Shatner Wants To Be In Star Trek XI (plus Roast Preview)

William Shatner told "Extra" this weekend that ‘he’s ready to go’ if asked by JJ Abrams to be involved with Star Trek XI. Abrams may be looking for a new actor to play Kirk, but is rumored to have spoken to Shatner on at least one occasion. Shatner spent the rest of his evening being ‘roasted’ at a taping for Comedy Central.

Lots of Trek at Shatner’s Roast
It seems that even though he is on a hit TV show and has a varied career, Shatner is still most known for his role as Captain Kirk. The Shat (see pic) was roasted in his captain’s chair from original series Star Trek. The show started off with a taped comedy video featuring Shatner trying to talk Leonard Nimoy into coming to the show…

and failing. People Magazine reports that he then entered the stage riding a horse. Shatner got to show his love of horses with a riding sequence in his last Trek film, Star Trek: Generations. According to ‘People’, Shatner got jabs about his weight, hammy acting and of coure his hair.

Oh My…recently outed Takei took a few jabs too

Shatner was roasted by an assortment of comedians as well as Star Trek: The Original Series co-Stars Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and George Takei (Sulu). TMZ reports that Takei (who recently came out of the closet) took a few shots from the roasters as well. Nichols told People "Bill always gets what he wants. Tonight we get what we want. It’s payback time." Andy Dick wore pointy ears and a blue uniform to reveal that he is the secret love child of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Asked by ‘People’ why he would subject himself to such insults, Shatner stated, "It seemed like a cool idea at the time. No one can say anything that hasn’t been said already."

Roastmaster Jason Alexander with his hero

The following are some of the jokes heard at the roast

Jeffrey Ross to Shatner:

"Are you on Boston Legal or Boston Market?"

Jason Alexander to Shatner:

"That chair fits you like your girdle from Seasons 2 and 3"

Jason Alexander on Takei:

"George is a brave man to come out a mere 35 years after Star Trek — and his career — ended"

George Takei on Andy Dick:

"Andy and I have met many times, Until now, I’ve never see the front of his head."

The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner airs Sunday August 20th at 10:00 pm

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Sulu was way too foul in his language in the Shatner roast!