Siddig, Sulu, Singer, and Spaceballs In A Slow News Day Smackdown

TrekToday interviewed Star Trek DS9 star Alexander Siddig and it appears that he has put Trek behind him. Siddig talked about his successful post Trek career and only said "next question" when asked if he would be interested in getting a call from Trek XI’s JJ Abrams. He also said that he doesn’t think his Syriana co-star Matt Damon would want to even be in Trek XI, telling TrekToday "Damon would be a great Trek captain, but I’d be a little surprised if he has agreed to do it, frankly."  Check out the full interview for more.

We still dont know if a new Sulu will be in StarTrek XI, but it seems the old Sulu is getting one more shot. Star Trek’s George Takei will reprise his role as Sulu for the popular online fan film "NewVoyages" which is shooting a new episode this week. With his usual humility Takei tells AP "My coming back is crucial to the existence of the Enterprise…It’s classic drama, and it’s rip-snorting good." More coverage on the TrekFan Film phenom at Forbes.

JJ Abrams may have beaten out Brian Singer who also wanted a crack at the Trek franchise, but that hasn’t stopped Singer from talking Trek. CanMag is reporting that Singer thinks his sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ will be the ‘Wrath of Khan’ of the Superman franchise.  Wrath of Khan of course was able to revive the Trek franchise with a fraction of the budget ofthe previous film and Singer’s Superman Returns is reported to have cost over $200 Million. So can we expect Superman to yell out ‘Zod youBloodsucker?’?

It seems JJ Abrams prediction of his pal Greg Grunberg‘s new show being a hit has come true. According to a NBC Press Release the series debut of ‘Heroes’  was the best NBC premiere in the last 5 years. The show also won its timeslot and brought in 48% more viewers than NBC averaged for that slot last year. Heroes is the most ‘scifiy’ show this season after all three scifi shows last season got cancelled (Threshold, Invasion and Surface). But we are sure that even though Grunberg didn’t appear in Abrams new show Six Degrees (possibly a first for him), he will make time for Trek XI. Star Trek is sure to be a recurring theme for the show as one of the breakout characters ‘Hiro’ constantly refers to Trek. The character even has his own built in ‘transporter’. More on Heroes, Grunberg and Abrams at Superhero Hype, and a recap at CinemaBlend.

For years Mel Brooks wanted to follow-up his scifi satire Spaceballs with a sequel entitled ‘Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II’ (an obvious play on Star Trek III: The Search For Spock). For now it appears Brooks has given up on that and has settle for a new animated version of the show. E! is reporting that Brooks has cut a deal with MGM to have a new animated Spaceballs appear on the G4 Network. Brooks will write the pilot and provide voice for two characters. No word yet on if other original actors will reprise their roles. The original film parodied may scifi movies and TV shows including Star Trek, perhaps ‘Snotty’ the engineer will be back. May the Schwartz be with you Mel.

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I thought Spaceballs was dead–at least I had hoped so. It was a sad entry in the list of films made after Brooks replaced his social sharpness with desperate dumbness. I laughed twice when I saw that in a theater–mostly I just groaned. PLEASE Mel–if you must revisit ypur past, please go someplace more worthy than Spaceballs.

Brian Singer says he’ll bring back trek the way trek 2 wrath/khan did?Ha!After that bloated budgeted maudlin Superman flop he directed?They”ll have to get someone to do the Nick meyer job(Wrath/ Khan director)for the superman franchise he sunk.

Personally I think Lost is more Sci-Fi than Heroes. Heroes seems very much in the fantasy vein.

Wasn’t Singer supposed to do Battlestar Galactica as well? That was before Ron Moore got involved. Poor Singer, no Trek, no BSG, so he ahd to spin his wheels with Superman! I personally was letdown by Superman Returns (wrong actors in a couple of roles and the wrong story) but I do want to see Routh have another shot at the character. Singer should step back and produce it with another person directing.

As for Damon doing Trek, I think his star power doesn’t get diminished in the yes of the mainstream if he does the role, but my worry is that he won’t stay with Capt. Kirk for the long haul (future movies past Trek XI). Unless Paramount is content to do a one-shot tribute to TOS, they need someone more available than Damon.

Oh one more thing, that picure included in this article cracks me up because when I first saw it I thought: That reminds me of the pickup truck scene from Star Trek IV. Siddig as Spock and Damon as Kirk. Hmmm, casting possibilities?

Damon may be harder to get into a Trek film now that his film with Nicolson and DiCaprio is being so well recieved.Career wise that might be a step back.I could see him doing it with a bunch of other ” A-listers” though ,for fun.I agree w/Adam though.Getting the same ensemble back intact for Trek xii might be hard.- Unless it’s in the spirit of Oceans’s 11,12,13 where the same hip bunch get togather again.George Clooney as Spock anyone?Brad Pitt as Mc Coy?Julia Roberts as Chapel?Maybe each new Trek film will be re-interpreted with a different cast like Batman.Ya now ,Keaton,Kilmer etc.