Trek Remastered Schedule Released, Station List Updated

CBS have released their full list of 39 episodes for season 1 of Trek Remastered. The list has been been integrated into the TOS Remastered Episode Guide on this site. You will note an empty space next to each episode for ‘review’, starting next week there will be a full review by an industry expert only here on Before year’s end we will see remastered versions of many fan favorites like ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’, ‘The Corbomite Maneuver’, ‘Space Seed’, ‘Trouble With Tribbles’, ‘Mirror Mirror’ and the 2 parter ‘The Menagerie’

In addition CBS have updated their Stations list , unfortunately the CBS list does not have showtimes. The stations & showtimes list is now half complete. If you don’t see a showtime for your station then please do us (and your fellow citizens) a favor and look it up and send it in…we really appreciate all the help of those who have provided showtimes in their cities.



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Are we sure Miri will be shown along with Balance of Terror? I didn’t see any stations that were when I looked a week or so ago. I know for sure my local affiliate isn’t.

Miri is being aired at variuos times during the first weekend by many stations, but not all stations. It will be repeated later in the year.


that being said it isnt exactly a landmark episode and has hardly any unique effects shots…so you wont be missing much.  

Well anyway I’ll be recording Balance of Terror on my HTPC, maybe I can get you some screenshots of it to put up after it airs here Saturday evening.

Yeah, I think the main reason they wanted to do Miri early on was to insert more realistic-looking orbital shots of Earth; the original model was extremely, well, *model*-looking, especially with a total lack of clouds.

I found these stations on a search of my local cable provider. They are presumably broadcasting eps which also show up on the “Remastered” list:

WXYZ Detroit Sunday 9/17 “Balance of Terror”
WUHF Fox Rochester 9/17 “Miri”
KAYU Fox Spokane 9/18 “Balance of Terror”

Looks like it is not airing in the Washington, DC area. WDCA website removed the listing. Can anyone help confirm?

maybe they moved it to their sister station WTTG. We will look into it when we get the time, but if you could check around and update us that would be a big help.

Ken, it looks like it was prempted this weekend by MLB, however I do see Devil in the Dark scheduled for the next Saturday 9/23/06 at 10pm

Well I am in the Dallas area and The show was scheduled to be shown on KTXA at 3 am., but now on the guide it just says paid programming, I don’t know what happened, but I am really irritated to say the least, if anyone knows what is going on please tell me.


I see Miri scheduled for 3am that Saturday night (Sunday morning) 9/17 according to TitanTV (which KTXA itself links to).

Balance of Terror they are showing on 9/24 at 3am… for some reason they have broken with the syndication pattern.

If anybody can tell me when Star Trek’s Balance of Terror will be shown and what time on what channel, (TVLand SciFi ect).
I’d like to know
Major Trekker

I’d rather it be at 3am, so it’s on all the time rather than continually being pre-empted by football..

I just checked again for a Washington, DC airing. It looks like we will be robbd of seeing Balance of Terror — shame, too, since I am having a belated Trek anniversary party tomorrow night, and a 10 PM showing would have been perfect. Looks like I am falling back to Plan B — highlights of the Comedy Central Shatner Roast.

By the way, wonderful site. Thanks for all your efforts, guys,