Shatner Fawns, Dorn Balks, Roddenberrys & Okudas Approve…more STXI from VegasCon

As expected, there was no real news from the Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas, but our friend ‘davidoflondon tips us off to what some of the Trek luminaries were saying about it. Captain Kirk himself William Shatner continued his fawning over Trek’s new master by saying “JJ Abrams is going to lift us on the wings of fantasy”…We get it Bill, you want to be in the movie. Shatner was joined by Mr. Spock himself on stage and Bill ribbed Nimoy about how the first pilot for Trek (shot with Jeffrey Hunter playing Captain Pike). Shatner referred to it as “the one you were in that didn’t sell”.

Dorn…still a litter bitter?
It appears that Michael Dorn has Trek XI on the brain as well. We reported his comments last month about how called Trek XI ‘a mistake’. David reports that when Dorn took the stage in Vegas he immediately asked for a show of hands for how many people wanted to see a film about Kirk and Spock at the Academy (an early but now less likely rumored plotline). After he got few takers he joked that Trek XI should be a Klingon movie about Mr. Worf. When asked how the TNG actors feel about not being in Trek XI even though they were still young enough, he joked that Patrick Stewart was indeed too old. He then went on to say that the TNG actors were OK with Trek XI and would support the movie. One has to wonder if Marina Sirtis is on board, she has been the most vocal of the TNG stars against the new film. Dorn is also quoted as saying “the plot of the new movie should mirror the problems we’re currently facing in today’s society”. Although being relevant again would be a welcome change for the Trek franchise, I don’t think it is necessary. Star Trek II is the best film of the 10 and it is just a simple action adventure story.

we are Paramount, you will like Star Trek XI…resistance is futile

Bakula makes his first appearance
One notable Trek star in attendance who said nothing about Trek XI was Scott Bakula. This was Bakula’s first Trek convention ever. Bakula has been outspoken against Paramount since the cancellation of the show he starred in: Star Trek Enterprise. He has also stated in the past that show creator Rick Berman sold him on Enterprise by telling him it would lead to him and his cast headlining Trek films after a 7 year run on UPN. The show was cancelled in its 4th year, and it seems pretty clear that Trek XI will not be based around his show. That’s got to hurt. Bakula did talk about how he has recently reprised his role as Captain Jonathan Archer for the upcoming Bethesda game ‘Star Trek: Legacy’, he joked that he was going to do the voice work for all 5 captains but that “Shatner needed the work”.

Roddenberry family is on board
The last little Trek XI tidbits were from the wife and son of late Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. .When asked if she would like to provide the voice for the computer in Trek XI, Majel Barrett Roddenberry said she would like to, but had not been asked. She last provided her voice for the TOS themed ‘In A Mirror Darkly’ arc on Star Trek Enterprise last year. Eugene Roddenberry was asked about Trek XI and said he had great faith in JJ Abrams and thought that Abrams ‘gets it’.

Okudas on board too
TrekBBSer T’Cal reports on a quick chat he had with Denise and Mike Okuda. It appears they are up for the new film as well. According to T’Cal the Akudas “expected great things” from JJ Abrams who they considered a true fan of Trek. They also said that if called they would serve, but had yet to hear from the new Trek management team. The pair speculated that if Trek XI is successful, it may lead to an updated version of their Star Trek Encyclopedia. Simon and Schuster has avoided non-fiction Trek books, but this year they trying again with a ‘Ships of the Line’ coffee table book. Lets hope a new Omnipedia is forthcoming from ultimate Trek experts.

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Interesting. One minor comment though, Star Trek II was way more than a simple action adventure story. It was a *character* driven story, that revolved around relatable struggles. ;) And that is what is needed out of ST XI.

we are Paramount, you will like Star Trek XI…resistance is futile


Just call it what is is……….. a Reboot!

Man! The comments section sure has grown since these early articles. Congrats on your success Anthony.

Not By Any Stretch of the imagination was Trek XI a mistake, they Did a fantastic job on it Michel Dorn Is just Jelous that the legendary Jim kirk Got that movie, who care what he has to say. The way JJ Abbrams Put that together Oppened up 50 more years of Trek and By Damnit Ill Be All Over it esp. If they keep this cast the parrellel universe idea is awsome and openes up the doors to make TOS all over again, and in a brand new light for a younger generation, of course showing what happned for the 80 years in between Kirks Enterprise and Picards maybe David or Yar wont have to die. ( Thats a Seris in its own ) This also setts the stage to bring some of William Shatners books to life the possibilities are endless, They must keep this crew, to continue to change it would only thin out and dilute the whole franchise and JJ Abbrams’ TOS Crew couldnt have done better those were some huge shoes to fill and they had a good cast. what Dorn had to say was how should I put it ……..less than honerable. Damnit I liked Worf too !