Texas Rockers To Do Music Video For Trek (Fan) Film

crush.JPGTMR got a tip that was so outlandish yet so detailed that we had to follow it up. We were told that a San Antonio modern rock band called ‘Electric Crush‘ were signed on to provide music for Star Trek XI, and specifically that they would be recording a Star Trek XI music video in L.A. on September 30th. This seemed like a joke and of course Trek XI composer Mike Giacchino has said he wont start working on the score for quite some time, but the tip’s specificity was curious. TMR contacted the band’s manager Keith Chester just for the hell of it and got a big shock when he asked “how did you find out?”. He went on to say, “yeah it’s for the new movie called ‘Of Gods and Men'”…and then it all made sense. Of Gods And Men is the much anticipated new independent (unlicensed) Star Trek movie with a cast and crew that includes a number of former Trek stars and writers. The Trek Report has confirmed the story with Sky Conway the producer and co-writer of the new fan film. Electric Crush will be filming a music video of their song ‘Taking Away’ on the set of ‘Of Gods and Men’ in late September. The song will also appear in at least one of the webisodes and any possible ‘behind the scenes’ DVDs. The first of three Of Gods and Men webisodes will be available in December at an internet near you.

The Of Gods and Men team will soon be Trekifiying ‘Taking Away’, here is the original music video

Zero is a fan
Just because Electric Crush are an award-winning rock band with videos appearing on MTV2, that doesn’t mean they are too cool to be into Trek. In fact lead guitarist ‘Zero’ (pictured above doing his signature backflip) is a big genre fan. Since he was a kid he was into comics, superheroes and Star Trek. It was just serendipitous that the film crew who are working on Of Gods and Men spotted the band while filming for an unrelated project at the “Rock ‘N the Rally” concert during the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. When the OGaM crew approached the band and asked if they wanted to be involved, Electric Crush jumped at the chance. “It’s going to be so cool doing a video on a Star Trek set” said Chester “and of course there will be green-skinned babes, this is rock and roll after all”

NOTE: thanks to ‘Dave’ for the ‘tip’ (you were ‘almost’ right)

UPDATE: More Info Now On the Band’s Official Blog


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Congrats to Electric Crush!!!!
Both sides will be very lucky to work with each other on this project. We have been following this band for over a year and a half doing some video and photography work for them just for fun and they have gone from “good” to “GREAT”. They have a certain charisma about them both on and off the stage that wows everyone. We wish them the best of luck. Lots of love from the Canales family here in TX!

Congratulations to Electric Crush and their powerhouse manager Keith Chester for getting themselves positioned for this. All the hard work is paying off and this band is finally getting the accolades it deserves. Three cheers for the mates from San Antonio, Texas from their UK breathren Carmen Pimps!