Damon, Allen, Wax Trek and More…in a News Roundup

Some Star Trek XI numbers

2…ranking of ‘TOS’ for preferred setting of STXI on new SciFi Wire poll (#1 ‘something new’)
2…ranking of ‘Matt Damon’ for the preferred new Kirk in a StarTrek.com poll (#1 ‘total unknown’)
5 (out of 5)… STXI’s level on Cinemablend ‘excite-o-meter’.
7…ranking of STXI on Cinescape top 10 movies in development

 Did someone mention Matt Damon? According to Moviehole, he has pulled out playing the title role in the Lance Armstrong biopic, to be replaced by Jake Gyllenhall. The reason given is ‘his busy schedule’. Matt will be filming Ocean’s Thirteen and The Bourne Ultimatum through the winter. Leaving his spring wide open…JJ

Will Paramount bring back the Star Trek spoof Galaxy Quest at the same time its bringing back Trek itself? Tim Allen tells the SciFi Wire that a sequel idea has been presented to Dreamworks (now part of Paramount). Never give up, never surrender Tim. 

Can’t wait to see the Original Series crew back on the big screen in Star Trek XI? Well you can catch them on their new world tour, but they may seem a little stiff. According to StarTrek.com, the wax figures from the closed down Hollywood Wax Museum were saved and kept as a group. The crew will be starting the tour August 17th (in Vegas Baby!), they even have their own website.


Ever feel the need to be inspired by the Original Series crew? Well Echosphere.com has posted some real nifty posters to really get the team going. We can only hope JJ Abrams office’s are adorned with them. Now where is my stapler?

While JJ Abrams is writing Kirk’s return to the big screen, the guy who wrote his death seems to be having some regrets. Star Trek Generations co-writer Ron Moore tells SciFiPulse that the way it handled “was flawed and the impact was not what we’d hoped for on any level”.

You heard it here first! Bethesda Software (Star Trek‘s gaming license holder) just announced what was reported here 2 weeks ago. DC Fontana is confirmed as writing the stories for their upcoming games (Star Trek Legacy and Star Trek Tactical Assault). Plus they announced a PS2 game, Star Trek: Encounters (reported here with the working title of ‘Star Trek Battlestations‘). See we’re not just making this all up. (Trek Web has the full stories: Star Trek Encounters, DC Fontana.)Speaking of Paramount (and numbers), Viacom’s earnings are up 24% and chairman Sumner Redstone tells the LA Times that here are no plans (as rumored) for it to go private. The good results are welcome news to Paramount chief Brad Grey who recently brought on board JJ Abrams and gave Trek XI the greenlight.Want a Trek XI teaser poster? Who doesn’t? Trek Core is giving one away! And dont foget that StarTrek.com is also giving away Trek XI posters all month.