Shatner Continues To Backpedal On Abrams Remarks

Today the folks at sent out an email special announcement:

"SPECIAL NEWS EDITION: William Shatner on the Star Trek Movie."

William Shatner has released a statement on the new Star Trek Movie
Bill has posted a short comment on the Star Trek movie on his website that we feel is important enough to send out an additional bulletin this week….

What was the big deal? It turns out it is just the  rather oddly worded ‘gas’ comment from his forums which was reported here yesterday. For some reason Shatner and/or his people feel this is so important that every knows his vews on ‘the gas coming from Abrams.’ It does seem a bit strange after weeks of Shatner talking up JJ Abrams every time he was interviewed or appeared at a convention that he feels this comment must get out to everyone.

It is all our fault
This all seems to have started with the Con Report on Monday. To be honest, to regular Shatner watchers, it didn’t seem like huge news that Shatner said he was meeting with Abrams. Just a weekend before he said Abrams was planning on contacting both he and Nimoy (something Nimoy confimed on video). However to the outside world the Chicago report seemed newsworthy and the story got picked up by many sites including, Cinematical and SciFi Wire. Now some of those same sites and others are running stories about Shatner backpedaling. Our favorite headline so far is from Slashfilm:Shatner Denies Rumor He Started.

Why is the Shat changing his tune?
There is no doubt in our mind that Shatner said what he said in Chicago. He said it in front of a couple thousand witnesses, many of whom has talked to. The real question is: why is Shatner backpedalling so hard after weeks of talking up Abrams. Did the notoriously tightlipped Abrams team tell him to do it? Did Abrams back out of the meeting? Is this all part of some negotiating ploy? Who the hell knows. has spoken to many loyal Shatner fans who are not all that surprised. Shatner has always been a bit of a nut and not always consistent in his comments. And in the run up to many previous Trek films he has often gone from praise to critique to praise again. Regardless, will keep on watching every move that Shatner makes becuase it gets more entertaining every day.   

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Bad picture of Shatner.Looks like you caught him in the men’s room

To use the ‘Net Vulgar:


Most… illogical. And fascinating.

Denny Crane!

Irregardless? IRREGARDLESS??! Come on, this is the 21st century. I thought everyone knew that’s not a word. btw, don’t blame Shatner – it’s the mad cow. :-)


how about Janet Jackson at Uhura and Jet LI as Sulu?

take a leaf out of the new Battlestar Galatica book.

Angelina Jolie for the new young kirk !

It’s simple: Damon as Kirk, Ben Affleck as Spock — sorry but Greg Grunberg is too chubby, and Damon and Affleck have a rapport anyway — Leo DiCaprio as Doctor McCoy, Josh Hartnett as Chekov, Beyonce as Uhura, and Jet Li is way too old to be Sulu, you gotta go with someone lesser known like John Koyama. Even he’s getting old.