Roddenberry thinks Abrams ‘Gets It’, Dorn Does Not has posted a very belated con report from the Creation Vegas convention from 5 weeks ago (see our story here). This one covers many different people but has some more detailed comments on Trek XI from Michael Dorn, Rod Roddenberry and Paula Block…here they are…

Rod Roddenberry Thinks Abrams ‘gets it”

I am very open to J.J. Abrams doing this next movie. I like thefact that it’s someone new. I also like the fact that he’s an actualfan of the show … I’d be concerned that it might be, y’know, another version of ‘Star Wars’ but now called ‘Star Trek’ … [But] I think he’s one of us. He gets it, he has the passion, and I think he’s gonna do a great job. I just want to make sure he’s strong enough to stand upto the executives that say, ‘We need bigger breasts.’ That comes afterwards — let’s get the story first.

Michael Dorn jokes about Klingon movie, accepts no more TNG movies, slams prequel

 Pretty interesting about this J.J. Abrams and the movie, huh? … The funny thing is that, just when you thought it was safe to go to the theater again, there’s another Star Trek. I thought it was, like, over…But I still think it should be a Klingon movie. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but we have hope. And I’m gonna ask for millions. Millions! And I’ll take two thousand, actually."

The one thing about our crew is that we’re perfectly happy and supportive of whoever is going to do it….They have a penchant for wanting to go back, you know, and I think that works sometimes. But for the most part, one of the things that Gene always talked about was, going forward. You always go forward. So I don’t know — will it be successful? Hope so. We wish them well, seriously. If they want us to be in it, great — if not, [speaking for] everybody from Next Generation, we’re all very happy doing what we’re doing right know. I mean, I’m working really hard on my tennis game, which is harder than anything else!

Star Trek from the very beginning always mirrored what’s happening in our society, and I really think that’s something they should do — have a movie about what’s happening in our world today, all the crazy stuff we’ve been through the last, y’know, three years or so. Because Star Trek is always great at taking what’s happening and having a morality about it saying, ‘Okay, this is what’s going on, this is how we should be.’ That’s what I think. But, y’know, [snicker] they don’t listen to me!

CBS Exec confirms Kirk/Spock/Enterprise storyline?
The only other Trek XI snippet was a comment from Paula Block, Head of CBS Consumer Products.  Although the ‘Kirk and Spock’ storyline for Trek XI is widely believed and rumored, it is not yet ‘official’. However this is what Block said:

we don’t know anything more about it than you’ve already heard in the press, and even Paramount doesn’t know too much more about it than you’ve heard already. We believe it’s going to be an Original Series-era motion picture — you’ve probably seen the preview poster they’ve done … kind of hinting that it’ll have to do with Spock and Kirk and the original Enterprise, but nobody knows any more about it than that.

As I have said before, I will eat my hat if the film doesn’t involve Kirk and Spock. Although I have yet to talk to anyone who doesn’t think Trek XI will be about Kirk and Spock, to date no one at CBS or Paramount has gone ‘on the record’ confirming that (or any plot details). Then again Block may be basing her comments solely on speculation.  


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Just in case… I’m buying a new hat and possibly a webcam for you, Tony. :P

Its funny how TNG cast don’t like Abrams ideas. Its pretty obvious they want another pay day.

Let’s fear the best… ;-)

the whole TNG crew got screwed by bad scripts…

I like Dorn’s idea of a Klingon movie. Tell the Klingon legends and history. Maybe it would grow into a Klingon series. It could happen.