“Balance of Terror” Screenshots – Before and After plus Video Clip! [UPDATED]

Here are some screenshots from my local digital TV carrier of Trek Enhanced. Remember that these aren’t HD resolution, as CBS Paramount isn’t sending HD feeds yet. Some screenshots from the DVD of Balance of Terror are provided for for comparison. Notice in the live action shots that there is better contrast and more detail in the faces, even in the standard definition version, you can certainly tell that it comes from a remastered high definition source.

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New Effects Video


Click the pics for larger versions. Feel free to comment!


Old Versus New

Old Comet

New Comet

Old Flyby

New Flyby

Old Bird of Prey Underbelly

New Bird of Prey Underbelly

DVD Kirk

Remastered Kirk

DVD Spock

Remastered Spock

Various New Shots

New Title Sequence

Enterprise Saucer Shot

The Romulan Bird of Prey Lurks

The Plasma Weapon Is Fired

The Plasma Weapon Dissipates

New Phaser Effect

The Bridge Group Looks Concerned

Kirk and McCoy Share a Moment


UPDATE: TrekMovie.com Review of Balance of Terror Remastered (by Daren Dochterman)

MORE PICS AND VIDEO: See Our Episode Guide for Media on each weeks episode (now with Devil in the Dark video)

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Could anyone upload the intro on youtube? :)
For those living outside of USA :)

Hello does anyone know if these episodes are availible on the internet for download??

Does anyone know if Remastered is available in the Washington DC area? I couldn’t find it in the listings anywhere.

I must say that, as impressive as CGI can be, I don’t find it a good substitute for using well-crafted, finely detailed models. I don’t think the Enterprise looks very realistic in the CGI shots posted on this site. EdenFX looks to have done a much better job and pays more attention to detail.

I can easily tell the difference between CGI ships and model ships .The CGI looks animated and flat.The Eden CGI ,especially of the enterprise leaving orbit,was stunning and had me expecting something more advanced from paramount’s special effects treatment.I’m a little dissapointed.

I know I have posted this before but this seemed like a better place than the other one so sorry if this is a little redundant…

As usual my expectations got the better of me but…

Wow…what a disappointment. Several levels of disappointment on this whole effort.
1) Compared to the series ‘Enterprise’ in particular and Battlestar Galactica in general the CGI effects were very cartoony. It looked like a video game rendering of the ships…from a few years ago. There weren’t even close in trying make them look ‘real’ or even detailed, they just looked cartoony. In some instances they looked MORE fake than the 1966 model shots. The Romulan phaser shot in particular looked much worse than the 1966 effect and the ships in general looked cartoony. Too bad Paramount, after the considerably amount of money they have made with the original series, choose to go with the lowest bidder for this effort.

2) While I like the IDEA of doing a frame for frame remake of the effects shots, in reality it really seemed a lost opportunity to greatly enhance the visual scope of the series. I agree – no barrel rolls – but to slavishly go with a shot for shot recreation, why bother? Sadly another indication of the lack of vision for such a large undertaking. It’s as if they did not trust their own sense of judgement as to what to upgrade and what not to.

3) The editing for syndication was pretty bad. Granted this is not the CGI teams fault. I have not watched the show in syndication for many years having owned them on VHS and DVD. Even with about 8 minutes being taken out for more ads, the cuts for the content chosen to edit was pretty bad.

Now all that being said, there are a few good things to say about this TOS-HD presentation. The comet did look much better than the original, the Phaser bolts did look much better and there were one of two new ship shots that were not in the original and that was a nice touch.

Also I was watching from Direct TV and there was heavy cloud civer so the picture was not great but any standard. I will also watch from my local station with my HiDef TV next week-even though it is being broadcast in SD.

I give it a D+, not a total failure but really a disappointment when compared to the level of CGI available in 2006 and Paramount’s cheapness in farming this job out.

I don’t like it that the episode was editted down some! I thought the color was great but the new FX so far are not very impressive!


I too was unable to see it due to technical difficulties with my tv tuner. If anyone finds a location where we might download this episode I’d appreciate the heads up.

Guys, They aired “Miri” under the title “Balance of Terror” on my station. Did that happen elsewhere? It was the new remastered “Miri.”

“Balance of Terror” doesn’t air in my town until later tonight. I watched the newly redone version of “Miri” at 1am this morning instead. I must say that I enjoyed the new version, and can’t wait to see more. But looking at the Enterprise screen captures posted here, it confirms my worst fears of the new Enterprise model. It looks great except for the nacel caps–which look absolutely horrible! Especially awful when compared side by side to the original model shots.

The originals has a sense of shape and depth to them–even dark shadows at the bottom–despite the frenzied glow of energy pulsating within. Whereas the new versions look flat and lifeless, like hand painted cells out of cartoon-Trek using only a couple flat colors. It simply doesn’t hold up to the originals in any way. It’s really amazing to me how that one little detail can ruin the entire look of the ship, because otherwise it really looks pretty good. But it’s amazing how close they came to a great job, and yet failed…

thanks for the pics Matt…good work.

RE: Internet downloads
There will be no listing of bittorrent or any other downloads on this site, so dont ask and dont post them

Is it too late to petition Paramount to fix these?? If this is the best that they are willing to do with it then PLEASE get word to them that this is not good. If nothing else, they should restore the original version (go ahead with the audio re-do) and record it in hi-def to preserve it. Do like George Lucas did with Episodes IV,V & VI (2 disc set- one original the other “enhanced”). Please don’t lose the original versions and leave future generations stuck with this low grade revamp. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the majority of 1960’s effects. All that was really ever needed was to fix some of the grainy low light footage and to clean up some of the effects and or some of the scene errors. No need to try and substitute them with non-matching CG versions. The Enterprise CG is particularly an indication of the lack of real care and concern for doing a proper job. Even the still shots posted above illustrate my point- lack of believeable shadowing/lighting, nacelles are just pitiful, and the angles- come on, all you have to do is match up positions to the original. Either do it right or don’t fool with it at all. Please, please Paramount- take a good hard look at all this. You’re tampering with the classic of all classic sci-fi series. You have an opportunity here to do the right thing- please don’t blow it.

I haven’t been able to see the show yet. Based on the screenshots that are showing up, so far II’m underwhelmed.

Nice and clean, and I sure do not miss the heavy grain on some of those optical shots…but it’s much more of a restoration than an upgrade. The nacelle caps certainly need more work to mimic the wonderful x-mas light effects showcased in episodes like “The Tholian Web” .
While I welcome the new prints, they are gorgeous, I just wish they would take more libertys with certain FX sequences. I certainly understand their position, keeping the original inegrity of the shots intact. But I also believe that the original FX artists would have used many different angles if they had the chance. The budget tied their hands….they HAD to use the same tired, stock fly-by 79 times. I don’t think they wanted to….budget contraints forced them to. I hope the new team at CBS doesn’t feel like they have to reproduce the same stock shots over and over and over. After all, CBS is trying to build a new fan base…to do this they do not have to please the purists who aren’t watching the edited versions on cable anyway. So spice it up a little….nothing drastic, just some nice new angles, close ups etc. The purists will get over it and go back to their original DVD’s and new viewers will love it….as will viewers like myself, who relish any chance to watch an episode for the 100th time, espeically when there is something new to see.

i already watched MIRI last night at 9pm, this afternoon “Balance of Terror” will be on 3pm. i cant wait grrr lol.

Is Miri not going to be shown in Los Angeles?

I cant find it anywhere. Balance of Terror is on early Monday morning in LA

I was actually suprised at the restraint the effects team used in NOT going overboard with barrell rolls or sweeping camera moves and actually simply re-creaing the shots. However, if a frame by fram re-creation was the goal, why didn’t they simply clean up the original effects shots. They have done a wonderful job of restoring the original live action footage, why not give the same treatment to the original effects footage as well – if their intention was to restore.

As far was the editing, yuck – I’m sticking to the TOS shown on G4 witn the original effects shots and cleaned up footage and UNCUT!

My observation about Balance of Terror

The Credits: Shatner’s VO and the music seemed a bit crisper. The new vocal version fo the theme was not used at the beginning or end. I think they were shortened for commercial time.

The film print: Looked very bright and the colors really popped out. The Command/Ops uniforms really are lime green. For years I’ve read they were green and just looked gold on film. Now you can see under certain lighting that they really were green.

The CGI effects. As still shots the models look good. But they basically remade each shot exactly as it was before – ie. it looks like a model on a stand with the camera dollying in on a track. In the credits they redid it just like the original with the camera off-axis to the model so it looks like the Enterprise is “skidding”.

I have really mixed feelings about this. I can watch the original and say, “For the 60’s on a TV budget, the model effect look pretty good.” But watching the redo I was thinking, “For 2006 on a major network budget, these are pretty lame CGI effects.” Come on, a shot for shot do over [b]trying[/b] to make the cgi look like cheesy models?!?!

I’m hoping for improvement as it goes on.

I figured I’d sleep on this before I made any attempt to comment on it. Well, it’s a new day and I’ve had my 1st cup of joe so here goes…

I have to agree with many of the posts here. I have very mixed feelings about what they are doing and hope that early constructive feedback will help encourage Paramount to re-think what they are doing and perhaps make some early changes.

1) Editing. Big complaint here. I stopped watching these shows 15 years ago on TV for this very reason. More than any other factor, the appeal to buying them on home video was more than anything else, the luxury of seeing the shows in original uncut format with no commercials. I for one would rather be subjected to more commercials over a 1.5 hour time frame then to see less show over a 1 hour time frame. These episodes are 51 minutes in length and are now 42 minutes. The hack job was not even done well.

2) The New Effects. Mostly an improvement especially on a 1st season episode but not great – especially after seeing In a Mirror Darkly. I’ve seen these shows countless times and if I really need to see them again as is, I have the DVDs. To make me want to tune in and watch product I already own and suffer through the commercials, I want to see something really new. Since these are mostly recreations of the original shots, I doubt that I’m going to stay watching them. Particularly the next installment – Miri, which is mostly a character driven episode and had few VFX. If anything I’d hope they would fix the cure sequence when Dr. McCoy looses his splotches. The Miri Earth shot will no doubt be better – after all, when has the entire planet ever been without cloud cover.

3) New Music and Sound. It seems that only the opening and closing theme was redone. The music throughout the episode is the original recordings – same with the sound effects. I was hoping for a complete refit here. The old sound was actually pretty good but it could have been updated. I’m not sure if it is even possible. Perhaps someone here can expand on whether or not the original dialog recordings are still available so that new music and sound effects could be mixed in. At least in one case we know it is as the Laserdisc release of Doomsday had missing musical cues in it that were restored on the DVDs. As for the new music itself – it is not dead on as many are stating. While it does contain much greater definition and detail and the stereo is wide and open, the performance is a little flat and missing the same impact on some of the swells. Not too much but enough to catch my ear. There have been better recreations of this music out for a while now on Crescendo, Telarc and Varese Sarabande.

4) The End Credits. This is a total failure. The shots shown in the closing credits are all original shots. Another missed opportunity. They remake the music but leave the shots as is – why? Many of these are action shots that will not be appearing in the episodes. They need to be re-done to reflect the ones in use. After all, the original intent here was to tease you. Speaking of teases – why is there no tease for the next episode?

5) Expansion. Since all of us would rather not see these show cut up yet again, how about filling some (not too much) of the extra time in a 1.5 hour block with expanded shots. The Enterprise escaping the plasma weapon? Better battle sequences, the Bird of Prey self destructing? Again, if they are going to redo the effects then why not give us something new to look at? Otherwise they should just redo the sequences with some of the better model shots that exist and composite on new optical effects. If fans can do a great job on New Voyages and Exeter…?

6) Overall my review of this effort is C+ My biggest gripe is the editing. It is more distracting to me then anything else. If you want to get upset about messing with any aspect of the original I would think this would be the most offensive. It is to me. There were many great little moments of dialog that were dropped. As many have pointed out over and over again, TOS is a character driven show more akin to a stage performance then anything else and in the end, that is the part that I watch it for – the story.

There is one new shot that I could see with the shorter version broadcast. Around 43:51 on the dvd, this shot has been changed from shots that were used earlier in the episode to an overhead shot looking down on the saucer section. This particular type of shot wasn’t used until the second season, but it’s here. It’s a change from repeating the same shot over and over. When Spock fires the phasers from the weapons control room we see a slow zoon to Enterprise from below, firing it’s phasers. This basically was the same as in the original, but here the ship is closer to camera then was the original shot. It was the same, but different. It made it look new to me. I’ve read a lot of critical comments, some good, some not so good. Sure, if there’s some CGI problems here and there, they should fix them. The nice thing is they can do so before everything is ‘set in stone’ after a new dvd release in the future.

As any sailor knows, you’d never see distinctive “hull plating” on a ship because the crew spends its idle time PAINTING the hull.

Remember, Star Trek is based on the US Navy of the World War II and Korean War era, a time long before C4I and outsourced maintenance where the norm. Imagine seeing a battleship pulling in to port… it would be hazy (ocean water mist); the hull would be freshly scraped and painted (unless she’s fresh out of combat); and you would not see too many details — it would be somewhat blurred by atmosphere and distance.

The problem with CG is that it’s perfect — no haze, no obscurity from distance… While the old models incorporated these items naturally.

Let’s hope the guys at Paramount add these elements to their mix going forward.

Oh and I miss the haze-gray/ocean blue of the Enterprise’s paint. The new stuff looks like titanium instead of oxide.

Did anyone notice that the color stability was much better, than, say, the Star Wars Ep. IV Special Edition?

I understand that they had color separated B&W master reels of Star Wars IV, V, and VI to work with but they were working with emulsion separations of color negative reels with Star Trek: TOS.

On the other hand, Ep. IV was redone in – what? – 1998? Raw computing power of course has increased dramatically since then.

They do seem to have juiced the saturation a bit in the “Balance of Terror” that aired last night.

I guess a good question is – are there ANY extant Kodachrome slides shot on the set under full lighting that have had proper archival handling? Those might serve as a decent color reference.

Well, I only watched “Miri” here, that’s all that’s on this week (that I know of).

The CGI Enterprise under whelmed me too – looks too “ghostly” with the lighting they chose. And I agree, the nacelles just don’t look right either.

However, they did leave the original transporter glitter effect alone – that’s good.

As for as “expanding” the episodes to get a 90 minute syndicated time-slot out of it and leaving all original scenes intack? That might work for something like “Balance of Terror” or “The Immunity Syndrome” where you have a lot of space scenes that possibly – just possibly – could, maybe, sort-of be expanded enough without adding boredom and killing the pacing. But with little sfx-ladden episodes like “Miri”, where can you add?

I really don’t think we can be justified in complaining about the ‘editing’ of the episode. After all, these are well established syndication cuts that are beyond the ability of the creators of this project to control. Besides, once the whole package is available to people like G4, I’m sure we’ll get to see the uncut versions in their entirety.

As for the end credits, keep in mind, these episodes are being done out of order. Most likely, the shots for some of the stills aren’t done being ‘restored’ yet. I imagine that, by the time the whole series is done, this will simply be ‘dropped in’ and everyone can be happy.

As for everyone complaining that ‘they should have just redone the FX like they did the live action’, it’s been established by several experts that that simply was not possibe, given the way the shots were done and preserved. They’ve been restored as far as they’re able to be, and, when TOS is actually released in TrueHD, it would have been even more jarring to see the gorgeously restored live action and shifting to to what-will-by-then-be-really-bad-looking FX shots. Doing the shot-for-shot redo in CGI was their only option if you ever wanted to see TOS after HD finishes it’s takeover of the airewaves…

And to the person who said that ‘it’s like they couldn’t trust their judgement’, you’re absolutely right. If they had started adding stuff and tried to make everything more ‘natural’ looking, then the entire community would have eaten them alive for ‘Lucasifying’ the series…. This really was their only option to avoid a horrible backlash from the fan community. If anything, we should be flattered that they even tried to accomodate us, and let it go at that.

Does anyone who had Miri in their syndication market have screenshots? Miri wasn’t shown in my area this weekend, just Balance of Terror.

i already watched Balance of Terror at 3pm this afternoon. i guess is B+ because i noticed some of missing films (cut) . i dont see bird of prey ship wreak (flow) before destoryed? hmmmmm…..

So this nacelle thing is bugging me, it just isn’t right. Take a look at this quickly edited pic:

All I did was drop the brighetness on the nacelle caps by 30 and then increased the red level value 20%, it now looks a lot more like the cap in the Old Flyby picture.

The nacelle caps in the new footage are a real annoyance. Eden FX did a more plausible job on them in the “Enterprise” episodes that featured the U.S.S. Defiant. I’ve seen quite a number of CG fans and hobbyists on the Internet who’ve done better work in this regard.

I’m frankly mystified that this aspect of the animation passed muster with anyone at CBS Digital.

I totaly agree I can only hope they get the message that the model needs tweaking.

oh boy do you guys like talking

about time I got some forums running huh?

If anybody is interested and/or knows how to petition CBS/Paramount about these issues, lets all get together and hound them to make the corrections. At the very least, let’s get them to commit to doing like George Lucas did the latest DVD releases (have one set of 100% restored original and a “companion” disc set with the “enhanced” versions). It’d be a crying shame to let them try and replace the classic versions with these poor remakes.

Let’s band together and send a loud and clear message to CBS/Paramount before it’s too late. It may already be to late to do anything about these “enhanced” versions but surely they’ve got to have the original footage brought up to hi-def before they went and added/replaced scenes.

Somebody lead the way!!!

After seeing the re-mastered “Balance of Terror” I have to say that I was not impressed. The effects didn’t seem that great to me. If you are going to re-do the effects, a marginal improvement isn’t very helpful. The digital Enterprise doesn’t seem to be traveling through space any more than the model did, and perhaps less so.

I also read that they went to all this trouble to even duplicate the star patterns for the space shots. Why go to all that trouble if they were not going to reproduce the different colors of the stars? Now they are all white like in the movies—VERY DISSAPPOINTING!

Matt- a quick note on the SWOT releases. THe theatrical DVD releases are transferred from the same restored prints as the 1993 Definitive Laserdisc Versions. These are nicely restored prints, using state of the art color correction and film cleaning that was available at the time.

On TOS Re-Mastered, I think CBS / PARAMOUNT went way too conservative on the re-creation of the effects. I understand that they want to honor Gene’s original vision for the show and all that, but they really need to re-introduce the great stories to a new generation – why not spice it up a bit.

In fact, I would suggest that they take it another step and actually re-create the sets, props and alien / creature effects and blend the TOS actors in with that. It can certainly be done now as Lucas and others have demonstrated. Maybe we will see it for the 50th anniversary edition! God – I’ll be way old then!

It looks like someone put lipstick on Spock…

Dave R hit it dead on, I fully agree and feel the same way. They could have done more, except match shot for shot except for 2 exceptions.

And the sydication cutting butchered the episode, espically showing spocks face after seeing the romulan bridge for the first time.

oh yeah spock34, that i noticed is missing the sydication cutting butchered the episode, espically showing spocks face after seeing the romulan bridge for the first time. i was VERY DISSAPPOINTED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

oh yeah spock34, that i noticed is missing the sydication cutting butchered the episode, espically showing spocks face after seeing the romulan bridge for the first time. i was VERY DISSAPPOINTED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well, I wrote a gushing message on another thread. I stand behind what I’ve said, uh, mostly. I do agree with anyone that the engines need a little time at a starbase to have the dilithium crystals put into balance. Let’s see some colored lights inside and find a way to make them look like actual warp drive motors that power the ship. I do like the motors reflecting on the saucer section, a nice touch.

In my other very long post I mentioned the ‘mood’ that the stars bring to the show as a backdrop. I think we should see some colored stars in the background as before, if not in every episode, then time to time, when the ship visits a particular star system. It may not have to be the exact number of stars as in the original. Maybe they see colored stars as being unrealistic in space.

For me, it’s the original star trek universe: sometimes stars are far apart, sometimes all white, sometimes colored. They have different patterns. No problem. Somebody can create a semi-scientific solution to make it plausable. And besides…. it looked good.

But these guys are doing a good job overall, respecting the original material. I’ll bet it’s possible to copy the original engines even more closely. They’re probably going to do something like this when they get to an optical which was filmed close to the ship where the spinning engines are larger in the frame. I hope so….

Also, different colored suns, I do believe is a scientific fact. At least it was when I was a kid.

i think they should copy starship U.S.S. EXETER model like STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, it was great best ever i see.

Many of you are saying “can’t we band together and do ___” but you seem to disagree on what needs to be done. It might raise the clarity if you spelled it out. I’ll try mine:

1. The nacelle caps need to be fixed.

2. The end title images need (eventually) to be fixed.

3. I’m not asking for more fx. Recreating the existing shots are ok with me, even if they are repetitive because they kept reusing the same stock shots.

4. That said, I think the ship could look better. The nacelle caps are the top priority (hence #1 above) and I could live with it if only that gets fixed, but it doesn’t seem quite real enough. It doesn’t seem white enough. The reflector looks cartoony. (And did they really recreate the star fields faithfully? Not that it matters that much to me–it just didn’t really seem like it.)

and some notes:

A) They can’t really clean up the existing fx shots if they plan to release it in HD. That’s why they are doing this, right?

B) Chopping out 9 minutes is deplorable, but nothing we can really blame on the powers that be. Complaints about this belong in a different category from complaints about the remastering itself.

Maybe I screwed up, but in my area, all that was shown was a crap load of infomercials instead of TOS re-mastered!
So, honestly, all I have to go on, is the comparisons posted here, and to my eye, and my opinion, the CGI Enterprise looks more akin to the TAS Enterprise than the TOS Enterprise.
Anyway, being faithful to the original intent is one thing, but when all you are doing is apeing the original, ever little flaw is going to stick out even further. Be bolder CBS, or suffer banality!

Angry New York City area Star Trek fan chiming in:

OK, so I thought I’d outsmart the overnight lackey working at NYC’s Channel 4 who starts and ends programs “whenever” by taping a show scheduled (on tvguide.com, my local newspaper, titantv, zap2it, etc etc) for 3:35AM-4:30AM by programming my VCR to record 3:00AM-5:00AM.

So, what did I tape ?!?!??!?!?

Access Hollywood, the local Today show and 42 minutes of “Balance of Terror”.

As far as I can tell, it started at 2:35-2:45AM, as my tape (scheduled for 3:00AM a full 35 minutes “early”) recorded “Balance of Terror” joined in progress.

Eff you Channel 4 !

The Savannah GA station that was showing it deviated from their website’s listing. It was supposed to start at 12:30, which I set my recorder for, but they showed it at 12, so I (and every other fan setting their VCRs) missed the first half hour. Really maddening.

As for what I DID get and see, the new effects were’nt bad, certainly better than the old and more exciting to see, but the slavish devotion to exactly duplicating the static shots didn’t make much sense. I was looking for something a little more than a shot-for-shot duplication. The average viewer will never notice the difference, only us fans.

For example, why not add in the Rom ship self-destructing and suddenly cutting off the screen image, as it should have?

I’m a little afraid they wil not improve it enough in coming episodes. What about the time-travel sequences in “The Naked Time?” Will we see the shiop sitting in space with nothing happening, and swaying gently as if hanging from strings, all over again? COME ON! Do something exciting with it, that they would have done back them IF THEY COULD HAVE.

Will we see an invading Klingon armada in “Errand of Mercy” this time, or nothing once more, because we didn’t see it before? Will the Klingon ship be seen around K-7 like in “Trials and Tribble-ations” or will it be only the existing scenes without it as in the original “Tribbles?”

Will we see some real ship action in “Journey to Babel” or just a better glowing ship light onscreen?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will do it right.

I just don’t think, these guys who did the effects had their hearts in it… The transfers looked great. But the effects where very sub par. some where even worse then the original. It just screamed CG. If I had worked on it… I would be ashamed of it.

just my 2 cents.

someone who use to care…. :(

What the hell?!

I attempted to watch / tape TOS and was in for a big letdown.

I was quite disappointed myself, the rescheduling / “joined in progress” was a huge insult. In fact, it was an insult to schedule it for 3:35 in the morning!

Can anyone say “poor”?

New York fans got completely f—-d unless they are crazy, like I am, and set the DVR to record the entire program before and the entire program after. As for the show itself, I thought it looked great, the effects clearly were attempting to just be an upgrade to the previous ones and not a re-envisioning. Even though I’m a bit of a purist I thought it was fine, not intellectually dishonest like digital E.T. or the horrors of the retouched Star Wars.

Better than the effects, though, was the picture quality, which I think they got just right this time. Not too bright like the last remaster, a little bit more contrast and texture.

Paramount should have started this project quite a while ago so that the Remastered TOS would have complimented the 40th anniversary of the series. Some episodes would have more of an impact today, “Requiem for Methuselah”, for example, has it’s obvious comparison to human cloning, “City on the Edge of Forever” gives us the classic “What If I Could Change The Past”. Paramount / CBS should stop using the in-house team, pause the project and give us something with better quality effects, spare us the “cartoony” looks of the Enterprise. Gene Roddenberry deserved better.

On a positive note, the film shots looked fantastic with deep, rich colors and a good audio track.