Star Trek back on TV…in Stargate Parody

I am with Comic Book Guy when he says “of the four Star franchises: Wars, Trek, Gate and Search; Gate is easily my third favorite”. But Stargate has its moments, and in Simpsons-like fashion they celebrated their 200th episode with a very Treehouse Of Horror type set of stories and parodies…here is the Trek one

The episode also parodied Team America, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Farscape . One admirable quality of Stargate is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously (like that other show on SciFi Channel…Hey Ron I Kid I Kid…love BSG).

vid thanks to rdascrapbook

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I will say that I would TOTALLY be behind Ben Browder as Kirk. I am sure that I am a small voice in a LARGE CROWDED ROOM, but I firmly believe he could carry it.