Today is I,Mudd Remastered Day

The Enterprise gets taken over by an android controlled by the infamous Harry Mudd

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This lighthearted episode is the first 2nd season episode, so listen for the different theme with the new soprano vocalist (read more about her here). This is one of the ‘easier’ episodes that CBS seems to be packing into their first couple of months and there really aren’t many opportunities for new effects. Expect the usual ship flyby and a new planets (there are rumors of an added ring to the android planet), other possibilities include:

  • ‘overload danger’ indicator
  • inner workings of the ‘Norman’ android
  • extra android duplicates

TrekMovie will have screenshots up late Saturday or Sunday, and a review by Monday

UPDATE: Screenshots and Audio from I’Mudd Remastered

so what did you think of I,Mudd Remastered? 

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No New ‘Overload Danger’ Indicator. No extra androids. Norman does have an enhanced look which I felt worked fine.
The ship breaking course was horrible. Mudd’s Planet — interesting.
The USS Enterprise continues its present course of disappointment in its depiction.

Each week I sound like a broken record. The little things the CGI team often do well; however, the Biggest and most important one they cannot seem to get right. I realize there are posters here satisfied with the Nacelle Caps and Rear Spheres of the Warp Engines — I am Not One of Them. Thank Goodness for those wonderful stories.

Well I’ve seen the teaser portion now, (5 mins into the show). The Norman tweak was just fine. As mentioned the sudden course change CGI was not very good, sadly this is a stock shot that we see reused again and again hopefully they won’t recycle this one in later episodes.

The new 2nd season theme is very nice, the only thing is the singer’s voice is actually too smooth, she’s not as sudden and shrill as the original, which really isn’t a complaint, just a difference.

Thanks Matt, I did forget to mention the 2nd Season Theme which was one of the reasons I was looking forward to the episode. It is different but enjoyable.

How many more episodes before the crying stops over the CGI?

I mean really now.

This place is for opinions Josh. If my opinion is considered “crying” then so be it. But “I post therefore I am”.

I just saw it on Channel 45 in Minneapolis. What did they do to my ship? It’s a horrible effort in this episode. The ship changing course when it gets hijacked by Normal is horrible. The last shot of the ship leaving the planet, which has an additional element of a ring around it (like Saturn) is interesting but proves distracting in the grand scheme of things. The Norman robot inset is very good. They even blurred out the seams of the hinged door as he closes it.

The new beginning song is ok, but the approach to the planet (as the ship heads right of screen) looks a little funky.

Now that I’ve seen several enhanced episodes, I think they should be forced to include a watermark stamp on these episodes that says “enhanced” or “retouched” so that viewers know these aren’t original. It needs a disclosure of some kind.

Josh: when the CBS team gets it right.

I have been a big supporter of this…I still am. However, I too am starting to get upset with the “look” of the Enterprise. I’m just starting to see too many things that don’t “feel right.” Remember when Scotty once said “the ship doesn’t feel right.” It’s the perfect line for this endeavor. Everything else is great. i love the planets, I love ALL the other things remastered, but the ol’ girl just isn’t right. CBS guru’s….coordinate…illogical, illogical, only CBS can explain (and fix). Please?

One last thing I forgot to mention…the shot of the ship on the course change…EGADS…I USED to love the effect they used to use. This one absolutely was GAWD AWFUL. Those nacelles that never used to bother me when this started, are now starting to annoy me, too. I think people complaining so much about them has caused me to focus on them even more. Besides the color, I think there is something odd on the “rotation” of them that bothers me. I can’t put my finger on it…but………

get’s it right according to whom?

The 5 or 6 people that don’t like it on here?

I like it, others like it.

That was my whole point in another post, who is the target audience here?

You can’t very well please everyone.

It’s amazing isn’t it how some can find something wonderful, others can be repulsed by it, yet it’s the same thing. Ah subjectivity.

Lots of fans don’t like it. The whole point of this is to, ahem, “improve” the effects. If the ship looks less realistic than it did way back in the 1960’s…? They need to get the ship looking right. Otherwise what the hell is the point in doing this?

according to this thread 5 out of 6 hate it. Sorry to burst your bubble, josh.


I enjoy it, but not the ship (at least, less and less). They gotta fix her, then I’ll be 100% behind them. I DO like the shows, just can’t get rid of that “rock in my shoe” feeling about the NCC-1701.

I think the remastered CGI that has appeared in the remastered episodes has been very, very good. Please note that this opinion extends to my three good friends and one girlfriend that have watched the remastered episodes, none of whom regard themselves as anything other than passive viewers of TOS. In addition, the ship pan at the end of “I, Mudd” simply took my breath away.

In addition, when one considers statements made by the cg artists regarding their insistence that the space scenes be done respectfully, it seems clear that our baby is in good hands. Having said this, I have never seen the visions referenced bdrcarter in his “City” review of October 14th and would appreciate further information on this.

Remember the intent here: remaster without redefining. Insert a scene of the Enterprise entering the atmosphere in “The Naked Time,” and you rewrite the story. Replace a tired, overly-used scene of the Enterprise making a turn in “I, Mudd” and you make a great episode even better.

Captain Kirk put his finger on what is wrong with the remastering in this very episode. The Enterprise is not, as one of the androids claims, a mechanical device. It’s a beautiful lady, and we love her. And someone came along and cut our beautiful lady’s picture out of the frame and replaced her with an “enhanced” model, some celebrity look-alike with flawless skin and breast implants. Sure, she’s pretty, maybe even better by some measures. But she’s not the lady we love.

Plus, goddammit, the engine lights at the end of the nacelles indicate that the ship’s at warp; they’re not supposed to be lit in orbit.

CBS’ intentions are nice but if your going to do something this big, don’t do it halfway. Star Trek is a great show and doesn’t need any sort improvments. But, surely these kind of changes won’t take away from a great TV show. It does give it a nice different look. CBS says it wants to appeal to a new audience, I think if the FX are done with all the high powered technology and detail available today, it just might, but so far it just looks dull and uninspired. I think the CGI starship enterprise should look something like the CGI ship in the “Enterprise” series, with more detail to the hull, just to give all the TV series a sense of continuity to the effects, and replacing the stock shots with something that looks like the ship can fly through space in a straight line would be nice. Maybe they are just saving the good stuff for Star Trek XI, in which case I would feel very cheated.

I’m sorry, people keep touting the CGI Defiant from “Enterprise” as some sort of watershed in CGI rendering, but to these eyes it looked liked ****. Completely animated and lacking depth and dimension. As did all post TNG Trek series effects.

This new endeavor is stylized and maintains the unique appearance of Classic Trek versus all of it’s predecessors. It still stands on it’s own.

The effects in this series are ever bit as good as any render in the “Ships of the line” calendars, with the added bonus of being in MOTION.

Each new shot is a beauty shot. Stickinthemudd may prefer the lady elderly ,tired, and fragile, but I like my women enhanced and beautiful. Pristine and shining. Call my tastes ecclectic I suppose.

Harcourt F. S.-

Though I agree with almost everything you say, you are dead wrong about the nacelles. Look over your TOS “original” dvd’s and you will see that it just depended on when they made the special effect. One show that was recently done (I forget if it was “City” or a different one) features several Enterprise orbit shots. Some show the nacelles lit in orbit, some do not. That was back in non-remastered days…so there you have one of the many inconsistencies that came with TOS. Did it bother me back then? Not in the least. Might it bother new, younger fans??? Maybe…… Almost all of your points are valid, but please stop complaining about the things that just aren’t true. We MUST give the CBS cgi’ers a little credit, ok?

One last thing: does anyone know of ANYWHERE that is showing these episodes “uncut”. I keep hearing all of this babbling about networks being offered BOTH versions (cut for syndication as well as uncut). I think that not one single station in the U.S. took the uncut option. If a station or two did: WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE? The fans that are getting uncut TOS MUST chime in and tell us what effects we are missing at time AND post some screen shots, if they know how. lol… two cents!

Anyone know why they are using the Enterprise from the animated series.

^^^ LOL

OK, maybe (make that definitely) they were inconsistent on the lighting of the nacelles originally. That’s probably due to the re-use of shots. But the lit nacelles are SUPPOSED to indicate warp drive. The remastering people are taking an error and making it the default assumption.