Trek’s Return To Gaming Off To Shaky Start

It is great to see Trek return to the world of gaming, but perhaps the new publisher Bethesda could have chosen a better game than ‘Star Trek Encounters’ to be the first entry. IGN gives the game a 4.9 out of 10. From the review: "Encounters suffers from a dire lack of Star Trek. There’s very little point in using the Star Trek license without exploiting its greatest assets"…ouch. Bethesda has just started shipping the 2nd game (Tactical Assault for the PS2 and DS), hopefully the reviews for that are better. For the third and most anticipated game, ‘Star Trek Legacy’ it appears we will have to wait even longer. Gamespot reports the bad news that the game is being delayed until the end of November due to quality assurance issues. There is a bit of good news, Bethesda recently announced a deal with Ubisoft to distribute all the new Trek games in Europe, story here. While we wait for Legacy, Bethsoft has provided some screenshots to tide you over…

(Xbox 360)

(Xbox 360)

(Xbox 360)





All 3 new Trek Games available at Amazon… 

Tactical Assault

Star Trek Encounters

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

 Star Trek: Legacy



PC & XBox 360 

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I have played the Encounters game and thought it was ok? It’s actually better than some titles that cost more. If you are ok with a arcade type shooter that is under 20 bucks then it’s fine. Hope that Legacy is better.

Darth “Open 11-7” Ballz.

That’s just an arcade with Trek elements.

Encounters was just a left over from activisions final attempts at a game before Bethesda came on. Unfortunately B got stuck putting their name on it. The other two will be their actual attempts at doing ST, and from what i hear from a friend who has done a hands-on for LEGACY apartently it is shaping up really well, so if they have to delay it to get it right so be it.

Is there ANY good TREK game for either xbox or GC….?

there will be possibly by the end of nov. with the release of Star Trek: Legacy. Other than that though, activision never fully used the license except for one game on both ps2 and xbox titled shattered universe (which was crap).

I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve been pining for a Classic Trek game for years, along the lines of the better James Bond and Medal of Honor games. How cool would it be to go on new missions, figuring out mysteries, encountering aliens, kicking Klingon butt and commanding the Enterprise? I’m hoping Legacy will deserve its title.

Scott B.

I’m still convinced that Elite Force 2 and STTNG A Final Unity (a Final Unity is the best) are the best Trek games EVER!!!!!

THe goddamn problem with A Final Unity is that it’s an old dosgame that is nearly impossible to get installed on modern systems, hopefully Windows Vista will have better compatibility for older games.

I like a Final Unity. You actually get to go to many different star systems in that game.