HDTV Trek To Air Out Of Sequence + More Details

terror.JPGNews of Star Trek: The Original Series coming to HDTV with new CGI effects has swept the interweb today from G4TV to Slashdot to dozens of forums in the geekosphere. The news is promting a lot of questions and speculation; The Trek Movie Report has learned some more details that should answer some of those questions:

  • Broadcasts start in mid/late September
  • No DVD (or HD-DVD or BluRay) release in the near future
  • Episodes will NOT air in the original production order (nor original airing order)
  • First episode will (probably) be “Balance Of Terror
  • CGI Trek Videos on YouTube (here and here) are not related to this project
  • TV Land and G4 will continue to show ‘classic’ Trek in standard 4:3 ratio

Again since this is not official some details may change when finally announced by CBS Paramount, which should be soon (they only have a few days until Trek’s 40th B-Day!)

G4TV cover TrekMovie.com Story
(click image to see video for ‘The Daily Feed’ 8.29.06)

UPDATE: It is now Official: CBS Confirms Trek Is Coming To HDTV

ANOTHER UPDATE: HDTV Trek Will Not Be Widescreen + More Details

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“Balance of Terror”, excellent!

I must admit when I watched it recently on DVD I thought that it would really be cool if they did something like this. It will also give them a chance to replace the photon torpedo launches with phaser fire, which is what the characters are saying.

I noticed in the trailer for this episode that they were using phaser fire, so I must conclude that the special effects guys decided that the torpedos would be more effect in combat with an invisible enemy. Still, its disconcerting.

I’m thinking that the Doomday Machine is another that would really benefit from a refit.

The “Doomsday Machine” snippet on YouTube ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=D9XHmj-dPEY ) looks pretty tasty, except for the interior effect of the planet killer. The original looked scary; this one’s too pretty.

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