Cruise Cameo in Star Trek XI? [update…rumor denied]

The WENN entertainment news service is reporting

TOM CRUISE is in negotiations to reteam with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 director JJ ABRAMS for the next STAR TREK movie. The movie superstar is reportedly a huge fan of the sci-fi franchise and jumped at the chance to play a cameo role in the new film, which will be directed by Abrams. An insider tells Canada’s TV Guide magazine, "He didn’t even need to be begged to appear in it.".

Is it true?
It is hard to tell if there is any truth to the story. has reproted that Abrams is talking to ‘A and B’ list actors and Cruise and Abrams have a good working relationship. On the other hand Cruise and Paramount Pictures recently had their big public falling out, so it would be a bit surprising that Tom would be willing to attach his name to one of their big franchises so soon (and surprising that Paramount would want him to). The WENN story also mentions that Abrams is currently auditioning people for the roles of McCoy and Scotty which is similar to the story TrekMovie reported last week. The TrekMovie story also mentioned that Abrams is looking at MI3 crew people for Trek XI, but TrekMovie have not heard anything about Cruise or other MI3 stars appearing in Trek XI. That being said we did suggest that Cruise would make a great villain for Trek XI, but didn’t really think that it would ever happen. Right now take this report with a big grain of salt, WENN has been wrong before on Trek XI stories.

Cruise is shopping for projects, Paramount seems happy without him
Not confirming or denying, but Variety has a story today on "3 pix atop lit for Cruise‘. None of films they mention are Star Trek XI, but the focus is on starring roles. Access Hollywood is reporting that Cruise is looking to revamp his image with his next projects. Plus on Monday during and interview with CNBC Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone defended his decision to cut Cruise loose saying "I hoped I was saying goodbye to a type of business,…We were paying too much to the stars, and stars don’t make a picture, the script does. We were paying too much and getting too little." 

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While I’m not crazy about Cruise as a celebrity, I honestly can’t complain about his work as an actor. He certainly throws himself into every part he’s ever done. Especially running. Give that man a scene where he has to run, and show me an actor in Hollywood who runs harder!

Must be all those vitamins… ;)

Given the animosity between the studio and Cruise, I don’t think this can happen. Who would Cruise play? Would it be like Christian Slater in 6? Were they really thinking Eddie Murphy for STIII?

Doesnt that somehow ruin it for you? Trek was never about big stars. Only the big stars like Shatner that it made. I thought even Scott Bakula was even a stretch in this regard.

Tom Cruise in this movie gets a NO vote from hitchWORLD.



It’s beginning to sound as though Trek is about to enter the mainsteam of pop culture relevance again after being relegated to the fringe for the last 15 years or so.

I like the direction Abrams seems to be taking Trek, as little as we know thus far.

Granted, this is just an unsubstantiated rumor at this point, but it seems Paramount is keen on dusting off Star Trek from the doldrums of irrelevancy and making it once again identifiable.

I don’t like that I can’t go in a Hobby store and buy a Enterprise model like I once could.
I don’t like that there are rows of power rangers, pokemon, teenage mutant ninja turtle collectibles, and not a single Trek themed merchandise at my local Wal-Mart or Toys B’ Us.
I don’t like that my friends 13 year old thinks Star Trek is “lame.”

Getting instantly recognizable A list name actors is a definate step in the right direction.
If Tom Cruise, and allegedly Tom Hanks, are expressing interest in this project for walk ons that can only bode well for a potential audience.

Star Trek has definately left it’s mark on pop culture given all of the affection shown to it by prominent individuals, but if it is to remain viable and relevant, Joe Everyman must begin discussing it again like in the 70’s.

I hope Abrams uses his clout to indeed get a Damon, Cruise, or Hanks to jump aboard, that would be alot of fun and no longer would the mention of Trek be met with a snicker, but a “cool.”

And that’s what we want.

I think it would be fun. As long as everyone is serious.

Yeah Ralph,

“Fun” being the key word.

If there’s ANYTHING these remastered episodes have reinforced for me, it’s how “fun” Star Trek once was. Colorful and alive.

I grew so sick of Berman era grey, monotone, dour, low key, safe, routine Trek that I thought I was beginnign to suffer the same Landru type mood swings the spin off actors had to endure.

Peace, and tranquility brother.

No shot this is happening.

As hitch says above, Cruise and Paramount have parted ways. And this is Paramount’s flagship franchise. Nope. No chance whatsoever. Canadian reporting is not to be trusted in this regard!

Adam Cohen, you’ve just joined the hitchworld posse. I am proud of you.

I must say that my 10 year old also thinks that star trek is lame. But I am going to change that in him.

I never got into the dolls and the models and whatnot but when I was 5 I had one of those cool Mego Enterprise Bridge things with the spinning transporter and whatnot. I miss that thing

Also I had the walkie talkies that looked like TOS communicators.

I think if kids had these things today along with classic trek in syndication they wouldnt think it was lame.

Tom Cruise is NOT the answer… just added insanity.



What’s insane exactly about a 2 minute cameo?

Did Christian Slater’s 2 minute cameo detract from “The Undiscovered Country?”

It didn’t take me out of the film.

When I went to see it the entire audience gasped “Christian Slater, cool!”

That’s a good thing. Not a bad thing.

Hey hitch1969© I still have one of those Mego Bridges. :)

I still have my Mego bridge… and all the figures… and the communicators… AND the Tricorder that never worked right. :) lol Maybe that’s why I think Star Trek is fun. :)

Christian Slater’s mom is the still the biggest casting director in Hollywood and she can’t get him in decent movie nowadays….

Tom Hanks would be super to see in ST:XI. Tom Cruise just creeps me out. I don’t need to see him ever again.

Save the money they’d have to spend on stunt casting and put it into the movie. Cruise didn’t help M:I3, he hurt it. (If they insist on “A-listers,” work the deal so they get paid on the back end grosses.)

Cruise isn’t written in stone and if you look at the overall “picture”… it’s telling us that this project is popular and being looked forward to by fans and famous fans like Hanks.
Josh mentioned making ST cool… and I want that. I want the legends to become larger and become good entertainment for more people.

… and frankly, this modern world needs heros and inspiration as well as entertainment.
I don’t really like Cruise, but as an actor… he ain’t bad.

JJ, bring back the inspiration and the…COOL..
Things are going to be fun again and I can’t wait!

Interesting that they re talking about casting Mc Coy and Scotty.does that mean Kirk and Spock are already cast?I kinda take that to mean that since Damon is to be the next Kirk the spock role has been secretely given to Affleck.(J.Lo as T’Pring anyone?-joking)…Cruise in Trek?C’mon Pascale.Over Sumner Redstone’s dead body, maybe.

I rather have Cruise be the film’s villain than have a cheesy cameo. Cruise could make a very memorable Romulan.

Cameos can be fun but once the surprise is gone they’re kind of tedious. I wish they’d filmed Christian Slater’s scene twice — once with him and once with Grace Lee Whitney instead (as originally scripted), and Slater would’ve only appeared in the theatrical release.

What I truly find fascinating is how a franchise that has been proclaimed dead by many is attracting the attention of several big-name actors who now want to be involved. Personally, I think this will be a good thing since name actors, even if they have small appearances, will attract some folks. It also goes to show that Star Trek is not a geek’s show (I mean, if people like Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise are interested…they certainly are not geeks) as others also proclaim.

So, as long as it is done right, I don’t see why big name actors shouldn’t be involved. Yes, Trek has never been about this but, guess what? Maybe it is time for it to be!

Come on Antonio – you are just trying to get us riled up aren’t you?

Maybe they should have Marlon Brando CG’d into the movie to play Jim Kirk’s daddy.

Just say “no” to stunt casting.

I don’t see how having Cruise in a small part could hurt this film. Good news if true.

ummmmmmmmmm I hope not

In a lot of films… (not all of them), small roles are cast first as they are easiest and have less screen time. This allows the producers to get their ducks in a row when they are ready to go for the big two or three names on the movie poster. Some films have managed to not cast the lead until the night before shooting begins.

There is no way that Tom Cruise should be cast, even in a small role. I know sooo many ppl who would be turned off watching Star Trek XI if he was in it.

Cruise might work as Gary Mitchell with all his Scientological Superpowers(TM).

At least you know he gets it in the end.

I’m sorry, but when I think of Tom Cruise doing a cameo, all that I can picture is “YEAH BABY, YEAH!”


I’m skeptical, mainly because of Cruise’s current working…or should I say “non” working…. relationship with Paramount. Having said that, if Cruise somehow shows up in a cameo, I’m all for it.

In fact, I think Cruise would be a good choice for Christopher Pike.

I could see Cruise playing a swaggering a**hole captain, ala Styles. Perhaps a slightly older Starfleet adversary for Kirk. Not, NOT as Pike. I have Hanks in the Pike role.
And Kirk…. I see Damon’s face… but can’t see him playing the part.

All I know is, given what’s come at us the last 4 film outings,

if Guy Smiley is Christopher Pike, Fred Rogers is Gary Mitchell, and Captain Kangaroo is Robert April,

it’s a damn improvement!

So ANY big name actor extraordinaire is ok in my book.

Nah, he’s playing Pike. Betcha money.

With all the casting going on, how do I get a shot?

And Eddie Murphy would have been in ST-IV, instead of Catherine Hicks…

Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell of the USS Hubbard.
A vulcan first officer named Suri.
“I feel the need, the need for warp factor 8!”
“Show me the credits!”
Actually a rival captain to Kirk is a great idea if he played him like
Vincent from Collateral.
Vincent vs.James T. Bourne in outer space.

Tom Cruise ain’t playin nothin!So shut the hell up!

I could certainly see Cruise as Pike…and I never really understood the idea of Hanks as Pike.

I’m glad SOME major entertainment reporting outlet is talking about casting this movie though…

Anyone putting Cruise in a movie these days must have a box-office death wish. The guy is a nut case and the last thing Trek needs is more embarassing publicity.
If Abrams sticks him in, I’ll boycott it- and I know others who would too.

^^^ Now *that* is a bit much, doncha think? You could always just close your eyes, clamp your hands over your ears and murmur “Nah nah nah nah” to yourself while he’s onscreen.

Of course, if you that and you’re sitting in front of me at the multiplex I’m gonna kick your chair. :)