Trek Stars Perform Mock Trek XI Casting Call has just posted a con report from the recent PlanetXPo in Seattle which describes a Trek XI themed ‘radio play’ performed by a number of Trek Luminaries. The play was titled ‘My Kingdom for a Kirk’ and mimicked a theoretical casting call for a new captain Kirk. Star Trek Enterprise’s John Billingsley played the part of Trek XI producer JJ Abrams, assisted by his secretary "Miss Rand" played by Grace Lee Witney. Auditioning for the role of Kirk was none other than George Takei, Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig…all playing themselves. Takei self deferentially told ‘Abrams’ that he should actually do a movie about ‘The Adventures of Captain Sulu on the Excelsior’, then acquiesed to doing his best attempt at a Kirk (in full Shatner mockery).  Nichols tried to convince Abrams that he should have a woman play Kirk and Koenig tried to convince him he wanted a Russian Captain Kirkov. The original series stars were followed up by Tim Russ and Gary Graham vying for the part of the new Spock. Alan Ruck, J.G. Hertzler and Garrett Wang also show up with the play ending with ‘Abrams’ deciding he is willing to pay Matt Damon anything he wants.

‘Miss Rand’ and ‘JJ Abrams’ get advice from Rod Roddenberry

TrekMovie has talked to Sky Conway (the man behind Planet XPo) who says there should be some video clips from the show put up soon, we will put those up as soon as they are available. Full Seattle Con Report at

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i like Ruck’s face and voice for spock… he looks like he could do it.

I think this was kinda cool. A bunch from all the Trek incarnations getting together for some fun and satire. At least some of them get along.