“The City on the Edge of Forever” Screenshots and Video

As per ususal here are some comparison shots and an assortment of extra shots for The City on the Edge of Forever and one little video clip of the new pan upwards.


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New Effects Video



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Old versus New

The Enterpise enters orbit of the new planet

The Enteprise enters orbit of the old planet

The Enterprise circles the new planet

The Enterprise circles the old planet

A clear shot of the new planet

The shot of the old planet


Various New Shots

Check out that makeup!

McCoy hides in the ruins

It’s a time portal

Stock footage as seen through the Guardian

Little old ladies from the 1930’s stop and gawk at Kirk and Spock

Edith Keeler — "A lie is a poor way to say hello"

Working with "stone knives and bearskins"

…good cranial development

The stock footage of New York looks more aged then ever

"Let me help…"

Spock has something to tell Kirk…

Edith Keeler must die.

Do you know what you just did!

"Let’s get the hell out of here…"

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