Spiner Aproves Of Abrams and Trek Remastered

Recently we reported that Brent Spiner (TNG’s Data) was resigned to Star Trek Nemesis being the end of the line for the Next Generation crew. But it appears he is not bitter (unlike a certain former Counselor) and is upbeat on Star Trek XI’s Producer JJ Abrams. Spiner tells Starburst Magazine:

I think he’s a fine choice, why not? Lost is a really interesting show. Alias was fun. I haven’t seen Mission Impossible III. But who would be better?

Spiner also scoffs at ‘purist fan’ reaction to CBS adding CGI effects, telling Starburst "I don’t think that remastering the Star Trek series to look better is really tampering with it.”  In other Trek Remastered news, the Jules Verne Adventure Expo will be showing the remastered versions of ‘The Naked Time’ and ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ on October 15th in Los Angeles. That will be the first public showing for the remastered ‘City’, which is considered by many to be the best episode of the series and TrekMovie.com will be there.

Spiner excerpts via SciFi Pulse, (hat tip to TrekWeb), full Spiner interview in the latest issue of Starburst.

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I’m sure you mean “The Naked Time” that’s the original episode. “The Naked Now” was the TNG sequel.

City On The Edge Of Forever! They don’t make Trek like the used to, eh? Well, I am pleased we have these re-done episodes to bring our attention back to the original shows again. I’ve been watching my DVDs daily since they announced the remastered episodes a month ago.