New Trek Game Will NOT Recreate Classic Movie Battles

khanbattle.JPGStar Trek’s return to video games this fall has been shaping up to be a fanboy fantasy. Not only will ‘Star Trek Legacy’ feature a story written by Trek vet DC Fontana, it includes voicework from all 5 Trek Captains (Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew and Bakula). Fans could have reasonably assumed that the epic story spanning the entire Star Trek timeline would include some or all of the classic battles from the Movies and TV shows, such as Kirk’s epic battle with Khan in Star Trek II. In fact, the game’s publisher Bethesda has used the Wrath of Khan battle to demonstrate the game at E3 (see video). But Bethesda developer ‘Gary’ has thrown some cold water on this notion, from the official forums:

People should be aware that Historical battles were never something that was implemented in the game, then removed. We did make a Khan battle, but that was part of the E3 demo and only meant to show off the game. In the spring we were considering scripting some historical battles, the idea was tossed around, and we agreed that if we had time, its something we’d look at. We talked about it on the floor at E3 as something we’d like to do. We decided that they will not make the game for release mainly because we wanted our designers to instead be focusing solely on the campaign – which is entirely original and never carried the player through battles seen in the shows or movies

See the Khan Battle, that is NOT in the final game:

Although a bit dissapointing, the game still is shaping up to be a real winner. Plus there is nothing stopping you from recreating your own classic battles. I expect to be yelling “Khan you bloodsucker!!” at my computer this fall.

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I think that the idea of adding historical battles is a good one, especially since the makers have at least one already done. Would this not be a great idea for an expansion pack later on if the game is successful?!

GameInformer magazine hinted in its issue for this month that historical missions *may* be included in an expansion pack. I’ll see if I can track down the quote.