IMDB downgrade Damon, WSJ on the case, Trek Movie Report part of the story!

Trek XI Report’s campaign for IMDB accuracy pays off
As reported here yesterday, the Matt Damon rumor went into overdrive after IMDB seemingly confirmed Damon would be the new Kirk. The internet feeding frenzy surrounding this got picked up by the Wall Street Journal who contacted IMDB, JJ Abrams and others involved in the story (including yours truly at the Trek Movie Report). The Amazon spokesman (IMDB’s parent company) claimed they usually get their info from studios, but when pressed he admitted that for Trek XI they were using ‘published reports’ (aka ‘rumors’). IMDB couldn’t even identify what reports they used for their Star Trek XI page, and the studio refused to confrim the cast and plot IMDB published (as Stephen Colbert would say: “Nailed!”). As a result, IMDB have downgraded Damon to ‘rumor’, removed the reference to ‘Captain’ Kirk, and removed the rumored Starfleet Academy plot summary…exactly as suggested by the TMR. Unfortunately the other errors we noted (compser, SFX, etc) haven’t been fixed…so IMDB you are still ON NOTICE.

IMDB shouldnt be in the rumor biz
Although I fully support the idea of Matt Damon being Kirk, it is important to separate facts from rumor and conjecture (as is done in the TMR Cast Page). When IMDB posts cast, crew and plot information, many take that as ‘fact’, it is good to see someone in the media finally call them on their sloppy practices for films in production. The WSJ did try and get someone actually associated with Star Trek XI on the record regarding the Damon rumor, but neither Paramount nor JJ Abrams will confirm anything. They do quote Damon’s publicist as saying: “No one has approached Matt”. The Insider’s Marc Malkin tells us tonight that he is still sticking by his source who says that JJ Abrams is interested in Damon for the role of Kirk.

Trekkies Worry That Matt Damon will Go Where No Man Has Gone Before?
The rest of the WSJ piece focuses on the fan reaction itself. It goes on to quote various message board posters who aren’t too happy at the prospect of a new Kirk. The story seems to conclude that Trekkies are in agreement over recasting, prequels and Damon. What the Journal fails to understand is that Trek fandom is far from being a unified force on any issue and the new Trek film is no exception. The article goes so far as to suggest that maybe Paramount might make changes based the reaction of some fans, citing changes made to the upcoming and overly hyped Snakes on a Plane. The Snakes producers did make some changes to punch up the gore based on initial internet reaction to trailers, but that is a far cry from changing the plot, setting, and casting.

Actually some of us think its just fine
The article did offer some balance to the ‘anti-recasting’ crowd. The most suprising view came from the man behind the now famous “Shatner Is Kirk” vid who seemed open to the idea of recasting. His view was that the new Kirk shouldn’t be a big star like Damon, but an unknown like Brandon Routh (Superman Returns). The Trek XI Report is also cited as being open to the preqel/recast idea and to Damon as Kirk. The article ends with a quote from yours truly: “Star Trek needs star power again”

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