Berman: ‘I have produced my last Star Trek’

According to an interview in the new Star Trek magazine, longtime Trek producer Rick Berman has read the writing on the wall. Berman on being involved in Trek’s future: 

Without sounding clichéd I’m not going to say never, but I assume that I have produced my last Star Trek, especially with the interest that Paramount has gotten from J.J. Abrams to do another movie, which if successful, could lead to other television shows

Berman oversaw the franchise for many years, with a lot of ups and downs. Although many fans like to focus on the end of that reign, they often ignore some of the highlights. Berman may get blame for the failures of Enterprise and Nemesis, but he was there at the peak of TNG, the launch of the DS9, and produced First Contact. Berman reflects on his history with Trek. 

I have nothing to be ashamed about. We created 624 hours of television and four feature films and I think we did a hell of a job. I’m amazed that we managed to get 18 years of the kind of work that everyone involved managed to contribute to, and its certainly more than anyone could have asked for.

Star Trek Mag is out in the UK, and will be out in the US in a few weeks, excerpts and more at SciFi Pulse

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