Memories of Roddenberry and Wyatt

15 years ago today Gene Roddenberry, creator of ‘Star Trek’, passed away. marks the date with an excellent article and retrospective. On the subject of what Roddenberry would think of Trek going strong in the hands of a new generation of professionals (including JJ Abrams) and even the fans themselves (in the form of fan films), it says: "it’s probably a safe bet that he would say something to the effect of, Star Trek no longer belongs to him, it belongs to the world."  Well said. It is a true testament to Roddenberry’s vision that 40 years after he started the franchise  and 15 years after his passing, Trek still inspires generation after generation.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Trek, is selling a DVD of one of the last interviews Gene Roddenberry ever gave. More info at

Jane Wyatt passes
Yesterday Jane Wyatt who portrayed Spock’s mother , passed away at her home in Bel Air at the age of 96. Wyatt’s career in Hollywood started in the 30s, but Trek fans know her best as Amanda Grayson, the human mother to Spock (and wife to Sarek). She appeared in both the Original Series as well as Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. For more read the LA Times Obituary

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$29.99 plus S&H to own this interview? What do they think this is, 1987???

Roddenberry loved cashing in on Trek in any way he could manage (he and Nimoy had a huge dust-up over Roddenberry selling IDIC pins, I recall) and this video of him talking for a meager $35 prolongs that legacy. If anyone here is buying this, please say so, because I want to know what the market is for this video.

Doesn’t Majel Barret run his estate and business holdings now? Maybe she still needs the cash – Star Trek TOS royalites are nil.

Let ’em sell the dvd, I say. When people talk about the selling out and all that, it makes me like, sad. Because really… why are any of us doing anything? That’s right, for money. WHY? So we can get chicks. I think it all comes down to that. Then, when you get the chick, she begins the ongoing lifelong process of emasculation and domestication. Then she convinces you it’s OK for her to get pregnant and that a kid would be like no big deal. Next thing you know, you catch her cheating on you and HELLO CHILD SUPPORT payments. Which is what, fellas? MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY.

Selling out is cool. Infact, it’s the American way. Sometimes we wish that we had a cool cocaine habit to show for it or a fast sports car. But child support is steep, fellas, what can I say?

Long live Roddenberry. May he continue to earn.



ps – so here’s something for free. from your friends at hitchworld:

It’s not star trek, granted. but we put just as much hard work and energy into it and we would never think of charging you for it. Just like here at the BEST star trek site on the web!



hitch… promoting your own site? I think the Sh_t is gonna hit the hitch. One blog argument is enough for me.

What ever happened to the Roddenberry film/documentary that his son Rod Roddenberry was making? I thought it would have been out allready but never saw it? I’ve also thought of buying “Roddenberry on Parrol” out of curiousity.

Are the Original series royalties NIL??? I would have thought they would be getting money from the Remastered episodes. Does anyone know if they are or not?

NIL for teh actors, that is… :)