Trekkies III: The Search For Fan Films?

Spotted this tidbit about Denise Crosby in the most recent Vegas con report on

After producing and hosting the first two "Trekkies" documentaries, Crosby said she is toying with ideas for a third one. "We’ll see — I’vegot it in mind to do. I’d like to do three; I just think three seems more complete — I’m looking at the boxed set down the line, y’know?" She said the theme of the next project would likely involve what she called "fan filmdom."

It would be an interesting move for Paramount to put out another ‘Trekkies’ movie around the same time they are trying to expand the audience for Star Trek with Star Trek XI. If it does happen one would hope that Crosby and the other producers strived to be a bit more balanced then the previuos two films. Many Trek fans have felt that Trekkies I and II reinforced many of the negative stereotypes of Star Trek fans, some of which are now being dispelled by Trek Sociologist John Tenuto. The choice of the so called ‘fan films’ is also interesting, it could be seen as one step closer to legitimacy for these independent Trek films.  

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I wish she would stop making Trekkies. They really aren’t that entertaining and only reinforce the idea that no normal people watch Star Trek.

wow, she’s really old looking in that pic…..

I like Denise Crosby and I don’t think she wants to disgust the fans, although the trekkie-movies are stereotype-based.

It’s a type of journalism I call “Look at the Geeks”. It never seems to go away. Journalistic ethics, fairness in reporting, etc. don’t seem to apply when covering fan event. It’s really just a case of bullying somebody because they are different, naive, and vulnerable. I find it disgusting.

What a bunch of whine-asses in this forum! Unbelievable how seriously this is taken; what makes Trek so much better than every other art form, fantasy, recreation, etc.? The first two films were entertaining, and balanced – all of the reproachful comments about the “oddballs” in the movies were made by other real fans interviewed in the movies. Please watch again, even just for 20 minutes, and try to be open-minded this time. Or just pull the rod outta your keister and get your head out into the wider world.