Trailers for Trek Remastered Hit the Web and the Airwaves

In their recent press call, CBS said they would give Star Trek Remastered a promotional push. Well that push has started. At a number of  Con this weekend (more on that soon), CBS showed a new trailer that they have also put up on YouTube.

UPDATE: now has a higher res version available as a download


…and stations across the country are also starting to show promos…here are a couple from WWME (Chicago)



and here is one for Miri…

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…Thanks to loyal readers Naib and Christopher for vids


SEEN A DIFFERENT PROMO ON TV?  let us know about it? 

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If you watch the first commercial carefully at the end…you’ll see the Enterprise accelerate into warp drive, complete with sound effect and “stretchy” stars.

Man, that gave me chills; even moreso than the updated phasers in the second commercial, etc.

I noticed that on the first trailer, they changed Kirk’s introduction from “Its five year mission” to simply say “Its mission.” Although minor, I hope this isn’t a change that shows up anywhere else but the trailer!

That would be a tad annoying, but overall it wouldn’t bug me that much. (Hopefully some grammar nerd wasn’t tempted to correct the grammatically-incorrect “to boldly go” in the opening…)

The Ships hit the Fans………….Gotta love it!

The Me Network? I looked under Google and something about AOL came up.
Where could the average Joe (person) pick this up? Besides the Tv stations listed here I hoped that DishNetwork would carry it.
As is I’m going to have make do with a antenna for a TV station thats just 16 miles away or so. And isn’t the first episode due to be aired on Sept. 12th?
I wonder why when and IF they will broadcast these in Higher resolution before the 12 as you tube is so limiting. These trailers are so darn small too.
I had planned on recording these episodes via my DVD – Recorder.

Oh and to find out where it’s airing in your area, check the channel listing:

MeTV is an over-the-air local broadcast channel in Chicago, IL.

“The ship hits the fans?”Who writes this stuff?

actually, after seeing the Eden shots…I’m a little disappointed. A little too respectful for my tastes. But, hey…can’t and won’t please everyone.

I’m really excited about these ‘new’ episodes.

The music used at the close of the 1st trailer is from the Buffy The Vampire series finale: “Chosen”.

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to watch it as I can’t get watchable reception on the station that’s showing it in my area. Not really a surprise, but upsetting nonetheless.

Here in the New York Area WNBC (and through it the “powers that be” at NBC) will do to Trek what they did before, try and “round file” it. Monday at 3:05AM yeesh why even bother.


To be honest my first feeling is that they have been a little bit too respectful (like another person said previously). If they wanted to attract a young audience to the Original Series they should’ve made the space scenes a little bit more like what we’re used to seeing in modern Sci-Fi. For example I was expecting to see the impulse engines glow red or blue like we were used to on newer Trek series; also the Romulan Bird-of-Prey seems as dull as the one I was used to in the original episodes.
However it is an important improvement, but not as much as I was hoping for.

Still I think I’ll have to see a bit more to be able to make a diffinitve judgement on the quality, quantity and even necessity of these modifications.

they should have done a star wars episode 4 with it. Made things look really cool, not just cool cheesy. But I think it’s cool, just would have loved to see star wars like planet shots etc. instead of papermache. :-)

3;05am in New York?I thought there was a much larger audience available for this then a handfull of insomniacs.Bad marketing,in my opinion.

I think this approach to the new effects, which preserves the style of the original, is absolutely correct and a joy to see. If they did it in a contemporary style, there would be no way to marry those “modern-sci fi” looking-effects with the live-action scenes of the show — not without making unbelievable alterations (such as rotoscoping the actors into equally elaborate digital environments). Going “Lucas” with Star Trek would be intensely controversial and alienating. If these clips are representative of the changes, what CBS is doing will increase the enjoyment of many and offend only purists, who can watch the unaltered versions airing concurrently on at least two cable networks.

This is the 21st century people. No matter where you live, these episodes will be available on the internet about 5 minutes after they air (if you know where to look)….

This looks GREAT!!! Although I dont have cable at my house, I can get the channel that is showing it, but it is very fuzzy. I will try and get it clearer, so I can set up my VCR to record it, because Im not going to stay up ’till 2am to watch it.

I’m a bit disappointed the transporter effects in the trailer aren’t closer to that in the original TOS. Am I the only one?

I guess we in New Jersey are just out of luck.

And us in UK are having no luck at all with respect to this :(

New EXTENDED Gods and Men trailer is now up at the official site!