Some Mixed Messages From William Shatner On His Site

In recent weeks William Shatner has been quite chatty about Star Trek XI and producer JJ Abrams. 10 days ago in Toronto he said he thought Abrams would revive the franchise and spoke about how Abrams wanted to talk to both he and Leonard Nimoy. Then last weekend in Chicago he told a convention audience he had indeed spoken to Abrams last Friday and was planning on meeting him this week. He repeated hints that he may be involved in Star Trek XI to another audience in Sacramento on Sunday. Just this Tuesday he posted the following on the front page of his offical website

On Star Trek’s 40th: Forty years of age, as far as I’m concerned, is still a child.   STAR TREK is in its infancy-wait until We Really Get Going.- My Best, Bill

we really get going’…is Shatner including himself in that future? But early this morning in his chat forums there is the following reply to queries about Abrams:

There are lots of underground rumblings about STAR TREK. Some of it is burbling, some of it is barely noticeable. I know nothing except that where’s there’s rumblings, there’s gas and in this case, the gas is coming from JJ Abrams and none of it seems to be directed in my direction. If any gas comes my way, I will post it immediately and you all will know. Until then, hold your breath–because this gas is odiferous.
– My Best, Bill

Typical Shatner
This kind of pattern is not new for Shatner. In July reported (and followed-up on) the seemingly contradictory comments he had made about the possibility of Matt Damon playing a Kirk in Trek XI. Shatner is on the record as saying that he would welcome a role in the new film. Of course Shatner’s sarcasm is well known, as CNN learned recently when Shatner joked about Abrams being able to meet his and Leonard Nimoy’s price…something he repeated to the AP as well. We do know from our sources at Paramount that Shatner and Nimoy do have new contracts for Star Trek XI that do have some kind of casting approval clause. Shatner’s office however told that Paramount still hold all the power when it comes to recasting. As stated in the article on the contracts, it is appears that so far Nimoy and the Shat are on board for promotional purposes. Nimoy and Shatner are certainly keeping up their end from all the positive things they have said during the myriad of 40th Anniversary conventions and interviews. It is still unknown if the relationship will go beyond this stage, but will of course keep you all posted to the latest news on Abrams, Shatner and Star Trek XI.


UDPATE- Slashfilm: Shatner Denies Rumor He Created

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I have no intrest (as well as many of friends) in this film if Shatner and Nimoy don’t appear as Kirk and Spock in some manner. If they are in the film they will give it a certain amount of credibility that the film will not have w/out them.

Shat always loves Trek… long as he is well paid. I don’t really care if he is involved or not. Trek does not revolve around him. It is sad he must always demand such a high price to “help” a product that made him what he is. Same thing seems to have thwarted his rumored guest spot on Enterprise.

Just as when the topic was a Shatner appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise, it should be clear to everyone that William Shatner will work if they pay him. That shouldn’t be a revelation to anyone. And I think it’s reasonable, by Hollywood standards, that if they want him, they should pay for the valuable service he provides. He has Emmys now, and he’s busy whether you pay him or not, so you’re going to have to pay a lot!

Even the most cynical fan, who might suspect that Shatner’s and Nimoy’s enthusiasm for the 40th anniversary and for Abrams is bought-and-paid-for, has to admit the results are fun and entertaining. This is the entertainment industry and any process that produces entertainment = success!

Paramount: You don’t have any new Star Trek anymore. Look at all the money it makes when it’s up and running. Shatner and Nimoy are guaranteed to put butts in seats. We haven’t seen Kirk and Spock together in 15 years! This is pretty much the last chance. Pay up! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, they put fewer “butts in the seats” in the last two TOS-based movies than they had previously. Don’t kid yourself: if the TOS-based films had continued to perform up to the studio’s expectations they’d have been happy to greenlight films starring Kirk and Spock until the ship was crewed by octagenerians.

This film can succeed — or fail — all on the merits of the film itself. Having some of the original cast along would be nice, but it’s not required.

Well, someday there will be a Star Trek without known faces. Related to this Kate Mulgrew’s sarcasm is well known either. A short time ago she speculated about a 60th anniversary crossover movie and if she was able to “survive” it between all the male and famous captains… Personnally I would like to see Shatner and Nimoy again, also Patrick Stewart, but the chances may end within 10 or at least 20 years.

Of course the TOS movies had declining business, but it was a different time. There was no pent-up nostalgia. We’d just seen them in movie after movie. Star Trek IV had done business that seemingly couldn’t be topped, and TNG’s 3rd and 4th season were making us wonder if we needed the old folks anymore. Look where we are now. It’s been 15 years. The spin-offs have all passed on and aren’t showing signs of revival. Nostalgia for the original is the dominant emotion right now.

I say if there’s fun to be had with one more round of Shatner & Nimoy, let’s have that fun while we can. At this point, even a “bad” appearance could not harm the legacy. The deaths of costars have made Star Trek VI the “official” end, we’ll always have the reruns (even “re-mastered”) and anything from here on out is just for fun. There’s nothing to lose. Any new cast or concept will ultimately have to stand on its own, in the long shadow of the original whether or not Shatner and Nimoy appear now.

Paramount should take the opportunity they have and if Star Trek doesn’t “come back” because of it, well, the situation hasn’t changed, has it?

I think Abrams is a smart fellow. He will never satisfy all fans but I suspect he will do a pretty fine job of trying.

I hope to see Kirk and Spock facing a life-threatening situation. As they wait for “certain death”, they flashback to their first adventure. When we finally return to the “present” some clue from their past will enable them to Kobiyashi Maru their way out of danger yeat again. And the adventure continues….

Star Trek without Shatner and Nimoy

Why bother?

Paramont, get these icons signed.

Well, In don’t wanna loose Star Trek because the actors won’t be alive in the future. Im my opinion they the could revive TOS, TNG and DS9 with new cast members as long as it is real star trek. That’s better than starting a new series with an old copied concept selled as “new”. Even VOY or ENT could be relaunched, but for those two series I suggest a complete re-make to use and follow their original concept…

They will be in this film. There is no way they are going to promote it w/out being in it.

based on all this speculation…. looks like Shatner and Nimoy are already earning their contracts. Call it scuttlebutt, groundswell, rumor-mill or whatever… their “rumblings” are fueling the flames…

Gotta get people talking to get ’em in the tent, right?

Finish TNG before they hammer the final nail into the Trek coffin with this stupid prequel idea.

I’d like to see Shatner and Nimoy and maybe all the original cast included in the film as their 60’s self via very nicely done CGI like in Final Fantasy, but better. Maybe for only a few minutes of screen time if they have to do it right and it gets expensive. I love Shat, but at his age now he doesn’t look like the 60’s Kirk and neither does Nimoy. I think this could be done, it could be groundbreaking if done right and it could take us back to that old feeling of the series.

Ok….this only has to do with the broadcast time of Balance Of Terror for those who have Dish-Network and the optional (so called) Super Stations.
Originally I seen on the list here that Balance Of Terror was suppose to air
at 12:00 – Noon on Sunday but I see that it first airs (on KWGN) Channel 235 at 2:00 A.M. instead.
I wasn’t able to check ahead at the 12:00 Noon timeslot to see if they’re going to repeat this episode or Miri-Miri or what but when I find out later today then I’ll post it here – Ok? Mind you…you have to have Dish-Network and these Super Stations to get it unless you live in the Denver area which
in case you’re one step ahead of me….

Hm, the image-quality of the sixties is different from today, even when it’s remastered. Does anyone know to explain this difference.