many times. Why he didn’t just find her a pair of those Special Boots sooner is a mystery. And Eddie Redmayne was emoting his heart out as the baddest of baddies. Great, fun scenery chewing.

756 CmdrR, hahaha! That WOULD have made it so much … tastier.

For me the movie was awful in 3D, maybe something was wrong with the projector, but there were still some double edges even when I moved to the center of the theatre and kept my head absolutely still.

AHMED, Thanks for posting links about Quinto :-)

760. Silvereyes - February 14, 2015

Right now sitting in front of my Valentine, in a Midtown Manhattan hotel room… on the 17th floor… wait for it… in room 1701!! And I didn’t even ask for it, just a fluke…

Maybe AJ can tell me why NYC cab drivers honk so much, like every few seconds! When the light turns green instant honk, even when the car in front has started moving. Like chill dude!

Happy Valentine’s everyone!

761. AJ - February 14, 2015

Well, I am my first known casualty of the Russian financial crisis version 2015, and have been laid off. Have to return to the USA by month end under visa rules.

I have a very serious relationship here, so I will hopefully get back on a personal invitation visa from my girlfriend by early April to seek out new employment in Moscow. Many foreigners have already left, and many manager-level Russians have as well believe it or not (400 000 last year). As soon as a real glimmer of hope appears, there may be opportunity. Despite the financial crisis, life can still be cheap here, and there are no shortages of goods, so I can live without spending crazily.

I am pissed off, but, in fact, working for the candy company kinda sucked. Also as someone who has paid taxes in Russia all this time, watching the country go rapidly into the toilet due an idiot with high approval ratings and dumb super-rich friends is quite depressing. I won’t write my book about it here, but Russia is really a place where cronyism leads to incompetent people running things. In the US, dumb people in the highest offices usually have at least one smart guy available at all times (even if he is evil), whereas here, all the smart ones seem to leave, and the dummies run the roost.

Anyway, I have two more weeks here; will make the best of it.

762. AJ - February 14, 2015

NYC cabbies generally honk as if they were in their home countries, which are generally ones where constant honking is a regular thing.

Otherwise, they do it out of spite, I guess. As a New Yorker, I can think of no other reason to honk as, like so many New Yorkers, I do not drive.

763. CmdrR - February 14, 2015

Sorry to hear about the job situation, AJ. Then again, I’ve never known anyone who bounced back quicker and higher than you!
I am in month 8 of job hunting mode. Went to a seminar on house flipping, but AdmrR decided (correctly) that it was not worth the $1,695 pricetag to get the full 3-day course (with promises that we would actually be SHOWN the actual no-kidding website.) So… I continue to search. To stay sane, I’m doing a little writing on my latest China Travel Journal. It’ll pop up on line in the next couple of weeks.

I wish I shared your view that the U.S. always keeps at least one smart guy/gal on call. I have zero faith in the current crop of Pres. candidates. Hillary v. Jeb? PUH-leeeeeeze no!

764. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2015

AJ, sorry to hear the news on the job front.

New York cabbies honk because, well, they’re horny.

765. Aurore - February 14, 2015

“…I have a very serious relationship here, so I will hopefully get back on a personal invitation visa from my girlfriend by early April to seek out new employment in Moscow…”


All my best wishes, AJ.

Take care.

766. CmdrR - February 14, 2015

Those Moscow girls keep their boyfriends warm at night…

767. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2015

AJ, just don’t marry her and then bring your new Russian bride back to the States.

You might just get the urge to shoot somebody from a warehouse window.

768. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2015

Hey AJ. Don’t pull an oswaled now. Lol

769. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2015

766. CmdrR – February 14, 2015
Those Moscow girls keep their boyfriends warm at night…

Sometimes each other to. He He HE

770. Marja - February 14, 2015

AJ my sympathies on imminent job loss and visa expiration. Here’s hoping your situation improves very soon and that you and your gf can stay together … That would be a long distance relationship challenge incredibly hard to imagine. Good luck.

I don’t know … I’ve been thinking our Murcan go vt is just as stymied by corruption as Russia’s … but your words have given me a teeny smidgen of hope.

771. PaulB - February 15, 2015

AJ, good luck with the job situation, and even more so with your relationship. I hope everything works out for you as quickly as possible.

Live long and prosper, may the Force be with you, may Umli above the 7 Moons light your way, Qapla’! In other words, in every way possible, I wish you success and good fortune through your uncertain times.

772. CmdrR - February 15, 2015

You say you’re sick and tired of having the Trek to the Stars? Finally, the stars (and planets) come to us:

773. CmdrR - February 15, 2015

And then there’s this, from those nuts at NASA:

774. CmdrR - February 15, 2015

I now pronounce you wife and… KHAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!

775. Red Dead Ryan - February 15, 2015

I went to the local IMAX theatre earlier today, and saw “Journey Into Space”, a new 45-minute documentary narrated by Patrick Stewart. Interesting film.

776. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 16, 2015

Anyone watch the SNL 40 year Special last night. I loved it. Some really funny stuff.

777. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2015

Emperor Mike

I watched it. What the hell was wrong with Paul McCartney’s singing voice??

He barely croaked out “Baby, I’m amazed”!

778. crazydaystrom - February 16, 2015

777. Harry Ballz

Really Harry?!? Assuming you were serious, that would be like asking about an aged person “What happened to his/her skin? It’s saggy and wrinkled.”

But perhaps you were being facetious.

779. Red Dead Ryan - February 16, 2015

Paul McCartney is getting old.

780. Red Dead Ryan - February 16, 2015

Apparently CBS and Viacom are going to merge, but CBS CEO Leslie Moonves wants to buy CBS for himself, otherwise, he and his shareholders he represents are going to lose out on tens of millions of dollars.

781. CmdrR - February 16, 2015

778 – RDR — Shat’s got a dozen years on The Walrus and Shat can still belt out Rocket Man… and rap.

782. Cygnus-X1 - February 16, 2015

777. Harry Ballz – February 16, 2015

What the hell was wrong with Paul McCartney’s singing voice?? He barely croaked out “Baby, I’m amazed”!

He should not have chosen that song of all the ones he could have done. I’m not sure if there was a temporary problem with his voice, or a permanent one, but Maybe I’m Amazed is too demanding vocally for him at this point, either way.

783. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2015

@778, 779, 781 and 782

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not his age. Paul has recently been singing just fine. Reports today are claiming he was partying until the wee hours the night before and his voice suffered for it.

Guess that happens to the best of us.

784. Red Dead Ryan - February 16, 2015

William Shatner is parodying himself, and other people’s music now.

785. Cygnus-X1 - February 16, 2015

But, even more disappointing than Paul McCartney’s performance was Eddie Murphy’s non-performance. Apparently Murphy told the producers that he’d only do the show if they did a puff piece on him and he didn’t have to perform or even try to entertain at all. And if he could leave the studio right after the 3-minute tribute to his greatness.

And, of course, I could have done without Kanye as well. At this point, I don’t ever need to see or hear from Kanye West ever again. Not that I ever needed to before. No amount of derision is too much for him at this point. He has more than earned it with his behavior over the years, and his most recent antics have now put him above my limit. I really hope he gets taken down, and I don’t know why Paul McCartney agreed to collaborate with him.

786. Cygnus-X1 - February 16, 2015

783. Harry Ballz – February 16, 2015

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not his age. Paul has recently been singing just fine. Reports today are claiming he was partying until the wee hours the night before and his voice suffered for it.

I’m glad to hear that. And I’m glad that he’s still partying into the small hours at age 72!

787. Cygnus-X1 - February 16, 2015

Bill Murray, on the other hand, was just as good at his night club singer bit as he was back in 1975. Dan Aykroyd, too.

788. B Kramer - February 16, 2015

Check out the SNL after party:

789. Phil - February 16, 2015

@780. According to Moonves, merger talks are idle chatter. As there isn’t any indication on either Viacom or CBS shares that a merger might be in the offing, there is little reason to suspect there is.

790. CmdrR - February 16, 2015

SNL would be great if only they would hire a guy with an air horn who would blast it whenever a one-joke sketch dragged on past the funny. There would be a lot of deaf audiences, but still…

791. Marja - February 16, 2015


Leslie Moonves should be sent to sit in the corner after the way he’s treated Trek …

I really hope for the sake Trek that the merger happens! Despite market indicators ….

As for Sir Paul … of course his voice isn’t near what it was over 50 years ago. A singer needs not only to treat hir voice with respect (like not drinking a lot of alcohol) and practice
regularly. (Opera singers do this, and unlike most pop and rock singers, have scads of training to reduce any vocal strain.) A pop singer should know hir limits. I suspect that they had rehearsed Maybe I’m Amazed and nothing else, and that’s the reason they went with it. Paul probably thought he could come through OK. Whoops!

792. Ahmed - February 16, 2015

Disinvited first brought this to our attention on the main board.


CBS’s Moonves plans to buy company ahead of potential Viacom deal – NY Post

Thu Feb 5, 2015

“Moonves has been talking to a few banks and private equity firms about buying CBS,” the newspaper quoted a ‘well-placed’ source as saying. It is unclear how far the discussions have progressed, the report added.

The Moonves plan comes as talk of a mega media merger with Viacom has ratcheted up in recent weeks and Redstone’s health continues to falter, the newspaper said.

793. Ahmed - February 16, 2015

Viacom Shareholders May Be Winners in Any CBS Reunion

February 8, 2015

Non-voting shares of CBS, the $29 billion broadcasting network, have far outperformed Viacom’s stock over the nine years since the two were split into separate entities. With 91-year-old controlling stakeholder Sumner Redstone scaling back his involvement in the companies, there’s talk of putting them back under one roof.

794. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 16, 2015

To me the funniest bit SNL has ever done. Is in the first season with Richard Pryor as a Priest in The Exorcist 2. Warning. Only watch if you want good hard laugh.
Here is the Link.

795. Phil - February 17, 2015

Ahmed – it’s an on going story. Put down your agenda colored reading glasses, apply a little reason and logic, crack open the business pages, and read what is currently being said for a change. Moonves said there’s no substance to this. The markets do a hellva job staying on top of this, if analysts saw some opportunity here they’d be positioning funds to take advantage of a potential change. Your continued knee jerk reactions whenever someone posts anything at all that isn’t in line with your ‘BR is evil’ agenda just gives people continued reason to shake their heads.

Cue your snarky marginalization reply in five…four…three… (yeah, you’re that predictable)…two…one…

796. Ahmed - February 17, 2015

@795. Phil,

“Your continued knee jerk reactions whenever someone posts anything at all that isn’t in line with your ‘BR is evil’ agenda just gives people continued reason to shake their heads.”

Do you see EVERYTHING as an attack on BR? Even a story about a merger between CBS & Viacom?

Your concern for BR is really touching!

797. Ahmed - February 17, 2015

@ 795. Phil – February 17, 2015

“Put down your agenda colored reading glasses, apply a little reason and logic”

It is laughable coming from you, considering that your “logic” was at fault many times in the past few weeks.


250. Phil – December 26, 2014

Another rumor from the bombastic bloggers debunked. The original writing team is still on the job, working the script.

798. Ahmed - February 17, 2015


oh, last thing.

I really don’t care at all about reading your comments. You’re just a BR shill, nothing more or less.

799. Ahmed - February 17, 2015

@780. Red Dead Ryan & 791. Marja,

You two, stop talking RIGHT NOW about CBS & Viacom merger, we had enough of your ‘BR is evil’ agenda! /S

800. Phil - February 17, 2015


Like I said, so very predictable.

Oh, as you seem to like to take things out of context, you may want to remove the dates from comments. It just makes you look stupid, if I had said at the end of January that there hadn’t been a change in the writing team, you might have had a point….

A BR shill? While supportive of their efforts, you cannot find ANYWHERE where I’ve said their work is above criticism. Except in your universe, that hardly makes me a shill…

Oh, as we were discussing a corporate merger, or at least the possibility of one, BR didn’t even enter the conversation until you tried to tie it back into your anti-BR agenda. Look around this board, people disagree all the time without resorting to name calling, you if you can’t unknot your undies and actually contribute something, say, useful, instead of your non-stop rants, just take your dog and pony show back over to the main threads. You can go back to bloviating there all you want, as the admins seem to be back on permanent vacation there….

801. Ahmed - February 17, 2015

@800. Phil,

“Oh, as we were discussing a corporate merger, or at least the possibility of one, BR didn’t even enter the conversation until you tried to tie it back into your anti-BR agenda. ”

What a lair.

Do you see BR anywhere in the two comments that I made about the merge at #792 & #793?

It was you who brought BR in your comment #795. You are not only a shill but a LAIR as well.

Get lost.

802. Ahmed - February 17, 2015


803. B Kramer - February 17, 2015

Phil you’re so full of it, I’m so false outraged.

804. Phil - February 17, 2015

Ahmed, you embarrass yourself badly when you just blindly assume the stupidity of those who don’t agree with you. Do your homework, and go elsewhere to stir your ‘I hate BR’ pot elsewhere before you start calling people liars. I stand by what I said, and understand your irritation when people point out your bias. Just take it someplace else….

805. Phil - February 17, 2015

My outrage is outraged. Outrageous! The fullness of my full of it is offended! Offensive, I say! Offensively outraged!

I fart in your general direction….

Apologies to Monty Python…

806. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2015

Isn’t the Chat Room usually free of this kind of vicious verbal venom?

(oooh, nice alliteration)

Please, serenity now! :>)

807. B Kramer - February 17, 2015

804 Shat on you too. Apologies to Kirk.

808. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 17, 2015

Harry. Non sequitur. Your facts are uncoordinated.

Oops. Not Perfect. Must be Stearlised.

809. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 17, 2015

Ok. If there are anymore really bad Outragiousness that are really and I mean Really False.
Then I will start posting Nude Picks of Ericka Durance.
So There!!!.

810. Phil - February 17, 2015

Really? I’m pretty much up for anything nude at the moment….

Sorry, Harry. I know that offends the sensibilities, but in light of our super successful screen adaptation of a really bad fan fic this weekend, maybe a little …ahem…pain is in order.

811. Cygnus-X1 - February 17, 2015

Maybe after Les Moonves buys CBS, he’ll give Paramount an ultimatum to put Shatner in the next Trek movie…

Shatner in the next Trek movie…

Shatner in the next Trek movie…

Shatner in the next Trek movie…

[as if echoing]

812. Red Dead Ryan - February 17, 2015


“Please, serenity now! :>)”

Serenity now….insanity later! :-)

813. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 17, 2015

#811. Red Dead Ryan.

Non sequitur. Your facts are uncoordinated.

814. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2015

@810 Phil

That’s okay, Phil. Looking at Durance naked is equal to watching a trainwreck, or some other calamity, which is still better than arguing about crap.

815. Cygnus-X1 - February 18, 2015

What’s the problem with Erica Durance naked?

816. Ahmed - February 18, 2015

@804. Phil the liar,

Again, get lost.

817. Phil - February 18, 2015

@816. Ahmed, go grind the axe somewhere else. The bad vibe is bringing the room down….

818. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

As the Emperor of the Empire. I decree no more arguing in the Chat Room.
Penility is 3 hours in the Agony Booth at full strength.

819. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

Ok guys. Let’s keep the chat room a happy place. Ahmed and Phil. Please keep your fun on the main chat and not here.

820. Phil - February 18, 2015

@815. Harry has a secret. He found out the hard way that Erica’s birth name was Eric. Scared for life, and a new found appreciation for Ray Davies…

821. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

Now for todays show. Fun with Harry.

His Fave girl Ericka Durance. Lol.

822. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2015


Yeah, thanks for sharing, Emperor Mike!

Look how wide apart those legs are…..better tie a board on your back so you don’t fall in!

The horror, the horror……..

823. Ahmed - February 18, 2015

11 sci-fi shows from the 1990s that deserve a revival along with The X-Files

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these shows with new cast. Might add “Millennium” & “Nowhere Man” as well.

824. Phil - February 18, 2015

Hey, I was on the phone with Kaiser broker support for three hours yesterday. Three hours in the Agony Booth would be a welcome vacation from that little trip to hell….otherwise, happy happy!

825. Phil - February 18, 2015

Erica without makeup…..and TOPLESS!!

826. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2015

@825 Phil

And that’s her on a GOOD day!


827. Disinvited - February 18, 2015

# 812. Red Dead Ryan – February 17, 2015, 806. Harry Ballz – February 17, 2015

” Serenity now….insanity later! :-)” — Red Dead Ryan

Hey, leave Joss Whedon out of this, or I’ll use it as an excuse to post a Gail Berman update that I was trying to find a way of posting out there, here.

828. Disinvited - February 18, 2015

# 750. CmdrR – February 13, 2015

“…Channing Tatum. He handles the physicality of his role of Caine (part wolf, part chicken, part male stripper, ALL Starland Express…” — CmdrR

I know you addressed it, but I can’t help but wonder if someone’s subconscious wasn’t looking for a little afternoon delight amongst all the skyrockets in flight around here?

829. CmdrR - February 18, 2015

AdmrR handles my skyrocket, morning, noon, and night, thankyouverymuch.

Yes, I would love to see an edit button for these posts…

830. CmdrR - February 18, 2015

Actually, if we do a Kickstarter, do you think we could raise enough quatloos to get a story every other Tuesday, an edit button, and a flame filter?

831. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

YEs. A Kickstarter. One. We in the LIve Chat can run Trekmovie. Two. We can Edit and Delte anyone we find offinsive.
Sounds good to me.

832. Red Dead Ryan - February 18, 2015


It was a “Seinfeld” reference. The line was quoted by Lloyd Braun.

And I did read the Gail Berman bit. Nice to see Lloyd Braun staying out of the nuthouse and succeeding in life. :-)

833. Phil - February 18, 2015

Woo hoo!! For five Quattloo’s I can have my name up in lights…

Trek Movie Staff. Has a nice ring to it.

834. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

The new Trekmovie Staff will have Harry. King of Ballz.

835. Phil - February 18, 2015

Hey, Harry does this for a living, he can have his own byline.

I have dibs on Science Saturday. I’ll change my moniker to Staff Infection.

836. Staff Infection - February 18, 2015

Mongo, where are you?

837. Cygnus-X1 - February 18, 2015

Harry, what gave you the idea that Erica Durance is a tranny?

838. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

I’ll throw in some Star Trek Tos on Ocassion.
Here is one for an example.

I found this on youtube. It’s called.
The Doomsday Machine revealed. Some really great stuff about it. They even compare some of the music of this Ep with Jaws. You will be shocked once you see it. Here is the Link.

839. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2015

Cygnus-X1, I don’t think Durance is a tranny. I’m only joking when I say she’s ugly.

What I will say is that she is one of the worst actors I have ever seen in entertainment.

There is a new winner for worst, though. The female lead in The Blacklist.


840. Disinvited - February 18, 2015

# 837. Harry Ballz – February 18, 2015


I think we have our leads for SyFy’s next SHARKNADO sequel.

841. Cygnus-X1 - February 18, 2015

Do you have a clip?

Kristin Stewart from those Twilight movies is often mentioned as one of the worst female actors getting regular work in Hollywood.

That guy who played Hercules—Kevin Sorbo—was pretty bad. He just had no delivery to his lines.

842. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 18, 2015

Hey Cygnus. I actually liked Sorbo In Hercules. I thought he actually did a good job. But. As Scotty always says. Everyone is Entitled to an Opnion. Lol.

843. AJ - February 19, 2015



Scotty said that only once, and it got him into a lot of trouble.

844. Cygnus-X1 - February 19, 2015

Apparently Norm MacDonald revealed via Twitter that Eddie Murphy’s beef with SNL over the years has been entirely attributable to a (that is, one) joke told by David Spade during his “Spade in America” bit on Weekend Update in the early 90s: “Look children, a falling star,” as Murphy’s image was displayed in the background.

MacDonald was very charitable to Murphy, saying that Eddie refused to play Bill Cosby on the Celebrity Jeopardy skit during the 40th Anniversary show, because he “wouldn’t kick a man when he’s down.” That’s well and good, and Keenan Thompson wound up playing the role on the show. But it doesn’t explain why Murphy made no attempt whatsoever to be entertaining or to do anything other than basically accept his award (Chris Rock’s 3-minute praise-a-thon) for being awesome.

845. CmdrR - February 19, 2015

OK, we now know who bought the Trek van in Canadera. The article mentions a “well-known Canadian musician.” That’s a relative statement.

846. Phil - February 19, 2015

Sorbo is in that category of actors who are basically Schwarzenegger wannabes. Delivery isn’t so much an issue as being a big, decent looking guy, with some degree of likeability. Dolph Lundgren still gets work, and makes Sorbo look like Orson Wells in comparison….

847. AJ - February 19, 2015

New Mad Max: Fury Road international trailer.

I enjoyed the first two MM films. Third was a waste.

This one looks either super-uber-cool, or like a lot of style over substance.


848. Ahmed - February 19, 2015

Fox is reviving ‘Alien’ franchise.

Neill Blomkamp to Tackle New ‘Alien’ Film for Fox

849. Phil - February 19, 2015

@847. It looks like it has been converted from a study on the decent of man to a CGI super special effects spectacular extravaganza. Not really interested at this point….

850. Red Dead Ryan - February 19, 2015

I heard “Alien 5″ will take place in between “Aliens” and “Alien 3″. Bryan Singer tried this approach of sandwiching “Superman Returns” between the first two and final two of the Chris Reeve film, with tepid results.

Hopefully, Neill Blomkamp won’t screw it up with too much adherence to canon.

851. CmdrR - February 19, 2015

850 – How many times can we watch the Starbeast lose? It becomes unintentional comedy. The Alien universe is interesting enough. I’d love to see what ELSE is out among the stars that humanity has so glibbly claimed for itself.

BTW, you guys should really get in on the comment section for Mission Log Podcast. (links are always here on TM). They just did “The Outrageous Okona,” which is a true Trek Turkey. Get out your steely knives and just kill the beast!!

852. Phil - February 19, 2015

Outrageous! Fake outrage need not apply.

853. Phil - February 19, 2015

@851. We are going to watch the starbeast lose every single time. Superman will always prevail, the Force will always be with us, the AVengers will avenge, and Jason or Freddy always die in the end. Just like Trek bad guys dying, or Kirk and crew always sailing off into the sunset. There are just something the fan base won’t tolerate any deviation from. I’m mentioned before that Nick Meyer should have trusted his instincts and left Spock dead at the end of WOK, and have been soundly berated for that.

We want originality, but only as long as it fits into our tight little definition of what ‘Trek” is. You can do what you want with it, as long as you do this, this, and this…..and this, too.

854. Red Dead Ryan - February 19, 2015

Well, we’ve seen the reaction of many Trekkies concerning BR abandoning the old timeline.

855. CmdrR - February 19, 2015

It would be great if they did take some chances. There’s still time to blow up the Enterprise and replace her with one that has normal-sized nacelles. Let’s have Sulu come out as gay — in a tasteful way, please. PLEASE have Spock and Uhura break up and agree to work together in a professional manner. There’s still time to explain that Khan’s blood doesn’t cure all forms of death and may have a shelf-life. Hell, they can say that Khan’s midichlorians quit the universe and headed to a galaxy far, far away. Beam-in-a-box technology? Gives ya cancer. YEAH! BOOM! Problem solved. Kirk should also have the moment with Carol Marcus in which they decide he’s not Daddy material. That would be nice.

What am I saying? It’ll be 2 hours 23 minutes of cg ‘splosions and fist-fights.

856. Cygnus-X1 - February 19, 2015

847. AJ – February 19, 2015

New Mad Max: Fury Road international trailer.

This one looks either super-uber-cool, or like a lot of style over substance. Thoughts?

Like the previous trailer, this one tells/shows us nothing about the story or any theme in it. Again, all that they’re showing us is the great production value and action set pieces. It all makes me rather *yawwwn* uninterested in the movie.

857. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2015

How about having the next movie return to the flavour of TOS, with Captain Kirk either fighting or f*cking every thing he meets!


858. AJ - February 19, 2015

So much for the B vs.S and Justice League films not sucking:

859. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2015

AJ, you’ve got that right!


What were they f*cking thinking??!!

Nobody gives a sweet shit about Aquaman!!!! What a stupid character!

860. Marja - February 20, 2015

I am so fake outraged I’m fake outraged with the power of a thousand burning suns! And that makes me the Truest Trekfan ever! Anything anyone says that is contrary to my opinion is not a True Fan! I hope you constant naysayers of whichever stripe spend hours in the Agony Booth! Scrr am like Chekov baby, scream like Chekov …

And Phil 805, with a little adaptation and more apologies to Python … “Ohhh, let’s not talk about ‘oo killed Trek. Chat is supposed to be a ‘appy occasion!”

821 Emperor Mike, so is she Canadian as I thought, adding “traitorous opportunist” to her list of Great Accomplishments? Or is she trying out for a floozy version of “CHIPS”?

837 Cygnus. She has enviable Deltoid development I MUST say!

844 yeah I would love to have seen how Mr Robinson is doin’ in his neighborhood. My bet is it got gentrified and Mr Robinson no longer wants to keel his landlord because he was able to sublet his ren controled apt to some yuppie woth too damn much money ;-)

855 Cmdr R, well I agree with you on Sulu tastefully coming out .. but personally would love to see Spock and Uhura still together. In fact I might even like to see them gettin jiggy. Just not during a mission. I agree with your Kirk and Carol comment tho. Yeah Khan’s blood extract chould have a shelf life. Or Pernicious Effects. But smaller nacelles!?? Bite yer tongue man, I like me Enterprise nacelles ample, if ye know wha I mean. I would like them to lose the rocketship tailfins though. The hell’s up with that?

I’m just hoping it’s not two hrs of STAR TREK: FAST AND FURIOUS …

Heh-heh Harry, we could see some Kirk and CMarcus fuckin and fightin …

AQUAMAN? Hellz even Raj didn’t want play Aquaman in a costume contest in “Big Bang Theory” …
My comment way up there about any CBS merger … I forgot Moonves wanted to be the buyer. So unless the merger happens and Moonves sells Trek to a studio that actually cares about it … BOOOOO.

861. Cygnus-X1 - February 20, 2015

Looks like they’ve styled Aquaman after Poseidon with his trident.

Though, Aquaman, with his specific super powers, did always seem like the odd man among the main Superfriends:

862. CmdrR - February 20, 2015

Aquaman is handled better in some of the recent Justice League animated features.
Bringing in the guy from Stargate: Atlantis does not bode well. Then again, another actor from that show appeared in Rise of the Planet of the Apes without screwing up the whole thing, so…

We shall see…

863. CmdrR - February 20, 2015

Actually, I thought Jason Momoa quit acting altogether after that incident on the set of Game of Thrones…

864. CmdrR - February 20, 2015

Actually, I thought Jason Momoa gave up acting after that incident on the set of Game of Thrones…

865. CmdrR - February 21, 2015

Love that we call the Europaeans “aliens.” F@c<in' Humans!"

866. CmdrR - February 21, 2015

Worthwhile just to check Robert Picardo’s picture:

Stuff n nonsense:

867. Harry Ballz - February 21, 2015

Here are my Oscar picks (not who should win, but will win):


Anyone got different choices?

868. CmdrR - February 22, 2015

Thanks, Harry.
Since I’ve seen exactly one film on your list (Grand Budapest) I can skip the broadcast and watch the highlights on YouTube.

And the Oscar Apology by an Academy that Rarely Pulls Its Head Out of Its Ass goes to… “The Lego Movie.”

869. AJ - February 22, 2015

The Oscars these days seems to be the consolation prize for films that still need some additional butts-in-seats just to break even (Titanic and Return of the King aside).

The Razzies have a higher combined sales (and profitability) count this year than the Oscars, once again thanks to a “Transformers” entry.

Not saying that a film’s quality should be judged on it’s B.O., but if no one actually cares enough to watch the thing, why bother? If a tree falls in the woods with no-one around to hear, does it make a noise? If a wonderful film is made that no one wants, or cares to see, is it still wonderful?

There was a time when truly great films with high sales numbers were nominated for, and won Oscars. Now, the story is whom they can persuade to host, and to what extent they can water down the entries to appeal to the actual movie-going audience (ratings), and not just the mutual m*sturbation society in the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Maybe I’m wrong, but let’s just see of Antonio Banderas gets nominated next year for his latest star turn in “Spongebob.” He’s been around long enough now that he should get one for something.

870. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

I’ve seen some of the movies. “Birdman” and “Boyhood” are great. Yeah, blockbusters don’t get nominated much anymore, despite the expansion of the “Best Film” list. “The Lego Movie” deserved a nomination, but the academy discounted it because of the fifteen minute live action scene near the end of the movie.

There’s an air of phoniness that comes with the Oscars. Lack of diversity. Male actors looking like penguins. Stupid questions directed at actresses by idiot reporters. Stale, politically-correct jokes. Lame gags. Stuffy atmosphere. Presentations by people we’ve never heard of. Or care about.

And they hand out one award per hour. Award shows should be fun, but somehow, the academy makes it boring and tedious. Just hand out the damn awards already!

871. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 22, 2015

To me the one movie that should win for best picture is The American Sniper. Not only did it break the bank at the B.O but it is an Incredible movie with real Drama and some damn good acting by Bradly Cooper. He nailed it as Chris Kyle and what he went through. If any other movie wins. Then The Oscars are truly a Joke.
But that is just my opnion.

872. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris on stage embarrasing himself in his underwear. And what the hell is up with the briefcase in the locked box?

Who the f#ck comes up with this sh#t??

873. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

I think the Academy would find “American Sniper” too controversial. They tend to play it safe.

874. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

John (The Toupee) Travolta creeping out actresses. Good god, this show is f#ckin’ terrible!

875. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 22, 2015

I agree on Neil Patrick Harris. He has not done a good job. I think most of his jokes are falling a little flat.
Next year they should get Seth Macfarland back. Now he was funny.

876. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 22, 2015

Red Dead Ryan. You are probly right. It wont win because it does not fall into the Uber Libreal Hollywood’s nich.

877. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 22, 2015

It’s offical!. Lady Gaga has Stolen the Oscar’s with her performance of The Sound of Music. WOW!!!!!

878. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

“Birdman” wins Best Picture Oscar!

879. AJ - February 22, 2015

Seth McFarlane needs to redeem himself after “100 Ways to Die in the West,” which was generally awful. Also, I think he pretty much hated his last Oscars gig, and said so publicly (though it was funny, and he is a charismatic performer).

I guess I have to try out “Birdman.” I heard “Boyhood” was just gimmicky and awful to watch, but whatever.

880. Red Dead Ryan - February 22, 2015

Seth McFarlane will never host the Oscars again — guaranteed. He hated it, and it’s clear the academy hated him.

881. Harry Ballz - February 22, 2015

Huh, only got 6 out of 10 right.

882. Cygnus-X1 - February 23, 2015

Where’d you get that Seth MacFarlane hated hosting the Oscars?

The Academy hating him, well that’s to be expected. I could have told you they’d have that reaction before the show began. But, I’d like to know why MacFarlane hated it. He should have known that he’d get a decidedly mixed reaction to his style of humor, which is meant to be offensive.

883. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

I will say Travolta’s new rug looks worlds better than the Astro-turf he wore for a while there.

And — hey! — I actually saw Birdman and liked it. American Sniper is a good movie. I think Eastwood offered balance in Bradley Cooper’s character to show the anguish of becoming a killing machine. The film could certainly have used some (any) character development as far as muslims are concerned. They’re just targets in this flick. I am afraid that played right into a growing tide of people who would love to go to war and wipe out the muslim threat. A.S. is Rambo for a new generation. Instead of going back to ‘Nam and correcting our failure there, now we’re sending one guy to kill ALL the muslims. Mind you, I think that is the audience reading in… NOT the fault of a fairly good film about the horrors of war. (The fake baby is still hilarious!!)

**steps off of soap box**

884. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 23, 2015

My top 5 list of host for the oscar’s for next year.
1. Whoopie Goldburg.
2. Billiy Crystal
3.Ellen Degeneres
4.Hugh Jackman
5.Jon Stewart.

885. Disinvited - February 23, 2015

# 884. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – February 23, 2015

” My top 5 list of host for the oscar’s for next year.
1. Whoopie Goldburg.
2. Billiy Crystal
3.Ellen Degeneres
4.Hugh Jackman
5.Jon Stewart.” — Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

There’s a joke in there about the other meaning of host. I just know it, but I’m too exhausted to find it.

886. Phil - February 23, 2015

Lost in the nonsense around the boards, it seems Leonard Nimoy isn’t doing to well these days.

One would hope for a peaceful transition, if that time has come.

887. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

886 – Thanks for posting that, Phil. My father is about the age of Shat and Lenny. I need to visit him. Hoping for the best for Lenny. He has accomplished quite a bit over the years… hoping he gets one last time as Spock… in a true Trek classic.

888. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

btw – Happy Birthday, Majel. Somewhere, God’s computer is “wor-King.”

889. Marja - February 23, 2015

886 Phil, The writer of that article apparently does not know that COPD can surface years and years after the exposure. “Nimoy claims” … feh! It’s a fact, Jack.

I knew a woman with COPD who had been a nurse for years, back in the days when everyone smoked, and doctors worst of all. She herself was a smoker for a short time, but the second-hand exposure didn’t help. Which makes me kinda quake in my boots.

I agree completely with you … if Nimoy does make his transition, it’ll break my heart, but he will do so with a legacy of legions of fans who appreciate him for so many reasons … not least because of his excellent portrayal of an iconic character.

890. Phil - February 23, 2015

@888. Hey, he’s an entertainment reporter. Cut him some slack.

Nimoy has definitely grown beyond the role, and no doubt his philanthropy will be remembered as well, as the theater at the Griffith Observatory bears his name. I certainly wish the man well…

891. Cygnus-X1 - February 23, 2015


Hope you get well soon.

892. Cygnus-X1 - February 23, 2015

My top 5 list of host for the Oscar’s for next year:

(1) Seth MacFarlane

(2) “A.L.F.” (Alien Life-form from the 80s TV show)

(3) That Peter Griffin impersonator from ComicCon

(4) Bill Shatner

(5) The ghosts of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett (drunk)

(6) Bob Orci and David Gerrold

(7) John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson

(8) John Travolta,Tom Cruise and Neil Patrick Harris

(9) Seth MacFarlane and strident feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

(10) John Travolta, Tom Cruise and George Takei

(11) Bill Shatner and George Takei

(12) K-a-t-e M-u-l-g-r-e-w and J-e-r-i R-y-a-n

(13) Bill Cosby and the 2015 Miss America contestants

(14) John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Ian McKellan

(15) Taylor Swift, Beck and the ghost of Kanye West

(16) Kim Kardashian and Marc Alaimo (an inside joke just for the Trekkies)

893. Cygnus-X1 - February 23, 2015

2016* Miss America contestants

894. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

886 – Dang, this site ate my well wishes for Leonard.

Anyway — I truly hope he rallies and that he is a fine part of one more great Trek classic film.

895. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

And now it’s back. 887. Half a dozen other posts were re-numbered in its absence and then fixed when it reappeared.

I want every electron responsible rounded-up for questioning! This is just too strange.

896. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

LN has a bittersweet tweet from last night. No idea how to cut and paste on my phone, so maybe someone else can. Or TM can if the staff isn’t snowed under with PotA crossover updates.

897. Disinvited - February 23, 2015

#896. CmdrR – February 23, 2015

You mean his “Life is like a garden…” tweet?:

Wish the best for Mr. Nimoy and have high hopes for him even even though my family’s own experience with COPD would be enough to make anyone pessimistic.

898. CmdrR - February 23, 2015

Thanks, D.

899. Ahmed - February 23, 2015

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. Nimoy.

900. AJ - February 23, 2015

Live Longer and Prosper!

901. Harry Ballz - February 23, 2015

I worry that Nimoy, with his smoking and drinking history, may not have much time left.

In some respects it’s amazing he’s made it this far.

902. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 23, 2015

Live Long and Prosper Mr. Nimoy. To not recover quickly would be. Illogicle.

903. AJ - February 24, 2015

My dear old mom had COPD from a long history of smoking, but it was the cancer that got her.

As Harry mentioned, 84 is quite far considering Nimoy’s history. He stopped his heavy drinking and smoking a while back, which counts towards that in a big way.

Frankly, the fact that he has been busy doing his thing (photography, with Star Trek here and there) has probably kept him going for such a long time. Still sharp and active, he has had no reason to give up the ghost as yet.

904. Phil - February 24, 2015

True, AJ, but with the mind being strong, but the body weak, inevitably it will be the weaker vessel that makes the decision.

I have a bias here, as both of my parents passed when I was fairly young, I have become quite the proponent of hospice – when one’s time has come, there is no shame in a dignified, peaceful passing. I don’t know Mr. Nimoy’s prognosis, nor his personal wishes, but if he has arrived at the conclusion that it’s not a case of if, but when, then we as the fan base need to respect that…if it’s time to say good-bye, then honor the man and his work by letting him go.

905. Spockchick - February 24, 2015

@903 AJ

I agree, have seen so many people retire then go right down hill. My wonderful neighbour is in her 80s with COPD and has good days and bad days. I hope this is a blip, but I’m not daft enough to know that people live forever :-)

906. CmdrR - February 24, 2015

If anyone is interested, in light of LN’s situation or for personal reasons, Dr. Atal Gawande’s “Being Mortal” spells out the pros and cons of home care vs. hospice vs. other options. It’s perhaps not the cheeriest book you’ll read this year, but it’s very important.

907. Phil - February 24, 2015

Here is the link to the Frontline program

This isn’t being morbid – it’s a reality all will deal with, and transitions are so much more peaceful when ones wishes are well communicated.

908. CmdrR - February 24, 2015

On a lighter note… if you love the JJPrise, then this link is not for you. But, if you kinda like that clunky thing they designed in the ’60s… it’s worth a peek:

(This should be on the main page, btw.)

909. Phil - February 24, 2015

@908. Hey, it is worth a peek if you like the JJPrise, too.

910. Phil - February 24, 2015

Thank you, admins….

911. Marja - February 24, 2015

As Spockchick says let’s hope it’s just a blip. I’m wishing him strength and peace. I know all y’all are too.

912. AJ - February 24, 2015

My mom was in hospice for several weeks, and, it being South Florida (“God’s waiting room”), they plied her with so many drugs that she hallucinated, as well as became angered that she was made so helpless. She preferred a better balance of pain and lucidity rather than spending the last days of her life in a dumb haze. I had to fight often with nurses and attending physicians to allow her wishes to be heard.

Point is, the drug producers want to sell as many drugs as possible, and the staff want efficient and cost-effective turnover, so overdose ’em and get ’em in and out as quickly as possible; they’ll lie to you about how your loved one is “better off” over-medicated, and they are under far less scrutiny as they are the last stop before the cemetery in all cases.

913. CmdrR - February 25, 2015

AJ — I was with my mom when the doctor told her her cancer had metastasized from her lung to her brain. The a-hole then proceeded to explain to her the next THREE treatments they would try. I wanted to kick the jerk, but said nothing. My mom was smart enough to know, I think, the facts of her situation. In the end, she spent a brief period in a hospice — in and out of her mind — before passing.
I really think we need “death panels,” though maybe someone could come up with a less inflamatory name, to help professionals learn to focus on realistic and humane courses of action for the terminally ill.

914. Phil - February 25, 2015

I’ll admit to a bias – my wife is an RN – so there does need to be some understanding that the medical community is still, for the most part, trained in the concept that ‘do no harm’ means (attempting to) preserving life, regardless of the outcome. That is why we need to be discussing the Brittany Maynard’s and Michael Schiavo’s of the world, to push the medical community to understand that if the wishes of the family are for either no intervention, or heroic intervention, those wishes need to honored. I’m not a proponent of a third party making these decisions – advanced directives need to be made a common occurrence, and the medical community needs to be taught that honoring them isn’t a reflection on their training or responsibility.

915. CmdrR - February 25, 2015

Phil — I would support general guidelines. I don’t want a fully scripted response to hypothetical situations. However, I do believe that the medical community has to accept what Dr. Gawande spells out: there are two things medicine cannot fix, aging and dying. To cash in on the last months of a person’s life is obscene and certainly contrary to the Hippocratic Oath. It matters little whether the person selling you snake oil and lies is working out of his car or representing a multi-national conglomerate.

916. Marja - February 25, 2015

915 CmdrR, I am really hoping that Dr Gawande has started a discussion that will eventually lead to good policy and better medical practices.

Does not First Do No Harm apply to performing useless and awful interventions on patients at the end of life? It’s just horrifying and the cynical part of me thinks that really it’s just an attempt at milking more money out of patients and Medicare. Obscene.

Meanwhile, have saner voices shut TUP the hell up on the Nimoy Hospitalized thread? Thanks for yr efforts there Phil. Ugh, what a place for his “worthy” opinions

917. Phil - February 25, 2015

@915. Hospice is still a work in progress, and I agree, the medical community is going to need to adjust it’s ethics practices accordingly. I had reacquainted with a friend last year who confided he was terminal, and when he went to hospice, he had the opposite problem, in that he couldn’t get any medications at all to ease the pain of the cancer that claimed him.

@916 You would have appreciated a segment on NPR a couple of weeks ago – a group of citizens and a group of doctors were both asked about death with dignity, as expected, most agreed that passing in your sleep, or surrounded by family and friends was preferred. The same groups where then asked about specific life saving procedures – most of the citizens were okay with them, but the doctors were against their use, and by a wide margin. the doctors said no. Obviously, that begged the question, why? Well, using CPR as an example – media tends to depict it being successful about 75% of the time (makes for great drama, though), when in reality it’s only successful about 8% of the time…and of that 8%, there is only a recovery 3%, with the other 5% saving the life, but inflicting serious damage in the process. The point? The general public has some really unrealistic expectations about what the practice of medicine can do, and it severely taints the end-of-life decision making process. Further, shows like Trek also continue to feed that expectation, where just about everything is cured with a hypo-spray…or genetically enhanced blood.

Yeah, Brian shut down pointless off topic debate, though that hasn’t stopped individuals from behaving badly in the past.

918. Marja - February 26, 2015

Phil, I remember the first time pain was inflicted on me as part of rhe healing process — I was so shocked! I had expected something more like “Medical Center” with handsome Chad Everett telling me I needed a serious medical procedure and me waking up from surgery, beautifully coiffed and made up ….

No one in my family — besides my mother, who passed away before I was old enough to understand anything about sickness or even death — ever spent extensive time in the hospital. Any illnesses or injuries we had were minor. (But two decade-older brothers were in car accidents and I didn’t see them in hospital because I was still too young). So I had NO IDEA what it meant to go to the hospital, even.

It wasn’t till my car got front-ended in 1997 that I internalized some medical knowledge for reals. And thank god I had seen “ER” in which pain — and a little more “real” medicine featured largely. So explanations for things occurred to me as I lay all alone in my cubicle in pain. They don’t give pain meds til they can examine you thoroughly! And one curtain over they were dealing with an MI — “oh,” I thought, “a myocardial infarction! Poor person is dying over there, no wonder they can’t come check on my little problems” …

You are so right, so many of us have not the slightest idea. And the fact that people we might know who are sick try to brush it off and spare us the details contributes to that, but bless them for it and allow them to not have to say things over and over.

Meanwhile I have learned to view the word “discomfort” with great suspicion if uttered by a nurse or doctor.

We need lots more reality checks in this country. The idea, I think, that a little pill will cure your ill is one so endemic because of widespread advertising by Big Pharma.

My feelings on the end of life might be distasteful, but I feel the patient should be in total control, honestly informed, and aided by medical professionals specializing in end of life care and decision making. But the patient gets to make the decision. We should get a counselling session long before we end up in any hospital, and together with a medico, express our exact wishes about the ends of our lives. I’m sure bureaucracy and illusion will still have their way with us, though.

919. CmdrR - February 26, 2015

“The idea, I think, that a little pill will cure your ill is one so endemic because of widespread advertising by Big Pharma.”

It’s try the TV ad includes copy that warns of side-effects ranging from blurred vision to explosive diarrhea… Hey, if you weren’t depressed before taking XxrQperatozate, you will be once you blow out the back of your blue jeans! … but the accompanying visuals show happy seniors (she’s a good 15 younger than he is) enjoying a dream vacation of horseback riding and spelunking. Of course the visuals (and positive message) win out over the negatives. That is exactly why the little miracle pills should not be advertised on TV!!! No one should march into a doctor’s office saying GIVE ME THAT PILL THAT I SEE ON THE TV THERE!!!! A doctor should be knowledgeable to what’s out there. He/She certainly has access to various databases of info. But, ONLY an in-person professional should discuss your options. Not Henrietta HappyVoice talking about the amazing amaranth pill.

920. CmdrR - February 26, 2015

“It’s true”

921. Phil - February 26, 2015

Oh, I still sell he@lth 1nsur@nce, and back before the ACA, I was horrified at the number of people who would just expect the doc to hand over a script for what they saw on TV. It’s still a problem for a life !nsur@nce app, as people don’t realize even though they may not fill the script, it’s still on the record….and can bite you on the butt later.

I’m generally in favor of open information, but firmly believe meds should not be advertised.

922. Phil - February 27, 2015

Oh, my…Mr. Nimoy has made the transition….

923. Trekk - February 27, 2015

Live Long and Prosper Leonar \\//_

924. kriK semaJ - February 27, 2015

Sad day

925. CmdrR - February 27, 2015

So very sad.
And yet… what a tremendous life!!!!!!

926. 'Beach - February 27, 2015

When I learned he was hospitalized, i feared the worst and honestly expected this. From all reports he seemed in a bad way.

But note that this very site has yet to report on this momentous occasion?

Nonetheless, Spock himself, torch passed, will, indeed, live long, and prosper.

927. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2015

“Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most….human.”

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy. You will be missed, but you will always be admired and loved by so many. Your contributions will live on, your talents will be remembered, and your spirit will be immortal.

928. k - February 27, 2015

I’m not religious or particularly political, but to paraphrase a great speech:

Leonard Nimoy honored us by the manner in which he lived his life. We will never forget him, nor the last time we saw him. He has now prepared for the final journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.

929. kriK semaJ - February 27, 2015

not k

930. 'Beach - February 27, 2015

“…He’s not really dead, as long as we…remember him..”

Spock yet lives.

931. kriK semaJ - February 27, 2015

Mr Nimoy honored us by the manner in which he lived his life We will never forget him, nor the last time we saw him. He has now prepared for the final journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’

932. kriK semaJ - February 27, 2015

Didn’t mean to double post.

933. Disinvited - February 27, 2015

Harrison Ford has signed on to do BLADE RUNNER II? This is turning into one surreal news day.

934. Marja - February 27, 2015

Man … I just found out about an hour ago. … Don’t think it’s really hit me yet. Sympathies to his family, and to his many friends. And to all my fellow Trek fans.

We have lost a true friend. A man who did much to popularize science …. promote tolerance … and help others. What a wonderful role model, who overcame personal demons and became a true role model for people who want to live good lives and contribute to the well-being of others.

I kinda can’t believe he isn’t here in this world any more. At least he will always be in our hearts.

935. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

I just found out and can’t believe it.
All I can say is.
He’s really not dead. As long as we remember him. Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy. You may be gone but never forgotten.

936. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2015

Deep down, I knew this day was coming. After hearing about his chest pains a few days ago, it was clear that he didn’t have much time left.

Sadly, he left us today. At least Scotty beamed him up to heaven. Re-united with Dr. McCoy and Scotty, as well as Gene and Majel Roddenberry. Enjoying some Saurian brandy while taking in the cosmos.

937. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

One of Leonard Nimoys last Commerical’s. It was so funny.

938. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2015

All of Vulcan is mourning Nimoy:–home–of-vulcan–alberta-183212996.html

939. Harry Ballz - February 27, 2015

Such sad news. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

940. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2015

Man, that funeral scene at the end of TWOK is so much more poignant now.

941. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

Red Dead Ryan.
I don’t think we will ever see that scene the same way ever again.

942. Aurore - February 27, 2015

“Such sad news. RIP Leonard Nimoy.”


This is a sad news, indeed.

May he rest in peace.

943. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

Huff Post posted 10 of Spocks best quotes.

944. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

The Scifi Channel will do a mini Marathon for Leonard Nimoy on March 1st.

945. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoys screen debut. 1951

946. Marja - February 27, 2015

I finally cried tonight when leaving a phone message for another Trek friend. “It just hit me. [gulp. Sniffle] … end of an era”

I would be embarrassed but I think she understands.

947. AJ - February 27, 2015


The heart and soul of it all.

A hero of mine almost all my life.

THE hero when push came to shove, especially when it became clear growing up how much of Spock was actually Leonard Nimoy as Spock, and not just words on a page read by an actor.


948. Harry Ballz - February 28, 2015


nicely said, old friend. I agree.

949. Spockchick - February 28, 2015

Mr. Nimoy, it was an honour and a privilege to have ‘known’ him. What a nobility he brought to the role of Spock. I am sad, but heartened that he ‘died with his boots on’, and was tweeting (almost) to the last. LLAP, wherever you are sir.

950. Disinvited - February 28, 2015

Odd mysteries of factoids that come our way amidst this:

The morning news program says Nimoy’s family released today that Leonard died from lung cancer from years of smoking.

951. Disinvited - February 28, 2015

#950. Disinvited – February 28, 2015

Clearing my head a bit, I have to wonder that the reporting that Nimoy died of lung cancer this morning has to be a newsroom flub. BFWIW it has appeared on two networks but this one also gets his age wrong even though the actual URL has it right:

“The beloved Mr. Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, 82, revealed he was diagnosed with lung cancer 30 years after quitting smoking.” — ABC

952. Phil - February 28, 2015

@951. I suspect that was some very sloppy copy. Asides from referring to his character as Dr. Spock, the video (what I saw was truncated) said he had lung disease, while the headline said cancer. Now, lung cancer can be a symptom of end-stage COPD, and that might explain the pain, but no one, anywhere has said that was the case here.

Speculation seems rather pointless, either way

953. CmdrR - February 28, 2015

So, AJ… what do you make of the murder of Nemtsov? Was Putin silencing the opposition or did he just get tired of shooting tigers?
In any case, if you are heading back to Moscow, PLEASE wear your bullet-proof underoos.

954. Disinvited - February 28, 2015

# 952. Phil – February 28, 2015

” Speculation seems rather pointless, either way.” — Phil

Well, I’m always rather curious about how misinformation originates and how it spreads especially since the dawn of “the internet”. I suspect that video’s link of being the point of origin.

Besides how pointless could it be if Nimoy’s purpose in getting the message out was served by it in some small way, although one may well argue that the misinformation around it might get it too easily dismissed by those it needs to reach most?

What’s even more curious is ABC News’ obituary on Nimoy was free of this, yesterday

955. AJ - February 28, 2015


CmdrR: I am actually leaving Moscow tomorrow (Sunday), and all potential scenarios for Nemtsov’s murder are in play.

They will either never find anything, or fabricate something which covers all the bases, and/or will show Nemtsov in cahoots with the USA-financed Kiev-based “fascist/Nazis” which many here believe is actually a thing.

Whoever did it, it certainly sets a new low for the whole situation here.

See y’all from New York!

956. Phil - February 28, 2015

Well, it looks like Shatner isn’t going to the service. Something about his schedule not allowing it. Stay classy, Bill.

957. Phll - February 28, 2015

Moderated. New sheriff in town, I guess. It’s been fun…

958. Harry Ballz - February 28, 2015


So, starting early next week……LIVE, FROM NEW YORK….IT’S AJ’S NIGHT!

959. Phil - February 28, 2015

Where it’s a balmy 34 degrees…..

960. CmdrR - February 28, 2015

956 – Phil — “Moderated.”


961. Phil - February 28, 2015

@ Harry…

Shatner took to social media today to let it be known he won’t be in attendance at Mr. Nimoys services. It appears that a charity event he is at in Florida will not release him from that obligation. Here are a couple of problems…
– This event tonight is a Red Cross fundraiser. While I was able to find plenty of them mentioned in Florida, I could not find any where Mr. Shatner was named as a participant. Now, it’s possible I might have missed a notice, it’s also possible that the Red Cross are a bunch of cold mothers, and could possibly extend Mr. Shatner the benefit of the doubt. Except….
– Mr. Shatners next speaking engagement is for Aruba Networks, and that event opens in Vegas…tomorrow. Shatner is listed in several convention posts as a keynote speaker, so it was easy to confirm.

It really does beg the question for Bill, if you are heading west anyway, why not beg off of the RC event a bit early to pay your respects? The sad answer seems to be that he’s again demonstrating that he’s not one to let sentiment get in the way of a paying gig. When you consider that Nimoy made it a point to be with Bill when Shatners wife died, Bill is coming off as particularly cold….

The public is not being kind, most of the comments I’ve seen are shredding him – it could be quite a PR mess for his agent to clean up.

962. LizardGirl - February 28, 2015

He hasn’t learned a damn thing. All these years he’s wasted. Even if he finds a way to attend Leonard’s funeral service now it’ll just look like a token act, to save face. The man doesn’t need any money, he kids are grown…what is it that drives him?

Well, there will be those that will be in attendance physically and in spirit and that is more than sufficient.

963. CmdrR - February 28, 2015

Phil, you’re asking us to get into Shat’s Big Giant Head… and that’s scary.
It’s a choice.
I would rather concentrate my emotions in a positive way on Leonard and his family right now.

964. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 28, 2015

I also would prefer to focus on Leonard Nimoy. To focus on anything else would be. Illogical..

965. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - February 28, 2015

Time for a little debate.
Spock VS Q

966. Disinvited - February 28, 2015

#960. Phil – February 28, 2015 st the immediate family

That’s very odd because the media reporting I saw said Nimoy’s son announced the funeral service would be private and just the immediate family. So just what is it that Shatner was expected to attend?

967. Disinvited - February 28, 2015

According to this report:

The conflicting event was The Red Cross Ball and Shatner was already in FL to prepare for the event when he heard of his friend’s death and was pretty choked up about it.

and the event was this night in Palm Beach

968. Cygnus-X1 - February 28, 2015

Anyone who knows anything about Bill Shatner knows how close he and Leonard were. Presuming to dictate how he should react to his close friend’s death is silly. There are obviously a lot of people counting on him for the charity event, which I’m sure was scheduled before the recent tragedy.

But, regardless of why he’s missing the funeral, Nimoy was one of Shatner’s best friends. Shatner can react to that loss in whatever manner suits him. IF there’s any issue, it’d be between Nimoy’s family and Shatner. Though, I doubt there’s any issue there.

969. Cygnus-X1 - February 28, 2015

facebook post

From Paul Camuso [mutual friend of David Gerrold and Bill Shatner]:

I’m usually not one to comment but I will. For those that do not know me, I work with Bill Shatner on a weekly if not daily basis. Bill is feeling horrible that he is not able to attend Leonard’s funeral tomorrow. I spoke with Bill this morning on the phone – did anyone else? I would bet they did not. Bill is honoring a pledge he made to a charity to appear tonight, they sold tickets based on the fact Bill was going to be there. This is their big fundraising event of the year where they bring in the bulk of their money to do good to the community they serve. To abandon them with less than 24 hours notice would be unthinkable. It would put the charity in a very bad position. There were no flights back so he’s stuck. He is not happy about the situation but he is a professional who keeps his promise to a charity. David, I thank you for speaking out. I’m absolutely going to share your message with Bill, next week. Pax.

970. Harry Ballz - February 28, 2015

@969 “There were no flights back so he’s stuck”

BULLSHIT! Shatner is rich and could hire a private jet. What a crock.

There are obligations and then there are the important things in life.

Shatner is one SHALLOW individual. What an asshole.

971. CmdrR - March 1, 2015

Emp 965 — Thanks. I hadn’t seen that one. Great fun.

972. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 1, 2015

Hey CmdrR. I listned to the entire Audio of part one. It was so awesome. Hearing Spock and Q talking like they do. Spock even got Q to mention an Astroid headed to Earth while Keeping Spock from Breaking the Prime Directive. Lol. So much fun.

973. Ahmed - March 1, 2015

2967. Disinvited, 969. Cygnus-X1,

Thanks for sharing that.

It is disgraceful that some people are trying to make an issue out of this without fully understanding the situation first.

974. B Kramer - March 1, 2015

William Shatner’s Twitter Storm Of A Leonard Nimoy Funeral Tribute

William Shatner’s daughters will attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral today in his place


975. Ahmed - March 1, 2015

William Shatner Flies to L.A. in Time for Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral

976. CmdrR - March 1, 2015

Yea, Bill!

Boo, Church of Mean-Spirited Loonies!

977. Cygnus-X1 - March 1, 2015

976. CmdrR – March 1, 2015

Boo, Church of Mean-Spirited Loonies!

Fire phasers.

978. LizardGirl - March 1, 2015

For what…conceivable reason would a group picket Leonard Nimoy’s funeral? For one man, he’s done a lot of good. That makes no sense. “Hey, there’s a funeral service for a decent man whose done a lot of great things for his fellow man…let’s go and insult the memory of him and those who care about him!”. If they do that, then they should be arrested.

979. Disinvited - March 1, 2015

#973. Ahmed – March 1, 2015

Yeah, I don’t get all the meanness. When a person has someone close to them die that they regard as a brother, it can be impossible to function mentally to steer a course through juggling schedules etc.

My mother, as old as Bill, had 2 separate deaths that she simply had to lean on me to get her where she needed to be and I could only accomplish the feat because of the mental discipline inspired by Nimoy’s Spock. And even at that, I know I couldn’t have pulled it off if these were not events I knew the odds weighed heavily in terms of likely to happen at the times they did. Taken by surprise I doubt I could have done it.

Instead of the entertainment media concentrating on the bitchin’ about an obviously puffyeyed from tearing 83yo man being overwhelmed by the death of a dear friend and being unable to think clearly enough in the grip of it to see how he could make the funeral across the continent the next day, you’d think, out of his many many fans, some captains of industry and if I’m not mistaken going so far as to include the president of the U.S. that someone somewhere in that group would have made a couple of solutions available to him to ease the situation, if not his grief?

Now, apparently, someone has. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if one the persons responsible for the successful juggle was his daughter who stood up to attend in his stead.

980. Disinvited - March 1, 2015

#978. LizardGirl – March 1, 2015

I hesitate to give you the answer as there is no reason in their reasoning but the top two given:

1. He’s not Christian.

2. He’s friends with “famed” gays (Quinto and Takei).

981. CmdrR - March 1, 2015

Yea, Simpsons!
(They added an in memoriam at the end of tonight’s ep for Leonard Nimoy.)

982. Phil - March 1, 2015

Haven’t heard much from Westboro since Fred Phelps died. Not to many dead soldiers to protest these days, so I guess they’ll have to make do with dead celebrities.

983. Phil - March 1, 2015

Don’t want to dwell much on Shatner at this point. One of the joys of the information age, it’s not hard to look up his minimum fess for an appearance (75K, if anyone cares), or his next gig (Vegas, this week). The guy is being eviscerated in the media – it’s hard to imagine an advisor didn’t point out that skipping your friends funeral for a speaking engagement was going to look bad, at a minimum, and just make you look like a @$$hole, at worst.

Well, if there is anything to be learned, some people will always serve as an example (LLAP), and others, as a warning (I’ll die alone).

Rest in peace, Leonard. You’ll be missed.

984. B Kramer - March 1, 2015

You’ve been a relentless Shatner hater from day one. Get some help.

985. Cygnus-X1 - March 1, 2015

I cannot think of anything more petty than taking advantage of this opportunity to bash Shatner.

986. CmdrR - March 1, 2015

My thoughts are with Leonard’s family, Bill, Leonard’s many other friends and coworkers… Everyone who truly cared about this generous soul.

Let us all commit to doing something positive in the days ahead in his memory.

987. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 1, 2015

I was listening to the Spock Vs Q and Spock told Q a Joke. Well. Here it is.

Spock. What did the ZEN Master say to the Hot Dog Vender.
Q Oh really. Ok. What did he say.
Spock. One with All.

988. Phil - March 1, 2015

@985 – You’re probably the last person who should be lecturing people on being petty. Shatner seems to be doing a pretty decent job self destructing all by himself, and he’s certainly made it clear what his priorities are. While it would have been nice for him to be there, to provide some meaning to flowery Twitter tributes (we are giving him the benefit of the doubt that his press agent wasn’t writing those) that have been coming out of his account, for those who were there to comfort the family, I suspect that few of them were genuinely surprised he wasn’t there.

989. Katie G. - March 2, 2015

988. Phil —

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

In the beginning he was at the Conventions then his attendance grew more and more infrequent to the point where he seemed to have basically quit going… and whenever there were Star Trek things, he seemed to be the only one absent. I got the impression that he was trying to distance himself from the whole thing.

I don’t want to believe this of him but it doesn’t look good. Now, if he did have a previous commitment… what do you do? For all we know he spoke to Susan (Mrs. Nimoy) and she told him to NOT CANCEL his engagement. We don’t know. I agree it may look bad but to be honest, we really don’t know. He’s a busy guy, trying to avoid death. (He spoke about that in “Mind Meld” I think.) It is so sad to lose them one-by-one. They were, and actually still are, a HUGE part of my life.

All we’ve been watching here are our favourite Spock episodes and anything else he’s in. Hopefully it will help the grieving process and feel like he’s still with us.

990. Katie G. - March 2, 2015

I was VERY surprised at how hard Leonard’s death affected me. A friend posted it on my Facebook page because she knew I was a rabid Star Trek fan and that’s the first thing I saw when I logged on. Hadn’t heard anything. I suddenly felt nauseous and started to tremble. It took most of the day to settle. Then my husband came home (who listens to the radio all day while he makes deliveries/pick-ups in his truck) and just looked at me and said “Yeah”. I started up all over again. Even he got misty-eyed and he’s not really a Star Trek fan but, of all of the incarnations, he LOVED the character of Spock. We are mourning here. But I know we’re not alone. It helps.


991. Cygnus-X1 - March 2, 2015

Shatner does Trek conventions every year.

I happen to remember that last year he hosted and interviewed the TNG cast at a convention in Chicago. In 2013 he did other Trek conventions, though I don’t recall which.

Are people now taking to inventing falsehoods about which to bash Shatner?

I’m not sure which is worse: bashing him about really missing the funeral, or making up a story that he doesn’t do conventions any more and bashing him about that.

992. AJ - March 2, 2015

I landed in New York, and saw all the Shatner-bashing, and thought first: Don’t people realize that Kirk and Spock are fantasy characters?

Played by professional actors?

And, most importantly, fans who insert themselves into the two men’s personal relationship, especially at a time like this, seriously need something better to do. It has been clear for decades the two men were close friends, and it’s clear now that Shatner’s decision was informed by their relationship.

In contrast, one positive thing to come out of this is how much “Kirk and Spock” is really a thing in our culture. For all of the garbage JJ Abrams has thrown at us, he at least, ham-handedly for sure, tried to show this in his two films. This is also something that I hope Simon Pegg and his bunch will do properly (along with McCoy) in the 50th anniversary film.

993. AJ - March 2, 2015


Nice to see you back!

994. CmdrR - March 2, 2015

I wonder how the next movie is coming along…

995. AJ - March 2, 2015

A nice tribute video to the man who was Mr. “You couldn’t pronounce it” Spock

996. Phil - March 2, 2015

Oh, I suspect it’s progressing nicely.

997. LizardGirl - March 2, 2015

@990 Katie
Yeah, I as well as quite a few people I talked to were quite affected by Mr. Nimoy’s death. One to the point of tears, which made my eyes water.

I went to a con this past Saturday and I decided to change my initial outfit. I instead wore my science blues and talked to quite a few people about Leonard. I then came back to work and kept my uniform on. That alone opened discussions about about him and STAR TREK in general. I work with a Fringee who also couldn’t stop talking about him. To her, Leonard was Willaim Bell.

He was and is a lot of things to a lot of people. He will be dearly missed. I hope he’s given a honorable tribute in the not too distant future.

998. Spockchick - March 2, 2015

I flew in last night from Copenhagen. The (English) Captain’s last words to the passengers were ‘Have a safe onward journey and live long, and prosper.’

999. Spockchick - March 2, 2015

#978. LizardGirl – March 1, 2015

Westboro, it appears, would find a reason to picket a group of ducklings crossing a road.

1000. Phil - March 2, 2015

A nice little tribute from CBS…

1001. LizardGirl - March 2, 2015

@ Spockchick
Wow…I’ll look them up…

1002. Disinvited - March 2, 2015

# 998. Spockchick – March 2, 2015

” Westboro, it appears, would find a reason to picket a group of ducklings crossing a road.” — Spockchick

Well, I suppose I should make you aware of the other side of the spectrum of hate to be fair, but I warn people don’t go here unless you are mentally prepared to face that someone could despise and hate Nimoy so, as it is vile:

1003. Spockchick - March 2, 2015

@1001 Disinvited

Oh dear me. And nothing in the post about feminism or how women’s bodies are viewed.
Nimoy said about this particular work, “What is underlying this, in my opinion, is chauvinism (and) the elitism of the male in the religion. This material I have produced elevates women in the hierarchy of Judaism. You have a woman in power, a woman who is a divinity, and that upsets a lot of people.

On a lighter note, I flew in from Copenhagen last night, and the (English) pilot’s last words to the passengers was ‘Have a good onward journey and live long, and prosper.’

1004. Phil - March 2, 2015

@1001 Asshattery, unfortunately, is no respecter of individuals, or beliefs. It’s small consolation that Nimoy will be remembered long past when these small minded distributers of vitriol have been consigned to the ash heap of history.

1005. AJ - March 2, 2015

Required viewing: The Nimoy/Quinto Audi commercial!

1006. CmdrR - March 2, 2015

Well, Spidey’s back… for a looooooong time.

1007. Phil - March 2, 2015

@1003. Or at least until one or two of these franchised super CGI spectaculars crashes on takeoff….

1008. Phil - March 2, 2015

Great interview with Zach Quinto.

1009. Disinvited - March 2, 2015

# 1007. Phil – March 2, 2015

“Or at least until one or two of these franchised super CGI spectaculars crashes on takeoff….” — Phil

Or, in other words, don’t count your grosses until the tickets are stubbed.

And thanks for the Quinto piece, I needed that.

1010. CmdrR - March 3, 2015

Harry, you’ve been busy.

1011. CmdrR - March 3, 2015

And this…

1012. CmdrR - March 3, 2015

And this…

1013. AJ - March 3, 2015

Who can guess why this is funny?

1014. Disinvited - March 3, 2015

#1013. AJ – March 3, 2015

You mean beyond the obvious?

“thepoke” “handy” phrases help get “tight” “squeeze”/

1015. Marja - March 3, 2015

1007 Phil, Sunday I saw, with the usual bombastic music, a preview for Marvel’s “Ant-man” (ANT-MAN???) with Paul Rudd (Paul RUDD?? From all those Judd Apatow movies??) …

I think Marvel’s about to over-saturate the market. With that, and the Aquaman movie in the works (AQUAMAN???).
—————- ————–

I laughed so hard reading, and admiring the art of, the Spocking Fives article. Thanks! to you who shared it. Hmmmm which US bill could I decorate in that fashion?

I call on my Canadian brethren and sistren to get busy and saturate the Canadian currency with Spocked Fives!!! Ohh, my what a happy and funny article at this time.

1016. Harry Ballz - March 3, 2015

@1010 CmdrR

No time to talk. Busy defacing five dollar bills. Oooooh, my hand is cramping up!

1017. Phil - March 3, 2015

Come on, Harry, I’d of figured your hand cramping up would be the least of your worries…..

I’d of thought some enterprising individual would have figured out a way to make a template – load up your printer with the appropriate cash, and you’re printing out Spockified fives, or US ones….

1018. Silvereyes - March 3, 2015

Harry, your hand is cramping up? I’m not sure that’s from too much of defacing the 5$ bills. It’s too much of something though…

1019. Phil - March 3, 2015

@1015. I believe it’s going to take a bit more then one or two of these movies underperforming – the studios all seem to think they should be billion dollar worldwide events now. If Ant-Man (or S vs B) only makes 100MM worldwide on a 200MM budget (actually, break even would be a problem, if John Carter is a good example) I suspect you’d see a bunch of these movies shelved, and quickly.

It is a shame, as I suspect that these mega-budget movies siphon off capital that could be used to make movies that are still profitable, and possibly higher quality. I understand that movie making is a business, and while I enjoy the action – adventure romps, they don’t compare to films like 12 Years a Slave, Lone Survivor, or Shawshank Redemption, all movies that struck a deeper chord…and examples of the types of movies that reflect that there are still stories to be told….

1020. Disinvited - March 3, 2015

# 1015. Marja – March 3, 2015

” I think Marvel’s about to over-saturate the market. With that, and the Aquaman movie in the works (AQUAMAN???).” — Marja

FWIW its DC/Warner’s hill to climb and Marvel/Disney’s to be toppled from. So Aquaman not being Marvel has the toughest row to hoe and it’s all uphill.

It will be interesting to see if they can pull off translating the quirky ANT-MAN comic character to the big screen. Since Ultron is to be THE AVENGERS next foe and Ant-man invented him that’s how Marvel expects to tie it all in.

1021. Red Dead Ryan - March 3, 2015

Speaking of hand….you’ve got to give it to this woman:

1022. Phil - March 3, 2015

You can never have enough probing by police. Maybe they’ll get to the bottom..ahem..of that copy of 50 Shades in the library that was found to have herpes…

1023. DataFindsLove - March 3, 2015

Saw a funny Trek parody about communicators being used like cell phones… thought you might like it, made by that Indian guy on The Guild!

1024. Harry Ballz - March 3, 2015

@1018 Silvereyes “It’s too much of something though…”

Silvereyes, you are, of course, referring to “whacker’s cramp”.

I know you get it…….the question is…………how often?


1025. Marja - March 4, 2015

Ohmigod, whacker’s cramp! Next thing you’ll see is a Big Pharma commercial

1026. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

1025 Marja

For sure, and when there’s no disease to cure, they invent one just so they can push a wonder pill on us to cure it, with ridiculous side effects including everything from blindness to suicidal thoughts and death (and of course, the aforementioned explosive diarrhea).

Nobody had ADHD when I was a kid in the sixties, yet children were as hyperactive as today. Now it seems one child out of 4 has it and needs to be put on ritalin…

Anything for a buck, and the medical profession is in on it of course. They don’t want to cure cancer when each treatment costs 50,000$… They just want to keep patients alive long enough to put them through as many treatments as possible. Then stuff them full of morphine in an palliative center untl they die and they can make money with the next one.

Just eat well, fruits and vegetables, keep the sugar intake low, don’t overeat and keep away from processed foods people!

Sorry. But seeing people being treated like balls in a pinball machine, between the medical field and Big Pharma has it’s toll on my otherwise sunny disposition.

1027. CmdrR - March 4, 2015

OK, Kiddies, here I go again. I have always thought this big rock in the asteroid belt was pronounced like ‘series.’ The WSJ dude says ‘sears’ (apparently, Dawn can stock up on gardening supplies while there). An online pronuncier gadget says ‘seh-reez’.

Say you, say me… say it for always, naturally. How do you pronounce Ceres??

1028. B Kramer - March 4, 2015


1029. Disinvited - March 4, 2015

# 1026. Silvereyes – March 4, 2015

” For sure, and when there’s no disease to cure, they invent one just so they can push a wonder pill on us to cure it…’– Silvereyes

Wait, I always knew Harry was big but Big Pharma? No way!

1030. Disinvited - March 4, 2015

#1027. CmdrR – March 4, 2015

Always pronounced it your way, but if the WSJ is right then it is imperative that we go there, because, everyone knows, “Ceres has everything.”

1031. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

1027 CmdrR

I would pronounce Ceres like Perez, then again I’m a lowly French Canaderan… (I’m sure my English is still better than Harry’s though, who’s an even lowlyer Traunian…)

1032. Harry Ballz - March 4, 2015

Quebeckers are like spoiled children. They want to leave home, but have the parents still give them money.

1033. Red Dead Ryan - March 4, 2015

New “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” trailer:

1034. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

Harry, thank God that trend of wanting to leave home is at a low right now. People are finally getting into their heads that you don’t make a country out of cultural idealism. It’s the economy stupid… We have too many poets and folk singers here. Plus we’re surrounded by 300 million bloodthirsty anglos… French is irrelevant (sorry Aurore)

1035. Harry Ballz - March 4, 2015

Don’t want to leave home?



1036. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

Why leave home? … Americans, French and Scotts please close your eyes… Canada is the best country in the world!

1037. AJ - March 4, 2015

God…loads of poets and folk singers rhyming and singing in twangy Quebecois French? Is that how Celine Dion gets paid as well?

Quick! We need Gordon Lightfoot!

1038. CmdrR - March 4, 2015

“If you could read my mind, love…
What a tale! I tell you what…
About some Spock’d-out fivers…
Wrapped ’round Celine Dion’s butt…”

Hmmm. Maybe just stick with Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.

1039. Disinvited - March 4, 2015

Last night Jimmy Kimmel covered the Spocking but he claimed it was legal.

1040. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

1038 it is legal, just discouraged

1041. Cygnus-X1 - March 4, 2015

Inspired by our Canuckian brethren in the house, I decided to revisit this:

1042. Silvereyes - March 4, 2015

Thank you Cygnus. That is indeed a classic

1043. Phil - March 4, 2015

Comments on Mr. Nimoy’s service. Zachary Quinto has certainly shown himself to be a friend of the Nimoy family in trying times….

1044. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 4, 2015

A letter from the Easter Bunny to Santa.

Dear Santa. This is my time of the year. It’s time for warmth and sun and bunnies.
Now get your raindeer tail out of my yard and get back home!!!!!. This is my time of the year!!!!. Signed. The Easter Bunny. ‘

Just thought I would share that.
In Dallas. We are having a Winter Storm.

1045. Phil - March 4, 2015

@1041. Yeah, Emperor Mike, we have a friend of the family who fled California for the …ahem…warmer and friendlier climes of Texas who is in the area. Supposed to hit the mid seventies here, and low eighties for the weekend. Rubbing it in with a grain of salt, though, we really do need some more rain.

1046. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 4, 2015

Phil. Believe it or not. We are also in a bad Drought. But not as bad as you guys are. We want the Rain. Just not the heavy Sleet and Snow. Lol.

1047. Spockchick - March 5, 2015

Westboro didn’t manage to picket Mr. Nimoy’s funeral. One has to wonder if there was divine intervention. In wonderful comedy style, they couldn’t find the venue!

1048. Phil - March 5, 2015

@1047. No, I suspect they didn’t picket the service because they never really intended to to begin with. Issuing a announcement of a picket, that was sufficient to get them the little press exposure they wanted. While I’m in no way comparing Shatner to Westboro, his PR people are also masters at manipulating social media as well. On Friday, if you Goggled Leonard Nimoy, all you saw were tributes to him. On Saturday, the same search gave you three pages of links to William Shatner. No surprise he was tweeting about holding a memorial in South Beach. Now, Google the same search, and we are back to tributes to Nimoy and stories on his eulogy. I don’t begrudge Shatner not wanting to bail on a paying gig that probably put six figures in his pocket, he would have just been better served had he been upfront with it, and at least pretend to understood that sometimes desecration really is the better part of honor.

1049. Spockchick - March 5, 2015

@ 1048 Phil

I know Westboro were blowing smoke and never intended to attend. That’s what they do :-) but thinking they got lost is funnier.

1050. Phil - March 5, 2015

@1049. Yeah, the image of a couple of old AMC Gremlins pulling into a gas station in Bel Aire, asking for directions is a bit surreal – Leonard Nimoy’s funeral, you say? Is that Nimoy, the actor, or Nimoy, the photographer? Tell you what, get on I-5, head north about 45 miles, and when you hit Palmdale, take the second exit to the left…

Thanks…We’re on a mission from God (apologies to the Blues Brothers)

All units, Use of excessive force in the apprehension of Westboro Baptist has been approved. (more apologies, but right in LAPD’s wheelhouse)

1051. Silvereyes - March 5, 2015

Westboro: Stupid, retarded, manipulative and now liars. Wow, what irresistible marketing. Where do I join?

1052. Silvereyes - March 5, 2015

CmdrR, did you know the US is the largest market for electric cars and that, huh, the home of the Braves represents a third of that market?

Didn’t realize your brethren were so enlightened! :) Move over San Francisco, Boston and NYC…

1053. CmdrR - March 5, 2015

Silvereyes —

I see we’re in the top ten markets for EV’s.
I guess Atlantans find time to do something right when they’re not too busy panicking about four snowflakes, boosting VD rates, cutting school funding, remaining competitive in the obesity olympics, or sending out armed patrols in case anybody has an inkling to get gay married.

1054. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 5, 2015

I know someone who can destroy Westboro from inside. This one person can finally do some real good. Even Harry would have to agree with this. Send in Ericka Durance. The Westboro people will change their ways when she flashes them. Lol.

1055. Spockchick - March 5, 2015

@1050 Phil
SNL sketch! Sometime in the future. I’m sure Mr Nimoy would laugh :-)

@ 1054 EMoTE
Or Colin Firth, if anyone has seen ‘Kingsman’. It’s a bit ultra-violent!

1056. Marja - March 5, 2015

1050 Phil, LOL

1055 Spockchick … great idea b/c to add insult to the many injuries The Kingsman would inflict, Firth played a gay man in the acclaimed “A Single Man.” The HORROR! The HORROR!
—————- —————- ————–
I notice that on the main board (Nimoy thread) we are being treated to yet another C.V. by IDIC … the recitation of her credits as a science writer, mother &c. PLEASE tell me I’m not such a bore when I mention my USCG service. …

Love how she decided I was talking from my “right brain” when speaking of MY personal experiences and what Nimoy meant to me. I seem to forget she is the Sole Arbiter of Sense and Meaningful Discussion! WHAT is wrong with me.

1057. Spockchick - March 5, 2015

@ 1056 Marja!

Marja! *hugs* it is a very sad week :-( I don’t go over the wall, haven’t for about 2 years. It is better here :-) I would need an inexhaustible supply of tin hats (not tinfoil hats) and virtual flak jackets. I thought right-brain was a compliment? Isn’t that Spockish to be a right-brain? P x

1058. Disinvited - March 5, 2015

# 1057. Spockchick – March 5, 2015

” Isn’t that Spockish to be a right-brain? P x” — Spockchick

Below the neck the human body does an interesting cross circuit switch. The right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain and vice versa. Speculation is that there is some protection to the most vital part of the brain in doing this but I am unaware of any research that confirms this is the case.

Be that as it may, the left half of the bifurcated human brain is were logic, reason, and math ability reside. These features are most associated with being Spock-like as the character aspires to all things Vulcan.

This is not to say that the right half can’t learn some of these functions but it takes a lot of work.

1059. Disinvited - March 5, 2015

# 1057. Spockchick – March 5, 2015

” Isn’t that Spockish to be a right-brain? P x” — Spockchick

Below the neck the human body does an interesting cross circuit switch. The right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain and vice versa. Speculation is that there is some protection to the most vital part of the brain in doing this but I am unaware of any research that confirms this is the case.

Be that as it may, the left half of the bifurcated human brain is were logic, reason, and math ability reside. These features are most @ssociated with being Spock-like as the character aspires to all things Vulcan.

This is not to say that the right half can’t learn some of these functions but it takes a lot of work.

1060. Disinvited - March 5, 2015

# 1057. Spockchick – March 5, 2015

” Isn’t that Spockish to be a right-brain? P x” — Spockchick

Below the neck the human body does an interesting cross circuit switch. The right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain and vice versa. Speculation is that there is some protection to the most vital part of the brain in doing this but I am unaware of any research that confirms this is the case.

Be that as it may, the left half of the bifurcated human brain is were logic, reason, and math ability reside. These features are most a$$ociated with being Spock-like as the character aspires to all things Vulcan.

This is not to say that the right half can’t learn some of these functions but it takes a lot of work.

1061. Marja - March 5, 2015

Naw, Spock is considered Left Brain –logical, mathematically and scientifically inclined because of their objectivity. About the only time I’m using my left brain is when I’m editing, critiquing books, or analyzing news stories (and usually from a Lefty POV) :-P

I love your saying “over the wall” — maybe I should put on a tinfoil hat when I wade in!

Let’s just say that IDICloves is to me what Erica Durance is to Emperor Mike … AND I should avoid any comms with her the way Emp. Mike avoids the “acting” of La Durance.

1062. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2015

@1054 Emperor Mike

“Send in Ericka Durance. The Westboro people will change their ways”

Yes, she would flash them, turning them instantly gay. Suh-weet!

1063. Silvereyes - March 5, 2015

I actually never really understood why Durance was singled out as a bad actress, since there are so many… Then a few weeks ago I came upon a masterpiece of a movie “Beyond Sherwood Forest”… I couldn’t believe how bad and inept she was. The movie was laughably pathetic, but she was the cherry on top. So, I’ve joined you Harry…

One wonders why or how she gets acting gigs. I mean, they can pick anybody off the street and they would do a better job.

1064. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2015

Ah, thanks for corroborating my disgust, Silvereyes!

1065. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2015

“they would do a better job”

I can see it now….Erica talking to a friend before a big audition…..

“I hope I don’t blow it. I really need this job!”

“C’mon, Erica, just keep telling yourself, ‘don’t blow job!'”

Erica thinks to herself, “hmmm, if I just drop the word ‘don’t’ from that affirmation, I might have a chance”

1066. CmdrR - March 5, 2015

Darn thing doesn’t handle like the Falcon…

It sounds bad, but not life-threatening. I hope he’s OK.

1067. Red Dead Ryan - March 5, 2015

Harrison Ford reportedly was fully awake, alert, and breathing on the way to the hospital.

1068. Phil - March 5, 2015

@1056. Amy IDIC and TUP are the same person? You’ve never seen them in a digital room together…

@1060. After a few beers, when you rearrange the letters in her name, it spells William Shatner. After considering Shatners ‘look at me’ Twitter barrage this week, I’ll not be questioning Harrys wisdom any time soon.

1069. Disinvited - March 5, 2015

# 1063. CmdrR – March 5, 2015

” Darn thing doesn’t handle like the Falcon…” — CmdrR

I thought some golfers thought they heard him hollering into his headset on the way down, “I HATE SNAKES, SULLY! I HATE ‘EM!” j/k

1070. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 5, 2015

Just found out. Have Bennett has passed away.

1071. Disinvited - March 5, 2015

# 1064. Red Dead Ryan – March 5, 2015

” Harrison Ford reportedly was fully awake, alert, and breathing on the way to the hospital.” — Red Dead Ryan

Take it from me, who has spent more time on roofs than I’d care to admit as the son of a son of a carpenter/roofer, it would take a fall higher than trimming a few trees to take out an old roofer like Ford. If given an opportunity to espouse on the safety of flying at his rescuer’s recovery would probably joke he faced a greater threat to his life from that da/\/\n malfunctioning MF set door than the Ryan’s engine failure.

But wacthing the coverage live as I type, I have to admit given his situation that was some fine flying on Ford’s part. He must be far more experienced than I ever imagined.

1072. AJ - March 5, 2015

RIP Harve Bennett

1073. Phil - March 5, 2015

My wife’s family has been going to Laughlin since they were kids – the shortcut, if you will, goes through the town of Amboy (yep, Route 66), which is mostly deserted these days. On one side of the road is the motel, café, and gas station, and on the other side the post office, a landing strip, and a few homes scattered in the area. Back in the day, when there were a few people still living out there and the café was open, Harrison Ford was known to fly in, grab a burger, then head back out. The locals left him alone, and the occasional traveler would meet a celebrity in the desert.

Albert Okura bought the town a few years back, and is slowly developing the property. Perhaps the café will open again someday.

1074. Marja - March 5, 2015

I think what really bugs me is, she is so proprietary of Trek … as if no one who disagrees with her — or even expresses a different POV — has any sort of valid opinion. Feh.

1075. Cygnus-X1 - March 5, 2015

1047. Spockchick – March 5, 2015

Westboro didn’t manage to picket Mr. Nimoy’s funeral. One has to wonder if there was divine intervention. In wonderful comedy style, they couldn’t find the venue!

Praise HIM!!!

I’ll tell you what I would like to see the WBC find—the Church of Scientology on 46th St. Every time I pass by that building I get like this creepy feeling. And I’d love to see the WBC go head-to-head with the Scientologists. Who would win? How awesome would it be if the Scientologists managed to convince even one of the WBC’ers to go inside for a “reading” while the rest remained picketing out front.

Pretty damned awesome.

1076. CmdrR - March 5, 2015

God speed, Harve Bennett. Your mission was a success.

1077. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 5, 2015

Rip Harve Bennett. You will never be forgotten.

1078. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 5, 2015

Big Bang Theory paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

1079. CmdrR - March 6, 2015

We’re circling a big ass-teroid!

1080. CmdrR - March 6, 2015

Finally! The government is doing something about traffic.

1081. CmdrR - March 6, 2015

Matt — We could really use articles on Harve Bennett… and Maurice Hurley.

1082. Marja - March 6, 2015

Cygnus, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair have both publidhed aryicles –VF has done several — and you are so right to be creeped out. The control — financial and personal — tby ey maintain over members is intense. People have mortgaged their houses and cut themselves off — or BEEN cut off — from their families. Members are surveilled.

So yeh I would love to see them going head to head with Westboro BC. They could have a lot of fun debating the origin stories of their religions …

I think L. Ron was pretty creative in coming up with Scientology. I’m thinking he started a Sci-fi novel … then revised it extensively when he realized HEY! I could sell this as a RELIGION!

Lotta gullible folk out there …

1083. Phil - March 6, 2015

As I recall, Germany has classified Scientology as a cult. Not sure what that means there, but I’m guessing it doesn’t involve tax exempt status….

1084. Phil - March 6, 2015

Would not mind seeing the Leonard Nimoy thread, and (hopefully) the Harve Bennett thread pinned for a while. I don’t mind the other stories, but the passing of these two individuals casts quite the shadow over the franchise….

1085. Red Dead Ryan - March 6, 2015

Well, I myself wouldn’t mind some positive news for once. We’re all going to be mourning the deaths of Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett for the next while anyway, so some good news in regards to the upcoming movie would be the perfect break.

1086. CmdrR - March 6, 2015

Thank you, Matt… and thank you, Jared.

1087. Phil - March 6, 2015

Last I saw, the Vancouver studios were gearing up for principle photography this summer. If past production updates were accurate, preproduction and CGI work should be well under way.

1088. Cygnus-X1 - March 7, 2015

1082. Marja – March 6, 2015

There’s a documentary on Scientology showing on HBO at the end of March:

I’ve seen some of the news documentary specials on Scientology from England. The more you see, the weirder it all gets. It’s a veritable treasure trove waiting to be dug up. From what I’ve seen, it seems plausible that the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta have been controlled by the Scientology Church via the threat of blackmail—either explicitly or understanding—for decades now.

1089. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2015

@1088 Cygnus-X1

Yeah, and three guesses what the blackmail is on them!

Let’s put it this way….I’m sure both actors “stand behind each other” in wanting this kept secret!

1090. CmdrR - March 7, 2015

They’ve got each other’s back, Harry.

(OK, it’s a gay joke. But, c’mon!!!! Are there any two more closeted men in America? They really should just come out.)

1091. AJ - March 7, 2015

Unbelievable crap:

I know conservatives who would think so as well:

1092. CmdrR - March 7, 2015

AJ, there’s no making some folks actually think… certainly not ones whose core philosophy is “Shoot em all, let God sort em out.” Trekkies hold out hope that we, as a people, will move past knee-jerk violence and selfishness. It’s been 50 years. I’m waiting for the needle to budge.

1093. Cygnus-X1 - March 7, 2015

1089. Harry Ballz – March 7, 2015
1090. CmdrR – March 7, 2015


Actually, I think that one of those British docs explicitly stated that the homosexual thoughts and feelings of both men had been recorded early on in their indoctrination and are now being held over them as blackmail if they should ever leave the church. Apparently, that’s standard procedure. A new recruit, desperate and confused, walks into the church. They do a “reading” on the individual with an “e-meter” to detect the person’s “thetan levels” (thetans are like the Scientologists’ version of midichlorians), and then the videotape the person talking about their innermost troubles, preoccupations, anxieties and demons, under the stated understanding that it’s the first step in the therapy to helping them resolve these issues.

Then, if the person quits the church at some point down the road, the video tape is mailed to the friends and family of the ex-Scientologist—often, the very people that the former church member had expressed very intimate thoughts and feelings about in the initial recorded interview.

1094. CmdrR - March 7, 2015

What stinks is being asking to decide whether to believe a cartoon religion or a cartoon about that religion…

1095. Marja - March 7, 2015

OHMIGOD that was funny. I love South Park’s various takes on religion :^D

Hubbard sounds like he’s drunk as he narrates. And I really think that for him it all started as just another sci-fi novel.

It is hilarious what Scientologists believe but tragic that so many innocent gullible adults — and how many “lost” youth are taken for everything they have. It is very clearly a cult and they should lose any “religious exemptions” they now enjoy. Of course some Scientologist probably found out some very official high up in our government had romantic inclinations toward poodles …

1096. Marja - March 7, 2015

Cygnus, The stuff I read in those extensive VF and New Yorker articles about curled my hair. I believe the books published in the last few years came out of those articles.

Frightening creepy cult, with “prison camps” (known of course by other terms), guards, minders … the whole freakin deal.

AJ, I waded thru that opinion piece (of poo). It proves definitively that a writer can twist anything to serve hir position, no matter how foolish, mean or paranoid.

1097. Cygnus-X1 - March 7, 2015

1094. CmdrR – March 7, 2015

Thanks for that clip.

Good to know that South Park wasn’t joking in that episode when they showed the disclaimer: This is what Scientologists actually believe.

Though, I can’t help but wonder what the ancient Hebrews sounded like when passing on their biblical myths: So, there was this guy who got swallowed by a whale and lived inside of its stomach for three days. . . .

1098. AJ - March 8, 2015

In all actuality, modern Christianity’s whole main shtick also sounds like a fanciful sci-fi narrative if you look at it objectively. And it is one that is similar in many ways to others that have come before it.

1099. CmdrR - March 8, 2015

Funny, I suppose, how the god you seek winds up resembling the person you think you are.

1100. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 8, 2015

I have a ton of respect for Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. Their Little Superbowl bet has really paid off for some Children. They both dressed up as Star Lord and Captian America at their Respective Children’s Hospitial. WTG Guys.

1101. Silvereyes - March 8, 2015

1099 CmdrR

That’s deep man. Maybe it’s difficult for people to think outside the box and to imagine that a being they want to feel they can depend on can be quite different in every way. Or maybe it’s that passage in the Bible that says that Man was created in the image of God…

On the Space channel here in Canadera, they’re having a Star Trek marathon in honor of LN. The best episodes… Until 5am… So when am I supposed to go to sleep now.

By the way, Scientology is major BS. A complete money-grab for the gullible and uneducated. Why do you think they don’t permit members to attend outside schools? They want to keep them ignorant and unaware of the outside world so they can better brainwash them. So many actors are members because many people look up to them (that’s funny) so they can influence the masses for better recruiting.

The fast talking pretty-boy types you see on the news talking about how great Scientology is for sure don’t believe a word of that alien and Xenu crap. They-just-want-money! Disgusting leeches praying on the weak. And they’re experts on blackmailing and suing everybody left, right and center… Cowards.

1102. AJ - March 8, 2015

Looks like Spidey is in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

That was fast!

1103. Phil - March 9, 2015

@1102. I’m wondering if someone was taken in with a couple of those fake trailers floating around? It’s a great headline, remarkably short on detail.

1104. Silvereyes - March 9, 2015

Cool doesn’t begin to describe this!

1105. Red Dead Ryan - March 9, 2015

Seems to be a stuntman wearing a Spidey costume as part of a cameo. Because the Marvel/Sony deal happened way after most of “Age Of Ultron” was filmed.

They also obviously haven’t had the time to cast a proper actor for Spider-Man yet.

1106. AJ - March 9, 2015

The first “Avengers” added the final Shawarma scene following the film’s actual premiere. Anything seems to be possible.

Much of what makes Spiderman a thing is the man himself, so if it’s just a stuntman, and not a real person wisecracking his way through the scene as Spiderman does, it may just suck a bit.

1107. Harry Ballz - March 9, 2015

Enough with winter! I’m off to Varadero at the end of this week. White sand and sunny days!

1108. CmdrR - March 9, 2015

Varadero Local #1: ¿Qué es esa cosa blanca pastosa?

Varadero Local #2: Creo que es un Canaderiense, pero tiene esas bolas peludas.

1109. AJ - March 9, 2015

Hasta la vista, Harry!

1110. Harry Ballz - March 9, 2015

@1108 No comprende, CmdrR!

@1109 “I’ll be back!” :>)

1111. Marja - March 9, 2015

Hey kids, Today is International Bagpipes Day! Wish I could hear some bagpipes live and outdoors in some nice brisk weather!

Regards to Spockchick who once recited a Scots takeoff on “Dcotland the Brave” ;^)

1112. Disinvited - March 9, 2015

#1097. Cygnus-X1

Put a present up for you on the Nostalgia Quadrant thread.

1113. Disinvited - March 9, 2015

Wonder what CBS’ marketing idea is behind a DVD only release?:

Captain James Tiberius Kirk (William Shatner) steps squarely into the spotlight in this thrilling Star Trek collection that features his greatest interstellar adventures! And the commander of the star ship U.S.S. Enterprise finds a galaxy full of intriguing missions as he and his crew are destined to boldly go where no man has gone before. From an encounter with the mysterious Balok in The Corbomite Maneuver and attempting to rescue survivors from a planet-killing weapon from another galaxy in The Doomsday Machine to the critically acclaimed, Hugo Award-winning The City on the Edge of Forever, this collection of eight thrill-packed, heart-pounding adventures from the original Star Trek series will have you joining Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew as they soar off on exciting quests and unforgettable encounters.

1114. Disinvited - March 9, 2015

Anyone want to muse on whether Apple was inspired in any of its new watch features by the wrist communicators of TMP and TWOK?

1115. Aurore - March 10, 2015

“Enough with winter! I’m off to Varadero at the end of this week. White sand and sunny days!”



….Lucky vous


1116. Aurore - March 10, 2015

@ 1115.



…I am si “jalouse”…So envieuse of youuuuuuuuuu….

“Petit ” chanceux you !

(Comme pourrait le dire Pépé ZE putois…um…enfin…bref… )


Amusez-vous bien, Monsieur Ballz!

1117. Silvereyes - March 10, 2015

When Aurore starts speaking French, you know Spring is coming…

Harry, get a hold of yourself. Try to concentrate on what you’re doing. If all else fails, a cold shower may be required.

… Wait, no, DON’T get a hold of yourself… I forgot I was talking to Harry here…

1118. CmdrR - March 10, 2015

Why are people speaking French? Isn’t Varadero in Cuba??

1119. Phil - March 10, 2015

@1114. Nah, there are only so many places on the human body you can hang tech before you have to start implanting it. It will be interesting when we start seeing ‘Barbarella’ inspired devices, though…

1120. Disinvited - March 10, 2015

# 1119. Phil – March 10, 2015

” Nah, there are only so many places on the human body you can hang tech..” — Phil

I wasn’t thinking about that so much as the wrist aspect of it has been with us as far back as Gould’s DICK TRACY.

I was thinking of hinted at functions in Trek and that inevitably Apple’s face will be programmed to look like one or the other of those Trek communicators by some 3rd party or Apple itself.

1121. Aurore - March 10, 2015

“…Amusez-vous bien, Monsieur Ballz!”


…And, I’m très curious to know what you’ll think of…la cuisine… over there…

[ Unless I’m mistaken, from what you once said, according to your “sources”, it (the food) wasn’t so great . I think your sources were wrong…but, what do I know ???]


1122. Disinvited - March 10, 2015

Now that Sony has decided to release both a boys and girls edition of GHOSTBUSTERS simultaneously, what could possibily be the repurcussions if they actually pull that off with great success?

1123. Harry Ballz - March 10, 2015


Silvereyes, I need you to translate Aurore’s message for me as my french is limited.

1124. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 10, 2015

This is pretty cool. What would the Tos Enterprise look like in Trek 09 and into darkness.

1125. Phil - March 10, 2015

Come on, Harry, Google Translate should at least get you close enough to know if you’re being insulted or complimented….. :-)

1126. AJ - March 10, 2015

Aurore wrote that she is saying how lucky you are as the skunk Pepe Le Pew would; and that she is jealous, and to have a good time.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Enjoy Cuba, Comrade! (I said that)

1127. CmdrR - March 10, 2015

Harry, the universal translator is a little drunk. My earlier message should say “thing” not “stuff.”

1128. JT - March 11, 2015

1124 Thank you for sharing! The images are incredible an to me they show how unnecessary changes to The Enterprise are, especially Matt Jefferies design.

1129. Phil - March 11, 2015

Looks like Trek 13 is chugging right along, with principle photography beginning in June. Here is the casting call info, time to polish off those head shots!

1130. Marja - March 11, 2015

JT, I love both designs. I loved the Galaxy-class Enterprise too. Each stands on her own merits. I know that in the eyes of some, the NuPrise looks like hell, but I love the curved nacelles and their — ahem — ample proportions. I love everything about her except the ol’ rocket-style tailfins. Who knows, maybe those help when she hits atmosphere …

I also admit, the glass — transparent aluminum? — Bridge port is illogical if it cracks under pressure. If I I were captain of an enemy ship I’d aim straight for it, alternating with hots to Engineering, til I wore down the shields. Blooey! No more senior staff.

1131. Marja - March 11, 2015

Ah shee, “SHOTS” to Engineering

1132. Silvereyes - March 11, 2015

1129 Phil

Interesting, thank you for the link. They state that Orci is a producer, along with JJ and Bryan Burk. Makes sense, I don’t see why Orci would have been kicked out completely.

1133. Disinvited - March 11, 2015

# 1125. Phil – March 10, 2015, 1123. Harry Ballz – March 10, 2015

” Come on, Harry, Google Translate…”

A Universal Translator does seem to be an iWatch feature, no?

1134. Harry Ballz - March 11, 2015

Gee, do you think Orci might let me be an extra in the next movie?


1135. Disinvited - March 11, 2015

# 1133. Harry Ballz – March 11, 2015

” Gee, do you think Orci might let me be an extra in the next movie?” — Harerry Ballz

While Orci did indicate that in his role of producer he does participate in casting, I doubt he interviews each and every extra. From what little I know of the process, from relatives, friends and acquaintances that have successfully been cast as extras in other films: it literally is a cattle call and if you can accurately figure out the look in makeup and costuming, as in provide you own and go to the call in character, you have a good shot at being picked out of a herd answering the call.

So you have a shot.

Oh, and since these calls are indigenous to the location of the shoot, you’d have to provide for your own transportation and lodging at which expense only you can decide if it’s worth it to you.

1136. Phil - March 11, 2015

Kinda under the impression that the casting of extras is outsourced. So unless you show up on set with a firearm, Harry, I don’t think Bob cares if you get cast or not….

Break a leg, amigo!

1137. Silvereyes - March 11, 2015

Gee guys, Harry was kidding…

1138. Phil - March 11, 2015

@1131. Bob’s status as producer was pretty much an unhealthy obsession of those few who compulsively stir the pot. I’ll stop there, out of respect to the recently deceased.

1139. Disinvited - March 11, 2015

# 1136. Silvereyes – March 11, 2015

” Gee guys, Harry was kidding…” — Silvereyes

Indeed, but as the humorist, only Harry can decide how far he’d literally go for the joke. Just letting him know the possibilities.

1140. Phil - March 11, 2015

@1138. Are….You…..Sure? (thunder, evil diabolical laughter in the background)

1141. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 11, 2015

Harry. I can see you as a red Shirt. But you get killed in the first 5 seconds. What kills you. A Hologram of Ericks Durance Nude. Lol

1142. Marja - March 11, 2015

1133 Mr Ballz
Not sure they are seeking an extra with his Bird finger in yon up and locked position … maybe you could be on the enemy ship? ;^)

God i hope they don’t have another enemy ship

1143. Disinvited - March 12, 2015

# 1133. Mr Ballz – March 11, 2015, 1141. Marja – March 11, 2015

How soon they forget The Photo Bombing extra in the publicity still.

1144. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

Harry can drive the honey wagon.

1145. Ahmed - March 12, 2015

@1134. Disinvited,

In July 2008, I heard that Alexander Siddig was in Cairo shooting a Canadian movie called “Cairo Time”. A friend of mine got me in touch with the casting director & was told to be at a gathering location 6 am & from there a bus will take the extras to the filming location at the new Cairo Gateway Bus Station which was used as a stand-in for Cairo International Airport.

That was my first experience in a movie set & I found the process of filmmaking fascinating. I thought that we will be done by late afternoon but we stayed till midnight! I didn’t know that shooting a single scene would take half the day!

Between shootings scenes, I got the chance to have a quick chat with Siddig about Trek & 24. He was a very nice & humble guy.

As to your point, yeah the casting director was the one in charge of the extras; we didn’t talk with the producer or any of the production team.

1146. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

I’ve also been an extra — no, no, you don’t have to bow.
Mainly, it felt like boot camp. We were told — repeatedly!! — not to go up to any stars we might see. We also worked late into the night to get a few shots. At the end, the movie’s star never showed. We got a stunt double, because it’s so hard to run down the aisle of a theatre. On the plus side, I got in a lot of reading and they fed us pretty well. Plus: $90 per day, 2 days! Woo-hoo! So, when you’re rewatching “Big Mama’s House 3: Like Father Like Son,” I’m the blur behind the running Mama who is not Martin Lawrence. Note to self: no time for dry cleaning; either buy 2 of every outfit or get used to the smell.

For Trek, I would be the fluffer. Really, I’d do just about anything to get on the set of one of the movies/shows.

1147. AJ - March 12, 2015

“Big Mama’s House 3: Like Father Like Son.”

Did you make that up, CmdrR?

That sounds so utterly cynically awful, it just can’t be real.

1148. Disinvited - March 12, 2015

#1135. Phil – March 11, 2015

The casting call for “Star Trek 3″ says:

Extras Casting

Andrea Brown

Star Trek 3 extras casting will get underway in May, 2015. Check back here for registration and submission details.

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

#1145. CmdrR – March 12, 2015

That reminds me. I’ve always meant to ask extras on non-U.S. location shoots if they get access to craft services.

#1144. Ahmed – March 12, 2015

In other words, plenty of free food?

1149. Ahmed - March 12, 2015

@1147. Disinvited,

“In other words, plenty of free food?”

lol there was that too. It was really fun, wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Too bad that I’m not in Vancouver!

1150. Ahmed - March 12, 2015


Rogue One Is The First Star Wars Stand-Alone Film, Rian Johnson To Write And Direct Star Wars: Episode VIII

Rogue One is the title for the first film in a unique series of big-screen adventures that explores the characters and events beyond the core Star Wars saga. Rogue One will be directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla) and written by Oscar nominee Chris Weitz (Cinderella, About a Boy, Antz).

Rian Johnson will write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. The film, which continues the saga after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is set for release on May 26, 2017 — forty years and a day after the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977.

1151. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

AJ — Alas, it is a real movie. The son takes up cross-dressing. I Shat you not.

1152. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

On the plus side… Although I will ALWAYS love the E, I have been seeing other starships…

1153. Phil - March 12, 2015

A couple of interesting tidbits floating around out there….

Chris Pine is apparently one of the actors being considered for a rebooted Green Lantern – only a rumor at this point.

Trek returning to TV – been reported that CBS International is making buckets of money franchising the previous five series to international markets. That may drive CBS to produce a new series, to satisfy that demand.

Numerous outlets now reporting principle photography begins on ST3 in Vancouver this summer.

1154. Silvereyes - March 12, 2015

1145 CmdrR

“I’ve also been an extra — no, no, you don’t have to bow.”

Yes, weren’t you an extra in Real Housewives of Atlanta?

1155. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

Silvereyes. I said I would be a fluffer for ST. Appear on RHoA? Harumph! I have my standards!

1156. Ken - March 12, 2015

Hi everyone, I wanted to quickly share this. Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes is hosting a special Star Trek trivia night in a bunch of cities across the country at the end of the month. Their events are a ton of fun, often attract more than a hundred of players and have cash prizes that number in the hundreds of dollars. There is a $5 entry fee per player and teams are capped at 6 players total. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the event. In full disclosure, I work for Geeks Who Drink, but I’d be doing this even if I didn’t since these events are seriously out of this world awesome. I hope the moderators here don’t treat this as spam. I promise this will be the only post I make on the subject. You can learn more at the links below.

1157. Phil - March 12, 2015

I’ve lived in SoCal all my life, never considered being an extra. Wonder what the market is for tall, bald, middle aged white guys….

1158. Phil - March 12, 2015

Figures, there are charges involved.

1159. Silvereyes - March 12, 2015

1155 Phil

To continue with my logic, why don’t you try a gig as an extra in Real Housewives of Orange County?

Ok, ok. I promise not to ask AJ to try out for RHoNYC…

1160. Phil - March 12, 2015

@1157. Well, I balked at a two dollar filing fee. Not sure that spending a 100K to get the Bruce Jenner makeover for a 300 dollar a day gig is that hot a return on investment….

I’m not a spectacularly good looking guy, there’s no planet in this universe where I’d make it as a real housewife…. :-)

1161. CmdrR - March 12, 2015

I dunno. Add one Vera Wang, take away one wang. We could make a gal out of you, Phil.

1162. Disinvited - March 12, 2015

#1159. CmdrR – March 12, 2015, 1158. Phil – March 12, 2015

Gentlemen, gentlemen, I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly certain those Real Housewives have poolboys. Now that’s the extra gig I for which I want to audition.

1163. Silvereyes - March 12, 2015

1160 Disinvited

Pool boy, really? Those housewives are demented freaks! Duckbills, cat eyes, monstrous boobs… Oh. Ok I get it. It’s the boobies isn’t it?

1164. Disinvited - March 12, 2015

#1161. Silvereyes Thursday, March 12, 2015 6:00 PM

“Disinvited Pool boy, really? Those housewives are demented freaks! Duckbills, cat eyes, monstrous boobs… Oh. Ok I get it. It’s the boobies isn’t it?” — Silvereyes

Didn’t you read the casting instuctions? Extras are never allowed to approach the ‘talent’. But those stuntwomen doubles wearing those same fancy outfits cut a pleasing figure. And there are always cat fights. Not to mention the women extras aren’t dressed too shabby either.

1165. AJ - March 12, 2015


Real Housewives of NYC? Try “Hannah and Her Sisters” I guess. That would be “Real Neurotic Rich Housewives of New York Who All Talk Like They Are In A Woody Allen Movie,” i.e. loudly, too much, and all with the same neuroses (i.e. they all talk like Woody Allen).

I prefer thinking of Sigourney Weaver the classical musician who lives near Lincoln Center, alone on the Upper West Side, and has a fridge with the Temple of Zuul inside. She’s the one who takes down Alien bitches as a day job.

By the way, I saw Keanu Reeves on the street yesterday (again, Upper West Side, across from Lincoln Center). Has a beard.

1166. Harry Ballz - March 12, 2015

Well, off to Cuba in the very early morning. Will be back here next weekend.

Stay out of trouble kiddies!

1167. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 12, 2015

I was an Extra in the Tv miniseries The Blue and the Grey. They shot the movie in Arkansas and they needed extra’s for the Soldiers. I was in J.R.O.T.C in H.S and they needed us as we already knew how to march. I was dressed as a rebel with the full uniform and a rifle. Did this for 3 days. I never really got a good look on screen. But I was in there. I of course was shot by some Yankee. Lol. It was a lot of fun.
I did get to meet Stacy Keech. He was a really nice guy.

1168. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 12, 2015

If I had a wish to play an extra again besides Star Trek. It wuld be to play a Walker in.The Walking Dead. Now that would be fun.

1169. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

Silvereyes — Of course it’s the boobies. We wouldn’t want NeNe or Kim to drown!

1170. AJ - March 13, 2015

Vulcan hand-signs get a shout-out in Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ segment with President Obama:

1171. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

I wouldn’t drink Coors Light if you paid me.

1172. Silvereyes - March 13, 2015

1166 CmdrR

“Silvereyes — Of course it’s the boobies. We wouldn’t want NeNe or Kim to drown!”

We wouldn’t? Nene is so full of hot air, even her boobage wouldn’t help her. Kim is cool. Ignorant, low class but she’s alright…

Hey, sometimes watching those shows (with my wife) does the soul good, as in it helps to turn the brain off. Only problem is it’s hard to get it turned back on again… Which explains a lot of my posts here.

1173. AJ - March 13, 2015

That thought kinda makes being a teetotaler all the more worthwhile,

1174. AJ - March 13, 2015

Hahahaha! Look what they did to Superman! How utterly pointless!

1175. Disinvited - March 13, 2015

#1170. AJ – March 13, 2015

Wonder Woman seems influenced heavily by Xena which isn’t so bad but she seems to have lost her peaceful center.

Never could figure out how there was enough material in Kal’s baby blanket to make that outfit he wore so I suppose a tee is more believable. But enough to make denim jeans?????

1176. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

Captain Don T. Draper

1177. Marja - March 13, 2015

1155 Phil, I think a gig in an office setting would make sense for you.
I’m curious about extras being paid. Don’t you have to have a SAG card?

1160 Dis Anybody remember “Dixie” on MadTV? “Dance, Poolboy, dance!”

1178. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

What does God need with an airship?

1179. Disinvited - March 13, 2015

# 1173. Marja – March 13, 2015

” I’m curious about extras being paid. Don’t you have to have a SAG card?” — Marja

That’s my understanding. Although, it can’t possibly be enforceable at all foreign locations as in some countries various unions are illegal.

” 1160 Dis Anybody remember “Dixie” on MadTV? “Dance, Poolboy, dance!”” — Marja

I have a vague recollection and it does seem topic and humor appropriate.

1180. Disinvited - March 13, 2015

# 1166. CmdrR – March 13, 2015

” Silvereyes — Of course it’s the boobies. We wouldn’t want NeNe or Kim to drown!” — CmdrR

I always get distracted during those safety lectures. Is it: Always keep all cushions that can be used as floatation devices in an upright position?

1181. Phil - March 13, 2015

@1173 No – you’d be a non-union extra. As such, that pay sucks. No idea how accurate this is, but it was interesting.

1182. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

You go in as an extra. You try to get in good with the casting people. If they pick you to be an Under 5 (lines), you get a SAG card, possibly a new name, and unions dues. Good luck!

1183. CmdrR - March 13, 2015

Dis & Silvereyes — Just to be clear, I am not a fan of Frankentitties. Much prefer factory original equipment.

1184. Disinvited - March 13, 2015

#1177. Phil – March 13, 2015

Holy flashback Batman! Back in latter years of high school and early ones of college my best bud was a dramatic arts major and you just activated memories I haven’t accessed in decades. Pretty weird how they coalesced too.

Anyway I now recall helping him drop off head shots at those extra casting agencies way back when. It was a weird time and I recall how odd I thought it was that they seemed to mix the old ways of doing things with the newer (for back then) technology…

1185. Phil - March 13, 2015

Three grand for union dues, if I read right.

1186. Disinvited - March 14, 2015

Hmmm…Tom Welling’s going to put on the S suit for CW’s THE FLASH.

1187. CmdrR - March 14, 2015

1186 — So, that must mean… a cameo by Erica Durance??? Harry will be so happy.

1188. CmdrR - March 14, 2015

AJ — You need to get Vlad sobered up and back to the onion-topped house. People are beginning to miss him.

1189. AJ - March 14, 2015


Interesting times over there for sure. Not a drinker, but with every passing hour, Putin loses respect, and becomes the butt of more and more jokes. In that culture, he is committing slow suicide if he is not dead already, or at least suffering from something horrible in the hospital. If he had the flu, or was simply “ill,” they’d say so.

1190. CmdrR - March 14, 2015

Finally. This IS the drone you’ve been looking for…

1191. CmdrR - March 15, 2015

Eagle One lands:

1192. CmdrR - March 15, 2015

Hey, look! A Star Trek list. And off to the right side of the page… a bunch more Star Trek lists! HA!! Take that, lawn that was expecting to get mowed!!

1193. Disinvited - March 15, 2015

#1192. CmdrR – March 15, 2015

If you really are looking for a time waster:

the answer wasn’t scientific or even scientifically derived so it shouldn’t surprise what “won”.

1194. Disinvited - March 15, 2015

If you haven’t been spoiled by the spoiling international trailer [now pulled], you can be spoiled by this aritcle about it:

In these days of the world wide web, I don’t eve understand why Disney/Lindelof even tried to keep TOMORROWLAND’s “secrets”.

1195. CmdrR - March 15, 2015

1194 – Sounds like another Disney self-love excursion, a la ‘Saving Mr. Banks.’ I smell corporate memo: “Not just a brand, Disney is a character, a plot, a way of life. It’s a bold new way to make films. Our Disney brand and our movies are a single paradigm!”

1196. Ahmed - March 16, 2015

@1195. CmdrR,

“Not just a brand, Disney is a character, a plot, a way of life. It’s a bold new way to make films. Our Disney brand and our movies are a single paradigm!”

I’m picturing Don Draper pitching this to Walt Disney :)

1197. Disinvited - March 16, 2015

#1195. CmdrR – March 15, 2015

Is this just another way of saying “A spoonful of TOMORROWLAND helps the ROGUE go down, in a most delightful way.”?

1198. ask - March 16, 2015

You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve truly read through a single thing like this before.
So great to find somebody with genuine thoughts on this issue.
Really.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is
one thing that is required on the web, someone with a bit
of originality!

1199. Marja - March 16, 2015

Based on its trailer I don’t see “Tomorrowland” being a great success. Disappointed that Clooney’s going to be in this ctap but I guess he needs the $$ after that big marriage and insta-divorce :-(

So many good actors are going to the action stuff now: Liam Neeson in the Taken series, the plane hijacking thing, and the new thing, cripes.

Or (sigh) just look at the NuTrek cast ….

1200. Cygnus-X1 - March 16, 2015

1198. Marja – March 16, 2015

Disappointed that Clooney’s going to be in this ctap but I guess he needs the $$ after that big marriage and insta-divorce


What happens to these people who date for years and then get divorced a few months after the marry? Are they each faking their personalities during the long dating period and then shocked to find out the person they married isn’t who they thought they were? I seriously don’t get it. How can you date someone for a long period of time and not really know them?

1201. CmdrR - March 16, 2015

1198 Marja — At least some of the divorce rumors are coming from Clooney’s first wife, who is promoting her HBO appearance on a show about — you guessed it — celebrity divorces. This chick split from George in 1993!
That’s just one year after Clooney caught world attention starring as the lip-synching transvestite in “The Harvest,” but still 4 years before his career-defining turn as the caped crusader in everyone’s favorite film: “Batman and Robin.” There was some stupid doctor show that started in 1994, btw.

Then again, Gorgeous George might dump his homely no-talent wife, Amal, and be back on the circuit in time for beach season, Marja.

1202. Disinvited - March 16, 2015

#1197. Disinvited – March 16, 2015

Would you say “These are not the droids’ they’re looking for?”:

1203. Disinvited - March 16, 2015

# 1198. Marja – March 16, 2015

” Based on its trailer I don’t see “Tomorrowland” being a great success.” — Marja

I’d be curious if this opinion still holds after you catch the taboo international trailer?

[Spoiler Alert]

So far, to me it just reads as a cinematized version of the SyFy TV series, EUREKA.

1204. Phil - March 17, 2015

George Clooney is getting a divorce?

1205. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

Oh, these ARE the droids they were looking for:

1206. Silvereyes - March 17, 2015

I was passing through a checkout line yesterday, and got a glimpse of one of those gossip magazines, one of the headlines was “Shatner at 300 lbs. Doctor says Diet or Die!”…

Who knows if it’s true. Shatner has always been portly but who knows if it’s up to 300 lbs…

1207. Marja - March 17, 2015

Phil, I should know better than to scan the covers of tabloids when I’m in the supermarket checkout line! Apologies to Clooney’s image. Hope George and his new bride will be happy and defy the stereotype.

I just hate to see good actors wasting time on movies that don’t really use many of their talents (most of the cast of “The Avengers” comes to mind). I’m sure they have a lot of fun doing that over-the-top stuff, or even some of the violence (Neeson; and Denzel Washington in “The Equalizer”). I know they’re assuring the future of their heirs and charities (in Harrison Ford’s case, preserving wilderness) …

… I do wish they could spend some time on quality projects to recall to us how talented they are. And show us their excellent acting skills.

Guess the days of Lancaster

1208. Phil - March 17, 2015

Well, for all the giddiness of the rumored demise of Bad Robot that was flooding these boards a few months back….to paraphrase Black Widow…amazingly failed. It looks like JJ is hanging around for a while.

1209. Ahmed - March 17, 2015

Looks like someone was living under a rock or something!

We already discussed this news a month ago. As Disinvited & Brian Drew mentioned back then, this has nothing to do with Trek.

But it is always good for the investors to know that our dear company is doing well!

1842. Brian Drew – February 19, 2015

Disinvited is correct. This is not an extension of Bad Robot’s contract to produce Trek or Mission Impossible. Those are separate deals.

1210. Ahmed - March 17, 2015

And now they are even remaking a crappy movie from the 1980s! What’s next? Eastwood ‘s Firefox!


‘Blue Thunder’ Remake Kicks Off Drone-Themed Film Frenzy

1211. AJ - March 17, 2015


Hey, wait a second!

Blue Thunder was NOT a “crappy” movie! (Firefox was). I loved Roy Scheider and Malcolm McDowell as adversaries, and that cool pre-RoboCop heat signature thingamajig was just awesome.

1212. Ahmed - March 17, 2015

@1208. AJ,

I watched ‘Blue Thunder’ in mid 1990s & I remember that I wasn’t very impressed by it. The only reason I saw it was Roy Scheider. , Enjoyed most of his movies from Jaws to 2010 and I was following him on SeaQuest DSV back then.

Firefox on the other hand was a true stinker.

1213. Cygnus-X1 - March 17, 2015

Somewhere, out there, there’s someone who thinks that Firefox was the best movie ever.

1214. Cygnus-X1 - March 17, 2015

And he probably works for Bad Robot or Paramount.

1215. Phil - March 17, 2015

@1206. You presume now that because the main boards have been clogged with so much ‘hate BR all the time’ bullshit that folks who were a bit more moderate slog their way through the mountains of nonsense to find something relevant? Don’t flatter yourself. Further, my comment is still correct – the nonsense being flung around a couple of months back was all built around the imaginary idea that dissatisfaction with BR was so deep that a renewal or extension of the first look contract was pretty much a non starter. Guess what? That renewal DOES give JJ the option to make more Trek, if he wants to. If he doesn’t, JJ is the one walking away, not Paramount. As much as that sticks in your throat, JJ is still calling the shots.

1216. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

#1212. Phil – March 17, 2015

Wow. So what you are saying is that, at the time, you weren’t paying attention to posts from a credentialed moderator even after he threatened to shut the whole thing down?

1217. CmdrR - March 17, 2015

So… conflating the last several post… WHEN will Hollywood finally remake ‘Incubus,’ starring William “All You Can Eat” Shatner. Purists will note that its proper Esperanto title is ‘Inkubo.’

Tingle with Excitement at the Succubi Sisters!

1218. Ahmed - March 17, 2015

@1215. Phil,


Gotta admit that the way you are defending Abrams, even when there is no need for it, is so funny, sometime. :)

Disclaimer: I watched every show written, produced & directed by Abrams. Enjoyed most of his early TV works, from Alias to Lost & Fringe. Loved Mission: Impossible III & ST09 & hopefully will be blown away by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But I don’t worship the guy like some seem to do.

1219. Ahmed - March 17, 2015

How about ‘Tango & Cash’ ?

All those in favor, say “Aye.” :)

1220. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

# 1213. Cygnus-X1 – March 17, 2015

” Somewhere, out there, there’s someone who thinks that Firefox was the best movie ever.” — Cygnus-X1

Well, I definitely wouldn’t go that far but I do find Eastwood’s SF forays guilty pleasures.

Once I got past the preposterous proposition that that Soviets whose avionics, at the time, were steeped in vacuum-tube electronics and were only just beginning to exploit Integrated Circuits via purloined 8008 [early predecessor of the famed Intel 8080] manufacturing plans, had magically leaped-frogged us, I was able to enjoy it as a B-movie.

I also recall at the time believing this script/movie had to be a CIA financed deal to prop up the Soviet bogeyman for more funding for the Reagan Administration proposals backing Edward Teller’s saber-rattling, which later culminated in a strategic defense initiative that became popularly known as “star wars”.

1221. CmdrR - March 17, 2015

Nuf sed:

1222. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

#1221. CmdrR – March 17, 2015

Do I get Trek props for have the fleeting thought “What’s he doing on the set of The City on the Edge of Forever?

1223. Cygnus-X1 - March 17, 2015

1217. CmdrR – March 17, 2015

Incubus is great.

Safe to say there’s no other movie like it. And Shatner actually memorized all of his lines in Esperonto. That’s impressive. Gotta love the Shat.

1224. Cygnus-X1 - March 17, 2015

1219. Ahmed – March 17, 2015

How about ‘Tango & Cash’ ?

I remember liking it well enough when I saw it in the theater. Though, I was 15 at the time and thus much more easily entertained. It wasn’t all that memorable, but I remember having a decent time. Haven’t seen it since.

1225. Cygnus-X1 - March 17, 2015

1220. Disinvited – March 17, 2015

I haven’t seen Firefox since I was a kid, so I can’t comment.

1226. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

# 1223. Cygnus-X1 – March 17, 2015

” Incubus is great.” — Cygnus-X1

I’ve always assumed Shatner is fluent in French, but I’ve never bothered to verify it or track down any French films he may have done. Not even whether he dub the French on any of his movies alternate language tracks….

1227. Phil - March 17, 2015

@1216. So, what exactly does one need to do to be ‘credentialed’? Is that a degree one earns at the prestigious Internet University? An NGO recognition, like passing the bar?

The guy made a mistake, no big deal. The context of my observation wasn’t an endorsement of BR, but a contrast to the landslide of bullshit that came out the self appointed defenders of Trek truth a couple of months back…that just looks extremely ridiculous now.

Maybe that’s the trick to slogging through the train wreck the main boards have turned into….stopping at the bar, instead. Credentials by Curevo College.

1228. Disinvited - March 17, 2015

# 1223. Cygnus-X1 – March 17, 2015

” Incubus is great.” — Cygnus-X1

I’ve always @ssumed Shatner is fluent in French, but I’ve never bothered to verify it or track down any French films he may have done. Not even whether he dub the French on any of his movies alternate language tracks….

1229. Cygnus-X1 - March 18, 2015

But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.

Esperonto is an academically constructed language that was spoken by very few people worldwide, if any today. Though, Esperonto does have a noticeable Latin influence, so I suppose Shatner’s knowledge of any Romance language would have made it a bit easier for him. But, it still couldn’t have been easy to memorize all of those lines in a foreign language.

1230. Cygnus-X1 - March 18, 2015

On a totally different topic, I’ve been going through TNG again and just watched Season 5 “The Outcast.”

Firstly, what a fantastic season is the fifth one of TNG. So many great episodes, it’s really the height of Trekdom as far as I’m concerned. The episode before “The Outcast” is “Ethics,” which does a great treatment of suicide. Such an intelligent show, but I digress…

I’ve seen people complain from time to time that Trek never did a gay-themed episode, but “The Outcast” is totally a gay-themed episode. Every, single aspect of the main theme is obviously meant to apply to the gay/straight duality in our culture. Only TNG was more clever about it by turning the tables and making our norm—heterosexuality—the controversy and the homosexual J’naii the normals who regard heterosexuality as an illness. It’s a much more effective and persuasive way of treating the theme than simply having two gay characters kissing in the hallway would have been.

And, speaking of that, DS9 actually had two gay characters kissing (Jadzia Dax and Lenara) in “Rejoined,” which was one of the first lesbian kisses on TV, if not the first. So, I really don’t see that people have anything to complain about with regard to Trek missing the chance to stand up for gayness. “The Outcast” first aired in 1992, long before homosexuality was being given serious treatment as a theme in TV or in movies.

For context, “As Good as It Gets” and “In and Out,” two of the earliest movies to seriously treat homosexuality as a significant theme (if not the first mainstream movies to do so) both had their theatrical run in 1997. So, Trek having already been there and done that—and in a much more serious manner in “The Outcast”— five years earlier, should be regarded as impressive by people who care about that issue. Instead, I see the importance of “The Outcast” dismissed more often than not. Seems kind of short-sighted.

1231. Cygnus-X1 - March 18, 2015


And having Worf be relateable by being creeped out by the homosexual J’naii was brilliant. Not only does it help the episode connect with the audience by acknowledging a common feeling—discomfort with the unfamiliar—but, Michael Dorn’s delivery of the lines in that scene is priceless. Just reading the words on the page, they’re not funny at all. But, seeing and hearing Dorn deliver them while he uncomfortably rubs his hands and fidgets in his chair adds brilliant comic relief and makes all the difference in the world.

WORF: The J’naii. They bother me.
TROI: Why, Worf?
WORF: They just do. They’re all alike. No males, no females.

1232. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Cygnus-X1 – March 18, 2015

” But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.” — Cygnus-X1

I was only noting that I always assumed that but never followed it up and that your Esperanto musings made me think of that.

But, following on the line you went down. I also assumed he was exposed to whatever common language his immigrant grandparents passed on to his parents [Yiddish?]; not to mention being raised in Conservative Judaism which I’d expect requires schooling in the Hebrew language?

So one assumes he had a mind pliable to learning languages, yes.

I would still like to know the answer as to whether he has done any French language work – if only his own lines on the French dubs of his originally English works?

1233. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Cygnus-X1 – March 18, 2015

” But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.” — Cygnus-X1

I was only noting that I always @ssumed that but never followed it up and that your Esperanto musings made me think of that.

But, following on the line you went down. I also assumed he was exposed to whatever common language his immigrant grandparents passed on to his parents [Yiddish?]; not to mention being raised in Conservative Judaism which I’d expect requires schooling in the Hebrew language?

So one @ssumes he had a mind pliable to learning languages, yes.

I would still like to know the answer as to whether he has done any French language work – if only his own lines on the French dubs of his originally English works?

1234. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Cygnus-X1 – March 18, 2015

” But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.” — Cygnus-X1

I was only noting that I always @ssumed that but never followed it up and that your Esperanto musings made me think of that.

But, following on the line you went down. I also assumed he was exposed to whatever common language his immigrant grandparents p@ssed on to his parents [Yiddish?]; not to mention being raised in Conservative Judaism which I’d expect requires schooling in the Hebrew language?

So one @ssumes he had a mind pliable to learning languages, yes.

I would still like to know the answer as to whether he has done any French language work – if only his own lines on the French dubs of his originally English works?

1235. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Cygnus-X1 – March 18, 2015

” But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.” — Cygnus-X1

I was only noting that I always @ssumed that but never followed it up and that your Esperanto musings made me think of that.

But, following on the line you went down. I also @ssumed he was exposed to whatever common language his immigrant grandparents p@ssed on to his parents [Yiddish?]; not to mention being raised in Conservative Judaism which I’d expect requires schooling in the Hebrew language?

So one @ssumes he had a mind pliable to learning languages, yes.

I would still like to know the answer as to whether he has done any French language work – if only his own lines on the French dubs of his originally English works?

1236. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Cygnus-X1 – March 18, 2015

” But, French is a common language in Montreal, where Shatner grew up.” — Cygnus-X1

I was only noting that I always a$$umed that but never followed it up and that your Esperanto musings made me think of that.

But, following on the line you went down. I also a$$umed he was exposed to whatever common language his immigrant grandparents pa$$ed on to his parents [Yiddish?]; not to mention being raised in Conservative Judaism which I’d expect requires schooling in the Hebrew language?

So one a$$umes he had a mind pliable to learning languages, yes.

I would still like to know the answer as to whether he has done any French language work – if only his own lines on the French dubs of his originally English works?

1237. Silvereyes - March 18, 2015

French is the predominant language in Montreal today, but in the 30s and 50s when Shatner grew up, it was less so, English being more dominant. Also, even today, many in the Jewish community of Montreal don’t speak French at all. I surmise that Shatner’s French is not fluent enough for any dubbing work.

1238. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

#1232. Silvereyes – March 18, 2015

I wish I knew their source BFWIW Memoery Alpha:

says Shatner is fluent in French.

1239. Ahmed - March 18, 2015

@1238. Disinvited

Check this video interview with Shatner.

William Shatner learned French by osmosis

WILLIAM SHATNER SAID: “During the years I was brought up, there was quite a distinction. The english were here. The french were there. But I lived in a kind of marginal area. So that many of my young friends were french. And so I spoke french on the streets somewhat easily. As I spoke english in the house. Both my parents spoke french. My mother because–being Canadian–she was taught it in schools. And my father–being a businessman–had learned it as a necessity. And I learned it just as by osmosis on the streets of Montreal.”

1240. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1215. Phil – March 17, 2015

“That renewal DOES give JJ the option to make more Trek, if he wants to. If he doesn’t, JJ is the one walking away, not Paramount. As much as that sticks in your throat, JJ is still calling the shots.” — Phil

Not quite. The inititial deal that was renewed gives JJ, the man, the option to direct. BR’s options are an entirely different matter as previously indicated.

What I find interesting is JJ isn’t the only director that Paramount’s given this first look option to. So is there a seniority system to first look deals? IF JJ decides to direct a particular Paramount STAR TREK script can Michael Bay trump him and do it?

1241. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

Meant to include this link:

1242. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

#1218. Ahmed – March 17, 2015

“First Look” deals remind me of Mel Brooks THE PRODUCERS.

Obviously if other directors have “First Look” deals with Paramount, then JJ doesn’t have a lock on STAR TREK vis a vis merely having one. And I doubt that anyone seriously believes Michael Bay doesn’t have the clout to trump him.

1243. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

#1239. Ahmed – March 18, 2015

Thanks. Nice having it confirmed that he’s multilingual.

1244. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Phil – March 17, 2015

“So, what exactly does one need to do to be ‘credentialed’?” — Phil


1245. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1227. Phil – March 17, 2015

“So, what exactly does one need to do to be ‘credentialed’?” — Phil

Note the credits:

1246. CmdrR - March 18, 2015

Burt has nice things to say about LN, not so much about WS.

1247. Phil - March 18, 2015

@1246. Somehow, I don’t think Burt was referring to Patrick Stewart.

1248. Disinvited - March 18, 2015

# 1247. Phil – March 18, 2015

“Somehow, I don’t think Burt was referring to Patrick Stewart.” — Phil

The only records I found in, a by no means exhaustive but a good stab, search of the imdb that has him working with any names from STAR TREK was in a TV event honoring President Reagan in 1985, ALL STAR PARTY FOR ‘DUTCH’ REAGAN, which featured Dwight Schultz and Robert Wise, and a TV show episode of RIVERBOAT with Gene L. Coon

At this stage, I’d say it’s just as likely Burt’s ‘the other guy” was referring to Gene Roddenberry or even Harve Bennett who preceded Nimoy in death and who Nimoy had kicked off the set of STIV as Reynolds’ emotional state is indicative that he knew Nimoy well enough to be aware of his battles with those two.

1249. Disinvited - March 19, 2015


Assuming you are familiar with Shatner’s speaking voice, have you heard any of Kirk’s French language dub tracks that sounds like him?

1250. Disinvited - March 19, 2015


A$$uming you are familiar with Shatner’s speaking voice, have you heard any of Kirk’s French language dub tracks that sounds like him?

1251. Phil - March 19, 2015

@1248. Well, I’ll have to give you a gold star for some creative thinking on that bit of exposition there…..

1252. Phil - March 19, 2015

@1240. Another gold star for imaginative thinking – unless JJ has another secret production company that no one knows about, the extension is being reported as JJ’s Bad Robot productions.

JJ/BR isn’t going anywhere. If BR walks away from Trek after the next installment, that’s their call (and yes, I understand that that is a possibility).

1253. Ahmed - March 19, 2015

Robots are droning on and on and on and on and on…

You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us, WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!
You don’t walk away from us; WE are the ones calling the shots!

1254. B Kramer - March 19, 2015

Phil why are you such an anti-shatite?

1255. AJ - March 19, 2015

JJ apparently has a shot at SW9.

I would feel morally more comfortable if Trek were in a camp other than Abrams’s. He is a pedestrian director with an iffy box office record who at one time invented LOST.

His PR firm is of a much higher caliber within its industry than JJ is as a director. I mean, SW7 hasn’t even achieved industry “buzz” yet, beyond the “execs are pleased” stage. And we all know that means absolutely zip.

I always, for some reason lump Abrams in with Joss Whedon, who also made the jump from TV to films with an entourage of talented people around him. Whedon seems to hit home runs these days, whereas JJ is still just getting on base. Also, Whedon did Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which rules.

1256. Ahmed - March 19, 2015

@1255. AJ,

What do you think of ‘Dollhouse’?

1257. LizardGirl - March 19, 2015

Anybody watching The Flash? It’s a fantastic show! Kind of weird that they’ve already cast the Flash for the DC movies (Ezra Miller). Imo, Grant Gustin is The Flash.

1258. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

#1252. Phil – March 19, 2015

Look, I was well aware that in the initial deal back in 2006 Paramount financed JJ’s Bad Robot day to day operations and supplied on lot offices.

But that’s not the same as what you are trying to conflate this into. TIME describes it thusly:,8816,1304042,00.html

”Under terms of its “first-look” deal with Paramount that recently expired, Cruise/Wagner was paid an annual chunk of money to cover overhead and development costs — a sum estimated by sources at the studio to be around $10 million, although Wagner insists it was much less than that. In return, the studio got first dibs on releasing the pictures Cruise/Wagner produced.” — Sonja Steptoe/Los Angeles Wednesday; Aug. 23, 2006; TIME

And for your argument’s sake let’s play it your way, let’s say in some small way I am flawed about my understanding of J.J.’s first-look deals. My having a wart on my nose in no way makes you right. You have yet to prove your @ssertion.

A first-look deal is simply NOT the same thing as a production deal for STAR TREK. And if it were, by your own reasoning, Michael Bay and every other director that has a first-look deal with Paramount is making a STAR TREK movie. And while I wish that were true that simply hasn’t been the case in the past and isn’t true now.

1259. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

#1252. Phil – March 19, 2015

Look, I was well aware that in the initial deal back in 2006 Paramount financed JJ’s Bad Robot day to day operations and supplied on lot offices.

But that’s not the same as what you are trying to conflate this into. TIME describes it thusly:,8816,1304042,00.html

”Under terms of its “first-look” deal with Paramount that recently expired, Cruise/Wagner was paid an annual chunk of money to cover overhead and development costs — a sum estimated by sources at the studio to be around $10 million, although Wagner insists it was much less than that. In return, the studio got first dibs on releasing the pictures Cruise/Wagner produced.” — Sonja Steptoe/Los Angeles Wednesday; Aug. 23, 2006; TIME

And for your argument’s sake let’s play it your way, let’s say in some small way I am flawed about my understanding of J.J.’s first-look deals. My having a wart on my nose in no way makes you right. You have yet to prove your a$$ertion.

A first-look deal is simply NOT the same thing as a production deal for STAR TREK. And if it were, by your own reasoning, Michael Bay and every other director that has a first-look deal with Paramount is making a STAR TREK movie. And while I wish that were true that simply hasn’t been the case in the past and isn’t true now.

1260. AJ - March 19, 2015

Don’t know “Dollhouse”. Never seen it! Good?

1261. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

# 1257. LizardGirl – March 19, 2015

” Anybody watching The Flash?” — LizardGirl

I am. I’m a comic book fan of Barry Allen’s FLASH from the Silver Age of comics so that got me hooked there.

About the only flaw in the series so far for me, is a personal one: I am so well versed in Barry from the books that I see where they are going miles ahead. For example, from his first seconds on screen in the pilot, I pegged the Wells character as the Reverse Flash much to the consternation of my younger brother who is also a fan of this series but unfamiliar with the Silver Age Comics.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy this resurrection of Barry, who they killed off in THE CRISIS OF INFINITE EARTHS. And can’t say how I’d feel about it if they didn’t honor his comics past so well in mixing it up with Professor Zoom’s flawed time travel.

1262. Brian Drew - March 19, 2015

This is still a thing?

The “First Look” deal is commonplace in Hollywood and is interdependent of BR’s deals for Trek or Mission. BR’s deal for Trek expires after the third film and it’s safe to say that interest in renewing the relationship will be predicated on how the movie performs.

Believe me – if and when Paramount and Bad Robot renew the deal, it’ll be far bigger news than the reports that have been cited here and elsewhere.

1263. Aurore - March 19, 2015

“…I would feel morally more comfortable if Trek were in a camp other than Abrams’s. He is a pedestrian director with an iffy box office record who at one time invented LOST…”


Aaaah….don’t say that.

Here, not so long ago, he’s been described (by some) as a “génie controversé ” ; “génie non infaillible”…but, génie anyway…
So, no matter what happens next, “Trek ” will be fine…

You believe me don’t you?


1264. Phil - March 19, 2015

@1259. There’s nothing to prove. Under the framework of the original agreement, JJ wanted to do Trek, he did Trek. If, after Trek 3 is done, if everyone’s happy with it, he’ll do more. If not, someone else well. End of story – it matters not to me who continues to produce it, just as long as there is more.

The point I made originally was only that, a few months back when pre-production on Trek 3 hit a snag, that the handful of people here that loathe the very existence of Bad Robot went berserk, foaming at the mouth with some really wild eyed speculation about the end of BR’s involvement with the franchise. With the rather routine announcement of the extension of this deal, just about all of that speculation was shown to be wrong. For those of us who pointed out the flaws in that, and promptly get tarred and feathered as insane BR lapdogs, the irony that Trek 3 production, after a few hiccups, seems to be back to business as usual.

I do hope the production is a worthy effort for the shows 50th anniversary. I hope everyone can at least agree on that.

1265. Cygnus-X1 - March 19, 2015

Business as usual?

So, it is business as usual to fire the director and writers and start filming (if they stick to the announced schedule) ONE YEAR before the announced release date of the movie? This all happened on the last two BR Trek movies, and yet somehow everyone was told a completely different story?

Cuz the story that everyone else was told, the “business as usual” that was reported here and on every other site on the web, is that the last two movies were each pushed back a year before filming even began. And they didn’t fire the director. Or the writers. That’s what everybody else was told.

1266. Cygnus-X1 - March 19, 2015


Shatner’s gonna be in the movie, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

1267. Phil - March 19, 2015

@1265. Read the comment in it’s entirety before embarrassing yourself again. You’re just pissed because the best case scenario you were jizzing yourself over fell flat – it will be what it will be at this point, regardless of how many volumes you print pretending otherwise.

@1246. Yeah, your rock solid, good as gold blogger with the reputation for being spot on had Shatner and Nimoy in it. The less said about that, the better.

And as everyone else who has slogged through your endless diatribes about BR has observed, you’ve made your point. Repeatedly. Coming over to chat to repeat yourself..over and over…really isn’t necessary.

1268. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

#1264. Phil – March 19, 2015

I’m not sure where you are getting that from? I’m certainly not antiBad Robot. In this thread:

Ahmed cited the first-look deal’s renewal reporting and I explained it. This site’s A$$i$tant Editor confirmed my interpretation in regards to its meaning for STAR TREK as he just did again.

In your posts in that comment chain, I see a consistent a$$ertion that Bob Orci’s the producer which had nothing to do with this.

The only response with a note of antagonism to that clarification was from ‘star trackie’ and we all know how much trouble he/she had in trying to argue otherwise logically and honestly.

“I do hope the production is a worthy effort for the shows 50th anniversary. I hope everyone can at least agree on that.” — Phil

Definitely in agreement there.

1269. LizardGirl - March 19, 2015

@1261 Disinvited

Honestly, the Flash comics weren’t my comic forte (though I have free access to many). I’m more familiar with the more modern flash comics (the ones I have read anyway).

I was hoping Wells wasn’t the Reverse Flash. It seemed too obvious. Ideas bounced around were, “He could be future Barry.” I even went so far to think he was the Martian the Manhunter. Besides a few kernels of Flash universe trivia, I don’t know much. lol.

The acting is pretty good considering that we’re talking about the CW. Grant Gustin’s interactions with the original Flash John Wesley Shipp as well as with Jesse Martin ( Joe West) is on point. He’s kind of like a Tobey McGuire’s Peter Parker. Nerdy but endearing-someone you want to root for. I just find it jarring that the actor cast for the DC movies seems very different. Actually, the casting for all the DC characters (future movies) is concerning to me (i.e. Jesse Eisenberg cast as Lex Luthur).

Do you (or anyone) watch Gotham? That’s a good tv show, though I see some minor flaws in it.

1270. Ahmed - March 19, 2015

@1260. AJ,

“Don’t know “Dollhouse”. Never seen it! Good?”

In short, yep!

The show is basically about the nature of identity & the effects of a new technology on the human subjects. Dollhouse starts really slow in the first 5 episodes & then it hit the ground running from episode 6, the one with Patton Oswalt.

I didn’t care much for the main actress Eliza Dushku at the beginning but she turned out ok. The ones that stood out in this show IMO were Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman & Enver Gjokaj.

The show was aired on Fox in 2009 & the ratings were awful but thankfully Fox gave the show a second & final season.

I re-watch the entire series (27 episodes in total) once a year. It is on Netflix as well, you should give it a shot.

1271. Ahmed - March 19, 2015


Gail Berman, then the president of Paramount, convinced Leslie Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, to allow her one more chance at a “Trek” film; he gave her 18 months to get the cameras rolling or lose the property. (Under the arrangement CBS retained the “Star Trek” merchandising rights.)

Mr. Kurtzman and Mr. Orci were among the first to learn that “Star Trek” was seeking new management. Then, they were former “Alias” producers writing the screenplay for “Mission: Impossible III” (which Mr. Abrams directed). Paramount executives began quizzing them about “Trek.”

The studio wanted “a very specific kind of thinking,” Mr. Kurtzman said.

“You had to love genre at your core in every possible way,” he said. “And yet you had to separate it from what ‘Trek’ had been, to make it feel fresh.”

In postproduction on “Mission: Impossible III” Mr. Abrams was approached by Ms. Berman to produce the new “Trek.” He did not immediately jump at the opportunity, but the more he thought about a project that could involve Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman, as well as Mr. Lindelof and Mr. Burk, the more enthusiastic he became.

“Our references were all the same,” Mr. Abrams said. He added, “There’s this crazy sense of having all grown up together.”;

1272. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

1268. LizardGirl – March 19, 2015

” The acting is pretty good considering that we’re talking about the CW.” — LizardGirl

The acting’s pretty good considering the CW is run by Les Moonves of all things. I’m still reeling from the fact that Les is paying for a Supergirl show/pilot in active development that he’s saying he’s going to put in prime time on CBS!

FWIW, one of children whose parents are of the next generation in my family tree caught the original FLASH series while very young. I think it was being rerun on SciFi [now SyFy] was how. Fell in love with it. Can’t stand the new FLASH. Go figure. I enjoy them both.

” Do you (or anyone) watch Gotham? That’s a good tv show, though I see some minor flaws in it.” — LizardGirl

Yep, and agree. I still enjoy it a lot but there are some segments where I go “OK it’s time for a stretch. Maybe a walk.” but I never stray far enough away that I can’t get right back when I hear something interesting develop.

1273. Disinvited - March 19, 2015

# 992. AJ – March 2, 2015

” I landed in New York, and saw all the Shatner-bashing, and thought first: Don’t people realize that Kirk and Spock are fantasy characters?

Played by professional actors?” — AJ

You are telling me? I can’t them to realize that Shatner didn’t originate “Get a life!” Robert Smigel did (Which by the way was confirmed, by the writers reminiscing for the recent SNL Anniversary, when they said one of the funniest things they thought of that skit as a memory was that Shatner had never heard of that expression before that script and was confused about it.)

1274. Aurore - March 19, 2015


“…Here, not so long ago, he’s been described (by some) as a “génie controversé ” ; “génie non infaillible”…but, génie anyway…”


Good morning!

(So as to avoid any misunderstanding, I should clarify.)

A few hours ago, I was quoting some of my fellow citizens ; by ” Here etc, etc…”, I meant here in my country, of course.

….I wasn’t speaking Pépé’s French…


1275. Aurore - March 19, 2015

@ 1274

“….I wasn’t speaking Pépé’s French…”

I mean….Oh…well….You got my point.

Yes YOU DID!!!


1276. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

# 1260. AJ – March 19, 2015

” Don’t know “Dollhouse”. Never seen it! Good?” — AJ

I share Ahmed’s positive review having watched it when Fox first aired it submitting it to their FIREFLY effect. But I like Dushku apparently more than he as I liked her in TRU CALLING too.

Been following her since Whedon began grooming her for a BUFFY slayer spinoff way back when.

What’s really weird for me is, and this may throwback to the time travel in her TRU CALLING series, is I could swear DOLLHOUSE aired before 2007. Probably more likely the result of a residual effect of grieving over the loss of a loved one back then. But the eerie effect that something is not quite right about time is fascinating. And for the record I have experienced deja vu more than a few times in my life, but this is something else.

Ahmed will no doubt have his own reasons but one thing that seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way about Dushku is she seems to be embracing a Hollywood “wild child” image in her personal life. I don’t find that it affects her professional work, and I am not too sure that it isn’t just an affectation for her, not that it should matter one way or the other.

1277. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

# 1275. Aurore – March 19, 2015

” I mean….Oh…well….You got my point. ” — Aurore

In other words, to paraphrase Priscilla to John Alden, “Listen for yourself, John.”? ;-)

You don’t know the apoplexy it gives my grand nephew who only knows English, despite his Spanish speaking cultural and ethnic roots, when he comes to visit and he catches me watching an “English” movie in a foreign tongue. Almost as bad as when he catches me watching a film with captions: “Who WANTS to READ while watching a MOVIE???!!!!”

1278. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

Posted some Variety coverage on Paramount’s turnover of the President of its Motion Picture Group, over in the Nostalgia Quadrant.

Apparently, Variety feels their STAR TREK is at a “critical juncture”.

1279. Ahmed - March 20, 2015

@1278. Disinvited

From your comment in the Nostalgia Quadrant

“As for Goodman, the news that Paramount would move forward without him appeared to take the executive by surprise. His ouster was so abrupt that Goodman only learned he had been fired from media accounts, according to individuals with knowledge of the situation. He has been offered a production deal on the studio lot but has yet to make a decision about whether to accept the pact.”

Looks like it is SOP at Paramount to let their top employees find out they were fired through media reports!!

1280. Ahmed - March 20, 2015

@1276. Disinvited,

I found Dushku a bit annoying in Buffy & that was the reason why I wasn’t sure about Dollhouse during the pre-production. But she put in a great performance in the later episodes & the show was far better than I thought.

At the end, Fran Kranz overshadowed everyone in the show with his brilliant performance as Topher.

1281. CmdrR - March 20, 2015

It is 7,098,512 years after the polar caps melted, flooding all terran coastlines and ushering in the age of The Cepholapods. Dr. Ocho (a common name, as you may imagine) is working to uncover the secrets of a landfill in what was once Miami, when he comes upon this startling proof of the true wasteful nature of homo sapiens:

Seriously, we’re getting Trek Tech and using it for crap like this???

1282. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

# 1280. Ahmed – March 20, 2015

” I found Dushku a bit annoying in Buffy…” — Ahmed

Well, that was the way Whedon wanted her to play her Faith character. Although there are those who contend it was easy for her to play it that way as the character supposedly was close to her own persona.

1283. Cygnus-X1 - March 20, 2015

1267. Phil – March 19, 2015

@1265. Read the comment in it’s entirety before embarrassing yourself again.

What comment? What embarrassment?

1284. Cygnus-X1 - March 20, 2015

Phil, is this about Shatner again? Why does your whole life have to revolve around Shatner’s role in the next Trek movie?

1285. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

# 1281. CmdrR – March 20, 2015

” Seriously, we’re getting Trek Tech and using it for crap like this??” — CmdrR

To alightly tweek the words of our most valued poet/philosopher in terms of monetized realized returns:

“Players got to play, play, play. Shake it off. Shake it off.” — Taylor Swift

Which reminds me, to take this even further back, of the reporting where everyone in the media is apalled that uncouth tourists think it’s okay to grafitti the Colliseum. What they never seem to mention in these reports is the reason tourists make this mistake constantly is that thousands of years ago the Romans, themselves, covered it in graffiti, still visible to this day.

1286. Cygnus-X1 - March 20, 2015

I mean, didn’t he win a bunch of awards for his acting in Boston Legal? Even if you don’t like it, for whatever reason, you have to admit that he did a good job consistently throughout that series. And then there’s the fact that he’s the biggest star in all of Trekdom. So, why not have him in the movie? I don’t see any particular reason and certainly not one worthy of your apoplexy about the issue, Phil.

1287. Harry Ballz - March 20, 2015


What did I miss? Anything juicy? :>)

1288. Disinvited - March 20, 2015

# 1287. Harry Ballz – March 20, 2015

” What did I miss? Anything juicy? :>)” — Harry Ballz

Nah, just the Trek Movie version of March Madness.

1289. Aurore - March 21, 2015

@ Mr. Ballz – March 20, 2015

” I’M BACK….”


Welcome back, Mr. Ballz!!!

1290. Harry Ballz - March 21, 2015

We stayed in a so called 5 star resort in Varadero. The beach was nice and the resort was well laid out, but the food was crap.

We took a tour of Havana and visited the hotel room where Hemingway stayed.

That same evening our tour included going to the Tropicana nightclub for the show. What a piece of shit! Worst nightclub show I’ve ever seen, and that covers a lot of territory! Don’t ever get sucked in to going to it.

Overall, I had a great rest and I’m glad I saw Cuba, but I have zero interest in ever going back again.

1291. Cygnus-X1 - March 21, 2015

Harry, glad you had a good time, but keep in mind that you only saw the part of Cuba that the government keeps up for tourists. The rest of the country, where most of the people live, is very different.

1292. Ahmed - March 21, 2015

@1290. Harry Ballz,

Looks like the other message was caught in the filter!

Well, welcome back, Harry!

And if you are looking for juicy stuff, check the latest ‘True Detective’ casting news :)

I posted a link from the The Hollywood Reporter but it contains words that are not allowed here.

1293. Ahmed - March 21, 2015

YES! The X Files is coming back


‘The X-Files’ Revival Nears Greenlight At Fox; Network Eyes Short Order, Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny To Return

Fox is close to giving an official green-light to a revival of their iconic science fiction series, which originally aired between 1993 and 2002. Per sources, the network has settled on a “short-stack” order for the revival and while the exact size of the order is yet-to-be-determined, I’m told it will be less than ten episodes

1294. Disinvited - March 21, 2015

#1292. Ahmed – March 20, 2015

” I posted a link from the The Hollywood Reporter but it contains words that are not allowed here.” — Ahmed

I’m taking it that this report hss less to do with Rick Springfield and more to do with the p0rn stars?

1295. Ahmed - March 21, 2015

@1294. Disinvited,


The report didn’t get a chance & went straight to TM hell’s pit because of two words in the title lol

1296. Disinvited - March 21, 2015

# 1293. Ahmed – March 21, 2015

” YES! The X Files is coming back ” — Ahmed

Yessssssssssss[fist pump knee bend]!

Now, if they could just come up with some way to resurrect THE LONE GUNMEN. Maybe the ones that died were clone duplicatess?

1297. Craiger - March 21, 2015

Erica Durance’s new role.

1298. Harry Ballz - March 21, 2015


Craiger, just look at that horse in the blue top! The Hulk would be envious!

1299. AJ - March 21, 2015


Harry: Sounds like the time you went to China; you absolutely loved that trip, remember?

Next time you want to visit a messed up foreign country with nice weather, try South Florida.

1300. Harry Ballz - March 21, 2015

AJ, I can see now why people simply go to Florida to escape winter.

It may be boring, but at least you can count on the food.

1301. Sky Piercer - March 21, 2015

Any nerds here who can tell me what scale the hallmark uss vengeance ornament is? Will it be to size with my 1/2500 fleet?

1302. Red Dead Ryan - March 21, 2015

I wonder if the “The X-Files” new series will merely be a mini ala “24: Live Another Day”?

Both Anderson and Duchovny are pretty busy with other shows right now.

1303. Marja - March 21, 2015

1293 Ahmed, That’s good to hear. I just hope they don’t amp it up to “American Horror Story” proportions, gross-out and fear-wise. That wouldn’t make me happy at all. I love Anderson and Duchovny and they have great chemistry. Don’t you wonder how Chris Carter is gonna get around the ” They’re already here and they’ve taken over our whole government” idea? (By the way on other boards I’ve visited, we get around that Word Problem by typing “pron.”)

Dis, I’m totally of the same mind. I loved The Lone Gunmen. I thought the plotting of the last few eps of X-F pretty much stunk.

1286 Cygnus, Personally I would say the Biggest Star in Trekdom just passed away, but that’s IMHO. If anything he and Shatner both carried the show and have borne the fame, if not always with grace, for close to 50 years.

1300 Harry (welcome back!) … thing is, we all have to beware of Florida Man.

And if our legislature has its way he will be EVERYWHERE. With a gun.

1304. Disinvited - March 22, 2015

#1300. Harry Ballz – March 21, 2015

Come on, everybody. Let’s do the conga!

1305. Cygnus-X1 - March 22, 2015

Oh, God…Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine nightmare flashback…that song incessantly on the radio was a special kind of torture for me.

And speaking both of a special kind of torture and Gillian Anderson, if you’re in the mood for a very well done but also very disturbing mini-series, check out the BBC-produced The Fall.

It’s only two seasons of 5 or 6 episodes each. Very compelling.

1306. Cygnus-X1 - March 22, 2015

P.S. I should have explained that The Fall is a “special kind of torture” because its premised upon a serial killer who tortures and kills women. Whereas Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine are actual, physical torture. I believe there’s a clause in the Geneva Conventions prohibiting their music.

1307. Ahmed - March 22, 2015

@1302. Red Dead Ryan,

“I wonder if the “The X-Files” new series will merely be a mini ala “24: Live Another Day”?
Both Anderson and Duchovny are pretty busy with other shows right now.”

That’s the plan. To have a limited series of 10 episodes which is something that both Duchovny & Anderson are in favor of as they expressed in various interviews.

Limited series works really well with busy actors as it was the case with Zachary Quinto when he signed on to do ‘The Slap’.

1308. Ahmed - March 22, 2015

@1303. Marja,

“Don’t you wonder how Chris Carter is gonna get around the ” They’re already here and they’ve taken over our whole government” idea?”

But they’re already here & did take over the entire government; at least 12 million people believe that :)


12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country

1309. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2015

@1304 Disinvited “Let’s do the conga!”

Yeah, Disinvited, I know….Florida is, in fact, “God’s waiting room”. All the old people there just sit around watching the liver spots form on their hands.

But, in the dead of winter here in Canada, when you’re stressed out and fed up, you’ll go anywhere that has hot sunshine! :>)

1310. Silvereyes - March 22, 2015

Since this site is obviously not going to even mention it…

Happy Birthday William Shatner!

1311. CmdrR - March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Billy! You’re a big boy of 84 now.

1312. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2015


Yeah, Silvereyes, imagine…the Shat is 84 years old. I hope he has many years ahead, but it doesn’t seem likely…

1313. Silvereyes - March 22, 2015

1312 Harry, welcome back from Cuba. I’ve never been, but it’s a favorite destination of Québécois, so I know a lot of people who have. They all agree the food is blah… the DR (Domenican Republic) now there the food is good…

1314. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2015


Yes, everyone keeps raving about Punta Cana in the D.R. I’ll have to check it out.

1315. Cygnus-X1 - March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Bill Shatner!!

1316. Cygnus-X1 - March 22, 2015

This Family Guy Trek homage makes me chuckle:

1317. B Kramer - March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Bill on being 84 years young & enjoying life to the fullest.


1318. Disinvited - March 22, 2015

# 1308. Ahmed – March 22, 2015

” 12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country” — Ahmed

Silly person, 12 million Americans ARE Lizard People.

“Sleesataka! Sleesataka!” — David Gerrold

1319. Ahmed - March 22, 2015

@1318. Disinvited,


1320. Ahmed - March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

May you live until 120

1321. Disinvited - March 22, 2015

Yeah, I was counting on the Happy Birthday article to transfer the mainboard conversion there. What’s up with that trekmovie? I gave you plenty of warning? ;-)

Happy Birthday, Bill.

1322. Ahmed - March 22, 2015

Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg & Alec Baldwin!

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation – Teaser Trailer

1323. Marja - March 22, 2015

1308 Ahmed, Willful ignorance & just plain silliness on the part of Americans scares me more than anything on the X-Files. O_o

A happy birthday wish for Mr Shatner. May he keep going strong!

Harry! I’m a lady of a certain age (11 when I first saw TOS)! live here and I don’t have age spots! Oh wait …. blast it. Just “spotted” one.

1324. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2015


Good one, Marja! :>)

I’m only teasing…I’ve been to Florida about 20 times over the years and always have a good time.

The only part of Florida I’ve never explored is the Florida Keys. Can you recommend the best spot to stay when there?

1325. Disinvited - March 22, 2015

# 1323. Marja – March 22, 2015

” Just “spotted” one.” — Marja

speaking of old, that reminds me of an old Red Skelton HEATHCLIFF AND GERTRUDE THE SEAGULLS joke:

Gertrude: Did you see that fancy stretch limo that just went by?

Heathclif: No, but I spotted one.

1326. Silvereyes - March 22, 2015

These people here can’t even take their heads out of their a$$es long enough to wish a happy birthday to William Shatner… But they bring us drivel like The Primate Directive… Sickening really…

Will they also forget to mention it would have been Nimoy’s birthday on the 26th?

1327. B Kramer - March 22, 2015

Silvereyes c’est vrai mon ami. My B-day links from other sights went into the twilight zone.


1328. Silvereyes - March 22, 2015

Thanks for the links B Kramer!

Those Montreal Canadiens, the classiest team in sports.

1329. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2015

That shot of Shatner holding up the Canadiens jersey…..not to be negative, but look at his “hair”. It looks like a dead rat on top of his head.

I know guys with hair weaves…some are very realistic looking. Shatner, at this stage in his life, should be wearing a “thinned-out, cropped close to the head” weave. It would look great, totally realistic, and it’s not like he can’t afford the best.

He’s going to go to the grave a few bucks ahead, but remembered for looking like an idiot.

1330. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

Harry I wonder about you sometimes.

Welcome Silvereyes. I agree and I’m a Torontonian. Will the leafs ever get the cup again since season 2 of tos? I don’t know. ;^)


1331. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

Sorry season 1.

1332. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

# 1322. Ahmed – March 22, 2015

More on Paramount’s musical chairs in the Nostalgia Quadrant.

1323. Marja – March 22, 2015

You might find the part where Viacom denies selling a stake or the whole of Paramount outright to the Chinese worthy of an eyebrow arch.

Myself? I am wondering if they sell to the Koreans does that mean Bob’s back in?

1333. Disinvited - March 23, 2015


Hope this can be of help:

for the purpose of getting past this site’s bad word filter the @ symbol will represent the letter ‘A’.

I find that the most common sequence of letters that catches my posts in the content hell filter are “@ss” and “@n@l”. Understand it is not just the words but if those letters appear in that sequence order anywhere including other words or links my posts get trapped.

There is also trapping of these specific words: insur@nce, @rchive

the latter word has been responsible under some rule I have yet to fathom for more of my posts occasionally entering a black hole that the moderators never seem able to find to punch through.

This filtering is very wonky and seems indicative that it is not in sync amongst the many servers that serve us these very pages. And what I mean by that is sometimes it lets things through just when you think it won’t which is why sometimes it gives the eerie feeling that someone is playing games, but I have found that this is not true and usually real live moderator actions are followed up by a comment to let you know if you violated some rule.

1334. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

1333 Dis, also the other thing, as I discovered, is if you post multiple links in one post.

1335. Silvereyes - March 23, 2015

1333 Disinvited

There is also, sometimes, the fact that the post does indeed appear, but hours later. By that time other posts have been added and the conversation has moved on. Very annoying.

I’m just extremely annoyed by this site right now. And they have the nerve to keep their tagline “The source for everything new in Trek”. B*llsh*t.

1336. IDIC Lives! - March 23, 2015

#1335 Silvereyes

I have had many posts disappear and some never come back. I always think it is because my post is so edgy and so rebellious re nuTrek or is somehow extremely profound (hahaha), but fact is, it seems based in not content but, as Disinvited tells you (as he also told me, or someone did), it is censoring of–what he says— @ss

But I protest because @nal is not a “bad” word at all, or else it became legit somewhere in the 1980s or ’90s because it simply means tedious, self-engrossed, and boring. Or maybe that meaning is corrupted from the orifice we all (after all) do possess.

1337. IDIC Lives! - March 23, 2015

#1329 Harry
I remember other times you have commented on Shatner’s hair or age or weight. Can we have a collective “ha ha” for infinity and then you need not always attempt this particular tangent of humor?

I suspect you are still jealous of his “age 35″ incredible, shining, good looks.

I can email Uncle Alan and have him take you to task. And NO ONE wants to incur the wrath of Uncle Alan.

1338. Phil - March 23, 2015

@1329. Actually, that pic looks a little to good, considering he was a bit haggard when he swung through LA for his ‘look, I tried’ photo-op after Nimoy’s funeral. I don’t begrudge the man his priorities, it would serve him a lot better though if he’d just own it, and stop trying to make nice…

Can’t help but feel that when his time does come, the epitaph’s are going to sound more like ‘You know, I should have spent more time at the office’ instead of the usual heartfelts one would expect. Not sure what else he would expect, when he never, ever let sentimentality get between him and a paying gig.

1339. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

Phil de brier or is it da liar? Sorry I asked why you were such an anti-shatite, I meant anti-shatmite.

I can imagine what kind of utterly disrespectful, vicious and hateful thing you and the your sockpuppet gang of 3 will try to post when Shat does pass which hopefully won’t be for a long time because he has a busy life as opposed to you. Sick.

Stick to your ‘nu-trek can do no wrong’ mercenary propaganda.

1340. Silvereyes - March 23, 2015

Harry is just jealous because Shatner was holding up a Canadiens’ jersey, and not a Leafs’…

I don’t know what Phil’s problem is, but then again, who does?

Hey I’m kidding ok?

1341. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2015

C’mon, guys, just because I tease about Shatner’s toupee, don’t flip your wig over it!

1342. Phil - March 23, 2015

I don’t have problems. Plenty of preferences, though….

1343. Phil - March 23, 2015

Cheer up, a Canadian is running for president….

yeah, yeah, I know. Do I need to learn French?

1344. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

1340. Harry Ballz – March 23, 2015

“…don’t flip your wig over it!” — Harry Ballz

I never joke about the Shatner Turbo 2000 and it says right on the box that it is very dangerous to flip it so your advice is sound.

1345. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2015

I still think they should sell a male girdle and call it “The Shatner”.

Hey, if they cut the Shat in on the profits, you think he’d say no?

Not bloody likely!

1346. Phil - March 23, 2015

Harry, get with the times, they are called waist trainers these days.

The Shatner! Boldly Supporting Flabby Mid-Sections for over 50 years!!

But wait, order now, and the Shatner Turbo 2000 is yours FOR FREE!!

…okay. Back to the French lessons….

1347. IDIC Lives! - March 23, 2015

#22 Marja
I’ve been trying to discuss “Mind Sifter” on this site but did not bother to go to the “Chat” feature. Now on this thread, I find your review up there (#22). I don’t have time to discuss but maybe later?

I’ve written several episodes for Cawley’s New Voyages (he asked me to “pitch” them) but doubt anything will come of it. I am FB friends with the Kor actor in particular, a really interesting guy, and I LIKE Brian Gross as Kirk although I agree with you – or rather – we must see him back as himself (Kirk) in other episodes. He was in a bad way in MS so maybe the “lack of action” is understandable. I maintain he was working on the good doctor in order to do something – escape? But to where?

So maybe later?

1348. Silvereyes - March 23, 2015

Don’t worry about needing to speak French Phil. Cruz was born in Calgary, so he probably doesn’t even know we speak French way over yonder here in the East… and the guy renounced his Canadian citizenship. That sucks, but he probably did that to be eligible for the Presidency…

1349. Ahmed - March 23, 2015

@1347. Silvereyes,

“Cruz was born in Calgary”

I wonder what the Trump & birthers will say about that!!

Should we expect teams from Trump Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to land here in Calgary; searching for Cruz’s long-form birth certificate!

1350. Ahmed - March 23, 2015

@1333. Disinvited,

“insur@nce, @rchive”

Why would any site filter these words??

Perhaps your post should be part of the Note above the comment box :)

Or the site owner needs to remove these words from the filtering system.

1351. IDIC Lives! - March 23, 2015

Meant to say, I also think Brandon Stacy as Spock is brilliant.

1352. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

Phil re ‘epitaph': ridiculous.

With all your Bible affiliations, what does it say about ‘Condemning not and hating thy brother without a cause?’

The Turbo 2000 would suit you.

1353. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

# 1334. B Kramer – March 23, 2015

” 1333 Dis, also the other thing, as I discovered, is if you post multiple links in one post.” — B Kramer

I was focused on word filtering but you are right, I need to talk about the spam part of the filter too.

The limit on number of links posted is part of its spam filtering. It also can trip you up if you post too many replies in an hour. When it decides this condition is met it will flag your ip as a potential spammer and will block you from being able to post until the midnight that follows from the time it flagging you is crossed. At that moment it will clear the flag and you can resume.

You may notice that from time to time I post multiple replies in one post. I learned to do that after initially posting a separate comment for each reply caused me to run into the spam flag’s “He’s contributing too many posts in this hour therefore he must be spamming logic.”

1354. Marja - March 23, 2015

1324 Harry, alas, being of non-middle-class estate, I have not yet been there. I can recommend seeing the Hemingway House (if you like Hemingway you can see his writing room … and if you like polydactyl cats you’ll be in feline heaven). A friend was there and said it was pretty neat. She is very economically minded so I would hesitate to recommend the hotel she stayed in … it would be clean but with few amenities. I sense you as a man who likes his amenities ;-) Living in NoFla I’m almost as far as one can get from the Fl. Keys :-( . Do check out “Visit Fla.” Website then look for 3- and 4-star places, and check reviews for any sites/hotels.

1355. B Kramer - March 23, 2015

Dis a good malware program is also essential because some sites (notice how I say some hint hint) have multiple trackers and these also have a part in allowing ones posts to go through or not by the host.


1356. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2015

THIS JUST IN………nothing new on


1357. Phil - March 23, 2015

@1347. Does Canada have a return department for broken presidential candidate exports?

1358. Marja - March 23, 2015

1325 Dis, LOL!

1329 Monsieur Ballz, Shat WAS wearing a close-cropped weave for a while there. Personally I’m surprised any balding actor with money wouldn’t go to Bosley or some other soirce for micro-follicular cell implantation (yes, it’s just that sophisticated now). Hair transplants have come a long way since the embartassment of Joe Biden with his hair “plugs” in the ’70s.

1349 Ahmed, I wish Comments sections everywhere would forbid the string, “I” — or “my [fill in the relative] made $___ at home just by …” Thank god I haven’t seen that here! I think that In-ura-ce word is forbidden for that reason, and the an– word for sexsite reasons. No not se x”ist” reasons.

1350 IDIC But wow does his Spock makeup need improvement! Oy!

1359. CmdrR - March 23, 2015

It’s a pure shame that Walter never won the Emmy for Best Screams Like a Little Girl…

1360. CmdrR - March 23, 2015

1329 – I blame a mirror mirror shot and high humidity. Alternatively, Shat’s reviving that George M. Cohan chestnut, “Seven Keys to Squirrel-pate.”

1350 & 1358 – Agreed and agreed.

1361. AJ - March 23, 2015

George Takei was on Howard Stern today, and mentioned that Leonard Nimoy refused to participate in TAS unless Sulu and Uhura were voiced by their respective TOS actors (Takei, Nichelle Nichols).

Nimoy’s reasoning: The show is about diversity, and for us to use Jimmy Doohan and Majel Barrett to voice those two characters (the original plan, due to a limited budget) instead of the real Japanese and African American actors who originated the roles just flies in the face of what makes the show so groundbreaking and relevant. They obviously found the money in the end.

I had never heard that story before. Quite a good one.

Takei also rated penises for a contest on the show. Some guy in Cleveland won.

1362. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

FWIW I stumble across this looking for the RSS feed:

1363. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

#1361. Disinvited – March 23, 2015

Don’t you just hate it when you notice a dropped right after you punch “say it!”?

1364. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

#1361. Disinvited – March 23, 2015

LOL, that’s 2 times I dropped a “d”.

1365. Red Dead Ryan - March 23, 2015


“Takei also rated penises for a contest on the show. Some guy in Cleveland won.”

Isn’t that a conflict of interest? A total d*ck judging other guys’ d*cks? :-)

1366. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2015


I guess Takei is pretty cocksure of himself!

Of course, when it comes to his career, Takei has always felt he got the shaft!

1367. Marja - March 23, 2015

1364 Dis, you’ve made me feel so much bette!

Howard Stern and “dick” sure go together.

1368. Disinvited - March 23, 2015

Someone tell Captain Sulu the Excelsior’s shields should have deflected the Praxis’ shock wave!

Boeing patent reveals plans for Star Trek-style FORCE FIELD: Device would protect vehicles and buildings from explosion shockwaves:

1369. Aurore - March 24, 2015

@ 1361. AJ – March 23, 2015

“George Takei was on Howard Stern today, and mentioned that Leonard Nimoy refused to participate in TAS unless Sulu and Uhura were voiced by their respective TOS actors (Takei, Nichelle Nichols)…

…I had never heard that story before….”


Neither had I.
(Or, at least, I don’t remember ever hearing about it.)

Thanks for sharing!

1370. Silvereyes - March 24, 2015

1356 Harry

“THIS JUST IN………nothing new on”

Come on Harry, you’re too hard on them… There’s a new post on that idiot primate directive crossover comic. Will nothing make you happy?

1371. Ahmed - March 24, 2015


‘The X-Files’ Revived at Fox for Six-Part Limited Series

Months of rumblings about a TV revival of Fox’s landmark series The X-Files have panned out. The drama is set to return for a limited run on its original network.

Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have locked in to reprise the respective roles of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, parts they originated in 1993 and played (for the most part) over nine seasons and two feature films. Production on the six-part series will start this summer, with a premiere date to be announced at a later date.

1372. Disinvited - March 24, 2015

# 1369. Aurore – March 24, 2015

” (Or, at least, I don’t remember ever hearing about it.)” — Aurore

I recall. And I believe I recall another controversy because even though they had Majel they wanted Doohan to do the computer voice too.

This was the same logic that TV animation spinoff projects employed on all their efforts. They figured they only needed one recognizable voice from the live actored show to draw the kids in. The worst was the pilot LOST IN SPACE animated “movie” where they only signed Jonathan Harris and his voice was the only thing recognizable as from LIS as they changed not only the voices but the look of it as well. It tended to fall more on the side of the original comic book which in itself was fine but they didn’t need Harris, his Smith character or a robot for that.

1373. AJ - March 24, 2015

With this site obsessing on “Planet of the Apes,” here is something where Simon Pegg discusses writing the new Trek flick, among other things:

1374. Marja - March 24, 2015

Wow “X-Files” news even hit NPR. We highbrows like Scully and Mulder! ;-)

I just saw a photo on TrekNews of Shatner with a strangely squared-off chin. He always had an oval chin. Whut!? Hope he doesn’t go completely Michael Jackson on us. …

1375. Ahmed - March 24, 2015

@1373. AJ,

Thanks for the link.

This really call for a new article here on TM.

1376. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 24, 2015

Hello Everyone.
Hmm. Is the new Trek movie going to be called.
Star Trek Ape’s.

1377. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2015

I just discovered William Shatner’s very first television performance.

It’s from 1951 when he was 20 YEARS OLD!

Can someone here please go to youtube and type the words:

“butler’s night off”

A 2 minute and 38 second black&white clip will pop up. Please post it here.

You see Shatner in a bit part, chewing gum, touching hand to mouth in a natural style, having fun with it….the whole bit!

THIS is what Trekmovie should be showing us!

1378. Disinvited - March 24, 2015

# 1376. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – March 24, 2015

“Is the new Trek movie going to be called.
Star Trek Ape’s.”

The Ape crossover with STARGATE was called The Gate Ape.


1379. Silvereyes - March 25, 2015

1377 Harry, why don’t you do it?

1380. IDIC Lives! - March 25, 2015

Mark Edward Lewis was just nominated for best director by treklanta for Mind-Sifter.

Hey, I don’t know “treklanta” either but it seems they are the big Atlanta Star Trek group.

Point is, Mr. Lewis did a great job directing “MS.”

1381. Ahmed - March 25, 2015

@1377. Harry Ballz,

By your command :)

William Shatner 1951 – The Butler’s Night Off

1382. Harry Ballz - March 25, 2015


Because I don’t know how, Silvereyes. But, I AM good at delegating! :>)


Thank you, Ahmed!

1383. AJ - March 25, 2015


Do you write your books on a typewriter?

Have you advanced up to an IBM Selectric yet? Those things are the coolest. ;-)

1384. Harry Ballz - March 25, 2015

AJ, I write everything on a computer, I just have no idea how to “cut&paste” or “drag” things to and fro.

You are correct about the IBM Selectric, though. The way that round ball would pound the paper (and the accompanying noise)…….hypnotic!

1385. AJ - March 25, 2015

On the Selectric, you could actually type faster than/ ahead of ball, and then watch it complete the page while you sit and wait.

I am sure many have tried to teach you how to cut and paste, so just ask any of us if you want to hear it all again.

1386. Disinvited - March 25, 2015

#1384. Harry Ballz – March 25, 2015, 1385. AJ – March 25, 2015

Here’s what Tom Hanks has to type about it:

And here’s the gut that keeps his typewriter’s clacking:

1387. Disinvited - March 25, 2015

#1384. Harry Ballz – March 25, 2015, 1385. AJ – March 25, 2015

Make “gut” “guy”. I can never find the correcting tape when I need it.

1388. Harry Ballz - March 25, 2015

Anyone have a comment about Shatner’s first TV performance @ 1381?

1389. Disinvited - March 25, 2015

# 1388. Harry Ballz – March 25, 2015

” Anyone have a comment about Shatner’s first TV performance…?” — Harry Ballz

Well, I haven’t been able to catch it yet but I do find it fascinating that it is a Mount-Royal Films, a company that is situated in Montreal, Television production movie but its language is NOT French but English.

1390. Marja - March 26, 2015

Ahh, the delight of typing with a Selectric. Even my big wooden desk used to vibrate with every pounding stroke. Hmm … sounds like I was reeeally delighted with it … and it was really fun to watch that ball bangin’ away!

But seriously, the curved-in keyboard and eventual addition of a correcting ribbon and key … that made a lot of difference, and allowed for such smooth typing, with no jerky carriage zippin’ back and forth on top of the typewriter. You young whippersnappers jist haven’t lived!

Today’s “cut ‘n’ paste” got nuthin’ on what we used to do! Being of artistic bent I was quite good at that. Although I still had to type 4-page Officer Evaluation reports completely over if there was an error. Each form was a different color. Which did NOT allow for Wite-Out or white correction tape. Grrr! As if officers weren’t enough of a pain in the ass already!! ;^)

1391. Silvereyes - March 26, 2015

1389 Dis

Before the 60s English was more dominant in Montreal than French. Business especially. Then gradually French took more of a place. A lot of English speaking Montrealers left, starting in the mid 70s, when the political party advocating an independent Quebec won the provincial election. Now there are still parts which are mostly English speaking (Westmount, West Island) but French is predominant.

1392. Disinvited - March 26, 2015

Maybe some of you stock mavens can tell me what this all may mean for Trek?:

1393. Silvereyes - March 26, 2015

Today would have been Leonard Nimoy’s 84th birthday. I think this is worth noting, since he passed away such a short time ago.

Trekmovie, you dropped the ball for Shatner’s birthday… Are you going to fix a mistake with another one or are you going to own up and do the right thing?

1394. Disinvited - March 26, 2015

#1390. Silvereyes – March 26, 2015

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot you explained that before.

However, that can’t be the whole story as Shatner related tales that in the area where he grew up that his parents learned French out of business necessity and he said that they didn’t teach him it but rather he picked it up by osmosis because of the many people around him speaking it in the community.

This might appear to refute what you said but not necessarily, and you’ll have to educate me here as I assume pre-1950s Montreal segregated the “less desirable” French speakers and immigrants off from the English speakers in control, much as the common segregation that was practiced in the U.S. at the same time?

1395. Disinvited - March 26, 2015

#1390. Silvereyes – March 26, 2015

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot you explained that before.

However, that can’t be the whole story as Shatner related tales that in the area where he grew up that his parents learned French out of business necessity and he said that they didn’t teach him it but rather he picked it up by osmosis because of the many people around him speaking it in the community.

This might appear to refute what you said but not necessarily, and you’ll have to educate me here as I @ssume pre-1950s Montreal segregated the “less desirable” French speakers and immigrants off from the English speakers in control, much as the common segregation that was practiced in the U.S. at the same time?

1396. Disinvited - March 26, 2015

#1390. Silvereyes – March 26, 2015

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot you explained that before.

However, that can’t be the whole story as Shatner related tales that in the area where he grew up that his parents learned French out of business necessity and he said that they didn’t teach him it but rather he picked it up by osmosis because of the many people around him speaking it in the community.

This might appear to refute what you said but not necessarily, and you’ll have to educate me here as I a$$ume pre-1950s Montreal segregated the “less desirable” French speakers and immigrants off from the English speakers in control, much as the common segregation that was practiced in the U.S. at the same time?

1397. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 26, 2015

Well. Today would have been Leonard Nimoys birthday. So sad he is no longer with us. But he will never be forgotten.

1398. Silvereyes - March 26, 2015

1394 Disinvited

“I a$$ume pre-1950s Montreal segregated the “less desirable” French speakers and immigrants off from the English speakers in control, much as the common segregation that was practiced in the U.S. at the same time?”

Fortunately, there was never such an intense segregation as there was in the US. It was more economic, not racial. The French was the language of the less economically fortunate working class, whereas the financial sector (banks) and more prominent industries were mostly controlled by the English speaking population.

It’s therefore quite possible that Shatner’s parents needed to learn French as his father was a clothing manufacturer and could very well have needed to deal with French speaking customers.

1399. CmdrR - March 26, 2015

1384 —
C = Consume
V = Vomit

You run your mousey over the copy with the left clicky thing clickerized, then hit Control and C. You walk your mousey over to its new home where you want your copy to live and hit Control V. Voila! (That’s French for “There ya go!” Harry.)

1400. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2015

@1399 CmdrR

Sorry, I don’t follow……. :>)

1401. CmdrR - March 26, 2015

I’m binging Mad Men. Just watched the episode where a character pitches “The Negron Complex” for Star Trek. It sounds suspiciously like the blacks are whites, whites are blacks concept that Roddenberry could never get made.

1402. CmdrR - March 26, 2015

1400 — Fine then. Dream of your magic silver ball, Mr. Ballz.

1403. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2015


Ah, I’m reminded of Christmas…….silver balls, silver balls……

1404. Cygnus-X1 - March 26, 2015

It’s good to see George Takei back in his wheelhouse:

George Takei ‘outraged over Indiana Freedom to Discriminate law’

1405. Disinvited - March 27, 2015

I posted more on this:

“I don’t care what this [STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE] movie’s like: I don’t care if this movie makes any sense, I don’t care if this movie has black leader, or has missing scenes, but we’re going to deliver this movie on that date. Otherwise we’re going to go bankrupt” — Barry Diller, Paramount

over on the RETURN TO TOMORROW thread.

1406. Phil - March 27, 2015

@1403. Don’t they have Just For Men up there? Just a touch of silver now……

Oh, wait. Ewww…

1407. Silvereyes - March 27, 2015

This is certainly of no interest, so I understand perfectly why TM will not have posted it… (Yes, that was sarcasm!)

1408. Silvereyes - March 27, 2015

Another irrelevant article…

1409. Silvereyes - March 27, 2015

In French we say, “jamais deux sans trois”… (never two without a third one)

1410. CmdrR - March 27, 2015

1409 Silvereyes, I’m glad to see that you could… **clears throat**… manage a trois… for us.

1411. Disinvited - March 27, 2015

Large Hadron Collider Could Prove the Existence of Star Trek’s Parallel Universe:

1412. AJ - March 27, 2015

Here’s the big new TV show rumor:

1413. Phil - March 27, 2015

Brian Drew already put a big ole fat photon torpedo into that one, AJ.

1414. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2015

I think there’s a lot of hurdles to get through before a new Trek series happens. First and foremost, CBS and Paramount are going to have to come to some sort of agreement, and that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. Wouldn’t expect Paramount would be too happy about the potential loss of revenue by a new show on CBS. People aren’t going to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. It’s why “Gotham” doesn’t feature Batman. Only a kid Bruce Wayne in a very limited role. Warner/DC want the Caped Crusader on the big screen.

1415. Cygnus-X1 - March 27, 2015

No sources are named for this, but here it is:

GREAT news, Trekkers, CBS is looking to bring Star Trek back to TV.

1416. Ahmed - March 27, 2015

@1414. Red Dead Ryan,

“People aren’t going to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. It’s why “Gotham” doesn’t feature Batman. Only a kid Bruce Wayne in a very limited role. Warner/DC want the Caped Crusader on the big screen.”

Funny, The Flash is a very successful TV show on CW & yet DC is still planning a Flash movie in 2018.

And Fox is planning X-Men TV series as well.

1417. Disinvited - March 27, 2015

# 1415. Cygnus-X1 – March 27, 2015

” No sources are named for this, but here it is:” — Cygnus-X1

While it is true LATINO REVIEW has gotten some good Trek scoops in the past and they list that article as an “Exclusive”, which seems to indicate they have a source, trekmovie in both its twitter feed and in one of the comment chains says they checked trekmovie’s CBS source and that it is just a rumor.

1418. Disinvited - March 27, 2015

#1415. Cygnus-X1 – March 27, 2015

From the Idris Elba chain:

“I spoke to Rob Burnett about this, and he knows nothing about any plans CBS has. ” — Brian Drew

The Burnett he is referring to could either be the producer of CBS’ LATE SHOW or the director of FREE ENTERPRISE.

1419. Cygnus-X1 - March 27, 2015

Yeah, I just saw that.

Though both could be true—CBS has a show in the works, and Burnnett knows nothing about it.

1420. Cygnus-X1 - March 27, 2015

In any case, it’s not a bad idea—go way into the future as means of rewriting the familiar species and thereby sort of rebooting Trek without overwriting canon. My only concern with that premise would be all of the future technology becoming overindulgent and creating implications problems throughout the show. In other words, deus ex machina devices being potentially all over the place—like a trans-galactic transporter device in your pocket that can get you out of any jam—killing the dramatic tension of a given predicament. The best of both worlds would be to go into a distant future that has somehow (like because of a massive war) technologically reverted back to pre-TOS technology. Then, the species and their cultures could be treated as having evolved, but without the tech implications problem.

Is that a trans-galactic transporter device in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

1421. Ahmed - March 27, 2015

@ 1419. Cygnus-X1 – March 27, 2015

“Though both could be true—CBS has a show in the works, and Burnnett knows nothing about it.”


A third possibility that Burnnett was told to keep his mouth shut like Abrams told Shatner about his possible role in the movie.

1422. AJ - March 27, 2015

Here is a new summer comedy series, Blunt Talk, with Patrick Stewart acting silly:

1423. Disinvited - March 27, 2015

# 1419. Cygnus-X1 – March 27, 2015; 1420. Ahmed – March 27, 2015

” Though both could be true—CBS has a show in the works, and Burnnett knows nothing about it.” — Cygnus-X1

It’s FREE ENTERPRISE Rob so the likelihood of that is even more so.

1424. Harry Ballz - March 27, 2015


AJ, it looks good! :>)

Unlike Shatner lampooning his own image, Stewart can easily swing back to dramatic roles after this comedy bit.

1425. Aurore - March 28, 2015

@1421. AJ – March 27, 2015

“Here is a new summer comedy series, Blunt Talk, with Patrick Stewart …”


…Oh my…


(Thanks, AJ!)

1426. B Kramer - March 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy’s Son Plans Spock Documentary


1427. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - March 28, 2015

The Walking Dead’s Prequeal has a new name.
Fear The Walking Dead.
I so can’t wait.;_ylt=AwrSbgNrqxZVaioAgoZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzb2Rra3UxBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQMjgxXzEEc2VjA3Nj

1428. Disinvited - March 28, 2015

# 1415. Cygnus-X1 – March 27, 2015

Wait a minute. Now check this exclusive out:

Paramount is appointing Akiva Goldsmith to helm a “Writer’s Room” to spit out Transformer movies and spinoffs scripts for production launchings a la FOX and Disney.

Can STAR TREK be far behind?

And how will SkyDance’s script czars fit in?

1429. CmdrR - March 28, 2015

Transformers 37 (The one where giant robots knock over skyscrapers)

I can’t believe that Akiva Goldsmith — who had Arnold’s Mr. Freeze say “Ice to meet you.” — also write “A Beautiful Mind.” Goldsmith is certainly the right man to crank em out, one per year. Oh boy!

1430. AJ - March 28, 2015

I really want to know what they will do with “Star Trek” as a film franchise.

Obviously, Paramount doesn’t have as rich a portfolio as Disney, but stamping out as much “Transformers” as possible makes perfect sense to keep the cash rolling in.

TMNT 2 is already being made and I would expect “Beverly Hills Cop” will again rear its head. Maybe the move over to Simon Pegg to do a better Trek with more “GoG” style comedy is simply part of the whole re-imagining of franchises over at Paramount.

Interesting question is who now owns Indiana Jones, because that would certainly be part of this if it’s still in Paramount’s court, and as Spielberg is in the mix, it may make it less of a crapfest should they decide to reboot it.

1431. AJ - March 28, 2015

Ah. From the folks at Wikipedia:

“In October 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm, thereby granting Disney ownership rights to the Indiana Jones intellectual property.[42][43] However, Paramount Pictures continued to own distribution rights for the film series.[44][45] On December 6, 2013, Disney purchased the remaining distribution and marketing rights to future Indiana Jones films, while Paramount will continue to distribute the first four films for Disney, and will receive “financial participation” from any additional films.[46][47][48] Although a new film installment was not announced with the deal, Disney CEO Bob Iger has expressed an interest in monetizing the franchise across Disney’s various company divisions.[49] Studio chairman Alan Horn has said that a fifth Indiana Jones film would not be ready for at least two to three years.”

1432. Harry Ballz - March 28, 2015

What, nobody wants to critique Shatner’s first television appearance at the tender age of 20, for your viewing at post 1381?

1433. Cygnus-X1 - March 28, 2015

1428. Disinvited – March 28, 2015

Can STAR TREK be far behind?

Oh God, I hope so .

The main difference is that Transformers movies don’t really require much in the way of writing. It’s just put a quarter in the machine and out comes the script.

1434. CmdrR - March 28, 2015

1432 – C’mon, Harry. How much of a real estate mogul were you at age 20? “Why, you couldn’t sell fake patents to ya muthuh!”

1435. AJ - March 28, 2015

More dream-shattering reality come to bite us in the a$$:

1436. CmdrR - March 28, 2015

Trek will be around in many forms for many years to come. How do I know? Because it is still making money. Sure, not as much as if Paramount/CBS employed sentient beings instead of walking vegetables in suits. But, money. Until/unless ST3 breaks all box office records, we won’t get a big announcement. But, no one is going to ignore 50 years and more than a billion dollars. Logic dictates Hollywood greed will continue. Let’s just hope we get a GOOD Trek.

1437. Harry Ballz - March 28, 2015


You’re right, CmdrR. I only got into real estate at 24. I’ve never looked back!

1438. CmdrR - March 29, 2015

Shat does an interview and talks about Leonard Nimoy. The title says “tribute,” but it’s really just a quickie interview.

1439. Disinvited - March 30, 2015

# 1435. AJ – March 28, 2015

” More dream-shattering reality come to bite us in the a$$” — AJ

That 10yo stufff’s been covered by this very site a while back when other TV show proposals reared their heads. But this io9‘s report is still perpetuating an error after all these years in trying to shoot this down too. So I have to doubt it’s digging in trying to get the real story, as well.

JJ didn’t kill any TV show pitches. The facts are the last Trek TV show of any kind that was actually pitched to CBS was one by William Shatner and that was before the Viacom split. In all the shows that various people wanted to pitch after him and the split no one actually tried to pitch their shows to CBS because of unfounded rumors that someone else’s TV pitch got shot down by a CBS giving JJ as the reason. But I tracked this down prior to this Latino Review report no one has actually pitched Trek TV anything to nuCBS.

So we are left with one new report which claims an actual pitch of a show that was never pitched from 10 years ago has now been pitched. It has one inaccuracy, as Burnett was never contacted in this regard, being shot down by another report that contains an error that claims JJ’s movie shot down other TV proposals when not a one was.

I don’t know who LR’s source is for their exclusive but I do know that if someone were to bother to try to actually pitch this CBS that it makes sense to use materials freely available to demonstrate estimated production costs to that end.

Until I see more in depth debunking of LR’s report I’m on the fence as to what may be actually going on.

1440. CmdrR - March 30, 2015

Reports are nice. A TV show would be a LOT nicer.

1441. AJ - March 30, 2015

It makes no sense commercially to float these rumors EXCEPT as a way to gauge reaction on the WWW. That would be odd, as it’s not difficult to foresee what actually happened as a result. And, it’s a waste of time and money.

Of course they are going to look at Pegg’s ST3 as a bellwether for a potential future series’s success, maybe even throwing in a few elements which could be built upon on TV. STIV’s success was what led to giving TNG the green light, and assuming they won’t forget to make a huge noise around Trek’s 50th, the fever pitch PR leading into, and out of, the new flick, should give rise to the answer to the question.

Let’s hope

1442. Marja - March 30, 2015

1420 Cygnus. “Come up between the galaxies and see me sometime.”

1426. I hope the media don’t call it a “Spockumentary”. They like to come out with those cutesy headlines.

1443. Cygnus-X1 - March 30, 2015

I agree, Ms. Andromeda West.

1444. Red Dead Ryan - March 30, 2015


Well, it’s pretty easy to float unsubstantiated rumors on the web. There’s a lot of crap being posted online everyday, so it’s perfectly reasonable to imagine some bored blogger inventing stories just to pass the time. Or it could be that bloggers are misinterpreting vague tidbits and passing it off as credible.

About the only thing remotely reliable is Idris Elba being considered for a role in the upcoming film. But even that is 50/50. It could be a total load of BS.

I think what is evident is that the new movie is struggling to get going. The production doesn’t even have a script yet, and this is after multiple delays and staff reshuffles.

CBS isn’t even considering a new Trek series.

1445. Marja - March 30, 2015

Cygnus — just for you …

Moviegoer: My goodness, STID writing team, how sid you evah come up with the plot for this movie?

Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof: (in chorus) Lady … goodness had nothing to do with it.

1446. Cygnus-X1 - March 31, 2015


1447. Disinvited - March 31, 2015

# 1442. Marja – March 30, 2015

“. I hope the media don’t call it a “Spockumentary”. They like to come out with those cutesy headlines.”

Or worse they call it a “DOCumentary” because, you know, the misnomer that he’s called Doctor Spock.

1448. Cygnus-X1 - March 31, 2015

I agree that would be worse.

And said with an overly deliberate vocal inflection—a vocal *wink* to the camera—by the overly handsome man or woman narrating that shallow piece of Pablum.

1449. Phil - March 31, 2015

Well, it looks like the bulls**t on he main threads has returned. Pretty sad, really.

1450. Harry Ballz - March 31, 2015

I said it before, and I’ll say it again…..Orci and the rest just don’t get it.

If you stuck the core members of Chat in a room for a week, I bet we could come up with a great Star Trek script!

I’m f*cking sick of the whole thing! Gawd, I really hate incompetence!

1451. Marja - April 1, 2015

1447 Dis, Two things I have always hated: references to “Star TRACK” and “DOCTOR Spock.”

Although in the PhD area Spock would probably BE a “Dr.” at least 10 times over.

1452. Disinvited - April 1, 2015

#1451. Marja – April 1, 2015

“Although in the PhD area Spock would probably BE a “Dr.” at least 10 times over.”

Except outside of Starfleet Academy, his education’s been totally through the Vulcan System and there’s likely no easy equivalence.

And that would mean the only place where he could earn this Phd would be at the Academy but I don’t think his service record reflects that? Plus I’m very ignorant of whether military academies offer such diplomas? It seems to me that most of their course of study is oriented towards too short of a time for most to acquire a Phd. Although if anyone could do it, Spock would be our candidate.

1453. Silvereyes - April 1, 2015

Phil, my lovely wife and I are thinking of renting a house in Cali this summer. Not in LA proper (we’re not stupid… come on), but in the general area. As far as Pasadena, Malibu, Newport beach… Are there areas we should avoid (as in, where we’re likely to get killed)? I mean we all know Americans are crazy gun-toting maniacs right?

Any nice spots come to mind? Malibu, Santa Monica, … ? We’re not looking to spend a million dollars either, so the Hollywood Hills or Beverly Hills are out… How about the OC? People are crazy there right? :)

1454. Phil - April 1, 2015

@ Silvereyes….if you are planning on hanging out in LA proper, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Long Beach, maybe Valencia should be fine. Beach rentals may be out of your budget, Malibu and Newport Beach are good, Laguna Beach or San Clemente are other options. Ventura is also nice, but might be a bit more of a drive then you were looking for. Big Bear is nice, also off season, so cabin rates aren’t bad, or Palm Springs – ungodly hot there in the summer, though.

Places to avoid – the 110 corridor south of downtown LA. Venice Beach is a freak show. Huntington Beach…sometimes referred to by the locals as Surf Sh**ty. If you find yourself heading east avoid Moreno Valley, San Bernardino. Palmdale north of LA.

Nice places, Part I. I’m not a beach guy, but Newport/Balboa Island are good stops. Do Disneyland if you must, but a nice alternative is Knotts Berry Farm, at a fraction of the cost. Griffith Park in LA. Downtown LA has come around in recent years, but OldTown Pasadena is a very good alternative for night life. Laguna Beach/Laguna Nigel are arts communities. Big Bear and Palm Springs are both good places to spend the day, and fairly tourist friendly…Temecula is SoCal wine country. Lots of vineyards (a portion of TNG’s All Good Things was shot there), horseback riding, antiques. The Getty, Space Shuttle, and Natural History museums are all musts. The Lincoln Museum in Redlands has one of the largest collections of Lincoln artifacts on the west coast.

Nice places, Part II. San Fran is about 7 hours north – if you go, take Pacific Coast Highway. You won’t regret it. Vegas, about 4 hours. Don’t go on the weekend, traffic is horrible on I-15. San Diego, about 3 hours. Hit the Gaslamp District and Balboa Park. it’s up to you if you hit Mexico or not. If you hit Yosemite, take Rt 120 all the way through, and come back on 395. That stretch of road is like traveling back in time, and the whole loop is probably one of the best road trips you’ll ever take.

Crazy is all relative…and California has managed to avoid open carry disease, you guys will be fine. Enjoy your summer…

1455. Silvereyes - April 1, 2015

Thanks Phil. Much appreciated.

We’ve been to SanFran a few times already, and driven along the coast to get there. This is why this time we wanted to concentrate on the LA area. Lots to see and also, just chill…

1456. CmdrR - April 1, 2015

1457. Harry Ballz - April 1, 2015


Great overview, Phil! Very comprehensive.

1458. AJ - April 1, 2015

I lived in Sacramento for three months.

No reason to go there. Ever.

1459. Disinvited - April 1, 2015

# 1458. AJ – April 1, 2015

” I lived in Sacramento for three months.

No reason to go there. Ever.” — AJ

Well, if you are a Railfan the Train museum’s pretty cool. But I can’t recall anything else I did in the state capital that was memorable.

1460. Phil - April 1, 2015

Never been to Sacramento, though I’ve heard about the rail museum and would like to see it someday. The Orange Empire Railway Museum has a lot of rolling stock, some of it runs, but a lot of it is restoration work. The March Field Museum has one of the larger displays of military aircraft on the west coast, but they are all outside, and the sun has baked a lot of the color out of them. If you are inclined towards military exhibits, the USS Iowa is now open at the LA harbor, and the USS Midway is a big draw in San Diego.

1461. CmdrR - April 2, 2015


1462. Michael - April 2, 2015

HI! A few days ago I had a guest over. Just met. I was unaware before he left, he’d stashed several of my Trek dvds/blurays in his bag! Made police report. I have re-purchased them all and spent over $550.00. One of the titles, StarTrek Voyager Season 2 dvd boxed set was taken. In it was a Best Buy(Not sure if was UK excl only)Bonus Disc! I recall many years ago bidding for it on ebay. I did yesterday score a season 1 bonus disc for my season one dvd set that was taken as well. If anyone has or knows someone who has a Season Two Bonus disc to sell lmk asap!

1463. CmdrR - April 2, 2015

1462 – Wow! I didn’t know that was a thing. Are there guys driving around in Fleetwood Bounders selling hot Trek DVDs? Cool!

(Sorry for your loss, but… cool.)

1464. Red Dead Ryan - April 2, 2015

I sense a belated April Fool’s prank…

1465. Cygnus-X1 - April 2, 2015

Stealing Trek DVD’s…jeez what a sociopath.

1466. Michael - April 2, 2015

He was a geek that was tweeking……and is fingers did the sneaking! Much to my dismay!

1467. CmdrR - April 2, 2015

With great cheek was he seeking, the Trek once found weekly, now served up only meekly. Of desperation does this reek, to swipe Trek once so chic; if caught, it’s up Shat’s creek for this pipsqueak.

1468. Marja - April 2, 2015

Silvereyes, if you have $$ to spend in Long Beach rent a first class cabin on the Queen Mary. Some of the prettiest wood inlay & burlwood that you’ll ever see. … and a fun overnight, gives you a good idea of the Good Life in the 1930s …

I also recommend Malibu tho don’t know if beach rentals are decently priced … strongly recommend a visit to the original Malibu location of the J. Paul Getty Museum if it’s still open. Beautiful Roman Villa, courtyard, coffered ceilings, and a fantastic collection of ancient Greek and Roman statuary and a great Museum bookstore. A beautiful day.

Hotels at Malibu are pricey but the beach is lovely. You may find a nice home for rent in Pacific Palisades … try Unitarian Universalist Home vacation rentals — UUs are pretty prosperous folk and would have nice homes. Maybe even in Malibu.

On another note if the CA State Park system is still up and running to its former great standard you could camp out for a lovely time. Unaware of any in the L.A. area cos I lived in Long Beach and liked to vacation in Monterey, Big Sur and Bay Area.

If you want the place where the Hipsters hang, check out Silver Lake, semi-modest home of Zachary Quinto and I think Chris Pine and probably home to other up and coming H”wood folk. It’s also closer to (or within) the city. Please understand that while downtown L.A., home of LACMA and the La Brea tar pits, is only 12 mi. from Long Beach as the crow flies, it can take 90 minutes by freeway feom one place to the other.

Best advice, check locations, reviews by recent visitors, and ensure anything I’ve mentioned is still open … my memories are of 20 years ago!

1469. Phil - April 2, 2015

Nice piece on Leonard Nimoy on NPR…that really highlights why Nimoy will be remembered fondly.

1470. Silvereyes - April 3, 2015

Thank you so much Marja, Phil and everyone for your help! Happy Easter everybody!

1471. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2015

I see Orci has popped up again on the Pegg thread. Just as warm and charming as ever.

1472. B Kramer - April 3, 2015

Happy Easter silvereyes.

1473. Marja - April 3, 2015

Harry, he has drunk the bitter, bitter dregs

1474. Ahmed - April 3, 2015

The idea sounds very similar to DS9 episode “Far Beyond the Stars”!


George R.R. Martin Developing New HBO Series

The potential series is called Captain Cosmos and centers on a young science fiction writer living in 1949 at the dawn of the age of TV. The writer spends his time penning stories no one else would dare to write.

1475. Marja - April 3, 2015

Ahmed, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.


So folks, do we kill the fatted calf now that “Prodigal Son” has made his “GRAND RETURN”? Oy, veh, I took a hella long time to “get it.”

Better behave himself this time. (Haven’t we said that before?)

Does anyone know if Rose Keachick has been banned? I hope not. .. although she was temperamental, she was sometimes a lotta loopy fun.

1476. Disinvited - April 4, 2015

# 1475. Marja – April 3, 2015

” Does anyone know if Rose Keachick has been banned? I hope not. .. although she was temperamental, she was sometimes a lotta loopy fun.” — Marja

No idea. All I can find is her last post here was March 11 of this year and her activity on seems to have stopped near the end of February.

1477. Ahmed - April 4, 2015

@1475. Marja,

“Does anyone know if Rose Keachick has been banned? I hope not. .. although she was temperamental, she was sometimes a lotta loopy fun.”

I remember that she disappeared for weeks before & when she came back she mentioned the lack of internet access. Or she might be on a vacation!

1478. Harry Ballz - April 4, 2015

@1477 Ahmed “Rose Keachick…..might be on a vacation”

Ahmed, when she’s on a vacation, WE’RE on a vacation! :>)

Personally, her batsh*t crazy posts irritate the hell out of me.

1479. Ahmed - April 4, 2015

@ 1478. Harry Ballz – April 4, 2015

“Ahmed, when she’s on a vacation, WE’RE on a vacation! :>)”


1480. Marja - April 4, 2015

Harry, I don’t know your politics but I tend to agree with Rose’s societal concerns and positions. Neither of which has to do with Chris Pine

She does disappear for weeks at a time. I have an internet friend in Oz whose internet goes out or funky periodically. Also it’s a pay service like BBC in Britain, and she has said that lately it SUCKS. It may be ridiculous to compare NZed w/Oz but they have similar systems of government, so my assumption is based on that ….

From what she has said before, money is tight [and I can identify — ah for the good ol’ days when I was Active Duty and had $$, but at least I have retirement].

I just love the passion with which she defends her often untenable positions. It’s a passion matched by another poster [a BIG Shat fan] whom I have mentioned before and for some reason THAT poster annoys the hell out of me. It’s the old internet YMMV ;-)
RE: That Other Poster, “Prodigal Son”? Rully? In the parable the prodigal son was faithful and good … well let’s hope he lives up to the namesake, but it seems a little overweening.
Anything new in ST3 news? Cripes.

1481. Harry Ballz - April 4, 2015

Marja, I guess I finally lost it with Keachick when she was arguing with someone about the opening scene in STID, where the natives spot the Enterprise and start drawing images of it in the sand with a stick. The other poster was stating that obviously this scene indicated that the people of that primitive world would now think of the Enterprise as their new god. Keachick kept arguing that it meant no such thing. She reminds me of the kind of wacko who would say the sky is green just to stir people up. That kind of behaviour really grinds my gears. I’d be glad if she NEVER came back!

1482. Ahmed - April 4, 2015

@1481. Harry Ballz,

“The other poster was stating that obviously this scene indicated that the people of that primitive world would now think of the Enterprise as their new god. Keachick kept arguing that it meant no such thing.”

That was me!

She said the same thing to TUP & another poster when they made the same observation in another thread. After that, I figured out that there was no point whatsoever in arguing with her about ANYTHING.

1483. Silvereyes - April 4, 2015

Harry and Ahmed, I have my own axe to grind with Keachick. After once stating my opinion on STID, she flat out called me stupid… Excuse you? Who the }#%^ is she to insult people she doesn’t even know just because she happens to disagree… Now THAT grinds MY gears… Like who made her goddess of the ultimate Star Trek truth. This shows an absolute lack of understanding other people and a total lack of character.

1484. Marja - April 4, 2015

Yeah, but there are plenty of people who think they’re the sole arbiters of what constitutes True Trek, wouldn’t you agree? And some of them are equally insulting and/or patronizing. Not defending Rose here, because I do think calling people stupid or telling them they don’t know what they’re talking about; that they live in a dream world; that they need to get off the drugs; that they’re a twat (I think Rose actually said that to somebody after they insulted her)… all are indefensible in my opinion. Oh yeah and repeating over and over that “NuTrek sucks.”

I just like Rose because of her social positions (fellow feminist for one) and I have to say I find her posts refreshing amidst those of some of the Trek Truth Squad. She’s kinda weird and wacky. What can I say.

1485. Harry Ballz - April 4, 2015

Marja, I’m all for total eqaulity and all that, but if someone (gender aside) is a f*cking idiot, I’m going to call them on it.

1486. AJ - April 5, 2015

I tend to avoid the main boards as there is simply nothing to discuss. If someone just misses the point of a plot issue or a well-worn Trek trope (the ENT flying out of the sea = primitive aliens believe it is a God), what’s the point of arguing? The writers lobbed it like a softball at an American audience, so it wouldn’t have to think about it. Keachick didn’t get it. Sorry for her.

Fact is, the Star Trek brand-owners have no news; the promotional budget hasn’t kicked in. As Trek is not a “property,” but a series of films and an set of old TV series (hence no merch, cartoons, etc.), unless there is some piece of entertainment to promote, there’s no news. That results in the boards being hurt-filled information-free zones.

When CBS/Paramount decide to spend $3 on Star Trek next year, it will get more interesting, especially for the skeptics. That’s when the boards heat up (if anyone is left to debate it).

1487. Cygnus-X1 - April 6, 2015

How about, instead of being a “feminist,” you just be a fair-minded person who is concerned about the treatment of all people, not just women? Like maybe a “humanist?”

“Feminism” implies discrimination in favor of betterment for women without regard for men. I have to say that, while I am in favor of things like having more women in government, and I am against qualified women being unfairly discriminated against, whenever it’s referred to as “feminism” I have to fight in order not to be repulsed by positions that I would otherwise support.

1488. Cygnus-X1 - April 6, 2015

P.S. I’m not just directing that at “you,” Marja. “You” meaning “one.”

1489. B Kramer - April 6, 2015

Marja I kind of concur with the other guys but I really have nothing against her. I just tried to avoid her comments when she got a little out there with the whole ‘twat’ business (which I guess I made the mistake of bringing up to her), Pine crushes, ultra Bob butt kissing, nutrek defending or “you can not call me Rose” just Kea etc.

Well atleast she has a nice smile:

But why is she on the singles list? Isn’t she married with kids?
Oh well not my business.

1490. Silvereyes - April 6, 2015

1489 Kramer

Maybe posting her picture for all to see, here on this board, without her consent was going a little too far, don’t you think? I mean, you actually took the time to look for it?

1491. B Kramer - April 6, 2015

Silvereyes I actually thought of that. When someone asked what happened to her I think it was Dis that said she had also stopped posting on IMDB as well around the same time so I checked leading to this page. I don’t think that there was anything there that she already didn’t already tell us: that she was from NZ her name was Rosemary etc. If she posted the picture there, I didn’t see the harm of posting here since there was no address etc.

1492. Marja - April 6, 2015

Cygnus, you and I have a different definition of feminism. E.g. why isn’t the father of a child usaully considered a parent equal to the mother with equal home maintenance and childcare tasks? Why aren’t there childcare provisions at every workplace, not just the places with highly paid parents? Why are so many women and girls throughout the world still held back in non-industrialized nations? Why is female genital mutilation (or “female cirumcision” — a misnomer if I ever heard one) still practiced? Why aren’t girls and women allowed to get an education? Why are some killed or punished for seeking knowledge? The rising tide of female education in some developing countries is lifting all boats.

Back to the “first world” — why is there so much rape in the military and in colleges? Why are women expected to maintain a higher standard in physical appearance than men (not counting Hollywood or music industries)? Soprano Debra Voigt, one of the most critically acclaimed Wagnerian opera singers, pretty but not slender, was required to lose weight to win roles in the Met.

In other words … why are women devalued so much … why is so much of our behavior and our appearance judged so harshly even by our own sex? Why do women feel they need to make so many sacrifices to meet men? Why are so few women in politics or promoted to senior positions or head corporations? &c. &c.

Yes, this is my typical emotional response ;-) … (hmm maybe that’s why I relate to Rose a little) … my Feminism is about fairness. I’m not devaluing men at all. I’m hoping they (and the traditions of women) will begin showing fairness to more women and girls in more places in the world. I’m hoping that customs will change everywhere. I’m hoping that over 50% of the world’s population will be able to contribute our talents and intelligence to the betterment of humanity.

1493. Marja - April 6, 2015

1487 Cygnus in short feminism doea not mean we expect favor OVER men … we just want equal treatment and that means some positive changes for men too.

Feminism has been misconstrued for many decades.

Sorry I rushed my response … I don’t mean YOU do not think carefully about these matters.

1489 Kramer I didn’t see any marital status (why is that included in a public list I wonder)! But it’s a delight to find she looks very nearly as I pictured her.

1494. Cygnus-X1 - April 7, 2015

1492. Marja – April 6, 2015

1487 Cygnus in short feminism doea not mean we expect favor OVER men … we just want equal treatment and that means some positive changes for men too.

I’ve heard quite a lot of feminist talk, and never therein have I heard any regard for men.

Should men start a masculinism movement for the advancement of men and men’s issues? How would you feel about legions of men proudly self-identifying as masculinists and primarily concerning themselves with the betterment of men? Would such a movement seem divisive to you?

1495. CmdrR - April 7, 2015

I’m all for having a woman on top!

In all seriousness, the title of feminism is too often used by people whonself-declare as victims and then claim an earned right to something more than a fair shot. I will vote for/fight for/respect equal opportunity and pay for all. Those who try to claim entitlement will get only mockery and opposition from me.

1496. AJ - April 7, 2015

Cygnus, white adult straight males don’t need any organizations to fight for their betterment, except where treating those who are not white adult straight males is concerned.

Just look at what having a mixed-race President has done in the US, making one party essentially a posterchild for unbridled bigotry against anyone who is not a white straight male. I grew up thinking my generation was the one beyond all of that. The Star Trek generation! Boy, was I wrong.

Women have since had their bodies picked apart and legislated by sexually ambiguous Republican male Jesus-freaks who shouldn’t be anywhere near a legislative chamber, let alone a woman.

The next President will most likely be a woman, and I can’t wait to see what that brings out in the privileged class. Rich white women should be sipping Chardonnay and popping Prozac in Greenwich while their houses get cleaned, and not actually running things. What just happened? Big thing coming!

1497. Cygnus-X1 - April 7, 2015

1496. AJ – April 7, 2015

Cygnus, white adult straight males don’t need any organizations to fight for their betterment, except where treating those who are not white adult straight males is concerned.

Well, I voted for Obama 3 times and agree with your assessment of the Republican Party. But, I disagree with your stereotyping of white straight males all having it easy. There’s no shortage of white people (especially in Appalachia) who live in worse poverty than many minorities in other regions. There’s no shortage of straight people who can’t find good jobs. And there’s no shortage of women who have better jobs than men. I know this for a fact, despite the oft-trumpeted protestation about women’s wages being lower for “the same” work—it may sometimes be not exactly the same work (who can usually lift more and heavier boxes around the office, the male employee or the female employee?), and studies show that there are valid, non-discriminatory causes for wage disparity (like prioritization by the employee of other factors over wage), in addition to the condoned forms of discrimination in our society against and in favor of both genders, depending on the job and industry (who earns more—male models or female models?).

So, if you’re talking to a straight white male who’s unemployed and watching his lesbian female neighbor drive to her law firm each morning, he may not appreciate seeing people fighting for the betterment of women to the exclusion of people like him. How about trying to make things better for all people, instead of discriminating based on gender?

Organizations like the NAACP and gay-rights organizations don’t typically fight for the advancement of their constituents to the exclusion of people not in that class or group (despite the name National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), but rather they focus on defending their minority constituents against bigotry and attacks, both verbal and physical. They have a somewhat different purpose than what I have seen from “feminists.” And the fact is that women have an enormous amount of power in our society, not the least of which is control over the propagation of the species. In Muslim countries, obviously a different story.

1498. Red Dead Ryan - April 7, 2015

Listen, we all get upset about the white supremacist groups out there. And for good reason. They’re bigoted and moronic.

“Men’s rights” groups are no different. We should be angry about them, too. They target men who stand up for women. They really are no different than neo-Nazis or Muslim fundamentalists.

We’ve made a lot of strides against racism and homophobia, especially in North America. The Middle East seems to be the exception — with ISIS adopting a Nazi-like stance on homosexuality and ethicity in their quest for an Islamic version of the Third Reich.

As Marja said, feminism is a rising tide that lifts all boats. With equality, the work becomes a little easier for everyone.


I think that supporters of the Obama adminstration tend to blindly accuse those of disagreeing with the president’s policies of being “racist” as a means to stifle criticism. Heck, we’ve seen Eric Holder say that criticism of Obama is motivated mainly by racism.

1499. Phil - April 7, 2015

There is a movement afoot these days that is trying to portray some groups as persecuted minorities, when in fact no such persecution exists. Hadn’t heard ‘mens rights’ in a while, but trying to peg Christians as persecuted minorities these days is really stretching credibility, ad very intellectually dishonest.. Folks who continue to push back against equality typically tend to be those defending their status quo – one of two things will happen, they will see the error of their bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, etc…ways and come around…..or they’ll die out.

I don’t hide that I consider myself a person of faith – I’ll guarantee you that what you hear from me isn’t what you’re hearing from Ted Cruz.

1500. Red Dead Ryan - April 7, 2015

I agree there’s a minority of Christians who feel persecuted by more progressive folks. They happen to be a very small minority. They just simply happen to speak louder than everyone else.

What I meant by “men’s rights” are those who suggest that feminists are Nazis, and that the subjugation and crimes against women are fabricated. The men’s rights groups claim it is men who are discriminated against.

They post a lot of crap on social media, and aren’t generally associated with religious groups.

1501. Red Dead Ryan - April 7, 2015


Nice round number, don’t you think? :-)

1502. Ahmed - April 7, 2015

@1499. Red Dead Ryan

Yeah, agreed :)

1503. Cygnus-X1 - April 7, 2015

1496. AJ – April 7, 2015

Wrote you a long response, but apparently it’s in moderation.

1504. Cygnus-X1 - April 7, 2015

BTW, I am not necessarily advocating the maintenance of any status quo, but rather pointing out the problems in the approach of combating discrimination by means of more discrimination. If, for example, 70% of white straight males have it great (not that I’d agree with such an oversimplified generalization), if you’re discriminating against the entire group, then you are necessarily discriminating against the 30% who aren’t doing so well. Kicking them while they’re down, essentially. In my opinion—and I’ve seen political strategists make the same point—the Democratic Party is leaving behind many working-class white men whom I really can’t blame for turning to the Republicans, even though that party clearly does not have their economic interests at heart.

If you’re an unemployed or low-paid working guy in W.VA, which used to be a blue State until GW Bush, you see the Dems fighting for Blacks, fighting for Hispanics, fighting for women, fighting for gays, fighting for everyone on Earth except for you. So, who are you gonna vote for? The Repubs don’t have your economic interests at heart, but at least they’re not quite so blatant about discriminating against you. The Repubs form of discrimination is more cagey and behind the scenes, where publicly it’s cloaked in Supply-Side Economics and libertarian ideology.

1505. Red Dead Ryan - April 7, 2015

Well, I guess that explains why Ahmed thinks my last post was at 1499 instead of 1500. :-)

1506. Ahmed - April 7, 2015

@1505. Red Dead Ryan,

lol, didn’t count on a comment stuck in TM black hole to reappear so soon :)

1507. Marja - April 7, 2015

1494 Cygnus the world has been masculinist (with a very few excepted societies) as long as civilization has existed. Truth.

I’m going to paraphrase you … “I’ve never seen any regard for men in any feminist talk.”

“Regarding men”? Women have regarded men for thousands of years, sometimes with great fear. I could go on. But.
I’m thinking maybe you didn’t read my #1492?

I really wish I could copy and paste on this smartphone b/c I’d like to answer you point by point and be equally acerbic.

I have been sexually harrassed. A “piece.” I am not a rape victim, thanks be, but I could easily have been.

I invite you to watch documentaries about women in the military and women in colleges who’ve been raped, and see the statistics on prosecution of the perpetrators. I also invite you to read up on the horrors some Muslim and Hindu and Asian and African societies hold for girls and women.

Look, there are terrors for both sexes (fighting in wars has traditionally been the horror “awarded” to men); I get that not all white males are fat rich & happy. More whites than people of color are on food stamps. (Some of them are in the military.)

Fathers’ rights are important indeed. Children have the right to know both parents. But some guys (of all races) find out their girl is preggers and take off, never to be heard from again, because they don’t want to take the 50% responsibility they should. The really awful specimens beat up or kill their female partners.

For your positions stated at #1504, the American Oligarchy and Plutocracy will do anything they can to keep from paying blue-collar workers what they are worth. In the name of profit they have taken their manufacturing overseas. … but Democrats aren’t fighting for the white guys who work those blue-collar jobs, ohhh no. Pardon my sarcasm. The Republican Right has done everything it can to support the Plutocracy and the Oligarchy in the US. That includes legislating the “right to work” … yeah, right, the right to work at minimum wage in a dangerous job with no insurance.

I’m all over the place here, I’m sorry I don’t have internet for my proper computer and must rely on my phone to communicate here. It’s hard to review and edit my posts. Awww, boohoohoo, I got a first-world problem.

1508. AJ - April 8, 2015

Cygnus, I get your POV entirely.

Society is damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t, when it comes to trying to improve, or at minimum, manage, human nature. Utilizing self-regulating systems (like “Affirmative Action” for example) screws good people over who are simply caught in the machine, and can’t get out. They hope it’ll work out next time.

Also, squeaky wheel gets the grease and money talks, etc. We can’t tailor every program down to the individual level, so everyone has to be categorized and grouped. The white male demographic tends to control the cash, so it essentially gets what it wants.

Case in point:

Exxon doesn’t want you to believe in global warming? Philip Morris doesn’t want you to think smoking is harmful? Money goes to that. The so-called “Christian” church in the US is purely whitebread males who harvest cash from the working poor while selling a bizarro version of Scripture promoting hatred and greed. “Supply-side” economics, etc…

Within that structure, the differing colors, sexes and sexual orientations, religions, ages, etc. of individuals, are caught up in a fight for survival. Maybe it’s just human nature to do so. Our ability to create non-corruptible, fully transparent and just institutions and programs which move equality forward, or “force” equality on us, is limited by that same human nature.

And that’s why Voltron is coming to kill us all.

1509. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015


Well, my suggestion would be for feminists to take stock of the natural advantages that women have in our society, not just by being in control of the propagation of the species, but in other roles and jobs, some of which they have an advantage at. For example, studies show that women college-graduates in their 20s earn more today than men in their 20s. Women are also 30% more likely to graduate college than men. These are significant advantages that women have.

Statistically, women still tend to be more responsible for child-rearing than men. That’s an extremely important job for which women aren’t receiving direct wages. And when wage disparity arguments are made by feminists, I suspect they don’t take into account the non-wage-earning mothers. But the labor market does take them into account. One of the top reasons for wage disparity is that women prioritize their families over their wages and get lower wages because they’re essentially working two jobs, one of which they’re not receiving wages for. And that non-paying mother job is not taken into account by feminists who argue that wage disparity is discriminatory. What feminists seem to want is for women to get paid for being mothers by people outside the family who are receiving no direct benefit from the mothering. I’m not against that per se, but I object to it being maligned as “sexual discrimination.” If a woman chooses a lower-paying job because it’s closer to home and affords her other conveniences that make her mothering job easier, that’s not sexual discrimination and it’s not right to use the law to treat it as such by imposing a wage parity there. I do things outside of work that are extremely important to me; should my boss have to pay me for doing those things?

What my point boils down to is that aspects of feminism seem not to be concerned with being fair-minded, or really caring about the concerns of men or anything but their own self-interest.

1510. Phil - April 8, 2015

@1508. If you are trying to be condescending, you are doing one hellva job there….

1511. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2015

Cygnus just exemplified my example of “men’s rights” groups I mentioned upthread. This is mere anti-female propaganda. I guarantee you he’s not going to be griping about people of colour, or gays and lesbians. Because if he did that, he’d be warned.

But, apparently sexism is allowed on this site.

1512. AJ - April 8, 2015

Could be just a case of foot-in-mouth disease.

To lighten the tone, let’s let Monty Python clarify the issue:

1513. Marja - April 8, 2015

Cygnus, clearly you did not read my forst post and my hour-long effort of last night is perhaps in moderation or I failed to press some demmed button or another. Lucky I failed. I get far too emotional thinking about white male privilege.

Condider this next time you walk into a shop or a workplace. Just by wearing a white skin and being a male, you are automatically trusted (if you are deecently attired). You will often be served, even before a white female who’s standing patiently before you in line.

Your name, if it sounds white and male, will get your resume considered, while a name that sounds like that of a woman or person of color will hit the bin.

Perhaps the latter will change as the predominant group of female graduates arrives in the workforce.

How you can class a working mother as having an advantage is beyond me. Women of color have been working mothers for decades, receiving little remuneration above minimum wage. They probably don’t get health insurance or rate high for loans, so they take their children and the E.R. and wait countless hours to be seen, and possibly lose a job because, they were late for their fasr food shift. Those who depend on public transportation (because they don’t qualify for car loans) face a job threat if the bus is an hour late — as happens in my town.

It’s obvious that you have no idea how the “other half” lives. I encourage you to use the fertile imagination you use when discussing storylines in Trrk and turn it to imagining how people outside the middle class have to worty about money and job prospects every single day. That also includes white males, btw.

I understand the injustice of a white male losing an opportunity to a POC because of affirmative action . I do. An old friend was passed up for an opportunity to attend officer candidate school. But he was able to keep his job and eventually became a warrant officer. Sure, not quite the same income or level of responsibility or respect, but still respectable. Yes, he was bitter about it. But still, an officer

1514. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

Honestly don’t know what you mean.

If there is anything factually incorrect or inaccurate in what I said, please point to it.

1515. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

Or even if there is anything unreasonable in what I said, please point to it.

1516. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

Neither was I advocating any “men’s rights groups,” nor any form of propaganda, and I don’t appreciate the willful misrepresentation of what I did say. It’s right there to read. It doesn’t need to be rephrased in the form of dumbed-down cliches.

1517. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

I actually have an interest in this issue, not the least of which is the knee-jerk reaction that so many people have to what I can only see as reasonable, factually substantiated points. If it’s too serious a topic for this thread, I understand. But I am sincerely interested in knowing what possible flaws there might be in my argument.

1518. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

BTW, the statistics that I cited come directly from a college business management textbook in a class taught by a self-identifying feminist.

1519. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

Not just the statistics, in fact, but a substantial portion of my argument comes from that textbook—studies showing that women prioritize family over higher wages and so forth. It’s all from that textbook, in a business management college course taught by a feminist.

1520. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

And not some sketchy online “college,” but from a university in NYC.

1521. Marja - April 8, 2015

My comments are stuck in moderation. Probably for the best.

1522. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

Did you give hell to the chauvinist pig?

1523. Cygnus-X1 - April 8, 2015

On a positive note, here’s the kind of championing that I do appreciate:

For my money, Elizabeth Warren is by far the most compelling member of either house of the US Congress. If Hillary can pick up even 10% of Warren’s ability to discuss financial and economic issues, she’ll be a much stronger candidate for it.

1524. Marja - April 9, 2015

Warren is sensitive to the needs of the poor and working clase. She’s sensitive to ripoff loans and other financial chicanery. I wish she stood a chance of being elected Pres with a Democratic congress that would not block every program she proposed. I wish that the comfortable rich and corporatocracies didn’t own our political system.

Y’know, feminism is abt a lot more than middle clase ladies who can’t get jobs as managers or executives.

It’s about families too. It’s abt women to whom a $25 co-pay for a healthcare issue or preventive care for her female body is the gas budget for the week or giving her child breakfast.

It’s about a pregnant woman whose boyfriend or husband beat or left her because he was a 50% partner in the act that made the child but decides he doesn’t want to share the responsibility.

It’s abt equal considerarion for dads (childcare on work sites for example, so he can be an equal partner in parenting) as well as moms.

Family care falls to women bc they can’t get good jobs bc they have children. So they “prioritize” parenting over work bc they can’t afford childcare (which middle-claes choice was prob avail to your feminist professor). For some moms it’s a choice of taking a child to the ER with a fever of 103 — school nurses can’t care for them — or finishing her shift at McD’s. Guess how many times she could do that before she lost her job.

Have you waited in an ER with a feverish kid lately, sweating over the amount of yr co-pay and choosing between one family need or another? Have you ever been poor? Have you ever been pulled over bc yr taillight is out and you can’t afford to fix it? Have you faced the danger of rape on your college campus or in the military or in yr job? Have you been sexually harrassed? Have you been personally saddled with care of elderly parents (It is usually left to women as well)? Have you faced the danger of pregnancy and being poor, yet unable to afford birth control bc some “Christian” legislators don’t like it? Have you had to choose between a co-pay for GYN care and feeding yr family for a week? This a major part of feminism. This is part of what Elizabeth Warren talks about.

A friend of mine cannot afford insurance even with Obamacare bc she is poor and lives in Fla. Our Republican governor decided he doesn’t want any part of a program instituted by a Democrat. Thus he has rejected care for those who would be supported by the additions to state medicaid budgets and reimbursed much of that $400 she’d have to pay. Do you have a clue how much $400 means to some folks? It’s over half my monthly rent. Lucky for me I am covered by the VA then Medicare when I’m 65. (I still have co-pays however). Major bite. If Rand Paul and his ilk leave “entitlements” alone that is.

I invite you to pretend for a day that you are poor. Then a day of being a woman and mother. Or just being a woman and being ignored when the male behind you in line is served or addressed first.

Feminism isn’t just about middle-clase women passed over for a management oe executive job. It’s about family planning clinics, adequate health care for poor women and their families. (There are a disproportionate number of men serving as CEOs and upper mgmt — seeing as women ate over 50% of the population.

I won’t get into the horrors faced by girls and women in Middle eastern and African tribal societies, but that, too, is what feminism is about.

You and your feminist professor have a lot more choices available to you than working poor women. How can you assume that choices and finances that matter little to you ate the same for everyone? Leave your comfy little box for a day and just imagine.

1525. Marja - April 9, 2015

Wow I’m in moderation limbo again. Even though I used “clase” instead of the typical word for strata in society. Faaacinatin’.

1526. Marja - April 9, 2015

Maybe “fem1n1sm” is a flagged word when it comes from a female.

1527. Cygnus-X1 - April 9, 2015

Just to be clear to all participants, my goal here is to find any logical flaws in the argument that I presented. I’m not selling anything nor trying to disrespect anyone, least of all you, Marja. I would like to see feminism and, specifically, the wage parity push as being fair-minded and logically consistent. But, I’m not seeing it that way in light of my information and experience.

1528. Disinvited - April 10, 2015

Tried something I’ve never been able to get to work in any chain on the DISPEL. It’s what I call the 4 banger: posting a comment with 4 urls in it, because I’ve notice others seem to be able. Didn’t work.

Just Paramount news first half:

Let’s see what Paramount’s been up to:

‘’Paramount Pictures has named Bob Buchi President of Worldwide Home Media Distribution, the studio announced Friday.

Buchi, who joined Paramount in 2006, formerly served as the studio’s executive vice president of worldwide marketing, and most recently oversaw the brand, retail and digital marketing teams and was responsible for the strategic product marketing and management of films including “Transformers,” “Star Trek” and “Spongebob Squarepants.”

The studio also announced today that Peter Giannascoli, SVP of Marketing for Home Media, will be expanding his role to include oversight of all aspects of worldwide marketing for the division.” — ‘Paramount Names Bob Buchi President of Worldwide Home Media Distribution’; Movies | By Linda Ge on April 3, 2015 @ 10:22 am; THE WRAP

This appears why:

“Viacom Inc the media company based in the U.S. said it would be undertaking a restructuring that would include slashing jobs, abandoning some of its acquired titles and the reorganizing of three of its network groups that are domestic into two new organizations with the goal of driving growth.

The owner of Paramount Pictures the movie studio and of cable networks like Comedy Central and MTV said it would take a related charge prior to taxes of close to $785 million in the quarter that ended on March 31. Viacom also stopped its buyback program worth $20 billion because of a restructuring and the spending on different acquisitions anticipated during the ongoing fiscal year.

Shares of Viacom were down over 1.5% after trading ended on Monday.

Viacom said this new structure has been set up to realign sales, marketing, support and creative functions and to increase efficiencies in product and program development.” — ‘Viacom Cutting Jobs, Reorganizing Network, Abandoning Titles’, By David Zenard, FINANCIAL MARKET NEWS


1529. Disinvited - April 10, 2015

Well, look at this, Paramount understands the concept of “early buzz” [Spoiler Alert: don’t click on the following link if you do not wish to be spoiled on the plot of TERMINATOR:GENISYS]:

‘’With four films (two great, two questionable), over $1 billion in box office receipts, and a jumbled time-travel mythology, “Terminator: Genisys” is taking the elements of James Cameron’s 1984 original and twisting them a bit to create an entirely new timeline. Two more “Terminators” are planned.

Getting a jump on a summer that’s chock full of franchise fare, including continuations of “The Avengers” and “Jura$$ic Park,” Paramount Pictures recently showcased a few minutes of action-packed footage from “Terminator: Genisys.”

Key cast members, including Schwarzenegger, were also made available — all to help generate early buzz for what the studio hopes will be a bona fide summer blockbuster.

Paramount is on a major push to restore its once robust production prowess. Although its franchises, including “Transformers” and “Mission: Impossible,” are successful, the studio has lagged behind its Hollywood counterparts in recent years.

Seated on a ma$$ive couch next to his three new co-stars, Schwarzenegger seemed glad to be back. “I watched all the movies again to really get up to speed with the character,” he said.

The project on the whole is an intensely hush-hush endeavor, but director Alan Taylor (“Thor: The Dark World”) has said many times that, at its heart, the film is about man’s relationship to technology in the modern age. In 2015, that idea has evolved from when James Cameron first introduced us to the T-800 31 years ago.

“In ’84, this was total science fiction — when machines take over. And now, we’re there,” said Schwarzenegger. “That’s the wild thing about it. When we did this movie, it was kind of almost reality, unlike in 1984 where we thought, ‘oh well wouldn’t this be a funny world.’ Things have changed.”“ — ‘Schwarzenegger’s back for high-octane TERMINATOR: GENISYS‘, By Lindsey Bahr, AP Film Writer, Posted: 04/03/15, 9:11 AM EDT, THE OAKLAND PRESS


A reflection on Paramount’s dealings with Tom Cruise:

‘’Back in August 2006, despite making great money for Paramount Pictures for his films with the outfit, Tom Cruise was unceremoniously cut from the studio by no less than Sumner Redstone, Chairman of Viacom, Inc., which was the parent company of Paramount Pictures.

The decision caught everyone by surprise since the actor was registering a lifetime box-office gross of over $1.5 billion then and he was transitioning from a young heartthrob to a dramatic actor and to a major action superstar starting off with the first “Mission: Impossible” film series under Paramount Pictures.

The 83-year-old then Redstone cited that the decision stemmed from the recent public antics of the actor and his incessant stomping for personal causes, which has something to do with his religious beliefs through the Church of Scientology, has caused a significant drag on the ticket sales of “Mission: Impossible III.”

Redstone added back then that Paramount Pictures was not parting with Tom Cruise because of his acting ability because he is a terrific actor. He said that someone who effectuates creative suicide and costs the company revenue should not be on the lot.

Apparently, Redstone was referring to his death-defying stunts for his films which do not just put his life in danger but also risks a lot of money for the film outfit.

On July 31, his superstardom will once again be revalidated with the release of the fifth installment to the “Mission: Impossible” franchise. Officially titled “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, …

In addition to Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner will be back as William Brandt and so is Vhing Rames who shall reprise his role as Luther Stickell.

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn will come in to the franchise for the first time to give it the necessary light hearted and witty moments.’‘ — ‘The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Tom Cruise Via the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Film Franchise!'; Posted By: Kazem Sedighzadeh; Posted date: April 09, 2015; In: TV; MASTER HERALD

1530. CmdrR - April 10, 2015

Sorry. Terminator? Lost interest two films ago.

1531. AJ - April 10, 2015


Thanks for those. Even to the fan with some corporate experience, it looks dodgy (anytime you make excuses for not hitting your targets, unless it’s because of an act of God, you sound like a liar).

Paramount needs to market Star Trek films as a property. I’ve been following progress on all the Marvel and DC properties (film versions), and know pretty much what is planned through 2019. With Star Trek, even before the re-boot, it’s always been film-to-film.

The marketing budget for STID is spent? The DVD is out? Closed. 2 years, then 3, with no PR or “buzz” about the franchise (save for Nimoy’s death, which was ignored by the franchise), and most of the world has forgotten. Yes, Cumberbatch is eternally Sherlock Holmes, Julian Assange, even Smaug/Sauron, and almost got an Oscar for his the new flick, but no one will remember that STID actually broke him into the world of blockbuster films; the film is barely remembered, except on the Internet as a dud.

So, once again, ST3 has to re-re-re-introduce everything to everyone, etc. I suppose it’s actually CBS which has to move it all forward in terms of any TV shows or cartoons, and that makes it far worse than it already is, because once S7 of TNG Remastered was released, that marketing machine went dark as well.

Hopefully these reshuffles mean something positive for Trek. Not holding my breath.

1532. Disinvited - April 10, 2015

# 1527. CmdrR – April 10, 2015

” Sorry. Terminator? Lost interest two films ago.” — CmdrR

My primary purpose in bringing that article to your attention wasn’t so much as to promote that movie but to note the difference in where and when Paramount has decided to generate its buzz

1533. Marja - April 10, 2015

1514 Cygnus, your experience does not mirror mine, nor that of poor wom3n in this country. Apparently that’s all I am being permitted to say. Apparently only men are permitted to discuss this subject here. I’m not going to repeat 4 hours’ efforts in replying to you earlier on my lil cellphone keyboard.

What I will say, though, is that you must imagine outside of your own experience. The middle and upper-middle cl@ss have no idea what it’s like to worry abt spending $10 or $20. Childc@re ha! Gasoline ha! And so much much more.

We’ll see if this gets thru.

1534. Marja - April 10, 2015

Rogue Nation needs new writers or better editing

“[ Cruise’s ] superstardom will once again be revalidated” !!

Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department

1535. Silvereyes - April 10, 2015

1524 Cygnus-X1

“Just to be clear to all participants, my goal here is to find any logical flaws in the argument that I presented.”

Cygnus, “Logic is the beginning of reason, not the end” – Spock

It’s not about finding logical flaws to your arguments. Social issues are not equations to be solved or scientific theories to be demonstrated.

1536. Phil - April 10, 2015

Casting news…

1537. Phil - April 10, 2015

Casting news…

1538. AJ - April 11, 2015


Marja, I don’t understand why people with blogs, or who write for Internet sites, aren’t first and foremost, people who love writing, and KNOW HOW to write. Otherwise, reviewing a film or editorializing would be the equivalent of writing a high school book report from the motivational standpoint. And if it’s a job that pays, why would an Internet site pay a reviewer/writer who can’t write, and theoretically shouldn’t want to anyway?

I mean, has anyone ever said, “You know, I hate writing, and I am not good at it, but I am going to freelance as a film critic/editor of a film website”? And you run across it quite often.

1539. Harry Ballz - April 11, 2015


Beats cleaning toilets.

1540. Marja - April 11, 2015

1533/4 Phil, a LEAD role? WTF … maybe she’ll play a badass Romulan (hopefully w/o those stupid brow ridges from TNG onward).

(Snif) I sure hope we’ll get to see Idris Elba too …

—————– about that feminism subject ——————
My posts may simply have been too dang long. I am pretty passionate about the subject because of the misperceptions of it.

Suffice it to say, feminists don’t just come from the white middle- and upper-middle clas$es, and we advocate for far more than aggrieved middle-class women who have not gotten the promotions they probably deserve.

1541. Marja - April 11, 2015

Heh. Maybe the ungrammatical blogger was using a smartyphone. Though these things do NOT encourage prolixity.

1542. CmdrR - April 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lord Anthony. I am sure a room fulla luv awaits should you ever decide to visit.

1543. Marja - April 11, 2015

1542 CmdrR Huh?

1544. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - April 11, 2015

Happy B Day CnC Anthony.

1545. CmdrR - April 12, 2015

Marja – heard it on Subspacebook.

1546. Marja - April 12, 2015

Ahhh you heard it on the AP wire.

I will add my felicitations Signor Anthony! May the coming year bring you many wonderful things. Buono fortuna!

1547. Harry Ballz - April 12, 2015

Just watched “X-Men:Days of Future Past”.

I usually LOVE time travel movies, but……..meh.

I’m so bored with Hollywood’s incompetence.

It’s such a shame we reward stupidity.

1548. AJ - April 13, 2015

And for our next Time Travel franchise, here is the super-latest Terminator Genisys trailer, with the now out-of-the-bag big plot spoiler that…..


Adult John Connor is the new ultra super-pooper Terminator against whom all of humanity must win or ultimately be subject to two more sequels. He’s made of some kind of hi-tech pixel dust or something.

Once again, COULD be decent. But……

1549. Phil - April 13, 2015

@1548. Not that I ever had any intention of seeing this to begin with….but just about every commentary I’ve seen has this being a silly idea in a already silly story. Oh, and San Fran gets blown up yet again….and they seem to be cribbing a lot of lines from previous Terminator movies. Haven’t we seen this already?

Could be decent….nah, probably not.

On the other hand, Brent Spiner has a role in the Independence Day sequel…

1550. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2015

Yeah, the more I see of the new “Terminator Genisys”, the more “blah” I feel about it.

It’s looking more like a cheap quality “greatest hits” compilation of the previous movies….which is a shame, because there’s some great stories yet to be told in this universe.

I guess we’ll have to wait until James Cameron is finished with the “Avatar” sequels and gets the rights back for the “Terminator” franchise.

1551. Disinvited - April 13, 2015

Anniversary of the big Apollo blowout:

1552. AJ - April 13, 2015

Commercially, they are playing to nostalgia for some of the oft-remembered quotes/gimmicks from the original Cameron Terminator films. This is really Schwarzenegger’s last chance to show he can draw dollars at the box office.

Alan Taylor is a good director, and having Emilia Clarke as Sarah is fine. Will it suck for fans of the original two films? Will the time-travel switcharoo be stupid and over-explained poorly for morons, or will it all go smoothly so we can enjoy the revised timeline (BTTF trilogy being the standard)?

I will probably go see it. I hope it doesn’t suck,

1553. Phil - April 13, 2015

Well, we know it will make at least fifteen bucks…

1554. Marja - April 13, 2015

1547, Harry, just wait, with “Furious 7″ having such a hugely profitable opening and first week worldwide, we’ll have so MANY hi-quality movies to look forward to!

1552 AJ Haha, and now the American standard goes from “It’s not TOO bad” to “I hope it doesn’t suck” !!!

I expect in a year or so it’ll be “I hope it doesn’t suck too bad”

So much for quality in movies

1555. Craiger - April 13, 2015

Anyone looking forward to this series?

1556. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2015

Harry Ballz should appreciate this…don’t think the marketing department thought this through:

1557. Phil - April 13, 2015

The baseball fan appreciates that, RDR! A few years ago when the annoying AL team in Orange County changed it’s name this popped up at Dodger Stadium….

1558. Phil - April 13, 2015

And we thought ST 3 (possibly) had problems. Sucks to be Wonder Woman, no director 11 months from release.

1559. CmdrR - April 13, 2015

Phil – Princess Diana (?) is set to appear in the Batman/Supes thingie. Her stars and stripes onesy is set to star on June 23, 2017. Plenty of times.

1560. Phil - April 13, 2015

Twirled the titles…I stand corrected. If B vs. S underperforms, though, it’ll be interesting to see which of those other projects goes on hiatus.

1561. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2015

@1556 Red Dead Ryan

Thanks, Ryan!

Oh, I’m pretty sure they DID think it through! This should sell well!

1562. CmdrR - April 14, 2015

I’ll try to keep an open mind about the new Wonder Woman. But, for me, there will always only be one. In fact, there is only one scene from one ep that will live forever in my pubescent memory:

Top THAT, Hollywood!

1563. CmdrR - April 14, 2015


1564. Red Dead Ryan - April 14, 2015

Just got back from seeing “Furious 7″. A whole lot of fun. The best in the now-classic series. Good humor, great action, fun characters, and a very touching tribute to Paul Walker at the end.

1565. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2015

@1563 CmdrR

Imagine the ratings if her boobs had slipped out?

1566. CmdrR - April 15, 2015

Little known fact: Linda Carter invented super glue.

1567. Phil - April 15, 2015

@1561. At a minimum, it does give a new meaning to the seventh inning stretch…

1568. LizardGirl - April 15, 2015

~~Minor Spoilers~~
Did anyone catch Gotham this week? It was wow. Not kidding Milo Ventimiglia plays the “Ogre”. Dude’s sick, but it was hard seeing him as the villain due to his role as Peter Petrelli in Heroes. I recommend watching it.

1569. Ahmed - April 15, 2015

Well, unlike ST XIII, it took Warner Bros. just TWO DAYS to find a new director for “Wonder Woman” movie! And they have TWO YEARS to get the movie out!

‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Finds a New Director

Patty Jenkins, who at one point was to direct Thor 2 for rival Marvel Studios, has closed a deal to helm Warner Bros.’ female superhero movie.

Warners moved at lightning speed to sew up another director after parting ways Monday with Michelle MacLaren, the experienced TV showrunner who was to have made her feature directorial debut with Wonder Woman.

1570. CmdrR - April 15, 2015

THIS belongs on the main site:

1571. Phil - April 15, 2015

The speed with which WB found another director is only an issue to those who wish it to be one. Both studios found directors within the time frames of their projects, the elapsed time it took is a non-issue.

1572. Cygnus-X1 - April 15, 2015

1570. CmdrR – April 15, 2015

THIS belongs on the main site:


I recently watched STC’s Lolani again and enjoyed Linda Carter’s cameo.

1573. Ahmed - April 15, 2015

It good to be Wonder Woman, a director was found two years from release :)

1574. Ahmed - April 15, 2015

Thanks to B Kramer for the link.


162. B Kramer – April 15, 2015

‘Trek 3′ Director Justin Lin Brings In New Costume Designer, Cinematographer for 2016 Sequel


THIS, CmdrR, belongs on the main site :)

1575. Phil - April 16, 2015

A bit more intrigued with the new SW trailer, then the B vs. S teaser, which was nothing more then twenty seconds of logos and a really irritating sound loop….for entertainment media to be fawning over that as ‘tantalizing’ is a real head scratcher……..

1576. CmdrR - April 16, 2015

1577. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2015

Just watched the new “Force Awakens” trailer. Wow!

Interesting how similar the tunnel chase with the Millenium Falcon trying to avoid the TIE fighter is to the scene in STID where Kirk is piloting the shuttle through a canyon to escape a pursuing Bird Of Prey.

1578. CmdrR - April 16, 2015

Imperial cruisers really handle crashes well. I’m surprised the locals didn’t declare that a mixed use development and move right in.
BTW, was that Luke’s robot hand? What happened to the skin?

1579. Cygnus-X1 - April 16, 2015

1578. CmdrR – April 16, 2015

BTW, was that Luke’s robot hand? What happened to the skin?

Chaffed off from overuse. He should have used…

Hand ON! Apply directly to the hand! Hand ON! Apply directly to the hand! Hand ON! Apply directly to the hand!

Available at Space Walgreens.

From the makers of…

Head ON! Apply directly to the forehead! Head ON! Apply directly to the forehead! Head ON! Apply directly to the forehead!

1580. Grandpa Phil - April 16, 2015

@ RDR…..JJ seems fond of crashing big spaceships into planets…

@ Cygnus…that’s pretty funny, actually!

Oh, and only because it’s special… me Grandpa Phil now…we welcomed baby Bailee into the world today.

1581. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2015

Congrats, Phil!

Do you feel young or old?

1582. Cygnus-X1 - April 17, 2015

He feels young. As when the world was new.

Congratulations, Phil.

1583. JT - April 17, 2015

Does anyone else see that a lot of Star Wars resembles Star Trek? A friend of mine shared with me a Star Wars box set that reminded us of the old Star Trek VHS collection that formed an image of the Enterprise. Watching the latest Force Awakens trailer, apart from the obvious shots that JJ Abrams like to employ in his films, i felt that last line was a lot like The Voyage Home line: “We’ve come home.”

There’s much more that has been seen over the years, is it all coincidence?

1584. AJ - April 17, 2015

Read this and weep (or laugh. The fan letter and response are just great).

New York Times no less:

1585. Red Dead Ryan - April 17, 2015


I can just hear Star Wars fans lamenting “Grr, Abrams just turned Star Wars into Star Trek! I HATE this!” :-)

1586. Silvereyes - April 17, 2015

Congratulations Phil!

1587. LizardGirl - April 17, 2015

Saw SW #2 trailer. It felt a little…weak? Idk, the first trailer was fantastic. This one was okay.

1588. Red Dead Ryan - April 17, 2015

The new Battlefront game trailer released, going to be a great holiday season for Star Wars fans:

1589. Hermeot - April 17, 2015


no more ships looking as stolen ones from Transformers / Battlefield NY / The Avengers

or skinheaded Klingons!!!!

1590. Marja - April 17, 2015

1574 Ahmed and BKramer, Why TF does Lin want to change costume designs at such expense? Good Lord! The only change I wanted was for the minidress wearers to add black tights!

I hope the new designer’s just going to do costumes for the “guests,” not re-design Starfleet uniforms. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing and end to the minidress’ s lack of rank insignia!

1591. Marja - April 17, 2015

1570 Cygnus, LOL

1580 Grandpa Phil, congrats on lil’ Bailee. Now as soon as she’s able to get it, turn her into a Trek fan. She might grow up to be a scientist! … or … an obsessive poster on the interne ….

1592. Marja - April 17, 2015


1593. Ahmed - April 17, 2015

@1587. LizardGirl,

“Saw SW #2 trailer. It felt a little…weak? Idk, the first trailer was fantastic. This one was okay.”

Come on! Even Matthew Mcconaughey was deeply touched by the teaser :)

1594. Ahmed - April 17, 2015

@1589. Marja,

I think it is a matter of working with people he is familiar with. Some movie directors, like Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Joss Whedon, Martin Scorsese and many others, are known for working with the same cast & crew through various movies.

1595. Ahmed - April 17, 2015

Congratulations, Phil!

1596. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - April 17, 2015

The Trailer for Batman Vs Superman was underwhelming.
The Star Wars Trailer was Awesome.
Can’t wait for The Avengers in 2 weeks.
Can’t wait to see Ericka Durance in. The Bikini Girl gone wrong.
Oops on the last one.

1597. AJ - April 17, 2015

Yeah, “Batman vs. Superman” looks like a real downer. Don’t see why Supes doesn’t just “blow him a kiss,” be done with him and move on.

1598. Harry Ballz - April 17, 2015

@1596 Emperor Mike “Can’t wait to see Ericka Durance”

Hey, what the?? Oops? You think “oops” is going to cut it?

May you slide down a 50 foot razor blade into a vat of iodine!

Then, after that, we’ll really dish out the punishment!

1599. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - April 18, 2015

Harry. D’oh

1600. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - April 18, 2015

Now for Homer Simpson quote of the day.

Anger Management “Yes, honey…Just squeeze your rage up into a bitter little ball and release it at an appropriate time, like that day I hit the referee with the whiskey bottle.”

1601. CmdrR - April 18, 2015

My son is at Disney’s Star Wars Convention. He just posted:
Carrie Fisher just handed me a half eaten protein bar what the force

(He didn’t say force)

1602. Harry Ballz - April 18, 2015

@1501 CmdrR “Carrie Fisher just handed me a half eaten protein bar”

Carrie Fisher not finishing eating something?

Impossible! I smell impostor!

1603. Marja - April 18, 2015

1602 Harry, It seems Fisher has been dieting so she can look good for Star Wars. This requirement evidently does not apply if Shat wants to be in Trek3. Hmmm.

1604. Harry Ballz - April 19, 2015


I enjoy “chewing the fat” with you, but can we assume being a princess requires a certain attractiveness, while being a starship captain simply needs you to be AWESOME?

1605. Harry Ballz - April 19, 2015

HAM tends to be on the fat side, no? :>)

1606. CmdrR - April 19, 2015

Need to reset this thread. Getting to be quite the hike to get down here. Hmmm… maybe newest posts on top? O, wacky me!

Carrie’s not lookin too bad these days. She’s definitely shed some pounds and seems to be making an effort. It just has to suck to spend your life competing with your 20-something self. Still… one luck fan got a nerf-herder tonsil tickle from the princess:

1607. Craiger - April 19, 2015

Erica Durance as Luke’s Jedi Daughter.

1608. Harry Ballz - April 19, 2015

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if Durance played the daughter of Jabba the Hutt?

1609. Harry Ballz - April 19, 2015

…and just think how much they’d save on no make-up or special effects being needed!

1610. Red Dead Ryan - April 19, 2015

I think they want “Star Wars” to remain kid-friendly….making her the daughter of Jabba would make it a horror movie. It’ll give kids (and adults) post-traumatic syndrome for the rest of their lives. She would even manage to make Jar Jar Binks seem like Han Solo in comparison.

1611. Marja - April 19, 2015

1606 CmdrR, near the top right of the Chat page and the regular Trekmovie threads there is a lovely aqua rectangle “bottom of page” (it’s above the Twitter Feed & ads).

I begged Matt for it and gor bless him, a coupla days later it was there! Cause scrolling down here on a smartphone ain’t no picnic. Good “problem” to have though.

1612. Marja - April 19, 2015

Sorry, it’s “Jump to bottom” in demure type in that aqua rectangle. Just below the “search” rectangle.

Or should I call them “buttons”? Ah, these newfangled interwebs!

1613. Marja - April 19, 2015

Ye gods, I just got a gander at Carrie Fisher’s “new lips”. Jaysis, you’d think a studio with the might of Disney could find her a better plastic surgeon than that. It’s nearly as bad as Melanie Griffith’s lip job or Meg Ryan’s. … WHUT o_¤

Tis a shame and a pity, it is.

Other than that she looks good, for as much hard livin’ as she did after her early success.

1614. JT - April 20, 2015

@1585. Red Dead Ryan – April 17, 2015
Ha! I wonder if Abrams will throw in Star Trek easter eggs like he has done with R2D2 in Trek…

@1587. LizardGirl – April 17, 2015
I felt the same. The teaser surprisingly peaked my interest but this recent trailer was a lot of uninteresting images wrapped in obvious attempts to stir up nostalgia. Then i absolutely laughed when i saw Harrison Ford as old Han, he just looks horrible in my opinion. By the way how does Chewbacca not have one grey hair? :p

@1596. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – April 17, 2015
What were your thoughts on Batman V Superman before seeing the teaser?

1615. AJ - April 20, 2015

1610/Red Dead Ryan:

Star Wars stopped being “kid-friendly” when Anakin slaughtered the Sandmen and then mass-murdered the young Jedi padawans.

Cap it all off with Obi-wan brutally maiming Anakin (after he murders more people) before Padme dies in childbirth, and you have all the grist for a horrid selection of never-before released action figures (Legless Anakin! Dead 8-year-old in Jedi Robes!).

I remember seeing a Darth Vader Pepsi display soon after “Sith” came out and wondering what on Earth they were thinking.

It seems like George Lucas forgot was “fun” is as an older man. Star Wars should be fun, after all. I think JJ gets that to a tee.

1616. Red Dead Ryan - April 20, 2015

I think “Batman Vs. Superman” looks good, though I fear that it could be too familiar to “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel and animated movie.

The new batmobile looks cool.

1617. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Marja — Hmmm. Who knew? If it had been a Gorn, it’d have bit me.

1618. LizardGirl - April 20, 2015

I will definitely be stoked for the movie, don’t get me wrong!

I wonder if Ford shot that scene during Ender’s Game, because that is what that scene reminded me of.

1619. LizardGirl - April 20, 2015

The Batman vs. Superman movie looks like a rehash? or maybe an big introduction to the Dark Knight part 2 animated movie. That movie was fantastic!

~Minor Spoiler?~There was an amazing fight between an aged Bruce Wayne and a Superman under the control of the government. In that fight, Bruce Wayne wears this special suit of armor. That cut scene reminds me of that movie. I find this intriguing, seeing as this was towards the end of Bruce’s and Clark’s relationship. The movie seems to be the beginning? of their relationship as well as the beginning of the Justice League. So…not sure what’s going on there.

1620. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Janeway lives!

1621. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, George Takei!


Get em, Neil!

1622. Ahmed - April 20, 2015

@1617. LizardGirl,

“I wonder if Ford shot that scene during Ender’s Game, because that is what that scene reminded me of.”

No. Ender’s Game was filmed in 2012 & released in 2013. Episode VII was filmed between May and November 2014.

1623. LizardGirl - April 20, 2015

Ah… it’s hard to make jokes via keyboard *sigh*. Yeah. Ender’s Game is kind of an older movie, I knew that, lol. But that uniform looks very hard scifi, like his part in Ender’s Game vs. what I was expecting from SW (more high fantasy costumes–i.e. robes). That’s what I was getting at with my comment. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

1624. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, George Takei!

1625. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Once again, one of my comments appears invisible — even AFTER two other people post and take over my post’s original number. Then, when I re-post, the first one reappears, renumbered to where it was.

Sheeesh. Is this any way to run a starfleet??

1626. Ahmed - April 20, 2015

@1623. CmdrR,

Guess that you didn’t get the memo!

The new TrekMovie tagline is: Now you see it, Now you don’t! :)

1627. Ahmed - April 20, 2015

@1621. LizardGirl,

lol, I totally missed it!

1628. Randall Williams - April 20, 2015

Query:Does Anthony Piscale still have inside track information regarding
the next Star Trek movie now that Bob Orci has departed?

I haven’t seen anything posted by him recently.

1629. Silvereyes - April 20, 2015

1623 CmdrR

My suggestion is… More prune juice. It’s not going to make this site better but it will make you more tolerant…

… by making your insides more happy. Get it?

That’s all I got. Never mind.

1630. CmdrR - April 20, 2015

Silvereyes, I shall happily take a seat directly above your head to test your theory. I’d be funnier, but I’m just pooped…

1631. AJ - April 21, 2015

Well, I am off back to Russia on Thursday.

No job yet, but I will continue to look from there.

Because no one is traveling there anymore, my Delta FF miles give me access to almost every daily flight, which is nice (they just announced they are cancelling all direct flights by year-end). Yay, fun places!

It snowed in Moscow yesterday, so all the more reason to run back over (before it all melts in June).

1632. Aurore - April 21, 2015

@ 1629. AJ – April 21, 2015

“Well, I am off back to Russia on Thursday…”



It’s good to hear, AJ…

Wishing you all the very best.

Have a nice trip.

1633. CmdrR - April 21, 2015

AJ, be sure to pack your merkin.

1634. CmdrR - April 21, 2015

Not a bad title.

Would prefer Star Trek Beyonce…

But, not bad.

1635. AJ - April 22, 2015

Better new title:

Star Trek: In my Behind (with a colon, or course) ;-)

1636. crazydaystrom - April 22, 2015

1634. CmdrR –

“Would prefer Star Trek Beyonce…”


Hmmm, wonder what she’d look like in green full-body makeup? Hmmm

1637. AJ - April 22, 2015

Avengers 2 reviews are trickling in, and it’s mostly “meh, typical, not a game-changer, will make $2 billion regardless” kind of stuff.

I’ll probably go see it, but it sounds like the quinjet’s running on autopilot in this one.

1638. Red Dead Ryan - April 22, 2015

A show based on “Galaxy Quest” is in the works. Can’t say the same about a new show based on “Star Trek”. Apart from the new movie, there’s nothing going on in the Trek universe. Nil. Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zippo.

In the meantime, everyone is getting excited for the releases of “Star Wars Battlefront” and “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” in the fall. Add to that the ongoing “Rebels” show, and Disney is kicking sand in the face of Paramount and CBS.

1639. CmdrR - April 22, 2015

Simon sez…

1640. LizardGirl - April 23, 2015

Star Trek Beyond….Star Trek BeyondSTAR TREK: BEYOND….it’s growing on me.

1641. Harry Ballz - April 23, 2015

@1640 LizardGirl “STAR TREK: BEYOND…’s growing on me”

Like a fungus?


1642. LizardGirl - April 23, 2015

Pfft! Yeah, like a virus or something! LOL….but seriously…it’s not horrible…but it’s not…flashy either. But what is the level of expectation, though? I’m kinda “meh” about the title. But I’ll probably be okay with it in a few months.

1643. CmdrR - April 23, 2015

Star Trek Beyond Expectations.

It’s not Peggy’s work. I’m sure studio suits held meetings and called in consultants who proved scientifically that “beyond” is the current buzz word for titles of high-grossing flicks. I have nothing against it. I’m just hoping that Peggy sticks to his usual level and gives us a Trek that’s just a little subversive, but true to our beloved universe. It’ll still be overstuffed with action and sfx. But, MAYBE there’ll be a stray idea or two and some good character moments, especially with KS&M. (Would I cry if we left Nuhura in spacedock? Um, no.)

1644. Disinvited - April 23, 2015

#1643. CmdrR – April 23, 2015

” It’s not Peggy’s work. I’m sure studio suits held meetings and called in consultants who proved scientifically that “beyond” is the current buzz word for titles of high-grossing flicks.” — CmdrR

Agreed. Though I wouldn’t have been opposed if he manged to sneak in one of his Cornetto Ice Cream confection names:


1645. Disinvited - April 23, 2015

#1643. CmdrR – April 23, 2015



does have a certain anniversary feel to it.

1646. Harry Ballz - April 24, 2015

How about………………


1647. Cygnus-X1 - April 25, 2015


1648. CmdrR - April 25, 2015

Aaaaay. The USS Bada Bing is a great piece of astral construction. Dis ship pioneered sleeveless mini-dresses and Happy Hour in the Neutral Zone. You don’ tink dose Romulans wuz green for nuthin, eh? We got stripper poles on duh bridge for those lulls between rounds of Space Invaders — I mean negotiations with the Klingheads. Ten Forward my butt! Our bar takes up four decks! Swing on over an we’ll fix ya up with one of the Bada Bing Girls. You like blonde, redhead, or green? Really. Anytime. Closing time? Fuggettaboutit…

1649. Marja - April 25, 2015

1646 Harry《LOL》
1648 CmdrR, LOL
Dis ship’s got da biggest nacelles in da quadrant! And f’yah ladies, da men’s Bridge Crew does a stripdown in da main bar right afta dey get offa work. Dem gleamin’ pecs will melt yinz eyeballs out!

1643 CmdrR, I’m not on your same wavelength about Uhura though. I LOVE HER!

1650. Cygnus-X1 - April 25, 2015

1648. CmdrR – April 25, 2015

Swing on over an we’ll fix ya up with one of the Bada Bing Girls. You like blonde, redhead, or green?

It’s, um, *sniff sniff*…

It’s green. ;-)

1651. Cygnus-X1 - April 25, 2015


1652. CmdrR - April 27, 2015

Dubai Dubai do?

Star Trek’s in the sand.


1653. Harry Ballz - April 27, 2015

Yabba dabba doo?

Ah, then…….

Star Trek: The Sand Pebbles

1654. Red Dead Ryan - April 27, 2015


Steve McQueen and the Flintstones in space?

1655. Harry Ballz - April 27, 2015


Since the Trek movies are nothing but action, how about………

Star Trek: BAM BAM BAM!!!

1656. CmdrR - April 27, 2015

The Sand Pebbles is a great movie, directed by Robert Wise.

As for Dubai … It’s a possible location for shooting:

1657. Lurker - April 27, 2015

Star Trek: Beyond the Ghost Protocol

1658. Harry Ballz - April 27, 2015

The next movie being shot in the desert?

Great, I’m flashing back to that piece of dogshit, ST:TFF.

So much for exploring space.

Just what we DON’T need.


1659. AJ - April 28, 2015

Greetings from Russia.

Harry, I don’t think shooting in the UAE necessarily means they are not leaving the Earth to explore. Just a real desert locale with tax incentives, I suppose. I mean, do we really need to see the Vasquez Rocks again?

1660. Aurore - April 28, 2015

@ 1659. AJ – April 28, 2015

“Greetings from Russia…”


Hi, AJ !

…There’s a movie being shot…or rather, expected to (be filmed) ???

What the hell are you (all) talking about?!…


1661. Red Dead Ryan - April 28, 2015

With Kirk sleeping around in the new movies, perhaps the next one should be called:


1662. Phil - April 28, 2015

Harry, quit having flashbacks, it’ll raise your BP.

Besides, there is something to be said about a good location shoot then just making it all CGI…

1663. CmdrR - April 28, 2015

Nothing gets Harry’s BP up like flashbacks of last weekend, manacled in Erica Durance’s “playroom.”

btw — Does BP stand for blood pressure of Bird of Prey? Ah well, works either way.

1664. Harry Ballz - April 28, 2015


Phil, maybe BP stands for Bony Pr…..

nah, better not go there!

1665. Marja - April 29, 2015

Well, nothing much new on the main boards except the usual bit@hin’ and moanin’.

Hi AJ! I agree with you on Vasquez Rocks, LOL.

Harry, control that BP.

Regards to all.

1666. CmdrR - April 29, 2015

Free lunch from the Ruskies… if your glove hand is really good:

RIP Messenger:

A 23rd Century Underwear Model gets in trouble dissing a dude who looks like a lady and who’s takin’ a walk on the wild side:

1667. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - April 29, 2015

I read a very funny story on facebook. Never Argue with a little girl.

A little Girl was talking to her teacher about Whales. The Teacher said it was Physiccally inpossible for a Whale to swallow a Human because even though it’s a very large mammal it’s throught was very small. The Little girl stated that Jonah was swalled by a Whale. Irriated. The teacher reiterated that a Whale could not have swallowed a Human: It was Physiccaly impossible. The Little Girl Said. When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah. The teacher asked. What if Jonah Went to hell?. The Little Girl Replied. Then you ask him.

1668. JT - April 30, 2015

@1618. LizardGirl – April 20, 2015
I hadn’t thought of that! They may have shot it around then, wasn’t Harrison hanging around Roberto Orci, J.J. and the Bad Robot team a lot during the time leading up to the release of Ender’s Game?

About your Dark Knight Returns / Batman V Superman comments. I know Zack Snyder has maintained all along that The Dark Knight Returns is his guide for the film. I suspect it will be the way into darkness used the Wrath of Khan twist to give a different perspective on how Kirk and Spock’s true friendship begin. Bats and Supes wind up at odds and “fight” but in the end become Superfriends ;p
I’m also absolutely certain after all the dust settles Batman will tell Superman that they may fight for real one day and when that day comes: “May the best man win.”

1669. Phil - May 1, 2015

I see some chatter on the business pages that anticipated opening weekend box office could touch 500MM….domestically. At this stage that’s certainly speculation, but even a 300MM opening will be impressive.

The point being, setting aside a lot of the artsy-fartsy (supposedly) high IQ chatter that tends to surround Trek conversations, it’s still a franchise that needs to make money…and really still hasn’t found it’s balance. If SW has a spectacular opening, I wonder if someone at Paramount will regret letting JJ slip away.

1670. Phil - May 1, 2015

@1668. Without getting to specifics about Age of Ultron, it’s possible that Batman and Superman could end up as friendly enemies. Unless the entire Nolan ethos in the previous Batman movies is completely abandoned, Bruce Wayne is still a borderline psychotic as currently portrayed, and that character does parallel Tony Stark in the current Marvel universe.

It’s been interesting watching Marvel/Disney and WB with their respective franchises – still can’t shake the feeling that WB is playing catch up with Batman/Superman.

1671. Red Dead Ryan - May 1, 2015

J.J Abrams left because of a disagreement with CBS over merchandising. Abrams wanted a temporary halt to TOS-centered toys and books because he thought it would confuse people. He wanted to market the nuTrek movies as much as possible. CBS rejected his plan, and Abrams bolted to Disney.

As far as I know, Abrams is still a producer, though its likely in name only. Paramount will pay him knowing that this latest movie is likely the final one Bad Robot ever produces before the studio shuts it down and reboots it again.

I suspect its one sign of Paramount, CBS, and Bad Robot not getting along. “Boys with toys” syndrome.

1672. CmdrR - May 1, 2015

Honestly, I’m not sure how many reboots I can stand. I totally identify my Enterprise crew with the original actors. There are scads of dress-up productions on the net and NONE of them get me all the way to Trek, although some are quite good. I really hope that Trek comes back to TV for a decade with a new era/cast before we attempt TOS again. And when we do… let’s find a producer who knows how to mix both action and ideas. Please!

1673. CmdrR - May 1, 2015


1674. CmdrR - May 1, 2015

Yeah, LeVar!

1675. CmdrR - May 2, 2015

Well, Age of Ultron is a movie.

Not at all bad, just kinda what it is. City buildings and physics take a pounding. Just when I thought they had the climactic battle under control, someone shot another 25 minutes. (See if you can spot the TWOK moment.) There’s also a great deal of servicing done for other films, but that really didn’t interfere with this one. It’s definitely worth going to see… Joss Whedon is no Michael Bay and I am so very, very grateful. The quiet reflective parts are welcome before we get back to the punchy/splodey parts. And there’s humor, which is always welcome.

Good flick. Enjoy.

1676. CmdrR - May 3, 2015

RIP Grace Lee Whitney.

1677. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 3, 2015

RIP Grace LEE Whitney. You may be gone. But never forgotten.

1678. Marja - May 3, 2015

1675 Cmdr R I saw it today. There have always been elements that defy physics in Marvel movies! I think physics suffered about a hundred hits a minute in most of the action!

Yes, while I really liked the Marvel Marble Pantheon at the end, its follow-up led me to ask the following questions — is the color of self-recrimination purple? And how the heck did …. combine with —-?

Answers in the next exciting adventure!
1677, Emperor Mike, May she Rest in Peace, she who had turmoil in life and found healing there. “It is a far, far better place she goes to ….”

1679. Marja - May 3, 2015

1673 CmdrR, I can’t wait to see Mr Plinkett’s take on movie trailers!


(movie premiere date)

The scoring is boring, I have said many times. It now seems to have metamorphed into JANG JANG JANG JANG JANG JANG JANG (silence) [and repeat throughout trailer, with the exceptional moments which are singular JANGs! between depicted dire moments.

I saw a trailer for Juraissic World. Looks like a stinker.

1680. AJ - May 4, 2015

RIP Grace Lee Whitney

1681. crazydaystrom - May 4, 2015

Rest in peace Ms. Whitney. Your Janice Rand ever has held a special place in my heart.

1682. AJ - May 5, 2015

Saw “Avengers 2″ and enjoyed it thoroughly. I must say, that Ultron as a concept could have been more thoroughly explored, and as he was in the film, came off as kind of stupid (not as a concept, but as in ‘he’s an idiot’ stupid).

The Marvel films are getting heavy on the canon self-references, and this one nearly requires a handbook for those not well-versed. Many fanboy reviewers are rightfully getting a bit tired of Thanos at this point, as in “sh*t, or get off the pot.” Most punters probably didn’t recognize/remember Heimdall, Peggy Carter and Sam Wilson, or understand why Nick Fury had to “call in favors” to pull one of his helicarriers out of mothballs. But it’s all loads of fun anyway. Nice to see Hawkeye get a family, too.

I saw it dubbed in Russian, so, no James Spader or British Jarvis as the Vision, but it made the scenes in “Sokovia” seem all the more real.

1683. Red Dead Ryan - May 5, 2015

I’m going to go see “Avengers 2″ at some point.

These movies tend to require one to put their brains on idle, though the first “Iron Man” and the two “Captain America” movies were actually cerebral not just a sugar high.

The “Thor” movies are entertaining, but Thor himself is one of the least interesting and comes off as lunkhead.

But you got to wonder if or when Marvel fatigue will set in.

1684. CmdrR - May 5, 2015

Ant Man’s trailer has a Jar Jar feel to it. I could be wrong, but Marvel just keeps building out and eventually the audience will simply find another squirrel to chase.

1685. Marja - May 5, 2015

1683 RDR, Aww, I’ve loved Thor ever since he threw down the coffee cup in the diner (“Thor”) and enthusiastically demanded, “Another!” and his saying in A2 that “Revels are called for” after a victory :-)

His innocence is of a different sort to Cap’s, which makes them both charming to me. Each is a man out of his milieu, getting along in this modern world as best he can. Cap, being only decades behind, but from this world, has a little advantage over Thor in that department.

And Tony, bless his witty, sarcastic self, is charming in a completely different way!

Actually I love them all, even though I’ve never read the comics.

Natasha Romanov is AWESOME.

The scene with Cap and Peggy was a heartbreaker.

Marvel, thanks to enormous financial resources, is able to hire excellent talent, which is what makes these characters so great.

However Marvel needs to be REALLY careful because they are beginning to saturate the market.

1686. Red Dead Ryan - May 5, 2015

I have to say that I’m also more excited about “The Force Awakens” than the next Trek film. Maybe because the trailer for the new SW film harkens back to very first movie, a well-crafted and marketed approach to tap into the nostalgia that everyone has for the original trilogy.

1687. Marja - May 5, 2015

Ineed to get to a WiFi spot and watch that new trailer for Swars. I’m looking forward to the film too.

Though equally looking forward to Trek3. …

1688. AJ - May 5, 2015


I am also more pumped about SW7 than Trek 3 because there IS a trailer. Trek 3 is almost a year out, and we have zilch. Batman Hates Superman is also a year out, and that sucker’s long in the can, with a trailer and gobs of PR.

What else is new?

1689. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 5, 2015

Finnally got to see Avengers. Great movie. Love the Action and the Drama and even some romance. Ultron was not a one dementional bad guy. He had wit Humor and was just bad. I will be seeing this movie again.
On a Scale one 1 to 10. I give it a 9

1690. Phil - May 6, 2015

Come now – Episode 7 is only seven months away, and Trek 3 is 13. BVS was supposed to be hitting the Cineplex in July, and got booted a year. I’d expect to see Trek 3 promos by year end…

1691. CmdrR - May 6, 2015

ST3 Trailer:

A starfield sweeps by on screen as we hear what sounds like someone intermittently beating on a dumpster with a piece of rebar.
Flash Frame of an explosion.
Scotty: Ach, space! Am I right?
Anncr: Next year, Boldly go… a third time.
Kirk to McCoy as the step onto the bridge: Bones, we’re home.

1692. Red Dead Ryan - May 6, 2015


Dark Black: “Boop”

Starfield shot.

DB: “Boop”.

Half Second Clip of some portion of some ship.

DB: “Boop”

Two Second Clip of some female screaming: “EEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!”

DB: “Boop”

Thirty Second Clip of People in their underwear running, screaming, explosions, ships crashing, and monsters bursting through walls — to the tune of:


DB: “Boop”

Delta Shield Logo and the title “Star Trek: Beyond” slowly appear via five-minute long transporter beam visual effects. (Three second Alexander Courage cue)

“BOOM!” — Production Credits

“Summer 2016 — For Now, At Least.”

1693. Phil - May 7, 2015

Or….. 20 seconds of the delta logo spinning on screen. Cue Jaws theme….

1694. LizardGirl - May 7, 2015


What is the deal with computer manufacturers not putting optical drives in their notebooks nowadays? Like really! It is nearly impossible to find a decent to great notebook with a disc player. And what’s with all this “sleekbook” and “chromebook” terminology? Don’t want an optical drive? Get a tablet!

1695. Harry Ballz - May 7, 2015

I just spent the last month running for re-election to the Board of Directors for RECO.

I had nine opponents running against me this time. Voting ended tonight and I got in again for another 3 year term.

“I don’t like to lose!”


1696. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2015

Congratulation’s Harry. You are Truly. King of Ballz.

1697. Aurore - May 8, 2015


” I just spent the last month running for re-election to the Board of Directors for RECO…

… Voting ended tonight and I got in again for another 3 year term.

‘I don’t like to lose!… ‘ ”


Congratulations to you, Mr. Ballz !!!

1698. CmdrR - May 8, 2015

You shall drink the blood of your vanquished, Harry. It’s the Klingon way!

1699. Marja - May 8, 2015

1690 Phil, I really hate to say “Trek 13.” Hasn’t it chanced enough bad luck already? :-P

1692 RDR, I would love to see some of those menz running in their underwear! Shirtless.

1694 LGirl, I think they make quite a profit in selling those drives separately. As Jon Stewart might say, “DAAAAAAAMN YOOOOOUUUU PROFITEERS!!!”
1695 Harry, congrats! I’m sure you will be as ballzy as Kirk in your leadership!

1700. Harry Ballz - May 8, 2015

@1699 Marja “I’m sure you will be as ballzy as Kirk in your leadership!”

It’s worked for me so far, Marja! :>)

1701. Phil - May 8, 2015

Well, Marja, we could just call it Trek 2.3. I don’t recall who it was who got really irritated that I kept referring to STID as WOK 2.0. Oh, well….

Off topic, but am I the only one finding it a bit amusing that a few people are referring to Age of Ultron as ‘underperforming’?

1702. Marja - May 8, 2015

No Phil you’re not alone. … I find it amusing that the highest-grossing movie of last weekend is “underperforming”

I suppose it’s just not grossing the bazillions they expected.

1703. Cygnus-X1 - May 9, 2015

Has anyone seen Ex Machina?

1704. Cygnus-X1 - May 9, 2015

1701. Phil – May 8, 2015

You’re the lucky winner, Phil.

1705. Marja - May 9, 2015

1703 Cygnus, it sounds like a really interesting premise and I think it’s going to be creepy-scary toward the end, but I want to see it. It may make it to my town this weekend or next.

Oh to be in a major city where all movies are available for viewing when they come out.

1706. LizardGirl - May 9, 2015

What’s the weather like where you guys are? Because it’s crazy here in Colorado.

1707. CmdrR - May 9, 2015

Just watched the animated short “World of Tomorrow.” If you can find it, give it a look. It should be required viewing for any Hollywood type even thinking of foisting a time travel story upon us.

1708. Marja - May 9, 2015

LG, Nice here in North Florida. Not humid as it normally is this time of year. I like the drier air but it spells global warming (change to normal pattern). I hope the Sierras snows will help with the western drought. Hope you’re not having to dig out!

1709. AJ - May 10, 2015

Harry, when are you gonna drop that “Mike Appleton” nom de plume?

You won the thing; now tell them who you really are!

1710. crazydaystrom - May 10, 2015

1703. Cygnus-X1-
“Has anyone seen Ex Machina?”

YES! Excellent sci fi film!!

1708. Marja-
“…it sounds like a really interesting premise and I think it’s going to be creepy-scary toward the end, but I want to see it.”

You hit the nail exactly on the head there Marja. Ex Machina plays like an extremely well made and very good looking science fictiony episode of The Twilight Zone. And let me emphasize- I mean this in all the BEST ways! Do go see it as soon as you can. I can’t recommend it enough!

And both the male leads, Oscar Isaac and Donhnall Gleeson are in JJ’s new Star Wars movie but this one could possibly turn out to be the superior for ‘sci fi purists’.

1711. crazydaystrom - May 10, 2015

1710. crazydaystrom

” ‘sci fi purists’ “

Ha! I guess I made a inadvertent ‘funny’ there. Lol

Oh well.

1712. Harry Ballz - May 10, 2015

@1709 AJ


Good one, AJ! I actually chuckled out loud at that one.

Yes, I can see it now… the next board meeting, I’ll explain that I now want to be called Lord Ballz.

1713. CmdrR - May 10, 2015

For those of you who do not reproduce by cloning, downloading, parthenogenesis, hatching, or budding…


1714. Cygnus-X1 - May 10, 2015

1710. crazydaystrom – May 10, 2015

You sold me.

1715. Marja - May 10, 2015

1710 Daystrom — thanks for the rec. We plan to see it next Sun when my friend’s back is better. Ahhh, the privileges of over-50s life :-P

1716. Phil - May 11, 2015

@1706 – your crazy was rain and snow in the local mountains here in So Cal a couple of days ago.

More due through on Friday

1717. LizardGirl - May 11, 2015

Hm. Okay. So I guess it’s just the midwest. We’ve been having heavy rain, significant flooding in some areas, some snow and several tornado warnings. Lighting has damaged several properties near me…but weather in Colorado has always been weird.

1718. CmdrR - May 11, 2015

Atlanta. Mid-90’s. Tune in tomorrow, when it will be mid-90’s. Tune in the next day through Halloween, when it will be mid-90’s.

1719. LizardGirl - May 11, 2015

Lol! Well, as least it’s consistent.

1720. CmdrR - May 11, 2015

The script and voice work are only so-so (I’m generous) but this has some very nicely done editing.

1721. B Kramer - May 12, 2015

Guys, check out Roberto’s recent bestowal of hororary degree from Loyola Marymount University: Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters Honorus Causa. He was also the commencement speaker:

His section starts around the 27:30 minute mark.

Congrats Dr. Bob

1722. Harry Ballz - May 12, 2015

Just watched Orci’s speech. You can tell he wrote it because it was rude, condescending, arrogant, flippant and uninspired.

It was actually the worst commencement speech I’ve ever seen, and boy, that covers a lot of ground.

Did you see after he left the podium, the dean said (with a smirk on his face), “Thank you, Mr. Orci, for your insightful thoughts” and there were actually guffaws of laughter from the college grads in the audience.

There is something perverse about a universe that rewards someone with no talent.

1723. B Kramer - May 12, 2015

Harry, why did I know that you were going to comment? ;^)


1724. Harry Ballz - May 12, 2015

C’mon, B Kramer, I challenge ANYONE to watch that speech by Orci and NOT come to the conclusion that he comes across as a smug arrogant little pr*ck.

1725. AJ - May 13, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road is tearing up the critics’ iPads these days. I will definitely try to get in to see it this weekend.

Apparently, it’s Charlize Theron’s film, as Tom Hardy does the usual ‘silent/angry Max’ routine that Mel Gibson invented for the character in the first three films. It’ll be refreshing to get some rated-R mayhem as well.

Can we believe that Tom Hardy once played a clone of Jean-Luc Picard?

1726. B Kramer - May 13, 2015

Harry I posted the darn thing precisely for comments: good, bad and the ugly, since Bob has been on this board for ages and because of that, I also congrated him despite all the past drama. Nothing personal and all the best.


PS some parts of his speech did make me laugh and others were interesting.

1727. Harry Ballz - May 13, 2015


Oh, I understand, BK. I’m simply sharing my opinion. :>)

1728. B Kramer - May 13, 2015

I understand Harry, no problem.

1729. Phil - May 13, 2015

Sorry, Harry, the only conclusion I came to was that he isn’t a public speaker. If there was any truth to his story about not having a degree, and his dad’s disappointment with that, even though I do agree that he tends to believe his own PR, that doesn’t preclude that he wasn’t having a genuine moment up there.

Granted, this was HS, the instructor who spoke at my son’s HS graduation last year pretty much spent his entire allotment of time reviewing the schools football season – there were some very audible ‘what the hell’s’ when this guy pretty much blew off academics as something the losers did who couldn’t cut it in sports. Probably the worst speech I can recall…

1730. crazydaystrom - May 13, 2015

Just watched Bob’s speech. I don’t think he was smug. He just seemed uneasy imo. He seemed to try to be humorous and perhaps a little clever but failed for the most part. Public speaking is not his thing. Again, imho. I almost felt sorry for him. Poor little rich Hollywood writer/producer.

What I found interesting was the water bomb that the woman who introduced him received. Weird.

1731. Phil - May 13, 2015

A nice little write up on a decade without Trek….

1732. Phil - May 13, 2015

@1730 Yeah, I think the water balloon set the tone….

1733. Harry Ballz - May 13, 2015

Too bad they didn’t drop the water bomb on Orci.

He could have quipped, “that’s okay, I’m used to dealing with bombs!”

mmmmmmm-bomb-oh!! *

*(credit to Johnny Carson)

1734. Craiger - May 13, 2015

Harry how’s the new Supergirl compared to Durance? Are you going to be watching that show? Or should they have gone with Laura Vandervoot who played Supergirl from Smallville?

1735. crazydaystrom - May 13, 2015

Bob was uncomfortable giving the speech. It occurs to me he must not’ve had confidence in his speech writer. Should’ve asked Pegg maybe.

1736. Harry Ballz - May 13, 2015


Nah, Craiger, Vandervoot is another Canadian who couldn’t act worth sh*t.


ooooh, crazydaystrom, me-ow!

1737. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2015

You guys ever going to change the poll question? The current one has been there for months… What’s up with that?

1738. Craiger - May 13, 2015

New Supergirl trailer:

1739. CmdrR - May 13, 2015

Supergirl looks super derivative. About 5 different sources, but nothing original. And whoever scored that trailer needs to never touch music again. Dunno, maybe it’s better than the trailer. If so, let me know.

1740. AJ - May 14, 2015

Supergirl seems awful to me, though the trailer got better toward the end. Still waiting for Krypto.

1741. Harry Ballz - May 14, 2015

I’m waiting for Super-Turtle!

1742. CmdrR - May 14, 2015

July 2016:
Kevin Hart is Hong Kong Phooey.
Donald Trump and Don King are the Hair Bear Bunch.

1743. CmdrR - May 15, 2015

More Bonding between Star Trek and that other Star franchise…

1744. Marja - May 16, 2015

[In my best young Katherine Hepburn voice]:

Ohhh, I’m so very tired of waiting for news of the new Trek movie. Tired, I tell you! I feel as though I’ve been waiting forever! If only they’d do some thing!

1745. Marja - May 16, 2015

Oh, and something from the Anniversary of the End thread is bugging me:

If Les Moonves of CBS hates Trek so much, why doesn’t he just SELL it to Paramount, excluding royalties from TOS and pre-JJ shows, movies, and merchandise?

I’m sure someone will tell me such an arrangement is legally impossible, but it seems like a good solution. Then maybe a calmer and more story-, sciience-, and character-based JJ Trek can make it to TV and Moonves can rest on Trek’s past laurels.

Can he hate it so much he doesn’t want any money out of it???

1746. Red Dead Ryan - May 16, 2015

Well, as long as the dvds/blu rays/tv reruns generate revenue, CBS will be content to sit on it for a long time, and with a lot of Trekkies watching the fan productions, the studio has no incentive to spend its own money on a new show.

CBS could make more money, but, that would require spending a lot more as well. So in effect, they’re playing it safe and easy.

1747. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 16, 2015

Just saw the trailor for Supergirl. I actually like it.. Looms to be a good show.

1748. CmdrR - May 17, 2015

It seems as though Star Trek is stuck in a bad range. It cannot be made cheaply and the studios do not believe it can be a mega-hit to justify huge investment. I’m afraid we just have to wait until certain studio bosses die of old age. (And it take evil a very long time to die.)

1749. Disinvited - May 17, 2015

# 1748. CmdrR – May 17, 2015

“I’m afraid we just have to wait until certain studio bosses die of old age. (And it take evil a very long time to die.)” — CmdrR

In 2005 til the ink dried in 2006, that is essentially what happened with the Paramount of now being an entirely different entity than the one prior to those years. Brad Grey, who only had experience in TV and had never helmed a motion picture studio was placed in charge and took steps to purge the “old way” of doing business.

Wasn’t it Einstein who said something like “Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is my definition of insanity.”?

1750. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 17, 2015

Happy B Day to MONGO!. He is Celebrating Today.

1751. CmdrR - May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mongo. Remember — if you want the girl to jump out of the cake, she can’t go in until after you bake it.

Disinvited: Here’s another definition of insanity in Hollywood: leaving billions of dollars on the table, because you’re not gonna be the first exec to blink.

1752. AJ - May 18, 2015

Mad Max 4 was pretty darn impressive. Absolutely beautiful to watch (3D is great), and amped way up on pure mayhem. Although, it looks incredible, it is definitely not a family popcorn film (neither were the first two. We ignore “Thunderdome” because it definitely is a family popcorn film, and is thus irrelevant).

Charlize Theron does a great job with few words, as does Mad “Shinzon” Max Rockatansky, Tom Hardy. He is a seamlessly “new” version of Max, as played 30 years ago by Mel Gibson, and you never once question the choice of actor. Same old Max.

It’s pretty light on backstory, as were the older films, except for the post-apocalyptic voice-over setup, and the visions of the past which seem to haunt and drive Max forward. Of course, the sort of post-war suburban dystopia of Mad Max 1 is nowhere to be found. This one is all desert sands and dust, with crazy automobile constructs from hell making the journey across.

I left the theater pretty deaf from all the noise, and drained by the huge chase, which just ends up right where it started.

I’d be interested to hear what any of y’all thought of the film!

1753. CmdrR - May 18, 2015

Debating taking EnsR to Mad Max. He loves ‘splosions and in fact anything loud. Is the “action” seriously disturbing?

Meanwhile, Alexander Siddig showed up on GoT for his third and longest scene to date. Ep 6; chop chop if we’re supposed to care about him. It was more interesting to see Mrs. Peel’s evil granny show up to square off with the guy from Brazil.

Mad Men’s ending was a good one. No complaints. Prefer endings without SoL-sized shockers… unless it’s actually PotA.

1754. Aurore - May 18, 2015

@ 1752. AJ – May 18, 2015

Thanks for your review , AJ.

After what you said ( @ 1725 ), I was curious to know what you would think of that movie…

1755. AJ - May 19, 2015


It’s your call, but there is some serious gore in the film, done with extra attention to shock value. One scene involves an autopsy. It’s not a focus of the film, but most likely why it gets the “R” rating.

Also, lots of people die in fashions typical of a wacky high-speed post-apocalyptic Mad Max vehicle chase (which is essentially two-hours long). That means getting run-over and/or falling off of vehicles in creative ways.

Max also has a recurring waking nightmare about a dead child, maybe 6 or 7, whom he failed to save at one point in the past. Max and Furiosa (Theron’s character) are doing something clearly and understandably good, and the ending is a happy one, so there’s that.

If your son has seen films like this with you before, it should be OK. As a comparison, “Road Warrior” is more kid-friendly than “Fury Road.” The first “Mad Max” is less so due to its raw brutality.

1756. CmdrR - May 19, 2015

Thanks, AJ. I guess I should start saving up for his therapy.

1757. CmdrR - May 19, 2015

Terran Empire militarizes space aboard the ISS.

1758. AJ - May 19, 2015

I wonder if writing ST3 has awakened something in Simon Pegg?….

1759. CmdrR - May 19, 2015

Think Pegg’s ponderings will find their way on screen next year?

1760. Red Dead Ryan - May 19, 2015

Seems Paramount is dictating to Pegg what the script should include, and that he’s getting fed up.

On the main boards, someone brought up some quotes from Pegg suggesting that the next movie be a heist thriller, or a western with Trek characters peppered in on the orders of Paramount. They rejected the previous scripts for being too “Star Trek-y”. They have apparently told Pegg to downplay the “Star Trek” part in favor of a more Marvel-like tone.

Apparently the studio has “Avengers-envy” and expects the next film to make a billion dollars.

Geez, the fiftieth anniversary may be a year to remember alright….for all the worst reasons.


1761. Marja - May 19, 2015

As Han Solo of That Other Franchise might say, “I got a bad feelin’ about this …”

I could hear Pegg’s subtext loud and clear thar. “I want to write a movie for grown-ups.”

Awww, Sheeee, Paramount, are y’all gonna screw the pooch on the 50th anniversary???


1762. AJ - May 20, 2015

It does not sound promising. Seems like Pegg is voicing his opposition to Paramount’s lack of understanding of what “Trek” is and its subsequent dumbing down for the 3rd film which he has signed on to script.

We’re 14 months out, and instead of principal photography in the can, we hear now he is still writing.

It takes a very special, almost precious, type of incompetence, to do with Trek what Paramount seems to be doing. It’s like the famous business case when Snapple was sold to Quaker Oats in the 1990s. This large, professional corporation decided to strip the successful Northeast cult brand of its quirky, loud, Jewish New York roots, and upgrade it for a more ‘neutral’ national consumer base, while at the same time, destroying its distribution system (independent distributors, shops and gas stations) in favor of direct sales to larger supermarkets. Quaker bought Snapple in 1994 for $1.7 billion and sold it 3 years later for $300m. Heads rolled. They had misread absolutely everything to do with the brand and its success..

This is what is happening with Star Trek. Who knows? Maybe the only way to save it will be for it to fail BIG. I doubt Pegg would ever come to that conclusion himself, as he loves the franchise, and wouldn’t write a bad film on purpose. His comments coming now, while the film is gearing up to go, sound ominous in any case.

1763. B Kramer - May 20, 2015

Fly to the moon in FOUR hours: The British scientist who says he’s found
the secret of Star Trek’s ‘warp speed’

1764. LizardGirl - May 20, 2015

Instead of trying to turn Star Trek into Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy, she should look more into movies like Interstellar, Gravity for hard science fiction inspiration. Balance it out with some well placed humor (not overbearing one liners) and, imo, you’ve got Star Trek (the Original Series), with the cinematic feel of high quality films coming out.

1765. LizardGirl - May 20, 2015

Correction: I don’t know who “she” is… I meant whoever is running Paramount these days.

1766. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 20, 2015

Looks like another Fan Production wants to make a Star Trek Film featuring Capt Pike and use some Verteren Trek Actors.

1767. AJ - May 20, 2015


Lizardgirl: Paramount has been whining about getting its tentpoles in order for ages; remember the “Beverly Hills Cop” reboot? Now they want to do “Transformers” spin-off films and just milk that property for more than its worth.

At this point, “Star Trek” needs to be turned into a billion dollar property, so they will, instead of leveraging what made it successful in the first place (a la Marvel and Star Wars 7, supposedly), attempt to re-invent it as an action/popcorn property.

Yet, JJ Abrams, who is one of the best out there, already did this, and it couldn’t even muster half-a-billion at the boxoffice. Let’s not forget that the reason for this is the absolute lack of brand equity Star Trek has in countries like China, and in places like Russia and southeast Asia. And, with no support or marketing going on since STID left the scene, Paramount will just have to relaunch the property again, once “Star Trek Beyond” begins its inevitable campaign.

Also, it didn’t help that STID was a bad movie. Cumberbatch was the main draw overseas.

1768. CmdrR - May 21, 2015

Holograms are safe from bullets, right?

1769. Randall Williams - May 22, 2015

Star Trek 2016 Title Theory

“Star Trek Beyond” Beyond what?

There is a line in the lyrics for the original 1960s television show theme
which reads

Beyond the rim of star light
I know his Star Trek will go on forever
Forever more.

If true the title of the movie should read:

“Star Trek Beyond the Rim of Star Light”

Any takers?

1770. AJ - May 22, 2015

Heh Heh….”Rim…” Heh Heh….

1771. Disinvited - May 22, 2015

# 1763. B Kramer – May 20, 2015

” Fly to the moon in FOUR hours: The British scientist who says he’s found the secret of Star Trek’s ‘warp speed’ ” — B Kramer

‘NASA: Hang on a Minute, We’re NOT Working on Warp-Drive Technology':

1772. Harry Ballz - May 22, 2015

Star Trek: Klingons Circling Uranus


1773. B Kramer - May 22, 2015




1774. CmdrR - May 22, 2015


Overall, it’s a better than being stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride for 2 hours, 10 minutes…

After seeing the film, I think I finally get Lindelof. The man can put some good words on paper, in some cases too many of them. But, for the world, the man cannot look at a page and anticipate what a scene will look like on the screen. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know the premise — which is about the only plot point you’ll get. The problem is that the premise leaves George Clooney spending most of the movie paired with an 18 year old and an 11 year old. No room for romance, right? Not according to Lindelof’s script. And if you are thinking Silver Fox George’s longing glances are at least with the teen… Well, Tomorrowland is another day. Oh, and lots of people die in this kids movie. The movie really has only one epiphany in it and it takes an hour to get there, plodding through poorly edited action sequences and set pieces. The director of ‘The Incredibles’ somehow loses control of the pacing and action in this film. On the plus side, the visuals are striking, but again, much of the best bits are incidental to the plot. There is a message here, which is tied too closely to the plot for me to mention it, but it’s a good one. I’ll give L that much. The young ladies — Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy are fine, but weighed down by exposition that goes on forever. Meanwhile, Giacchino’s score — which hones very very close to 60’s era Wonderful World of Disney TV — adds nothing. Barely an hour after watching the film, I cannot call up the main theme in my head. Finally, Hugh Laurie is undermined by a British accent… that doesn’t sound like HIS British accent. It’s like they told him to sound more Movie Villain Brit. They should have just let him do his Bertie Wooster.

Not great. But, worth a look after you shake the dust from Fury Road out of your ears.

1775. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2015

Star Trek Ericka’s way.

1776. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2015

How is this for a cool title.

Star Trek. Carry on Wayword Son.

Star Trek. Wanted. Dead or Alive.

Star Trek. Bad Medison

Star Trek. Every Rose has it’s Thorns.

Star Trek. Danger Zone.

1777. Randall Williams - May 23, 2015

Another possible meaning of the title

Star Trek Beyond = Beyond Star Trek

Pegg also mentioned in a interview that Star Trek 2016 was about him (Scotty) and there is only one TOS episode which was
literally all about Scotty: “The Wolf In The Fold,” which was unpopular
with the male viewing audience but very popular with the female
audience (being Melodramatic in nature).

1778. CmdrR - May 23, 2015


1779. LizardGirl - May 23, 2015

@AJ 1767

I agree with your earlier opinion about Star Trek needing to be bought by Disney. The reason why Star Trek isn’t a multi-million dollar property is the lack of a multi-generational demographic. Star Trek has always be targeted toward older (or mentally mature) people. And like you said, while Star Trek is great, globally it’s not as consistently popular as Avengers.

I’m not sure what Paramount expects the writers/directors to do. If the demographic isn’t there then it doesn’t matter how great the movie, script, actors is.

Now, you may be able to increase interest with advertising, magazine articles, merchandising, etc. But they are crazy if they think Star Trek is going to make Avenger money. You don’t need a degree to see that.

And they are also certifiable if they try to use the success or in their opinion the lack of success of this movie as a reason for making a TV show or not.

1780. crazydaystrom - May 23, 2015

Saw Tomorrowland and was surprised to see Damon Lindelof credited as one of the writers because I enjoyed that movie very much. Good family sci fi film.

1781. CmdrR - May 24, 2015

Ex Machina is what Sci-Fi SHOULD be doing. Excellent movie.

1782. Disinvited - May 24, 2015

# 1774. CmdrR – May 22, 2015, 1780. crazydaystrom – May 23, 2015


The non-spoilery reviews claim this is the most hopeful SF film to come along in a long time. I am interested in seeing it if only because I suspect it is probably the only shot I’ve got at getting a sense of Lidelof’s undiluted sense of Trek in big screen form. What do you two think? Is there something Star Treky about it?

1783. CmdrR - May 24, 2015

How I would have loved to go dumpster diving at Paramount in those days…

Disinvited — Is Tomorrowland Treky? I would say so only inasmuch as it deals head-on with 60’s futurism/optimism. I have problems with Clooney’s casting (not with Clooney) because the grown Frank would have been better served, imho, by a skilled comedic actor. Clooney can be funny-suave, but this needed funny-clumsy. As I said above, the film is front-loaded with very slow-moving exposition and uneven pacing. Still, it’s by no means a terrible film. Go and let me know what you think.

1784. Harry Ballz - May 24, 2015

Let’s see… the last couple of weeks I’ve watched every episode of the third season of House of Cards, up to date on Game of Thrones, up to date on Nurse Jackie, all the Grace&Frankie episodes (starring Jane Fonda), the end of Mad Men and the film “The Fault Is In Our Stars” starring Shailene Woodley.

I enjoyed all of it.

By the way, Woodley is supremely talented as an actor. She makes Jennifer Lawrence look like a rank amateur by comparison.

1785. CmdrR - May 25, 2015

Harry, Harry, Harry… your total resentment of women is showing again.

“Woodley… makes Jennifer Lawrence look like a rank amateur by comparison.”

Either Woodley shoots little gold statuettes out her arse, or you haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ or ‘American Hustle.’

1786. Craiger - May 25, 2015

Supergirl pilot leaked on Youtube. Not sure how long it will stay up. Some reports say CBS did this to get early buzz on it.

1787. Craiger - May 25, 2015

Sorry CBS just pulled it. I guess they didn’t want it leaked online to get early buzz.

1788. CmdrR - May 25, 2015

CBS obviously knows that the pilot is now all over the torrents. The big question is… is the show any good?

1789. Harry Ballz - May 25, 2015


CmdrR, my liking one actress over another means I resent women?

That’s a bit of a stretch.

Oh, and I saw Lawrence in SLP. Not impressed.

1790. AJ - May 26, 2015

Supergirl is fun, if a bit silly-billy. Corny.

I’ve read that the DC TV shows follow a different continuity than their feature films, and it seems as if TV Supergirl lives in the same world as 1970’s Superman (not downbeat “MOS” Superman); they mention Superman’s plane rescue, and Supergirl’s mom appears as a message from the past projected from a Kryptonian doo-dad a-la Marlon Brando’s Jor-El. Also, when asked where she is from, she replies “north,” which is also a thing from the Richard Donner films.

It’s not something I would want to catch every week, but it was a nice 45m diversion.

1791. Marja - May 26, 2015

Tomorrowland: great ” ’60s-future” sets and costumes, good acting, especially the young lady who plays Athena; Clooney’s good as usual; wasn’t crazy about the main female character’s first appearances — the gasping-in-shock was just. bad. acting., but she improved in the course of the film; usual Disney one-parent family; yeah, there was a fair bit of “darkness” to the movie that I wouldn’t take any kid under 9 y/o (or sounder the age of forward-thinking discussion) to see it but theme is a good one, “It’s up to me if it is to be.”

Of course my sense of irony intervened and my inner musical mind played Donald Fagen’s “I.G.Y” for hours afterward ;-}

1792. Marja - May 26, 2015

So now the shooting start date for ST Beyond is July?? Jaysis on a popsicle stick!

I bet Pegg/Jung are having to vet the script with the PTB every page or so. Pegg sounds justifiably frustrated. It’s taking a fecking long time innit.

Wonder if they are somehow doing all the CGI in advance and having the script fit in around the space action set-pieces. Hope the film turns out okay, well, better than that. Shame how Paramount jerks Trek around.

1793. Craiger - May 26, 2015

Harry what do you think of the actress playing Supergirl?

1794. Harry Ballz - May 26, 2015

Craiger, I haven’t seen any of her work, other than the trailer for the new show.

I’ll let you know once I watch a few episodes.

By the way, I watched the movie “Fury” tonight (starring Brad Pitt). Good war flick.

1795. crazydaystrom - May 27, 2015

Marja, have you gotten a chance to see Ex Machina? Best movie of the year so far, IMHO. Nice to be able to say that about a science fiction film.

1796. Craiger - May 27, 2015

Harry is she better looking than Durance?

1797. Harry Ballz - May 27, 2015

Craiger, a stump of wood is better looking than Durance!

1798. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 28, 2015

Harry. You just insulted the stump of wood by mentioning it with the likes of Durance. You owe the stump of wood an apology. Lol

1799. Red Dead Ryan - May 28, 2015

“Stump of wood” is all a guy will achieve if he sees her naked. LOL.

1800. Harry Ballz - May 28, 2015

Did I insult the stump of wood? Maybe…

I guess when I see Durance acting, i find her to be wooden.

Which makes me want to say to her, “Erica, wooden you be better suited working as a waitress at Denny’s?”

1801. Red Dead Ryan - May 28, 2015

I think the other staff at Denny’s would mop the floor with her.

1802. Marja - May 28, 2015

1795 Daystrom, what can I say. My friend who treats me to movies is a Pixar, animation, and big Disney movie fan. He also adores George Clooney. So, “no contest” in his book. I hope E.M. is still playing here on Sunday, our movie day. Pehaps I will firmly insist and quote you in support :-)

1803. CmdrR - May 30, 2015

Yup, this isn’t rushed at all. First draft: YESTERDAY! Filming: 4 weeks from now; one full year before the release!

Oh, and Orci’s script is now balancing a table leg in the Paramount break room.

1804. CmdrR - May 30, 2015

Meanwhile, in Shat news…

NOPE (at least for now)

1805. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - May 31, 2015

I just saw Star Trek Continues.White Iris.

All in all a well done Ep. Some wooden performances from some of the guest stars. Vic and Todd and Chuck did a fairly good job as Kirk,Spock and Mccoy. Chris Doohan is just so spot on as Scotty that I forget sometimes he is not his dad. I thought the Stoy was pretty decent but at times it draged on a bit. I did love the parts where we see Mirimoni and Edith and a couple of other’s. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a Solid 7.

1806. CmdrR - June 1, 2015

Emperor Mike — As a fan fic, I’d give White Iris either a 6 or 7. I wrote on one of Vic’s 4395872350923745209857 Facebook entries my review. I agree that the acting is solid for the most part. I thought the defense shield was a little silly. No idea of having Kirk be the ONLY dude with a code in his head. Also — if you have a solid shield, you can throw nukes at your enemy at a leisurely pace. Moreover, clonking Kirk over the head with a handy piece of statuary so that he gets reverse amnesia felt like what it was: a plot device. My main concern is that this is the latest fan fic to pick the bones of TOS rather than come up with something original. Mind Sifter works well, but it’s an exception. The rule is generally that fan fic indulges unneeded desires to relive good eps that don’t need sequels. Anyway, I would urge folks here to watch and make their own call. It’s certainly not bad. I just hope for something more original (as I do with the upcoming movie!)

ps — Both Uhura and Chekov need Starfleet Spanks under their unis.

1807. Marja - June 1, 2015

1795 Daystrom, I’m bummed. Yesterday’s only showings of Ex Machina were at 5:30 & 10 p.m. Not exactly conducive to after-brunch moviegoing.

To get more frequent showings of films for grown-ups in N. FL we have to get there the first week the movie is out. Actioners, Disney and Marvel all do just great here, but thoughtful films are usually here for less than a month. Furious 7 is still playing, like, seven times a day :-P

1806 CmdrR I’ve heard of amnesia but wtf is “reverse amnesia”? Yeah, I hope STC won’t do fan’ficky type episodes. .. Phase II Mind Sifter was pretty obviously a fanfic originally.

Starfleet Spanx, LOL, I bet NBC would’ve had Shatner wear those for third season!

Still haven’t gotten to a WiFi location to watch but hope to soon!

1808. Marja - June 1, 2015

1800 Harry wait, you saw Durance “acting”?


1809. CmdrR - June 1, 2015

Marja — not really a spoiler as it is laid out early and often: Kirk comes down with a near fatal case of plot devicitis which unlocks ‘secret’ memories while obscuring the one thing he needs to recall. I can forgive the hackiness, I guess, but it is used to service (rehash) fanboy stuff that really works better as a one off.

Ex Machina, by contrast, takes what could be familiar material and makes it feel fresh and vital. Torrent if need be. Good movie!

1810. Harry Ballz - June 1, 2015


Marja, yes, I saw Durance acting…….

……like a fool every time she stepped in front of the camera!


1811. Red Dead Ryan - June 2, 2015

Saw “Mad Max Fury Road” earlier today. Wow! Great movie. Great action. The cinematography was so well done, it made the barren desert seem oddly beautiful. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) was well-developed, and reminded me a lot of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor.

I hope they make a sequel. Tom Hardy was great, but he could have had a bit more to do.

1812. CmdrR - June 3, 2015

“Furiosa (Charlize Theron) was well-developed…”

Yes. Yes, she is.

1813. Marja - June 3, 2015

1809 CmdrR, I enjoyed it. Yeah, it was hacky in places, but the performances were good; however Dr. McKenna is still torn between overstatement (briefing room scene and that look she gives Spock and then McCoy … ever so slowly so we Get the Point) … and a nearly saccharine look and tone in her scene with Kirk.

Overall I’d rate it on a par with a late 2nd season ep, or one of the better 3rd Season ones. A big reason: the last line which links to the title. That and blocking and staging of scenes.

(Mignona, though beginning to show his age a bit, along with approaching Shatner’s 3rd Season torso, is uncannily like Shatner at times … he had an instance of too-high voice though. And he should not overdo the Kirk Facing the Wall blocking!)

Haberkorn as Spock is much better now; I guess it’s because he’s doing things with his body language and pacing of speech that bespeak Spock, without doing a total imitation.

Thanks STC for improving the blonde navigator’s hair, which now looks consistent with the other ladies’ … and Spock is looking better (I think it’s his hair, too) …

And thanks for another enjoyable episode!

1814. Shannon - June 3, 2015

1815. Harry Ballz - June 3, 2015


If Adam Nimoy really believes in the project, why doesn’t he put up his own $600,000 and keep all the profits when the documentary proves to be a big hit?

Oh, I see………..

1816. AJ - June 4, 2015

With all the fan projects being produced, and now the Nimoy documentary, Trekkers are certainly being asked more and more often to fork over Kickstarter cash.

I am just waiting for the chance to pay to watch an official product again that doesn’t blow chow. All the rest is just background noise,

1817. Red Dead Ryan - June 4, 2015

I’m sure the Nimoy doc will be interesting (hopefully more than 40 mins.) but I’m with AJ.

We need some new damn official content. One movie every three or four years just isn’t cutting it.

But as long as fans continue to Kickstart amateur productions, CBS will have no incentive to do anything.

1818. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 4, 2015

I sure hope Nichelle Nichols gets better. Can’t handle another tos death.

1819. Phil - June 4, 2015

I know I’m in a minority here, but I’ve not liked the Kickstarter option for a while now – all they are doing is funding vanity projects…basically Starfleet Battles. Ironic, because their biggest proponents on this site complain about the official content because they are action flicks.

Hey, it’s a free country, and CBS isn’t loosing much sleep over it.

1820. Marja - June 5, 2015

1819 Phil, I get your irony 100%, this is one reason I don’t care too much for the Axanar project (well that, and Peters’s ummm, “acting”).

As for Vanity Projects, as long as the product is digestible, I’m fine with them. I support them with my viewership ;-)

1821. Harry Ballz - June 6, 2015

There’s a new superhero TV show called “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Looks like it should be a hoot.

Maybe one of you geniuses can upload the trailer for it here.

1822. Disinvited - June 6, 2015

# 1821. Harry Ballz – June 6, 2015

” Looks like it should be a hoot.” — Harry Ballz

I expect so.

That one heroine was such an easy target while she was dressed in all black that I can’t fathom how the new white outfit better serves her?

1823. B Kramer - June 6, 2015

Harry your worse than my Dad: ;^)

1824. AJ - June 7, 2015

Look at what Shatner’s doing now, and look at what he is doing it in.

Pretty cool, right?

1825. CmdrR - June 7, 2015

Shat IS Tron-3!

1826. Harry Ballz - June 7, 2015


Thanks, B Kramer! I’ll take that as a back-handed compliment! :>)

1827. Marja - June 7, 2015

CmdrR, My friend and I finally saw Ex Machina. Allegory was great, techno setting and character portrayals ditto, along with the discussions of Project Ava between Nathan and his guest. A near total mindfeck. Brrrr!

1828. Harry Ballz - June 7, 2015


Marja, is that when a certain appendage is shoved in one’s ear?

1829. CmdrR - June 8, 2015

Marja — I wish more producers/directors aimed for a film that offers something to think about. Plus, there’s a rarely seen quality of how the fembots act… they have a fascination/disdane for humanity. That’s something to go home and talk over with Siri.

1830. CmdrR - June 8, 2015

1828 — One’s own ear? Harry, were you once from Nantucket?

1831. Harry Ballz - June 8, 2015


Suck it, CmdrR!

(I keed, I keed)

1832. Marja - June 8, 2015

Harry you are a bad, bad boy. ;-)

CmdrR, I made a whole long remark re Ex Machina but accidentally navigated away. Posting on a Smartphone is a PITA.
In sum: fantastic understated SFX (Ava). …
Exclnt acting. Good psychological insights and mindgame play. …
Very interesting characters …
Nathan likes his women with a “bikini wax” down below :’P
Surprising omission of a safety feature by the inventor. Possibly due to well-depicted arrogance …
Fun reference to USAF Project Blue Book which documented evidence of UFOs (thus signs of alien intelligence) …
Twist I didn’t expect …
Left with a sense of near- IANHerbert-type paranoia!

1833. Harry Ballz - June 8, 2015

Marja, what can I say, when I’m bad I’m GOOD!

1834. AJ - June 9, 2015

For what it’s worth, I need some positive vibes sent my way for a big job interview tomorrow in Moscow. God, I hate this; Won’t sleep tonight for sure!

1835. Disinvited - June 9, 2015

#1834. AJ – June 9, 2015

Not sure what I can do in the vibe department but I’ll do my best.

Maybe if I gave you something else to think about?

I grew up with THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and STAR TREK breaking Russian stereotypes. But it has been a source of consternation to me that over the years it seems to have been replaced by a new stereotype on this side of the millennium.

I’ve been meaning to ask you questions about it but I just now found myself thinking “Better not ask AJ. If he says the wrong thing in reply we may never hear from him again. Or it’ll kill his deal.”

I am curious as to any operating stereotypes you find absolutely without merit.

1836. CmdrR - June 9, 2015

Just be yourself, AJ. You have ‘the goods.’ Just let em know it! Talk about whatever they talk about, not work. Sports, women, vodka… just make a buddy. You are competent as hell and they already know that. Good luck!


Total shift…
Saw 2 movies in 2 days, both with EnsR in tow. Mad Max proves you can have an action flick that doesn’t bore the audience or insult their intelligence. Great summer fun. Not too rough for the kiddies. Strong chicks!!

And then there’s Kingsman. Yikes! I think Michael Caine showed up just to ensure that “Jaws 4 — The Revenge” isn’t his worst movie ever. Jane Goldman is listed at the top of the pile of writers. She did “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Here, she saved a lot of time by typing “f**k* every third word. (That’s not much of an exaggeration.) This is a coming of age flick about a future James Bond. But, Taron Egerton never shows the charisma to carry it off, certainly not when compared to Colin Firth. The two also never “work” together in a fight, so the “hand-off” is fumbled badly. The female agent is there until she’s not (as is the dog) and Samuel L. Jackson’s lisping villain is just plain dumb. But, my biggest problem with the film — and the reason I apologized to EnsR for taking him — is that the action goes from cartoon violence to one excruciatingly long sequence involving a hyper-graphic massacre in a church. MM has violence, but it’s a fraction of a second and mostly cartoonish, with much more gory stuff just out of frame. Kingsman just doesn’t know when to say no to blood. I’m very late in seeing the turkey, but I urge anyone to avoid the DVD, cable release, download, or any other viewing. ps- Mark Hammill had better be losing weight for Star Wars: The Empire Reboots.

1837. Harry Ballz - June 9, 2015

AJ, all my best wishes. Go get ’em!

1838. Aurore - June 9, 2015

@1834. AJ – June 9, 2015

“For what it’s worth, I need some positive vibes sent my way for a big job interview tomorrow in Moscow. God, I hate this; Won’t sleep tonight for sure!”


…Positive vibes coming through!!!

Sending good vibes your way…You corporate hack, you…


All my best wishes, AJ!

1839. CmdrR - June 9, 2015

Spock = Rock!

1840. Marja - June 9, 2015

AJ Best of luck. We’re with you, friend. Good vibes to you!
Harry, if that were you, I would have said, “best of LICK.” LOL.
1835 Dis, With Pew-tin heading the Soviet*– I mean Russia– it’s kinda understandable. Like Europeans and others thought about Americans when Dubya was POTUS.

“What could have possessed them..?”

*Putin seems determined to have another USSR ….
CmdrR, Well, I’m glad you’re not picking on Carrie Fisher ;-)

I’ve just had to face facts: with rare exceptions, the pretty boys and girls of yesteryear just get thicker over time even if they’re careful. Body mass settles.

The only exception I can think of right now is Meryl Streep.

Aging: It’s better than the alternative!

1841. Harry Ballz - June 9, 2015

So, if said asteroid was ever going to collide with Earth, would the rocket we send up to destroy the Spock asteroid be called a SPROCKET?

1842. Phil - June 9, 2015

Positive vibes, AJ. May the force…. oh, wait…

I kid. Good luck!

1843. AJ - June 10, 2015

Well, looks like I have a new job. Networking with old colleagues from Pepsi 20 years ago. Who knew LinkedIn actually works?

Now they will send me an offer, which I pretty much cannot refuse.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I am sure they helped! (Now just wish for large numbers with dollar-signs attached) ;-)

1844. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2015

Congrats, AJ!

1845. Aurore - June 10, 2015

“…Now they will send me an offer, which I pretty much cannot refuse.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I am sure they helped! (Now just wish for large numbers with dollar-signs attached)…”


…Well…M’kay…I’ll see what I can do…


1846. AJ - June 10, 2015

No “Congrats” until it’s signed and sealed, I always say.

I once orally accepted a job with a Pepsi bottler in Iraq, flew home, and when I called as agreed after the weekend to begin formalizing the details, was told by the secretary the job had been given to someone else due to my “lack of knowledge of the local language.” While this was never an issue during the interview, I had already resigned myself to living with Korean missionaries in the “Christian sector” of Erbil.

THANK GOD I didn’t get that job.

I digress. It ain’t a job until I sign, and then not until I get paid is what I am saying,

1847. CmdrR - June 11, 2015

Nicely done, AJ! I seem to remember from my mis-spent youth that Pepsi doesn’t mix well with vodka, but maybe your first assignment will be to formulate a more booze-friendly drink.

1848. CmdrR - June 11, 2015

RIP Christopher Lee. You and Peter Cushing made all that ketchup look so very, very scary. Thanks for giving this 8-year-old boy nightmares.

1849. Marja - June 12, 2015

1846 AJ, I’m holding good thoughts for you signing on the dotted line :-)

And thanks, here I have learned LinkedIn is good for something!

1848 CmdrR, I will miss Christopher Lee: his acting and his mien (that imposing height, those dark eyes and deep and resonant voice) were a big part of my teen years, from Hammer film reruns to the fast-paced “Four Musketeers.” Talk about some gravitas: played straight as Dracula, et. al., then for humor in “Musketeers”. And he was quite chilling as Sauron.

1850. CmdrR - June 12, 2015

Thanks, Marja. I had forgotten T3M & T4M (there was a second sequel as well – War for M’Lady or some such.) Lee also donned his cape for the very trippy Ringo flick The Magic Christian. And one of the best Bond Villains. Truly, he was a talent who enjoyed staying power.

1851. CmdrR - June 13, 2015

I see Jurassic World is set to make $180M+ this weekend. That’s more than I made all week, so I will shut up about whether this is a good or bad movie. The dinos are cool if occassionally out of character when the script requires them to be “friendly.” The characters are so forgettable they’re not worth mentioning. Only the brothers held my attention as realish people. Most of the visuals are terrific, with a few odd moments of stupid cgi. Why don’t the hamster balls get dirty fast? Oh, because they aren’t touching the ground. OK.

Am predicting the inevitable sequel will be “Jurassic War,” because Hollywood.

1852. Harry Ballz - June 14, 2015

Watched “Whiplash” tonight.

What a piece of crap.

There is NO WAY a student would put up with anywhere near the abuse depicted in this movie.

SO unrealistic!


1853. CmdrR - June 14, 2015


1854. Disinvited - June 14, 2015

#1852. CmdrR – June 14, 2015

It worked.

1855. CmdrR - June 14, 2015

1853 — Some of my posts come and go — at least from my point of view. They pop in “like a door opening” and then vanish “like a door closing.” It’s really annoying. They can even shift the numbering.

I hates me some computers sometimes.

1856. Harry Ballz - June 14, 2015

CmdrR, this site is a numbers game.

1857. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 14, 2015

Congrats A.J

Well. What did I miss.

1858. Phil - June 14, 2015

Jurassic World opened to a bit over 500 million (yep, half a billion, boys and girls) worldwide. Haven’t seen it, our resident film professor has probably taken a shit on it already, but as far as sci-fi/fantasy box office goes, for Paramount wanting Trek to step up it’s game you can’t argue the numbers I can understand what’s driving that conversation. Kathleen Kennedy over at Disney probably had a ….well, let’s just say she’s really excited about Episode 7 now…

Trek has to find a good balance with the next movie…..

1859. CmdrR - June 15, 2015

1858 — Are you saying that Kathleen Kennedy’s top left drawer remains unopened and her executive pacifier untouched… because dino’s make her *** like an express train?

So, to tally, STAR TREK 3 needs to be:

–Like GotG (wisecracking raccoon)
–Like Avengers2 (splody, splody, splody)
–Less Trek-y
–Like SW7 (anticipated by a new generation who has been playing with new franchise toys since birth — oops, #$%#’d that one up, Paramount)
–Like JW (dinos)

And it’s still a year to go.

1860. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2015

Well, if dinosaurs are really hot now, they HAVE to put Shatner in the next movie!

1861. Ahmed - June 15, 2015

@1859. CmdrR,

The answer is simple, SPACE DINOSAURS!

The people demand ‘Star Trek v T.Rex’.

1862. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2015

Make that Captain James T-Rex Kirk!

1863. CmdrR - June 16, 2015

Happy Captain Picard Day,all!

also, good news about Nichelle:

1864. AJ - June 16, 2015

So, Game of Thrones, eh? Wow.

“He’s not really dead as long as we remember him.”

1865. CmdrR - June 16, 2015

AJ — He’s dead. The show is not about heroes. It’s about the grinding down of heroes. It’s OK with me; he was my least favorite character.

Not sure some of the other deadies are dead. We’ll find out in 10 months.

1866. Marja - June 16, 2015

Why is Capt James T-Rex Kirk always so pi&&ed off?

Beacause his little arms are too short to reach his Little Captain

1867. Marja - June 16, 2015

1858 Phil, you’re cracking me up here. Trek, find a good balance, with all the blockbuster demands action! Violence! Action! Humor! and ‘we want Trek to be like this! And yeah, that! And that movie too!

Kinda like a toddler with a backpack in a candy store

1868. Cygnus-X1 - June 16, 2015

Leonard Nimoy starred in a funny little narrative for a Bruno Mars music video. I’d never seen this until just now:

1869. AJ - June 16, 2015


You may be right, but perhaps they are gauging audience reaction before either GRRM (books) or the show-runners (show) decide where to go with Jon Snow.

Kinda like when Patrick Stewart was negotiating a new contract following BOBW Part 1, and they were ready to write Picard out of the series for season 4..

Except different.

1870. CmdrR - June 17, 2015

AJ, I kind of wonder whether the master plan is to shift focus from one Stark child to another (with some thrown in for Tyrion, Kahleesi, etc.) to see who should plant his/her arse on the rusty iron throne, which I hope has a plush pillow. Sansa is on the verge of turning nasty. Arya already did and got blinded. Bronn is off with the tree people and may be back — I’m guessing as an older, hunkier actor. Jamie could be rehab’d, I guess.

In all of this speculative coverage, I though I saw someone talk about the “two remaining seasons.” YES, I would like to see an ending in my lifetime. 7 years in Westeros and the badass lands has aged me.

1871. AJ - June 17, 2015


I will go with the prevailing theory that Jon is a Stark/Targaryen hybrid with the same dragon-y fireblood as the Khaleesi, and that he will, along with her, and perhaps Tyrion, ride the three dragons to Disneyworld after they kill everybody.

The show seems to close/consolidate large plot lines by killing off major characters (Eddard Stark and Stannis- how much time was invested in his whole shtick?), so whittling it all down to three major protagonists is just a matter of how many cool ways they can think of to kill everyone in 20 episodes.

1872. Disinvited - June 18, 2015

This is all fun and games and cute:

for now — until someone perceives the bar as having to be surpassed and sets up a scene with animals this should never be attempted with leading to someone getting hurt.

1873. Marja - June 19, 2015

1872 Dis, I love memes. That pose is just impossible to resist! I think dog trainers should use it ads ;-)

1874. Disinvited - June 20, 2015

# 1873. Marja – June 19, 2015

” Dis, I love memes. ” — Marja

As do I, but what concerns me in particular about this one is that it is running through animal park and zoo employees. As the bar keeps moving to top what some other animal professional has done in respect to serving this meme it is eventually going to get some animal caretakers who should know better hurt or worse.

1875. Basement Blogger - June 20, 2015

The short review for Jurassic World. You’ll get a feeling of deja vu if you’ve seen the previous three movies. Still, it’s well made and exciting. The grade is B. As for 3D, skip it. Its’ converted from 2D. Nothing in it makes you think you’re watching it in 3D. At least it’s well lit.

Full review with trailer here.

1876. Harry Ballz - June 20, 2015

Well, at midnight I turned the big 60!


Funny, I don’t feel a day over 59.

1877. AJ - June 21, 2015

Happy Big 60, Harry!

You still act like a plucky young pervert, you lucky devil you. With a touch of class (just a touch) to boot!

All the best!

And I hope you’re still alive for the new film next July ;-)

1878. CmdrR - June 21, 2015

Harry, 60 is just a state of mind… like hair in your ears and annual prostate exams.

Happy Ballzday to you, sir!

Here’s what your Dad was reading in the fathers’ waiting room:

1879. Harry Ballz - June 21, 2015

Thanks, CmdrR!

That’s a cute idea showing the issue of Life magazine from that week!

1880. AJ - June 21, 2015

Have a happy 60th Harry!

Hope you make it to the next movie! Hold On! ;-)

1881. AJ - June 21, 2015

Shoot. My last comment was posted, and then disappeared. Now it’s back.

Happy Birthday three times, Harry!

1882. Silvereyes - June 21, 2015

Happy birthday Harry! As I’ve said before, you make me proud to be Canadian!!

1883. Silvereyes - June 21, 2015

I’m writing this from sunny LA, the farmer’s market more precisely. Saw Florence Henderson!! Wow, my trip could just end right now… Actually she’s a classy lady.

1884. Harry Ballz - June 21, 2015

AJ & Silvereyes

thanks, guys!

“make it to the next movie”???

With Orci at the helm, that may prove to be a mixed blessing!

1885. Basement Blogger - June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Harry!

1886. Harry Ballz - June 21, 2015

Thanks, BB!

1887. Lurker - June 22, 2015

According to some very recent posts by someone named Jake at TrekCore, the movie still has no green light and is in jeopardy of being made.

So let’s see if this latest person “in the know” has any credibility, or is just another disgruntled Star Trek fan.

1888. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 22, 2015

Belated Happy B Day Harry.

1889. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2015


Thanks, Emperor Mike!

1890. Disinvited - June 22, 2015

#1889. Harry Ballz – June 22, 2015

Somehow, I imagine you find some way to make every day a Happy B-day. Belated or no. Enjoy.


Apparently, someone forgot to tell him you only get to win the pod race with no skills in the movies:

a bit of levity that in no way obviates the sadness of his tale of another child actor that Hollywood exploited and then ignored.

1891. AJ - June 23, 2015

RIP James Horner.

1892. AJ - June 23, 2015

So “ID2: Resurgence” will be in the cinemas when/if ST3 hits:

1893. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 23, 2015

So sad to hear about James Horner. He was a great composer.

1894. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 23, 2015

We have the new Spider Man for Captian America and a Stand alone film.

1895. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2015

I’ve been binge-watching seasons of Luther (Idris Elba).

It’s really good and he IS a charismatic actor.

1896. CmdrR - June 24, 2015

Shout outs for good sci-fi/genre:

Penny Dreadful. Season 2 is really cooking! The acting is fantastic, even from some performers I usually list under “lucky to be working.” The premise sounds fan-boyish: all your fav Victorian era monster converge on London. The execution is lavish and dark as hell.

Seveneves. Neal Stephenson’s latest book reads like the best parts of his previous works. This is a book for hard-science fans who don’t want to go all the way to textbook. Spoiler alert: The moon blows up. Oh, wait. That’s literally on page one, and the book goes from there. Real spoiler alert: don’t read the dust jacket!! Let it play out.

And in our category of ‘avoid at all cost,’ “Home.” This is a bland entry into recent sci-fi animation. At 95 minutes, I found it leaden and directionless in many places. And if the presence of Rihanna as one of the leads isn’t enough to scare you away (it should be, my friends, it should be) then prepare for an ending that you’ll love. I know, because we all loved this ending when Star Trek did it in season one.

Check out Seveneves and Penny Dreadful!!

1897. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2015

Just read the review for “Terminator Genysis” on Variety, and according to the article, its a jumbled mess that fails to excite, and the actors don’t have much to work with in terms of a cohesive, logical script. It’s apparently a massive cgi-fest with little substance. Not to mention we pretty much know the plot already from the trailers. And Arnold is apparently parodying himself. Oh well.

Saw JW last week. Pretty much a remake/ripoff of the original JP. There were a bunch of four to six year old kids behind me yapping and making noises while kicking the seats. Ugh.

1898. Phil - June 24, 2015

I have no desire whatsoever to see Terminator: Genysis even setting aside my distaste for our former Governor. It has sounded like a train wreck from day one, and the reviews would seem to agree.

Sitting on the fence for JW. Killer box office has stimulated the curiosity factor a bit – not necessarily opposed to seeing a well made reboot.

1899. AJ - June 24, 2015

After the last two sub-par (non-James Cameron) Terminator films, I was REALLY hoping that the fact Cameron “endorsed” this one meant that it is in fact half-way decent. It’s on my list of films to go see next month.

If it totally blows chow, I’ll be disappointed, and give up on the ‘franchise reboot.’ It’s a trilogy, after all.

1900. AJ - June 24, 2015

Here is a much better review:

1901. lindsay - June 25, 2015

Zachary Quinto posted: “i’m going to be narrating this documentary about my dear friend leonard nimoy. it’s being directed by leaonard’s son, adam nimoy. and the project is very close to reaching its goals. please consider contributing if you can. here’s the link” –…/for-the-love-of-spock-a-docum… “For the Love of Spock” – A Documentary Film

ONLY a few more days to get some awesome perks for participating!! Adam has already given us backers some cute behind-the-scenes updates.

1902. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 25, 2015

Patrick Macnee has passed away. He was the voice of the impearless leader of the cylons in the original Battlestar Galactica. Also played in the TV show The Avengers.

1903. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2015

Why does Adam Nimoy need others to fund the documentary on his father?

Why doesn’t the Nimoy family fund the project and keep ALL the profits?

Oh, I see………………….

1904. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2015

Patrick Macnee of “The Avengers” (British TV show) has died at 93.

1905. AJ - June 25, 2015


Since the documentary is apparently focused on the character of Spock the appeal will be quite selective, Not sure there would really be any “profits” to speak of.

It would be a nice DVD extra for the next film’s release, but I am sure CBS and Paramount both have their own plans as to how to screw up the 50th anniversary of Star Trek,

1906. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2015

AJ, not to sound like a Ferengi, but if there are no profits to be had, why would anyone want to invest in making the documentary?

Just for the sheer pleasure of watching it?


(wipes tear)

Thanks, I needed that! :>)

1907. CmdrR - June 26, 2015

I don’t happen to have bucks to put into documentaries, but I can see some reasons for doing so (if I had bucks, which did I mention? I don’t).

1908. Lurker - June 26, 2015

There goes the special effects budget $$$:;_ylt=AwrBT4CRZY1VLeEAqJtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzbzdqbzlsBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNTA0XzEEc2VjA3Nj

1909. Phil - June 26, 2015

Looks like our perpetual whiners will have more to whine about. It appears that Pine & Quinto have been inked for a fourth Trek installment.

1910. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - June 26, 2015

Well. What a Day. Gay Marriage is Legal and Pine and Quinto are back as Kirk and Spock and Durance is somewhere in a Giant Hole Hiding. . All is well.

1911. Marja - June 27, 2015

HARRY BALLZ, a happy 60th year to you! Please, prove to those of us right behind you that it’s possible to HAVE a happy one ;-p

At least now you have an official reason to be cantankerous. I’m already curmudgeonly and I know you are too!

Here’s hoping Erica Durance doesn’t make a belated appearance jumping out of a cake for you!

1908 lurker, to which I say, “hooray” … maybe we’ll get a chance to spend more time with our beloved characters interacting instead of reacting to, and beating up, things.

1909 Phil, I wonder if they’ve even noticed that once they’re the loudest ones in a thread, it just becomes a big ol’ echo chamber. I’m a little tired of it being so “high school” clique-ish too. Sure people get pissy, but to single out one person signals to me that some blinders are firmly affixed!

1910 Emperor Mike, at least it’s not a hole near you.

1912. Craiger - June 27, 2015

Harry enjoy this for you Birthday.

1913. CmdrR - June 28, 2015

1914. CmdrR - June 28, 2015

1915. AJ - July 1, 2015

I don’t see Terminator 5 doing any sort of stellar business this weekend. It’s at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Arnold skews older than the target audience at this point. If it hits $50m for the weekend, it’d be a miracle.

I still want to see it, but I am expecting it to be depressing.

1916. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day to all of my Friend’s in the Great North.

1917. Disinvited - July 1, 2015

#1915. AJ – July 1, 2015

What I find odd is that I know TERMINATOR:GENISYS premiered in Germany already. I’ve seen it covered on Deutsche Welle withh the trippy German language dub. But I can’t get Google to spit out any German reviews which is usually a fairly easy thing to do.

At first. I figured Paramount embargoed them but you all seem to be referencing negative reviews so where are my German reviewers?

1918. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2015


Thanks, Emperor Mike!

All is quiet on the Great North Front!

1919. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2015

I just watched “Prometheus” for the first time.

There’s two hours I’ll never get back again!

1920. AJ - July 3, 2015

Yeah, Prometheus was pretty awful. Pointless, really. A ship full of idiots.

1921. Harry Ballz - July 3, 2015

AJ, I will admit, the one compelling scene is where the female lead straps herself into that machine to physically remove the creature from her body.

1922. CmdrR - July 3, 2015

1920 – Get black-out drunk daily while dealing with god-like aliens. It’s a plan for success.

I actually like Prometheus except for the parts that were forced in because it’s a f*#@ing prequel. Scott should have just told a story in the same universe and left the stupid starbeast out of it completely. Fassbender’s human-resenting David and Roomey’s god-resenting character were a fine center of attention. No, the movie does not need the crew of spacetards who do everything imaginable to get themselves killed. But, it is interesting sci-fi/philosophy and beats the snot outta Into Darkness.

1923. Marja - July 3, 2015

AJ If you go to Terminator prepare for a stinkfest. At least from what I’ve heard so far.

Any Canadian folk try to sneak by the STBeee-yond filming site in that beautiful wilderness area up thar?
Think I’m done over at the main boards for awhile. The watchword seems to be, get off topic, get ugly. Oh well.

All yall ‘Murcans with dogs, keep them inside on the 4th and securely leashed when outdoors — biggest day for runaway dogs because they are so scared of the noise of fireworks.

Meanwhile, I wish my fellow Americans a happy Independence Day. (And to my Canadian friends, a belated Happy Canada Day!)

Time for some John Philip Sousa — or Stone and Edwards, if you’re in a musical, founding fathers mood.

I see fireworks / I see the pageant and pomp and parade / I hear the bells ringing out / I see Americans — all Americans — free, forever more! — “John Adams” in “1776”

[One of my favorite musicals ever. I played Abigail Adams in a local theatre production, way back when. Ahhh, bliss, surrounded by some 17 talented gentlemen!]

1924. Harry Ballz - July 4, 2015



1925. Phil - July 4, 2015

Yeah, Marja, it’s a little hard to work up any enthusiasm for the main boards for a while now.

I won’t pay to see any movie with Arnold in it now – my reasons aside, yeah, Terminator seems to be cratering. Have not seen it, but it sounds like it’s suffering from a bad case of STID – way to much use of previously seen material. This is sheer speculation on my part – if Paramount execs suspected at some point that Terminator was a slow motion disaster, and then seeing a script from Orci where Trek 3 got more of the same cribbing from previous Trek material, I’d wonder if Orci was told to try again….and when Orci laid a ‘I get to make movies’ line on Paramount, he got a hard rebuttal from the suits….not this time you don’t, buckaroo.

Like I said, sheer speculation.

1926. AJ - July 5, 2015

With Terminator 5 now poised for financial failure (and sequels undoubtedly in question), it makes you wonder who is running Paramount from a creative standpoint.

Obviously the bean-counters got it right who think that “Transformers,” which is garbage, should beget garbage sequels, as they simply hoover in the cash. However, seeing as those same suits – those who thought the new Terminator would somehow get a leg up on the last two horrid sequels (newsflash: Schwarzenegger has filmed dud after dud since his run as Governor of California) are the same ones taking creative liberties with Star Trek, we should be somewhat worried.

There is a consistent laziness about simply doing cookie-cutter remakes and saying “hey, just make it more like Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Throw in Wrath of Khan–THAT was the most popular Star Track movie; who gives a sh*t anyway? Use what works, and don’t second-guess the cash” Indeed, STID looked like it was re-written around a corporate conference room table, and not by someone crafting a coherent story. I am sure the suits hated the time-travel gobbledy-gook the Terminator writers had to use to make the story work. “And do the goofy smiling schtick from T2, too” they probably said.

When the new Terminator trailers started giving away the film’s great franchise-spoilers, you knew something must be wrong.

Anyway, hope springs eternal (or, as the Russians say “Hope is the last thing to die”).

1927. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 5, 2015

Well!. Sharknado 3. Oh Hell NO!!! will be on in a couple of weeks. It has Mark Cuban as the President and Ann Coulter as the V.P W.T.F Seeing the Trailor on this one tells me this will be the worst of the 3 Sharknadoes. But you know. That’s what makes this so Fraking Good. Because it’s so Fraking Bad.
Here is the Trailor. He He He

1928. CmdrR - July 5, 2015

Donning the nose-plugs for T-5. The reviews say Arnold is the hi-light and the rest is drek. We’re only going because EnsR likes ‘splosions. Watching a 7-year-old watch ‘splosions is better than focusing on the screen.

In other, mixed reviews:

“Outlander.” OK, I wanted to see what Ronald D. Moore could do with a bodice ripper. It’s an intriguing idea — plunging a “modern” Brit into the Scottish uprising. The casting and dialogue are largely very good and the production is lush and immersive. Having said that, 16 episodes is a lot of lush. There’s definitely padding going on here, especially in the bodice ripping department. One ep (spoiler alert) has the two main horny toads hooking up… THREE times in very, very, very prolonged scenes. If you like your smut a little less vanilla, stick around for the season finale. I suspect this is the episode that separates the men from the room. Women apparently love it. Anyway… it’s a summer paperback of a series.

“Dark Matter.” I don’t want to say it’s all bad, because it’s not. But, it is way too generic. It’s got a little of every sci-fi show you’ve ever watched, played out over a somewhat bland cast. It’s not helped any by the decision to name the main six characters: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6… plus “Android.” On the plus side, the ship interiors are cool. But, there’s an odd disconnect of “future tech” meets “stuff we found in the prop room.” If we can travel to the stars, will we really still shoot each other with bullets and wear leather dusters and such? Also, someone needs to learn to edit out the most idiotic exposition. [Tense moment. A claxton sounds. “What’s that?” “It’s a security alarm!” — REALLY???] It’s a SyFy production, so I guess I should be glad I’m not stuck watching wrestling in space. I’m 4 eps in. If something doesn’t happen soon, I’m hitting the escape pod.

Good summer for reading.

1929. Marja - July 5, 2015

1925 Phil, I got the feeling, when the Orci /Payne-McKay storyline leaked, that it was going to be a love letter to diehard fans like TUP, who must have their Trek just the way *they* want it; in other words, an unmitigated box office disaster. Shat really needs to be doing 50th anniversary interviews and reminscences, not acting as JTK for godsakes.

On the bright side, I noted in my internet wanderings today that China is not importing many films from other shores. … they’re sticking with Chinese-made films, thank you very much, Americans who make dumbed-down blockbusters. Perhaps they’ll be busting their own blocks next Summer.

1926 AJ, haha! I saw what you did thar ….’Star Track’ is exactly what all the clueless call it.

“Hope is the last thing to die.” Owww, my optimism hurts. …
——————- ——————- ——————-
Oh! I did see a good film about identity, posturing, and growin g up today (also how to trip up those who would hurt you) … “Dope” is by turns LOL hilarious, trippy and scary in the bad guy chase sense.

Also. I’m still chuckling over “Spy.” Mainly that part when Rose Byrne is mincing along in her impossibly high heels. And McCarthy calls her upper limbs skinny bird arms. LOL!

1930. CmdrR - July 6, 2015

Saw Terminator Generic. It didn’t suck. Neither was it brilliant, of course. But, it was a harmless popcorn chomper in a summer that has already given us much better movies. Arnold was fun. The rest of the cast was only moderately entertaining, but that’s mostly because this movie slams a hammer on nerves already killed by the first four films. If you want to enjoy a mindless 2 hours, this is your film. Don’t ask how time travel works, or why we now have enough Terminators in our present to form a hockey league. Just watch it.

Assorted Crimes & Misdemeanors:
-The entire helicopter sequence is unremittingly dumb.
-Why do time travelers’ butts suddenly come with thick shadows??
-Sarah Khaleesi Connor needs to push back against the call of the latte grande.
-Where the hell DID the new T-1000 liquid cop come from??
-“Alternate Timeline” = big rubber eraser on the last several sequels’ mistakes.
-Is Skynet a Timelord?? (Spoiler alert.)

I give it 3 star out of 5 because I like the pieces. Yes, I know they’re from other movies. Maybe they make better movies in some alternate timeline.

1931. Anthony Montgomery - July 7, 2015

Hey everybody! It’s your favorite space boomer (Travis Mayweather)! I hope life is wonderful wherever you are in the world!

I need your help to reach my goal of selling 4 million digital copies of my graphic novel Miles Away so I can fund the first Miles Away animated feature film. That’s just 4 million Trekkies around the world buying a single digital copy. The Miles Away website is officially LIVE! Check it out, get your copy and spread the word!!

Now the FUN part! Get your digital copy of the Miles Away graphic novel for only $2.99, and get FREE extras with your purchase! (Extras will vary depending on the site the digital copy is purchased from. See site for details.) Thank you for supporting #MilesAway!! I appreciate ya’ll!! ‪#MilesAwayWorldTour‬ ‪#CreateColossal‬ ‪#4millionserved‬

1932. Silvereyes - July 7, 2015

Phil and Marja,

Just came back from my trip to SoCal. We stayed close to West Hollywood, a few blocks west of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. We drove 1200 miles so saw a lot (Santa Barbara, Pacific Palisades, Solvang, Calabasas, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach (despite warnings, well deserved), West Hollywood (loved the vibe there), Beverly Hills, Palms Springs (109F, as Phil said, ungodly hot but dry), Laguna Beach, the OC, Pasadena, …). Good pizza, very impatient drivers, great weather, a gym every 2 blocks, health food everywhere, … Very enjoyable trip. Next time we may hit San Diego. Will definitely go back.

Florence Henderson (from Brady Bunch) was in the flight with us from Montreal to LA, so right there our trip was a success before even starting! Yah, that was sarcasm, but gotta love Florence.

Didn’t see anyone else famous, except that surfer looking dude from TMZ in Manhattan Beach (so what), … Try as I may, I was not discovered and will not appear in Magic Mike 3.

1933. Harry Ballz - July 7, 2015

Silvereyes, did you get to Malibu?

1934. Marja - July 7, 2015

Silvereyes, How well I remember the impatient drivers. One had to watch the cross traffic signal lest one be unprepared to zoom off on the green light within 0.24 seconds … probably has worsened in the last 20 years eh?

Glad you enjoyed your trip!

1935. Silvereyes - July 8, 2015

Harry, yes we did pass through Malibu, didn’t have much time to look around, but found the people quite laid back there, at least that clerk guy in the Whole Foods was… Didn’t like much the row of houses blocking the view to the beach, driving on the highway almost seemed like being in a tunnel, but that was only a small part. Didn’t go up the hill where the mansions are.

1936. Phil - July 8, 2015

@ Silvereyes

You caught SoCal at a good time, the weather hasn’t been to bad out here, it was a bit humid with some thunderstorms about a week ago, though. There is a beautiful pic of Dodger Stadium at a multicolored sunset floating around the internet right now.

Glad to hear you had a good time. For it’s issues, California is still a great place to live and visit!

1937. Silvereyes - July 9, 2015

There’s another particularity about Cali drivers, and this is the fact that they will quite unabashedly pass you on the right on a highway. I’m sure this is quite normal, perhaps everywhere in the US and maybe even in Canada outside of the province of Quebec. Here I think it’s even illegal to pass on the right, or at least there is an unwritten law so people very rarely do that. This plus the fact that LA highways can be 6 to 7 lanes wide and people all driving at 70-75 mph quite close to each other… there’s cars everywhere around you it literally feels like you’re part of the blue angels aerobatic squadron…

1938. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2015

California is my favourite spot to visit in the US.

The ocean and weather grab me where I live.

I’ve been there at least a dozen times and enjoy myself every single time.

1939. Disinvited - July 10, 2015

Thoughts while watching them hand winch down the Confederate Battle Flag in the South Carolina Capitol of Columbia, this morn:

a bunch
of bull
that no mechanism
to lower it
to half-staff.

And a fascinating wave of emotion that I have lived to see such a thing come to pass after being alive in The South when it was first raised to protest the end of segregation.

I have no lack of intellectual understanding that there’s much more left to do, but I am left with a wave of hope about the countryside where I was born that I haven’t experienced in a long time since first watching STAR TREK there so long ago.

1940. CmdrR - July 10, 2015

Glad the flag is off of SC’s state property.
Would sure like the momentum to carry on… reverse the idiot rulings of the SCOTUS saying racism is “over…” Oh, and gun control. Can we finally get some sensible limits on blowing away other humans and ammo sales… and actually using the police data we collect to disqualify nutbags from buying guns? I would hate to think (but not be surprised to discover) that the flag was used as a distraction to once again keep from focusing on gun control.

Just a thought.

1941. Harry Ballz - July 10, 2015

They wanted to keep the flag around to drape over all the coffins of gunshot victims.

1942. Disinvited - July 11, 2015

#1940. CmdrR – July 10, 2015

” Oh, and gun control. Can we finally get some sensible limits on blowing away other humans and ammo sales… and actually using the police data we collect to disqualify nutbags from buying guns?” — CmdrR

While I support this too, we have to note the the FBI Director says the background check that currently is in effect should have prevented the current 9 numbered massacre, but didn’t. It should have prevented the gunman from legally purchasing a gun, out of error, it didn’t.

Also, as I recall from my youth, lynchings, which was that flag’s legacy under which it was raised, depended on the ready availability of rope and not firearms.


# 1941. Harry Ballz – July 10, 2015

” They wanted to keep the flag around to drape over all the coffins of gunshot victims.” — Harry Ballz

Well it definitely draped an offensive shadow over the hearse carrying the coffin of Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney in its tour of the Capitol

1943. Phil - July 11, 2015

@1940. That was my thought a couple of weeks ago, that conservatives would gladly offer up the confederate battle flag as a distraction until some other bright, shiny object distracted the publics attention. Ariana Grande was happy to step up….

1944. AJ - July 11, 2015

Bright & shiny:

The new Batman v Superman trailer! With Wonder Woman!

1945. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2015


That trailer looks pretty good.

The only way this storyline will work is if Batman makes it IMMEDIATELY clear to Superman right up front that he has a sensor web on his costume that will send a signal to kill Lois Lane if ANYTHING touches it.

And when I say anything, i mean heat vision, superbreath, any force whatsoever. In other words, “Hey, Supes, if you look at me sideways, Lois dies.”

That’s about the only way to equal the playing field.

1946. JT - July 11, 2015

@1919. Harry Ballz – July 2, 2015
@1920. AJ – July 3, 2015

I feel your pain about Prometheus. I paid Imax ticket price for me and a friend to face palm for 2 hours straight. Damon Lindelof really wrecked a great concept with his rewrite.

1947. AJ - July 11, 2015


Yes, Lindelof has become sort of a “kiss of death” for already bad scripts (our own STID being high on the list). His name (as well as Orci/Kurtzman) seems to have vanished from the buzzy internet nerd-verse of late.

I put the blame onto Ridley Scott, however. It’s his gig in the end, and he had the whole ALIEN 1 legacy bit adding to expectations. He is not immune to making duds (that last flick about Moses he did was abysmal, script and all), and if he had actually read the script with half his brain turned on, he would have realized he was manufacturing a piece of crap.

1948. JT - July 12, 2015

@1947. AJ – July 11, 2015
My admiration for Ridley Scott is probably why i avoid taking him to task over it all yet i certainly recognize he goofed a lot on this one. Prometheus however did provide us with one of the best How It Should Have Ended youtube animations ever:

1949. SirMartman - July 12, 2015

1950. CmdrR - July 12, 2015

1944 – This is exactly why trailer editors should be shot.
Kid behind you in theatre during the actual movie: “And this is where Supes rescues the astronauts from their exploding rocket! And there’s Zod! He’s not really dead — no way they pay for the actor to just show up as his own corpse! Space nazis!! Wonder Woman isn’t chesty enough, but I hope Batman does her.”

Anyway — there’s way too much going on in that trailer. And why does new Alfred get way more lines that Bats or Supes?

1951. Disinvited - July 12, 2015

# 1945. Harry Ballz – July 11, 2015

” That’s about the only way to equal the playing field.” — Harry Ballz

I grew up with taking it as a given that Batman was such an expert detective, perhaps greater than Holmes, and escape artist, that he knew and deduced more about Superman than either Lois, Lex or Supes himself even “knew.”
And THAT’S what leveled their playing field.

After the WB network had a hit with BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, they developed a similar animation commitment for Superman. The episode, KNIGHT TIME, is one of my favorite episodes from SUPERMAN:THE ANIMATED SERIES as in it, Superman has to don the cowl and cape to become Batman to stem the rising crime wave in Gotham and help Robin to track down a missing Bruce Wayne.

Superman gains a tremendous respect for just what it is Bruce has to do to be Batman without the assets Clark brings into the crime-fighting picture.

1952. CmdrR - July 12, 2015

The bland is back!

1953. Phil - July 12, 2015

@1945…at which point Batman trips climbing out of the Batmobile. B vs. S looks downright depressing. The Marvel movies have just barely touched on the topic of can superior beings be accountable to he law (so far, the answer is no). Warner Brothers seems to want to get into the psychological profile of that topic in a hurry.

1954. JT - July 13, 2015

Loved the Batman V Superman Comic Con trailer! Everything I wanted and more. As a life long Star Trek fan it’s awesome to see Superman’s story essentially highlight what happens to a society when the concept of The Prime Directive isn’t respected. Man Of Steel writer David Goyer talked about how they wanted to approach Superman from that perspective, how we would react to not just an alien among us but one with advanced technology and abilities. Passions in our society gear up when dealing with immigrants from countries just next door, how Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman arriving on the scene would change the world is fascinating to me. It also really helps that Chris Terrio was brought in to polish the script, his writing on Argo was phenomenal. Here Lois Lane and Martha Kent’s dialogue perfectly describes everything about Superman. The character has been around so long to many comic book fans he has literally jumped off the page- there are famous stories about people choosing not to commit suicide after reading a popular Superman story where he spends hours talking a young woman down from a ledge she was going to jump off. When Lois speaks of him being the only hope some people have set to images of people in hopeless situations reaching out to Superman I definitely recalled back to that story. Building from that Martha Kent’s line to Superman defines the character better than anything from comics, TV or movies has before because he really can be all things to all people or none of it at all. The trailer just previewed so much great writing amidst all the action it reminded me of the days when Star Trek was operating on several levels. There were times in the original Trek films when the dialogue was almost talking as much about the actors themselves as it was the characters. As excited as I am for Batman V Superman now, I’m just as jealous Warner Bros. has put their DC Comics house in order while Paramount can’t even decide who’s writing and directing Star Trek until the last minute.

@1951. CmdrR – July 12, 2015
Not untrue! Michael Giacchino is definitely not Jerry Goldsmith. I certainly believe he’s capable of composing great scores but outside of the bigger pieces in the last two Trek films he seems ok with delivering generic movie scores in other scenes.

1955. Joseph Salmon - July 13, 2015

To: Michael Chang Gummelt “StarTrek Beyond” NPR 7/12/2015
Please inform me fully about newsletters. Please inform me about asking for a “Fresh Air With Terry Gross” hour-long interview about
‘upcoming new “Star Trek”–to speak professionally.

1956. Red Dead Ryan - July 13, 2015

Just watched the “Axanar” trailer. The production values are pretty good. Gary Graham was good again as Soval.

But the actress playing the female Vulcan stunk. The storyline seems uninspired and unoriginal — another war with the Klingons. But the nuTrek haters are going all ga-ga for it, despite their own assertions that nuTrek is all “pew! pew!” and explosions.

1957. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 14, 2015

Everyone. Here is the Planet Pluto.

1958. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 14, 2015

Here is a much better article about Pluto.

1959. Phil - July 14, 2015

Another pic of Pluto, from the dark side….

1960. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 14, 2015

Phil. That’s no Moon!!!!

1961. JT - July 15, 2015

We all know Disney is the “Empire” but this is something else and it also pretty much highlights everything about J.J. Abrams that makes me shake my head. He’s exactly the guy who would get on the mic and usher a crowd away from someone’s act that’s about to go on stage.

1962. AJ - July 15, 2015


Maybe there was just an assumption that not everyone at the Con is that into Star Wars (they were wrong).

1963. Phil - July 15, 2015

It’s National Paranoia Day…and a happy Jade Helm to all!

1964. CmdrR - July 15, 2015

Jade Helm is rhe massive operation where we finally invade Texas, take their guns, and replace them with rubber chickens, right?

1965. AJ - July 15, 2015

Anyone ever curious as to how successful the TNG remastered BluRay discs were?

Here is a quote from San Diego Comicon from Robert Meyer Burnett, who led the project (during a forum on Blu Ray, which no one ever wrote about):

“The restoration of ‘Next Generation’ was a $15 million herculean task,” Burnett said. “They had to go back in and get every bit of negative and transfer that. It took four years. I mean I can’t tell you the amount of time and effort that went into restoring that television series. And no one bought the discs.”

The reason, Burnett said, is that enthusiasm for a project on the studio side isn’t translating to the consumer side.

“There wasn’t an understanding of why this was important to do,” Burnett said. “If you look at original version of Next Generation, how it existed [on videotape], and then you look at the HD restoration, it’s revelatory. It’s as if God himself shined light onto the Next Generation. It’s that different. But nobody really cares. They don’t understand what they’re seeing. That doesn’t help when we want to get the ‘X-Files.’ They restored ‘The X-Files.’ Is the ‘X-Files’ out? No.”

There is the quite logical reason why no one will ever remaster DS9 or Voyager.

1966. Harry Ballz - July 16, 2015

AJ, when I watch TNG on Netflix, is it the BluRay version or the old one?

1967. AJ - July 16, 2015

No idea, Harry. I don’t have the service.

I know Netflix was interested early on in the project. I guess, if you stream Netflix in HD, and they indicate that TNG is “in HD” when broadcast, it would be the newer version.

1968. Red Dead Ryan - July 16, 2015


When people are forced to re-buy a season set at a hundred bucks a pop, or go without, they will choose the latter. CBS got greedy. This has nothing to do with people seemingly not knowing the difference between SD and HD.

CBS should have topped the price at fifty bucks per season. Yeah, they wouldn’t have made a huge profit, but would have sold a lot more. By charging premium prices, they ended up losing money. Not only that, the sets were poorly marketed.

In short, they were very short sighted, looking for short term profits and long term sales. They ended up with neither.

BTW, I think DS9 and “Voyager” will be remastered at some point, though CBS will wait for costs to go down, and for technology to improve. It’ll be years before we see it happen, though.

1969. CmdrR - July 16, 2015

Discs seem like a transition tech, like fax machines.
I would love a library, but I never grew upbwith discs, so downloads feel natural.

Also, $700 for the whole TNG series is just friggin ridiculous.

1970. Harry Ballz - July 16, 2015

@1968 CmdrR

With all the competition out there, they should allow you to download the entire set of TNG BluRay for, say, $79.99?

At that price point they’d sell a gazillion of them.

1971. Red Dead Ryan - July 16, 2015

1972. Phil - July 16, 2015

@CmdrR… yep. Evil overlord Obama was supposed to have conquered planet Texas by now.

1973. AJ - July 17, 2015

The Blu-Ray sets are available now on Amazon at just under $50 a pop. Season 7 is more expensive.

Myself, I blew wads of cash on TNG on VHS after taping them all in first-run. Then, I bought the DVD’s for all series. In hindsight, maybe 30% of all “Star Trek” is good for repeat-watching, and most of that is TOS and TNG. I would much prefer to be able to watch the eps I like streamed in HD, rather than plonk down a wad of cash for more boxes on the shelf. Even when that first TNG “test” Blu-Ray came out with Farpoint and a few others, I watched it, thought it was super, and shelved it. I will probably never watch it again.

I read that TNG HD is on Amazon for streaming, so maybe that’s the future of it all. Collecting plastic discs is what I did before I had kids and other priorities,

1974. AJ - July 17, 2015

An article on Ted 2’s Star Trek connections:

1975. AJ - July 18, 2015

The movie is pretty God-awful. And I really enjoyed the first one.

1976. CmdrR - July 18, 2015

McFarlane lost me forever when he killed Brian. (Yeah, I know.) Watching a cartoon dog graphically run over proved … finally … McFarlane doesn’t know/care what his sh*t might do to kids. I have a 7 year old and studiously avoid the reruns.

1977. CmdrR - July 18, 2015

In the new Peanuts movie, would you like to see Charlie Brown cook and eat Snoopy, just for grins?!?!

1978. Harry Ballz - July 18, 2015


It’s a dog-eat-dog world, so no, I wouldn’t want to see that on screen. :>)

1979. AJ - July 20, 2015

Here is a Russian “10 Film Franchises which should Rest in Peace” which specifically mentions our Star Trek as one of them.

In a nutshell, it says that the campiness of the old “space soap opera” on TV is long gone, and that this decades-old “alternative” to Star Wars, now having been abandoned by JJ Abrams for said mega-franchise, is approaching its next entry after several rewrites and director changes. Not only that, but the fact that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin will bring this sci-fi series, “once wonderful in its quaintness,” “up to blockbuster standard” is just plain “boring.”

1980. Marja - July 20, 2015

1970 AJ, GOD the blockbuster movie plotlines, or should I make that singular, IS boring. I curse the day that screenwriting master wrote “Save the Cat!” Although one could probably say that movies featuring heroes are usually plotted similarly to a Marvel comic ….

Saw Ant Man and Paul Rudd, while very likable as usual, (and the ants are kewl), is stuck in this, another Marvel spectacular that doesn’t. .. quite … work. If it wasn’t for Michael Pena in a funny second string part, I might’ve been tempted to totally pan it. BR Trek is not alone in massive plothole land.

I think Marvel’s blockbuster series of films is about to take a big tumble. The weight of repetition is mounting.

1981. Phil - July 20, 2015

@1980 If you think about it, except for the set dressing, Avengers 1 and 2 were virtually identical to each other. Hero’s get to know each other, overcome animosity, face and defeat some monstrous threat while leveling major cities. Now that I think of it, that was pretty much GOTG, too.

The problem is, if we are going to be brutally honest, I’ve just described every Trek movie ever made, too……

1982. Marja - July 21, 2015

Well, except TMP, WOK & SFS, yes? No city-leveling there AIR.

1983. Marja - July 21, 2015

But the Threat To Earth or Threat To The Entire Galaxy (would sound so delightfully silly if they said, threat to the Milky Way) is getting mighty tired too.

1984. AJ - July 21, 2015

Even the pseudo-brainiac “Interstellar” had a “Big Bad” threat to the world, which was saved by A-list Hollywood actors. This time the threat was “man-made” (ooooOOOOooooh!) which is also getting old (and unfortunately not making us any smarter).

Marja: To your point, those three Trek films all had world destruction embedded in their sub-plot DNA: TMP was all about “patterning the carbon units on the creator’s home planet for data storage;” TWOK was about an ambitious, genetically engineered superman with a starship and a planet-destroying super-weapon, and TSFS was about the same super-weapon falling into Klingon hands.

1985. Phil - July 21, 2015

Ultimately, what happens, knowing that there is some kind of adversity to be overcome, most of these movies end up becoming character studies – can they be fleshed out in a two hour window to make the audience care about them. Marvel has done a decent job so far. Pixar are masters at it. When I finally caught 12 Years A Slave, I felt Solomon Northups despair grow as the story progressed. Most movies fail at it, though – promo for the latest Terminator ‘wait until you see the twist’ yeah, yeah, John Connor’s a machine. So what? Genre movies all ride the wave, until it flattens out. Westerns, sword & sandals epics, disco movies, they all come and go. So will the superhero movies.

On a side note, I suspect CGI spectacle will also wear out it’s welcome. We are already seeing it reduced to tropes in action flicks – the mandatory helicopter crash, spaceship (or helicarrier) crash, or just really stupid visuals….

Anyway, I’m rambling. Or shouting. I’m hoping that STB has sharpened it’s focus a bit – tell a good story, and let the effects fall where they may.

1986. AJ - July 22, 2015

Superhero films are going strong since Superman in 1979. With so much cash going into them as brands (like Coca-Cola, Marlboro or McDonald’s), I can’t see them losing relevancy to the general public any time soon. They are hits on TV as well, both on commercial, and pay formats.

Sure, they will be tweaked (I sense Batman v. Superman will be hit by critics for taking itself way too seriously), but I can’t see them going anywhere soon.

1987. AJ - July 22, 2015

Great fan video (Star Trek clips) for Shatner’s version of “Common People” (from his album “Has Been”).

1988. Phil - July 22, 2015

Oh, genres never go away entirely – we still see the occasional western or musical. Recall that Marvel was on the verge of bankruptcy, Iron Man was all or nothing for them.. Now it’s an empire.

1989. AJ - July 23, 2015

Have a Happy Birthday, CmdrR!!

1990. CmdrR - July 23, 2015

There’s a ‘new alien’ pic at Looks like a backgrounder at some cantina.

Thanks, AJ. 53.
I still chase Green Orion Slavegirls, but if I don’t catch em after three blocks, I settle for ice cream instead.

1991. Harry Ballz - July 23, 2015

Happy birthday, CmdrR!!


Old enough to know better!

1992. Phil - July 23, 2015

Ted Cruz analyzes Captain Picard. I’ll leave it to others to opine on this… :-)

1993. LizardGirl - July 23, 2015

Hello, hope I haven’t missed too much in the last few months. I’ve been here off and on….got kind of turned off a bit with the negativity and stopped coming as often. Well, no need for all of that now! Hope everything’s good with everyone!

1994. Phil - July 23, 2015

Well, the sites still on autopilot, and the folks who detest BR are still running amuck…their collective undies seem to be in a knot because all their doom and gloom conspiracy on how STB would never see the light of day was a spectacular fail on their part.

Other then that, I kinda like the vibe coming out of the production team, and the Omaze promotion. Hopefully it translates into a good third outing for the franchise….

1995. Harry Ballz - July 23, 2015

Lizard Girl, just come to Chat for your visits. There is very little negativity here!

1996. LizardGirl - July 23, 2015

Will do!

1997. Marja - July 23, 2015

1995 Harry, “little negativity” … okay then. I will not share my opinion about Ted Cruz daring to compare himself with Kir—


LIZARD GIRL welcome back.

Phil, I hope Trek Beyond will be a resounding success and I agree with you about the special effects (and folks running amuck)

1998. AJ - July 23, 2015

A funny take on the Ted Cruz thing:

He really said: “Star Trek, in which starship crews chosen by an affirmative action office zip around a post-nationalist, post-scarcity, socialist utopia spreading science and rationalism, never going to church on Sundays, and pretty much ignoring America’s Judeo-Christian heritage,”

1999. JT - July 23, 2015

@1986. AJ – July 22, 2015
Craziest part about all that super hero success since ’79’s Superman Movie is that they were Hollywood studio run productions. Iron Man 3 was truly the first film where Marvel itself had overwhelming control of what they wanted to make with little interference from Disney or other studios, and Marvel still doesn’t hold the film rights to all of it’s characters- i.e. X-Men, Fantastic 4, Spider-Man. Slightly behind DC Comics only recently formed DC Entertainment and moved to Los Angeles in order to have stronger input on how their characters are used by Warner Bros.

@1988. Phil – July 22, 2015
It’s truly one of the most staggering business turn arounds in history. Marvel was so badly run at one point they handed out movie rights to their characters and sold comic artwork just to keep the lights on. Now they’re a multi billion dollar cash cow with their mostly second level characters and have every company on earth begging for crossover projects.

2000. AJ - July 24, 2015


JT, it’s my understanding that Marvel was at one point so broke, that they sold the film rights to the Spiderman, Xmen and FF properties just to pay their bills/emerge from bankruptcy. Now, rumors swirl that the comics division is geared up to “sabotage” the Xmen and FF properties (BS?) while taking over creative control of Spidey in some sort of co-production deal with Sony Pictures (absolutely true).

I think Disney, when they buy successful properties such as Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar, actually not only buy rights, but actually buy the human talent associated with the products as well (George Lucas himself excluded, of course–but he was well-paid). So, let Marvel be Marvel, Star Wars be Star Wars, and Pixar do what it does best. Disney as a production company has its own classic properties, and “new” ones as well (Big Hero Six, or whatever it’s called).

Keeping the paid experts to do what they do best in their divisions is usually the best policy. You can have overlap (i.e. when Ford owned Jaguar and Volvo, the new Jaguars were purported to be too much like Volvos, and failed to sell. Ford eventually dumped both to focus on Ford).

You can also have overzealous “experts” on the executive floor trying to drive success without any innate creativity (“Make ST3 more like Guardians of the Galaxy”), and thus messing with the equity in their properties, long ago paid for with real money, and driving up costs to fix those mistakes.

Disney is not making these mistakes. In fact, they have the money to attempt big new projects which may fail (i.e. take risks). Case in point: John Carter from Mars and Lone Ranger, and most recently, Tomorrowland. Their stable of success is so strong they can afford it. Star Wars will have a billion point five banked before the reviews even dry on the page. It will probably beat Avatar’s $2.8 billion record. Plus, Marvel’s properties are profitable now on fanbase alone.

Will DC/Warner? Too early in the game. And I think they’ve messed a bit too much with their stable of characters. Soon, the evil eye will be once again on Star Trek, so let’s hope they don’t screw it up again.

2001. Marja - July 24, 2015

JT, yeah, but I still see Marvel as overextending their brand. Remember — as someone recently pointed out — how popular Westerns were in the 50s? They were ubiquitous on TV. And faded in favor of spy dramas which faded into medical dramas which faded into homicide investigation shows ….

Action CGI spectaculars presently rule the box office and may continue to do so (especially in Asia), but nowadays I feel bored by most of them, and maybe that feeling is creeping into American tastes in film. I hope Paramount has twigged to this and will have more scifi story and character in STB. We’ll see.

As for the international market, China is making their own action pics now and has “discouraged” import of American productions.

Despite the charming Paul Rudd, I got bored at “Ant-Man” … by now the humor felt a bit formulaic and the story and backstory certainly were.

2002. AJ - July 25, 2015

Marvel may be overextending with Antman, but Disney seems to be able to afford to experiment (John Carter, Lone Ranger, Tomorrowland). Antman will figure into the next few films, which will all gross between $600m and $1.5 billion, so if Antman pulls in only $400m, as a “smaller” film, it shouldn’t dent the Marvel brand at all.

Don’t forget, unlike Star Trek, which is hamstrung by the Paramount (films) vs. CBS (shows/property-owner & licensor), Marvel properties are also successful comics and cartoons, with loads of swag out there (toys, clothes, computer games, etc.) for the kids to buy. This guarantees a multi-generational base, and many years of loyalty.

Star Trek is still very much a baby-boomer/GenX thing because no marketing has been done to anyone under 30 in a long time. Benedict Cumberbatch alone is the reason STID even broke even due to overseas boxoffice receipts. It’s Paramount’s short-term ‘money grab’ philosophy which makes Trek a constantly losing proposition vs. Disney’s stable (Star Wars obviously included). The young people I know through my own kids and friends who are parents know that ‘Star Trek’ is a movie, and that’s it. And that movie is “Into Darkness.” Believe me, Marvel’s properties as “brands” are quite safe in our lifetimes.

2003. AJ - July 25, 2015

Wow, My previous big post took 24 hours to appear. Sorry for the repetition on John Carter, etc.

2004. AJ - July 25, 2015

UK’s “Digital Spy” weighs in on the Marvel saturation/Antman issue:

2005. Disinvited - July 25, 2015

# 2001. AJ – July 25, 2015

” Star Trek is still very much a baby-boomer/GenX thing because no marketing has been done to anyone under 30 in a long time. ” — AJ – July 25, 2015

I disagree. Paramount/Bad Robot are marketing merchandise to the under 30s. It’s just not very effective or well focused which one would think they’d have done when the decision was made to narrow the lines, and their ability to estimate the quality of the things they chose to back is suspect.

2006. AJ - July 25, 2015


Disinvited: Perhaps “marketing” is the wrong word. No other forms of Star Trek exist for kids & teens- no cartoons or kids’ books. We’ve seen comics like the Trek-Planet of the Apes (1970s iteration) crossovers which have nothing to offer the younger folks.

In this, you find a cardinal rule of product marketing being ignored: Always market to/reinvent the product for young people in order to keep them aware of, and purchasing, your product, for as many years as possible. “Star Trek” is not Geritol, Dentugrip or Depends Undergarments. However, it is a 50-year old property with its best re-booted sibling already going on 30. The BR films are marketed as one-offs only, and not as part of a whole constantly managed franchise. Spiderman is 52 years old. Star Wars is 38. Batman is 76. They are all on TV right this minute in one form or another, all over the world, and being watched by kids. The last time you could say that about Star Trek was in the 1990s, and still not to the same extent, or in a world with such widespread distribution of licensed content.

On the contrary, our franchise has been on hiatus for years (BluRay releases notwithstanding-they were picked up by older HD nerds only, and failed commercially), with no new TV content, and nothing to get younger viewers into it. Time is really running out, and money not being made on what is really a “low-hanging-fruit, no-brainer” of a business decision.

2007. Phil - July 25, 2015

Positioning is probably a better word – The Clone Wars kept Star Wars in front of the audience that the last three movies captured. Further, the effort was made to keep the property in the conscience of the public, through various means. BR Trek has tried to manage these movies as events to build buzz, to mixed effect. I’d have to agree with AJ, though – there isn’t really any concerted effort to manage Trek as a franchise, CBS and Paramount seem content to work the occasional project in…on the premise it’ll make money. I suspect, at some level, the exec’s understand that the potential is there, but no one seems to want to run with it.

2008. Disinvited - July 25, 2015

#2005. AJ – July 25, 2015

Thanks for clarifying. I can’t say I totally disagree with you on the marketing missteps. However, I think you are going way overboard in making your point.

The only novels that BR allowed in their brand were young adult, i.e. teen and CBS is publishing them. BR are doing comic books too.

That there are other TREK comics that we “older” fans can tell are based on the older stuff does not imply that the same is true for the younger set. I suggest they find them much as the GOLD KEY comics based on my various favorite shows including Trek in the 60s were regarded by my young self: as clearly a thing apart, based on it, influenced by it to some degree but not allowed to directly affect its parent. All that I wanted back then from those products was that the stories be well-written as I got it that the parent wasn’t going to allow those tales to affect it.

Aside:Back in my early days of DC Silver Age comic book buying when they were 10 cents each, editor Julie Schwartz allowed Barry Allen to crossover to a world where the Golden Age Heroes were older but still kicking badguy butt. I ate that Earth II stuff up. That they were older wasn’t off-putting to my boyhood self one whit.

Trying to paint OTA television as void of STAR TREK isn’t accurate in my SoCal market. The local CBS owned station just started a sub channel, DECADES, that regularly runs TOS and rotates it into their blockfeeds. Another channel’s sub, Me TV, airs TOS episodes weekly this evening. And it still appeals to the young here.

And then there’s cable.

So while I agree with you that there is tremendous room for improvement, a void it ain’t.

2009. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 25, 2015

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to say Hi.

2010. Phil - July 25, 2015


2011. CmdrR - July 25, 2015

Ni hao

2012. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 26, 2015

Good Morning Camper’s. Todays Scheduale. Just have fun and cause problems for everyone else that does not belong.

2013. AJ - July 26, 2015



Sounds like Donald Trump.

Except, these days, that’s every day.

2014. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2015

Donald Trump, a man born into a rich family, who brags how smart he was to become rich.

What a f*ckin’ moron.

2015. Ahmed - July 26, 2015

But Harry, the Donald is a very very riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich man :)

I simply can’t wait to see Trump on the stage at the first Fox News debate, that would be so much fun!


2016. AJ - July 27, 2015

The Star Trek-Trump connection:

2017. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2015

Trump for President!!!!.
Of a Ferderation Garbage Scowl.

2018. CmdrR - July 27, 2015

We are 16 months out.
Trump is the bad comic warm-up, so we don’t keep asking Jeb:
Would you have invaded Iraq?
Did you bang Katherine Harris in 2000?
Is 70 old enough or should we plan to retire six months after we die?
Can you even find Iran on a map?
Etc. etc. etc.

2019. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 27, 2015

Hmm. Sarah Palin in a mud wrestling match against Ericka Durance.

2020. CmdrR - July 27, 2015

2019 – That constitutes cruelty to mud.

2021. Harry Ballz - July 27, 2015



Good one!

Durance tried a mudpack to improve her looks, and it worked for a few days, but then the mud fell off!

2022. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - July 28, 2015

He He He. The Poor Mud. Had to be all over the 2 ugly ones.

2023. Harry Ballz - July 28, 2015

“all over the 2 ugly ones”

No, no, I said her face, not her boobs!

2024. AJ - July 29, 2015

Well, I am (finally) employed again as of end of August.

The old lesson re-learned on this search is one I am sure Harry, as a professional schmoozer, would agree with: NETWORK.

I sent out hundreds of resumes via big job-seeker sites both in Russia (which is my preferred location) and in the US. At one point, I felt as if either I was invisible, or that ALL the big job-sites were just cruel jokes set up to waste people’s time.

Then, an old colleague from my days with Pepsi 20 years ago (also in Russia) sends me a note in LinkedIn, asking if I “need a warehouse,” I answer “Actually, I need a job.” Long story short, and wouldn’t you know it, his company is forming a new division, and BAM. One interview with him and his boss (also an ex-colleague), and I will run it. Not a pansy company, either, but a half-a-billion-per-year public company (Warsaw Stock Exchange) which is growing in Russia at the moment. We’ll see how it goes.

Good business contacts are precious, and I make a point of never burning bridges at work. I just never realized that a contact, quietly maintained from years ago, would pan out.

2025. Aurore - July 29, 2015

@2024. AJ – July 29, 2015

“Well, I am (finally) employed again as of end of August…”


Congratulations, AJ!


2026. Harry Ballz - July 29, 2015


Congrats, AJ!

I’ll tell you, sir, you must be quite the schmoozer yourself! You seem to slam-dunk most job interviews that you go to…..kudos!

You ol’ honeydripper, you! :>)

2027. LizardGirl - July 31, 2015

Just downloaded Windows 10. I’m noticing a significant lag when typing my comment right now, which is annoying. But it has a better response time when opening and closing tabs, opening programs-oops!-I mean apps. Right now I’m using Edge, the new Microsoft browser. The interface design reminds me of Chrome but I haven’t spent too much time with it yet. Unlike W8, it’s easy to get around and doesn’t hide things from me. Still need to play around with it to see if it’s worth the free download.

2028. CmdrR - August 1, 2015

Windows 10 needs a spankin’!
It asks too many questions. Also — anybody know computers well enough to tell me why we’re still using a login system that hackers cracked when Reagan was president?

2029. LizardGirl - August 1, 2015


I agree! It initially asks a lot of questions (setup, preferences, etc), yet I’ve noticed that more and more. Even a new smartphone will run you through a laundry list. And I did send in a suggestion/complaint about the W10 setup. Have you noticed any lag? Though I am running on a 5 year old laptop…and it’s not a clean factory installed version…

2030. AJ - August 1, 2015

Windows 10 simply disconnected my headphone jack. I listen to music daily off my laptop, and that was unacceptable.

Searching the web for the solution came up with about a dozen different scenarios where this has happened to other recent upgraders, with Microsoft still in search of a solution. Some had re-installed and/or upgraded drivers, “rolled back” upgraded drivers, and whatnot. I just did the right thing and “rolled” right back to Windows 7.

My laptop is 4 years old, and there is frankly nothing W10 does better than W7, aside from a horribly clunky thing meant to be like Siri on Apple products, which is also unnecessary and dumb. The MS version simply couldn’t translate the spoken text to words, and when it did (“Open iTunes”), after replying that it would (“OK! I’ll open iTunes!”), did no such thing.

To quote Scotty, “The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

2031. CmdrR - August 2, 2015

I can’t say I have noticed anything better about W10, and I’m running it on a brandy new HP Envy with 2T of memory. The memory is great. But, I notice no change in speed over our last 4-year-old puter which had about a third of the memory. We’re still stuck with a crappy (Clear) service provider, so all it takes is one turd in the pipeline.

2032. AJ - August 3, 2015

“True Detective” this year is a total waste of time. One more hour to go.

2033. AJ - August 3, 2015

Sheesh, Season finale is 90 minutes…Awful!

2034. CmdrR - August 3, 2015


Maybe I’ll skip it. Sounds like Colin Farrell’s track record of crappola remains unbroken.

2035. CmdrR - August 4, 2015

Did someone order Moon Juice in Big Gulp size?

2036. Harry Ballz - August 4, 2015

Want to see an AMAZING acting performance?

Watch “Predestination” starring Eathen Hawke and watch his co-star, Sarah Snook.

Her performance just jumps off the screen and grabs you by the throat!

Talk about charisma.

2037. Marja - August 5, 2015

2017 Emperor Mike, Agreed sir! And as any New Yorker knows, it would be a marble-faced garbage scow with a big gold-plated Trump logo on it. I can’t think of any medium better suited for The Donald.

Once an a’hole, always an a’hole. As Ahmed points out, Trump and Palin would be a perfect “match.” Maybe a shoutin’ match (Trump bullies his way to a pugnacious triumph), and a shootin’ match (Palin wins, hands down) with a hair-pullin’ contest. It’s fun to imagine the latter event. America would see a new side of Trump for sure ….

The comic fodder is too, too generous.

2038. Marja - August 5, 2015

AJ Congrats! On the job, I mean. Sorry to hear about True Detective. Season 1 was brilliant.

They should bring back McConaghey and Harrelson, what a fantastic pairing of actors. McConaghey was riveting in his scenes with the latter day detectives. I loved his character’s weird, philosophical speechifying.

2039. Ahmed - August 6, 2015

Ronald Raven…oops



2040. Harry Ballz - August 6, 2015

Donald Trump is a bufoon, clown, asshole, jerk-off……and that’s on a GOOD day!

2041. AJ - August 6, 2015

The new Fantastic Four film is getting absolutely trounced by critics (10% on Rotten Tomatoes). A complete, horrible miss.

Looks like that poor franchise has been killed in the movies. Twice, now. I slogged through the first two, but won’t even give this one a look on my next plane ride.

2042. Harry Ballz - August 7, 2015

AJ, you won’t even watch it on a plane??

Ouch, it MUST be bad!

2043. Marja - August 7, 2015

2039 Ahmed, as in, “from Ronald Reagan to Donald Ravin’ “? Good one!


2044. Marja - August 7, 2015

2041, AJ, thanks for the warningn Y’know how you get “that feeling” of stinkbomb when you watch a trailer? Yep.

2042. Harry, Won’t AJ watch it on a plane? Would he watch it in the rain?

Would he watch it down the drain? …Oh, wait.
END OF AN ERA — Stewart’s last Daily Show last night. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become the Faily Show. Pretty great team of writers, so maybe they’ll make it on spite of his absence. I’m gonna miss his cute face though!
Happy Ancient Trekfan B’day to me (as of yesterday that is). I hope humankind makes it back into space before I hit the ol’ event horizon!

2045. Harry Ballz - August 7, 2015

Marja, are you saying your birthday was yesterday? If so…..

MWAH! (big birthday kiss)

2046. Marja - August 7, 2015

Mwahh! back atcha Harry, and thanks ;-)

2047. Basement Blogger - August 8, 2015

Here’s the short review for The Fantastic Four. Can’t believe a bunch of high school kids invent a matter teleportation device. Try to imagine kids inventing the atom bomb. While it sounds like good business to reboot the Four with the cast of The Hunger Games, it ended up dumbing the movie down. (Okay this version is based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four. Still, it’s a bad idea to recast the Four as kids, okay really young adults.)

Miles Teller as Reed Richards, and Michael Jordan as Johnny Storm are terrible. Performances like the rock that encases The Thing. Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Toby Kebbelll (Doom) and Jamie Bell (The Thing) should come back if there’s a sequel.

The film itself is joyless. It takes over an hour for the Four to decide to use their powers for good. And that’s at the climax if you call the resolution of the Doom arc a climax. if you want to see a good Fantastic Four movie, go watch “The Incredibles.” The grade is C.

Here’s the full review with trailer.

2048. AJ - August 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Marja!

Wow, Basement Blogger spent 20 bucks on the FF film so we don’t have to!

2049. Lurker - August 8, 2015

Potty training the Vulcan way:

2050. CmdrR - August 8, 2015

Happy Marja Day!!

2051. Marja - August 8, 2015

AJ, CmdrR, thanks much for the b-day wishes! Have just had a delicious dinner, thanks to my best friend, a fellow (though not as fanatical) fan. That’s it for this year. I hope I’ll be celebrating Star Trek Beyond next year :-)

And thanks Bernie for confirming my suspicion that F4 was gonna suck.

2052. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2015


Bernie, you MUST drop by more often! You are sorely missed.

I believe it is really important that our original group stay together.

Del Trame would probably agree.

2053. AJ - August 9, 2015


Well said, Harry!

2054. Phil - August 9, 2015

For all the crap Shatner takes about being self centered (in some cases, deservedly so), this actually was a nice gesture on his part…

2055. AJ - August 10, 2015

I see Paramount’s PR department has revved up their “no news is good news” campaign for Star Trek: Beyond.

I’d better stop paying attention, or the campaign won’t be a total success!

Now, back to Robert Picardo’s hairline…

2056. CmdrR - August 10, 2015

Well, it’s hard to believe True Detective Season 2, Longer, Thicker, Uncut is over.
I’m watching the finale (or is that ‘finally!’). It kicks off with a pair of back-to-back stand still and talk scenes. 6+ minutes each. Each though is repeated 4 and 5 times. This is gonna be a loooooong 1’27”.

2057. Aurore - August 10, 2015

@2055. AJ – August 10, 2015

“…I’d better stop paying attention, or the campaign won’t be a total success! ”



“…Now, back to Robert Picardo’s hairline…”

Right on, mister ; get your priorities in order!!!

2058. CmdrR - August 10, 2015

OK, final verdict on TD-2: Not terrible, though certainly a mere shadow of Season One. Would have been twice as good as half the length and far fewer characters. Hoping for better in season three.

2059. Disinvited - August 10, 2015

# 2057. Aurore – August 10, 2015

“…Now, back to Robert Picardo’s hairline…” — AJ

” Right on, mister ; get your priorities in order!!!” — Aurore

I’ve heard a receding hariline called everything from “a crowning achievemnet” to “a widow’s peak” but “a priority” is a new one on me.

2060. AJ - August 10, 2015


We have re-prioritized it in honor of VOY’s 20th anniversary, and until we have some real news from our boys and girls shooting in Vancouver.

2061. Marja - August 11, 2015

2056 CmdrR, “Longer, Thicker, Uncut?” Dunno … True Det Season 2 is starting to sound kinda interesting :-p

2060 AJ, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Cripes are Paramount Publicity on permanent vacation?? Just a lobby card with “STAR TREK BEYOND — Summer 2016″ in the shiny new Trrk typeface with arrowhead shield, starting this Fall, would be REALLY encouraging. To paraphrase the tin hat coalition, “WAKE UP PARAMOUNT!”

2062. LizardGirl - August 11, 2015

Well, there are a slew of TV shows coming out. Also, ones that are out but I didn’t know existed.

I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with Terry Brook’s Shannara series. Well MTV will be making a TV adaptation called the Chronicles of Shannara (premiering sometime in Jan 2016). Here’s the trailer for that.

There’s AMC’s Into the Badlands, premiering Nov. 2015

And USA’s Colony, which kind of reminds me of a cancelled show called V.

Minority Report (Fox) Sept. 21

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW) premiering in 2016

And of course the return of Gotham (Sep 21 on Fox), The Flash (Oct 6 on the CW), Supergirl premiere (Oct 26 on CBS), and Heroes Reborn premiere on Sep 24 NBC.

I’m very excited! I’m hoping to catch at least most of the pilots for these.

2063. AJ - August 11, 2015

Wow- Shannara is being run by the guys who did “Smallville” and Jon Favreau (Iron Man). I read a bunch of those books ages ago. Looks intriguing!

2064. CmdrR - August 11, 2015

Read the first one, Sword of Shannara. My buddy and I mapped it out as a point-by-point retread of LoTR. I kept seeing new books added to the series every few years, so somebody obviously likes it. Looks like a lot of genre out there now. That’s a good thing, imho. I just hope the writing is there. Holler if any of them get really good.

2065. LizardGirl - August 12, 2015

In seventh grade I became a student assistant for the school library. One of the librarians (Mrs. Jones) suggested I read Terry Brook’s Elfstones of Shannara. I did and was hooked. I spent the next six years reading high fantasy novels along with science fiction. I’ve read almost all of the Shannara books but kind of dropped off. I feel like I should read them again to jog my memory.

I’ve read the original Shannara series minus Indomitable, the Heritage of Shannara, the Voyage…series, and the High Druid series. I’m curious as to what timeline the TV show will take place. That would narrow down what books to reread.

I highly recommend reading the original Shannara series at least.

2066. gulfonetwo - August 12, 2015

William shatner is in the veteran made movie Range 15… This just got awesome.

2067. Basement Blogger - August 13, 2015

Happy belated birthday Marja!

Harry, sorry I don’t come by more often. I barely knew Del but wish I had. He lived and is buried in my town of Cincinnati. If I knew him better, we could have had drinks together.@ 2052 Hey AJ. Kind of hooked to the addictive and stupid and I mean stupid video game Destiny.

Now for today’s shameless post to drive up traffic. No, it’s not puppies. Let’s just title this:


From CNN’s Jeannie Moos. Love that eagle.

2068. AJ - August 13, 2015

ET’s are real!

2069. CmdrR - August 13, 2015

AJ — Potato-headed aliens are real: check! Glad that’s settled, and that it’s another fine scoop by Mirror Online and Fox News.

BB — Rambro! So the rise of the machines will have to wait a while longer. Good!

2070. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2015

Watched “Birdman” tonight.

While watching it, I’m thinking how superb it is, a masterpiece, amazingly original and edgy. The cast is top notch, the direction brilliant and I’m thinking Michael Keaton was robbed for an Oscar.

Then…….(without giving anything away here)…………the last two minutes of the film RUINED IT for me.

They had a classic on their hands and then really F*CKED IT UP with the ending.

2071. Basement Blogger - August 14, 2015

Okay, here’s the short review for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. First, let me admit this. I was alive when the TV show aired. Yeah, for you youngsters, the movie is based on a sixties TV show. Ouch, I’m not young anymore.

Anyway, Director Guy Ritchie’s penchant for fast cutting and split screens deflates the movie. Sometimes confusing and other times anti-climatic. James Bond movies do it better. That being said, his choices for lighting, sets, and costumes makes this movie feel like we’re in the sixties. Love the actors. All are beautiful and sexy. Yes, ladies that includes Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer. Elizabeth Debicki is graceful. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

The grade is B.. Full review with original TV theme music by Jerry Goldsmith. (ST: TMP), photo of Debicki and Cavill that looks like something from Vogue and trailer.

2072. Marja - August 14, 2015

Berrniiiiiee! Welcome back! Haha leave that fake game behind and join the reality that is TrekMovie … thanks for the b’day wishes.

I, too, watched U.N.C.L.E. in its first run and had a big crush on David McCallum (Ilya Kuryakin). I confess, my friends and I practiced our crappy “foreign accents” and could sneer, “Lee-kwee-date heem!” as we palyed the bad guys to our pals playing Solo and Kuryakin :-)

Sounds like a fun if mindless movie, and it’ll be fun to see Hugh Grant as Mr Waverly. .. or is he …. and certainly Hammer and Cavill are easy on the eyes!

Harry, I hope to see “Birdman” soon. I’m glad to have a “warning” about the end. I’ll see if I agree.

2073. CmdrR - August 15, 2015

2070 — Harry, if the last two minutes ruined it, does that mean you didn’t watch the first 117 minutes? It’s right there on the screen. Fine, don’t watch The Prestige then.

Marja, not only is it a good movie with a good ending, but it’s one you can rewatch a few times for the performances and dialogue.

2074. AJ - August 15, 2015

I finally watched the last 90m episode of True Detective season 2. I will never get those minutes back, nor will that feeling of “Who really gives a s**t about any of these characters?” ever go away.

True Garbage.

2075. Harry Ballz - August 15, 2015

@2073 CmdrR

yes, I did watch the first 117 minutes of it. That’s my point. It was a brilliant film until that stupid f@cking ending.

2076. Marja - August 15, 2015

BIRDMAN: You’ll love it

… Or hate it

2077. Phil - August 16, 2015

@2067. Saw that. As apparently shotgunning a drone is illegal, been contemplating getting a wrist rocket to use water balloons if one of those suckers stray over my house. Training a falcon to knock one down sounds like a lot more fun…..

2078. AJ - August 17, 2015

I have no idea why this site has not highlighted Patrick Stewart’s latest project, especially given the special cameo a few minutes in:

Exec Producer is Seth McFarlane. Definitely rated “R”

2079. CmdrR - August 17, 2015

“Does that bother you?”
“No! I’m English.”

OK, that goes next to “Will there be any nudity involved?” as Sir Patrick lines most likely to be dubbed onto TNG clips.

Just watched a few minutes. Saw Data play piano. Will need to watch the series.

Great, AJ. You’ve got me wasting even more time…

2080. AJ - August 17, 2015

Yes, We all need to watch the series.

Sorry, CmdrR!

2081. Harry Ballz - August 17, 2015

Watched the first episode. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing, AJ!

2082. AJ - August 18, 2015

I thought Stewart was a bit over-the-top (too much so), but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

I wonder if Exec McFarlane will bring in more Trek actors (he certainly did for “Ted 2″). Hell, he should run Trek, if he finds a few free minutes.

2083. Basement Blogger - August 18, 2015

@ 2072

Marja, without giving any plot details, you will be disappointed if you want to see a lot of Hugh Grant in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E..” I mused why the movie has that title. You see it’s a set up to a possible movie franchise and is about how Napoleon and Illya got together. Not much U.N.C.L.E. in this film. Still, Grant is a great choice for Waverly.

@ 2078

Thanks AJ. for the video. Um… shouldn’t Trekmovie posts stuff like this. A website needs material and traffic.

I thought the show needed better writing. Set up Blunt as O’ Reilly by showing some of his old shows. Then cut to the prostitute stuff. Needed better jokes. Looks promising but I don’t have Starz.

Now for the Trump watch.

I’m not supposed to talk politics and will try to avoid policy here. Anyway, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’ll be great with women. And I agree. As long as you are a beautiful blonde. Ivanka…. Marla…. Princess Diana?!!! Anyway, he told the New York Times that Heidi Klum is no no longer a “ten.” Here’s her witty response via Instagram and TMZ.

Heidi’s video, and People magazine article about Donald’s Princess Di crush.

Will bring back cue animals and babies for you in the future.

2084. AJ - August 18, 2015

More unreported information about a new actress in Star Trek Beyond named Lydia Wilson:

2085. AJ - August 19, 2015

RIP Yvonne Craig.

2086. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - August 19, 2015

RIP Yvonne Craig. You will always be Bat Girl.

2087. CmdrR - August 19, 2015

Damn. So many 60’s hotties are leaving us.

Yvonne Craig had quite the career going, an Elvis movie, Trek, Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Batgirl…

Thank you, pretty lady.

2088. Phil - August 19, 2015

Bummer. RIP Ms. Craig.

Princess Diana…..that boggles the mind….

2089. Basement Blogger - August 19, 2015

So long Yvonne Craig aka Marta.

@ 2084

Thanks for the Star Trek movie news. AJ.

Okay, here’s today’s shameless, cute dog video. This dog heads a ballon for what must be a half mile.

2090. Disinvited - August 19, 2015

#2087. CmdrR – August 19, 2015

Yvonne had a fasc