Remastered Classic Trek To Replace Enterprise In Syndication [update: CBS denies connection]

enttos.JPG It would appear the answers to questions about the future of Star Trek Enterprise in syndication and where one can find the newly remasted Original Series are related. The Trek Movie Report has confirmed what many have suspected, CBS Paramount Television will no longer send Enterprise episodes to stations currently running the show. Staring Sept 16th CBS will begin providing remastered Star Trek The Original Series episodes. Star Trek Enteprise began it’s life in syndication in September of 2005, 4 months after the end of it’s fourth and final season on UPN. In it’s first year CBS Paramount ran 26 episodes, the last of which ‘Regeneration’ will air this upcoming weekend. CBS Paramount will be sending out 35-40 episodes of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series in each of the next two years allowing them to run through the entire series by the end of the original 3 year syndication deals. Stations that were airing Enterprise were informed of the coming change over the summer. Although it is leaving broadcast syndication, fans of Star Trek Enterprise will be able to find the show on both HDNet and SciFi channel staring this fall. And of course all 4 seasons are availble on DVD.

This means the easiest way to find out where you can find the remastered Original Series is to check your local station that was showing Enterprise. Please see the TOS in HD section for more details, including a preliminary station list.

UPDATE: Nagowski denies Enterprise was pulled for TOS
During the conference call on Sept. 6th, CBS Paramount Televesion President John Nogawski was asked about Enterprise. He stated that there was no link between Enterprise ending and the Remastered Original Series beginning, saying “it is just a coincidence”. The TrekMovie Report did speak to a program manager of an affiliate who stated that they were informed of the change over the summer, the programmer went on to say “we could have got out of the contract if we made a stink, but decided to stick with it”. Here is some more info from last years Official CBS Paramount Syndication Bible:

Quote: “STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE 2005/06 Basic InformationThis information is subject to change and was last updated on 08/03/05.

The 2005/06 Season (Syndication Year One) of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE runs 09/17/05 (week of 09/12/05) through 09/10/06. The full license term is 156 weeks and ends 09/07/08.

hat tip to Kenny and Russ who helped with this story

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I mourn for the valiant ENTERPRISE, killed once again before its prime. But it wasn’t going anywhere in syndication, so I bow to the wisdom of those repairing the damage Les Moonves did.

I have Sci-Fi but in some markets it’s part of the premium package, which may put it out of reach for some fans. The fans still holding out hope that it will return in some form simply have to face the facts: Paramount has moved on to other possibilities and ENT is out of the picture.

Actually I’m stoked, because HDNet is going to start running Enterprise. Woohoo! I’d much rather see it in HD w/DD5.1.

Well the original series found a following in syndication, but that was, like, over thirty years ago before satellite and 100-channel cable. I don’t see such a thing happening now…and anyway, ENT is still going to have an outlet, just not on local stations in syndication. Quite frankly, on Sci-Fi it could well get more exposure, and on HDNet it should look gorgeous.

While I’m happy to see TOS get an update, I’m not at all impressed with them editing the original runtime for commercials, cutting scenes so we can see more Oxyclean and Geico commercials?? Say it ain’t so. If the DVD release which will come eventually doesn’t have the full uncut episodes they can forget about me buying them.

Most of the people who gave a damn about Enterprise bought the DVDs. Syndication reruns for any show that isn’t a sitcom are pretty much limited these days anyway. No surprise. And bear in mind the other Treks aren’t widely available in syndication either (if at all). We’ll probably see Enterprise picked up by a specialty cable network.

Enterprise’s future is in the hands of the next generation of TV viewers who didn’t spend 4 years complaining about Rick Berman. Once people are able to watch Enterprise with an open mind, it’ll do well. But right now it’s too close to the “Great Trek Fandom Wars” that killed it in the first place.

If the success of Trek Xi launches a NEW Trek series, that would be fantastic.
It is time for Trek to move to the 25th century with the Enterprise-G or H and a new crew in all new adventures that goes back to the basics of what made Trek a success in the first places. Issues in the early part of the 21st century reflected in a 25th century setting. Racism, Drugs, War, the Environment, Computer Viruses, Sexism, Technology Malfunctions, should all be addressed in the next Trek series, with a sense of hope. I do not care who creates the new series as long as he or she is a true follower of Eugene W. Roddenberry. That and I would like to contribute a story to it is all I could ask for…

Mark McLaughlin