New Rumor: Trek XI to be Kirk’s 1st Time as Captain of Enterprise?

chair.JPGTrekkies want to know: when and where exactly is Star Trek XI going to be set? The teaser poster and the few comments from the film’s creators have led us to expect a prequel to Original Series, but that leaves a lot of room. Much of the speculation to date has focused on the rumor of a ‘Cadet Kirk’ and an Academy setting. When the Matt Damon as Kirk rumor surfaced many scratched their heads tyring to put the two rumors together (eg: a mid 30s actor playing a cadet) . Well the Trek XI Report might be able to clear that up with a little tip from a trustworthy insider who reports:

Star Trek XI will feature the first voyage of Kirk as captain of the Enterprise.

This report makes the Matt Damon report make a lot more sense (he is about the same age as Shatner was during the Original Series). This could also fit within Star Trek history since Kirk’s first mission on the Enterprise was never depicted on either the Original Series or in any of the 7 movies with the Kirk character.

Recasting the whole crew and bringing back the Enterprise?
To date much of the speculation about Star Trek XI has focused on just the return of Kirk and Spock, and possibly some adventures before their time on the Original Series. If this tip is accurate (and taking into account the statements from JJ Abrams about honoring Trek canon), then you may conclude that we are going to see recastings of the entire crew of the Original Series (Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Mc Coy and Sulu). Astute Trekkies will note that Chekov didn’t join the series until it’s second season; then again Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ignored this bit of canon. In addition that means we will be seeing the original USS Enterprise again (NCC 1701 …not A, B, C, D,or E ), not seen on screen since it was destroyed in Star Trek III: the Search for Spock. Sounds like they have a lot of work cut out for them…we wish them luck.

[UPDATE: Even more astute Trekkies point out that it isnt even clear if Uhura or McCoy were on board the USS Enterprise at the beginning of it’s five year mission. They did not appear in the series pilot ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ (which actually was the 3rd episode to air)]

More info on Kirk’s history at Memory Alpha

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