Cruise Rumor Morphing Around the World…Original ‘Source’ Denies Ever Running Story

Yesterday we reported that the Tom Cruise in Trek XI rumor appears to be bogus. But of course it is hard to keep a good rumor down, and anything with Cruise in it is ‘good’ to the tabloids. The British tabloid Daily Star has picked up the rumor but morphed it into ‘Cruise Will Be Spock‘. That story is now being cited by others including ITV a British TV Network, but so far this is our favorite…

Original ‘source’ (TV Guide Canada) denies ever running the story…

This whole rumor was started when WENN put it out on the wires stating TV Guide Canada as their source. But according to Jamie Hubbard, Editor of TV Guide Canada, there is no Cruise/Abrams story in the mag. Hubbard tells "I absolutely categorically deny ever running any such story." Add that to the previous lack of corroboration from Cruise’s people and Paramount and you would think the rumor might stop…but don’t count on it.

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Cruise would make an excellent Dr. Spock

Cruise as Mr.Spock?? hahahah

I think it is time for Abrams to start giving out some information about STXI. All this rumoring is making Trek to sound like a big joke. When are the rumors about “Brad Pitt” doing a cameo going to start?

No more rumors…..give out some facts!

“Spock is such a famous TV character it will need someone brilliant like Tom to make it work on the big screen.”

I hope Lenny Nimoy and his homies are planning a drive-by retaliation for this insult upon his gang.



I’z be wantin Tom arnold 2 play Kirk .Whateva

the only way i’d like to see Tom Cruise in the movie would be if within the first five minutes they have a horible transporter accicent and he ends up as a pile of goo

Classic example of the media’s acumen for the truth.

Spock in Star Wars? I love it!

I am your…. genetic progenitor Luke!

yes…Tom Cruise would make an astonishing “Jedi Master Spock of the United Vulcan Rebellion Fleet of Planets in the
Rishi Maze Delta Quadrant.” Seriously, i wouldnt have been surprised with how insulting that original artical already is.

Sorry, I have to borrow the running shtick from another forum since it’s most applicable here and say-

Tom Cruise as Mr. Spock = Flames on Optimus Prime

As we all know, British tabloids and reliable news reporting are total strangers, I laughed my head off when I heard this on the radio here in the UK this morning. Basically, the tabloids make stuff up and don’t do any factual checks (it would take away from the hacks time in the pub) so this is just another shovel on the already steaming pile of manure that is the British tabloid press.

Even if JJ Abrams puts out some info it won’t matter, the lazy media and the tabloids will just make it up anyway.

A Cruise cameo as a redshirt might be fun…

I just read on the BBC “Tom Cruise international star of film and television with such blockbusters as ‘Big, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, and Little House of the Prairie’ is set to play the role of Mister Spook in the coming Star Track production by M.1. Abrams for Pedestriant Pictures Corporation.”

I’m now stoked.

This is so bad it really doesn’t deserve comment

Where on the BBC…can you put up a link to it?

The papers have, at best, a hazy relationship with the truth, but when it comes to reporting on film or TV, they just make up whatever they want and don’t evenmake a tiny attempt to check the facts! But since it’s the Daily Star, which is barely better than a cheap porno mag, we’re talking about, anyone would be mad to imagine they’d print anything remotely true!

To be honest, though, it ***isn’t*** damaging that the papers are wildly speculating on who is the new Kirk, Spock or McCoy: it’s fantastic!

Can you imagine them doing the same for a new Picard or Data?

The best thing about going back to the iconic TOS characters is that everyone in the public has some vague notion of who Kirk and Spock are. The fact that the casting is a big enough deal for the papers to make up stories in lieu of the facts means loads of free publicity for Paramount and lots of anticipation for the new film!

I wish that I could go back in time to 1987 and kick Richard Arnold in the sack then go foreward in time to 2005 and kick Tom Cruise in the sack….

Darth “getto fighter” Ballz

He could play the King of outer space

Spock, I am your father.

Whoever wrote that article must’ve been drunk off their keester! In the first place, Tom Cruise is not an actor worthy enough to portray a character made famous by Leonard Nimoy (he doesn’t have the right look for it, anyway). Second, I’ve heard that Mr. Nimoy will personally be selecting an actor to portray Mr. Spock for the upcoming #11 movie. Third, you can’t ever trust a journalist who would mistakingly say that an actor will play a Star Trek character in a new Star Wars movie. What total BS!!!