Designer of Star Trek XI Teaser Poster Confirmed…It’s JJ Abrams!

abramtease.JPGIt looks like JJ Abrams can add ‘graphic artist’ to his growing list of credits for Star Trek XI. Recently our intrepid ‘VegasCon Correspondent’ DavidofLondon picked up an anonymous tip that the Star Trek XI teaser poster was designed by Abrams himself. Today the Trek Movie Report contacted David’s source as well as an additional studio insider who both confirmed this tidbit. One of the insiders pointed out that it is not surprising since Abrams is an experienced designer and even did some of the design work on his debut film Mission Impossible III. It is surprising when you consider that in July Abrams was co-writing Star Trek XI, signed two Hollywood megadeals, co-wrote a script for Lost, and put the finishing touches on the MI:3 DVDs. This shows a serious hands on approch for Abrams. The possible hints he embedded in his design truly make it live up to the description of ‘teaser’.

Penetrating the Trek XI Cone of Silence
The reason Abrams took the time to do the poster himself may be that ‘circle of trust’ regarding Star Trek XI is truly quite small. This all has added significance because to date Abrams (and the team) have remained very tightlipped about any Trek XI plot details. Our poster source says that there are good reasons for this, pointing out that the first draft is not yet complete (something we have confirmed with another source within Paramount). Why all these anonymous sources?…that is the power of the Abrams cloak of secrecy, but we are assured that in coming months there will be far more openness. In the recent message we recieved from producer Bryan Burk we were told that they just aren’t ready to talk, but that when they are ready the will have a nice long chat with The Trek Movie Report…stay tuned.

Star Trek XI Story Meeting

Speculating Boldly
When asked about the secrecy by TV Guide last month, Abrams said: “It’s way premature. Anything I say, people will read into it and make assumptions”. But of course that hasn’t stopped people from speculating and reading the tea leaves, or reading the poster pixels in this case. Although Abrams will not say anything specific about the plot and setting on the record, it now appears that he is talking directly (albeit through the poster). So the question is…what is he saying?

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