“The Naked Time” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

As per ususal here are some comparison shots and an assortment of extra shots for The Naked Time.


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New Effects Video



Click the pictures for larger versions.


Old versus New

The new PSI 2000

The old PSI 2000

The new surface of PSI 2000 (notice the new science station)

The old surface of PSI 2000

A look over Sulu’s shoulder with the new PSI 2000

A look over Sulu’s shoulder

Spiraling closer to the new planet

Spiraling closer to the old planet

Scotty burns through the bulkhead (notice the new beam)

Scotty burns through the bulkhead

Plunging into the new atmosphere (notice the flames at the edge)

Plunging into the old atmosphere

The new time warp

The old time warp

The new chronometer on Sulu’s console

Sulu’s old chronometer


Various New Shots

This is how it all starts…

A very obvious dummy

Poor Joe

Have no fear.. O’Riley is here!

The always lovely Uhura

Sulu storms the bridge

Chapel loves Spock

Spock loses his grip

A beach to walk on…

Closing shot of the Enterprise

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Those shots look pretty spiffy to me, especially the updated chronometer graphics (I always cringe at closeups on the old instrument readings because they are blatantly out-of-date, even in the 21st Centruy, let alone the 23rd Century). Thanks for the update, Matt!

The dummy still looks like a dummy in the new shots? Why?

well done Matt

it seems every week CBS is going to throw us a curveball, just like with the Horta wall disovle, I was not expecting the new chronometer…then again didnt really feel the need for it either. Is this now a ‘precedent’, are they going to do this for every closeup on a console or display screen going forward?

I love those screenshots. ..Amazing

I’ve been pleased with the remastering so far. I’d like to see them remaster ALL of the obvious ‘cheesy’ effects, including those within the ship, which were forced upon Mr. Roddenberry and his production staff by the very limited budget with which they had to work at the time. I’d even like to see them introduce those star-filled windows that we have become accustomed to seeing in Starfleet vessels including the NX-01, which of course precedes the NCC-1701 in Federation history by about a century. These would look good placed in their ‘conference room’, set into the bulkhead between those curved beams which give structural ‘ribs’ to the ship. Heck, give Kirk a window in his quarters; Archer had one!

The Sick Bay could use alot of upgrading. Shouldn’t McCoy have at least the same sophistication of instrumentation at his disposal as did Phlox? Actually, a century later he should have more; but I’d settle for something at least as good. The same holds true for Engineering, of course, as well as for all of the shuttle craft.

One more thing I’d consider doing: updating a little of the dialog. This could be done by CGI altering of the actors’ mouths, or by simple voice-overs with the actors’ voices when their faces are off-camera. I would do this VERY sparingly. For instance to explain the physical difference in the appearance of Zefram Cochrane (the female entity did it) or in the Klingon’s appearance from our first contact with them (we know why). Or to include references to pre-Kirk Era canon: such as to the NX-01, or to the Xindi, or to Archer, T’Pol, Trip, Malcolm, Hoshi, Phlox, or for that matter the history and structure of the Federation and Star Fleet. These are the ONLY changes in dialog that I would suggest, for I too want to protect the integrity of the original series while attempting to improve its quality.

As to references: I forgot to mention Travis, Admiral Forrest, and the Denoblians; as well as the changes in Cochrane’s attitude and behavior (once again, brought about in response to the intervention by ‘The Companion’). Also, Shran could be mentioned in “Journey To Babel”, and perhaps T’Pau could say a little something regarding T’Pol in “Amok Time”. These would all be short, passing references; useful in solidifying the continuity of the canon timeline.

Love the new science station exterior, and the planet looks good from orbit. They might have been a little too conservative with the time warp effect, but the chronometer is great. It looks retro in style but advanced in tech.

I loved this week’s remastering, particularly the orbital planet viewscreen shots. I mean, when you see Sulu and Riley tensely working their consoles, and then see that rapidly spinning planet below them, it actually looks like they’re doing real (and difficult) work. The planet shots alone add tension and jeopardy to the situation that the original opticals couldn’t manage.

When they added the actual phaser beam to Scotty cutting through the bulkhead, how come there is no phaser noise? Why fix one thing and not the other?

I’m sure the reason why the sound effect isn’t there as we normally see it would be because of the setting it was on. Obviously it wasn’t on a “normal setting” or Scotty would have blown part of the wall and the “wiring” inside almost instantly, leaving himself a bigger problem.

They did fine work on this episode; give them credit.

Maybe Scottie bought the phaser at Home Depot, which sells those no-noise bulkhead remover phasers…

Why does the science station exterior in CGI look like Jabba the Hut’s palace in Star Wars EP VI

ECH, it’s Hyperbola the Hutt’s residence, Jabba’s ill-fated slug cousin.

I’m glad they fixed the chronometer, not because of the way it looked but because of the way it worked.

It always bugged me that the minute didn’t change when the seconds rolled over; it changed one second late. Blatant f-up in the original, now fixed. Kudos.

i though it was really great, they are getting better all the time, mike okuda? if your listening, im sorry that i pre~judged your new cbs cgi department before in a few unflattering words here on the trekweb.com recently.

yes i was wrong.

..even the way they fixed the ships, “look” this time, and the simple things, like the relative time clock , finally no longer embarrasing, next to sulu, was a update in a respectful to the original style, yet in a nautical kind of way as it should be.

i prefered also the new version time warp shift effect greatly, but my one complaint was the cuts, can’t wait to see on this on dvd, when they show the enterprise enough herself, during the time warp effect away from (the beleivable for once) planet, the greatly enhancing (but never intrusive) fx really added to to the storys believable factor.

again, the colour transfer as in the other remastered episodes thus far were awsomely great.

i had read somewhere recently that these are “the first direct trasfers from the original film negatives, in their original desilu/paramount cannisters, they were only proccessed and “duped” once, and that was for the network original run (66-69), and then in fthe fall of 1969 for the syndication package to inependant mostly UHF stations back in the days of tos’s original syndication packages (1969-1975).

so just realise fellow kiddies that all those years of tos reruns were “second generation copys” of the original film printed to begin with, and they were mediocre transfers of that, especially so for the first 2 seasons of rerun transfers at the best…the the third season seemed to fair slighly better in quality transfer,
i am not sure exactly why…

well the naked time really looks like great and the acting was great in most cases real goog showcase for several players and a exciting story well told..

it was better than ever, with the new print of it to enjoy, and the rare consideration for his comunications officer captain james R…t kirk….showed when hapologised to her, when he was just about done overcoming his demons w/spock’s help.

i had always liked this episode alot before, and to me now it’s the number
#1 updated episode that i have seen
thus far.

“the naked time” deserves an “A” on the cbs paramount/okuda “remastered trek” report card this week.

regards from an old timer trekkie~r !


Born the same day as Will Wheaton

I’m riding the rollercoaster on this one people…

I’m enjoying the wonderful high points of this stuff. i.e. the nice matte painting… (though I don’t know about the design there…) and the chronometer is a good upgrade that I hadn’t even considered…

But the space shots are still way off, folks… :(

I hate to be a “hit and link” kinda guy… but I’ll be posting my longer winded ranting on trekenhanced.com later today. (monday)

Even so, I’ll be there every week to watch TOS live and in color.

Scotty’s new phaser effect was excellent, I just wish they would have used it to replace the old beams in the Devil in the Dark last week. That episode was very well done as well, but Kirk and Spock’s phasers took me back out of the episode.

I don’t understand why they would take the time to replace the ship clock reading but not revise bad phaser effects if the intention is to update without tampering with the original story.

So far, that’s the only change (or in this case, lack thereof) that has really bothered me. I really hope they replace phaser effects going forward.

Am I the only person who is tired of hearing from Daren Dochterman? So you did some cgi tests. So you didn’t get picked to work on the new remastering. Do we have to hear you whine and nitpick and rant and tell us all how you would have done it better all across the web in multiple forums and talkbacks?

Really Daren…enough. Get back to work on using your talents for something new and uniquely yours and stop criticising everyone else’s work. You’ve got very obvious talents, but your public demeanor is extremely annoying. I for one don’t want to have to constantly hear your opinions on what’s broken.

The Enterprise would absolutely annihilate Godzilla!

Godzilla would try that nuclear/atomic breath garbage and after the camera stopped shaking and the crew recovered themselves, Kirk would order a full barrage of Photon Torpedoes on the big lizard -” Fiiiiiiire!”

Then Bones and Spock would debate the rightness of exterminating a unique species only to be pimp slapped back to reality by Jim.
Kirk cracks a joke and the camera fades on the bridge crew laughing as we see the Enterprise sailing away from the ashes of a big guy in a suit.

Hey there Godzilla… love your early work.

My presence here has very little to do with my “not getting picked” for the TOS remastering. It has to do with my love for the original series, and my hope that my comments may influence the people doing the actual job. I’m sorry that you think my “public demeanor” is annoying. I believe I have been very even handed and courteous in this matter, never attacking on a personal level… only on critiques of work done.

Many, many people have told me that they enjoy my take on the whole thing… and that’s why I continue to comment. I believe I have developed a little bit of “streed cred'” in this matter, and have left my work out there to be critiqued itself on its own merit. Free for people to show me how to do it better. I always post using my own name… and am open to email rebuttal, by people who are not afraid to hide behind an alias.

Now, I’m gonna go back to my day job. Destroying major cities with the power of nuclear radiated spines.

To answer your question, “Am I the only person who is tired of hearing from Daren Dochterman?”

— Yes, you are.

I cannot imagine anyone more qualified to discuss and critique Star Trek Remastered than Daren. I have found his comments here and on his site both enlightening and entertaining. And of course it isnt as if his comments are far off those of many others, they are just more detailed due to his freakishly detailed undertanding of the issues related Trek and CGI. Daren and I dont always agree (for example I think that Trek Remastered should be far more \’liberal\’ in its use of CGI than he would advocate) but I always respect what he has to say. 


Don’t quit posting here! Your work is excellent (I’ve been a fan of your work for quite a long time actually), you are clearly a fan and I like reading your viewpoints. I may not always agree with your reviews of some of the visuals, but your posts are always worthy! And…they are very fair and objective. I do not detect any “sour grapes” in your reviews at all.

Give em hell, Daren!!!


I don’t have an ‘educated eye’ concerning all these items, but I’m not fully confortable with the ship as it is now. My hope is that the remastered team will continue to improve the effects and that they will be even better in the eventual dvd release. And I think that comments by Mr. Dochterman toward that end should be welcomed in this forum.

I guess I’m stuck on the phaser issue. I thought it was fine as originally shot! Why, because really most of the time coherent light devices output cannot be seen unless something is scattering the particles. Learned this back when I was a kid building my first HeNe laser. Besides what is the difference between a phaser and other particle output devices? To me a Phaser is far more adjustable. So, there are any of a number of reasons the beam wouldn’t be visible. Operating in the x-ray spectrum for example. Seems to me they altered the wrong thing it should be the sound. Ever heard a high frequency high power, power supply? annoying pitch. Well Ok, how about just visible where the wall is smoking?

Hi Sam! Photos i send on e-mail.

Wery cool.

Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

I think the remastering of the enterprise has failed totally. The images are poor cgi, and have lost totally the versimilitude of the original shots. The original shots taken from a 20 foot model appear to have more realistic depth of field, in the deepness of space, the new images of Enterprise are quite unrealsitic.