Sirtis & Burton want Trek XI to be a TNG film…say Nemesis ‘sucked’ [VIDEO]

Marina Sirtis (TNG’s Deanna Troi) and Levar Burton (TNG’s Geordi La Forge) attended a panel (at last September’s DragonCon) to discuss their work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a video posted this week to YouTube (below) you can see their answers to questions about their most recent Trek films as well as Paramount’s plans for switching from the TNG cast to a TOS prequel for Star Trek XI (NOTE: since this video was shot Paramount have cancelled plans for one prequel project from Rick Berman and greenlit another prequel project produce by JJ Abrams…but both concepts are rumored to be set pre-TOS and not include the TNG casts)

Want another shot
Neither seem to feel that the TNG cast had a film where they can make a proper ‘bow out’ for the TNG era (like the Original Series cast did with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). Sirtis takes it further and slammed a prequel concept for Trek XI and calls on TNG fans to ‘innundate Paramount’ with letters and emails demanding that she and her co-stars get another shot at the big screen.

Arent happy with their last films
Burton and Sirtis both admit that their last effort Star Trek Nemesis was less than stellar. Burton explaination on why Nemsis did so badly "because it sucked", Sirtis followed on by saying "it didnt suck as much as Insurrection", referring their previous film Star Trek: Insurrection. They seem to agree the fault of Nemesis poor performance and quality lands solely at the feet of director Stuart Baird who they say never had seen a single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. One has to wonder who they blame for Insurrection ‘sucking’ (as they put it), Insurrection was directed by fellow TNG co-star Jonathan Frakes.

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Man , I know I am late with this but……Jeez, I am sooo tired of people like Sirtis, Burton, The original Tubbs, et al, complaining that they aren’t in the movie.
The bottom line is, TNG sucked. I am 41 years old. I should have LOVED TNG but I was a TOS fan and TNG… can’t even be watched in reruns except on fast forward. Plodding, boring, uninteresting, antiseptic……blecch.
Kudos to Abrams and crew for trying a reboot. Bring it bacl to what we loved. I wanted Enterprise to not suck because I wanted to get back to a time when life in space was interesting. It sucked because Berman and crew are hacks. But, Matt Damon as Kirk? Hell, yes, bring it on!

no one can play kirk but the man that has played kirk for 40 or so years, are you insane ?? matt damon?? wtf??

im up for finding out about the back story to the federation, but …

A. start trek TNG can not end with nemises

B. you cant do spock and kirk without shatner and nimoy!!

i mean that would be like like letting george lucas re cast luke skywalker.

we love these caracters because the actors did them justice and in nimoy and shatners case “became” that character..

i mean when TJ hooker was on tv it wasnt “bill shanter” playing him.. its was captain kirk! thats how connected the actor and character are!