Christies Trek Sale Brings in $7.1 Million – Enterprise D Sells For $576k [updated]

Article Updated: The Christies Trek auction is over and according to their release it brought in $7,107,040 (more than double their expectations). The highest priced item was the model for the ST:TNG Enterprise D for $576k, a new world record for Trek memorabilia. Other items that far exceeded expectations were McCoy’s TOS spacesuit for $144k and Picard’s flute from ‘Inner Light’ for $48k. Christies touts it as a truly ‘global event’ with bidders coming in from all over the world, however all but two of the top 10 items went to Americans.

could have been yours for half a $mil

CBS Paramount seemed pleased…John Wentworth (EVP CBS Paramount) is quoted:

The ongoing passion and dedication of fans andcollectorsworldwide has impressed us yet again. We were thrilled to beable tobring them tangible, coveted pieces from our beloved ‘StarTrek’, and weare grateful to those who participated. They now own’Trek’ history andhave made this auction a huge success.

TOS Era big seller on Saturday
Although the TNG Enterprise going for the big bucks is big news, the TOS and TOS movie era proved quite popular on Saturday. The final item (the Enterprise A Model) went for $240,000 (w/o premium). here are some examples of other hot TOS items… (prices shown w/o ‘buyer premium’)

  • TOS Mc Coy Space Suit ‘Tholian Web’: $120k
  • 2 tribbles: $4k (for two tiny balls of fur!)
  • TUC Klingon Gavel: $20k
  • TOS set (from ENT): $38k
  • Spock’s Kolinahr Necklace $11k
  • Klingon Bird of Prey model: $260k
  • T’Pau’s ‘Amok Time’ costume: $45k
  • Kirk TWOK jacket: $17k
    (other TOS movie era costumes sold for more than other costumes)
  • TWOK ‘Reliant’: $50k
  • TWOK Regula One Station: $42k / TMP Spacedock: $65k
  • Damaged Ent-A (STIII:TSFS) $40k
  • Klingon Battle Cruiser (TMP, etc) $85k
  • USS Lakota/USS Excelsior: $110k

A bargain at a quarter $million


Top 10 Items: all but one are models

Here is a table of the top ten items (prices include ‘buyers premium’)

712 Starship Enterprise-D, 78 x 59 x 14 in. $576,000 $25,000-35,000 American Private
983 KlingonBird-of-Prey Model, 15 x 36 in.  $307,200 $8,000-12,000 American Private
1000 Enterprise-AModel, 100 x 46 ½ x 21 in.  $284,800 $15,000-25,000 American Private
978 Dr. McCoy’s Space Suit from “The Tholian Web” (TOS) $144,000 $6,000-8,000 American Private
107 Starship Enterprise-E Model, 49 x 119 x13 in. $132,000 $8,000-12,000 American Private
357 StarshipVoyager Miniature Model, 61 x 24 x 10 in.  $132,000 $10,000-15,000 European Private
493 Deep Space Nine Model, 72 in. $132,000 $8,000-12,000 American Private
998 USS Lakota Model, 92½ x 32 in.  $132,000 $3,000-5,000 European Private
497 Starship DefiantModel, 37 x 27 in.  $102,000 $6,000-8,000 American Private
996 KlingonBattle Cruiser Model, 47 ½ x 35 in.  $102,000 $3,000-5,000 American Private

UPDATE: CSV file of all lots and prices 
(right click, choose save as, open with Excel or other CSV capable program)

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I have to admit, it’s going to be one lucky person whoever gets 1701-A.

I had a friend clear back in 1980 describe the Enterprise-A as the single most beautiful mechanical device he had ever laid eyes on …

Enterprise (A) is a movie collector’s holy grail.Right up there with Dot’s ruby slippers.By the way ,for comparison’s sake does anybody know what the highest price for a movie memorabilia item is(ruby slippers?)?It would be interesting to hold it up for comparison to the movie Enterprise model.

How did they get the Ent-D to balance on that little stand? Ah, I can see it’s bolted down. Isn’t the model so top-heavy it was actually filmed upside-down?

Holy moolah, Batman! That sure turned out to be quite the cash cow! I’m betting $850 thousand for the 1701-A.

I wonder what Paramount thinks now? Maybe Star Trek isn’t quite as dead as many people thought.

cant believe the A only managed 240 and a paltry 50 for the reliant. You could have had the whole refit era fleet with grissom and the Ktinga for less than the D!

I cannot believe the Enterprise A went for less than a quarter million. Even the Klingon ship went for more than that! To me this is one of the top 5 Sci-Fi miniatures. I was expecting close to a million. What gives?

Glad to see McCoy’s Tholian Web space suit go for six figures. This was a true historical find. I don’t think anyone was expecting to find that in the archives.

Damn, the poor A….must have been the “letter”.

If that’s the Enterprise model from the movies ( the “A” is just a stencil on the original,right?) someone got a real bargain.I’m sure it’ll change hands again and go for much more.

Only 250k.i was thinkin around 1mil .Well,I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.Come to think of it,my nephews are kinda like monkeys.

“And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.”

Fare thee well, Enterprise.

Damn; I don’t know the specs on the D, but even though it’s not my fave, Enterprise, that model is pretty impressive looking. I think if it had been the original TOS Enterprise, it would have been through the roof. Did they ever show pics of the Klingon Cruiser? Why does the table say 102K, but they bullets say 80K? Different model? Me; confused. Oh, okay, maybe it’s the Buyer’s Premium thing. *anyhoo* Must be nice. :-D

It makes sense that the Enterprise-D went for the most as TNG was a wildly popular show, drawing 20 million viewers weekly in syndication.

I think, however, that we all agree the Movie Enterprise is a much prettier ship, and it’s Kirk’s ship which makes it more powerful than the Galaxy-class Enterprise.


So where should I look to buy some of this stuff when the spectulators start unloading it?

This is depressing they’re selling all the Models, this sort of means we’ll never see them on screen again, all I can say is the next Trek film/series better have PERFECT CGI!

I guess there will not be another TNG film now that half the props and furniture is being sold off, I’d be much happier knowing that this stuff was all still sitting in a box somewhere in the Paramount lot picking up dust in good condition then being who knows where (goes afk to cry)

This auction goes to show that Trek is truly dead screw the new film if it’s set in the 23rd Century bring back TNG crew & the Enterprise E


Dollars to doughnuts they end up in Paul Allen’s Sci-Fi museum at the EMP site in the Seattle Center.

We can only hope that some of the ships show up in Allen’s Sci-Fi Museum rather than some rich dude’s private “ST Shrine Room.” That way we mere mortal trekkers can get a look at them.

From what I understand, the Enterprise-A model that was auctioned was not the original model made for ST:TMP. it was a smaller model made just for ST6:TUC. So it’s not the “holy grail” Enterprise, but a much smaller version just used for a couple shots in that one movie.

The only reason Star Trek lasted as long as it did, is because it was a color TV show in a BW era and the TV company wanted to sell Color TV’s and they owned the TV station. In this era of canceling shows, even if very poplar, just not enough. I worry we may never see this again. Well, there is the Internet and maybe some people who love a show more then money, will make a series that breaks even and rather then killing it, they keep it going as long as fans want it. Then maybe we can decide what is good and worth watching.

Cool, now I can put up for sale the missing 3 ft Enterprise shooting model an uncle of mine stole from the Paramount lot back in the early 70s. He gave it to me a few weeks before his death in 1995 and told me to keep quiet. Should fetch a a half a mill. The deflector shield is misssing of course, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone.

Surak – sure you’ve got a 3ft, “half a mil” Enterprise just lying around!

BTW, I’m 3rd in line for the English throne! Pleased to meet you! :D