Star Trek: 40 Years Young

There are many things being said today about the history of Trek…I won’t bore you with another, just a quick personal reflection

I have had a lifelong affinity and connection to Star Trek, we both arrived in the world in 1966, and since I can remember I have loved Trek. I know for many that Trek was an inspiration to become an engineer or even an astronaut, and others learned valuable life lessons from it’s vision of the future. For me, however, it has always been an escape, in a way the United Federation of Planets was a home away from home. Whether it was watching an old episode or film, reading a book, or playing a game, I always had a place to go for a couple hours and leave the world behind. In recent years it looked like there might not be any new additions to my ‘other home’; Trek was disappearing from gaming, comics, the big screen and the small screen. I must admit that I feared for Trek’s future, but just recently it has shown new life and proved that it still endures. I look forward to visiting my ‘other home’ in Star Trek Online and Star Trek Legacy, watching the remastered Original Series, and reading the new  books and comics. And in 2 years a fellow 1966 child JJ Abrams will bring me and you Star Trek XI, and Trek will be back in a big way.

And that is what this site is all about: the future of Star Trek; it is merely 40 years young.

– Anthony Pascale, editor Trek Movie Report

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John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable reminds us of the reception Trek got way back in September of 1966:

"Here we go again, Kiddies, into the Wild Blue Yonder."–L.A. Times

"[T]oo clumsily conceived and poorly developed to rate as an A-1 effort."–Boston Globe

"One may need something of a pointed head to get involved."–New York Post.

"Disappointingly bizarre hour…things better improve or this won’t be a lengthy mission."–Houston Chronicle.

"suspenseful, puzzling and ultraimaginative."–Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I LIKE THIS ONE."–Chicago American.

"The plots may be space opera, but the show has been produced with care and lots of money."–The Washington Post.


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I fondly remember when ST turned 25, that was a great time in Trek. At 40, things aren’t so great with the franchise being quite long in the tooth after some misdirection by the powers that be. Hoepfully we get Trek back on track here soon with JJ Abrahams, etc.

Thanks for all the great memories, episodes, movies, and conventions :-)

1991 to 1994 have been the best years for star trek!

1991 to 1994? Wow. Totally NOT where I would’ve gone. Maybe…1966-1968, closely followed by 1982, 1986 and 1991.

I agree with Trekmaster, think about it. 1991 was a huge year: The 25th anniversary led to a huge influx of Trek interest, merchandise, conventions, etc. became huge. Deep Space Nine was announced as a spin off of the TNG universe. Star Trek VI was released, which I consider to be, one of, if not the best TOS crew movies. By 1994 TNG was off the air, many people didn’t get into DS9 (however I personally loved DS9’s Dominon War story arc), and the first TNG era film was lackluster (Generations).