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Del J. Trame Memorial Chat


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1. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2014

Oh, wow, so quiet in here…….

(tumbleweed rolls by, a few crickets chirp)

2. Matt Wright - December 5, 2014

Sorry for the total reset, I was trying to find a way to bring over the last 20 or so comments from the old one, but the plugin that everyone recommends doesn’t work with the newer versions of WordPress :-(

3. Phil - December 5, 2014

Oh, well…..

4. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014

First Orci gets dumped and now all of our comments on Chat.

I smell conspiracy. :>)

5. marja - December 5, 2014

Are they on some thread somewhere in the archive, Matt? If not, oh well.

My God Harry! You mean … surely not …!

YOU are IANHerbert??!


6. AJ - December 5, 2014

Who cares?

“Star Trek” is in limbo again!

Happy 50th, everyone!

7. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2014


marja, marja, marja………………I don’t like it when you call me names.

“Tickle your ass with a feather?”


“Um, I said, ‘it looks like we’re in for nasty weather.'”

8. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

“I smell conspiracy. :>)”

You’re just in time, Harry. I’m baking a fresh batch of conspiracy.

Wow, nice to see the place tidied up a bit, but you’ll never get all the stains out.

Back in the USSA, btw.

9. Aurore - December 6, 2014

…..So, what’s new???


And, now, something “old”.

A gentleman obviously having fun while sharing what he knows about my beloved franchise…

10. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 6, 2014

Wow. Double cool. Nice reset.

Now for some big Star Trek Continues news.
Dr.Who’s Colin Baker will be the guest star on Star Trek continues.
Geek o Meter is on overload.

11. CmdrR - December 6, 2014

For those who would like to look…

12. Marja - December 6, 2014

Mr. Ballz, I smell conspiracy. :>)

OH! You sell tumbleweeds!?

BTW y’all should see the cr*p IANHerbert is selling today on the Orci’s Out post.

When I read his posts, sometimes I think

“On the internet no one knows you’re a dog”

13. Phil - December 6, 2014

@12. I am. And considering he was on a very short leash for flaming/trolling, that’s he’s not holding back is a good indicator the site is on autopilot again.

14. Marja - December 6, 2014

I mean really, “The biggest star [Saldana] is a ‘Pregnoid'”? Yes, IANHerbert is just beggin’ for a dope slap. [Sigh] Perhaps a note to the moderator[s] is in order ….

15. Matt Wright - December 6, 2014

Crud, he’s still at it? I haven’t seen him post since this morning.
If he keeps it up I’ll likely just ban him since he was warned before. None of us have time to police stuff. Tony’s the only person who has the time, and as you all have seen he’s AWOL again…

16. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2014

Matt, we certainly appreciate your efforts in protecting the integrity of this site. Kudos!

17. Marja - December 7, 2014

Yes, where DOES Tony go, one wonders….

Thanks for steppin’ in, Matt. You guys rock.

18. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

15 — Matt — Which button do I hit to enter a fake rumor that Anthony is directing “ST3: The Farts Awaken, Hit the Snooze Button, Roll Over Until 2017″?

OK, other stuff. I guess more and more people have seen “Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: Mind-Sifter.” Some thoughts (sifted, of course.):

That is a long title. Phew!

There is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo muchchchchch echoooooo in the opening monolgue. Brian Gross is a little soft-spoken throughout, and his “Space, the final frontier…” gets lost in the reverb.

I liked that they kept the Big E’s skidding through space. On that point, the cgi modeling is excellent. Some of the ship movement is a little curvy for space. You don’t have air or water to bank off of, so to achieve the movement we saw would require constant attitude jets or something.

Mic-ing early on seems a little off.

Make-up is a real mess in places: Spock’s ears, Kor’s neck (like he man-tanned, but forgot to use a mirror.)

The musical cues, while faithful, feel a little stale at times.

And my last negative kvetch: the whole “Jim’s dead, let’s chew over how we feel and have a memorial” sequence is way too long. At 1:04 plus credits, there were places to cut this episode, and I would nominate that section, because it’s so similar to “The Tholian Web.”

Nuff bitchin’. There’s lots to like here. As I say, I wish Brian Gross would modulate his delivery, but in general his acting is equal to the task at hand. He looks good with his shirt off and blood dripping from every orifice. (Hmm, that didn’t quite come out right.) Gross can also deliver a snarky line. “I hate that guy!” — took me a second to connect the dots, but it’s a funny line. I look forward to seeing more of his interaction with Spock & McCoy.

Brandon Stacy is one of the best Spocks to date in fan fic. And there have been tons of Spocks. Jeff Bond’s McCoy is a real tribute to DeForest without getting lost in mimicry. Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. (That’s the best I can phrase it without being too spoiler-y).

It sounds like Drama 101, but I’ll point out that this production manages to… finally… nail blocking and shot direction. It’s a problem that has plagued virtually all fan fics. There’s nothing more distracting than watching actors try to figure out how to sit or stand on a tiny set or sometimes just to figure out what to do with their hips or hands while walking. Acting is a full-body action, and both actors and directors seem to have smoothed out that aspect of this production.

Also worth noting are the familiar names attached, including D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. Oh, and of course there’s the William Shatner cameo. He finally does one!

I give “Mind-Sifter” a B+, only because some of the story elements feel revisited. Notwithstanding that, it is watchable and leaves a pleasant emotional aftertaste. I look forward to more!

19. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Remember, when you tattle on someone, you’re really tattling on yourself for being a tattle-tale.


20. CmdrR - December 7, 2014

19 – Cygnus, thank you. It’s been a long time since I felt as though I was in 5th Grade.
As I grew older… say 12 or so… I began to see the reality that police cannot be everywhere while selfish a-holes can. Therefore, we all have to work together to stop the jerks or we’ll all fall under their abuse.

21. Phil - December 7, 2014

Tattle, my ass. Lets turn this into some good old fashion on line gambling, and start gaming who the new sock puppets are. 3:1 on Franco….

22. Marja - December 7, 2014

Phil, I was wondering who you were referring to. Seems to me I saw Franco on the boards a couple of months ago and his spelling was that of an English-as-a-Second-Language speaker/writer. Suddenly, it seems to have improved vastly ….

And Spock’s Bangs has been popping [pupping?] in, but I can’t remember if this is one of the Infamous One’s identities or not. I thought it might be b/c one post ended,

CmdrR, I saw Mind-Sifter too. As a longtime fanfic reader and writer, I was put strongly in mind of a hurt/comfort story, although from what I saw of Ms Maiweski’s comments, it may well have been out-and-out K/S. Don’t know for sure, and that’s pretty irrelevant to the production [thank goodness]. The abusive orderly goons may have been typical of the 1950s. I thought that went a little over the top though.

Things I loved: Cawley’s self-deprecating inclusion of a certain delusional figure [performed by Cawley?] and Kirk’s line, “I hate that guy!”

Rivkah Raven Wood’s Doctor Hamlin adds a tremendous emotional gravity to the drama. My only nit (sorry, I’m cheating) is that I wish she had denied the final bit of business and just taken the hit. Agreed, fully, especially re: her last scene. Did you notice the soft key-lighting on her face, just as was done in TOS? What a lovely lady, too, not a typical female actress stick figure.

Brandon Stacy! Holy shee, what a great Spock. His IMdb page shows quite some resemblance to a certain actor in NuTrek, whom I adore, so it was delightful to see Mr Stacy. I wish they had fitted his uniforms — and his ears! — properly. Spock deserves better! The pace of his speech is a little too deliberate, but I’m sure he’ll get that down. I really do hope he returns. He has the gravitas needed for Spock.

My main issue with the story is that Kirk’s character seems a bit pitiful throughout, lost in time. Very typical/appropriate in angsty fanfic stories, but not so much in filmed Trek — fanfilm or no — because Kirk is a man of action. He is TOO out of it, too passive — so unlike the Kirk I expect. His reaction to a certain signal was good, but there should have been more action on his part. It seems to me Kirk’s basic personality is not one of passivity, but urgency. This seemed to be mostly missing, except in the office scene.

There were also elements of Edith Keeler and a near-rehash of a fan favorite Third Season episode, also typical elements of written fanfic, right down to McCoy grabbing Spock’s command chair.

Again I agree with you, on Kor. His makeup could have been MUCH better. The actor even sounded like Colicos once or twice; too bad he didn’t manage it consistently.

Jeff Bond — did he play Christopher Pike in “In Harm’s Way”? — kept tryin’ to sound Southern, but it didn’t work any better than when President Obama tries droppin’ his “g’s”. His intensity served McCoy’s character well, though.

I thought Brian Gross did a great job — although I have finally grown to appreciate Cawley as Kirk, despite his black black hair! — and I agree on the reverb. I wonder if that was an unintentional effect of “surround sound”?

I will watch the episode again to see what I think, but I’ll tell ya — I’ll be looking forward to more of Mr Stacy as Spock, whooo-ee.

I think DC Fontana and David Gerrold add so much to the productions though … Phase II is standing out to me much better than it did when I first saw ST Continues. Now I think Phase II or New Voyages or whatev they’re gonna call it is ahead by a nose, or more.

I really enjoyed “World Enough and Time” — Takei and the actress playing Sulu’s otherworld daughter were just wonderful.

OK I have to ask this. Does anyone else think the Spock in “Blood and Fire” looks like Kevin Nealon, late of SNL and “Weeds”? The story was great, but “Kevin Nealon” was a bit distracting. I thought satire might pop up at any moment …. Will give this one a re-watch though, because of the science fiction story. Finally we see how disgusting and scary those bloodworms are!

23. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

Here’s a neat bit of Trek-related news:

English tenor, Russell Watson, who performed the vocals on Diane Warren’s “Faith of the Heart,” for use as the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise, here reprises his performance as a wake-up song for NASA’s New Horizons mission.

The probe, which has been traveling in hibernation toward Pluto since 2006, has just awakened for the final leg of its journey. It’s interesting to note that, here, Watson performs the song not in the raspy voice that he used for the Enterprise theme—wherein he was trying to mimic the voice of Rod Stewart, who originally performed the song for the soundtrack to the movie, Patch Adams—but, rather, in a clean tenor:

24. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2014

And I think that Watson sounds better singing it clean. His raspy voice on Enterprise always bugged me a bit, and I’d never have guessed that the singer actually had a clear, powerful voice.

25. Marja - December 7, 2014

Cygnus, Agreed. The fakey Rod Stewart sound always discomfited me as well. Maybe they thought a clear voice didn’t sound macho enough for teen fanboys? Whatever.

I never knew the song was written for Patch Adams! — I’d always thought it was written for Enterprise.

I don’t exactly get the logic of singing to a space probe [or is he singing to the scientists monitoring the space probe?], but it still gave me some goosebumps. Now I may go back and watch some Enterprise eps.

26. Phil - December 8, 2014

There’d be outrage, outrage on the main threads…but if you still think Shatner and Nimoy, in ‘integral’ roles is such a hot idea, be prepared for the inevitable……

Funny stuff!

27. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Marja– agree with you that Mind-Sifter is not a good intro to Kirk or to a new actor playing him. I pasted my review onto P2’s Facebook page. someone — I assume she is connected to the production — got super defensive when I said Brandon Gross is soft-spoken throughout. She said it was just this script. But Kirk should BOOM in the monologue as well as when he’s going man to man with Kor. It doesn’t happen. I’d say it’s an area to work on in a very good production. I also agree that I want Brandon Stacey as Spock until he lands a big 3-picture deal in Hollywood. But, please, make the points sit on top of his ears… and get the color to match. I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.
Again, don’t anyone mistake my snarks for hate. P2 is really cookin, and totally worth watching.

28. CmdrR - December 8, 2014

Brian Gross

My bad

29. CmdrR - December 8, 2014


Or stuff it. (said lovingly)

30. Phil - December 8, 2014

^^ Funny that Lucas is pulling a Shatner here….

31. Cygnus-X1 - December 8, 2014

Marja, he’s singing to the whole mission team, not just the robot probe. :-)

32. Marja - December 8, 2014

Cmdr R, I read that they used LN-1 make-up, the exact same formulation as TOS. But cameras and digital transfers have changed, and Stacey looks like he dunked his face in a bowl of plomeek soup.

It isn’t too bad when he’s wearing the blue tunic, but when he switched to the gold one MY GOD HE LOOKED PEA-GREEN. And you are so right about the ears. Almost ruined those great Spock scenes for me.

Cygnus, Well thank god for that ;-)

33. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

Ok. Star Trek Continues next Episode will be titled.
Star Trek Nit Pickey. Staring . All of us. Lol.

34. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2014

All in all Star Trek Phase 2 Mind Sifter was a good show. Great story, secent cast. Let’s not get to Nit Pcky. Lol.

35. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Emperor Mike…

Not to get too nit-picky here, but in Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2 Mind-Sifter, when Spock takes a mentally beaten Kirk in his arms, caresses him, then rips off both their clothes and reveals a tattoo on Kirk’s right buttock that reads “K/S forever” inside a heart… I was taken totally out of the drama because the heart encircling the slogan was red and not green, as is canon.

36. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 9, 2014

CmdrR That did not bother me so much as when the female lusted after Spock and she was trying to help Kirk.

37. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

Doctor Hamlin is a woman of great passion.

I agree with Marja that she’s good because she’s not the typical “Kirk Girl,” aka a decade too young for him and built like a brick nacelle. I also see from IMDb that Rivkah Raven Wood trained at the Juilliard School of Drama in NYC and has done a bunch of Trek fan-fic. I’d like to see her do more… maybe with a better hair style, make-up, and wardrobe… but keep the glamour lens.

38. CmdrR - December 9, 2014

So much time on their hands…

39. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Somebody remind me…..who is THX-1138?

He’s been posting here for a long time, but I forget his particulars…anybody know his background?

40. Phil - December 9, 2014

Strange. Just got back from a memorial service for a client, and friend. A bit younger then me, too….and suddenly, all that bickering on the Orci thread looks really, really petty. More so that I willingly participated in it.

It’s a f**king TV show. Go have a drink someplace interesting. Walk on the beach. Naked, preferably. Tell someone you love them…listen to some Springsteen…and Beethoven.


41. Harry Ballz - December 9, 2014

Yes, Phil, you are right about that. Relish each moment. Life is short.

42. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Sorry to hear about your friend, Phil.
I fully endorse random nudity in this chat. It’s a moral imperative in this short life!

43. 'Beach - December 10, 2014


Again, Harry?

44. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Somebody mentions nudity and here comes ‘Beach, back after months of lurkdom… Welcome back mon ami!

… And yes Phil, sympathies for your friend. Puts things in perspective…

Harry, THX-1138 is the alter-ego of Mongo… Remember him/her/it?

I believe he owns an art gallery… Or could be a musician. Or is that CmdrR? Sorry..

45. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

S. E.

Damned skippy. I am all about some nekkidity!!

46. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

THX-1138 owns an art gallery of sorts in the Pacific Northwest. I also think he is into music. Yes Mongo is his alter-whatever.

47. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

If I owned an art gallery, it would all be about nuditity. You would have to be naked to come in.

48. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

In your face, Shatner!!
Christopher Lee’s other career:

49. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yo, once more into the ‘Beach!

Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.

Silvereyes and ‘Beach, thanks for the refresher!

50. Silvereyes - December 10, 2014

Speaking of… I have this Apple TV gizmo, which enables you to watch trillions of shows from billions of different chanels and therefore neglect your life and reality in general… and there’s a show on there called bying naked, where you have these nudists wanting to buy houses in a nudist community (no, not colony! very politically incorrect!)… And they just show up naked…

Then there’s the show naked and afraid… They’ll do anything for ratings… Hey, I watched!

51. crazydaystrom - December 10, 2014

49. Harry Ballz

“Hey, I’m going down to the gas station to pump Ethyl, I’m going down to the beach to feel Sandy, I’m going to celebrate Christmas so I can feel Mary.”

My friend was feeling Mary then he jumped for Joy! Later an ample lass caught his eye then he proceeded to Sally fourth.


52. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Thoughts on the Terminator:Genisys trailer?

I thought it looked intriguing…

53. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Damn. Forgot how to close the stooped italics thingy…

54. 'Beach - December 10, 2014

Test test test

55. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Ouch and then some!!!

56. Marja - December 10, 2014

35, CmdrR, eeeuuuw, you just reminded me why I never got into that h/c K/S thing … I think my favorite line ever was something about Kirk searching Spock’s eyes: “hazel pools looked into brown depths” … LOL about the heart canon :->


40 Dear Phil, My sympathies on the loss of your friend. You are so right to focus on what’s important and forget some of the nonsense in life. I think we’d all do well to take your advice. Peace.


Welcome back, ‘Beach. Didn’t you used to have another name appended to ‘Beach?

And speaking of other names, didn’t “Spock’s Bangs” used to have another name consisting of two initials …? Hmmmmm

Guys I’ll check ya later.

Here is some seen-before Trek holiday music to lighten our spirits

57. CmdrR - December 10, 2014

Harry starred on Naked and Afraid.
He was naked. The audience was afraid.


58. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.

59. 'Beach of the shortened online handle - December 10, 2014

56 @ Marja

Way back when we did this with stone knives and bear skins (or given the current topic, is that bare skins?) I started out as ‘Crazybeach’ (bonus points if you get that reference). Over time mostly from laziness it got shortened to just plain old ‘Beach.

60. AJ - December 10, 2014

Hey, ‘Beach! Welcome Back!

Silvereyes, once again, I am off to Aylmer, Quebec for a few days after the new year. No bagels this time, as I will be heading up from upstate NY.


Everyone tells me I should stock up on good old NY State maple syrup and bring it to Canada because what they have up there is not pancake-worthy, and is generally packed in hard metal tins and looks/tastes like/may be used as – motor oil.

I will try some when I am there. I know the souvenir hawkers sell it in Ottawa, but I have never ventured to see if it is available in actual food-based retail (I don’t generally use the product).

Also, though I am not a cop, my local hosts are threatening me with a trip to Tim Hortons for something called “Timbits.” Any advice? TH is American-owned now, but that in no way makes me feel any better about it.


61. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Did someone say. Beach and Nudity. Ok. I’ll go.

62. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014

AJ, when you go to Tim Hortons, you may want to order the Dark Roast coffee they just came out with. It’s a little stronger than their usual coffee.

Funny, I always thought Aylmer was in Ontario, not Quebec. Silvereyes?

63. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2014


That’s brave of you, Emperor Mike, no fear in exposing your short-comings.

64. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 10, 2014

Well Harry. My Short-comings are bigger then most. Lol.

65. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

AJ, why are you putting sand in my underwear man?

First of all, if you got your taste of our bagels from Aylmer, QC, no wonder you still think your NYC bagels are better. Need to come to Montreal (St-Viateur St. or Fairmount St.) for true Montreal bagels.

Now, as far as maple syrup. I believe the province of Quebec is responsible for 80% of the world’s production. So, I don’t know who “Everyone” is that are telling you you should stock up on NY maple syrup… Maybe the same that are stocking up on Finnish vodka.

Also, if you go to a restaurant, like a diner type, and order some crêpes or pankakes or some other maple syrup compatible dish, it’s likely they’ll bring some syrup on the table in a non-descript glass container. This is not true maple syryp. This is corn syrup. In Quebec we call this “sirop de poteau” which means syrup made from telephone poles… You need to ask for real maple syrup.

… of course, even that corn syrup sh*t is better than NY syrup…

As far as Timbits. Please stay away from this. Ontarians like Harry will swear by them, but here in Quebec we have more sophistication, call it European-like flair, and know real food. Tim Horton’s coffee, even the new dark roast, is touch and go as far as taste. With all the adverts they are doing telling us it’s nice and bold, half the time it just tastes like pond water. Anyway, nothing beats a good cup of Starbucks.

Have fun in Aylmer!

66. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Harry, Aylmer used to be in Ontario, until the Quebec militia took it over in the 1984 Québec-Ontario war. Don’t you remember those thousands of naked Quebec soldiers, painted in blue with white fleur de lys on their privates? We got Aylmer, you got Toronto. I think we won.

67. Randall Williams - December 11, 2014

Regarding the departure of Bob Orci from the Director’s chair and with
ST fans wanting Frakes to direct (who has since contacted Abrams as well as Paramount that he would love to do it), here is another long shot:

Perhaps Shatner or Nimoy want to direct the film? Now that is a long shot!

68. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014


Silvereyes, the “Quebec militia”??

What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?

69. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

68 Harry

“What, four toothless drunks who got tired of chasing after their step-daughters?”

You forgot wife-beater-wearing, pot-bellied and five-o’clock-shadow adorned… And I believe the ladies in question were in fact their daughters, not step-daughters…

We Quebecquers come from prized stock.

70. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Q: what has eight legs and a collective IQ of 83?

A: the Quebec Militia Parade!

Q: what’s long and hard on a Quebecker?

A. grade 3

71. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

Yay, now I know how to spell Quebecker. Thank you Harry!

72. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

By the way, where’s Aurore? Harry I think you scared her away…

73. AJ - December 11, 2014


I am only having fun with you Canadians, but I see you and Harry are now at war, so, divide and conquer. Quebec and Ontario at war…I feel like the Great Eye of Sauron setting all the players in motion….

As a matter of fact, most Americans eat fake maple syrup as well; the stuff in the tins on both sides of the border is quite good, but, I am not a regular user. Promised someone here I’d bring back a bit of both (not fake stuff, but NYS and Quebecois versions).

As for Aylmer, when I look up the weather, two distinct Aylmers come up- one in Quebec (just outside Ottawa), and one in Southern Ontario (halfway between Detroit and Buffalo north of Lake Erie). You now know this, Silvereyes and Harry, so don’t forget. I will also remember to make a feint for the dark roast when they offer me those Timbits next month.

74. LizardGirl - December 11, 2014

Ugghh! Why, why bother on the main threads?! Yeah, Phil, you got it! Star Trek is a freaking show! And now I need a freaking drink.

I don’t really know what to make of Bob leaving. I’m saddened, I guess. The guy can be loco sometimes, but who’s normal anyways? I was really looking forward to seeing what he can do.

And then we have this flashy (and really awesome) Star Wars teaser, followed closely by the info that Bob will not be the director for Star Trek. :(

Seeing as STiD was in theaters last year and we still have nearly two years to go. I’m not sweating bullets just yet. Next summer is when I think we should start to panic if things seem to be falling apart.

I hope they market it like Disney markets Marvel the Avengers. If that does well then I will be a happy girl.

75. Silvereyes - December 11, 2014

73 AJ

If you mean the syrup tins I think you mean, then that’s actual, real maple syrup. And it’s quite good.

But no, not in a million years would I be at war with Harry! I have the greatest respect and admiration for that crazy Canuck (and for you too!). I just love to tease him… And I know he knows it’s just in fun.

Good luck with your Tim Horton’s experience. Cheers!

76. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2014

Sivereyes, I agree, we’re great buddies! I especially appreciate how we connected on LinkedIn. I’ll always have your back!

77. CmdrR - December 12, 2014–2014—smaug

Hope the movie is as good…

78. Marja - December 12, 2014

74 LizardGirl, I left the director’s thread b/c TUP is being such a patronizing bully. Feck him. I thought every one of Phil’s responses were justified, as far as I read, that is. I stopped partway down b/c I like to be diplomatic for the most part and re: TUP, as Khan said, “he tasks me … he TASKS me.” Just want to take him down, patronizing mofo. GRRRrrr.

As to Frakes, ehhh, I’m not so sure, especially if the director has input on the script. Cygnus recently attached a Mr Plinkett review of ‘First Contact,’ which was [as with all Plinkett reviews] hilarious yet thoughtful. Check it out for some laffs.

See yinz later. Though not too MUCH of you, guys, unless you have the Hardbodies I yearn to look at ;-) …

Whew, it’s lucky we can’t post pics on here, I’d be a bit embarrassed to do so. No bikini lady, I. Now in my 20s …. THAT would’ve been do-able.

79. Silvereyes - December 12, 2014


80. CmdrR - December 13, 2014

79 – Now we just need a perpetual source of velour.

81. Aurore - December 13, 2014

@ 58. Mr. Ballz – December 10, 2014

“…Yes, and when I did that episode they billed me as Rock Hard.”


“Rock Hard ” a.k.a. Scary Ballz.

The man. The legend.

“Scaring ” people away wearing nothing but a smile…since ( at least ) October 18, 2011.

…And, THIS is no conspiracy theory…



(Post 1104) :

82. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Interesting ideas for ST4.

Since it appears that ST3 has been and is already a script of some sort. How about some ideas for the further adventures of the re-invented crew of the enterprise?.
Idea 1:
How about a three feature arc about a civil war within the federation with the Enterprise as the rebels?.
Idea 2:
Someone figures out how to bypass the organian peace treaty with technology and potentially starts a Federation/Klingon war?.
Idea 3:
Captain Pike reaches out from Talos 4 on his death bed to let the federation know that the future of humanity is about to be altered by militant Talosian youth. He leaves a cryptic message, but it all must be dealt with in real time. As the penalty for entering Talosian space is the last known crime sufferable by the “Death” penalty officially within the federation, it falls on Kirk and the Enterprise to figure out how to stop the crimes of the young Talosians without breaking Federation law.
Idea 4:
Your turn.

I just wanted to show that there are plenty of good reasons to follow up original story lines, or even create brand new ones. Yes I’m a nerd, OK?.
So, for those of you who “Loved” the newest features and still have no idea what I’m referring to, I rest my case.

83. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

From Wikipedia:
James Tiberius Kirk was born on March 22, 2233, in Riverside, Iowa.[1] He was raised there by his parents, George and Winona Kirk.[2] Although born on Earth, Kirk for a time lived on Tarsus IV, where he was one of nine surviving witnesses to the massacre of 4,000 colonists by Kodos the Executioner. James Kirk’s brother George Samuel Kirk is first mentioned in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and introduced and killed in “Operation: Annihilate!”, leaving behind three children.[3]

At Starfleet Academy, Kirk became the only student to defeat the Kobayashi Maru test, garnering a commendation for original thinking by reprogramming the computer to make the “no-win scenario” winnable. Kirk was granted a field commission as an ensign and posted to advanced training aboard the USS Republic. He then was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and returned to Starfleet Academy as a student instructor.[3] Students could either “think or sink” in his class, and Kirk himself was “a stack of books with legs”.[4] Upon graduating in the top five percent, Kirk was promoted to lieutenant and served aboard the USS Farragut.[3] While assigned to the Farragut, Kirk commanded his first planetary survey and survived a deadly attack that killed a large portion of the Farragut ’​s crew,[3] including his commanding officer, Captain Garrovick. He received his first command, a spaceship roughly equivalent to a destroyer, while still quite …………etc. etc. etc.

My whole point is, what if JJ decided to just make crap up about Darth Vader using an altered time line as an excuse?.
How would that fly?.

Anakin stole a floating bike and joined the Empire and assumed control of the entire army in less than a day, deciding that he needed a helmet and a calculator on his chest so he could rule properly.
Those that opposed him got the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign and choked to death.
This is tantamount to the amount of research that went in to making the last two Treks. Honestly, I just don’t get the disjointed take of the first two films. I get why people (Non Trekkies) like them, they just disappoint me beyond all get out.

84. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

None of my posts here qualify as CHAT-worthy?

85. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

I guess they were. Thanks.

86. Grip_2_go - December 13, 2014

Now I guess they weren’t. But thanks anyways.

87. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2014

Hey, get a grip, Grip!

It’s late on a Saturday night, and some people are busy “shoving in their regards”!

88. Spockchick - December 14, 2014

@23. Cygnus-X1
Russel Watson is a lovely guy. He survived 2 brain tumours and as a result is pretty chilled.

Hey – someone cleaned up here!

89. CmdrR - December 14, 2014

Yeah, the maid says she found three Hello Kitty pasties and a 5 gallon can of Crisco. Not really sure whose they are. I found my light sabre condoms, so I’m good.

90. Phil - December 15, 2014

N. Korea keeps on releasing more info from the Sony Studios hack. Considering that STID was shot in part on Sony property, it’ll be interesting to see what opinions get offered up about their POV of the Trek franchise…

91. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Kim Jong Un says he should play Khan in ST3; wants Beyonce to take over as Uhura; engineering scenes now shot in a cheese factory.

92. Phil - December 15, 2014

The glorious and unified people of the Grand Peoples Starship Un-E-Prise are furious and inflamed that the imperialist pigs of the morally corrupt Klingon empire have insulted the impeccable integrity of the united earth North Korean peoples. We will rain fire on your planet with unending fury and show you no mercy and we will reduce your home world to a burned out cinder….

Hey, as long as it has a solid theme, it’s Oscar gold….

93. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

Oh, by the way…

Congrats, Lt. Mommy.

94. Spectre-7 - December 15, 2014

Star Trek computer gaming news:

The full version Star Trek Armada 3: A Call To Arms, has just been released. It’s a modification for the game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

It’s fan-made but as a longtime pc gamer, I can tell you the devs provided an experience that is more Trek-like accurate than many actual Trek games of the past.

They aimed to recreate the Dominion War and if you’re a DS9 fan, you’ll see that your fleet looks almost exactly as they do is seasons 6-7

Have a look!

95. Spockchick - December 15, 2014


DO the light-sabre condoms glow in the dark?

96. CmdrR - December 15, 2014

95 – Spockchick — Depends who I’m with. Care to test ‘em out?

“Another Force. And Tatoo’ne.
Same old Falcon… Hey, that’s no moon!
Another sequel, that’s just no equal
To makin’ Wookie”

97. Spockchick - December 16, 2014


Are you sayin’ your lightsabre can be seen all the way over the pond?

Man, I’m impressed!

98. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

97 — Spockchick, I like to think of it as “hands” across the water… an elegant “weapon” for a more civilized age.

And mine is purple.

99. Red Dead Ryan - December 16, 2014


I’m surprised something so small could be seen from so far away! :-)

*runs and hides*

100. CmdrR - December 16, 2014

[Best Woody Allen voice] Like a French Bread! Small.”

101. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

102. Marja - December 17, 2014

CmdrR, perhaps it is purple and small but its brilliance is considerable ….
Ruh-roh, North Korea is threatening theatres showing Sony’s “The Interview” … the Dept of Homeland Security actually had to evaluate the threat [at taxpayer expense, not at Sony’s], for Spocksake, it’s JUST A MOVIE. I guess the Dear Leader can’t tell the diff between satire and documentary … although in his case the two are awfully close ….

103. Phil - December 17, 2014

Theaters are canceling showings of ‘The Interview’. Looks like the terrorists won, after all.

104. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

103 – As an only occassional Seth Rogan fan [40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is The End], and judging by the trailers for The Interview, I’d say the fans won.

105. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

I will say that the cancellation of The Interview’s release can only serve to encourage loose screws everywhere. Look for copycats. That’s extremely bad news.

106. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014

When it comes to people bragging about how big their light-sabres are, some here seem pretty COCKSURE of themselves.

Just sayin’, not trying to be a dick about it.

107. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Yeah, there was some lady on CNN defending the the choice to cancel the showings. Her rationale was that studios shouldn’t be making movies that make fun of assassinating dictators.

You know what the U.S government should do? They should hack into the North Korean computer systems and power grids and force the “Dear Leader” into watching clips of Erica Durance attempts at acting.

Oh, and then send them some sort of e-bomb that shuts off his electricity for a year or two.

108. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


It takes BALLZ to say something like that. Bravo! :-)

109. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

Well, Harry, at least some of us don’t burn ourselves on our lightsabres while going Han Solo.

110. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Never rub another Jedi’s lightsabre!

111. Phil - December 17, 2014

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

112. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014

Most of us here have a pretty good handle on the proper use of lightsabres.

I think.

Those who need more hands on training, I refer you to the Jedi Master Bator.

113. CmdrR - December 17, 2014

There’s a nifty pic of vintage Shat on a hog on the daily pic for 12/17.

114. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2014


If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.

mmmmm, yes, that would explain a lot!

115. Red Dead Ryan - December 17, 2014


“If you guys have an appendage that resembles a light sabre, I would have to conclude that, growing up, you gentlemen, for pleasure, instead of tugging said appendage, must have rubbed your palms back and forth (with it between them), like a boy scout with a stick trying to light the kindling for a fire.”

I’ve never tried that myself, but rumors are that it when some guy did it decades ago, his testicles went aflame and inspired the song “Great Balls of Fire”!

116. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Marja, I finally watched Star Trek New Voyages Mind Sifter.

I’m a little confused: What’s the relationship between Phase II and New Voyages? Thought that Phase II was simply the re-named New Voyages, but Mind Sifter having been just put out as a New Voyages episode suggests something else. They’re both produced by James Cawley, but obviously New Voyages has a different cast than Phase II. What’s the deal?

Anyway, Mind Sifter very slick and well put together. The scenes with Kirk and the Klingons are by far my favorite. The performances overall are all totally respectable. There are not moments where I was pulled out of the story by bad acting, though I didn’t particularly like Spock’s perpetual look of consternation. The actor playing him seemed to be playing him as very emotional—significantly different than how Nimoy played him.

The woman who played the nurse was very good. The guy who played Korr was very good. All the Klingons actually were very good.

Apart from Spock, my main complaint about this episode is the same complaint that I have about every Phase II episode: I think it’d make a better episode if it had been edited down to about 50 min, like a TOS episode. At 1 hour and 5 minutes, there was superfluous film that was a drag on the pacing and didn’t really convey any new information, particularly in all of the lamentations about Kirk being gone. There was nothing in those scenes that was so great that we needed it dragged out and reiterated as it was.

But, that aside, I would say the episode is a definite improvement over the last Phase II episode, Kitumba. Mind Sifter was tight, thoughtful, had good dialogue and I appreciated it addressing the issue of whatever happened with the Guardian of Forever.

Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?

Matt, you guys should do an article about this episode whenever you get a chance.

117. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2014

Oh, and McCoy was also very good. Very believable.

118. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus-X1 – There were a few plot holes in Mind-Sifter, although as I’ve said, it is a fine production and well worth the viewing by any Trekkie. I kinda wondered what they were doing for so long before the Federation fleet showed up? On Klingon says “This will require some study” or some such, and I assume that the big bulk device is a library computer that won’t burn out like Spock’s tricorder as it records Earth history. However, I wondered why they didn’t just start lobbying disruptor charges through the Guardian and try to blow up Earth’s great leaders. Maybe the Guardian has anti-douche technology. Anyway, they left it behind when they beamed out, so Kor is screwed… again!! HAHA!

119. CmdrR - December 18, 2014


#$%ing Typonians! I thought we had vanquished them, but no….

120. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Not sure why one post got s-canned

121. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2014



122. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2014


“Deck the hallz with Harry Ballz…..Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!”

123. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

Cygnus X-1 — “Oh, one thing that confused me. When the Klingons first go to Gateway planet and see the Guardian, they remark that there are no controls to operate it. But, at the end of the episode, when they’re being attacked by Federation ships and have to flee, we see a large control panel in front of the Guardian. Can anybody explain this?”

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation. Good that it got left behind.

Posted this answer earlier, but it got s-canned. Guess there’s a limit to how many typos I can make…

124. Phil - December 18, 2014

@121. What, pitching a script to another holiday themed slasher flick?

Santa Claws II – Slay Ballz
It’ll be one hellva a Christmas!

125. Disinvited - December 18, 2014

#120. Harry Ballz – December 18, 2014

“Slay Ballz” has a certain ring; are you listening?
In the lane, Snow is glistening.
She’s a beautiful site. We’re happy tonight.
Walken’s in a win-ta-wonderland.

126. AJ - December 18, 2014


Christmas is NEXT Thursday, FYI.

Or, are you just in the spirit(s) early this year?

127. CmdrR - December 18, 2014

AJ, maybe Harry has had some kvas. I hope it’s not the other thing. Wouldn’t want to Putin the Ballz-man.

128. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, a tear is in my eye at the departure of Stephen Colbert (for now). If you blinked, you missed the cameos from Patrick Stewart, JJ, Eggs Cumberbun, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and more.

129. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

The real technology behind the Carol Marcus underoos scene:

130. Phil - December 19, 2014

Is there anything that technology can’t make better? Oh, wait, how do these bras keep North Korea from hacking in….

131. Phil - December 19, 2014

I think cheese 0rgy is on the banned list….

132. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello every one. Big parties and celebrations abound in the Empire for the
Emperors birthday.

133. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - December 19, 2014

Hey everyone. Sorry I have not been able to be on much. A lot going on. Got moved into my new house and the Empress is now happy. Got going in my new job and my birthday is today and Christmas is next week and then. New Years. Lol. I kind of feel like our friend Harry when he sees his dream girl. I just hope that it’s not in the form of an

134. 'Beach - December 19, 2014

Deck the Hallz with Ballz of Harry
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

Ladies now should all be wary
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

He’s offering up Bloody Mary’s
Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah

That he’s spiked with Old Dominion
Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, blah blah-blah-blah

Kinda strange in my opinion
Blah-blah-blah-blah blah-blah-blah-blah

Yeah. It’s stoopid. but it rhymes!

Apologies, Harry, Old Man!

135. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014


AJ, I’m just in a festive mood, early as it is.


CmdrR, somebody should do a parody video of “Putin On The Blitz”!


Nice, ‘Beach. Thankfully, I’ve never had to pull a “Cosby” on the ladies!

136. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And in Trek non-news…

137. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

More/the same speculation on the Orci beam-out:

138. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

OK, I’m call spoiler alert expiration for Interstellar.

I wanted to know whether Murph saved mankind or just got them to go live in orbitals. What happened to the plant phage? I may have mentally missed a line or two. Wiki says Murph/Cooper’s work allowed for a mass evacuation, but again — what happened to the plant-killer? Gotta eat something, even on a space station. And if they’re all hanging out near Saturn (close enough that they found Cooper on a routine patrol of 43509409843509840345983509283 cubic miles of space), why didn’t anyone go and get Anne Hathaway earlier? Was her acting THAT bad??

139. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is # 134 then TPTB zapped 2 posts.

140. CmdrR - December 19, 2014


141. CmdrR - December 19, 2014



What Pyongyang Pinhead did I piss off?

142. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

And they are back.
I am so confuzzled.

143. CmdrR - December 19, 2014

If this is 138, my posts are gone again.

144. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Hello everyone A lot has been going on with me. Well Today is my 46th Birthday. Lol This past week My Wife and I just moved into our new House and we pretty much got it all settled. Next week is Christmas and then new Years. A Busy Busy Month. Lol.

145. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2014

Erica wants to be slaped with Harry’s Ballz Fala la la la.
Ok. I guess that won’t work. He HE HE

146. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2014

Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”

147. AJ - December 19, 2014

Here, The Daily Telegraph tears “nerdism” a new one, using the latest Hobbit film to maul those of us who err on the side of actually liking to have consistent universes and canon behind our beloved fantasy worlds.

I haven’t seen Hobbit 3 yet, and it’s supposedly pretty awful, but this guy is just being a dick:

148. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

144 – Happy birthday, Emp!
46? I vaguely remember that age…

146 – ‘Erica thinks I’m deep, CmdrR. I heard her say, “Ballz deep? Yes, I would agree with that position.”’ — Sounds like you like the attention Erica is showing you, Harry. Should we be buying wedding gifts?

147 – Could get beyond the vitriol of the first few graphs. LOTR was the problem and Hobbit 1-35 is pure gold? Um… no.

149. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

OK, this is the second group that’s saying Orci’s arse-kicking was due to his inability to morph his script into GotG redux. That would totally not surprise me. Suit: ‘Hey, that thing over there made money. You make that money that that thing made over there over here, NOW!’

150. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@148 CmdrR “Should we be buying wedding gifts?”

Here’s a thought, CmdrR………………%*$@#%$&*!!!!!!

151. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Harry, will she be changing her name to Durrance-Ballz, or will you become known in Hollywood as Mr. Durrance?

152. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

What I should have said, CmdrR, is go &%$@ yourself and the DURANCE you rode in on!

(with all due love and affection, of course) :>)

153. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2014

Don’t worry Harry, this is all merely an EN-DURANCE test!

It’s kind of like when Worf celebrated the anniversary of his Age of Ascension in the holodeck by being repeatedly jolted with pain sticks!

154. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Of course. In the spirit of the holidays and all.

155. CmdrR - December 20, 2014

Pain sticks or ugly sticks? I thought I saw John Tesh make a face at Ms. Durance’s ceremony.

156. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 20, 2014

I hear Harry Mudd Ballz has had a Hard time with the Durance Test. Lol.

157. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2014

@156 Emperor Mike

Yes, until I figured out the answer, Emperor Mike.

I got Durance to put a MUD pack on her face. It improved her looks for a few days………and then the mud fell off!

158. AJ - December 20, 2014

Is Durance even still working?

159. h - December 21, 2014

AJ, yes, she is, on a piece of dogshit program called Raising Hope.

If there is a God in heaven, it may have been cancelled by now.

160. PaulB - December 21, 2014

158/159 – Durance is not on Raising Hope, which was a fun sitcom about people actively trying to become better people.

Durance is on Saving Hope, which sounds like a dogturd.

161. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

“The Hobbit 3.” Went in with fairly low expectations, and came away pleasantly surprised.
It is not the bloated mess that 1 was or the misfired cgi nightmare of 2. I was never bored during this one, which is an odd compliment, but there it is. The tacked-on bits felt much more organic to the story than in the previous installments. Yes, the last 50-minutes is overblown gamer p@rn. AdmR kept asking who the crappy director was who kept bringing the bad guy back to die over and over again. Ha!
Still, I would eagerly send Tolkien fans to this one, where I would offer warnings about the other two. Together, The Hobbit is NOT a trilogy, it’s a trudge and it is NOT equal to LOTR by a long shot. But, Battle of Five Armies almost redeems the squishy first parts of this unexpected, unnecessarily trilogized saga.
Stray observations:
-Pretty sure Azok and South Park’s Satan shop at the same boutique for codpieces.
-Trolls is big, mean, ugly, and wicked stupid.
-Quick, unsay that before the nerds hear: in yet another effort to prove that this is a prequel, we hear tell of “Strider”… which would make him anywhere from 80-100 at the start of Fellowship of the Ring. Spry fellow.
-For a bowman, Bard rides a mean Foley filly (the full 4 coconut shells, I believe); and swings a mean axe.
-Battle Elk know how to “rack up” the head count. (Silly use of cgi in that one mass dispatch.)
-How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying Awards: Cumberbatch gets about 4 lines then folds like an origami swan. His voice is back as the necromancer for about a minute of film.
Not sure where Mikael Persbrandt was; did notice Bear Beorn, but Persbrandt gets a full pencil-drawn credit.
Andy Serkis does NOT get a credit, and Gollum is not in this film, but Serkis is listed as second unit director.
Benicio Del Toro gets a credit as a creative consultant.
…and finally…
-Don’t tell Neil DeGrasse Tyson: physics takes a major beating in this movie. But, you knew that already.
Again, not a movie that stands tall without LOTR, but well worth the time out from your holiday craziness.

162. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

I hear Durance is going to be on a new show.
It’s called. Losing Hope. It’s about a would be actress who wonders why she can’t Act. Lol.

163. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

No guys, it’s a medical drama called “No Hope”. Erica Durance stars as a patient (who preteneds to be a doctor) who’s acting abilities are brain dead but everyone insists on keeping her career on life support anyway.


164. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

Harry Ballz stars in “Hopeless,” the story of a Trekkie stuck in an emotional feedback loop involving a D-Lister 99.999999999% of TV viewers could not identify if you put her in front of them naked (Durance).

165. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

@160 PaulB

Thanks for the correction, Paul! I knew the word HOPE was in there somewhere, like I HOPE she’s off the air!

Hey, thanks for all the HOPE gags, guys! LMAO! Keep ‘em coming!

166. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Harry is caught in a temporal causality loop where he turns on the tv and is forced to watch Erica Durance. He decides to shoot the tv and himself to end it all, but it starts over again. The horrible events repeat themselves no matter what Harry does to break the loop. An eternity of being forced to watch Erica Durance. LOL.

167. CmdrR - December 21, 2014

166 –
What of Ballzurus?
What of Ballzurus?

168. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

New T.V Show. Hopelss Erica. About a Woman who is hopelessly in love with a Man who has to bring her to Justice at any and all cost.
Harry Ballz. Agent of Shield.

169. AJ - December 21, 2014

Just to think, Harry got all pissed off when Durance upended his fantasy of the perfect Lois Lane back in season 38 of “Smallville.” That IS what this is about, isn’t it?

Oh…and this:

170. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Harry really wanted her as Wonder Woman.

171. Red Dead Ryan - December 21, 2014

Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker, Kirk has Khan, Picard has the Borg, and the Yankees have the Red Sox.

Oh, and Harry Ballz has Erica Durance. :-)

172. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

When you mention Erica Durance with Wonder Woman in the same sentence, you’re missing a few words. The full sentence reads…….

“Hey, anybody ever wonder if Erica Durance is a real woman?”

173. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 21, 2014

Erica Durance is Harry’s Kryptonite.

174. Harry Ballz - December 21, 2014

Emperor Mike, as I’ve stated many times before, I just HATE seeing people with NO talent land roles they clearly don’t deserve.

I guess, sometimes, it’s an unjust universe.

175. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

123. CmdrR – December 18, 2014

I think it was a big tricorder that wouldn’t burn out the way Spock’s tricorder did. They were trying to map all of Earth history in detail to look for opportunities to put a big hurt on the Federation.

Ah, thanks. That would make sense.

What plot holes did you see in Mind Sifter?

Good point about Interstellar. I guess the implication is that since it’s “the future,” and they’ve got the high tech to be living on a space station, then they must also have the high tech to deal with their basic needs like food.

176. Silvereyes - December 22, 2014

174 Harry

Then you must despise 98% of Hollywood… Durance is just one amongst hundreds of untalented idiots who are going on their looks to compensate for their lack of talent.

177. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014


Silvereyes, that’s a fair point, but it’s also where this really gets silly.

When it comes to looks, Durance didn’t deserve to be cast in Smallville. Go to any beach in California, throw a stick, and you’d hit any number of women who are FAR better looking than her.

178. 'Beach - December 22, 2014

Casting agents don’t give two steaming piles for talent. Screw talent. If the script calls for five-nine, red hair, boobs out to here, then that’s what they cast. Ability to act is a distant secondary.

In the end, it’s all about the money anyway. It’s all about box office. Roles get cast because of the audience that particular actor can bring in.

For sake of argument, some no-talent celebrity (say The Beibs) is cast as a vilain (Yes, i know how cosmically ludicrous that is. Stop laughing). He sure as haell ain’t cast for his acting ability. He’s cast because (aside from staggering stupidity on teh part of the producers) because he can bring hordes of screaming fan-girls and put their pretty little bottoms in theater seats.

Is this an example of monumental miscasting? Of course it is.

But it’s all about the money.

179. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Out to where exactly? And what movie is that??

180. CmdrR - December 22, 2014

Yea, I know… this is a huge stretch in order to connect him to Trek, but what the heck.

RIP Joe Cocker.

181. Phil - December 22, 2014

Well, if Kim shuts off the internet tomorrow…the Post Office will save the day!

Merry Christmas.

182. Phil - December 22, 2014

Looks like we have a winner in the directors derby….

183. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014

Winner? Justin Lin??



Leave it to Paramount and Bad Robot, they f*ck it up every single time!

184. Red Dead Ryan - December 22, 2014

Justin Lin is a pretty good action movie director. The past few “Fast & Furious” movies have been pretty fun and exciting. Great characters, mind-blowing action and heart-stopping chase scenes.

Basically, he’ll maintain the pace, the style, and the excitement of the first two Bad Robot movies.

And it’s perfectly fine by me!

185. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

For you, Harry.

To final straws:

186. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2014

And this:

187. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2014

Thanks, Cygnus-X1!

The Stern cartoon truly depicts how I feel right about now.

188. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

Well. When it comes to Star Trek Fast and Furous. Lol.
I will have low Expectation’s for the new Trek Movie.

189. 'Beach - December 23, 2014

Well, all that being said about Lin, i can honestly say i can go into his Trek movie with an open mind, becasue i have never seen any of the FF Franchise. It point blank does not interest me in the slightest.

I do think it’s unfair to judge what he may do with Star Trek against what he has done with fast & Furious is unfair to him, and to the franchise.

My two quatloos. Take from it what you will.

Everyone have a very merry and a very happy, and a hopefully prosperous…

190. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

Are we close enough now to the big day? Good!


191. Craiger - December 23, 2014

Emperor Mike, Jordana Brewster ST: 3 as Yeoman Rand. Or maybe Durance as Yeoman Rand? :)

192. Phil - December 23, 2014

Close enough, Harry. Merry Christmas!

193. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

@191 “Durance as Yeoman Rand?”

How about Durance as a Horta? You wouldn’t have to spend a dime on make-up!

194. CmdrR - December 23, 2014

**best Brooklyn accent** “Ballz, burned to a crisp!”

Yes, I would love to see some lovely actress don the pineapple wig. Not really sure who, but Emily Blunt can do no wrong.

As for Admr Lin, I was quite impressed by “Better Luck Tomorrow,” because of its concentration on complex characters and relationships. I have not seen a single Fast or Furious frame. However… we knew damned well that Paramount would only pony up big bucks for an actioner, so let’s just hope it’s an actioner with an ounce of brains attached.

195. AJ - December 23, 2014

Ugh. I’m in Russia over Xmas, which is known here this year as “Thursday.”

As you obviously all know, Russians celebrate Christmas using the Orthodox Christian calendar, so the day is actually January 7th. I’ll be stateside in one week for 13 days.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

196. CmdrR - December 23, 2014

AJ, you will have to celebrate with Saints Smyrnoff and Stoli.

197. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

From the Empire.
I want to wish everyone a nice Christmas and may you all get Agonised. Er Get an Agoniser.

198. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2014

I want to wish all my friends here a very Warm and a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year.

199. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2014

I just watched Mind Sifter.

For an amateur production, it was pretty darn good. Hearing the Alexander Courage music, and the way they lit some of the shots, made me realize how lucky we were to catch “lightning in a bottle” with TOS back in the 1960’s.

200. Cygnus-X1 - December 24, 2014

199. Harry Ballz – December 23, 2014

I thought it was pretty darn good, too.

My usual complaint about the pacing and superfluous film in the Phase II episodes. But, that aside, it was a tight, well executed episode with some nice writing and performances.

Someone said that they saw plot holes, but I didn’t notice any.

I’m still confused about the relationship between New Voyages and Phase II, though they appear to be produced by the same people. Is it just two different casts, but everything else is the same?

201. CmdrR - December 24, 2014

Lock phasers on the hearth and set to “Yule.” Fire!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, a Trekkie Christmas, and a snarky New Year!

Roddenberry Trek Us, Everyone!

202. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2014

#200. It is the same people. They just wanted to get to the Orignal Phase 2 before they went on the TMP time frame.

Harry. I saw Mindsifter 3 times and I just love the Story. The Acting was pretty good. Especially the new Kirk. James Cawley has done a remarkable job.

203. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2014

May everyone have an Agonising. Er Merry Christmas.

204. Aurore - December 24, 2014

@ Everyone.

Happy Holidays!

(Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!)

205. Matt Wright - December 24, 2014

Just saw this and wanted to jump in on it:

138. CmdrR – December 19, 2014
OK, I’m call spoiler alert expiration for Interstellar.

I wanted to know whether Murph saved mankind or just got them to go live in orbitals. What happened to the plant phage? I may have mentally missed a line or two. Wiki says Murph/Cooper’s work allowed for a mass evacuation, but again — what happened to the plant-killer? Gotta eat something, even on a space station.

Remember that’s an effect of the Earth’s environmental collapse. It’s not something that would necessarily follow you to a totally artificial world, as I recall they had good biological samples preserved in the NASA bunker.

And if they’re all hanging out near Saturn (close enough that they found Cooper on a routine patrol of 43509409843509840345983509283 cubic miles of space), why didn’t anyone go and get Anne Hathaway earlier? Was her acting THAT bad??

They’re in O’ Neil cylinders, positioned near Saturn. It wasn’t a routine patrol. You could call it a routine orbit…

Anyway more importantly, you’re forgetting the time dilation. For Hathaway’s character she had just gotten there. They were just starting to plan a rescue for her in what appears to be the future relative to our heroes, but objectively these two events are fairly close together.

206. CmdrR - December 24, 2014

Matt —

Thanks for responding. I know a lot of people have questions about Interstellar. I’m not blasting it, it’s just that it’s the kind of movie that doesn’t spoon feed me.

I can follow you (not the film) on the positioning of the O’Neill cylinders and the time dialation. So, I guess they like Anne Hathaway’s acting better than I do. I got that Murph’s dotting of the i’s on the anti-grav/heavy lifting project would create cheap/large space habitats. Of course, there are manifold logistical problems beyond building great big centrifuges.

I’m not 100% sure about the health of the plants, since the film doesn’t really talk about the source of the plague. It does imply that it’s a result of overpopulation. I don’t know that humans couldn’t bring the pathogen with them, since it looked as though they still use soil to grow crops, as opposed to employing hydroponics. I would have liked a little more in that area; maybe a montage. Ridley Scott is so good at throwing out tantalizing bits. I would also have liked to see more about how science triumphs over human stupidity (i.e. Moon Landing deniers teaching public schools.)

That said, I absolutely love that we got a thinking sci-fi film with enough action/movie stars/kissy romance in it to put butts in seats. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it… Paramount??

207. Stephen Walker - December 24, 2014

Just in:
The Navy’s USS Ranger aircraft carrier, which stood in for the Enterprise in ST IV, is set to be scrapped and dismantled after preservation groups failed to raise funding. Ranger was one of the first four Super Carriers, decommed in 1993.

208. Silvereyes - December 24, 2014

NOW it’s not too early Harry…

Merry Xmas to all, or Happy Holidays…

I’m sitting in front of a fire, eating Xmas pudding with custard and tea, with my beautiful wife… In merry old London UK… Who needs a white Xmas!

209. Disinvited - December 24, 2014

#208. Silvereyes – December 24, 2014

Indeed, a Wife Christmas trumps it every time.

Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays if you are having them. If not, find something to smile about no matter how insignificant it may seem. Peace on earth. Goodwill to all.

210. VERG - December 24, 2014

So Mind sifter came out December 1st. And there hasn’t been one peep about it on trekmovie. This makes me sad. It’s the BEST episode to come out of Star Trek Phase II (Now back to New Voyages) yet. If you haven’t seen it yet you should. Please post something about Mind Sifter on trekmovie. Make sad emote :( Happy again.

211. Red Dead Ryan - December 25, 2014

Been watching the old Star Trek movies. Most of them sure don’t hold up too well.

Right now, I’m trying to watch the piece of crap movie that is “The Final Frontier”. Shatner should not have been allowed to direct that movie.

And earlier I watched “The Voyage Home”. Cheesy and dated as heck. The music was awful. The only soundtrack out of all the movies that I could say that. Even “Nemesis”, “Insurrection” and “The Final Frontier” had great scores, even though they aren’t good movies.

The best of the “Original Six” are “The Wrath Of Khan”, and “The Search For Spock”.

“The Motion Picture” has great visuals and beautiful music, but moves at a snail’s pace.

212. CmdrR - December 25, 2014

Well, somehow Horta Claus has done it again — circling the Earth in an AMT model of a shuttle on Christmas Eve, delivering gifts to all the good little girls and boys. Too bad he had to jettison the sack with Harry’s gifts and ignite them. But, wow did that Saurian Brandy burn well! Even R’doff the Red Nosed Klingon was impressed. Here’s to hoping everyone got a special gift this Christmas! As for me, Helen is waiting under the mistletoe. Noel, Noel!!

213. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Merry Chriastmas to all.
I hope everyone enjoys their Personal Agoniser’s.

214. CmdrR - December 25, 2014

A merry face palm?
Make it so!!!

215. Red Dead Ryan - December 25, 2014

Can’t wait for this….based on the documentary “Man On Wire”. “The Walk”. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Pettite.

216. Disinvited - December 25, 2014

#211. Red Dead Ryan – December 25, 2014

It isn’t so bad as it is just misplaced alongside the likes of Goldsmith. I think the bells and tubas were supposed to somehow lend it a nautical air but it always sounds like Christmas to me – which reminds me:I usually give it a spin this time of year as it serves as my “unofficial” Trek Christmas album.

217. Disinvited - December 25, 2014

# 213. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – December 25, 2014

” I hope everyone enjoys their Personal Agoniser’s.” — Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

That sounds like you’ve given them the Lee Merriweather upgrade? In which case I’m switching my box’s name tag with D’Amoto’s as I’m sure he’ll appreciate the lack of complete cellular disruption on the morrow’s morn.

218. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Watching Star Trek First Contact. Troi is Drunk and passes out. Now who here has never passed out with Troi. Lol.

219. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

#217. LOl.

I am watching The Cage. Thought I wouldd go back to the beginning of Trek

220. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 25, 2014

Flash to Bridge!. Durance was reported to be lurking around.

221. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2014


“lurking”? To lurk implies the person has stealth or guile. Someone limber of limb, who can slide past you and hide in the shadows.

The lumbering bloated shape of the Durance has none of these traits.

Now if you had said, “Durance was reported LUMBERING around”, you might have something.

222. Spockchick - December 26, 2014


I never thought I would wade in re Durance, BUT. There are only two Lois Lanes; the very beautiful Margot Kidder, who had a peaceful, serene look to her, and Teri Hatcher, who was feisty and funny and also beautiful. Both of them have amazing eyes, expressive, deep and dark. When I saw Lois on ‘Smallville’, I was all;

What. The. Actual. Fck.

Tragically miscast.

Anyhoo, happy holidays to all the lovely chatters.

Lots of love

Peggy x

223. Cygnus-X1 - December 26, 2014

205. Matt Wright – December 24, 2014

Makes sense.

224. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Harry. LMAO. That was funny.

225. Craiger - December 26, 2014

Harry and Mike,

226. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

I had this weird dream once where the Enterprise was approaching Space Dock. The big doors on Space Dock were open, and underneath it was labelled “Enterprise”. As in this is where the ship was supposed to dock. The Enterprise was supposed to go in, but didn’t, as the ship somehow didn’t slow down, missed the entrance, and slammed into the side of the space station and exploded.

Turns out Erica Durance was at the helm. :-D

227. CmdrR - December 26, 2014

226 — That’s a malicious lie, RDR!
Everyone knows Erica Durance flies starships as well as she acts… which conclusively proves she could NOT hit the broad side of a space barn!

228. Matt Wright - December 26, 2014

@ 206 CmdrR —

Yeah the movie is far from perfect when it comes to science (obviously). Even with it being heavily influenced by physicist Kip Thorne, there is quite a bit of dramatic license taken. The film is definitely criticized for the questionable biological science used in the film (i.e. the crops).

P.S. You said Ridley Scott in your post, but I assume you mean Christopher Nolan (the director/co-writer the movie)?

229. CmdrR - December 26, 2014

228 – Brain fart. Yes, Nolan of course. (Was thinking of the shortcomings of the somewhat-brilliant Prometheus.) It does seem as though the studios and/or directors want to hit emotional points and are willing to bend science to get there. (e.g. Red Matter + Star = Nova/Time Portal… Father/Daughter bond = 5th Dimension People taking Cooper Up, Up, and Away… Daddy issues = going to space to confront one’s Creator –Prometeus & Contact.)

230. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014


Thanks, Spockchick! I appreciate your opinion.


Thanks, Emperor Mike!


My eyes!! The pain! Craiger, you’ll be getting a letter from my lawyer!

p.s. they obviously had to use a wide-angle lens for that photo!


Good one, RDR! (Beavis&Butthead chuckle) HEH, HEH, HEH!

@227 True, CmdrR!

231. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

There is also an alternate version of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” in which Luke Skywalker doesn’t exist, and Erica Durance is the Jedi-in-training.

During the Death Star/X-Wing battle scene, Erica Durance has the chance to fire a torpedo down the Death Star vent to end the battle. Obi Wan Kenobi’s ghost is giving her the instructions, but, due to her blatant hubris and egotism, his words fall on deaf ears as she steers her X-Wing wildly into the Death Star canyon, doing barrel rolls and other hot dog manuevers. Han Solo clears the way for her as the Millenium Falcon sweeps in and destroys two of the three TIE fighters. Durance’s showboating antics distracts Han Solo, and ultimately allows Darth Vader to destroy the Millenium Falcon.

Durance has the chance to fire the torpedo into the vent, but is once again distracted from doing so because she spilled hot coffee all over the console. It short-circuits the targetting systems. Kenobi tells her to “trust her feelings” and she subsequently pops open the cockpit window and tries to lob a homemade grenade into the vent, but she accidentally bounces the grenade off the rear of her spacecraft and into space, where it hits another X-Wing fighter, seriously damaging it.

The Death Star laser is eventually activated, completely obliterating the Rebel fleet, and dealing a fatal blow to the Alliance.

Erica Durance is the sole survivor. She’s living her life in shame on Mustafar, where Obi Wan Kenobi is giving her hell for f@cking it all up big time.

And in that universe, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the flame of the Rebel Alliance was snuffed out in a brief moment of epic incompetence and idiocy.

232. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014

RDR, nice story, but you went too far……as soon as you got to the part about the Durance popping open the cockpit window, she gets sucked out into space and drifts into the Death Star vent, her bloated corpse effectively blocking the opening, thus preventing any torpedo from entering the vent.

The Rebel Alliance is defeated, chalking up their failure to what will be soon called The Elephant Debacle, or, in layman’s terms, ….The Fatso F*ck-up!

233. Cygnus-X1 - December 26, 2014

228. Matt Wright – December 26, 2014

I think the most interesting license taken with the science is regarding time as tantamount to a spatial dimension. Einstein introduced that idea with General Relativity as a convenience, but there’s no consensus on whether it’s actually that way in reality. Some say time is an illusion. Some say that it’s a different kind of dimension than the spatial dimensions. Nolan obviously takes Einstein literally and posits that temporal dimensions are no different than spatial dimensions. But, if you try to work through that concept in your mind, it’s pretty hard to conceptualize in practical, functional details.

It’s easier to do the reverse, and conceptualize spatial dimensions as being tantamount to temporal dimensions for lower-dimensional realms. For example, if you imagine the 2-D space of the surface of a table with a hole in it (an extra-dimensional portal), and then imagine a 3-D apple falling downward through the hole in the table, from the point of view of a 2-D person on the surface of the table, the apple passing through it would be constantly changing shape, with the 2-D person only seeing the apple’s cross-section at any point in time. This would make it seem like the apple was more of an “event.” If you asked the 2-D person, “What does the apple look like?” He’d respond that it looks like something that oscillates between different sized circles (assuming Mr. 2-D could see all the way around the apple), rather than like an object with fixed spatial dimensions. So, the third dimension of the apple now resembles a temporal dimension. Is the reverse just as true? In Interstellar, it is. Is it so in reality? That’s a good question, and one example of the movie giving us something to think about. That’s good sci-fi.

234. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014


Harry, she had a lot of “dumb luck” go her way. She not only wore a seatbelt, but the force gave her the ability to briefly withstand the loss of oxygen. Kind of like how Anakin (before he had his remaining limbs chopped off) and Obi Wan were able to survive the conditions on Mustafar due their Force abilities.

She was a Jedi-in-training, and turned out to be a big curse on the remaining Jedi Knights, who would end up ceasing to exist not long after.

Erica Durance was the curse put upon the Jedi by the Force. Yoda had failed to anticipate the bad karma that resulted from encouraging Obi Wan Kenobi to train her.

And a few years after, Durance accidentally falls into a volcano on Mustafar, destabilizing the planet to the point where it explodes.

235. Red Dead Ryan - December 26, 2014

Anyway, back in the real universe, Erica Durance should have played a piece of kryptonite on “Smallville”. She managed to kill Tom Welling’s career.

236. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Ericka Durance was the Role model for The Shadows on Babylon 5. When you look at her she is so Hidios that your eyes roll through her. When she Speaks it is like hearing a scream. She is very powerful though. As she destroys other’s with ease. Worse yet. Just one Durance is like a Fleet of Shadow Vesels. Only one person could stop her. Captian Harry Ballz.

That my friends is how J Michael Starzinski created Babylon 5. the Shadows is based on Durance and Captian John Sheridyn is based on Harry Ballz.

237. AJ - December 26, 2014

Heads Up: The 50th Anniversary Star Trek film is being directed by a “Fast and Furious” director with Bob Orci off the masthead as a writer.

Does this mean we get Vin Diesel? Is some sort of “Groot” just an inevitable outcome now for ST3? Will it be a plot-hole & maguffin-free lusciously complex exploration storyline with humor, sentimentality, nods to the fans and lovable merchandisable aliens? Does Justin Lin have any real chance of making a decent film, or is he just running on the “good ensemble cast director” reputation? (JJ also has it).

And, is it destined to suck?

238. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2014

Oh, it’s destined to suck all right. I’ve only seen clips from the last F&F movies and they’re GAWDAWFUL!!!

It’ll be all action, no story and countless explosions.

RIP Star Trek.

239. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2014

Well Guys. Looks like we will just have to keep watching Star Trek Continues and Phase 2.

240. Matt Wright - December 26, 2014

@233. Cygnus-X1

Yep I found it all fascinating. When I got home from the theater I immediately looked up tesseract, because I remember it being a sci-fi device more than anything else (as in the “A Wrinkle in Time” book series). It is of course also a “real” (if anything that exists purely as a mathematical exercise is real) 4D shape. Which as 3D beings we perceive as different cubes. Akin to your excellent 3D apple falling into a hole in a table as seen from a 2D being’s perspective example.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a nice little video about the time as a dimension idea:

241. D - December 27, 2014

I agree, Star Trek like many current re-makes are about getting explosions on screen and selling the same characters we knew and their toys with poor writing and medicore films.

After the main cast from TOS left, the generation movies were really hit and miss, I liked first contact though i think done these days more action would’ve suited it better, and i don’t think nemesis did well despite looking beautiful.

Khan and Search were always the best two.. to me at least there was that strong connection, even four was good, five was.. on par with a episode, and Six was strong but could’ve used more time to expand on plot.

But these new movies.. ugh.. taking the same characters from an earlier point in the time line and throwing them together doesn’t mean they’ll just work.. in fact kirk has changed spock can’t know he’d be best choice to be the captain and they could’ve run with that.

Kirk was the best captain but he doesn’t need to be in the new universe.. but they are copying the stereo types and limited plot ignoring character growth, i’ve seen paint have more character building over the time it takes to dry.

No Trek has been perfect, but the mission was interesting and you always watched it was a great idea there is a limitless universe in voyager and deep space nine i feel they capped the size, and TNG kept coming back into the federation.. but they still explored.

I know why they didn’t give franks the directing job, because he’d take it in the way fans want.. and the people making these movies think we don’t know what we want.

Lord of the rings, the Hobbit, Captain America – most the marvel movies, Giving fans what they want.. seems like a failure of an idea doesn’t it?
Making strong female leads comic book story lines, not “Serious” enough for the public..

They’re fucking morons, Startrek 9/10 are ‘nice explosion films’ but should have been another film with another name but those fuck wits don’t want to risk making a new series which will not bring in old fans to see it opening day.

Robocop, Transformers and on and on.
Same shit different day, Poor choices fucking morons.

The fan project seems like it’ll blow away the movies and is where everyone should put their money so we get more of it.
Axanar ; something to watch!

242. Spockchick - December 27, 2014


I loved those books so much. was thinking of them again watching Avengers Assemble yesterday. May see if I can read them again.

243. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

That’s why NDT gets all the chicks.

“Tyson argues that in a hypothetical fifth dimension time could function in an non-linear manner which would essentially make questions of time paradoxes irrelevant (because all of time is happening at once).”

The above is a deep cut from the same interview, I think. It’s from:

So, the “aliens” from the 5th Dimension sent Coop back because the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

Yes, and I’ll KEEP making 5th Dimension jokes until someone laughs!!!!

244. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

238 – Oh, it’s destined to suck all right. I’ve only seen clips from the last F&F movies and they’re GAWDAWFUL!!!

It’ll be all action, no story and countless explosions.

RIP Star Trek.

Harry, if Lin upholds his reputation for using an ensemble cast well in an action setting, that will be a great start. I would love some brain chow mixed in with the action, of course. But, mostly, I want an original story with characters I know and love on a ship I dream about. Lin seems qualified. Let’s all watch the first 2 eps of True Detective Season 2 — which Lin is directing — and check back here. (I think that’s coming up next month!!)

245. Craiger - December 27, 2014

CmdrR what if they did a scene like this with Zoe.

246. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Sorry my last post was for Harry.

247. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Craiger — before or after Zoe had her twins?

248. Craiger - December 27, 2014

CmdrR how does she look after she had her twins?

249. Craiger - December 27, 2014

They could have a Kirk fight scene like this:

250. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014


Craiger, I appreciate you posting that clip, but ironically, you kind of made my point for me.

Is that scene well edited? Sure. Is there an exciting pace? Check. But, here’s the thing….

Is the action depicted in the scene even possible by human standards? No, not by along shot.

Two men could not fight flat out like that for that long. Can’t be done. Even in STID, for all it’s faults, had a scene where Kirk keeps punching at Khan, who allows it. After seven or eight blows Kirk is exhausted and merely stops because he can’t continue. Oh, but not in the F&F clip. The two men just keep going at it like automated cyborgs.Inexhaustable. Patently absurd.

251. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Harry did you see the F&F bikini clip? Post #242.

252. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

Yes, Craiger. That part I LIKED. Thank you. :>)

253. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Is she better than Durance?

254. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Craiger – read my post #93. Zoe just had her twins. I know Hollywood does wonderful/horrible things in order to help a woman get her figure back, but I wouldn’t expect to see Zoe in anything revealing for a little while.

255. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

A couple of days ago I watched “The Interview”. It sucked a$$.

James Franco is a decent actor, but he’s no good at comedy.

256. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

“LEGO Star Trek: The Troubles With Tribbles”:

Unfortunately, no barfight.

257. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

Every incremental detail paints an uglier picture. Still hoping for the best.

258. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

@253 Craiger “Is she better than Durance?”

Craiger, Ernest Borgnine in a thong is better than Durance!

259. Silvereyes - December 27, 2014

Something must be wrong with me, but come on guys, Durance is a gorgeous babe and that skinny stick in that video at post 245 has a scrawny a$$… Sorry Harry!

260. Craiger - December 27, 2014

Harry don’t ruin one of my favorite shows Airwolf with that mental image. LOL.

I also saw Fast Five is on again tonight on Bravo at 8 PM Eastern, 7 Central.

261. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

The fight scene between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in “Fast 5″ was a lot of fun to watch. One of the best scenes in the movie.

These movies aren’t meant to be “realistic”, they’re supposed to be fun. Which they most definitely are.

262. Marja - December 27, 2014

Damn, I’m away from the board for a week during Christmas rush and I missed a BUNCH of crude, rude, hilarious posts

…. missed youse guys!

Hope all y’all are having a super holiday season!

263. CmdrR - December 27, 2014

262 – **belch, fart, groin scratch**

Oh, Hi Marja. We missed ya!

264. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2014

RDR, I respect your opinion, so I will just have to take a “wait and see” attitude”.

265. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2014

Hi Marja You just missed Harry and Durance. They secretly love each other lol

266. Red Dead Ryan - December 27, 2014

Another southeast Asian airliner disappears without a trace:

267. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

I’d say, “DURANCE SUCKS”, but that would be redundant, as that’s how she carved out a career.

268. PaulB - December 28, 2014

I’ve just figured it out. Harry Ballz IS Erica Durance. (Like John Harrison was Khan!)

It all makes sense now. She is trolling the Internet as an anti-Erica crusader just to assuage her guilt over an unearned career. She uses the guise of Harry Ballz to flagellate herself. (She heard the name in a list of things audiences would rather see than her face.)

Of all the roles she has played, I like Erica’s Harry Ballz the best! :)

269. Craiger - December 28, 2014

Harry, here is Durance’s bio and trivia about her:

270. CmdrR - December 28, 2014

What’s sad is that when you add it all up, there is more attention spent on Erica Durance in this one chat room than in all of Hollywood combined.

I think they call that obsessive-repulsive behavior.

271. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2014

No question. Harry is obsessive-repulsive of one Erica Durance. Lol

272. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

You guys keep bringing up Durance. Here’s an idea…….quit poking the bear.

273. Red Dead Ryan - December 28, 2014

I agree….let the sleeping dog lie.

There are other actors and actresses to pick on. Variety is the spice of life, remember?

Anyway, I just watched “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”. What a terrific movie.

274. Silvereyes - December 28, 2014

Yes, enough of this Durance BS. The joke was getting old 2 years ago…

275. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2014

@272 “let the sleeping dog lie”

Ha, good one!

@273 “The joke was getting old 2 years ago”

Her career was getting old 2 years ago.

See, it’s like potato chips. I just can’t stop myself!

276. Phil - December 28, 2014

Maybe it’s time to avoid the message boards for a bit. The bulls**t is flying fast and furious again…

Okay, I’m not sure how we an turn FF references into a drinking game, but it might be worth a shot…glass…

277. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2014

Yes. It is getting Old. Just like Durance. Oops.

Yes. X Men days of Future’s past is an Awesome Movie. I loved it.

278. CdmrR - December 29, 2014

Saw “Unbroken.”
Um, sorry Angie… but I would recommend that people read the book instead.

279. CmdrR - December 29, 2014

It’s about time someone did a comparison…

280. Marja - December 29, 2014

274 and 275 Mr Ballz and Emperor Mike, ba-DUM-bah! All I can say is, I’ve never seen an actress suck the air out of a scene the way she did in one sample clip that was put up here a while back — some fantasy movie with a dragon. Wow. It was an “amazing” performance all right.

If y’all like musicals, and in particular Stephen Sondheim musicals, see “Into the Woods.” It is over two hours, so young’uns and the impatient may be stirring in their seats a bit, but the song “Agony!” is hilarious, and other songs with their thoughtful, deep lyrics, brought tears to my eyes.

281. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2014

@277 Marja “suck the air out of a scene”

Well, Marja, if someone was needed who had experience at “sucking”, it would be her!


282. AJ - December 29, 2014

Off to the good old USA in an hour.

See y’all on the other side!

283. Marja - December 29, 2014

278 I love being your straight man [woman]!

284. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2014

Ok. Harry and Marja. You should take it on the road. Lol.

285. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2014

Hey CmdrR. That is a great Article. The Writer os so correct in saying the Tech of Trek will out do the Star Wars. Not even close. They may have the Force. But we have a Q

286. CmdrR - December 29, 2014

I might like Sondheim.
I do like Chris Pine and I lurvs Emily Blunt, but the thought of Johnny Depp in yet another “zany” role makes my heart sink. the trailer for “Mortdechai” should explain why it’s coming out in January.

Tell me “Woods” goes light on the Depp.

Btw, I highly recommend seeing “Unbroken” in… print. Angie made an emotionally monotone flick out of a very good book.

287. spockchick - December 30, 2014

@282 AJ
you will be closer to all but further from me! Have a goodd trip!

288. Marja - December 30, 2014

285 CmdrR, Fear not. I think he’s on screen for a total of mayyyybe 7 minutes, if that. They say he modeled his costume on a Tex Avery cartoon — I can’t imagine what. Did Tex Avery ever draw a wolf in a Zoot Suit?

Yeah, not gonna see “Unbroken.” Plenty of other movies this time of year to look forward to before the early Spring Seasonal Dearth of good pictures.

282 AJ, Welcome home, Comrade :)

289. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

Marja — Mortdechai appears modeled on Terry Thomas, a gap-toothed Brit character actor from the 60’s whose movies included It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Capt. Jack Sparrow is famously modeled on Keith Richards; that one works. Willie Wonka is Michael Jackson, though Depp denies that. Whoever he modeled Barnabas on, the result was a gay clown.
Here’s the Tex Avery wolf:

My point is that Depp has flat out done enough of these “broad” characters. Either he needs to act or quit. “Transcendence” can’t really qualify as acting; more like sleep-walking.

290. Red Dead Ryan - December 30, 2014

Johnny Depp’s acting, I find, tends to lack “Depp-th”!

291. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

Hey, you’ll never believe what I found on the interweb… a time-waster! I know, right?!

I’ve got it set for “speculative fiction,” aka sci-fi, but there are other genres.

As of now, I’m adding “bridge bunnies” to my personal lexicon.

Hey, you could drink tomorrow night… but THIS is just as pointless and won’t give you a headache!!

292. Phil - December 30, 2014

Depp seems very typecast into ‘caricature of’ roles these days, and like Jim Carrey from a few years back, the public seem to have grown tired of it. Lets face if, if you mentioned Depp playing a character in Trek now, Harry Mudd comes to mind immediately. Go back prior to POTC, and he could have been considered for just about any male role he would have wanted….

293. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

292 – Maybe drunken Riley. If Riley wears white-face and gives bedroom eyes to Spock.

Harry — your gal is back! (Dec. 30)

294. Phil - December 30, 2014

@293 – Maybe Captain Koloth…with a feather boa.

295. CmdrR - December 30, 2014

292 — All of the flower children Headin’ Out to Eden… Ya, Brother!

296. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2014

Oh Good. More Red Shirt Diary.

297. AJ - December 31, 2014

Greetings from New York.

Here is a funny ‘fake’ trailer trying to make sense of the mess of the new “Terminator: Genisys” timeline mess which will obviously exist when that film is released:

298. Aurore - December 31, 2014

@ 297. AJ – December 31, 2014

“Greetings from New York…”


Greetings from…here.


Thank you for the link!

299. CmdrR - December 31, 2014

Happy New Stardate, everyone!

300. Phil - December 31, 2014

More Trek vs. Wars chatter. I will say hey were a bit hard on Treks grasp of science….though Trek still wins

Happy new year!

301. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2014

Is it time? Good………


302. Aurore - January 1, 2015

Best wishes for 2015, everyone.


303. spockchick - January 1, 2015

happy new year to all xxxxx

P x

304. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2015

Happt new year everyone.
Festival! Festival!!! Festival!!!!!

305. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2015

Sorry for my typo. Still in Festival Mode. Ha Ha

306. AJ - January 1, 2015

Happy Happy!!!!

307. Spockchick - January 1, 2015

happy happy joy joy!

love Stimpy

308. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2015


And just for a little bit of Play-(dil)-doh fun:

309. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2015

Hmmm, how many PLAY-DOH NECKLACES will be tried over the weekend?

310. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2015


Probably 69.

311. CmdrR Space-Time is Curved - January 1, 2015

Happy 2012!

312. CmdrR - January 1, 2015

308 – Mr. Bill!! Oh no!!!!!

Barbie: “Mr. Bill, oh YES!!!!”

313. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2015

I’ve just watched my first few episodes of Game of Thrones. What a great show!

314. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

Drogon burns Lake Town while playing with matches… Daenerys is from the future… Tyrion sells Herbalife…

Oh, did I say spoilers?

It’s quite a ride, Harry. Enjoy.

315. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

One more:

Olenna Tyrell used to be a spy… and a damned sexy one back in the day…

316. B Kramer - January 2, 2015

“Spectre of the Gun” TATV S3 excerpt:


317. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2015

Aw, Donna Douglas, who played Elly May on The Beverley Hillbillies, has died at the age of 81.

318. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015


Glad to see you’ve started watching “Game Of Thrones”!

319. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 2, 2015

I tried to watch that but could never get into it.

Just like when I try to watch Walking Dead. Every time I tune in, it’s a character drama, and with NO zombies ever to be seen!

I just can’t hang out all day waiting to be entertained without a good sci-fi backstory.

320. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

“The Walking Dead” was great for the first three seasons, but the quality has dropped off considerably. For the fourth season, and the first half of season five, it’s become a soap opera based on melodrama. There’s fewer zombies. Too many boring “filler” episodes. There’s going to be a spin-off, which probably won’t work. It’ll be more of the same.

“Game Of Thrones”, on the other hand, has somehow managed to stay fresh and interesting after four seasons. Characters get killed off and replaced, new places are visited, and new conflicts erupt.

321. spockchick - January 2, 2015

@317 Harry
Aw, bless Donna. Poor Elly-May. I always imagine her as the model for Daisy Duke. Also each time I see ‘Helga’ from class Christmas film ‘Trading Places’, I think of Elly May. I hope she is floating on an air bed in the sun, on the cee-ment pond!

322. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

kewl stuv

TrekMadeMeWonder — not enough zombies? They’re sliced, they’re diced, they’re set on fire. My problem with TWD is that there is no discernible plot. They have no goal post. (Washington DC was a McGuffin, of course.) It just feels like YEARS of my life wasted watching pointless gore… especially since they killed Shane & Lori, who provided the most interesting plot lines, also Merle. (imho The Governor was a snore-fest of a villain, plus the d*ck killed Andrea.)

323. Phil - January 2, 2015

Smithsonian is hard at work on the Enterprise model..

324. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

And some handy information for Harry…

By your command!

325. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Yeah, I hated how the old doctor was killed off. The Governor blew big time.

326. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 2, 2015

321. CmdrR

Dumb luck. I never see Zombies on that show. I ussually only habg for a couple minutes. But I always check, but only every so often.

BTW. Thanks for that link above.

My mouth droped when I saw this linked from your post above.

Totally AWESOME! That model IS pure Trek magic.
How JJ could not bring that back is very telling of how these past couple movies have been put together.

Hey, I have an idea. With this new restoration and the ship being somewhat available, why can’t we get the original Enterprise, Trek’s BIGGEST star, into the third BR movie?

327. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Is this just artwork, or is Neill Blomkamp going to take the reigns of the “Alien” franchise? Either way, very intriguing:

328. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

327 – Some folks openly question whether Ridley Scott can keep going with Alien, because of commitments and, frankly, his age.
We could do a LOT worse than Blomkamp.

It would be so sweet to see a real TOS Enterprise find its way into ST3… even if it’s only like the hanging model that didn’t make the cut in STID.

329. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2015

Blomkamp said he’s a big Trek fan, but was once asked if he wanted to direct a movie, but he said the current direction of the franchise wouldn’t be compatible with his ideas.

In other words, he doesn’t want to work with a studio — in this case, Paramount — that dictates how he should make his movies.

330. CmdrR - January 2, 2015

RDR – “he said the current direction of the franchise wouldn’t be compatible with his ideas.”

Blomkamp has “ideas.” Paramount wants a movie about two explosions getting into a two-hour fistfight over a scantily clad chick.

331. Spockchick - January 3, 2015

I loved district 9 zo much and never tire if it. Blokamp’s films are a perfect example of what happens when it is one person with a vision, not this ‘film by committee’ that hollywood seems to be going in for. And ‘Chappie’ looks wonderful, I can’t wait for it to be released

332. Bud Weiser - January 3, 2015

It is beyond strange that while covered the original making of the movie “Mind Sifter” from the folks at Phase II, New Voyages. It was just released to zero information on this site. Did you folks use a “MindSifter” on yourselves?

333. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2015

Well. James Cawley is not happy with trekmovie. Trekmivie did not say anything about Mindsifter. So I emailed Anthony and tips to get them to do one.

334. CmdrR - January 3, 2015

332 – It’s a GOOD flick. TM should do a piece on Mind-Sifter.

335. Disinvited - January 3, 2015

#269. Craiger – December 28, 2014

How does a bird phobic survive growing up on a turkey farm?!!!

I’m guessing Harry would say, “They recognized her as one of their own.”?

336. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2015

@334 Disinvited

Well, I guess growing up on a turkey farm is where she learned how to gobble.

337. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2015

@334, 335.

The turkey farm is also where she perfected the art of “laying an egg”, performance-wise.

338. Matt Wright - January 3, 2015

@ 332 — I think we’ve lost our fan films editor, when Tony goes AWOL all the contributors tend to wander off, so we need someone to keep up with that kind of news :-/

339. AJ - January 4, 2015

I made it half way through Mind Sifter, cut it off to go do something, and never had the inclination to go back. I had been looking forward to it as well.

The effort and love that go into those productions are admirable, and the FX are a treat, but even the best ones, Mind Sifter included, are just a step away from unwatchable adult fanboy-squee action-figure playtime.

I suppose it takes the aforementioned love, plus guts and lots of free time to put something like that out, but these little shows so consistently under-perform in so many ways, that it’s become tiresome to endure the long build-up and ultimate disappointment + on-line backlash each episode generates.

If we had real Trek in production that wasn’t so embarrassing in its consistent mismanagement and low quality bar, perhaps it wouldn’t make a difference. It actually doesn’t.

340. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

338 –
TM Fans: That’s mutiny, mister!

Tony: Yes, sir.

341. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2015

Well. Maybe we here in the Live Chat need to take over the Ship. I think we can figure it out.

342. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

339 – “even the best ones, Mind Sifter included, are just a step away from unwatchable adult fanboy-squee action-figure playtime.”

AJ, in many cases I would agree with your assessment. Certainly, there is a slew (or whatever the plural of slew is) of plus-sized fans in ill-fitting costumes standing in front of crappy green screened stills doing their version of Trek. I think with other productions, notably ‘Mind-Sifter’ and ‘World Enough and Time’ and possibly ‘To Serve All of My Days’… the story stands on its own enough to deserve a viewing. Yes, some of the P2 and STC have missed the mark. Again, fans got incredibly lucky with the talent and staff that went into TOS. But, I’ll give credit where it’s due and say that sometimes these productions get it right. If you don’t want to watch after 10 minutes, fair enough. For me, until we get a really well-planned Trek back on TV in some form (13 eps per year on cable with Rand in a sonic shower, Puh-LEASE!!!) then I am happy someone out their is sharing the love.

343. CmdrR - January 4, 2015

to folo on 333 – as seen on Anthony’s Facebook page:

James Cawley
Thank You for completely ignoring the release of “Mind-Sifter”.

344. Cygnus-X1 - January 4, 2015

I can understand the lack of patience with the fan films. You have to make certain allowances and manage your expectations most of the time. But, still, it’s interesting to see where they succeed and where they fail. And, overall, I think that Mind Sifter is a strong production and also a progression from the last Phase 2 episode.

My main problem with the Phase 2 episodes is the pacing. In every episode, there is invariably 5-10 minutes of superfluous film that could have been cut to make a tighter, more compelling episode that also (perhaps not surprisingly) happens to conform with the approximate running time of the TOS episodes. Being that this issue is so consistent, I have to assume that the Phase 2 folks simply like it that way and it’s their style of choice.

But, the performances in Mind Sifter were all pretty solid. Some of the other productions (like Farragut) have performances that I do find hard to watch and that take me out of the moment frequently. But, the performances in Mind Sifter—while not as compelling as Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley—aren’t bad. My one complaint there would be that I didn’t particularly care for the way that Spock was played as constantly stressed out and dismayed.

But, there have been some fan episodes that I’ve enjoyed so much that I’ve watched them more than once. STC’s Lolani and Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection come to mind.

You have to appreciate fan productions in the same way that you might appreciate a less than top-notch recording of less than polished musicians playing original music that is actually very good. Sometimes the performances are problematic enough that you just don’t want to sit through it. But, many times, if you can overlook the less than top-notch performances and production values, you can really get into a fan production. And even the production values have come a long way. I didn’t have any problems with the production value in Mind Sifter, as a TOS-style production. And everyone seems impressed with the production value in Axanar, myself included.

Anyway, some people enjoy off-off-Broadway plays and some people have no interest. If you don’t enjoy these fan productions, then you just don’t enjoy them. But, if you can look past the amateur actors, there are some very rich and enjoyable stories to be found.

345. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2015

I just “binge-watched” the first 3 seasons of Game Of Thrones!

What a great f*cking series!!!!

Probably one of the very best things ever produced for television!

Why can’t Trek be this good? Oh, that’s right, for the very reasons AJ cited @339.


346. CmdrR - January 5, 2015

So Harry, how’d you like the Red Wedding?
In fact, if I’m ever invited to a wedding in Westeros, I think I’ll hide.

347. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

Well. Sorry Harry. I just can’t help my self.
If you want to really Torture somneone. Make them watch a Bige Viewing of Durance. It will Drive them really Crazy.

348. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

I enjoy most fan production’s. I see them and treat them for what they are. My 2 faves are STC and Phase 2. STC Fairest of them all was one of the best I have seen and Phase 2s Mind sifter is the best ever. It was as close to TOS as it could possible be. What I love about STC is they have a real Doohan playing Scotty and every now and then I think he is the orignal Scotty. Chris Doohan has done a superb job in his Dad’s footsteps. Vic has done a good job in playing Kirk.
I just watehed Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection Ep. I thought that was a well done Ep. A Couple of the actors were not all that good. But the one who played the Andoren did a great job along with a couple of other’s. But all in all was a great Story worthy of a Tos Ep.

349. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2015

I will say this about James Cawey. He is one of us. He is always lookng for props of Tos and always trying to make as Authintic of a Production of Tos as possible. He has some actual Tos Writter;s helping him. The best move he made was to take himself out of Kirk’s chair and get a really good actor to come in and make Kirke his own. Brian Gross has done that and made me belive he is Kirk. I just wish they would get Chris Doohan over to Phase 2 as Scotty.

350. CmdrR - January 5, 2015

Best TOS credits in nearly 50 years!

(link totally stolen from TM’s Twitter feed)

351. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

I hope the next Trek series gets the ten-episode-a-season treatment like “Game Of Thrones” does. In the case of GoT, the writers manage to make each episode epic, without any boring storylines as filler. They give you a full meal, and yet, leave you wanting more. Not easy to do in this day and age.

Not to mention GoT, being on HBO, isn’t interrupted by gazillions of dumb advertisements.

But, alas, neither Paramount nor CBS has any clue (or possibly desire) to break Star Trek out of its box and make it truly special.

352. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

A potentially new TIE Fighter from “The Force Awakens”:

353. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2015

He’s either a genius, or some guy in a garage with too much time and money on his hands:

354. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2015


Yes, CmdrR, the Red wedding was cool! Bloodbath on line one!


Emperor Mike, I give anyone about 7 minutes on a Durance binge-watch. At the 7 minute mark, they all claw their own eyes out.

355. Cygnus-X1 - January 5, 2015

349. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – January 5, 2015

I agree. Gross makes a better Kirk, I have to say.

Mignogna has shown steady improvement in that role, from the first STC vignette to the recent Fairest…. Haberkorn is my favorite of the fan Spocks. He’s really made that character his own, and that’s not easy to do within the bounds of that character. Doohan is obviously very good in his role.

I like how Phase 2 and STC have different styles and feels; I just wish that Phase 2 would strive to make their episodes tighter like STC does. Mind Sifter showed definite progress, though, in all other respects. The scenes with the Klingons were great.

356. Phil - January 6, 2015

@353. Hey, he thinks he’s about six months away from a proof of concept test. Who knows….

357. CmdrR - January 6, 2015

Lightning is FTL?
Who knew?

358. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2015

Earlier today, I watched “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”. What a terrific movie.

“Rise” is great as well. A great example of how to properly reboot a franchise.

359. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2015

Ok. Here is a Link to Real Road sign’s LOL.

360. CmdrR - January 6, 2015

359 – Dammit! Now I can’t take my broccoli on vacation in Somalia.

361. LizardGirl - January 6, 2015


OMG! Did you cry? I totally cried on both Rise and Dawn. I watched Rise at home because I was like “this looks like crappola, I’ll just rent it from the library when it comes to DVD”. Then I watched it and was literally crying. Then I brought it over to a friends house for movie night. They were like “what the heck is this?”. Then by the end of it, they were all crying.

So I saw Dawn in the theaters. and was awed. You’re tense during most of the movie, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what’s going to happen but still have to watch it play out. Well, I’m glad you got to see those movies.

Favorite scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:

As well as a quick IGN review of that movie:

362. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2015

I’m ripping Orci a new one over on the July 8, 2016 thread. IT FEELS GOOD!

363. AJ - January 7, 2015

Greetings from freezing Canada (just outside Ottawa).

It is NOT cold in the US (20F with wind in NYC). It IS cold in Canada. (+4 F with wind and blowing snow, going down to -18).

364. Lurker - January 7, 2015

Hey Paramount – you better take a look at this before you really green light the next movie:

365. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

364 – Great. Another vote for science = boring.
That’s kinda what we’re fighting AGAINST!

366. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

I know, this is boring. It doesn’t have the Millennium Falcon banking and making noise — both impossible in a vaccuum — but, it’s the best we can do!

367. AJ - January 7, 2015

Some Benedict Cumberbatch humor from the New Yorker:

368. Cygnus-X1 - January 7, 2015

363. AJ – January 7, 2015

It is NOT cold in the US (20F with wind in NYC).

8F tonight in NYC. Colder with the wind.

Don’t sell us short.

369. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

OK, surely THIS will get Harry excited!

An explosion equal to 100 million supernovae. Hell, Jerry Bruckheimer’s erection is now visible from space!



Jeez, you people…

370. CmdrR - January 7, 2015

Congratulations on the couple’s Khan or daughter.

371. Phil - January 7, 2015

It is not cold in the US…or at least my corner of it – 80 in sunny SoCal today.

And after The Lone Ranger I wasn’t counting on a Bruckheimer erection for quite a while…..

372. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2015

Ok. It’s 16 here in Dallas. For us. That is just flat out COLD!!!! We like it HOT here. Like 100 to 105 or so. Not this 16 CRAP!!!!!

373. Phil - January 7, 2015

61 here now….

374. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2015

@369 CmdrR “surely THIS will get Harry excited!”

Geez, CmdrR, two black holes move closer to each other, with the anticipation of an explosive union?

Sounds like two lesbians having sex.

Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

A: A Lick-A-Lotta-Puss!

375. crazydaystrom - January 8, 2015

374. Harry Ballz –

“Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

A: A Lick-A-Lotta-Puss!”

We always called it an Etta-Lotta-Puss. But I know that’s just the common term for that creature. I’ve always wondered what the Latin name for it was. Now I know. Haha!

Thanks Harry. You’re ever and always a real education. :-)

376. Lurker - January 8, 2015

Back to the slopes for JB:

377. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

I hear that Neil will be skiing downhill while explaining string theory.

378. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

2 flying prehistoric lesbians?


**runs to his cave, eaten by T-Lez**

379. Silvereyes - January 8, 2015

371, 372, 373

What a bunch of wusses… its 40 below here! Stop complaining.

380. Phil - January 8, 2015

@379. Wait just a dog gone minute…I wasn’t complaining, I was bragging!

381. Phil - January 8, 2015

Well, I guess we now know why A-pat-a-sore-ass went extinct. Spanking dinosaurs just never got past the foreplay…

382. Phil - January 8, 2015

Lets see. Foreplay.

383. B Kramer - January 8, 2015

Elvis – ST connection on his 80th:


384. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2015

Q: What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?

A: Well hung!

385. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

# 366. CmdrR – January 7, 2015

Give me the right array of retro rockets and I’ll duplicate any maneuver in zero G . As anyone who’s felt the need for speed knows, you might waste a lot of fuel, but fuel economy is not what being cool is all about!

#379. Silvereyes – January 8, 2015

What’s -40C compared to Chicago’s -21F?

386. Phil - January 8, 2015

Frozen solid, as opposed to hard. Very, very hard.

387. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

384 – That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating — kinda like rockets suddenly appearing all over the underside of the Enterprise.

388. CmdrR - January 8, 2015

Why is a lesbian like a member of congress?

Neither does d^ck.


18 tonight in Hotlanta.

389. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

From the “BREAKING: Next Star Trek Film Set for July 8, 2016″ per Kayla Iacovino’s suggestion

# 945. SkiesSeven – January 8, 2015

” It’s [Recent Paris Shootings] a typical case of mass killing.” — SkiesSeven

Typical? The only thing I find typical is that automatic weapons were used. Most of the individuals killed were named out loud and dispatched with a single bullet to the head. That’s not a “typical” mass killing; more like a typical mass execution.

390. Disinvited - January 8, 2015

# 387. CmdrR – January 8, 2015

“That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating…” — CmdrR

Says the guy who lost his pink to the guy in the supped up ’54 that in now way should have been able to beat him except for its NOX boost.

Hey, if you want me to concede there’s no way military issue ships would have such a fuel wasting contraption you might convince me except all I can think about are those cool contemporary hovering Harriers and all the fuel being wasted when they impossibly hover.

Besides even so, Han had the Millennium Falcon supped up to do unexpected things for its class of ship. When it came to it having banks of retros to do “impossible” maneuvers he’d be “All about the banks… about the banks…no trouble.” to borrow a popular diddy.

And another thing, just because the ship and its contents are in a 0G area of space doesn’t mean the contents of said ship can take unmolested an instantaneously change in course at high velocities. In the absence of Treknology, you’d have to resort to some sort of maneuvers to safely decelerate the contents and acelerate them in the new course. When I mentally project that, I see curves which could be mistaken for “banking”.

But then when I think of some of those other maneuvers Han pulled in EMPIRE maybe they do have Treknology?

391. Silvereyes - January 8, 2015

385 Disinvited

I was actually meaning -40F, not Celsius for the sake of my American friends who are still in the Stone Age of the imperial measuring system. So yeah, much colder than the balmy -21F in Chicago (although with the wind blowing in from the lake, even 75F is chilly in the Windy City).

I must point out though that -40 is where the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet. So -40F = -40C

392. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2015

Hey Silver Eyes. Did you have any Stone Knives and Skins We Simple Americans can use. LOl

393. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2015

Now Playing in Texas. Frozen. A Live Action Movie.

394. Phil - January 9, 2015

Design flaws? No!!

395. CmdrR - January 9, 2015

RIP Rod Taylor

396. CmdrR - January 9, 2015

Phil — Not really worried. Plenty of letters left in the alphabet.
Meanwhile, let’s nitpick Altman’s grammar, shall we???

“In “That Which Survives,” we discover you can make the Enterprise explode by screwing around with the bypass valve in the matter-antimatter integrator room, “adjacent to main engineering — which is easy to get in and out of, especially for beautiful women without midriffs,” says Altman.”

Beautiful women without midriffs? Eeeeeoooww. But, a midriff is like, my fourth or fifth favorite part of a beautiful woman. I think he means… Lord, I hope he means “beautiful women with exposed midriffs.”

397. Disinvited - January 9, 2015

# 387. CmdrR – January 8, 2015

“That’s not the same as banking. It’s cheating…” — CmdrR

Says the guy who lost his pink to the guy in the suped up ’54 that in no way should have been able to beat him except for its NOX boost.

Hey, if you want me to concede there’s no way military issue ships would have such a fuel wasting contraption you might convince me except all I can think about are those cool contemporary hovering Harriers and all the fuel being wasted when they impossibly hover.

Besides even so, Han had the Millennium Falcon suped up to do unexpected things for its class of ship. When it came to it having banks of retros to do “impossible” maneuvers he’d be “All about the banks… about the banks…no trouble.” to borrow a popular ditty.

And another thing, just because the ship and its contents are in a 0G area of space doesn’t mean the contents of said ship can sustain intact an instantaneous change in course at high velocities. In the absence of Treknology, you’d have to resort to some sort of maneuvers to safely decelerate the contents and accelerate them on the new course. When I mentally project that, I see curves which could be mistaken for “banking”.

But then when I think of some of those other maneuvers Han pulled in EMPIRE maybe they do have Treknology?

398. Disinvited - January 9, 2015

# 396. CmdrR – January 9, 2015

” Beautiful women without midriffs? ” — CmdrR

Good catch near the dangling preposition.

But we should note this was the 1960s with its “no belly button” rule which made televised midriffs appear odd, unnatural and indeed, absent.

399. AJ - January 9, 2015

Hey, Silvereyes! I am sitting in the Montreal bus station with a hot ticket down to NY City in an hour. Experienced that -40 thing this week…Fahrenheit still seems warmer…Back in Russia Monday!

400. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2015


401. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2015


402. Marja - January 9, 2015

A belated Happy New Year to all!

Been absent cos I lost access to $20/mo internet f neighbor’s. They are moving. I am on my cellphone so you’ll be seeing a lot more typos :-p

Movies by committee: more like movies by budgetary teams. They are the ones who decide how much bang for the buck they need. That usually means morning CGI banngs cos they invest so much money in hopes of huge returns from Asian audiences who are impatient with plot or character development … the more spectacle the “better” … sad state of affairs predicted a decade ago. ‘Tis a shame and a pity that it came true.

Harry that July 18 thread is still going? Oh you mean the one about the release date …

I think Erica Durance should change her first name to “En” … then we could say the surprising En Durance … [ wince ]

403. Silvereyes - January 9, 2015

399 AJ, hope you had the opportunity to visit a little bit of our fair city. Too bad you had to be here in this cold! Safe trip back to NYC and Russia!

404. Marja - January 9, 2015

AJ Sorry the weather’s been so much like Russia’s this week :-/ Hope you enjoy NYC. Have a good trip back from the cold US to cold Russia …

405. Phil - January 9, 2015

Yeah, Marja. I may have mentioned this already, but saw the trailer for the Mad Max reboot. It seems to have been turned into a CGI particular as well. Finally caught Lone Ranger on cable – all CGI did was hurt that effort. Knock off all the graphics, and it might have been a decent movie.

Happy new year to you as well….

406. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2015

Anybody know why Orci is viciously attacking me on the July 2016 thread?

407. Mike Barnett - January 10, 2015

I’m guessing that this post from the other thread paid some role. So your bait was successful. Pat yourself on your back, which you seem to have no problem doing.

173. Harry Ballz – December 25, 2014
A story? Bob Orci says he has a story??

Hell, if a few of us here sat around over beers, spitballing ideas, WE could come up with a story!

To paraphrase Scotty, “coming up with a story is easy, writing a great script is hard!”

Oh, and I do mean GREAT, not that paint-by-numbers garbage we’ve had to endure, like STID.

(oops, was that my outside voice?)

408. CmdrR - January 10, 2015

406 – aaaaah-aah-ah-aaaaaaah, bitter dregs.

Harry, it sounds like Boborci is nipping into the Tranya and lashing out at those he can lash out at without getting knocked even further down the Hollywood pecking order. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

As for your script… seriously, everyone’s got a reject pile. Why don’t you nurse along another entirely new story. Here’s a thought: ST universe, but not the E, or maybe the E crew is just in the background a little.

409. Phil - January 10, 2015

Well, in the big picture, no. Just an observation, plenty of people pile on Orci/BR in open media, the terrific trio has been at it non stop here pretty much since BR came on board the Trek franchise. (My son, the Dr. Who fan, tells me it’s pretty bad on DW message boards as well). So, maybe Bob’s dog died, the cute girl he thought he was picking up at the bar turned out to be a guy, he just found out his FA has pissed away his retirement accounts, who knows why he’s having a bad day. If any of us knew each other in real life, we’d be barking at each other from time to time. Not to sure I’d take it personally. While we’d like to think we ‘know’ the guy, none of us are his friends, so him snapping at Harry (or the terrific trio) shouldn’t be taken personally.

410. Spockchick - January 10, 2015

@409 Phil

Wise Phil, I am sure you are right. stuff that happens in life can make reactions escalate, especially online.

Everyone here is a real person, Harry, Bob, Marja, CmrdR, Silvereyes, RedDeadRyan, Disinvited, AJ, Commander Mike, sorry if I forget chat chums. I have already kicked the metaphorical dog this week (hubby) due to work stress. Not sure of my point here, but I like being here. Love, Peg xxx

411. crazydaystrom - January 10, 2015

408. CmdrR –

“…it sounds like Boborci is nipping into the Tranya…”

It really does. My guess as well.

412. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

@407 Mike Barnett “Pat yourself on your back, which you seem to have no problem doing”

Over the last couple of years I’ve read a few comments like this one. I honestly don’t think I’m egocentric, but some people here think I am.

Personally, I think I’m a real pussycat about most things.

Also, as Dizzy Dean once said, “hey, it ain’t bragging if you can do it!”

413. CmdrR - January 10, 2015

So basically what you’re singing Harry is…

Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble
When you’re perfect in every way
I can’t wait to look in the mirror
‘Cause I get better lookin’ each day

(Shatner recorded the definitive version of this song — it’s on the flip side of Rocket Man.)

414. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

Hey, I’ve got plenty of flaws, just like everyone else here!

I simply try to focus on the positive.

415. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

my posts keep disappearing.

416. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

oh, great! that’s the one that stays up!

417. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2015

My posts keep disappearing from the July 2016 thread.

And I’m not even saying anything bad!

418. AJ - January 11, 2015

The whole thing with Harry’s script is kind of depressing. It poorly reflects on the corporate ownership of Star Trek when its head writer starts bashing fans with profanity and lies. It also reflects the sorry state of Trek at the moment. Utterly rudderless. Happy 50th.

419. CmdrR - January 11, 2015

I kinda feel bad for Orci in that since his profanity-laced post is getting so much attention here, it’s likely to go mainstream. Harry, you could be famous afterall. I suspect what we’re seeing is a rant prompted by his losing the director’s gig. Well… THIS ain’t gonna help. Hollywood isn’t likely to fork over $200M (or whatever) to the control of someone (not counting actors) who behaves like that in public.

420. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2015

Harry. Your Post keep diapering because of a certen woman who shall not be named.
Riuns and Hides.

421. CmdrR - January 11, 2015

Wow, it’s true. ED can suck the words off a page!

422. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015


Erica Durance

Erectile Dysfunction

Coincidence? I think not.


423. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015

AJ, Orci just came back on the thread and replied to your post by saying he has never lied.

424. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2015

Well. I just put my 2 cents on on the Orci thred. LOl. I let Orci and them have it a bit.

425. Marja - January 11, 2015


Well Harry I am gonna have to check out that thread again! Now you will be as famous as Ahmed!

I suspect old Bob is feeling pretty er ballz kicked just now, in general, not just by our Harry. Do y’all think he might have a really stinking temperament … ? So much so that Pmount doesn’t want him in charge of much of anything? And as y’all are saying maybe he’s having a “kick the critical Trekfans” meltdown moment because of the professional kick in the ‘nads or something entirely unrelated. About 5 minutes of “debate” with TUP or the other Sons of the Neverwrong does it for me. Why not Bob as well. Though he should not ( nor any other ) be using bad language TO another person here. He may know how to write scripts that sell but aren’t interpersonal skills equally necessary? Whew

426. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2015

Marja, if Orci has been kicked around by Paramount, then it’s exactly at that moment we see if he’s got any class. It’s easy to be nice when you’re flying high, quite another when you’re feeling pressured and really low.

Jusging by Orci’s explosions of anger, I’m willing to bet he’s either bipolar or diabetic. That’s me trying to let him off the hook, because if he’s neither of those things, then he’s just an asshole!

427. LizardGirl - January 12, 2015

Or he could be human.

428. CmdrR - January 12, 2015

boborci is still monitoring the July 8 thread. He’s very circumspect right now — so… lowercase b boborci, sted of Bob-screamin-orci.

429. Silvereyes - January 12, 2015

426 Harry

Well said, as usual my friend. Or he could have been drunk. In either case, there’s no excuse. If you can’t handle the pressures of your job, find something else to do. And yah, you’re going to get flak from Trekkies after dishing out that load of crap that is STID. Deal with it!

With the kind of writing he’s been doing, he’s in no position to judge your work and certainly not your potential as a screenwriter.

So, I opt for the a$$hole option…

430. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2015


Thanks, Silvereyes. I saw your recent post on the 2016 thread. Nice.

Oh, and AJ, you wrote a great post as well.

431. Silvereyes - January 12, 2015

430 Harry

As you once told me, I have your back.

And as a plaque says on my wall in my office, “Don’t let the bastards wear you down!”

432. CmdrR - January 12, 2015
look for:
2015 January 12

Always looking out for you to find new time-wasters. This one lets you score points or destroy all life in a solar system. Fun.

433. Phil - January 12, 2015

I’ll take destroy all life in the solar system for a hundred, Alex….

434. CmdrR - January 12, 2015

Dig it!

435. Lurker - January 13, 2015

CmdrR – January 12, 2015

Dig it!

Awesome collection – thank you for posting that link.

436. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

New “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer!

437. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

“Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice” trailer!

438. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015

The “Dawn of Justice” trailer is fake, btw. :-)

“Age of Ultron”, that’s the real deal, my friends!

439. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015


440. CmdrR - January 13, 2015

There’s only one super-hero franchise worth my $13.50 ($17.50 for 3-D):

441. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2015


That looks like a live-action version of a “Simpsons” parody.

Aye carumba!

442. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015

Take a look at post 1231 on the 2016 thread. Orci is still harping about our feud.

I feel like telling him, “Let it go, Bob. I have.”

443. Disinvited - January 14, 2015

#442. Harry Ballz – January 14, 2015

I’m still mulling over the big reveal that he regards his life’s blood professional output as “trivial.”

If, fundamentally, Bob Orci doesn’t respect what results from his efforts, how the hell does he expect to convince anyone else of its significance?

As for that which Bob won’t let go, it still shocks me knowing what he said in the past about Gerrold and that he has your email address, that he didn’t just blast you in email instead of what he said that he would not do to a fellow writer?

And now he’s working on a carefully worded apology? What’s he doing? Running it by legal? I wonder what his blast would have looked like if he had the forethought to do that then?

Maybe he’s just letting his better half level his head. At least, I hope it is that.

444. CmdrR - January 14, 2015

Harry is white on the right side.
Roberto is black on the right side and chortles like The Riddler.

This may not end well.

445. Phil - January 14, 2015

Sir Patrick may annoy me any time he choses…

Actually, I have a story. This was a while back, my boss (previous employer) calls me into his office – and says, you won’t believe this: I got bumped to first class (the guy did travel a lot), and I thought I recognized the voice of the guy next to me….sure enough, Patrick Stewart. Was even nice enough to sign an autograph. It was interesting that he chose to share that little adventure with me, considering that he really wasn’t that pleasant of a human being to work for….

446. AJ - January 14, 2015



I suggest you tell him, on that thread, if you “feel like” it. And then don’t ever mention it again.

Of course, now we’re all waiting for the “apology” coming soon, whatever that means.

447. Disinvited - January 14, 2015

# 445. Phil – January 14, 2015

“It was interesting that he chose to share that little adventure with me, considering that he really wasn’t that pleasant of a human being to work for….” — Phi

What I find telling is he knew enough about you to know that you’d be interested in the story but didn’t think enough of this employee to get you an autograph too or give you the one he got.

448. Red Dead Ryan - January 14, 2015

I’ve only read about half the comments on the “2016” thread. The conversation sure went off the rails in a really ugly fashion.

Bob has been pretty calm on the boards for the most part ever since he first posted, but I guess some of the rude and crude posters have finally managed get to him. Either that, or he’s just revealed his true self.

I don’t know.

449. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015


here’s the thing….I was one of many who strongly criticized STID. Some other people, in the many months gone by, went into mind-numbing specifics about how bad it was as a movie. I truly believe some people posting on this site were a lot harsher than me with their comments regarding STID.

So, with that in mind, why did Bob single me out for the shitstorm? I obviously touched a nerve.

450. Red Dead Ryan - January 14, 2015


He also slammed your script. I was thinking for a bit that it might have been an imposter, but I scrolled down and read Matt Wright’s post stating that it was indeed Bob.

It’s a good bet that not all is well in paradise.

451. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2015

I’m beginning to suspect that Bob is bipolar.

452. PaulB - January 15, 2015

#443 Disinvited: “And now he’s working on a carefully worded apology? What’s he doing? Running it by legal?”

Orci’s either trying to find a real writer to do his apology for him, or he’s looking at other people’s apologies to find parts to cut & paste into his own.

One thing is certain: Orci is showing zero class. He is representing the Star Trek brand, and he is being an a-hole about it.

I don’t care what his personal problems are, he should be able to behave like a professional.

453. Cmdrr - January 15, 2015

AJ – am I the only one who reads “Hold your breath” as a mean-spirited version of “don’t hold your breath”?
Sounded to me like Orci was telling Harry to drop dead.

454. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

# 452. Cmdrr – January 15, 2015

“Just hold your breath. Apology coming soon.” – Bob Orci

Seems clear to me he means the opposite of your “don’t hold your breath”.

Does it come across as a rude introduction to announce that he is planning to apologize? Perhaps, but I think he was sincerely trying to deflate his ego balloon with a little humor.

455. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

Disinvited — and I’m really not arguing with you, just trying to understand the mind of Orci — this was an earlier post in the same thread which was echoed many times before Boborci’s comment:

463. Dennis – December 29, 2014
@442. Ahmed

Go ahead, hold your breath waiting for that Captain Worf TV series. The so-called Prime Universe is poised to return. LOL

Para’s covered by Sam Irwin’s “even a blind pig finds an acorn now and again” principle. Quite a little cult, though.

To me, I see: “Hold your breath and die, you idiot. How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you later. So, yeah, I will apologize soon so keep waiting because it should take me really much time at all to type “I’m sorry” but I just don’t have the time right now but keep watching this thread!!”

456. Mike Barnett - January 15, 2015

451. Harry Ballz
“I’m beginning to suspect that Bob is bipolar”

Dr. Ballz, I have a sore throat with a minor fever. Do I have to flu? Thanks in advance for your diagnosis.

457. Mike Barnett - January 15, 2015

My illness must be getting to me.

458. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

#455. CmdrR – January 15, 2015

Ok, I now understand your reasoning. But Bob told Mike Hall to hold his breath and not Harry. So it could be, under your interpretation, he was telling Mike to drop dead. Now I’ve got to reread Mike’s posts wrote to see what Orci’s beef might be with him

459. Silvereyes - January 15, 2015

458 Disinvited, you’re over-analysing. I’m with CmdrR, Orci’s comment is sarcastic, in an a$$hole kind of way.

456 Mike Barnett, you don’t have to be a doctor to make a comment like Harry did. We all get what he means, and that he’s not making an official medical diagnosis.

Orci is representing the franchise, and needs to watch what he says and how he says it. It’s called being professional and diplomatic. He’s behaving like a vindictive 13 year old mean girl. Now I really want to see a movie written by this idiot (more sarcasm).

See? this is not helping Star Trek. My guess is he’s already fired and has nothing to lose.

460. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

As to diagnosing Boborci’s condition… I’m certainly not going to throw away my imaginary medical degree and call him bipolar. I might be willing to go with sphincteramus giganticus, but would equally be willing to bet on him being part drankalottascotchelopod or suffering from what Freud dubbed Wunderkind-go-boom Syndrome.

I admire Bob’s ability with the tools of Hollywood. I do not see a “vision” in his work, however, and that is sorely needed for Star Trek. I have openly challenged him to go for a vision in this 3rd movie. Maybe he did. Maybe the suits said “Hello no, Bob!” We don’t know.

I do know that dickishness is not a helpful trait no matter where one is in life.

461. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Hmmm, my post got censored. It had a word in it that rhymed with “dick”.

462. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Whoops, spoke too soon! There it is!

463. Red Dead Ryan - January 15, 2015

Reminded of that hip-hop song from the early nineties:




464. Disinvited - January 15, 2015

#460. CmdrR – January 15, 2015

You know Harry, when he says bipolar he’s not referring to his mental state.

465. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

And now it’s gone again.

I was referring to a certain person as an arrogant little pr**k.

Three guesses who!

466. CmdrR - January 15, 2015

464 – Disinvited. Hmmmm, so THAT explains why Harry got caught trying to break IN to a penal colony.

467. AJ - January 15, 2015

Is Bob the new Erica Durance?

468. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

AJ, if neither had made it in Hollywood, Durance would be a hostess at Denny’s and Bob would be the guy selling you a bag of oranges by the on ramp to the highway.

469. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

@458. Disinvited

Hall said that Orci “owes “Mr. Ballz” an apology.” & Orci replied rather sarcastically with his “Just hold your breath. Apology coming soon.”

470. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

And that was my first comment here!

471. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2015

Welcome aboard, Ahmed! Good to have you here.

472. Ahmed - January 15, 2015

Thanks, Harry :)

473. Spockchick - January 16, 2015

hey Ahmed! Greetings from Scotty-land :-)

474. Disinvited - January 16, 2015

#469. Ahmed – January 15, 2015

Yeah, I see this angle now.

I keep trying to find an another one for his redemption like maybe he took a peek here on The Moderators open suggestion and didn’t like what he saw Harry saying. But Bob doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who’d waste time moving his retribution over to another thread. I’d fully expect he couldn’t contain it and would blast him here if that were the case.

Maybe Cyg is right and Orci’s 15 minutes of fame is spent in Hollywood movies? Rejected for Spider-man. Rejected for Trek. I wonder if subconsciously he’s gearing up to burn his movie bridges?

I’d like to see his rejected script published a la as to resolve what Paramount’s bug-a-boo about it was. I know this is a new Paramount but I don’t think most studios care one wit about plagiarism suits believing they can wear the average writer’s economic power down in legal expenses long before it can threaten their bottom line. As revealed by Paramount in their Art Buchwald $150,000 settlement:

“This decision is a victory for Paramount and clearly a loss for Buchwald and Bernheim [He got $750,000]. Their lawyers spent more than $2.5 million and three years for this award.” — John Scanlon, Paramount spokesman

475. Aurore - January 16, 2015

“Is Bob the new Erica Durance?”




@ 468. Mr. Ballz.

What you said was just….so mean…so…”DISRESPECTFUL”…

YOU owe Mr. Orci an apology.

Apologise to him. Do it . Soon.


476. CmdrR - January 16, 2015

Aurore, as a wise man once said:

444. CmdrR – January 14, 2015
Harry is white on the right side.
Roberto is black on the right side and chortles like The Riddler.

This may not end well.

I am not holding MY breath.

477. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2015

Ahmed. A Personal Welcome from the Emperor of the Terran Empire

478. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2015

Careful Harry on Holding your Breath to long. You might have visions of Erica.

479. Phil - January 16, 2015

Science Friday – NASA’s MRO has discovered what was thought to be Britain’s long lost Beagle 2 lander. Turns out it actually landed successfully, but did not completely deploy.

Am I the only one who misses the science Saturday feature?

480. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2015

Yeah, I miss the Science Saturday article too. It’s also regrettable that we’ve stopped getting the Sci-Fi news articles a few years ago.

Ah, well. At least we can continue to b#tch about the lack of anything new in Star Trek.

481. Phil - January 16, 2015

Apparently it’s the 10th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of BSG. The articles showing up are making the inevitable comparisons to Trek, and what RM was able to do on BSG that he wasn’t able to do with Trek. I’d guess there is probably a study in contrasts there, between RM’s BSG and JJ’s Trek, as both attempted to create something a bit different then the original.

482. CmdrR - January 17, 2015

It’s about frickin’ time!
I tracked down the details on the third movie:

483. crazydaystrom - January 17, 2015

482. CmdrR

That was just a bit of sadistic cruelty!!!

484. Spockchick - January 18, 2015

@481 Phil

Thanks for that link, it was really interesting. I can’t believe it’s 10 years! Possibly my favourite piece of modern Tv ever. It is pitch perfect in many ways and as real sci-fi should be: using science fiction to explore the contemporary mores and politics. And the low budget spawned incredible creativity, as constraint always does. Too much budget often results in too little brains.

485. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

483 – In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “Ain’t I a stinker?”

I notice there’s no histrionics on the set of THAT sequel… and they’re working with frickin’ sharks!

486. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

Giant frozen balls beyond Uranus!

487. CmdrR - January 18, 2015

Sir Patrick has been X’d-out.

488. Red Dead Ryan - January 18, 2015


We’ll see.

489. Phil - January 19, 2015

@487. At some point, there may be some wisdom is dialing down the cast and focusing on the story, as opposed to creating a film where the attempt is made to shove in as many characters as possible. I can’t shake the feeling that DC/WB trying to do this with their upcoming Batman/Superman movies is going to backfire, coming across as nothing more then a desperate attempt to play catch up to Disney/Marvel. The last X-Men movie I saw in theaters was The Last Stand. Marvel’s Avengers was the last trip to the theater I made for that franchise…..and I think I attribute that to CGI fatigue. I’d be the last person to suggest that I represent the average movie-goer, but when all that’s being offered is spectacle, after a while the response is going to be indifference. I enjoyed Mad Max, but the reboot seems to be a CGI driven spectacular…and I have no desire to partake.

490. CmdrR - January 19, 2015

489 –
I agree with your points, Phil. I would only add that, to me, spectacle has to have real world roots. I absolutely have seen all the fake cg flames, explosions, planets going boom, guys bouncing amongst buildings, etc. that I care to. If I don’t believe a single frame of the action, it’s just visual noise. I really prefer practical effects or a clever mix.

491. Phil - January 19, 2015

@490. Finally caught The Lone Ranger on cable, remembering that I had asked here just how in the hell do you spend 250MM on a western? Well, load the flick up with CGI nonsense, that’s how. Horses in trees, locomotives doing things no locomotive ever did, carnivorous bunnies, well, as you said, visual noise. The funny thing is, take all that crap out and you had a passable movie.

492. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2015

“The Lone Ranger” looked good visually, but the story and acting stunk, apart from Tom Wilkinson.

I really like the Hans Zimmer score, though.

493. Marja - January 19, 2015

470 Ahmed, A belated “WELCOME to the nut house* “, friend!

*with all due respect to Mr Ballz

494. AJ - January 19, 2015


Phil, as fan of Superman 1978, I can say that not having any new Superman films in the offing is terrible, but what’s worse is what’s coming. I don’t care much for Batman, but the other DC Superheroes (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash) are just silly and dated. Flash and Green Arrow seem to work for fans on TV, but as you say, DC\Warner is just shoving in as many as possible now to make up lost ground on Marvel/Disney. It’ll be like Kirk and Spock in the older films, plus all the others vying for screentime.

Also, sorry, but Aquaman has been so destroyed for me as a serious film property due to Family Guy parodies and Entourage, and seeing Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones play him is just going to be so “WTF” for me, that I will have no reason to care.

495. CmdrR - January 19, 2015

AJ — I had to look up Jason Momoa — I’m just not as good a fanboy as I should be. OK, he played Khal Drogo in GoT. Gotcha. Also see he was Ronon on Stargate: Atlantis, which is what I’m guessing landed him as The Man from Atlantis — oops, wrong show/wrong decade. Anyway — I was also not a fan of Aquaman, but I will say the Justice League animated features have gone a long way to reforming that character and WonderWoman into something general audiences might take seriously. Well, as seriously as they can take a guy who talks to lobsters. (I squid you not! That’s in the new animated flick.) What I find difficult to take in any version is that Superman at any point EVER needs back-up. Especially since the movies have basically turned Supes into Space Jesus.

496. Phil - January 19, 2015

Yeah, Man of Steel really did load up on the Messiah references. I suppose calling them Easter eggs would be a tad sacrilegious …..

497. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2015

@ 494-496

(best Beavis&Butthead imitation)


498. AJ - January 20, 2015

Hah! Harry got a Superman boner again!

499. Marja - January 20, 2015

I will probably go see “Wonder Woman,” even though I think the casting is all wrong [typical anorexic actress] — she should be built like an Amazon, not a ballet dancer.

As for the rest, I couldn’t care less, especially after the overextended, endless “Man of Steel.” And, as pointed out above, why would Supes need any assistance from anyone …?

Some of these extensions of comic book franchises make no sense. At least Marvel makes it fun/funny. But even that is getting wearying with all the CGI. Endlessly booooooring.

500. Marja - January 20, 2015

The aptly named Kevin Malarkey has just withdrawn his book about his son [who was in an auto accident, and according to his dad’s account, saw angels and had a visit with Jesus] from Tyndale House publication: “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.”

501. CmdrR - January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, DeForest “Bones” Kelley.
Hypos of happy juice all ’round!

502. Phil - January 20, 2015

In recent years, the comics/movies have made Supes pretty vulnerable. Despite Krypton being a long way away, there seems to be plenty of Kryptonite on mother Earth…and apparently it can be manufactured now, as well. There seems to be some question about how quickly he powers down after sunset, and apparently he’s pretty normal in a Kryptonian atmosphere.

I don’t recall ever having a Mint Julep, Dr. McCoy. Not even sure where I’d find one in southern California….

503. Red Dead Ryan - January 20, 2015

FOX is considering bringing back “The X-Files” on tv, with Gillian Anderson and David Duchnovy reprising Scully and Mulder.

Not sure I’d wager anything at this point, though.

504. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2015

Found this Really weel done Fan Edit of the Classic Battlestar Galactia. If you loved the old series. You will love this one.

505. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2015

This is the Fan Edit I have ever seen.
Battlestar Galactia 1980 as it should have been and as Galactica Series should have ended.

506. AJ - January 21, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch continues to get more famous by being funny…

507. CmdrR - January 21, 2015

Emperor Mike —
Fake beard, bowl-cut child genius, no Apollo, no Starbuck (except for one ep with a painful ending) and scaled-back sfx.

Yikes. Galactica 1980 had ALMOST receded from my memory.

Check Richard Hatch’s pitch for a new series (which predates RM’s by about 5 years):

508. Phil - January 21, 2015

Galactica 1980…..oh, boy. There is an interesting tidbit on Wikipedia, though. Donald Bellisario’s original pitch for the show was for Starbuck and Apollo to be time traveling around earth’s history. The studio said no, and Bellisario re-tooled the concept to make Quantum Leap. No idea how much truth there is to that, but it is interesting.

509. Disinvited - January 21, 2015

# 508. Phil – January 21, 2015

” Galactica 1980…..oh, boy. There is an interesting tidbit on Wikipedia, though. Donald Bellisario’s original pitch for the show was for Starbuck and Apollo to be time traveling around earth’s history. The studio said no, and Bellisario re-tooled the concept to make Quantum Leap. No idea how much truth there is to that, but it is interesting.” — Phil

More than you know as the 1980 series actually had the grown-up stepson of Apollo and his best bud do just that in chasing the bad guy, Xavier, through Earth’s history. It was clear that it was the setup for this a series arc and only got cut short when it was clear renewal wasn’t in the cards.

510. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 21, 2015

Hey guys. If you watch the fan edit and what he did you will be amazed. I hated the 1980 verson. But this one is also complete with some extra cgi and the way he edited it. You don’t see the crap. What you will see is the cyclone attacking earth. Not just the bit in la. But New York London and even jets takeing them on. Even the cylon base ship attacks earth. I’m telling you. This is how galactica should have ended. It also has the ship of lights in it. Also some clever editing of footage of other movies and some decent cgi.

511. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 21, 2015

Beam me up Scotty!!!

512. AJ - January 21, 2015

Star Trek: Two Hours in Engineering

513. AJ - January 21, 2015

Thoughts making the rounds on Trek’s 50th:

514. CmdrR - January 21, 2015

Totally welcome news.
This may mean a delay but even so….

Nick Frost as Harry Mudd, speaking to the Klingons: “Hullo, ya c¥n+s!”

515. CmdrR - January 22, 2015

Sheesh, Harry, did you or Silvereyes design this???

516. Phil - January 22, 2015

Hi, Miss Canada, we’d like you to wear this….
You. Have. To be. Kidding.

Apologies to William Shatner

517. Silvereyes - January 22, 2015


20 – 14 on the scoreboard… for a hockey game? So it makes sense now. This was designed by an American!

Doesn’t fit our understated and humble disposition though…

518. CmdrR - January 22, 2015

517 – If the scoring were actually that high, maybe Atlantans would actually watch hockey instead of sending all of our hockey teams to Canada. “Ooh, Mommy, I got 3 all in the same game !!!” Sheesh.

519. AJ - January 23, 2015

As Star Trek is now reborn as a comedy, here is Shaun Cassidy mauling Ilea’s theme from TMP:

It’s funny, right?

520. Phil - January 23, 2015

While I do enjoy working with the general agency I’m contracted to, they do sponsor a…..curling team. I have to admit to mixed feelings here – shoving a rock across ice isn’t a sport. Except when it is.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a slow morning….

521. CmdrR - January 23, 2015

519 —

Uhura, motioning with twin phasers: “In case of Shuan Cassidy singing, Da Doo Run Run to the exits on either side of the starship.”

No really, that is some kind of awful!

522. CmdrR - January 23, 2015

Some old lady is making news again…

523. Phil - January 23, 2015

Shaun Cassidy is still alive?

524. crazydaystrom - January 23, 2015

522. CmdrR – January 23, 2015

“Some old lady is making news again…”

A beloved old lady for sure. I pray they do right by her.

Thanks CmdrR.

525. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Why do the Gorn rarely leave their homes?

526. CmdrR - January 24, 2015

525 — O Lord…


527. Phil - January 24, 2015

Why, I don’t know. Why do the Gorn rarely leave their homes?

Sorry, couldn’t think of a witty ‘knock knock’ joke reply…

528. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Because they tend to be agornaphobic.

529. Harry Ballz - January 24, 2015

I thought they don’t go out because they’re afraid of catching GORN-ARREA!

530. Ahmed - January 24, 2015

@528. Cygnus-X1


Reminds of the Spacers in “The Naked Sun” with their acute agoraphobia.

There is also a Spanish science fiction movie that came out last year “Los Últimos Días” aka “The Last Days” where most of the human race came down with agoraphobia! The breakdown of society due to that was done very well. You guys should check it out, it is available on Netflix.

531. Cygnus-X1 - January 24, 2015

Harry, that’s why they’re so strict about wearing condoms.

Even when making their Gorno movies.

Ahmed, I’ve added it to my queue.

532. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

I admit, I watched a Gorno back in college. The actors moved so slowly! Then they smoked a meal worm afterwards. No thanks!

533. PaulB - January 25, 2015

Gorno actors never get rich. They get paid scale.

534. AJ - January 25, 2015

Haven’t seen too many gornos: I caught “Gorn with the Wind” and “Gorn in 60 Seconds.”

535. Harry Ballz - January 25, 2015

Well, I just called Orci “a spoiled arrogant child” over on the Pegg thread.

536. Ahmed - January 25, 2015


Prepare yourself for an onslaught from Keachick, the self-appointed defender of Orci :)

537. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

I’d be very surprised to see boborci or his Mirror Universe twin, Boborci (with the goatee and uppercase B) show up again in these threads. Harry, nothing you say/do can hurt Orci worse than having his directorial debut yanked out from under him. I would be surprised indeed if Orci is a presence on Trek at all from now on. Oh, he’s not to be pitied. He can still put together projects for decades to come just by name-dropping Transformers and ST09 among others. But, he’s been publicly humiliated. And unless “The Mummy” is a crapload better than it has a right to be… or “Van Helsing”… or “Now You See Me: The Second Act” (don’t get me started on what a piece of shite the first one was)… then, at 42, Orci has got to be wondering whether he’s still the “wunderkind” he was five years ago.

538. CmdrR - January 25, 2015

And now for something completely different, a man pulling on his shirt.

539. AJ - January 25, 2015

Some “Aliens” humor from The Oatmeal:

540. Harry Ballz - January 25, 2015


CmdrR, to be blunt, Orci started in TV and probably should have stayed there.

He got way above his pay grade and has now gotten burnt.

With his kind of arrogance, I’d like to see him relegated to doing TV commercials!

541. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

Harry — Please wish that on me, as well. I could use the millions!

542. AJ - January 26, 2015

This weekend, I watched a marathon of back-to-back Russian TV shows detailing endlessly how the US was the enemy of Russia: US Navy end-runs around the Black Sea fleet, an arms race in the air, US financing of dictators in Latin America as a precursor to our obedient ‘puppet regime’ in Kiev, which has co-opted that country’s fascists to oppose the brave pro-Russian freedom fighters in the East. I frankly haven’t seen propaganda of this type in Russia since the 1980s.

Meanwhile, those same separatists declare they will “take no prisoners” as they open a new front in Mariupol, and then, once they’ve killed 30 people, including children, blame the Ukrainian side for mistakenly opening fire first during an attack they openly declared before the shooting started.

The whole country is crumbling financially. It’s just amazing to me how docile and gullible the population is here. Their leaders tell them to “eat less” and prepare for a long time of troubles while their leadership displays brazen incompetence, running Russia into the ground and modernizing its military while its population dies out due to lack of births.

Then, the Russians get officially offended when Obama (Public Enemy No.1) lumps them in with Ebola on his list of priorities, when the Russians portray him and the USA as supremely focused on Ukraine and the undermining of Russia as top priority. Russians ask me what the Americans think about the whole thing, and I answer “most of us don’t even care, because we don’t really know much about it. Not a national priority. And our gas prices are low.”

Truly a ‘twilight zone’ over here.

543. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

AJ — I wish I could say U.S. politicians were more capable or that U.S. voters were less gullible, but it ain’t so. I seriously wonder whether there isn’t a mechanism in our brains that when we get too much food and breed to heavily, we get stupider so large numbers can die out. I seriously hope that doesn’t involve war and nukes and a dozen other man-made nightmares.

544. AJ - January 26, 2015

CmdrR: I’ve spent so much time here, and Russia at this time, despite its long and varied history, is today simply like the drunk who doesn’t think he has a problem, and who is surrounded by friends and loved ones who overwhelmingly do.

It’s annoying to see such a large group of intelligent people get convinced by poorly produced TV that the world works a certain way, and back a leader (85% approval) who would be hanging (theoretically) from a gibbet with all his cronies at this point in any other free society. I guess we have our FOX News crowd, and as you say, we may live simply to breed cannon fodder for whatever wars the leaders can dream up to steal natural resources.

545. CmdrR - January 26, 2015

AJ, you mention the media. In Russia, it seems as though Putin has his gov’t mouthpiece putting out “poorly produced” tv propaganda. Here, tv has become a pandering tool desperately trying to compete with the internet; ignoring info dense investigations in favor of celeb-driven dreck and crime-intense, easy-to-get distractions.

On the political front, the GOP is seriously reassembling the cast of Loserama 2012 for a sequel next year. Trump, Romney, and Palin included!! On the Dems, it’s all Hillary all the time. The prospect of facing off with any of these must give Putin a hard-on that’s visible from space.

546. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2015

Good Morning Campers.
To the ones in the Northeast U.S
Good Morning my Frozen Firends.
For any Aussies. Happy Austrailia Day.
For the Empire. Happy Agony Booth Day.

547. Ahmed - January 26, 2015

@ 540. Harry Ballz – January 25, 2015

“CmdrR, to be blunt, Orci started in TV and probably should have stayed there.”

Even on the TV front, he is having some problems.

His new series “Matador” on El Rey was renewed for a second season & then weeks later, the network canceled it!

On Fox, “Sleepy Hollow” is having serious ratings problems & the executives weren’t happy & made it clear this last week. The show now is on the bubble.

The only good news that CBS renewed his other new show “Scorpion”

548. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire - January 26, 2015

Well Hawaii Five O is doing well. But thats about it for Orci.

549. Ahmed - January 26, 2015

@548. Emperor Mike of the Terren Empire,

I was following the other series that I mentioned & totally forgot about Hawaii Five-0 which I stopped watching after the 2nd season.

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