“Devil in the Dark” Screenshots and Videos [UPDATED]

Here we go folks some comparison screenshots, some new ones for eye candy and quick video clips of the new effects.

Click the "more" link to see ’em all!

Click the pictures for larger versions. As always, feel free to comment!

New Effects Video


Old Versus New

Old Matte Painting

New Matte of Mining Operations
Keep your eyes open for a little worker that walks into a tunnel at the bottom left.

Old Horta Tunnel

New Horta Tunnel

Enhanced matte background with smoke from machinery

The new closing flyby of the CGI Enterprise

Various New Shots

The new CGI Janus VI

Mining Chief Vanderberg — the high def transfer doesn’t make him any prettier.

The first "Redshirt" to die, mmm crispy!

The Horta’s first clear appearance on screen

Spock mind-melds with the Horta

McCoy the Brick-laying Doctor


Editor’s note:
I know may of you like to post these images up on your own sites, blogs and/or other message boards. That is ok with TrekMovie.com, but if you do so please put a link back to this source article. It takes time, effort and bandwidth to do these things and Matt and I would appreciate it

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