TOS Remastered Station List Updated

The first set of showtimes is up on the TOS Remastered Station List, which is part of the TOS Remastered Subsite.The list has full list of TOS Remastered stations and a partial list of showtimes. Note that stations that list a ‘yes’ in the ‘Digital?’ column are confirmed to run a separate simulcast channel on digital cable and/or satellite. The showtimes page will be updated regularly and is based on user submissions here and on TrekBBS, so if you want to help with corrections and/or additions please send send them in. The subsite has also been updated with the latest info sent out by CBS this week. 


Editor’s Note: TrekMovie would like to welcome Cameron Martin to the family, he will be updating the subsite and contributing more in the future

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Regarding Albuquerque-Santa Fe:

Pretty sure KWBQ is not going to have it, at least initially. It’s possible that they sent faulty info, because the two (KWBQ and KASY) are owned by the same company.

thanks, it is these kind of tips that will make this the definitive list. Please send them in via the tipline above. Cameron will be doing another update over the weekend

Right, sorry. Email away.

I would like to take a moment to note that TOS Remastered Station Broadcast List is currently a work – in – progress. As new information becomes available, I will be updating the reference page accordingly. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anthony for welcoming me to the website and family. Being a great admirer of Anthony’s work, I can not tell you how exciting it is to be onboard as a member of his team. I would encourage anyone who may have additional information about broadcast times / stations / etc. to email me at and, upon verification, I will incorporate the tips immediately. Once again, thank you for your cooperation and for your participation in

I am very very upset about something…i really wish that this awesome way of experiencing TOS which is something I have wanted to happen for years is finally happening BUT, the reason i am furious is because I wish it wasn’t coming on at 3am for my area. I mean come on, it seems to me that someone behind the scenes at CBS or Paramount or wherever has dropped the ball a if they are gonna do some of us like that with a similar showtime. I am so excited about TOS finally being a little easier on the eyes and ears, but i just wish it wasnt at 3AM!!!!

the reason that many cities are showing TOS Remastered up against infomercials is because the show is being put into the slot that was used for Enterprise…which wasn’t exacltly lighting the wold afire. CBS has no control over when an affiliate decides to show it, except I do believe they are not allowed to put it on during primetime. Some cities like in Chicago have moved TOS out of the graveyard and put it to the early evening…lets hope more cities follow their lead. CBS have stated they will do a promotional campaign as well.

I just wish CBS would let stations that want it in HD, get it in HD. What a joke going on about how great it looks in HD and it showing it in SD only :(

all i can say is that when i do get the chance to watch it…if it looks anything like what we saw in the mirror universe ENT. episodes and how 1701 looked in the ENT finalle or even how it looked in DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations” then I WILL BE HAPPY!

Thanks for this great list! My only complaint is a minor one. I almost missed South Carolina because there is no initials for it. Can we put and SC in there so people won’t think Florence, Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston are all in Rhode Island, Please? LOL

got something against Rhode Island? are such fans of the Family Guy we decided to give RI some extra cities. But since you insist we have given them back to SC.

Thanks guys. LOL In gratitude, I have sent a tip for a schedule update for one of those SC stations. :-)

Oh, and BTW, does RI have room for four more cities anyway?????

That sucked, I set my dvr to record the remastered Trek at 3 a.m. here in Dallas and I got great footage of a one hour make-up infomercial… KTXA didn’t even air it.